On 11 January Emma Solomon also called Maya Sorieya, whispered now by many to be ‘the mother of Messiahs’ arrives in the Capital of Haiti. She is athletic in build. Olive tan skin, her brown hair is still flowing and while she appears exotic. She travels in on a Spanish passport still having much noble data within the space between her ears that must be passed quietly to underground on this island before most of them are wiped out by devils in the next 72 hours. Port Au Prince is unlike any other place on earth. The singular thing one … Continue reading ANFOM FRERE 6

Anfom Frere Chp.5

Paramedic Victor Cange is weathering an ugly pink beanie. It’s really one of the ugliest hats anyone has ever seen. If it were day time a supervisor would have told him to take it off. He is working Transport Unit 808 out of the Transcare base in Canarsie, Brooklyn. He is fairly slim and wears thick black spectacles. It’s Christmas and he shouldn’t be here, but his seventh day adventist church teaches that Jesus wasn’t really even born on the 25th, not even really born in December. His partner is the tall, serious Jamaican named EMT Mickhi DBrisk. Michkhi is … Continue reading Anfom Frere Chp.5

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We’re in the garage below Woodhull Hospital, a city block sized iron and concrete monstrosity. They had designed it originally as a prison, but now it’s a city hospital of ill repute. It’s the 21st of December, the KDT says. I punch in our numbers, I type GOD as the third rider. It’s a superstitious thing. My name is Scott Sevastra. I’m 33, that;’s when Jesus did his best work, so they say in the newer parts of the bible. I’m salt and peppered. I’m slightly overweight with silver freckled hair and spectacles. I wear spectacles, not glasses. That’s different. … Continue reading Anfom Frere Chp.4

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It’s the 20th of December in the year 2009. Jeremy Mccgaffey has been dead for about one year. Most of the mourning aloud was long over. But his ghost remained.  Those fucking pagans from Gerritsen Beach tried to kill me and Maria, Nick and also Angelica on the damn Q train. This hate crime was defeated with fists and knives and the press machine. The FDNY EMS hired him immediately, he cut a whole long civil service list somehow. Then came FDNY in the Bronx at night, then losing his Maria slowly for almost two years. Then recently Maria left … Continue reading Anfom Frere Chp.3

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Her name is Paramedic Barbara Danton. She works on a Tran-scare 911 unit out of Brooklyn Hospital. That is to say a commercial ambulance provider, the biggest on the east coast staffing a voluntary hospital unit in the city controlled 911 system. Ah the date, well it is 15 December now in the year 2009. The weather is poor and the streets are not well plowed in Downtown Brooklyn.  In her own words: “Only reason I’m out here this gorgeous Friday evening is that I don’t make a living wage and thus do an insane amount of overtime to keep … Continue reading Anfom Frere Chp.2

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On the 10th of December in the year 2009 the snow dropped open and the sky fell out and then we all had a 7 foot ice coat. To keep warm I invited pugnacious and highly sassy Yelizaveta Kotlyarova to join me at the Wall Street Baths, called Spa 88 in the cavern tombs below the District Financial. The date is the 10th of December in 2009 of the Common Era. The snow still falls heavy on the Isle of Man.  Below ground, in the underground you can hear the rumble of the trains through the walls; three flights down … Continue reading Anfom Frere Chp. 1

Anfom Frere

I ask you now friend, in whose reality do you live? We all dedicate our actions to the future. But, what is it that we claim to do with our little lives as that future narrows? Have we all lost our faith in outer generations or a glorious world to come? Of course, all lives are both great and also quite little, but it was a matter of sure and soulful pretension; crossed of course a bit with the “sollidaritous” desire to teach a nation of certain newly freed slaves to fish. Allegorically speaking. The fishing and the slaves. More … Continue reading Anfom Frere


Outlined here are several major Policy Strategies being developed to address the four core inequities of the Nation. Taken in total this framework is called THE SOLUTION PROCESS. Addressing Economic Inequality and Social Service Apartheid Addressing Identity based Apartheid Policy on Mandatory National Service Universal Human Rights Normalization in Law Towards Legislative Human Rights 4. Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Infrastructure Towards a New Green Deal Continue reading Policy

What is to be Done in America?

What is to be Done in America PAMPHLET (5) There is an uprising happening in the United States of America. It is the response to a brutish President and the irresponsible management of a pandemic, catalyzed by the televised lynching of a black man. To succeed in achieving real change, real justice this uprising will require conscience and a soul. It must address on a structural level, as well as on a policy level ugly injustices of racist apartheid. It must at the same address glaring inequalities of wealth. Both between the American worker and the American Oligarch, but also … Continue reading What is to be Done in America?

On Peoples’ Governance

Pamphlet TWO:  On People’s Governance An Introduction to Democratic Confederalist Thinking Understanding Bookchin & Apo; what is ‘FREE LIFE’, and ‘PURSUIT OF A ‘COMMUNAL EXISTENCE’  Slavery, Colonization and Globalization have resulted in a nearly 500 year period of sustained Maldevelopment. Over the last three hundred years many brilliant and powerful people have made revolutions or undertaken vast societal change and development in highly difficult conditions. But, virtually all attempts to produce an alternative political and economic order, a replacement and improvement to Capitalism have been bloody, authoritarian regressive failures.  In short progress has been unequal, change has been tempered with … Continue reading On Peoples’ Governance