La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 1

[Scene 1]                         Well, the quarter began well I was buying and I was selling and I waking a killing. I flew one girl to Mexico and had my way with her and blew her little mind, then left her back penniless in her mediocre life, they fuck you so much harder when they’re hungry and unsure of their future. That was fun. Things were going really well, at all my layers of finance and I was up for a promotion, was gonna get into better levels of club and higher heights. I took another woman to Spain, she … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 1

La Lingre, Act 2, Scene 9

  Act 2, Scene 9 It was nearly winter in the Wilderness of North America, but this time the machines had been running for so long that it was neither cold nor impassible, nor even vaguely uncomfortable. It was still leather Jacket season just a week before the Christ Mass. And Sebastian Adon, this time in his own body and grounded in reality was humming and strolling with his hands in the brown leather jacket he’d owned for fifteen years. It sowed as much. Alkaline, the Jamaican philosopher says ‘Everything in life just takes time,’ and that was the song … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 2, Scene 9

Blood & the Rubble

    Chapter One January 4th, 2012 It has been two years since I first arrived in Port-Au-Prince. It is remarkable how short it feels, the eyes close just for a second and flashes of the dream on fire emerge in a slew of most visceral memories; as if they were the lips of a lover parted with just one moment before. Yelizaveta, how I miss her already; and if the last two years has erupted now in snap shots, bombastic escapades and grind; well in just eight hours I miss her as if it were a month, then a … Continue reading Blood & the Rubble