Motherf@cking Desert People

Motherfuckin’ Desert Person     I’m a motherfuckin desert person. And I like to wander as long as it’s on a strict timeframe. Because when you’re out in the desert you lose track of how long you’ve been walking and if you don’t budget your water right this can be a serious problem. The desert is place to go to lose yourself in exile but it is a better place to be hardened for a future purpose. You move with as little as possible and what you carry is calculated; (weight) vs. (necessity towards your survival). Like a water canteen, like … Continue reading Motherf@cking Desert People

An Endless Walk

An Endless Walk Written by Adler S Walt   – Begun 3/11/17 – “A hero or a hooligan, well that part’s never clear.” It was the cold night of Purim, 5777, the full moon was huge and it was brick as shit. That means harshly cold in the Ebony peasant vernacular. I knew that were I so inclined there would be multiple places to fete and masquerade, but I was conserving my finances, and hording up my comfortable sleeps on the big Queen sized mattress made in Brooklyn.     The safe house wasn’t so bad, except for no drinking which annoyed … Continue reading An Endless Walk

The Social Contract

The Constitution of the American Cantons  The Social Contract of Cantons in the Americas Preamble We, the people of the Democratic Autonomous Regions of North, Central and South America, a confederation of communities, freely and solemnly declare and establish this Charter. In pursuit of freedom, justice, dignity and democracy and led by principles of equality and environmental sustainability, the Charter proclaims a new social contract, based upon mutual and peaceful coexistence and understanding between all strands of society. It protects fundamental human rights and liberties and reaffirms the peoples’ right to self-determination. Under the Charter, we, the people of the … Continue reading The Social Contract

Hey Brother, Prelude.

ACT ONE: “Toussaint” Prelude Croix-des Bouquets, Haiti  4 June 2014 I ask you now friend, in whose reality do you live?    We all dedicate our actions to the future. But, what is it that we claim to do with our little lives as that future narrows? Have we all lost our faith in outer generations or a glorious world to come? Of course, all lives are both great and also quite little, but it was a matter of sure and soulful pretension; crossed of course a bit with the “sollidaritous” desire to teach a nation of certain newly freed slaves … Continue reading Hey Brother, Prelude.

HTR : Act1/Scene3

Scene 3 Havana, Cuba “The Fall” Janaury 5th, 1989 As per Heval Sandra Santiestiban a Cuban Comrade: Sandra Santiestiban has jet black hair and is petite. She’s vaguely malnourished for a Cuban, but still attractive and dynamic. Of course. She is and always will be a member of the Committees for Defense of the Revolution. The vigilant internal defense mechanism against Yankee imperialist aggression and unrestrained, insatiable sex tourism. “The U.S.S.R. was the sun and we were just a proud and tiny fortress; that when the sun went out, when we lost our greatest, sturdiest ally; we would be in the dark and … Continue reading HTR : Act1/Scene3

Homage to Rojava, Act 1, Scene 2.

Scene 2 Diyarbakir, Turkey “Nawruz Everywhere!” February 25th, 1978 As told by Heval Kawa Ahmedi a Bakuri Kurdish Guerrilla: “The legend goes that in a meeting in a tea house in the village of Lice near Diyarbakir City, on November 25th of 1978 a group of young students lead by Abdullah Ocalan founded the Kurdistan Workers Party and launched a revolution unlike anything the world had ever seen before it.” I was born in Diyarbakir City, a poetic place. An ancient citadel of giant black stone walls and total martial law. A town of prisons, stories, heroes and valance in the … Continue reading Homage to Rojava, Act 1, Scene 2.

HTR: Act1, Scene 1

ACT I: BAKUR Scene 1 Deir Ez-Zor Province, Syria “On a Cold and Bloody Front near the River Euphrates” November 25th, 2017 As told by Heval Ciya a Scottish Soldier & YPG Volunteer; “There’s dust in my beard and men dying all around me.” As we grew closer to the Euphrates we can see fire in the sky and the night is lit up with heavy coalition airstrikes somewhere far away to the south. The convoy of nine trucks had left Al Hasakah the largest rebel held city in the morning and drove about five hours south toward some forward operating base. The eight … Continue reading HTR: Act1, Scene 1

Homage to Rojava :Prelude:

Prelude Erbil, Iraq “Night falls on the Oldest Continually Inhabited City on Earth” May 28th, 2017 As told by Heval Kawa Zivistan a New Yorker, Jew, Paramedic and committed Partizan: The air ship lands in Erbil. Everyone claps, as if they don’t know this is exactly what a plane should do. Everyone on the plane proceeds to take their safety belts off and clog the passage way. Welcoming me on the morning of Ramadan 2017 to the oldest continuously inhabited city on earth, are bored but friendly police and overweight militia men. Erbil was voted “the next Dubai” a few … Continue reading Homage to Rojava :Prelude:

Homage to Rojava : Notes :

Notes I’m not sure exactly what I’m supposed to hide and what I can give away. I’m actually very detached from Western thinking so don’t even know what makes compelling propaganda in the West anyway. Actually, the sly and looming enemy knows most of our real names, and frankly were there not many informants amongst us, it is simply a matter of sad fact that to get their passports back many of the French and British volunteers gave us away. Not to snitch jacket, but with a little lean on anyone can make a person flip. Really, there were not that many of us internationalists … Continue reading Homage to Rojava : Notes :