The War of Ideas

Pamphlet One:  Introduction to Ideology, a War of Ideas Understanding the Theoretical Basis of our Struggle What Does this Mean to You? This question is always asked at the beginning of each lesson.  It is an old Israelite question from the Passover Seder from the rebellious son or daughter. We are beginning a small Academy class. Training together to establish the parameters of answering that very same question. A sort of “proof of relevance” for the time we will take from your life, which cannot ever be returned. In short, this is a course which will give you a new … Continue reading The War of Ideas

Imagined History

IMAGINED HISTORY INTO THREE SPECIFIC AGES PAMPHLET SERIES (x)  THE MYTHOLOGICAL AGE A Pamphlet speculating on a time before recorded history based on animism, paganism, superstition and without States. Neolithic Age (10,000 to 1,900 Before Common Era) The Neolithic Age 10,000-1900 BCE) Sumer (4500-1900) BCE Ur (3800 BCE) Akkadian Empire (2334-2154 BCE) Babylon (1770-320 BCE) The Code of Hammurabi (1754 BCE) Zarathustra Bronze Age (2,500 BCE Avram (Abraham) Moshe Rabbenu (Moses) 1391-1271 BCE  The Exodus from Egypt 1280 BCE The Conquest of Canaan The Hebrew Theocracy Destruction of the First Temple PAMPHLET SERIES (36):  THE RELIGIOUS AGE A Pamphlet Series … Continue reading Imagined History

On False Necessity

“We can establish universally an education that recognizes in every child a tongue-tied prophet, and in the school the voice of the future, and that equips the mind to think beyond and against the established context of thought and of life as well as to move within it. We can develop a democratic politics that renders the structure of society open in fact to challenge and reconstruction, weakening the dependence of change on crisis and the power of the dead over the living. We can make the radical democratization of access to the resources and opportunities of production the touchstone … Continue reading On False Necessity

Company or Rescuers (6)

6 On 11 January Emma Solomon also called Maya Sorieya, whispered now by many to be ‘the mother of Messiahs’ arrives in the Capital of Haiti.  She is athletic in build. Olive tan skin, her brown hair is still flowing and while she appears exotic. She travels in on a Spanish passport still having much noble data within the space between her ears that must be passed quietly to underground on this island before most of them are wiped out by devils in the next 72 hours. Port-Au-Prince is unlike any other place on earth. The singular thing one absorbs … Continue reading Company or Rescuers (6)

Company of Rescuers (5)

5 Paramedic Victor Cange is weathering an ugly pink beanie. It’s really one of the ugliest hats anyone has ever seen. If it were day time a supervisor would have told him to take it off. He is working Transport Unit 808 out of the Transcare base in Canarsie, Brooklyn. He is fairly slim and wears thick black spectacles. It’s Christmas and he shouldn’t be here, but his seventh day adventist church teaches that Jesus wasn’t really even born on the 25th, not even really born in December. His partner is the tall, serious Jamaican named EMT Mickhi DBrisk. Michkhi … Continue reading Company of Rescuers (5)

Company of Rescuers (4)

4 We’re in the garage below Woodhull Hospital. A city block sized iron and concrete monstrosity that erupts out of the ground on the border between Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant. They had designed it originally as a prison. But today it is a city hospital of ill repute. It’s the 21st of December, the KDT says. I punch in our numbers. I type ‘GOD’ in as the third rider. It’s a superstitious thing. It’s old school. The rookies don’t have a god anymore. My name is Scott Sevastra. I’m 33, that’s allegedly when Jesus did his best work, so they … Continue reading Company of Rescuers (4)

Company of Rescuers (3)

3 It’s the 20th of December in the year we understand to be 2009 on the Gregorian. Jeremy Mccgaffey has been dead for about one year. Most of the mourning aloud was long over. But his ghost remains. Those that kill themselves traumatize the living. But all the late nights driving the ambulance around Brooklyn until my soul leaks, I see him again. Looking at me in the mirror, stone faced, he almost whispers something prophetic from the world to come.  Those fucking pagans from Gerritsen Beach tried to kill me and Maria, Nick and also Angelica on the damn … Continue reading Company of Rescuers (3)


PART ONE 1 On the 10th of December in the year 2009 the snow dropped openly and the sky fell out and then we suddenly had a 7 foot ice coat. To keep warm I invited pugnacious and highly sassy Yelizaveta Kotlyarova to join me at the Wall Street Baths, called Spa 88 in the cavern tombs below the District Financial. The date is the 10th of December in 2009 of the Common Era. The snow still falls heavy on the Isle of Man.  Below ground, in the underground you can hear the rumble of the trains through the walls; … Continue reading COMPANY of RESCUERS (2)


Prelude I ask you now friend, in whose reality do you live? We all dedicate our actions to the future. But, what is it that we claim to do with our little lives as that future narrows? Have we all lost our faith in outer generations or a glorious world to come? Of course, all lives are both great and also quite little, but it was a matter of sure and soulful pretension; crossed of course a bit with the “sollidaritous” desire to teach a nation of certain newly freed slaves to fish. Allegorically speaking. The fishing and the slaves. … Continue reading COMPANY of RESCUERS (1)


The plane was leaking fuel, so everyone was waylaid in a Howard Johnson Hotel in Miami until the repairs can be made. They had to ground the plane on the evening of the 15th in Miami because the fuel was leaking, or they had over fueled, there were a few excuses, anyway, something was wrong with the plane. They missed their landing slot and the Scientists put everyone up in a roadhouse near the airport. It only fueled anxiety and the unrelenting anticipation. Not knowing still what he was getting into, he’d taken some napkins from the airplane and written … Continue reading ANFOM 10