Four Principles

1. Unlimited Patience.

2. Unlimited Modesty.

3. Unlimited Gratitude.

4. Wrath upon all enemies of the people.

Four Main Rules of Discipline

  • Want for the people what you want for yourself and your family. Modal the proper personal behavior of a conscious, fully liberated society in all your efforts and interactions to gain emancipation.
  • Obey orders and order in all your actions. In and out of uniform, on or off duty. Deployed or not deployed. You are a representative of universal rights and the movement. Respect the elected chain of command and the authority of elected leadership. 
  • Do not harm civilians. Any woman, child, or man not bearing arms is a completely prohibited, illigitemate target.
  • Do not take a single needle or piece of thread from the people. Do not use your position for self profit. A single act of theft no matter how minor is a degradation of all our efforts. Turn in everything captured. No piece of property no matter how small is your private property. Any item captured or expropriated from the enemy must be registered and collectivized for the ongoing efforts.

Ten Main Point of Attention

  • Speak politely to all people at all times. Never yell or intimidate.
  • Drug use, alcohol consumption, and paying money for sexual services are completely prohibited when deployed, in or out of uniform.  
  • Pay fairly for what you buy. Do not use your position to gain any special advantages. Expropriation is theft.
  • Return everything you borrow. Pay for anything you damage.
  • Do not hit or swear at people.
  • Do not damage property, or destroy the property of the enemy.
  • Do not take liberties with any women. Civilian women, movement women, or the women of the enemy. Rape is a capital offense.
  • Do not harm children. Will-full harm or actions leading to the deaths of children is a capital offense.
  • Do not ill-treat captives. Torture is a completely prohibited practice as is forced labor and indefinite detention.
  • All acts of violence, offensive or defensive perpetuate violence and the lower consciousness of all affected. Power does not come from the barrel of a gun, it comes from the achievement of rights and security for the people.

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