Lailah Naesh (Live Your Life) [A.1, S.1]

LAILAH NAESH “LIVE YOUR LIFE”   An American Mayakovsky Production A PLAY Written By  Walter Sebastian Adler  CAST Adoneav, a Fugitive Sasho,  a Voorhi Medvinsky, a Gangster Dmitry, a Lawyer Entwisle, a Patriot Maria Silverstova, a Prostitute Appleovich, a Subversive   Anya, a Martyr Newey, A Prisoner Reed, a Marine Rhubarb, a Mystic Abu Hamsa, a Fixer   Mountain, a Professional soldier  Spirit of War, a Guerrilla Goldy, a Courtesan A MIDDLE EASTERN WESTERN Synopsis: A volunteer returns from a foreign war to “Newyorkgrad”. He is re-united with old friends at a Tavern he is hiding out in, many of which he believed … Continue reading Lailah Naesh (Live Your Life) [A.1, S.1]

The Front of the Frontline

“Front of the Front Line”: EMS Honors its Covid-19 Dead Whatever the “Front of the Frontline is”, that is where the women and men of EMS always stand. Sometimes people hand you a dead blue baby, and you have to do everything at 10,000 miles an hour. Sometimes you turn up on a huge hysterical crowd where a couple people were shot and are bleeding everywhere. Sometimes you have to deliver a baby in a project stairwell. Sometimes you show up to a tight asthmatic gagging ready to arrest. Or you bring back a junkie, over and over and over … Continue reading The Front of the Frontline


Now that our breathe has been held on the latest nonsensical peace plan. I’m just trying to get up to date, on modern thought process? After “the occupation” ends, hypothetically by raw demographics and a South Africa style global movement in say 2050, when it ends and the Islamic resistance succeeds in bringing an end to ” Israeli apartheid”, will the 4 to 5 million non Palestinian Israelis be allowed to bring their 200 nuclear missiles to New York City, or should we hand them over to the Palestinian unity government? Or neutral broker Iran? Second, once “the Zionist entity” … Continue reading Responsa


January 4th, 2012 It has been two years since I first arrived in Port-Au-Prince. It is remarkable how short it feels, the eyes close just for a second and flashes of the dream on fire emerge in a slew of most visceral memories; as if they were the lips of a lover parted with just one moment before. Yelizaveta, how I miss her already; and if the last two years has erupted now in snap shots, bombastic escapades and grind; well in just eight hours I miss her as if it were a month, then a year, a forever passing … Continue reading Anfom.Frere


NOTES It is not that any of us longed to die. It was only that we believed that in this transience, this short human life, it was preferable to die on ones feet moving towards a just idea. Moving in solidarity, in defense of the powerless. Then it would be to die on our backs or our knees, half lives, shuffling along like zombies. Always asleep. With meaningless, un-free lives wasted. Lives spend like serfs and slaves.   Have you ever had an amazing noble idea in your head? That simply refused to translate itself or find traction in reality? … Continue reading NOTES