The Survivals Dance 1,2,3

The Survivals Dance Written by Adler S. Walt Playfully dedicated To my co-conspirator Polina Mazaeva CAST ‘Blacksmith Winter’ ‘Kawa Zivistan’, ‘Zacharias Abu Yazan’, Sebastian Adonaev, a CHECHEN New Yorker; our antagonistic protagonist, a guerrilla on the move. ALSO KNOW AS THE FATHER OF NIGHT. Maria Silverrtova of Moscow, a MOSCOVITE; a tavern shot girl, an inquisitive journalist. Polina Casperova Mazaeva, a war Forrest wife and a CHUVASH, crimson hair. Anya Rumi Baghdadi, a Lebanese CHECHEN prophetess, diplobrat of the Green Zone. Carla Santiestiban, A Cuban working girl, jet black hair. Ana Campbell, a British YPJ Martyr, blonde and bright eyed. … Continue reading The Survivals Dance 1,2,3

That Night, Prelude

Prelude Moscow, 2019     It is not our intention that we should compose such an indictment of the Oligarchy that our reader throws down the manuscript and declares him or herself a revolutionist, for cruel experiences of this world and living in it breed more revolutionaries daily then our pens can expend on poetic syllables.   Instead, we wished to put to paper an ethical argument that condemns our oppressors, clearly states their means of oppressive control and thus allows the reader to take what actions thou wilt to participate in the abolition of our collective slavery. We posit … Continue reading That Night, Prelude

An Introduction to Well Meaning Adversity

Introduction       Beginning in the year 2000 a diffuse, evolving and highly decentralized movement emerged in the Cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and New York City. The central thesis of the young Palestinian, Israeli, Kurdish and American leaderships that formed and sustained this clandestine movement was firstly; that the American Empire was a dangerous and expansive force in the world predatory to its own citizens and made rich off the backs of the rest of the world’s exploited subjects. Pursuing a sanitized version of the imperialism utilized to dominate the world’s non-white populations over 500 years. Second, that … Continue reading An Introduction to Well Meaning Adversity

The Surivals Dance, s.1

Scene One Opening credits, the Iron Curtain Rises Setting-“My heart is on my bloody soaked, evil caked sleeve.”   Reads Maria Silverrtova: Let me roll up my sleeves and also my skirt, a little! Look at me in the eyes! I have all my teeth to bite. So sexy and educated and multi-lingual. What, a, catch to catch. I am a wild debutante, elusive and amazing. I am a journalist of course, forced to pour men off shots in a tavern downtown. Zdrastvistia! The purpose of this play is to buy and sell luxury carrots. Also a flying carpet to … Continue reading The Surivals Dance, s.1

La Lingre, s.0

Prelude     Camp Shrakasa Waltham, 2079ce     The year is winter 2079ce, the setting, a grim gulag hidden from normal sight in the Eastern coast of the United American States outside the City State of Greater Boston. The snow falls so hard you can’t see the roads anymore, can’t see but ten feet in front of you. We are caught in a thick and deadly, white deluge.   Adelina Blazhennaya is lovely and petit, but very striking is her sense of presence, when you are with her you have her largely undivided attention. She is completely disarming, you … Continue reading La Lingre, s.0

FIRE, s.5

Scene 5 Scene Five Crown Heights     The room was jam-packed. People sitting on the floor, on the tables, people out in the hall. Many of the apartment blocks on Schenectady Ave have concrete inner court yards, have multiple means to get in and out without keys, lot of places to run and evade the police. The followers of the Menachem Mendel Schneerson and the Chabad Movement congregate near Kingston Avenue and the large Afro-Caribbean community stays more toward Utica; but for the most part the blacks and Jews live right on top of each other. They for the … Continue reading FIRE, s.5

#116 The Sale of Sex and Violence

#116 The Sale of Sex and Violence, dose dependent to Americans Still, lying tits or ass up, I’m dying inside. She did confide. When I’m sleeping, salvations ever a creeping, I die with each ride. Go fantastic for us daddy! My tears are water seaping. Pleasure your senses by living a woman like me again! You just attacked a country contributing less than 4 to 40 men. This is about if, not when. Bandit you, Chechen me! DOES it even matter anymore once we get committed to Afrin? Committed to die to get free? In theory. Make me a long … Continue reading #116 The Sale of Sex and Violence

The Chechnyans

The Chechnyans A patriotic play by Adler S Walt Cast FEMALE ACTORs CAN PLAY: Maria Selverrtova of Moscow, a MOSCOVITE CHECHEN Polina Casperova Mazaeva, a war wife and a CHUVASH Anya Rumi Baghdadi, a CHECHEN Sandra Santiestiban, A Cuban Chechen Ana Campbell, a Chechen Martyr Chantal, a St. Martín Americano CHECHNYAN   MALE ACTORS CAN PLAY: Ayar of Kirkuk, a Kurdish CHECHEN Blacksmith Winter ‘Kawa Zivistan’, ‘Zacharias Abu Yazan’, Mikhail a CHECHEN Dan Newey, a British Jew guerilla Spirit of War, a Georgian guerilla. Abdul Rahman, Piling, a French African guerilla Peter Reed, a marine Chechen       Opening … Continue reading The Chechnyans

#71  Dream Big for me One Night in Tehran

The Chechnyans A play by Adler S Walt To Polina Mazaeva Poetic Score   #71  Dream Big for me One Night in Tehran In the dead still of night we departed toward our naked selves. I should sleep, put myself in Seraquiled storage, like tomes to old flames on never dusty book shelves. I should sleep but I persist in composition; I assume my position, which is two stoags worth of turmoil, A hard vodka shot of past lives living and a bounding whif, of if.   Your sweet smile Polina! Is lyrical. A bountiful gift. To sift through my … Continue reading #71  Dream Big for me One Night in Tehran

The Chechnyans 1

Endless Walk/ The Chechnyans A patriotic plays by Adler S Walt And Polina Mazaeva Thankfully matured by editors and friends Daniella, Anya, Maria, and Justine. Cast Anya of Baghdad, a CHECHEN Ayar of Kirkuk, a Kurdish CHECHEN Blacksmith Winter ‘Kawa Zivistan’, ‘Zacharias Abu Yazan’, a CHECHEN Maria of Moscow, a MOSCOVITE CHECHEN Polina Mazaeva, a war wife and a CHUVASH Spirit of War, a Georgian guerilla. Chantal, a St. Martín Americano CHECHNYAN   Opening credits     Setting-My heart is on my bloody soaked sleeve.   Reads Vasyli:   The papers called us “the Chechnyans” because when the war kept … Continue reading The Chechnyans 1