O/E/D; Who We Are


Chapter Two
On The Resistance Consensus
Understanding the Proposed Framework of Resistance, Part II

Who We Are

We are a group of women and men who empathize with the broad suffering of most of our kind. We regard humanity as one people and refuse to see differences imposed from above based on ethnicity, belief, nationality or gender. We are a combine of beleaguered revolutionaries; cynical but optimistic development practitioners and hardened rescue workers. We are also human rights advocates & defenders, humanitarian relief workers, peace builders, trade unionists, activists and abolitionists that believe in Human Rights and via Emancipatory Development are prepared fight for them. We are a network of friends engaged in a larger war effort that seeks freedom for our people, our people being the entirety of the human race irrespective of national boundary.

We are dedicated to our families and the future.

With over sixty-five active violent conflicts raging across the earth; with many millions starving or dying of preventable disease, and over 3 billion human beings caught in varying degrees of wretched poverty at living on less than $2.50 a day we declare that “Northern” economic policy; NGO “development enterprises”, and multilateral conferences on broad based humanitarian goals have been a true and horrific failure. In a most unreasonable framework, the former colonizers have dictated economic terms and trampled on our universal rights, which via so-called “aid” buttresses the most despicable regimes on the planet. We believe that in every nation on earth there is a spirit of resistance growing stronger as the conditions resulting from rights violations grow more egregious by the day. We wish to enlist you in our movement as active partisans or sympathizers and thus may we all be networked in horizontal alliance to bolster our international efforts.

We ask you to join us in building ‘Mass Capacity’; that all communities should be trained to administer social services, vastly increase their own agency and control their means of future development. We ask you when necessary to wage all out ‘Peacefare’; that by any non-violent means necessary we will secure and advance universal human rights for all. That even though our nemesis is nasty, brutal and heavily armed we will demonstrate the futility of waging armed conflict. Regardless of the scale of atrocity perpetrated or the crimes against humanity unearthed.

We are advocating the full international coordination of a resistance movement within the mechanisms of radical politics, traditional progressive politics, the humanitarian aid complex and the Southern lead sectors Development Enterprise into a fully mobilized and highly decentralized tactical alliance for real and sustainable change. We will ascribe a name to that movement in this pamphlet, but of course, a movement in the shadows has no agreed to name only a common cause.

Politically speaking however, the structure of the resistance should adopt the mechanism of the emerging ideology “Democratic Confederalism”, is this system embraces fully participatory democracy, social ecology, feminism and deep tolerance to diverse identity, belief and ideological tendency.

For several hundred years, the vile forces moving against the will and interests of humanity have relied on their brute strength, overwhelming resources, savage barbarism and our disunity. Lacking good data and lines of communication most of the resistance had been cut off from each other until the advent of the internet in the end of the 20th century. We should not trust statistics and data collected by any apparatus of the oligarchy. For all those reading this document. We must organize ourselves into a broad yet highly decentralized framework. This is not a revolution. We must examine the last three hundred years of freedom struggle and declare that we are holding on to besieged and tainted turf. The “nations” liberated in the last two hundred years have been quarantined, ghettoized and driven into proverbial bunkers of their imagined identity. The children of believers and populations they have “liberated” are in some of the darkest corners of the killing fields. They have no collective unity of theory or ideology, race identity or creed. The only thing these slivers of turf and those that govern them have in common is that they have temporarily delivered their population from occupation, subjugation or genocide often at the expense of normative civil and political rights. Some are far worse than others, some more reactionary some more progressive, some not even bound by territory. We must however reinforce them with every available tactic. They are not asking for reinforcements to hold their positions but it must be made clear that no regime, not a single government on this planet has will or intention to relinquish power once it is seized. Be clear that what was done to and inside France, Haiti, Russia and China was the perversion of emancipatory revolt. Be clear that we are not in an ideological confrontation or a spiritual war.

We are engaged in a visceral battle against extinction which should be internalized to propel the immediacy of bold new tactical paradigms outside the realm of nation state sovereignty and the world system’s integral dependences.

We are offering to reinforce any position from a block to a barrio; from a village to a city; from rebel zones to quarantined states; to lonely outposts deep in the core nations being held in or outside the ‘Parallel State System’.

The Para State is not a territorial delineated place, nor is it the cumulative land mass liberated in years since some amongst our species came to believe that we were not born to be chattel slaves. It is also not some utopian ideal. It is the reclamation of minds and spaces. More precisely, it is the creation of functional infrastructure and realization of human rights via mechanisms that unleash human capability. It is the maximization of life via the conquest of the means of development. It is the balance of the ecological, the economic and social spheres under a theory of abundance.

We aim to bond our struggles and experiences with those of you and your compatriots who share an affinity with our ambitious cause. Our cause is full actualization of the universal human rights as a starting conversation in the dawn of a newly conceived epoch. Our mass capacity will now be unleashed.

We aim to marshal our small detachments, utilize our networks, partisans and sympathizers; call upon our allied sister organizations working in direct coordination with yours to stage a rising the likes of which the oligarchs have never seen coming. We are calling not for a mere insurrection, a new wave of global revolution or a general strike; (at least not in historical terms) but instead the embrace of emancipatory development.

They (the tyrants, businessmen and technocrats of the North West) gave us these tools so we could be more productive slaves, serfs, subjects and consumers but we will train each other in the arts of development and we will make them obsolete. We were all born into their bondage but we must not die as slaves! Our liberation can only be a collaborative process.

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