To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your time in the consideration of my work.


My name is Walter Sebastian Adler. I am a New Yorker. By virtue of being born in America I learned to read and write, and since I can read and write in English I must therefore be a writer! Yes! We shall define our whole lives by what we do for money, that is a grand idea. As it is actually very hard to make it as a writer, I have spent mosy of my life as a revolutionary Internationalist and paramedic adventurer.

I’m not here to entertain you. I do this as a small, trifling hobby. I will not be burried as some man of letter but instead, you will bury me as man of attempted works.

Relatively early I developed some “highly subversive political views”, I undertook the practice of “paramedicine”, decalred myself a revoltionary personality in the soft cage of America and becoming serially involved with women from Russia. Which made me a harder more meticulous person and sharpened all of my habits and games. Thus my adventures on ambulances, in varying radical circles, in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Haiti, DR, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Syria and Iraq were written down and made into little books. Using my pen as matter vain of record I have managed to write 9 such novel books, all mostly unpublished, based upon the things I have seen and done, seen and heard others heroically do.

Largely influenced by Mayakovsky, Hemmingway, Dostoevsky, Orwell and  Márquez; my style is noire; Russian Futurist with magical realism. Mostly pushed ahead by those I have loved, and struggled beside. Mostly women from Russia. Although not all.

My life has this been punctuated with other people’s violence. I was imprisoned at age 15 and becme a committed Communist. I spent my coming of age years in Israel at the height of the second intifada. I was almost murdered by a mob on a subway train and rescued by a Bangladeshi Muslim, a Russian girlfriend and my own fists. I served the FDNY four years as an emergency medical specialist. I spent five years smuggling medical supplies and training Haitian dissidents as paramedics. I studied international development with dissident radicals, technocrats and NGO apparchiks from across the world. I have fallen deeply for a great deal of hard and beautiful Post-Soviet Women who never knew their fathers. I have travelled to Cuba, Russia, Iraq and Syria to help train the Kurdish people for their coming liberation.

I am trying to capture in words the explicit violence of a world my American people have no idea is even real, or perhaps just ignore like callous fat bigots. Spineless collaborating apaths. I try in my various books to craft a future America where the violence of past and present times is here, and the mountain top is less secure. Each book is from a different period of my reckless adventures, but all of them use those I have known to paint what I can never with enough stories capture; the blackness of misery in the world beyond our gates and the intrigues & aspirations of the refugees who arrive here. Dreams versus nightmares playing out in the world of the real every day.

American Refugee (2005) is a seven part  novela serial about an American petty bourgeoisie who ends up in prison and then exile in London and Israel, about the beginnings of an Israeli resistance movement. Fire on the Mountain (2014) is a four act mega noire about the strange beginnings of a Chechnya like, poorly fated revolt in the Boroughs of Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Hey Brother! Anfom Frere (2011) is about the various rescuers and the intrepid natives following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. The Unlimited Operation: Vodka Lullibies to the Goodnight Moon (2013)  is collection of futurist epic love poems celebrating the Russian mentality in America. In Ambuland (2010) is a collection of very bleak short stories from New York City ambulances. On Emmaciaptory Development (2015) is a boring, dry book on political theory. Homage to Rojava (2020) is about the rise and fall of a revolutionary expirement in North Syria.

I am completely unpublished and pretty thinly edited, committed to the genius of every made up word and semi colon. When I’m inevitably dead, and hopefully also infamous you can edit together. I am sometimes looking to acquire a literary agent and a good editor so that I might share my work with a broader audience than sympathetic friends. I believe my voice is strong and my work has merit. But, mostly I live the life I live. And write it down for reflection, in the immortal words of my Lt. Bennet Williamson, “And all grand plans, brilliant plots and proclamations did in fact end, with, and then we put bullets into the enemy”.

Thank you for your time and energy, thank you for considering my work.

Walt Adler

                        September 2019

Contact Information:



Walter Sebastian Adler

140 Nassau Street Apt. 7c

New York, NY 10038



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Walter,

    I am not an editor or a publicist. Just letting you know…as a semi-Russian woman, your poetry is breathtaking.

    My artist is making his way up Bunker Hill as I type. Will he get there? Who knows…..

    A Loyal Fan


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