The Parallel State Pamphlet 1 [A General Operating guide for the Practitioners and Partisans concerned with human rights, human needs and the proliferation of Emancipatory Development on the eve of the Great Revolt.] Preamble There are rights you never even knew you had which entitle you to life much different from the one you currently lead. We are a group of development practitioners and rescue … Continue reading PS#1

Partizan Song, Chapter 4

Chapter 4     Back on the monstrous underwater vessel called “the Black Mermaid”; traveling propelled by a Thorium reactor towards the United States; the extraction squad sits for black bread, herring, tea and Compot, sweet berry punch.   The Chinese had finished a canal across Socialist Nicaragua that was three times the size of the US controlled one in Panama. But, for some reason … Continue reading Partizan Song, Chapter 4

Partizan Song, Chapter 3

Chapter 3                                                        Penthouse J has been in the hands of the House Trikhovitch Family the early 1981 Common Era. That was not a hey-day for New York City as some newly arrived hip individuals have come to believe. Heretics. In the 1980’s looters and vagrants were scaling the walls to steal anything not tied down. Crack is wack, they say. The CIA … Continue reading Partizan Song, Chapter 3

Partizan Song, Chapter 2

Chapter 2     Far below the waves of the black blue Pacific, a vast underwater leviathan of a craft named the “Black Mermaid” hulks its way gradually toward the surface. The vessel is forty miles off the Western coast of Nicaragua, sloshing bashing water; cascading aggressively all of these things as its crew makes way toward “New Shoreham”; a tiny settlement on Block Island. … Continue reading Partizan Song, Chapter 2

Partizan Song, Chapter 1

Chapter 1     Dawn is now rising, breaking and expanding on the roof of the District Financial and with the last manic burst of energy being expended by one of our antagonistic protagonists, Sebastian Vasili Adon, over a huge bottle of illegally imported Basque white wine, tells old danger tales to those who will and can still listen. Bottle uncorked and the debacle of … Continue reading Partizan Song, Chapter 1