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העולם הבא

I’d like you to read some of my work.

    Ballad # 3:  “An Escapade Across the Fall” Involving a Russian Woman and Several Hand Grenades Cultural Context:  {In the Newyorkgrad fall times of the Gregorian year 2011 two mildly dangerous people, dangerous in their own ways; became for a time, star-crossed lovers that were briefly aligned (allowed?) to kiss and make up. In the… Continue reading BALLAD #3: {AN ESCAPADE ACROSS THE FALL}
    BALLAD # 2:  “The Life of Constant Night” Cultural Context: Later while partly naked the terrorist notices that the Buxom escort, posing as a high-class courtesan, has no tattoos, which in his culture means that they can both be buried in the same cemetery. Yet, she makes small talk about wanting a tattoo of a… Continue reading BALLAD #2 {A LIFE OF CONSTANT NIGHT}
  • BALLAD #1: /A Revolution Happens Live\
    Ballad #1: “A Revolution Happens Live” “Cultural Context”: “A journalist posing as a shot girl who works as an escort and a terrorist posing as a freedom fighter while working an ambulance driver meet face to face in a Tavern for a hard drink.  In the background gypsy music. He wants to make love to… Continue reading BALLAD #1: /A Revolution Happens Live\
  • The War of Ideas
    Pamphlet One:  Introduction to Ideology, a War of Ideas Understanding the Theoretical Basis of our Struggle What Does this Mean to You? This question is always asked at the beginning of each lesson.  It is an old Israelite question from the Passover Seder from the rebellious son or daughter. We are beginning a small Academy… Continue reading The War of Ideas
  • Imagined History
    IMAGINED HISTORY INTO THREE SPECIFIC AGES PAMPHLET SERIES (x)  THE MYTHOLOGICAL AGE A Pamphlet speculating on a time before recorded history based on animism, paganism, superstition and without States. Neolithic Age (10,000 to 1,900 Before Common Era) The Neolithic Age 10,000-1900 BCE) Sumer (4500-1900) BCE Ur (3800 BCE) Akkadian Empire (2334-2154 BCE) Babylon (1770-320 BCE)… Continue reading Imagined History
  • On False Necessity
    “We can establish universally an education that recognizes in every child a tongue-tied prophet, and in the school the voice of the future, and that equips the mind to think beyond and against the established context of thought and of life as well as to move within it. We can develop a democratic politics that… Continue reading On False Necessity
  • Company or Rescuers (6)
    6 On 11 January Emma Solomon also called Maya Sorieya, whispered now by many to be ‘the mother of Messiahs’ arrives in the Capital of Haiti.  She is athletic in build. Olive tan skin, her brown hair is still flowing and while she appears exotic. She travels in on a Spanish passport still having much… Continue reading Company or Rescuers (6)
  • Company of Rescuers (5)
    5 Paramedic Victor Cange is weathering an ugly pink beanie. It’s really one of the ugliest hats anyone has ever seen. If it were day time a supervisor would have told him to take it off. He is working Transport Unit 808 out of the Transcare base in Canarsie, Brooklyn. He is fairly slim and… Continue reading Company of Rescuers (5)
  • Company of Rescuers (4)
    4 We’re in the garage below Woodhull Hospital. A city block sized iron and concrete monstrosity that erupts out of the ground on the border between Bushwick and Bedford Stuyvesant. They had designed it originally as a prison. But today it is a city hospital of ill repute. It’s the 21st of December, the KDT… Continue reading Company of Rescuers (4)
  • Company of Rescuers (3)
    3 It’s the 20th of December in the year we understand to be 2009 on the Gregorian. Jeremy Mccgaffey has been dead for about one year. Most of the mourning aloud was long over. But his ghost remains. Those that kill themselves traumatize the living. But all the late nights driving the ambulance around Brooklyn… Continue reading Company of Rescuers (3)
    PART ONE 1 On the 10th of December in the year 2009 the snow dropped openly and the sky fell out and then we suddenly had a 7 foot ice coat. To keep warm I invited pugnacious and highly sassy Yelizaveta Kotlyarova to join me at the Wall Street Baths, called Spa 88 in the… Continue reading COMPANY of RESCUERS (2)
    Prelude I ask you now friend, in whose reality do you live? We all dedicate our actions to the future. But, what is it that we claim to do with our little lives as that future narrows? Have we all lost our faith in outer generations or a glorious world to come? Of course, all… Continue reading COMPANY of RESCUERS (1)

Walter Sebastian Adler

A Compilation of Advocacy and Organizing 


LinkedIn Profile: Link Here

Ray-Ban Project
A commercial project on NYC diversity featuring me as a New York City Paramedic.
Link Here – May 2016


EMSPAC Official Website: Link Here

Journal of Emergency Medical Services Op-Ed Article: Letter of Support for NY’s 2023 Budget Promoting Prehospital Providers”
Link Here – February 2022

AM New York Op-Ed Article: EMS Workers Need More than Nightly Applause”
Link Here – May 2020

QNS: Digital Media Article: “Four women in critical condition following fire in Ozone Park home: FDNY”
Link Here – May 2021

The Queens Courier Op-Ed Article: “Front of the Front Lines: EMS Honors its COVID-19 Dead”- July 2020- Link Here

EMSPAC – The Third Service Digital Newspaper

A voice for all EMS workers to share stories of saving lives, express their grievances about EMS working conditions, share advice to get through rough calls and continue to advocate for a better NYC EMS.  Circulation 5,000+

All Issues are listed here where you can view in the link in the captions: Link Here

Issue 1: Link Here – October 2020
Issue 2: Link Here – January 2021
Issue 3: Link Here – March 2021
Issue 4: Link Here – May 2021
Issue 5: Link Here – August 2021
Issue 6: Link Here – December 2021


Building Haitian EMS Capacity Post 2010 Earthquake: 

  • R.M.A. Academy in Croix-des-Bouquets 2014 LINK HERE
  • R.M.A. Academy in Croix-des-Bouquets 2014 II LINK HERE 
  • Espwa Lev/ Hope Rises Documentary 2012 LINK HERE
  • Adler’s Speech in Haitian Kreyol to Haitian Emergency Group (G.A.I.),  The First Emergency EMT Class Graduating in Haiti, 2012 LINK HERE
  • First Haitian Emergency Group (G.A.I.) Academy established in Delmas, Port-Au-Prince 2011
  • The First Wave, Jan. 15th, 2010: LINK HERE
  • Banshee Association Founding Speech 2009 LINK HERE

BANSHEE – The Banshee Newspaper
Seven issues between 2009 and 2012. A voice for all EMS workers to share stories of saving lives, express their grievances about EMS working conditions, share advice to get through rough calls and continue to advocate for a better NYC EMS.  Circulation 4,000+


Today We Are all Muslims- Speech in Times Square 2017 LINK HERE

Heroes Among Us, 2010 LINK HERE


New York Post Article – “Jews’ Subway Hero a Muslim”
Link Here – December 2007
ABC7NY Article – “Jews offering holiday greetings attacked”
Link Here – December 2007
World Jewish Congress – “Muslim student saves Jewish group on NYC subway train”
Link Here – December 2007



  • The Great Ambulance Dispute-2023
  • Homage to Rojava-2023
  • The World to Come-2020
  • Fire on the Mountain-2016 
  • In the Company of Rescuers-2011
  • The Motherland Calls-2004
  • American Refugee- 2004

Essays, Pamphlets & Articles

  • Ten Things We Can Do to Get Paid Like Cops and Firefighters-2022
  • Bylaws of the Emergency Medical Services Public Advocacy Council-2022
  • The Democratic Confederalist Papers-2022
  • Notes from the Cordeliers Club- December 2021
  • On French Republicans and the Rights of Man-2021
  • Mandatory National Service Proposal-2021
  • What is Democratic Confederalism-2021
  • What is to be Done in America- June 2020
  • EMS Bury Our Dead-2020
  • EMS Workers Need More than Nightly Applause-May 2020
  • EMSPAC Questions Asked, and Answered-2020
  • Demands of NYC Ambulance Workers Collective Statement-2020
  • Bylaws of IAEP Local R220 
  • What We Want/ What We Believe- 2020
  • How to Listen to and Hear your People-2020
  • A Preamble on Justice- 2020
  • On Kurdish Ideology- 2020
  • The Middle East Confederation- 2019
  • A Statement on the Liberation of Mosul-2017
  • A Statement on the Islamic State-2017
  • AOI and Proposal of the G.C.C.-02016
  • A Proposal for EMS Training in Kurdistan-2016
  • The EMS Modules in Haiti-2015
  • On Emmancipatory Development-2015
  • The Parallel State-2014
  • The Israeli and Palestinian State-2014
  • War As Peace: The World System in Flux 2014
  • The Encircling Game Campaign-2014
  • Famni Lavalas in Haiti-2013
  • Understanding Social Movement Organizations-2013
  • Domestic Policy Recommendations to the President of Haiti-2013
  • Declaration of War to the Death with the Oligarchy-2012
  • Declaration of a State of Emergency in New York-2011 
  • Call to Bring EMS to D.R.-2011
  • Declaration of the Haitian Emergency Group-2011
  • Proposed Demands of the Occupy Movement-2011
  • My Ambulance is Filled with Cotton-2011
  • An EMT Course Cirriculem in French & Haitrian Kreyol-2011
  • Proposal for EMS Training in Haiti-2010
  • Technician Adler Sings the Blues-2010
  • Blueprint for Medical Internationalism in Haiti-2010
  • A Proposal for Separation and Economic Development in Israel and Palestine-2009
  • Formation of the Banshee Association on Block Island-2008
  • A Capability briefing on the Chechen Insurgency against Russia-2008
  • Contrasting Malcolm and Martin-2008
  • Malcolm X on Women-2008
  • The New Social Gospel of the Baha’i-2008
  • The Chechen Jihad-2008
  • On China and Rising Multipolarity-2007
  • Changes in China’s Leadership-2007
  • The Community and the Individual in Islam-2007
  • The Building of the Nation of Islam: 2006
  • On Coercive Airpower-2006
  • Nine Essays on the Science of Women 2006
  • Desert People Article- 2006
  • A Capability briefing on Hezbollah-2006
  • On Asymmetrical Warfare-2006
  • On Arms and Influence-2006
  • On Chinese relations with Russia-2006
  • Colonialism in Literature-2006
  • Why the Arab States can’t Democratize-2006
  • On Many Political uses of Islam-2006
  • On Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam-2006
  • A Case Against Targeted Assassinations-2006
  • Questions Posed by Walter Rodney-2005
  • The Grey Book- 2005
  • The End of the Pax-Americana-2005
  • The Elimination of Change: A Lesson in American Political Repression-2004
  • A History of Political Repression in the USA-2004
  • The Black Panther Party Understood-2004
  • The Least Worst Option: Gitmo-2004
  • Statement of Opposition to the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq-2004
  • Why you Should Join the Organization- 2004
  • The U.S. Interventions in Latin America-2004
  • The War on Terror: Nasty, Brutish and Long-2003
  • Say Yes to Benjamin Netanyahu-2003
  • No Possible Victory in Iraq-2004
  • Major Causes of Terrorism-2003
  • The Four Waves of Terror-2003
  • Why they Hate Us-2003
  • Hardening the Soft Cage-2003
  • The Revolution Betrayed and Forgotten-2003
  • Colonizer, Colonized, and Neo-Colonialism-2003
  • What is Neo-Colonialism-2003
  • Who has a right to Police the Police-2002
  • Why America? -2003
  • The Little Grey Book- 2002
  • Interview with a lesser Congressman- 2002
  • Declaration of Resistance in the Jewish Military Colony-2001
  • Declaration of the YUFE Movement-2000


  • A play called Laila Naesh-2019
  • Ballads about the Tree of Life and the Knowledge of Good vs. Evil – 2018
  • The Unlimited Operation of 2012 told in poetry– 2012
  • Vodka Lullabies for the Good Night Moon– 2011
  • Bar 13 Performance of “A Love Battle Field”, 2012  LINK HERE