The Great Revolt (Act3)



Great Revolt  



BY Adler S Walt

Dedicated to: Daria Andreavna Skorobogatova

Also to Elena Komarova,

Yelizaveta Kotlyarova,

Valentina Stanovova,

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Thank you to my Editor Daniella Bonder








ACT Three

A C T T H R E E: Loyalnost

P A R A B L E S, List



ONE: “Ivory Origins” SET IN TEL AVIV

TWO: “Enter Perchevney Bratva” SET IN MOSCOW


FOUR: Keys to the Kingdom” SET IN MOSCOW

FIVE: “Enemies of the People” SET IN AYITI

SIX: “A True Russian Patriot” SET IN MOSCOW

SEVEN” “The Talks at Sandooney” MOSCOW

NINE: “The Ghost of My Missing Ex Wife” SET IN BREUKLYN CANTON

TEN: “Bullets for Budanov” SET IN MOSCOW



THIRTEEN: “Kundalini Tickle Method” SET IN MOSCOW

FOURTEEN: “Lap Dance at the Svetzapad Hotel” SET IN SEA GATE

FIFTEEN: “Courts of the Revolution” SET IN BREUKLYN SOVIET

SIXTEEN: “Once Upon a Time in Ukraine” SET IN BELA TSERKVA



NINETEEN: “House of Perchevney” SET IN DUBAI

TWENTY: “The Bathhouse of Wall Street” SET IN ISLE OF MAN

TWENTY ONE: “Masjid Saint Sophina” SET IN BAYRIDGE

TWENTY TWO: “The Navalny Boardwalk”   SET IN SEA GATE

TWENTY THREE: “Happy Endings on Ocean Ave” SET IN MIDWOOD



TWENTY SIX: “Alert and Oriented” SET IN DUBAI

TWENTY SEVEN: “Aim for the Flickering Flame” SET IN NEWARK

TWENTY EIGHT: “Trading in Ivory at the Rose Galley” SET IN EAST HAMPTON


THIRTY: “Attack on the U.A.E.” SET IN DUBAI

THIRTY ONE: “Contingent Ifs at the Ringside” SET IN DUBAI

THIRTY TWO: “The Final Countdown” SET IN DUBAI

THIRTY THREE: “The Onslaught on Breuklyn Soviet” SET IN BREUKLYN CANTON


THIRTY FIVE “My Heart is in Havana” SET IN CUBA









The rumbling, crunching, the steel plate grinding, the gritty auditory intrusion and fine rumbling of the foundations from a convoy passing outside means that tanks and half trucks and fearsome marching mechanical terra-drones are crossing through the district quite near to where we are hiding.


I smell tea tree leaves, tiger balm and aftershave on me. I smell her designer perfume but can’t remember what she uses. I guess. Its peony blossoms. The smell of sarsaparilla; its cherry, its frankincense and myrrh.


I want to tear all her clothes off and act like an animal. She crosses her long legs and lights cigarette.


“No telling,” she says.

And I don’t respond. I just take her in.

“Very interesting,” Dasha notes, “very easy to make Americans forget things. Short attention span as nation. No history of anything.”

“We’re working on it I tell her.”

“Work harder man.”

“History then, give me some good history,” I say.

“Your history is far livelier than my history.”

“Well I’ve never heard a story of yours that I didn’t hope might be true. Even the darbkest ones. But no dragonfly tales tonight dorogaia.”

“Hmm,” she utters over-thinking, “I will tell you my favorite dragon tale.”

“Like the night we met?”

“Well, then night we met in America was a very different night then the night ten years before it when I watched you; and Emma called Maya and Avinadav called Andrew meet without you knowing I was there,” she grins.

“Intriguing!” I say, “I know for a fact you weren’t there. I met you right before the disorder.”

“But fourth dimensionally speaking, yet I was, and I will tell you the scene I saw out your eyes as you first met your new handlers, and eventual grand conspirators.”

“Out my eyes!” I exclaim, “Delightful, yalla then.”

Which means let’s go in Arabic.

She begins; “The year was 2001 of the common era. The month was 2nd July on the Gregorian calendar. You were seventeen years old; Emma was eighteen and calling herself by her Canadian stripper name Maya Rose and Andrew DeBuitléir taken in by the Black Ivorites after fleeing from Ayiti was then twenty six and you were all about to hatch a rather zealous and evidently far reaching plot. It was the summertime and Tel Aviv was hot with war fever and intifada.”


            And here is how it went. Her Russian accent disappears completely.




O N E, Tel Aviv

“Ivory Origins”



It was incredibly hot in Tel Aviv that summer. Humid and hot, not just desert person hot. And the sea offers no relief. I have moved into a room at the Mugrabi Hostel on Allenby Street five blocks from the Opera Towers.


I am renting a cot for 33 sheks a night, which is very manageable.

I closed early on Thursday night so I could make it to the club at some reasonable hour. For me closing early is closing any time before 11pm. No one even hits the clubs until around midnight in Israel. In New York you’ve done three bars already by this time. It’s the heat that keeps the nightlife hard, cool and strictly nocturnal.


            The Deep is located in the heart of Tel Aviv near the monolithic white tower of the Mitzrad Hapaniim; the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry is the near tallest building in the city, and right below it two streets down is an underground hotspot nestled on a dark side alley below gas lights and red rope. It is known for its wild after hour’s parties. It is run and operated by Black Ivorites. Emma works as a promoter and a partner. For every twenty five people she brings to the club, her boss Andrew puts five hundred shekels in her pocket, which is about $125 American. Apparently Maya is the top promoter. She is able to bring in roughly two hundred people every Thursday and twice that many on the weekend proper.


A well-dressed Israeli Ashkenazi stands at the door with the guest list. Groups of drunken long legged Yemeni frekhot are trying to get into the club without paying. They argue in Hebrew, as I wait behind them to get in. The street is empty besides the girls, the gatekeeper and me. A Black male with a diamond earring in his left ear emerges from behind the red curtain. I assume he is Ethiopian, until I hear him talk.


“What the hell are your trifling bitches goin’ on about?”

It is the first time I have heard a trace of the Ebonics language in over a year.

“Excuse me,” I interject.

“Can I help you, cracka jack?” says a young black thug with the enormous diamond earring probably but not necessarily from the land of Zirconium.

I haven’t heard that since New York.

“I’m looking for Maya Rose. She said I was on your list.”

Like some fabulous ghetto St. Peter, this Middle Eastern gangster looks at his list scornfully. He shakes his head looking bored and tired. And then Maya emerges from behind the curtain in a red and white dress, hot and fabulous, tan olive skin.

“Dizzy, this one’s with me,” she says to him and takes my hand.

We walk past the black velvet rope down into a catacomb below the streets into a place that was once a blast shelter. The cavernous basement is packed wall to wall with Israelis who are black and brown. This bunker is dimly lit with red lights and strobes flashing to the beat of the music. There are huge black couches against the walls and white swings installed at the edge of the dance floor. The DJ is spinning Old School American hip-hop music; Tribe called Quest.

I take a seat at the bar with Maya. Other than her I’m the only Caucasian in the place.

“What are you drinking?” she asks me.

“Gold Star.”

“Gone pretty native I see,” she smiles.

She waves down the bartender and whispers something in his ear. I try to pass her some NIS shekel ten spot coins but she looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Drinks are on Andrew,” she says.

“Andrew is the guy who runs this place?”



“Ayitian. Well, Ivorite now. He used to be from Ayiti, but his whole family got wiped out in the genocide and he snuck over the border to get here and got adopted by the Black Ivorites. Andrew and half the other people who work for this club are Black Ivorites from a little city in the Negev named Demona where the government keeps the nuclear weapons.”

She worked that in there is fluidly.

“You mean, the Ethiopian Ivories.”

“No, there’s a huge difference between an Ethiopian and a Black Ivorite. One’s humble and from Africa and one will call you a cracker and has a nasty jump shot.”

“Where did they come from?”

“Chicago and New York mostly. That was about forty years ago. There are maybe a couple thousand of them living in Israel now. Many like Andrew and other African refugees that end up here don’t have any citizenship. The State of Ivory still doesn’t believe they’re Ivories.’

“State of Ivory doesn’t believe a lot of people are Ivories.”

“It deports them whenever it can. Andrew built up the Deep’s rep for the past year or so a haven for Israeli Blacks who want to rock out. Ethiopians don’t have too many of their own places and I’m sure you’ve seen what happens when a Black guy dances with a White or Russian girl.”

A motherfucking zoot suit riot, throw back a bottle of beer!


We drink more and we dance a bit, her much better than me. The hip hop turns into jazz soul and I call her Maya even though she introduced herself originally a week ago as Emma. Use Maya in front of everybody except Andrew she said quietly. I get introduced to a few dozen ‘Black Ivorites’. She introduces me to everyone as Zachariah. I am thrilled to see something like this here. I’ve seen some pretty raw racist shit in the past few weeks of Tel Aviv nightlife. As the night goes on I realize that all of Israel’s minorities are rocking out down here. No one’s white except Maya and I.


I finally meet Andrew the Hustler, as some of the Ivorites call him, the man behind this little operation who introduces himself as Avinadav. In a manic little rant about names while rolling up a spliff, he tells me ‘everyone calls him Andrew, but he’s been thinking, dreaming really, that it’s better to use his ‘Hebrew name’ and not his ‘Babylon slave name.’ He is related via adoption to a good many people here. He is the big brother who came to the desert to the big city and made good for the rest of them. He comes across as generous, maybe to a fault.


It is really after hours now, like 5 am.


Maya, Andrew called Avinadav, and I are hanging out in the courtyard across from the club as Andrew rolls up another spliff. It is the first time I’ve seen weed being smoked in Israel.


“I mean, I’m not saying that a Black guy can’t go to the G-SPOT or the Gat Ramon or any other jump off rave psyche trance party. It happens, it do. But, if they wanna kick game to some Ashkenazi or Russia sister then its problems nine through ten. I mean shit; this Eretz isn’t South Africa or Southside bad. I mean it’s not legislated. I’m just sayin’ all my girlfriends not from the community in Demona are Yemeni girls. They knew about being Black before the Ethiopians and other African refugees got here. Shit, they think of themselves as Black. I think of um like Puerto Ricans actually. I mean the Black man will always be everybody’s favorite nigger. But the Canaanites are givin’ us a run. I mean racism ain’t shit next to holy war. I want chu’ to know I’m not fucked up and high. I’m just wired a bit ‘cause I couldn’t sleep last night. I mean I talk, talk, talk but I feel like you got some shit to say kid.”


Both Andrew and Maya call me kid or kiddo, but neither is much older than me. Maya is 18 and Andrew is 26.


“There’s hate based on race and a hate based on religion. Those are just pretexts for political leaders to consolidate powers. Likud and the governing coalition can play ball for years by keeping everybody divided. I mean the Russians, Yemenis and Ethiopians all live in the same shit neighborhoods and go to same run down hospitals, but they can’t wait to fight each other over any stupid thing. The Canaanite Christians, Canaanites in Gaza, Canaanites in the West Bank and the so-called ‘Arab Israelis’ are not even different peoples and they can’t even work together on the uprising. Bedouins and Druze are Arabs but have more in common with the Likud coalition government than with each other. For a nation of eight million there’s quite a bit of disunity.”


“We only be unified over beating’ back the other Arab states. Even Canaanites hate the other Arabs. The Jordanians butchered um in ’71. The Lebanese butchered um in ’83, and any person with an open mind knows they aren’t gonna give the Canaanites a country once the Ivories get ‘driven into the sea’. Egypt would take the Negev and the Coast until Ashkelon. Jordan would take the West Bank to the Sea, and Syria would swallow up what was left. Like a football those Canaanites get thrown around to be a thorn in our side. Fools of prophesy.”


“So you consider yourself an Israeli then?” I ask him.

“Even if they don’t consider me one. I mean I ain’t even got Ayitian citizenship, I was never registered. I grew up in Demona. I was reborn in Demona and I ain’t even got a valid todat zeeoot. I’m a resident alien. Don’t even get me started on our troubles back in Ayiti. It was worse before. The state has at least somewhat accepted we ain’t goin’ back to Chicago or Africa.”

Maya barely says a word. We both just listen. I guess she is sizing things up too. Andrew is both articulate and wildly knowledgeable about theology and political science. Maya hasn’t gotten drunk even though she never seems to stop drinking.


Finally, when everybody is gone except the three of us; the weed runs out. And Maya says, “Alright Andrew, Avinadav. Drop the fucking ghetto act and let’s take this one to breakfast.”


And dawn breaks soon after and Andrew called Avinadav, and Emma called Maya, and I traveling under the name of dead Warsaw ghetto fighter named Zachariah Artstien are now having breakfast at a lonely outdoor café on lower Allenby Street.


Avinadav starts right back up.


“So, you a change maker then? That’s a damn good thing ‘cause I’m a change maker too. Something has to give or break because it can’t be like this much longer. To fathom one day one of us bringing a family up in this Balagan. Unthinkable. I mean the three of us, we ain’t gonna see no small change. We’ll soon see a great fight; see a lot of death, but nothing’ we can believe in is ready. We all gotta lay a foundation for the future generations, gotta give our children a higher ground to fight from.”

“Andrew” chuckles.

“But really now, both of you need to try and call me Avinadav even if the others won’t.”

I nod and light one of Emma’s cigarettes. Was I to call her Maya in front of Avinadav even when he called her Emma? Like me she responds quickly enough to both.

She’s looking into me. I don’t know how to describe it any other way.

“So what brought you to Israel, Maya?” I ask her.

“I’m not sure I’ll tell you the really. People are obsessed with this notion that HaShem has the power to dole out property rights,” says Maya, “but I’m mostly here for the beaches.”

“Sure as a pillar of salt once was a woman, HaShem willed this land to us,” interjects Avinadav, “If you ask some Israelis, they’ll tell you that HaShem promised us this land. Ask a Muslim they’ll say they’ve always been here and it is Allah’s will that they remain. Christians wanna take the whole planet anyway. Muslims too, but mark my words, HaShem gave us this stretch to be for the Hebrews.”

“Hebrews?” I ask.

“The title of our thirteen tribes collectively.”

“You mean the Ivories?” questions Maya.

“I think its twelve tribes,” I mention.

“That’s not the proper way we’re called,” he retorts.

“It’s semantics. Ivories, Ivorites, Hebrews. Yids. Jews. What’s the difference? Weren’t you born Muslim in Ayiti” Maya says with a laugh.

“I remove to take a slur from an oppressor as an identity!” he declares.

“When the tribes came back from exile in Babylon in the 5th century BCE there were only three tribes left, Judah, Simeon, Benjamin, and the Levites. The nine others, there were thirteen sister, were lost in Babylon, which means they intermarried, got inter-raped, converted or just never came back. Judah, which is also the tribe that Yeshua the messiah and King David come from, rose to prominence. Levi was the priestly tribe and Benjamin, they all had red hair and now they look Ethiopian. The Romans clashed repeatedly with the Hebrews in 66 CE during the first of three Roman Ivoryish Wars. Which led to rivers of blood, the leveling of the Second Temple and all of Jerusalem to its foundations, diaspora, rape and slavery. In 132 CE during the Bar Kokhba Revolt our people wiped out four Roman legions, the Romans knew these weren’t a people to fuck around with. Judah was the largest tribe so when Masada and later Betar finally fell and the full decimation and Diaspora all began, they derogatorily called our proud Hebrew people the ‘Yahuds’ or Ivories. It was like nigger, a slur imposed in bondage. Now think about the etymology. ‘ISH,” is kind of like. ChildISH, kind of like a child. IvoryISH, kind of like a IVORY. I’m a Hebrew. Even if I was raised Muslim, even if I grew up my whole like being told I was from a place called Ayiti. I’m Hebrew. You two are Hebrew. Not only is Ivoryish a watered-down degrading title, it implies that we are all from the tribe of Yehuda. But we could be from Gad, or Manasseh, or Ephraim or Asher or any of ‘um. It’s like the Nigerians. Or the whole country of Niger. Sure sounds like Nigger to me. Where did they come up with that name I wonder,” he says sarcastically.


“I don’t really care whose land Hashem says it is as long as the violence eventually ends,” says Maya.

“Do you believe in Hashem, Maya?” Avinadav asks her point blank.

“Every other Friday.”

“Pardon my candor, but what has Hashem done lately for us?” I mutter.

“That’s a loaded question if I ever heard one,” she says.

“Yeah, but let’s answer it anyway,” Avinadav says.

“Well Zachariah, I suppose not a whole lot. But if there is actually is Hashem, who are we to interpret her actions?” Maya puts in.

“Her?” I ask.

“Hey, if you guys wanna rename whole religious ethnic groups, I feel free to de-masculinize the so-called almighty.”

“That’s fine, fuck the dumb shit” smiles Avinadav.

“Look, to me HaShem isn’t like a be-all-end-all safety net. You don’t get blessed by just believing in her; It. You have to trust It works through the actions of good people more than miracles,” Maya responds.

“And there will be more miracles,” states Avinadav banging on the table.

“I’m not ruling out the existence of HaShem. All I’m saying is that maybe Its given up on us,” says Maya

“How do you figure?” Avinadav demands again attracting the attention of other people in the café more for being Black and loud than for just being loud.

“What if HaShem decided humanity just isn’t worth all the grief we cause. What if it looks at us as a failed experiment and stopped devoting time to divine interventions and the like?” Maya says.

“I’m with that opinion,” I say, “I don’t find it so hard to believe.”

“So you think HaShem has bailed on us?” Avinadav asks us.

“Completely,” she smirks.

“Don’t blaspheme and sound ridiculous at the same time,” Avinadav mumbles in a grin.

“Well let’s not hold our breath on that one. I’m just doing my part working on that miracle in case HaShem holds out,” I answer.

“What kind of miracle, kid?” Avinadav asks.

“The miracle of resistance done right.”

“I like that. The boy’s articulate and totally insane,” Avinadav weighs in.

“I like that about Zach, too,” she says.

“Most people do I bet. Do you ever wonder the purpose of it all, Maya?” Avinadav asks.

“The purpose of what?”

“The purpose of Hashem sending this kid our way?”

“Folks, I’m really not that much younger than either of you.”

“It’s totally random. He just wants to nail me,” she smiles, “There’s no purpose, Andrew.”



“Folks, I’m sitting right here.”

“If there is no purpose and there’s no greater meaning to it all, it is pretty pointless to be alive. I mean the things he says are the things this country needs to hear right now,” Avinadav says to Maya.

“He’s just young and you believe in HaShem too strongly. I’m a cynic. I like watching you two talk though.”

“Cynics are fallen idealists frustrated with the failure of their original ideals,” I interject.

“Excuse me?” she utters, “I would like to say I still believe in the potential for a better world, but lately I’ve begun to doubt whether humans would actually tolerate a better world.”

“Our kind is often very-very fucked,” Avinadav reflects openly.

“Only mostly fucked. There’s always high potential for eleventh hour change making,” I say.

“I’m not discounting the fact that there are many good people out there, but certainly not the majority. And less than four dozen in the country that would join what you are talking about. Most people just want to go about their lives and not have to think big thoughts about brave new worlds and the governing factors behind the human nature and if HaShem taps people to participate in history or a higher plan. You’re making demands that never get answered, Zach. Sure people come up with relatively comprehensible concepts explaining certain things about our existence, but even Socrates was working bound the shadows of the cave,” Maya responds.

“What’s your point?” I ask.

“It’s hard to keep the attention of the masses. There is something wrong with the world, but the good people, the heroes you hope to find aren’t interested employing the right tactics for change. Everyone’s trying to survive underground,” Maya tells us.

“What tactics would you employ?” Avinadav asks me.

“The most zealous and terrifying ones I could learn,” I retort.

“Such as?” Maya asks.


“You know. Something that tells the people of this country that we rebels aren’t fucking around. Like targeting members of the Oligarchy in Israel and Palestine; the war profiteers, the demagogues, the criminals and the collaborators and executing them one by one on national television. Clearing out our own house first.”

They stare at me for a second. Then at each other and then they go on.

“Spoken like a true zealot,” Avinadav states.

“And what the high fuck would that accomplish,” Maya asks us.

“It would tell the world that no one is impervious to HaShem’s justice,” Avinadav responds for me.

“It would tell the people that the oligarchy is not invulnerable. That we can hit our violators in the face and the pocket,” I say for myself.

Maya takes off her dark glasses and gives us both a ‘you’re both talking like murderous terrorists’ look as she lights another cigarette.

“And then for your second round of organized anarchic calamity?” she inquires under her breath.

“Occupy the temple mount with a few hundred fighters then proceed to blow up the Kotel, Dome of the Rock, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre so no one had any misconceptions about how unholy this war was gonna get,” I say coldly.

“That one I like more,” Maya says, “And for a grand finale black female Jesus could come back with a fleet of gold plated tanks to relieve our hunted and abandoned fighters with the force of her miracles?” she laughs.

“A black Jesus and a female Mahdi,” Avinadav corrects her stone faced.

“There would be a mass retreat into the Negev then over the border into the deep desert of Sinai to regroup. We will unite with the million Bedouin partisans already in insurgency with the Mubarak military regime and capture the major coastal cities with the aid of Iran, a natural ally against the Arab military dictators and the Israeli State. Then we’d capture everything south of Be’er Sheva. Via a coordinated general strike and massive defection within the army, we’d take the central districts and cut the country in half before closing in on Jerusalem.”

“Ah, well. What would you do about the Canaanites and other Arab states that would love to annihilate us while we civil war amongst ourselves,” she says cold and sarcastic, “aided by our new friends in the Islamic Republic of Iran, of course,” is her snide inquisition.

“Well it won’t ever work unless the Canaanites are involved from the beginning within the rebel leadership. We will have to help invalidate Fatah and their Al’Aksa Martyrs Brigade because they’re secular, corrupt puppets. We will have to eliminate Muhamidian Jihad completely because they’re too nihilistic about their fundamentalism or at least drive them into merging with Hamsa.”

They are both staring at me vaguely speechless by my choice of allies no doubt.

“Our obvious ally is Hamsa, who will soon emerge as the premiere representative of the Canaanite Intifada and will have to be brought to the bargaining table by pressure from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Hamsa, ironically enough, will be our closest ally, the only Canaanite player to fully mobilize their people for this endgame.

“Then we just have to defeat the I.D.F., Shin Bet, Mossad, political machinations of the Knesset and American forces, of course,” sarcastically interjects Maya.

“As I said. After the south and the Sinai are in the hands of the rebel alliance, much of the I.D.F. will join the confederated rebels after the general strike begins if we have properly done or organizing with due diligence. The Knesset and their American supporters will order the I.D.F. to end the strike, and open fire on their own people. Which will seal the fate of the Ivoryish State, America’s 51st. And light the fire a global uprising.”

“How in hell could you even dream of allying with Hamsa?! They want to murder us all. I think you have not been in country long enough to know your people’s will well enough,” Maya scoffs.

“They’re led by Muslim fundamentalists. That means they won’t be co-opted by the secular Arab dictatorships that are American proxies. They hate the leaders of Iraq, Egypt, Syria and the Emirates more than they hate the Israelis,” Avinadav interjects.

“And that’s sort of my point. We want to unite a lot of people who are pretty fundamentalist about everything they believe in,” I say.

She looks at me like I am a mad man.

“Then like magic, and a lot of miracle magic is involved in your plan, these groups fall in line into a united confederacy and then later a governing body of some strange pan-middle eastern free state called called Can’ Israel?” Maya scowls in disbelief.

“Well actually it would be the “Can’Israelian Free State” if you wanted to be more unified in the national title,” states Avinadav. “But everyone knows that’s just called Zion anyway. That will never fly with the Arabs though, calling it Zion.”

“What’s in a name?” Maya smirks, “when we have such wild imaginations and so much untested magic.”

“Whatever you build on the Hebrew side you gotta build in Gaza and the West Bank as well. Anywhere with a large Canaanite or Hebrew Diaspora you need to send delegates to address. In New York; in Baghdad; Paris, Deerborn and also Tehran. When the uprising begins it will begin with direct action, proceed to a general strike, and then open revolt in the defense forces and then a rapid move to realign the new nation with the third world, the non-aligned movement and human rights.”

“So like Beirut in 1982?” she says, “Or more like Iran in 1979, but replace Shi’a fundamentalism with populist nationalism founded in human rights and democracy?”

“More like Ayiti in 1791,” I tell her, “Or Kurdistan in in 1984.”

“Does he think it’s quite sexy when he says violent radical shit to strangers?” Emma says to Avinadav.

“Real sexy,” Avinadav says.

“Andrew the Hustler” is thinking hard watching a younger, whiter version of himself talk dangerously. He decides not to tell the kid anything about his teenage years in Ayiti. His personal motivations for a holy war.

Maya puts her huge black sunglasses back on and is sipping on her coffee while smoking a Marlboro menthol cigarette. A waiter brings out a large platter of hardboiled eggs, a pitcher of orange juice, another of Turkish coffee and something sort of like hash browns and Israeli salad, which consists of diced cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, Zetar spice and onions.

We’re all eating from the same plate of humus.

“What’s the blue print then, boys? You’ve fallen in love. I can see it in your eyes,” Emma says to us.

“Well then, Zachariah. You got some big crazy fucking ideas. HaShem sent you to us. That I know. I got the means. She’s got the will when she’s willing. We can talk all morning but fuck the dumb shit, as I like to say, what you playin’ with here?”


I am smoking deeply from one of Emma’s Marlboro Lights.


“I’ve been dreaming for a long time about making a stand, about a small group of people showing the world that we need not live our lives like slaves lashed to a rolling engine of war. I know this in my heart. If we can rally the wretched of this broken land behind a banner of unity, then the land of tears and blood will yield the milk and honey promised,” I tell them.

“Bottom line. What’s the very first step?” Avinadav asks.

“I did not come here to lead. I came here to serve my people as a front line fighter and lend my voice to this cause,” I tell him.

“Well what’s the first course of action that might bind us together,” Maya asks me, “And what’s our final objective?” she asks, “how far would you like to take this little uprising?”

“What do you want long-term, Zachariah? What are we conspiring to really do? I want you to say it a simple sentence so we three can digest the severity of what we plan to set in motion,” Maya says.

“Say it once and never again ‘til it’s real,” Andrew says.

I smother my cigarette butt in the cheap grey plastic ash tray.

“Our aim is to topple the government of American occupied Israel and use this Promised Land as a base to export a global uprising to secure universal human rights,” I tell them.

It’s finally dawn. July, 3rd 2001.

“I’m with it,” Avinadav says his eyes never blinking, “like a nuclear armed Middle Eastern Cuba.”

He looks to Emma for her stance and approval.

“And of course I am too,” says Maya, “somebody’s gonna have to make sure women don’t get cut out as usual when the freedom starts getting handed out,” Emma grins darkly. “I hope you got some real good magic, kid.”

“Or hope someone is on our side that is good with those miracles,” I respond.


“You bring the New York magic, Avinadav will worry about the miracles and we will find the zealots together,” says Maya Solomon.


            Dasha Andreavna drops back into Russian.


“And with dawn broken, your intentions made plain and your basic plot articulated you all then set yourself on a war path. And within one year both you and Avinadav would be deported back to Africa and America respectively, all your followers would be imprisoned or killed and Maya herself would be crucified and then disappear into thin air,” she says as if testifying to something she was a part of.


“And that is story of how the modern Z.O.B. was born or reborn if you over-stand me. In near perfect detail, if I am not mistaken,” says Dasha Andreavna as if she was there.


“How did you know all that I,” I say, or really exclaim.


“Because Maya Solomon the Tzadikk ha Dror told me right after she met you. She told me everything and let me see it from her eyes, from your eyes and from his.”

‘Zounds,’ says my silence.

“Now put me in your mouth,” she says.

T W O, Moscow

“Enter Perchevney Bratva”


The safe house has fine wood work and dark red walls. Its floors are beige red Jerusalem tile. It resembles something of a cross between the old world and the new. On an old school record player in the next room comes over the soothing beats of a Tribe called Quest. The emergency radio we use to digitally stream the Interweb is set to the Fire Station; the Pan-Caribbean pirate satellite radio, “to tell da masses no fire ‘til day see de white in dem dutty man eyes o’da oligarchy!”


“Fire! More fire!”


There are only two sources I trust for my news.

The People’s Television Network that was founded by my old friend Nicky Mapfre which Livestreams efforts of our international movement. And; the pirate radio broadcasts of The Fire Station stoking the rebellion with dancehall, with Reggae, with Zouk, with Kompa, Calypso and Wild West Indian rebel music songs. Interspersed amid its songs it serves as the global public address system of the “Militant Human Rights Movement”. Everything else comes over my Sky Pager.


“Your turn,” I say.

“Let my plots be made thicker than the blood you shed for them,” she says using an Old Russian idiom that barely even translates.

Whatever that means to her.

“It was understood by all involved that the take would be vast. Idea itself dripped of currency. Huge, as in a leviathan level steal. ‘Unprecedented theft.’ Complexity of job vast. But architects of robbery had worked out their neurological muscles so that each of the stakeholders would be thoroughly invested,” she explains me.

“And anonymously capable of carrying out parts without need of centralized control.”

And again her yarn then assumes the grim narration.

Ultimately, they’d be emptying several hundred banks in 48 cities, across 18 countries in a 24 hour period. Visigoth, Arabian and Mongol hordes working in confederation could not carry off so much treasure from vaults of West.


“And by ‘they’ I mean we.”


Dasha lays down her yarn. In an accent thicker than that which she ever uses around me she explains:


“Job took nine years to orchestrate. Planned in its grandiose entirety in Bulgarian tavern on Lower East Side of the Isle of Man. Place called Mehanata Social Club.”


Man who planned job was Bulgarian dentist named Alexandr Dmitrievich Perchevney, called “Sasho” by his closest confederates. Also wife.


In Gregorian calendar year 1999, because of technical glitch in computerized monetary systems sensationalistic-ally depicted on proletarian media as “Y2K”, many system analysts were worried about system wide failure of internet. And electronic military defense complex systems more generally to experience temporary shut down on New Year’s Eve’ December 31st, 1999.


In order to protect critical defense and money changing infrastructure, major digitalized commerce, and all sort of civilian surveillance databases; governments and major corporations had begun scrambling to back up data on fixed servers, secure from the effects of the Y2K glitch which many big brained computer engineers believed would wipe out digital control of commerce via internet.


Enter Perchevney Bratva.


At time of plot, really just consist of newly immigrated Alexandr Perchevney and his scheming, but quiet brother strong man Slavi, a Krepki Mushik.

Along with wife Tania Magda, and also three quite shady grinning characters named “James White”, “James Brown”, and “Justin Toomey O’Azzello” who all worked part time at “Bulgarian Cultural Center” on Canal and Broadway. Cultural front for a “cash for marriage agency”, an extralegal dental coverage program, and also planning center for lucrative racket called “no-fault-insurance”.

Also premium place to drink underage and dance naked, do cocaine; no questions asked.

Alexandr and Slavi, alongside millions of newly admitted “Soviet Ivory” began immigration to Brooklyn immediately after the Berlin wall came down and United States of America “defensively” begin total rape of former Soviet Union, Post-Cold War victory.

They came to coast of Breuklyn with advanced degrees, speaking multiple languages, and instilled with a profound skill in “extralegal entrepreneurship”; cultivated in a Communist society where graft and bribes was way of life. When informed by Amerikanski immigration officers that these degrees not worth the paper they were printed on, well perhaps this is how it all began. In former Soviet Union, Alexandr Perchevney was dentist, which there was really more like doctor specializing in dentistry. His wife, Tania Magda, was “engineer”.

That really could mean almost anything in former Soviet Union where almost everyone was some kind of engineer.


But, Tania Magda was computer engineer. And Slavi, well Slavi was good with machines and breaking man’s faces also with fists.


Alexandr, Tania Magda, Slavi and infant progeny of Tania Magda and Alex & four year old daughter Yelizaveta all moved from Brighton coastal ghetto to high ground of Washington Heights shortly after their arrival in winter of 1991ce.


It not take Alex and Tania Magda long to realize that not only would they be treated like fourth class citizens of vanquished enemy nation, but that as immigrants their own people would arrive not just with advanced degrees and “dubious moral code”, but accompanied by violent thieves and Voorhis with links to privatization under way transforming KGB, into large and ruthless mafia, or in Russian parlance a Bratva.


It was shortly after his first brutal run in with a New Russian Voorhi seeking an overtly grand percentage slice for protection of black market dentistry clinic run out of Alex’s basement in Brighton, that Alex realized that one; his daughter would be raised outside the clutches of new Russian ghetto, so called Little Odessa. And two; to operate anything mega lucrative in this new soft country he’d need the help of the natives.


So Alex embraced Judaism and made friends with some ambitious Fenian tough guys. And before long he, his brother his wife and daughter were humming away Kid dishes in good times and Radishes in bad times with congregation Bet Shalom on Fort Washington Ave. And this was how Alex met first met young Misha Kishbivalli, a young Bulgarian pretend Ivory like himself though much wealthier having gotten to America three years earlier and begun actively trafficking in uncut conflict diamonds traffic out of Liberia.


Over a round of Astika beers Misha and Alexandr envisioned an establishment “where criminality and philanthropy, stealing and borrowing, culture and crime could all intertwine, “voluptuously” and thus the Mehanata Social Club was born.

Mehanata is Bulgarian for ‘Tavern’.


By winter of 1992ce Alex and Slavi had rented out second floor loft space on the corner of Canal and Broadway and registered it as “Bulgarian Cultural Center”. Despite having no liquor license or paying any taxes to internal revenue service Alex hired a large menagerie of former Soviet women to work as “cultural hostesses”, and bartenders and “cultural attaches”.

Also to dance the go-go.


In the entire sixteen year run of Mehanata at its Canal Street location much was exchanged, culturally and financially. The enterprise itself was careful gamble that under guise of “multi-culture and diversity”, just about anything could follow.


Alexandr used the Russian language internet to recruit a wide range of medical professionals of former Soviet extraction to offer black market healthcare to other new arrivals, and long stayed arrivals without paper work. Next, Misha and Alex worked out a technicality called “no fault” where by accidents could be staged arranged all over Breuklyn and insurance companies could be divested of millions upon millions. And they reached out directly to the Jamaican Mafia to help them. They were recruiting veritable Gypsy underground army all fueled by greed, music of Balkans and Astika beer.


But the greatest expropriation was yet to come.





T H R E E, Moscow

“Enter the Otriad”


The safe house has fine aged wood work and dark red old school wallpaper. Its floors are beige red Jerusalem tile. It resembles something of a cross between the old world and the new. There’s some smooth jazz soul now playing in the next room.


Fortified for the events of dystopia, we hold ground and keep telling tales. She tastes like Cherries, cinnamon and cigarettes. As her story reaches cliffhanger she lays out to absorb the life impacts of the previous yarn. In her past depiction of our demise and our initial interaction at times her fingers traced out words or images over the contours of my scar covered chest. Though at various moments she might make the dedicated pantimimocry of Hebraic hand sign for effect, falling in an out of Russian to English she carried the discourse most fruitfully with her glowing blue eyes.


It’s unusual for her to sit still. I have also never seen her sleep successfully until she is incapable of exacting further commotion. Or, has put down enough vodka to pacify those wilding inner demons’ urges to fight furious and wreak dance hall havoc upon those who aim to fondle or just gawk and watch her gyrate.


“What’s a Shtarker,” Dasha asks me curtly.

“A tough guy in low Yiddish.”

“What then is a Shatah?” she then asks.

“A rough guy in island slang, a guy who pops off.”

“What are Fenians?”

“Irish patriotic freedom fighters.”

“Gender neutral?”

“Yes sweetness.”

“Growing up I read the Ivories were thankfully extinct, the Fenian a recessive genetic trait their evil red air a dying thing, and the Noires a race of misevolved violent monkeys being exterminated in a controlled manner via the Bretton Woods Association.”

Those are the kind of half-truths I’d expect from a State school in rural Russia, which I’m unsure if she even completed.

The Fenians are not a recessive trait, red hair is. As for the Ivories, yes they are mostly extinct and blacks, well don’t call them monkeys that’s actually quite overtly racist.”

“Are you really a Fenian Ivory in the employ of black internationalists?”

“No baby. I’m a Chechen peasant.”

Suka blat.”

“You say real surely shit,” I say in a brogue and she smiles.

“Fenians! Tell me of them then. About your dear old comrade Hubert O’Domhnaill who you always manage to slip into your old yarns but is a character I’ve yet to ever meet while he was alive. Do it in your best Fenian brogue,” she demands.

“Hubert O’Domhnaill didn’t have a brogue in real life. And of course that wasn’t his true last name,” I tell her.

“What in two fucks do I give about real life?! Amuse me man. This will be a very long siege.”


I clear my throat.


Allow me to introduce myself correctly and without subterfuge, my name is Hubert O’Domhnaill. Judge me not by me freckles and flaming red hair. If you do I will have to fight you!


I once saw a man beating a young prostitute in an alley across from the pub where I had my first real job, slapping the poor girl silly. And not knowing how to mind my business, being raised to always fight for something, always protect the poor, and never strike a woman; well me and my best droog Philly Hartman, well we jumped right in. We beat that pimp until he couldn’t remember his fucking name. Broke his haShemdamn ribs, his fuck face and his jaw. I don’t normally curse so much. But I hate pimps and I hate people who ignore violence right in front of them. This was me first activist act. Beating a pimp half to death. I’m a Catholic, but more importantly I’m a good human being and my father says that Jesus the Zealot used to beat the shit out of pimps too. They just can’t talk about that side of his life at church.  Cause of the kids.


Eight generations ago, or maybe nine, my descendants fled a famine engineered by the British to starve my people into oblivion and a bleak-black, hungry death. They killed over two million of us this way. Another two million fled on famine ships to the coast of Breuklyn. I mean we didn’t all go there. Some went to Australia, Boston, New Zealand, South Africa and other places in that poufy proper empire. But the great ones, the great ones went to Breuklyn. And I am descended from them. The best of the best, I can only assure you. We are the fearless firefighting, whiskey drinking, trade union loving, Catholic HaShem fearing sons and daughters of those starving heroes.


Look at all that damn snow! As if the enemy had weather making machines!


It hasn’t snowed like this in a decade since when a combination of global warming, the wrath of haShem and Department of Sanitation on strike made the roads of Breuklyn damn near impassible. The world has gotten hotter some reckon since then. This is the first hard Ruus blizzard in quite some time. Everything’s ground to halt. Sheets of pummeling sleet and fairy dust obstruct your windows and make all driving a tedious process. The Breuklyn Soviet doesn’t maintain a green collar aristocracy to shovel streets. Local commune committees do it out of civic duty. Or at times conscription. And only the main roads get cleared so ambulances can get in and kids can go to school. In the end a government really just only needs to provide roads, schools and the semblance of public safety. People can pretty much organize the rest of it themselves.


Since the Great Disorder, when the Separatist Wars began, well we’ve needed a lot of ambulances. Luckily we all belong to a revolutionary social club founded primarily by EMTs and paramedics.


The Sandooney Bathhouse is half an Avenue block long, one story tall and eight stories subterranean, ever tunneling, ever excavating underground. Its front windows are tinted black and are supposedly bullet resistant. A yellow-gold neon sign in Cyrillic advertises it as a banya, but it is also the headquarters of the “Breuklyn Bath and Rifle Club”, a prominent local Otriad, or “irregular military detachment established for mutual aid and collective security”. Tonight the snow falls hard and it’s a packed house, but no one is bathing. The parking lot is over flowing, and deliberately some city buses, ambulances and wrangler jeeps have been arranged to barricade Mila Ave on either side of the banya.

The snow is really falling now. As if the sky itself is collapsing in brilliant bombardment of white crystal. But a trained eye can pick out several sentries, some Noire some Postsoviet, in long grey coats walking the barricade lines with thermal scanners and automatic rifles. Now and again the laser trip wire shimmers through the storm.


One of the chornay, mutters, “It’s brik as shit out here.”

That’s Noire Ebonics for, it’s “very cold out”. And chornay is Russian for “blacks”.

Now, some of you may be saying how did that crimson haired, freckled, six foot Fenian volunteer fire fighter like me come to speak Russian!? That’s because we drill endlessly in parapsychology and all of the best books on the subject are in Russian and my brother Shane is a huge, huge communist. I’ll have you know too I’m a Bronx Science graduate. Learning other languages is vital! What’s parapsychology you ask?  Well that’s how we won the first round of the Revolt and began to really turn the tide in the global struggle for universal human rights. With freeness of mind!


There are several things that are not always in place unless a Congress is in session. Like the crew that has set up on the train track running above the grand bathhouse on what used to be called the F Orange line. The train car with the surface to air missile batteries stands out in the storm. The presence of Noire and Postsoviet Russian sentries amicably sharing Newport cigarettes is not uncommon, but only really seen in this particular Otriad. That the Ruus sentries are sober is also an anomaly.


For those people don’t really do anything all that sober.


In case, just in case the security forces of the United American States (U.A.S.) or certain other rival clubs or neighboring factions “feel like getting crazy” while our Congress is in session that train can light up the borough of Manhattan on our behalf.


Seven floors below street level Congress has been underway for the past several days. We’re now watching a film. It features my dead friend Sebastian. Former Planning Section Chief of the 15th Congress, a founding member of this Otriad who was gassed and shot dead during an ugly siege three years ago of a theatre on Times Square called the Millennium. Along with his wife Emma Solomon, twenty two other fighters, and the eight hundred and eight civilians they were holding as their hostages.


Adon and Solomon are now martyrs to the human rights resistance. Two names and faces crossed off a vast list of over two million active domestic radicals, separatists and subversive terrorists; in the N.S.A. PRISM database at the Department of Homeland Security; the intelligence arm of the American Joint Special Operations Command (J.S.O.C.); one of the two bodies which currently makes most decisions in what’s left of the United States.


We are watching Sebastian from beyond the grave because before he perished he recorded thousands of short micro briefings to accompany various stratagems coming out of the Planning Section which he led for two years before his death. The micro brief we are now watching at this 18th Congress accompanies a proposal called “Operation Gold Lion” which our delegates are deliberating on the merits of ratification, and potential execution.


And its detractors are pejoratively calling “Operation Marcus Garvey.”


“Orientate yourselves brethren for soon we will be off again to bring this long game to conclusion,” utters a man whose name was Sebastian, but who most call “Adon”.


There had been few men in recent American history who from such a young age were gleefully planning their own martyrdom.


In the film he wears a brown pleather skally cap-beret. His eyes on screen are hazel-green; if they were any other color it had meant he was losing his mind from sleep deprivation.

Oh, I’ve seen it, not a pretty site. Green into grey on grey! As they were the day he died. His face is almost former Soviet. We call our municipality a “Soviet” because it is a three million citizen, democratic worker’s state organized largely around trade unions, district communes and direct democracy via a General Assembly. If you hear me or someone else call something “former Soviet”, we’re referring to Russia or the Eastern European states that fell under Russian hegemony between 1917 and 1989.


Basically a tainted, dystopian version of the life we enjoy in our new micro-republic.


Sometimes Mr. Adon was ethnically profiled as a Croatian or an Italian. He told people periodically, almost systematically that he was an Ivory, but that my friend is called a big white lie. I know for a near biological fact that his mother is of Fenian stock like me. Ivories pass the linage on the mother’s side, which means that Adon was at least half a Mic, which means he may well one day get a street named after him in Dublin. But, all that legacy aside he was born a racially ambiguous white guy from an upper middle class American family. His father was a dentist, his mother was an arts lobbyist, and his brother was a shuttle trader. And it was that privilege that allowed him such gross and unyielding impunity when he and I first enlisted in the anti- globalization resistance movement at age 15.

On the left side of his face, right below the eye was a peculiar red birth mark that looked not unlike he was struck in the face, although it gave him character said his parents, and his lovers. No one else noticed it, or if it switched sides of the face. Perhaps the state security forces noticed.


In civilian life people just asked, “Did you get in a new fight?” Implying that most New Yorker knew him from the papers, by his infamy and also boldness. A hero or a hooligan, well that part was never clear.


I knew this man since we were but 14. I believe I genuinely knew him. Not in a biblical sense, but in a heart-to-soul Fenian sense. I saw him get in a lot of fights over the years that he was not predicted to win. I’ve jumped in on a lot of his fights. I still do, am. My shattered bones, and nose, and much of my treasure I invested behind the ideas of this tragic man.


The hall of our Club is filled with women and men who might appear at first to an outsider to be strange bed fellows. The Club’s “Hall of Heroes” is below the Sandooney Bathhouse located within the Midwood Commune, a district of at the heart of Breuklyn Soviet.


Breuklyn Soviet is home to roughly three million people occupying the entire traditional municipality as well as some large swaths of what were once the Borough of Queens and all of Long Island.

Queens is now called Goddess Soviet; Flushing-Metropolitan Avenue is the border zone.  It’s in the ever shifting hands of Latin Street gangs, Chinese Mobsters, and Orthodox Ivories which seem to own everything no matter who’s in power, yeah those people. Long Island, which we often now call “Strong Island” after the terrible battles of Fire Island, Block Island, Huntington and Farmingdale, is a highly militarized zone on its northern coast since the last ceasefire with the Federals, which was three years ago and still holding. Six months ago, the “Mile High Wall” went up cutting Manhattan off from the Bronx, Breuklyn, and what was once Queens. It’s not a mile high, but it’s still a rather sturdy apartheid barrier constructed along the Long Island Sound to hinder smuggling and human traffic in and out of the U.A.S. interior. Consult the maps in the map room if that sounds confusing. The ceasefire has held for just under three years. Mostly. Discluding last month’s major atrocity, still hidden from public knowledge via the committee for public safety. A sick provocation by our enemies where two families; twelve blacks and twelve Ivories were viciously killed and hung from a tall tree in Prospect Park overlooking the Grand Army Plaza.


The weather is brutally cold this time of year, but only really noticeably unbearable in January, February and early March. Speaking of and complaining about weather extremes is something of long standing local culture. Ice storms fall and make the streets outside difficult to traverse. It’s a real shit show.  The women and men assembled are largely West Indian, Irish Fenian, Russian Postsoviets and a good number of uncapped Yids. Those are some of the major ethnic demographics on the Breuklyn Soviet, but there are dozens of other clubs, Otriads, and paramilitary formations that are larger than this club, but by no means organized to our degree of solidarity and sophistication.


We all look up at an enormous telescreen set upon the wall above the wooden crescent of the command table where our current standing elected leadership is seated; the 17th Executive.


We have been called to this 18th Congress to take a vote on a poorly understood foreign invasion.


Some in the Club’s leadership have advanced a proposal for an armed intervention into a war torn African country. The name of that country is Ayiti. It is the tenth largest country on earth. Briefly it was two countries then after renewed epoch of civil war, one country again. The bunker’s hall is packed to capacity as a vote will be taken this very evening on a rigorous and costly venture. Seated at the long table with the large screen hanging behind them is the club’s elected leadership presiding over the delivery of the Planning Section’s general briefing. There are thirteen officers, three female, ten male. Most will likely be reelected to the Executive.


On screen Sebastian Adon clears his throat and reads from the micro-briefing. Here was a man who held the attention of crowds with his words and no microphone. His articulations were top rate. Cheers to you old friend. I hope heaven has a suitable bathhouse. I hope every night until the world to come you bury your face in the chest of that woman you so loved!


“Ayiti, officially the Republic of Ayiti, is a long suffering nation that occupies the western third of the mountainous isle called Hispaniola. It is the second largest island in the Caribbean and the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is bordered by the Dominican Republic to the east over a mountain range, Cuba to the northwest by sea and Jamaica to the immediate west by sea.”


The several hundred club delegates each represent various Commune level Section Committees, interagency Working Groups within the Soviet in the seven districts that our Club provides the Parastate infrastructure to, and the elected delegates of our various battalions deployed abroad. For a Club best known for our bathing and shooting, we do a great deal of effective Parastate development work. That’s a fancy way to say that we: keep criminals off our streets; we put out the fires; we run a large network of schools; we keep the water running; the lights on; we operate the ambulances; we run the hospital clinics; and also manage a system of courts, libraries, and a large credit union. There is theoretically a General Assembly or something that the three million citizens can elect people to. But, they can’t seem to tax anyone or hold orderly mass meetings; so really, it’s mostly up to the gangs, otriads, mafias, religious factions, trade unions and ethnic clubs to keep life going and the black market economy running.


Seven years ago during the Separatist Wars that we call “The Great Revolt” things got rather dicey. To say the fucking least; a blood bath of man on man crime. The Federals bombed the city for many weeks straight and then occupied all five boroughs with over sixty thousand National Guards.


And along with the National Guards; the Homeland Security Secret Police; the American gestapo titled the Department of Homeland Security in their blue and black finest.


Thousands were rounded up and tortured in Barclay, Mets and Yankee Stadiums before our highly divided factions managed to acquire enough will and weapons to mount any effective resistance. Atrocities were committed on both sides. The exact body count is impossible to know. After two years of direct iron heel occupation, we finally drove the Regular Military and National Guard out of Breuklyn, Queens and the Bronx.


The manufacture of weapons grade uranium at Stonybrook University and the technical know how to build several small atomic weapons was in the end the second most effective piece of leverage to secure our independence.


Now, life is quite like Breuklyn in the early 1980’s, albeit with occasional ration lines, a very libertarian political processes and a different legal system almost Commune by Commune. That’s our word for neighborhood by the way, there are sixty four Communes in Breuklyn Soviet and we administer services to the largest and safest seven. Basically everything’s legal now accept slavery and just about everyone has a fire arm, so people try to walk with respect. I mean some say “crime is way up” and “a wide range of criminals have exploited this conflict to basically turn our borough into an international transshipment hub for drugs, women, weapons and terrorism into the U.A.S.”.

I can only speak with certainty for the Communes we directly administer: The Crown Heights, Brighton and Manhattan Beach, Bedford Stuyvesant, Greater Midwood, Greater Flatbush, Star City, and Coney Island excluding the Seagate Garrison and “the Green Light Zone”. But, I think we mostly export reverse engineered pharmaceuticals, vat grown human organs, micro brewed reverse engineered alcoholic products, Chinese knock off every things, and various high tech hardware and also development technology; and business as they say is booming.


Citizens of the Breuklyn Soviet wear blue uniforms if they serve in the elite Citizen’s Army as emergency medical workers, fire fighters or peace officers; grey uniforms if they are from the security battalions, black uniforms if they are in parapsychological or negotiations units, and unmarked smart civilian dress attire if in the Information and Intelligence (I &I) Sections. Someone will have to explain that later, but basically we won the war for our freedom not just with a few home built nuclear weapons, a hostage crisis and truly epic New York grit, but also mind games and the powers of suggestion, precognition, and a lot of other stuff beyond my pension and pay grade.


It’s a tad neo-Stalinist leaning towards Islamic fascist at times if you ask me. The uniforms I mean. I don’t choose to wear one. No one says anything about it to me. But, I’m just the equivalent of a staff sergeant when it comes to the overall chain of command. My soft power is my social circle and my microbrewery.


The Breuklyn Canton, one of many break away American territories is not socialist in the slightest, but everyone has work if they want it, everyone has free healthcare when they need it and people mostly wear uniforms to work unless they’re out binge drinking their troubles away. And troubles don’t go away no matter what regime you live under. I heard yesterday that Shar’iah was declared in some sub-commune of Bayridge, but I doubt that will last.

Drinking is really not any more or less of problem than it was when we were part of the capitalist mega hyper-power called the United American States. Which is still being led by the Democratic Party and Barak Obama in his now fourth term in office, but it is as per before the revolt the U.A.S. is actually led by the bankers, corporate oligarchs and elite who front the cash for campaigns. For now the remnants of the Ivoryish media conspiracy has sided with us separatists.


It is the dead of Breuklyn winter so many wear heavy scarves and thick layers of Japanese polysynthetic fibers below their jackets and have skally caps pulled over their brows. A skally cap looks like a news boy cap crossed with beret. They were and still are worn by many leaders and field commanders of the early resistance efforts, like my friend Sebastian Adon and I, but after this rapper started wearing one, well just about anyone who wants to wears one now. Partisan caps, that’s also what we call them.


            The televised ghost of Sebastian Adon continues,


“We submit to this Congress a policy and operations package designed to safeguard our own hard fought independence and restore the national sovereignty of the nation which gave birth to the Great Revolt. To aid our comrades there to assert full control over their resources, ports and airspace, and forge a pathway whereby the citizens of their nation will know dignity, human rights, hope and opportunity.  The aim of our proposed policies are to dismantle the ‘Republic of NGOs’ and restore in its place an empowered, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable Republic of Ayiti.”


“A series of human and environmental catastrophes have befallen the Republic of Ayiti since the moment of her independence. It has repeatedly been stated that Ayiti bears a certain ‘uniqueness’. We assert that this ‘uniqueness’ is artificially enforced to the detriment of all her citizens and must be corrected by political and popular action. She is the most disaster casualty prone nation in the Americas. She is the absolute poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere and second only to India the highest perceived ratio of NGOs/to population on earth. Perhaps more striking is that her income inequality is seventh most unequal on earth with a calculated GINI score of 0.61. She is also the only nation on earth with a peacekeeping operation presiding over her military jurisdiction without a ceasefire in place between warring factions.”


“There are now 13 million citizens now living in that maldeveloped, bi-nationally occupied Island Republic and they are living with daily existential threats to their welfare. Currently her HDI is 168, the bottom billion outlier of the hemisphere. Ayiti has an adult life expectancy of 63.1. A full 50.16 % of her population is living in multidimensional poverty. A 2012 World Bank survey places 6 million Ayitians (59%) living below $2 (90 HTG) a day while 2.5 million (24%) are living below $1. Therefore 83% are below their own domestic poverty line. Adult literacy is at 48.7%. Only 5% of the population can functionally comprehend French their official language of education and administration.”


“This proposal will recommend policies in the following strategic arenas; direct military intervention via the People’s Army 99th Detachment, direct aid supporting the Famni Lavalas Party and long term mass capacity initiates and the consolidation of Hispaniola into the Federation of Autonomous and Soviet States.”


“The people of Ayiti have a long and bloody history extending from antiquity when in 1492 Henri Christopher Columbus invaded the island and within a mere forty years eradicated its indigenous population. This population was soon replaced by French and Spanish colonials with several million captured African slaves. The French called the western colony St. Domingue, the Spanish called the eastern colony Santo Domingo. By the late 17th century the slave driven harvest of sugar was killing these slaves at a rate of 40,000 a year. Intertwined with the history of Ayiti is the parallel and equally brutal history of Dominican Republic, the Spanish eastern 2/3 of the island, though brutal in a later and longer stage. The island of Hispaniola, which was united politically over several periods became a unified American colony from 1915-1934. Two murderous dictators took over and divided the island into modern Ayiti and Dominica Republic; Francois Duvalier in Ayiti; the infamous “Papa Doc” and Rafael Leónidas Trujillo Molina in DR; called “El Jefe” allegedly responsible for personally the raping of 1 in 20 women on his side of the island, killing 50,000 of his people and ordering the genocide of 20-37,000 Ayitians in the Parsley border Massacre of 1937. Thriving on racial antagonism between noire and mulatto; they colluded to sell Ayitians into virtual slavery at American owned sugar plantation from 1957 until 1988. Ayiti’s history has been plagued by endless coups and civil wars stemming from ethnic, religious, and economic conflicts between the Mulatto and Noire Ayitian elites.”


“The Mulattos make up around 5-10% of the population of the total 10 million control the drug transshipment infrastructure and dominate in actual land holding. The Noire Elite composing an additional 5-10% grew out of the father and son Duvalier regimes. They control most of the existing business infrastructure and visible political posts as well as the links to commodity transfer in DR and the largest groupings of right wing paramilitaries; the Ayitians of Middle Eastern descent who number less than 10,000 people own most of the telecommunications and legitimate service commerce such as super markets, gas stations and retail. Further complicating the picture is a standing neo-colonial population of an estimated 46,000 mostly white development workers and missionaries operating with 10,800 formations are scatted virtually everywhere in the Republic.”


“Say the recent Simon White Paper: “The NGO sector in Ayiti is best described as an uncoordinated mass of organizations de facto unaccountable to any governing or regulatory institution, i.e. no accountants, no auditors, no reviews, and no publication of poor or dishonest performance.”


“If these statistics are even remotely accurate; that would mean 83% or more of 10 million people, which is to say around 6 million are living in grinding poverty at less than $2 a day and mostly dying by age 64. To make things even more complicated, there is raging Cholera epidemic that has killed over 10,000 people, a long running CIA bioweapons testing program, a variety of narco-war lords in both DR and Ayiti with private armies, tens of thousands of child Restoviks slaves and over 200,000 stateless people; Dominicans of Ayitian descent trapped on the central mountain range by the MINUSTAH[1] authorities and army of the DR. And, a low intensity left right civil war daily escalating with targeted killings.”


And then after some brave words the film flickers off and lights go gracefully on.


With that introductory data a man named Michkai Dbrisk rises from the command table. That’s pronounced “MA-KAI” in case you were wondering. Michkai is tall with thick well-kept dreadlocks and is always wearing a black pea coat when winter falls. His eyes are “kind but piercing” woman say. He doesn’t wear uniforms or a skally caps, but he is quite well known in many circles. He is one of the club’s founders and throughout the revolt a front line fighter in some of the most perilous operations against the National Guard and Federal armed forces which occupied our city. It was Michkai Dbrisk that negotiated the absorption of Breuklyn’s major Crip Sets as well as the Orthodox Ivoryish Shomriim (Watchmen) Auxiliary Police into the armed wing of the resistance. The influx of these several thousand trained women and men certainly helped the war effort at a critical juncture. Most notably Dbrisk lead the defense of the Battle of Brownsville.


Michkai Dbrisk is currently our elected Chief of Operations of the 17th Congress Executive, also at times referred to as under boss of operations, or vice president of operations depending who we’re taking to.  Which is where has served for the past fourteen years. He is expected to be reelected, but not to that exact same post, we change the names. There are no term limits, democracy is used until no longer expedient. With an extendible pointer, not unlike a long thin asp he identifies the major cities in Ayiti which include:


“The entire country is covered in mostly deforested mountains on the Ayitian side and thick lush jungle mountains on the Dominican side. Upwards of 93% of the tree cover has been cut down for harvest for producing charcoal. The country is divided into ten departments, 42 Arrondissements and 140 communes. Let us concentrate now on the Ayitian western 1/3 of Hispaniola.”


“Port-Au-Prince is the capital, home to over 3 million; the only major Eastern coastal port in the country and the center of political power for the Mulatto & Noire Elite as well as Ayitian’s of Middle Easterner descent. It is the point of exit for the nation’s gold mines in the North. It has the highest concentration of NGO anywhere besides India.”


“Major cities in the North moving from the west peninsula to the eastern border with the Dominican Republic include; Mole Saint Nicolas, Port-de-Paix, Le Borgne, Cap-Ayitian: the second largest city in the country, and Fort Liberte. An island off the north coast called Ile de la Tortue is a major submarine staging point for drug runs into the U.S.”


“The departments of the Artibonite river valley include the large coastal city of Gonaives, and to the eastern interior there is Hinche and Pettit Riviere de L’Artibinite and Desarmes.”


“Cities in the Central Districts when traveling east toward the border with Dominican Republic are the Capital Port-Au-Prince, to the immediate east Croix-des-Bouquets, as well as Mirebalais to the central north and St. Marc on the central coast. The sprawling internal displacement camp complex called Penn-Mershing Central housing the 200,000 Dominicans of Ayitian descent expelled from DR in 2016 can be found on the border near Quanaminthe.”


“The three northern administrative departments of Ayiti hold some of the richest gold deposits on earth worth an estimated 20 billion and the site of an active genocide which has so far claimed the lives of over 460,000 Ayitian citizens,” explains Michkai Dbrisk, “his genocide is linked to the conscription of mining labor and repression of Lavalas had been uncovered by most of the liberal or rightist media.”


“There are no major cities or good roads in the badlands bordering DR on the eastern border. Ayiti and D.R. have been formally at war for nearly a decade since the Dominican Republic denationalized and deported over 200,000 Ayitians in 2012.


“In the Southern departments moving west to east along the peninsula are Jeremie, Port Salud on the South coast, La Cayes the major tourist center and Jacmel the largest city in the south. And Marigot and then the tiny, but immensely defensible Anse-A-Pitre moving east to the border.”


“Geography is so vitally important. Most of our former American countrymen cannot even find Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan on a map and their government has been sending young men to die and robots to raze over there for nearly twenty five years. Next to history and perhaps the ability to speak soothingly in other languages is the vital skill of cartography. Without maps we’d lose our way. Without signs, without direction; well I suppose we’d forget we were all in this together, and promptly begin eating each other. Like they currently do in Sub-Saharan Africa now that the pale nations are done eating the continent and pulled out finding their bellies full,” says the tall Jamaican named Michkai who most here who have fought alongside him call Captain Dbrisk, although his rank is now that of Operations Section Chief.


We don’t really have a lot of pretensions around here.

Just a tight but responsibly democratic chain of command.


Dbrisk is wearing his black pea coat with a blue and grey armband and has his thick well-kept dreadlocks concealed below a large black tam. Clipped to his collar is the Pin of Palmares with its cannons and flags abutting the “Tree of Life”. Those that wear that pin fought not only in the Separatist Wars on the East Coast but had the distinction of serving in the early battles of the war for liberation in Ayiti, now sometimes called “Hispaniola”, renamed so after the epic maroon of bygone years when it merges officially with the Dominican Republic, one day in possibility. While numerous internal and foreign components had battled on the island, the island and her people remain in the hands of the various oligarchs there.


A maroon was a base of operations and resistance deep in the mountains founded by runaway slaves. Like the Breuklyn Soviet, like several dozen other micro republics that fought their way to independence in the past few year. Though we do not have many mountains in Breuklyn Soviet we do have one of the world’s tallest trees!


More on that strangeness later!


Michkai Dbrisk is capable of a great deal of gangster on very short notice. His powers of improvisation are vast. He has commanded fighters in both the fabled siege of the Brownsville Ghetto and the earlier epic battle for Port-Au-Prince. He is regarded by all factions in the Soviet as an undisputed leader of the human rights résistance, a don as you’d say in Patois, Jamaican vernacular. There is not a single move or operation since the early days of the rising that does not have his hand or command in its execution.


“Cuba is the only regional nation to not fall under the heel of Western Imperialism now or ever. It also has fully resisted China’s developmental colonialism and now leads the non-aligned movement. It lies to the North East of Ayiti. As you know, in 2019 commandos from the Breuklyn Soviet, still then under siege stormed the Guantanamo base in Eastern Cuba to rescue numerous family member hostages of the resistance alliance. Since that time Guantanamo Bay base now reconstituted with the Republic of Cuban is our forward base. The nation of Jamaica also lies to the east by sea and remains a Narco-Garrison state, numerous dons there sympathetic to the Resistance Alliance and broader J1 Movement.”


“This will be no kid’s play. The gloves come completely on for this job. We will be fighting not only the predominantly Brazilian MINUSTAH army, a variety of right wing paramilitary armies under the control of Narco-Warlords and the Dominican army; but an American intervention is an undeniable high probability. To make things more complicated, we will be fighting the entire war with non-lethal weapons via Peacefare. Via the ways of the late Gene Sharpe. And to accomplish it many of us will have to be willing to lay down our lives. As per usual, and I speak for only myself and also our Chief Logistics Officer Mr. Nikholai Trickovitch. This will be highly perilous. And both he and I are the first two volunteers stepping forward to carry out this operation if approved by you esteemed delegates of the 18th Congress,” he concludes with the predicable anticipated clamor of a quiet riot.


After four more hours of smoke and mirror clogged deliberation all the vile data is delivered and the club adjourns with a vote still not taken. This is not wholly new information to most of them for Adon wrote of such things at length and many knew his work. For several weeks the delegates have been reporting that a new mobilization is scheduled to occur. Many of these men and women fought or commanded fighters in the Great Revolt. Many are veterans of the successful mostly non-violent uprisings along the coast, especially those in Atlanta, Boston and Miami in the eight years ago which preceded it. The motion to delay the vote is but a formality. Certainly by tomorrow a plurality of delegates will vote to go to war. While the Breuklyn Soviet is nominally a people’s democracy lead by the General Assembly; the Combined Otriad is not, it is a Haan methodology of decision making.


Consultation with the general cadre but ultimate decisions made by a tightly elected central committee.

Anything can be done with enough green dollars or RMB. But you cannot purchase the kind of zeal this club can marshal when it fully mobilizes its forces.


The nucleus of our contingent in the greater rebel army of Breuklyn Soviet is composed of three differing, but overlapping factions that coalesced around something our enemies pejoratively dub the “Breuklyn Bath and Rifle Club”. Our “Club” is a sprawling underground association of former city university students, gangsters, active municipal emergency workers, public school teachers, civil rights lawyers; as well as businessmen of the clandestine economy and young professionals that enjoy the use of fire arms, the relaxation of the Banya, and also the full attainment of our United Nations promised universal human rights.


By the time of the Great Disorder, the mob riots which lead shortly after their violent suppression led to a wild international revolt; our three factions had several thousand of our members all reasonably proficient with fire arms and organized into flying columns.


Mutual aid, collective security and something we call Loyalnost rapidly evolved into a higher calling. The keeping of our asses alive in an urban war zone and wider civil war.


The three major allied factions that for some time had irregularly coordinated via this club as a means to drill for their respective ventures merged under fire into what many to consider the tipping point of the revolt in its New York theatre. One was the black revolutionist group Uhuru associated with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. The second was the New York Branch of the Fenian Brotherhood, which I am affiliated with, which is composed of Fenian Nationalists left of center and trade unionists. The third faction is the predominantly former & Postsoviet, black cap Yiddish and West Indian Caribe outfit, known either as the Banshee Association, Banshee Otriad or by its clandestine special operations arm: “the Z.O.B.”


I have no idea what that stands for and I’ve technically been a member since I was fourteen. These factions had very little in common except that we all distrusted the machinations of the Bush then Obama led Federal Government and seek a world more firmly founded universal human rights. We also all ran-run extensive trafficking-smuggling operations to and from the island of Hispaniola to a variety of ports of call.


In white collar finance you might call that the “import-export business.”


The leaderships of these three respective factions rarely ever spoke back then except via the informal alliances crafted by a group of childhood friends which all met in Bronx Science in 1998. That’s largely because the general membership of Uhuru didn’t trust or wish to associate with the blan or Ivory Caucasians which made up roughly half of the Banshee Otriad. West Indians making up the bulk of the other half of the faction are also generally antipathetic to African American blacks, Uluru’s core constituency. Fenian Nationalists and Black Nationalists have almost nothing in common except the wanting of our own countries to be built on our land stolen long ago by some devilish white man Protestants.  The brothers always get along with me and my best droog Philly Hartman just fine though. We teach our Dougie for free.


There was also some underling discord then because the Banshee Otriad during the years leading up to the “Great Disorder” and the subsequent “Great Revolt” was engaged in every manner of disruption against the war machine and was under constant surveillance by the eyes and agents of the state. Especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.), the N.Y.P.D. Joint Terrorism Task Force, and the American secret police squarely coordinated via the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) all reporting to the National Security Agency (N.S.A.) and of course the J.S.O.C. Their underground paper and their ambulance worker labor struggles with the hospitals and Fire Department didn’t make life easy then either. Banshee, mostly composed of emergency medical workers also provided tactical support and funding to the Occupy Movement before its evictions after its resurgence. This was something also that Uhuru scoffed at.


At least until the sonic pacification of Zuccotti Park that left scores of mostly young blan affluent demonstrators brain dead? And the second anniversary assault on the District Financial that left the temples of the money changers in flames and lead to massacre of over ten thousand disappeared ones. And a rocket attack in Midtown Manhattan. Need I say more?


The Otriad’s members periodically accused Uhuru of being far too ethno-centric and Uhuru’s members viewed the members of the Otriad as “reckless adventurist blans with too little “skin in the game to worry about losing”. And of course we Fenians were mostly concerned with the conflict escalating then in Erin dubbed the “Latest Troubles.”


But, during “the Great Disorder”, when legions of National Guardsmen razed Central Breuklyn Ghettos, it was the intervention of Banshee and Fenian flying columns that saved many of the beleaguered fighters of Uhuru during the Brownsville Ghetto siege, and many black citizens from certain murder and eventual execution. For years our three outfits had trained and traded side by side in the Crown and Washington Heights despite having little more than a perceived common enemy and tactic. Acquire guns and use them against the Oligarchs.


Uhuru’s leadership and support base were all but decimated during the Great Disorder and the group found itself partially indebted to us, their at least half-pale allies.


Scapegoated in the current history of events by both the Eastern Confederacy of Autonomous Cantons (E.C.A.C.) and the United American States (U.A.S.) for initiating the “Great Disorder”, which certainly they did not, Netic Djbriel Okonkwo, the tall sometimes grinning sometimes glowering militant Chairman of Uhuru took an offer from then Captains Dbrisk and Adon to fully merge the New York Uhuru faction into a “Combined Otriad” of our three groups. As the iron heel of the National Guard swept down upon Breuklyn, Ysiad Ferraris a dubious ally of the resistance, arranged the first of his many promised exoduses via container ship of highly wanted rebel families and began his ever expanding traffic in first and second line rebel arms. We Fenians of course sided with these mostly Noire and Ivoryish rebels because the U.S. Military was shelling our city and our homes and the rest as they say is the prelude to epic history.


We have finally secured our independence from the United States of America, now called the United American States (U.A.S.), after nearly four long bloody years of street fighting, occupation, and attrition, a bombing campaign across the country’s interior, a series of hostage crises and finally; threat of improvised nuclear force, which did in fact to our knowledge make Washington DC uninhabitable for the next 100 years. Suffice to say, much of the Eastern seaboard is now a series of confederated Free State territories running from Canada down to Miami, called the Soviets in the U.A.S. prole feed media.  The real border is often very hard to define.


As of lately we as a combined Otriad of three principle factions field abroad several hundred parapsychologists training the various “Emergency Groups” as we call them; underground militant human rights detachments. We support nine large battalions of development and medical workers; three in Ayiti, one in Dominican Republic, two in Jamaica, one in Syria, one in Gaza and one in Eastern Ukraine. A battalion is roughly 1,200 women and men. And everyone with internet access knows about our infamous “dagger men”; the Sicarri of the Z.O.B. In collaboration with hundreds of other left, progressive, Islamist, and human rights militant groups internationally who are currently working their way through a several thousand person database to kill and or capture wanted war criminals; enemies of the people and general scum of the earth affiliated with innumerous networks of pimps, traffickers and black collar criminals. Our Club’s commitment was to help capture or execute 104 targets off that list. By the last count I saw, the Sicarri units and the dozens of other factions they coordinated with online have polished off 103 war criminals over the past three years since the beginning of the ceasefire with the U.A.S. Federals. They find themselves in Europe a lot I hear on the Fire Station.


That’s where those kinds of people gravitate to hide. Where the flashiest toys and choicest, best meals and perkiest prostitutes generally are.


This Ayiti offensive will be a horse of a completely different color. Likely, it will ignite a far broader conflict. Ayiti was over two hundred years in the making. Breuklyn was our turf and that took four years of bloody struggle to win. Hitting mafia targets and whacking oligarch war criminals is sort of just a transcontinental contact sport coordinated by “the Anonymous”, the worldwide guerrilla hacker network.


No one cared enough about Ayiti and Dominican Republic to bother and suppress that series of events.  No one in the U.A.S. Oligarchy dares to reconquer the breakaway city states on the East Coast because we have atomic weapons. We will shortly be taking the fight for the fate of humanity to an entirely new level. The fight that my childhood friend Sebastian Adon gave his life for. Gave his life for twice or more!


The darkness and the cold of night briskly greet Mr. Trickovitch.

He has a long grey coat and black sweater made of Nipponese polysynthetic. He has very short black hair and he looks foreboding until he smiles at you. He keeps his gun strapped to his chest and his hip flask over his heart. A solid gold zippo comes out to light up a Newport Standard. A puff ends the night. The more friends he has to bury the less charming he gets year by year. Nikholai Trickovitch steps out of the Congress into the 5am snow. He loses the throngs of compatriots propelled by his own need for solitude. He fires up the stoag and blinks a few times. From sleep deprivation and methyl xanthine capsules and too much coffee and certainly too many haShemdamn meetings. Knowing that tonight’s near declaration of war will change everything and realty provoke their enemies.

He’s been running the Breuklyn Otriad’s logistics section for seven years. That’s a lot of moving parts. That keep moving faster the longer the siege continues. And now they’re finally going on the bold and foolish offensive.

The snow blows hard down the alley way out side Sandooney Bathhouse which sits on the intersection of Avenue I and Macdonald; renamed Mila Street three years ago because nobody could remember who the fuck Macdonald was or what significance he had to the future. This renaming had happened all over Breuklyn, and it kept happening so it was very hard to find streets sometimes. Nikholai’s black Tanto-52 jeep is in the parking lot, but he likes the cold so he stays out in it. A woman he knows quite well is now heading toward him out the main entrance.


Anya Drovtich, with her long black dreads wrapped below a gray hijab, plated down in bike armor approaches him out of their bath house headquarters as the main doors are drawn closed and storm shudders bolted down behind her. The clang of the barrier gates sound out as the metal barricades are rolled. She salutes the sentries up on the rail line. And also the Muslim Brotherhood couriers heading back to District Bayridge to report on our midnight developments. She salutes the Russian sentries, the dagger men getting on their bikes, and also the crew up on the train.


“How now, Anya Drovtich,” is all he says.


“Was there something you wanted to tell me,” she asks him coldly, reading him.


“Nothing that can’t wait for tomorrow.”


“Shut the fuck up with your nothingy-nothings, heval and brother. You have the forty yard stare of zombie or some traumatized civilian.”


“Fuck off then into night, heval sister.”


“Tell me what you’re toying with. We’re too far up in the chain of command to have secrets anymore.”


He blows carcinogens into the night. But her words have a different provocation of death behind them and the cold of night turns all utterances into the wafting plumes of verbal gun powder.


“Every time I hear his voice I am reminded that had I not encouraged him, had I not told him I’d fight beside him to the end there would not have been any of this. He might well have walked away. We might have,” Nikh mentions.


“Or just have died more quietly,” she sharply replies.

“Very little was ever quiet in his head.”

“You give credit to a man who is made of the same parts you and I are,” says Anya Drovtich as the falling snow strikes both of them.

“He gave us all something to believe in. And then he was gone.”

“No. He put words to paper and set small fires with very old ideas that we all had held deep in our hearts and would have acted on had he called us to that first congress or not.”              Nikholai stops short of speaking his mind and then says,“Is Sebastian Adon ever truly dead?” asks Nikholai Trickovitch, “I have always heard it said that he was a very difficult man to kill.”

“I saw the bullets strike his body. I saw the gas overwhelm him and before we evacuated out that tunnel, I made sure he was really dead. If you’re looking to make a martyr out of him well he was. As you and I will be when our time comes. I know you loved him and I loved him too and had we all not been sitting in that tavern seven year ago when this truly began I doubt we would have found ourselves here at the center of this uprising. But I assure you. Our friend Sebastian is quite dead and what we are about to do will bring him a smile in the world to come.” Their sky pagers both go off at the same time.


The sky pager developed by the Martyr Daniel Fried modifying on the Iridium sat phone, bouncing radio waves between low flying satellites and then encoding transmissions into text bursts in Hebrew-Creole, Gamatria code. Defeating the smartest snoop hackers and follow-follow men of the National Security Agency via a low to medium tech approach.


The page was sent by Oleg Leondovich Medved, Anya’s primary deputy. Head of the Secret Police forces called the Committee for Public Safety. A hard Russian-Ivory bear. A thorough and complete Postsoviet gangster too. He had missed the last evening of the 18th Congress to hammer out a final trade agreement with that house of thieves the Perchevney Bratva over tariffs in the new Port Coney.


The pagers read: (!) Orange Alert. Report to Cadman Plaza Staging area immediately. There has been another massacre. Confirmed 64+ civilians have been killed. (!)


Anya immediately gets on her Ducati and Nikholai jumps in his jeep and what they are wondering is what in the world will keep the ceasefire in check come dawn. Just one month ago there had been a slaughter. A family of Noires and a family of Ivories. Exactly a month ago. Twenty four dead. Ripped apart and hung from the tallest tree in Prospect Park for all to see.

And now this blarney and blatnoy. There are allegedly some sixty four men, women and children hanging in the snow storm, strung up on the rafters of the Breuklyn Bridge. The only remaining bridge into U.A.S. held Isle of Man.



“Keys to the Kingdom”


Daria and Sebastian awake from Storytime in Moscow.


The safe house has wall to wall books in one room, illustrated versions of the Arabian Nights. The Jerusalem tile is always warm. The storm shutters are bolted down and sealed electronically. I only know about the rumbling tanks and the curfew because it was announced on the Fire Station. We’ve been hiding here for what seems like a fort night, but could be more.


She has a way with taking up time.


“What a sneaky little geography lesson that was!” Dasha exclaims, “While you chose to give your life, most others amongst species had such circumstances thrust upon them and left to own devices would have been relatively happy just to give far less freely and live far more selfishly.”

“I don’t refute that point for even a second.”

“So don’t attempt to,” she declares.

“Some people; like you Russians,” I retort, “or children of the petty bourgeoisie who for whatever reason study philosophy; also people that work in finance; or base criminals; these people don’t always believe in objective standards of good and evil.”

“Certainly not,” she says, “a useless binary analysis.”

“But, whether you do or you do not, whether you sip red borsht or eat the biggest mac, even if haShem forbid you are a student of philosophy, and even if you don’t believe in international law, well no one, at least no one I’ve encountered so far of rational mind likes the idea of a band of men on horseback riding into town and raping their wife; then their mother; then their daughters; then killing everyone they care about, mutilating the bodies, burning homes and then getting away with it. Over and over again. Like the Maccoute do,” I conclude.


“Before you begin anew I will quote some vulgar Shteyngart,” she says.


Russians, Postsoviets in particular have little use for Philosophy when black comedy makes a far more biting critique of the brave new world in which we exist; “live” being too banal a term for what we are really doing here.


“Go on then dorogaia.”


“I quote, ‘Let us be certain: the Cold War was won by one side and lost by another. And the losing side, like any other in history, had its country-side scorched, its gold plundered, its men forced to dig ditches in far-away capital cities, its women conscripted to service the victorious army’.”


“What would you have me learn from your curious quotation?”


“We Russians are wholly familiar what happens to those who lose their wars. But that familiarity breeds contempt for weak, not solidarity with latest victims. But, tell me of your favorite long abused Chornay; attempts inspire me with your so-called, beliefs.”


She will have me telling my tallest tales of war and blackest history all night so it seems.


Sebastian tells a story;


The revolution was of course a chance for many to re-adjust or abolish their caste, but Commander Dbrisk never gave his rent controlled apartment on 256 Schenectady Ave.


Michkai Dbrisk’s alarm wakes him up out of Rosa’s arms and he heads out into the cold of night. His sky pager is switched off. His mobile has its battery popped. He’s on scheduled leave until Monday morning. He clocked out the minute the Congress broke session so he didn’t have to deal with that bloody mess up on the bridge that he’s to hear about in the papers later that day.

She kisses him hard before he goes.


He leaves an hour before day break. To avoid the traffic. He takes off south down Utica toward the coast in his Kumusabi-6, a black Japanese muscle car made in Detroit. It runs on diesel. It can get through the snow with eight cylinders and treads.

He kissed his ten year old son Malachi J. on the forehead and his two year old second son Liam T.O. And then Rosa kissed him one more time like she did through the prison bars the several times they took him.


He was sentenced to seven years upstate at the young age of fourteen. He served two for stealing some bread and not giving up a friend caught with a gun. And again at age twenty four he was sentenced ten years, reduced to one for a concealed weapon planted on him and Sebastian Adon at a political rally the police stormed on.  And the last time Rosa kissed him through the bars was when he was rounded up and sent to the filtration camp at Barclays at the age of twenty six when the Great Revolt began. That was the shortest incarceration of the three since shortly after the camp was over run and liberated by the Bolivarian Hotshots of the Brigade Cinqo de Mayo; led by the Peruvian General Raphael Ernesto Lynch Contreras.

This past 12 October, Michkai Dbrisk turned thirty.

Michkai Dbrisk has four children by three women and he has never missed a child support payment in or out of prison. In or out of country. He has four kids. Two by Rosa the St. Lucian a nurse and child hood sweetheart that he met as a youngster, right before he did his longest stint of time upstate. Malachi, age ten and Liam age two. And Two by Roxanna, a wild moody fickle Iytai. With big old things and a wild temper. She lives in Staten Isle.

And he never misses a kid’s birthday party either, but that’s a logistical nightmare any way ya’ wanna cut it these days.

Because to the Department of Homeland Security; the most ruthless of America’s 17 intelligence agencies; he is not public enemy number one. He is public enemy number four. In front of him are Anya Drovtich, Erza Pula and Nikholai Trickovitch. Which after the capture of Avinadav DeBuitléir, the deaths of the twenty four martyrs and the deaths of Maya Rose and Sebastian Adon; he is still just a “nigger” and a “perpetrator subversive”, albeit “Chief Nigger subversive”, the most wanted black man in rebel Babylon.

His parents and children are proud.

According to I & I Section inside sources there are 4.4 million “domestic and foreign radicals” under varying levels of surveillance in the break away free state territories and abroad. There are 44,000 secondary targets on the latest U.A.S. Obama kill list, technically on standby because of the ceasefire. And Michkai Dbrisk, Chief of Operations of the Breuklyn Otriad is target 4 of 104 on the D.H.S. Primary Kill List.

His second baby’s mother lives in Staten Isle as said; which is still a part of the United American States. His two daughters live with her. One is four, cute little Brook-Lynne and one is eight months, Sheila-Jade.

His baby’s mother Roxanne lives in a suburban garrison settlement called Camp Comfort on the North side of the island.

Michkai Dbrisk can’t just go visit his girls in Camp Comfort. This is just about the largest US Military concentration on Earth these days, anywhere other than the Korean border.

Everyone calls it “the garrison town.”

Paying child support is getting harder and harder given the political situation. For one thing, not only does Breuklyn Soviet use the bitcoin not the dollar, there are no diplomatic relations between Breuklyn Soviet and the main land U.A.S. Federal Government. Right after they cut off our water and power the very day of independence they blacked out all of our ability to transfer money to and from the mainland. We began printing twenty dollar bills.

But Michkai Dbrisk has always been a rubber band bank kind of guy.

Magnus Goldbar Allamby, the richest man in the Breuklyn Soviet, some claim, is the Bajan entrepreneur who runs the Finance Section of the Breuklyn Otriad. The amount of money he has lent to Michkai Dbrisk on and off the books to pay bribes getting him in and across the border is astounding.


They remember when they used to complain about the, “fifteen dollar bridge toll bridge.”

Just the fuel and pilot fee for the submarine alone costs 15 Grand Americans.

But for a man like Michkai Dbrisk, snow storms, high tide flood waters, hostage crises and even the threat of nuclear missile exchanges have not kept him from one of his four babies’ birthdays.




“Enemies of the People”


A common utterance in rebel propaganda is to declare individuals and institutions ‘enemies of the people’. They are typically publically sentences to boycott, disruption and sanction. Internally, the committee for public safety often condemns them to death.


Since according to the long imprisoned ideological founder of Democratic Confederalism Abdullah Ocalan; the three core principles of resistance fighters are patience, modesty and wrath on enemies of the people.


Since the ceasefire following the Millennium Theater Hostage Crisis, the policy of liquidating oligarchs, criminals, war profiteers and counter revolutionary dissidents has been carried out at home and abroad by the Sicarii. Also called, call girls and paramedics with knives.

The Tonton Maccoute and the Janjaweed are not a singular, unified military formation. The phrase refers to the holistic identity of nomadic gun men on horseback and pickup truck contracted by the Jim Basher Al-Talleyrand regime to ethnically, albeit over perhaps five hundred years cleanse the island of Hispaniola of its Afro-Ayitian inhabitants. They wear very large white turbans and don’t seem to have very many qualms when it comes to indiscriminate brutality. They find it enjoyable. One could liken them to the Cossacks of Sub-Saharan Africa, but there is something far viler about their work, frankly because it’s so well documented.


And smacks so highly of choreographed sadism.


They have a loose chain of command and zero accountability to anyone not paying them up front, which the Al-Talleyrand NGO Class Ordered government has done without question for many years. It has given them modern Chinese hardware. And air support. And that right there is why the International Criminal Court has designated Lieutenant General Omar Hassan Ahmad Al-Talleyrand, President for life of Ayiti a war criminal. Although a democratically so-called, UN appointed one.


And they issued a warrant for his arrest, once.


In the year 2002ce on the old Gregorian calendar, the International Criminal Court (I.C.C.) was established in the Hague which is in the Netherlands and the Rome Statute provided for the I.C.C. to have jurisdiction over genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The definition of what is a “crime against humanity” for I.C.C. proceedings has significantly broadened from its original legal definition or that used by the United Nations, and Article 7 of the treaty states that for the purpose of this Statute, “crime against humanity” means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:


(a) Murder; (b) Extermination; (c) Enslavement; (d) Deportation or forcible transfer of population; (e) Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law; (f) Torture; (g) Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity; (h) Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender basis or basis of sexual orientation; (i) Enforced disappearance of persons; (j) The crime of apartheid; (k) Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.


War criminals are often also called heads of state. Vile genocidal heads of state are often opposed by fearless freedom fighters; who are accused by the oligarchs they oppose time after time of being “terrorists”. Sometimes the old adage is true about one mans this or that. And sometimes freedom fighters genuinely must resort to terrorism plane and true to bring such tyrants down. It’s a tactic not a belief system.


Since heads of state with large standing armies certainly cause more bloodshed and terror than any other faction on earth; and civilians are massacred virtually anytime an armed conflict begins. Really, the only legal differentiation between soldier and terrorist, combatant and civilian is whether they have on uniforms, and whether they have a chain of command.


When Avinadav DeBuitléir, first Chief-of-Staff of the Ayitian Emergency Group (A.E.G.) began his long career of freedom fighting in the name of his family, his people and the militant human rights generally; he was just fifteen years old. His uniform then consisted of denim jeans and a dirty grey t-shirt. His chain of command back then was that he was absolutely in charge and every other person that could fire a weapon, throw a rock, swing a machete or set off an improvised explosive device was his “Otriad”.


“Had you seen the killing fields with your own eyes; had the victims been your family could you ever look yourself in the mirror again and say you did nothing to resist?” was a popular video clip the People’s Television played on the Fire Station.


Avinadav DeBuitléir has very dark skin and is of modest build and rarely has been ever seen to smile. He has grey eyes, which are remarkable to rural villagers and equated with sorcery. He is extremely eloquent. Brief in his utilization of words to articulate his points and visions he speaks a good deal with his actions alone. His estimated age according to his U.A.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) case file is 43, but that is not his real age. The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation places him at 39 and the Israeli Mossad is closest at 33. He speaks nine languages and can communicate in two dozen of the Ayitian regional dialects. He is the first among equals in the realm of Ayitian resistance commanders acting independently of foreign interests. He looks as though he is in his early thirties, but his age is anyone’s guess.


He was born in Central Ayiti, in the village of Cange. At some point he traveled to Liberia, then Sudan, then Ethiopia before crossing from Egypt into the Ivoryish Military Colony called Israel. He was higher educated in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv. He took refuge in the nation of Israel shortly after the genocide began but was deported back to Ayiti after just five years living in that country after being arrested in a series of mass protests on the status of east African refugees in Israel. That was a good many moons ago and much gun fire and injustice has erupted since.


When the Maccoute militia first came to his village it was the nearly winter of his fifteenth year, but in the Caribbean that certainly does not mean it was cold. The villagers had heard that a marauding convoy of Maccoutes with the blessing of the Al-Talleyrand government was pillaging their way across the Southern peninsula. They had heard several dozen villages had already been emptied; their women were savagely raped and mutilated and their men after being forced to witness were lined up and shot. They heard of hands being cut off, heads being rolled down the streets like a Mongol-Cossack invasion, with no need to hide it. No need to bury anyone or cover anything up or purchase quicklime. In fact the New York Times was taking a lot of pictures and was writing about it the whole time, for years. That sure sold papers.


This was the fate that awaited the Village of Cange, close as it was to newly discovered petroleum reserve.


The village of young Avinadav DeBuitléir had only forty families. Some of the families were nominally Catholic. A few were actual followers of the man Jesus, but most were animist honoring the old spirits and ways of the world before the arrival of blan. Blan means white, or the whites, when Avinadav DeBuitléir uses this word now though, he’s not ever referring to Fenians, Ruus, or Ivories. Like most Afro-Ayitians, the great suffering majority were practitioners of Voudoun.


Religion was really less important than the Kombits, work collectives, and blood intertwined loyalties. Anthropologists love to try and explain the Ayiti in regards to “how African” or “how Arabized” or how “Mulatto” a participant faction in the conflict is. The elite in Port Au Prince are nominally all referred to in the internationalist neo-liberal media such like  New York Times as “Muhammadian, Arabized technocrats, Mulattos or Noire Elites ”, but that really doesn’t do justice to how diverse Ayiti is theologically and also the root causes behind the current rounds of genocide. If our typical Ayitian civilian is an African “Voudoun syncretized, Noire (or Neg) agrarian peasant” and the Maccoute Militia is largely composed of “former Ayitian military and secret police of the old dictatorship” then religion certainly has no place here. But interestingly, if you’re a student of either history, or a freelance social-anthropologist, or even just read the paper every day, well then you’d begin to see a phenomenon occurring in not just the Ayiti Genocide and even the later stages of the American Separatist Wars, but in largely every nation of man in the past hundred years.


In the end, these atrocities, even the one amongst the blan in the 1940’s that we call World War Two and the Holocaust, have absolutely nothing to do with race and religion. They are about identifying a group that is powerless to defend itself, blaming that group for the strife of the nation, and then moving to exterminate them to shore up power in the nation in question.


In Ayiti what is so striking is that this gone on without any real outside intervention since sometime in the 1950’s. The elite in the mountains above Port-Au-Prince have at one point or another pitted the various major ethnicities at their periphery into constant wars whereby they can control one of the largest swathes of oil, gold and natural gas on the island; largely unexploited until 2010.  Cange Village sat on the bank of a wadi, or river bed valley.


A wadi is a dry riverbed that contains water only during times of heavy rain. As a village it possessed little besides livestock and an oral history. It was a black ‘x’ on map of several thousand little black ‘x’s, places Maccoute commanders with their pickup trucks, Kalashnikov rifles and sharp knives were asked to eradicate so Chinese engineers might assist the government at extracting the black gold below deforested mountain ranges.

When they arrived at his village, Avinadav perched atop the highest point in the town, the bell tower of a dusty and abandoned colonizer mission, once a seminary for agriculture now derelict. Avinadav DeBuitléir began to fire at the advancing Maccoute-column. He was a crack shot apparently. He hit seven of them before he had to reload. The mission had been built in rundown monastery as if neither religion nor progress could do much to affect the character of this place in a lasting way. He’d climbed six stories into the bell tower.


He then began picking several of them off from the highest point in miles.


The Maccoute column was less than thirty men, certainly better armed than Avinadav with his dead father’s hidden dragoon rifle, the heartiest gun and only’iest in the village.


Famni Lavlas, the leftist Peasant resistance has one gun for every 30,000 members and it is the biggest of the opposition underground factions.


They had nowhere to run for cover. Nowhere besides their pickup trucks to gain cover. The sun was rising behind Avinadav’s position, rising into their yellow Maccoute-eyes.  They could tell they were being shot at, and return fire then did, but Kalashnikovs are not known for great accuracy.


Maccoute-men are also not known for their bravery. They are not normally fired upon while they do their filthy, evil work. Fifteen year old Avinadav DeBuitléir, the hero of Ayiti kept firing. Firing well after he ran out of ammunition. Then, using a single red flare fired into the air as a signal, the remaining young people of Cange Village, for only the young are quick to mount resistance to anything; several dozen boys in their early and late teens charged the small Maccoute convoy with knives, shovels and pelted the militia men with rocks and lit them ablaze with petrol bombs.

The Maccoute-column retreated in panic large white turbans blowing in the wind, but the ambush was well staged and the remainder were quickly overwhelmed and pulled from their horses and trucks.

When the dust settled, Avinadav DeBuitléir had personally killed nine, wounded five. His band of teenage partisans finished off another fifteen Maccoute only taking four casualties themselves. The surviving wounded had been left bleeding in the sand by their fiend-compatriots who attempted to flee. Avinadav and his friends finished them off with picks and shovels. Then they burned their bodies and hung the dismembered corpses from the poplar trees.


And that was how the latest round of human rights résistance in Ayiti began anew. With an ideology of simple strike back, hit and run survivalism. This, historically in its zeal can match any ideological conviction toe for toe, claw for claw. Even rock for tank.


We remind you that Ayiti is one of the most ethnically heterogeneous of the world’s nations wide over 400 distinct African ethnic groups brought there as salves and over 2,000 recorded dialects forged into what is called Mother Tongue, or Ayitian Creole by the Blan. That must be said a second and perhaps third time lest the privileged elites of foreign capitals glaze over Africa’s complexity and attempt to disassociate the fullness of African diversity behind the word; “black.” Reduce Ayiti to buzzwords like “resilient poverty”.


That makes resistance to a powerful foreign backed oil regime such as President Omar Talleyrand’s a little hard to get effectively underway. The war in Ayiti has on gone without much interruption since the various colonizers left over two hundred and fifteen years ago. The military dictatorship and oligarchy based in the capital has generally always managed to pit one ethnicity against another utilizing an intricate system of imagined racial-religious hatreds. Fighting in the nation’s periphery secures the resources interests of those in the capital. Which until 2010; was exploiting the people of Ayiti for their blood and sweat. Keeping these low intensity genocides going is the basis of the Talleyrand regimes control. Baby Doc; the President for life Francois Duvalier was toppled in 1988 by liberation theologian priests and students with flaming tires.  If as of lately a full blown ethnic extermination is underway, well that’s because the eleven primary factions of the Lavalas peasant resistance movement are becoming fiercer and the Port Au Prince elites far more panicked. Since the People’s Republic of China, the most populous and resource hungry nation on earth covets the oil there under the brown craggy mountain sand, well let’s just say the killing fields have exploded in earnest. The Chinese in their thirst for resources have zero qualms to speak of selling the new Ayitian Military it’s fully modern first line armed hardware. And these tools are put at the disposal of the Maccoute, often these forces overlap.


After his boyhood battle at his now long obliterated home village, the slaughter of his friends and all of his extended family, following his several years in the State of Ivory, Avinadav grew up into one of the most fearless leaders of the Ayitian-Emergency-Group (A.E.G.), the largest and most poly-ethnic of the sixteen major armed and unarmed opposition factions united under the banner of Famni Lavalas.

The fearless, largely un armed peasant underground that brought down Duvalier in 1988; Ayiti’s largest political party banned since the coup of 2004; still lead by the liberation theologist Bertrand Aristede, the only person ever democratically elected in the history of Ayiti, elected and toppled twice. Current in solitary confinement in the Canadian built maximum security prison in Croix des Bouquets on trial for corruption and treason, soon they say extricated to France and then The Hague for another black/brown/Balkans despot show trial.


If Talleyrand executes him, the whole island will explode. What Lavalas lacks in rifles it makes up for in agility to paralyze what’s left of the island’s economy.


That first battle took place long ago and much as occurred sense. Blood in the eye!

Seeking to raise money and build greater awareness for their struggle and the wholesale murder of his people, Avinadav DeBuitléir flew to the Western coast of the United American States just one month before it ceased to be known as the United States of America in 2011.

He arrived just one month before the outbreak of the Great Disorder in New York.

The interesting thing is that while President Talleyrand  and several dozen coordinators and military leaders of the Maccoute, along with several thousand other I.C.C. war criminals have gone largely unmolested over a decade after these warrants were issued. Interesting that not a single I.C.C. indicted war criminal is an American, Russian or Chinese citizen? No such is business as usual.


Avinadav DeBuitléir while lecturing was dragged off the stage of Oakland University, body bagged, black hooded, chemically sedated and then shackled in chains. Initially the corporate media ran articles accusing him of “war crimes” in East Africa and linked him to various “Islamist terror networks.” And then several bombs went off mysteriously in Kalifornia and he disappeared from the public discussion.  And just after that the general uprising began and he was lost in the tumult of slaughter and mass round ups that followed.


He thereafter mysteriously disappeared into a vast and secret prison camp system never presumably to be heard from again. And to most of the people of America it was as if he and his little country, the largest on in Africa; had not ever really existed at all.


And then for the next seven years he was ceaselessly tortured for everything they suspected he might know but was so hard thorough all the torture never ever revealed.




S I X, Moscow

“A True Russian Patriot”


Back in the Moscow safe house, the light flickers. She’s really been letting me have it.

It’s on some kind of timer to conserve power. It isn’t connected to Moscow’s central power grid. The Fire Station informed us earlier us that there are nationwide black outs and that the civil unrest has spread to St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Nizhy, and Rostov-on-Don! We have a telescreen somewhere in the house, but frankly once the carnality and the drinking and the story telling got under way, current events have been the least of my concerns.

As Orwell once famously said, “we who remember the past will also control the future” or something like that.

When her story comes to conclusion, she jumps up, erupting in some new manic burst of energy. I love her gyrations; her naked glory. I had taken in the story ponderously quiet. The two tales spun of my mentors and dear departed friends Maya and Avinadav were quite comeuppance by the revelation that she knew every word of the first failed plot.


And now reanimated it is my turn.


Her foot presses down upon my chest. In her hands she holds the leather bound poetic volume I gave her right before my death.


“Do you want war stories or love poems?” I ask her.


She presses down harder bearing her weight upon me naked as the day she was so gloriously brought into the world. And I wish to fall upon her and tenderly kiss every aspect of her body, lay my lips to work upon the insides of her thighs.

But, she stares down at me like a stern and glorious Valkyrie.

“You plan to compose or simply read what I’ve written in your name?” I ask her.

Several times on the Brighton Boardwalk she’d read to me the works of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Before I spoke Russian and I had to follow along in English from a version that laid out his poems in the two antagonistic languages page by page.

She just presses her weight on me and leers.

“Well dammit man pick for me!”

“Read me Mayakovsky again then if you won’t compose a story.”

I do not flinch and relentlessly she steps upon my heart.

“Which one?” she asks.

Backbone Flute.”

            She shakes her head.

Her blond locks sweeping about.

Cloud in Trousers,” she counters.

It is I who shake my head in negation.

Breuklyn Bridge,” she asks peering into me applying her voluptuous pressure.

She makes herself weightless. Retracts her offensive. Blows me a coy kiss.

“As you like. You are stunning too stunning for much resistance,” I stammer.

“I am. What did you do to deserve so much of me?”

In my mind’s eye I see myself fighting through a whole carload of gangsters on a speeding train with a brief case and a ball pin hammer; I see myself jumping out of plane over Moscow a red and blue parachute erupting behind me. I see the hail of gun fire that cut me down at the Millennium Theatre. I see the armies of Caesar and Napoleon. I see the ghetto on fire. I see myself beaten within an inch of my life forced on my shattered knees to watch soldiers gang raping my wife, and then two shots to my head.

“Everything I could think of.”

“I am your total muse.”

“And the only reminder of my humanity,” I tell her and she seizes my hand to squeeze.

She then pounces beside me and thrusts the volume back to me.

“Declare it again! Read me a poem that without any rhyming declares how I own your mechanical heart completely. And after that I will give you Mayakovsky or anyone else, I will sing you songs; I will even make your war stories sound tame with mine. Tell me again that you will love me forever!”


“Of course. Until I have no words left at all.”


I rise to my feet sturdy upon the Jerusalem tile of safe house floor, and outside the snow continues to drape us under its unending glory. The tanks rolling through the streets and bugs in the wall are all upended in attention by the glorious woman in front of me. I read her a poem. I give her head.


Quietly, she puts a finger to her lips; points to herself and then traces with her free hand an upside down heart. Then points to me with bright blue eyes glowing. And perhaps it is only moments like these in which I do not mind the idea of living forever.


She gives me this look, it’s a wonderful look and I can tell that she’s waiting for a new compliment of some kind, though it is I who has performed all the labor of latest storytelling and poem reading. It is a look well known by all men who well appreciate the company of women, though Slavic women possess in particular a complete speechless vocabulary of body language and ocular “communicative” designated for the invitation of flattery. Verbal flattery being the least evocative. She could listen to me praise her for years, but only via deeds could she accept it as real. She revels in my awe sometimes. But she wants me to acknowledge her Loyalnost.


Her participation in the uprising was hardly an act of idealism.


She also wants to see me acknowledge just how far she’s come in accepting “the blacks” from her more youthful days when we met last at the Mehanata Social Club in New York and she declared them all a “race of criminal barbarians incapable of civilized behavior, much less of guarding the bloodlines of prophets and potential messiahs.”


“Foreshadowing?” Dasha asks, “Is that the right word?”

Da,” I reply. Which means yes.

“You love me a lot, this certain. I want another kind of story. Less about rebel chornay, more about we Russians in your next round,” she declares.

“As you wish,” I smile.

“Don’t princess bride me man, I know I’m breaking turn, but I want a story about the great infamous hit list. About the conspiracy hatched on the dawn of Breuklyn’s liberation where to secure human right a band of killers were sent out wild to violate them in their fullest. ”

“No more small talk?”

“Big talks from here on out. Big specific talks! With me and metal insects in the wall as our witness.”

“The retribution list or the purge list?” I ask. Another way to say; our crimes or those of the oligarchy.

“The purge list first.”

“The ante upped so early in the game!”

“Oh we have time. I suspect the curfew will not end with anything short of a brutalizing knock on our safe house door. But in the meantime. More fire. More tales. If I become bored I can always put you to work lying on my back.”

I stick my tongue out at her, which I know she despises unless it is between her legs. I kiss her on her cheek and then retreat quickly.


“They made a list and they checked it twice. It was a list of one hundred and four men who had to pay with their lives for a series of crimes against humanity,” I explain with glee.

“They coordinated it all online via ‘the Anonymous’.”

“Who are these anonymous ones?” she asks with a smug little grin.

I go right into the story knowing full well just how savvy via server she truly is.

“It began and it ended in this very city where we so sumptuously now hide.”

“Moscow!” she exclaims.

A true Russian patriot.





Seven, Moscow

“The Talks at Sandooney”



Sebastian meets Ysiad in the famous Sandooney Bathhouse in central Moscow.


Aqua pebbles drip down the almond colored marble walls of the cavernous steam bath house. One can feel ones waters escape them. The white sheets of winter falling outside have no effect on them here. It’s the day before Yom-Kippur so everyone with two souls is trying to get their house in order on a tight time budget. Ysiad Ferraris, a Dominikani convert to the Yid-prayer-ways meets an old friend in the Sandooney Bathhouse in the capital city of the Russian Federation:


“I fucking love Moscow!” exclaims Ysiad.


He is here to pledge money and first line armaments toward an irregular invasion of Ayiti and the Dominican Republic. He does so begrudgingly and not before terse deliberation is carried out systematically.


Ysiad is in the Russian Federation carrying out his perpetually shady and often aggrandized, although admittedly highly lucrative business deals and a man named Sebastian Adon, traveling under the paper work of “Vasyli Valera Pveada” is in Moscow doing wet work. Both kinds. With both hands and no hands. Take that to mean whatever you will. His Otriad, an irregular paramilitary brigade holding seven districts of rebel Breuklyn, periodically executes a number of high level human traffickers and assorted war criminals before the high holidays and it’s been a black bag, grey mask kind of weekend. The long arms of the Breuklyn Otriad stretch wide around the world, and on the killing moon daggers are known to fall upon slavers, splayed in public to make an example of their crimes against humanity.


It began as a retribution act, had progressed to a global demonstration of will and reach, now it was just a bloody hobby sport, on his end at least. A man has to stay busy in his death and exile. The inter-web says 103 targets have been killed over the past three years, but certainly his squad is responsible for only a part of that bloody accomplishment.


In case one was keeping track of such things there are an estimated 47 million humans living in various forms of chattel slavery and it’s a growth industry. History will prove the great African extraction and serfdom itself far more benign. It will shortly beat out the transshipment of narcotics and street pharmaceuticals in profitability. Executing functional middle men on the supply end of the chain is not nearly as effective as killing the brokers on the demand side. Unfortunately the variable of most importance is men in first world nations purchasing sex and pornography. And that is so widespread retributive action would be completely confused with indiscriminate killings.


Sebastian and his Unit 808 for the past three years have been hunting down and liquidating targets all over Europe, Latin America and the former Soviet Union. Supported by an anonymous network of hackers and devoted Information & Intelligence Case Officers back in Breuklyn Soviet. They’ve left a very bloody trail of terror doing their part in the global purge of the corporate oligarchy’s worst henchmen and profiteers.


Sebastian’s regular partner on such messy assignments is the light skinned Ayitian Watson Entwissle. He has dagger sharp eyes and freckles. He dresses completely in blacks and grey tones except when the two of them make light attempts at leave and leisure. Mr. Entwissle is seated in the lobby waiting area above the steam baths. He has a burner strapped to his inner left torso and a concealed Sicarri blade affixed to his left wrist.


A Sicarri blade is like a long extending pin which extends from the size of a pen to the length of a forearm. Were you so inclined you could plunge the blade into a person’s heart from behind, insert it into their ear, or use it to administer heart stopping or clot forming drugs.


Typically, the kills are made in crowded public places like nightclubs, sporting events and markets. Generally by jamming the Sicarri blade into the base of the skull or through the ear of the target. But that kind of flourish is not what their infamous Unit 808 is known for.


They are now experts at making bad people die seemingly natural deaths. The blade can also far more subtly inject medication or radioactive isotope intramuscularly.


Getting away with murder has a lot to do with hiding in plain sight. And to cover bases, having a virtually unlimited expense account, a wide network of spies and sympathizers, as well as a flicker mask goes along way too.  A flicker mask makes the face indistinguishable on closed circuit television cameras. It can also be programed via its Nano-chips to project other faces. It has the texture of skin tight grey colored form fitting cloth.


Via “The Anonymous”, the Committee for Public Safety drew up a long, long list of women and men guilty of crimes against humanity responding by the first directive issued by the so-called militant human rights movement to “draw up a black list of the violators”. It then circulated their photographs and their addresses if available. It circulated their locations via GPS if their sim card numbers or IP addresses became available. It froze their bank accounts when possible. It detailed their crimes and invited anyone with a weapon to carry out justice. The Sicarri dagger men of the Z.O.B. were but one group broken into four units of three killers taking part of this international scavenger hunt that would be known historically as “The Purge.”


“Neutralize the war criminals. Punish the profiteers. Disrupt the global plantation system at its primary, secondary and tertiary supply side manufacturing and transshipment points,” so states the website


“We have suggestions,” so the website claims.


Like many part-Noires Watson distrusts the very concept of the Banya. One is completely exposed. Sebastian Adon has been “dead” for three years. Watson has been entrusted by a variety of high ranking Club leaders, and Ayitian politicians to follow this man past his grave and through the heavens and hells of Eurasia carrying out the operation assigned down to the very last kill.


Now, three black years in, most of their task force has been “re-called”. Those that were not killed in the process of carrying out the club’s commitment to the purge. Properly killed after being thoroughly and brutally tortured. Every single execution, every job was authorized from the Executive in Breuklyn Soviet. A priority list of war criminals, profiteers, and agents of the oligarchy to be rubbed out were selected by the Z.O.B. Information and Intelligence Section off the greater purge list and the dagger men were sent to carry out the death sentences one by one.


Tonight is the last scheduled assignment. One last job and they can get on the flight back to Palmares Island; reach the sandy beaches of Ayiti-D.R. Watson has his fingers perpetually crossed. Retirement never looked so fucking sweet. It’s been a hellish few years of murder and mayhem abroad. He hasn’t seen Charlotte, in well nearly four years.


Maya Solomon, before she disappeared completely had given him very explicit orders about the carnage to be carried out in the capital tonight. The Russian Federation is rather close to acknowledging the status of Breuklyn Soviet as a “free state”. Having a bloody crisis in their capital is highly embarrassing to the F.S.B. and is to be avoided all costs. Since you can’t ever have Putin as your friend, you try not to have him as an enemy. If you are in the business of exporting a revolution you have to know it’s a very long game. The best deal you can make with a devil is not have him believe you can soon turn your guns on the gates of his hell. There are certainly two devils in the body of Sebastian Adon. At least two. There was the man he was long before the uprising and there is the man he has become since. There is also who he was when he first met Emma Solomon and who he was when Daria was finished torturing him.


The first devil was easily tempered by the lifesaving interventions he carried out as a paramedic, also by angels whispering noble causes into his ears. This second devil is far more savage. Watson remembers the man who helped found the militant human rights movement delivering a baby in the Rich Man Tower Projects. His care and love for strangers was solid stuff. His willingness to assume great risk for those he doesn’t even know by now well known. Watson has lately seen Adon cut men apart. Blow men to pieces. Inject men with substances that rapidly cause cancer and death. Carry out kill after kill after kill so that European streets would run red with the blood of those that serve the oligarchy at the price of humanity. Watson Entwissle has helped him every step of the way on this high minded killing spree. When the gambit began there were 12, but now it’s just the two of them left standing. They are all that’s left of a twelve person crew. All that’s left of Special Unit 808. The Heart Breakers. Named as such for often murdering with clot causing drugs.


Watson is upstairs watching comings and goings. Sebastian is having a long palaver with an old friend and associate. A man who doesn’t believe in anything except high stakes gambling where even his only real friend is but a wild card to hedge a bet.


Ysiad Ferraris is shaved bald by choice and muscular from years of Bikram yoga. Sebastian Adon is a brunette with a hard body covered in small, largely self-inflicted burns and scars. He does not permit himself tattoos, so these edge or fire marks suffice to remind him of vicious battles won for the girl that was taken away. Depends who is asking. He’s been known to tell elaborate yarns to cover a trail or justify his latest murders. His history like others with old souls is long. His yarn is far beyond the level of any casual parapsychologist, certainly more story that for a Sunday confessional. He’s half Yid, half Mic too if anyone’s ever asking. But he can make himself look like a Russian when he has to. And a flicker mask can make him look like anybody. And a clone of his corpse left at mass casualty incident can make him look pretty dead.


He has a tragic penchant for lost causes and Postsoviet women.


Rumors speculate that in some past life his true love was taken from him violently. It’s anyone’s guess about how true any of his back stories are. He’s fond of the phrase, “life is balance.” His interpretation of that is that if he spent ten years saving the lives of the wretched and poor, he can spend ten more brutally killing the perpetrators of gross human rights violations. Sometimes he claims he prays, but he’s just talking to himself or Maya Solomon. Watson has not seen him bed a woman in three years. If there is some clandestine courtship or fuckery occurring under his nose it would be hard to discern who it truly was that so possessed him. His marriage to Maya Sorieya Solomon was as much a charade as his cold corpse laying in the D.H.S. mortuary still the subject of negotiations for recovery.


Watson suspects that he still corresponds, and dreams of the Russian.


The bathhouse or Banya as called in Cyrillic is perhaps the most famous Banya in all of the Postsoviet Union. It’s a veritable palace of hot steam, marble and voluptuous working women always on beck, bend and call. Enough to make a dead Cosmonaut or the still unburied corpse of Lenin blush, or rise back to attention.


It has been nearly a year since they’d last seen each other in the year 2081.


“I heard a man once say that if you know history you can gauge his next move. I assure you that your zealots don’t follow that rule on any individual level,” says Ysiad Ferraris, “The Z in Z.O.B. is for zealot, right.”


“Why not. Anything is possible heval,” replies Sebastian.


Ysiad grew up within the sprawling slums of the Bronx in New York City. In a housing project in the District Morrisania he cut his teeth before the fall of the old regime in a red brick tenement shit hole whose elevators always stunk of piss and rot and feces. He seldom recounts this story. He doesn’t trust most people. Only his wife, a Yiddish named Sylvia and sometimes his friend the infamous Mr. Adon. Ysiad makes a lot of people nervous with the work he does. He now runs hedge funds for black collar criminals. Think development graft in Central Asia. Think large scale black bag real estate deals in the Saudi Peninsula. Business advising and tech support for men who take crude oil bathes. Think about creative uses for container ships and also social security numbers. The very worst connotations of the “import-export business”. Adon on the other hand is an avenging zealot, posing as an ambulance man. You’d think they had little in common, besides appreciation of bath houses and for mouthfuls and handfuls of big well formed Ruus-Soviet tits.


Adon has closed files with a few very serious intelligence bodies. A body is lying in a morgue somewhere that matches his DNA enough for the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security to have declared him “neutralized file closed”. The F.S.B. has its doubts as to his death. The Mossad knows him very well to be an asset as long as he is kept out of the Middle East. He’s only still alive because he’s proficient, works night shift and is officially dead. And bribes are punctually paid on his behalf and he is efficient at the returning of high level favors.  He often travels with an intricately forged Catalan passport declaring his name to be “Zacharias”. He is currently travelling as a Cuban citizen named “Vasyli”.


Maybe Bon-Dieu “the Good HaShem” smiles on those who organize the murder of sex traffickers. Maybe the spirits like that Captain Entwissle and he for three years have been hanging violators swinging from trees and rafters, leaving blood messes in broad nightlight hits; quietly delivering evil men to the grave with radiation, blood clots and heart stopping pharmaceuticals. Men always need to think haShem or a woman is cheering for them.


They’re mostly always wrong when it comes to their killing.


Watson and Sebastian began this operation with ten other operatives and a blank check for mayhem. No one walked away unscathed. As designed the job was a scaled up version of the Israeli post-Munich Olympics reprisals. Scaled up quite considerably. The very first use of the internet to outsource extrajudicial targeted killings of human rights violators!

One survivor is back in Breuklyn Soviet. She is the current Information & Intelligence Section Chief, a woman named Anya Drovtich. Four are rehabilitating psychologically in Ayiti-D.R. and the other six were killed over the course of the bloody assignment. The higher profile the target the more subtle were the kills, at least on this units end. The former dictator of Zimbabwe and the exiled Syrian Minister of Information died of chemically induced cardiac arrests. The head of Russian owned energy firm Gazprom died in his sleep from a pulmonary embolus. They spent entirely too much time in the Former Soviet Union. Bosnian concentration camp commanders died of asthma attacks. As compared to the owners of Amsterdam’s nine largest brothels which all were dismembered and dumped onto the streets. Or the Albanian traffickers executed in Kosovo in the middle of packed night clubs. Or the expatriate leadership of the Ayitian Tonton Maccoute (Boogie Men with Sacs) all decapitated in France, Algeria and Morocco. Or the primary shareholders of Samsung and Apple. As well as lesser oligarchs with a lot of blood on their wealth. We killed all types of enemy. What allowed the longest threshold of assassination was according to their primary handler Oleg the Bear;


  1. a) That there was not a discernible pattern to the deaths.
  2. b) That the very latest in life saving technologies were used in the reverse direction.
  3. c) That “Anonymous” paid out lump cash rewards for data and confirmed captures or kills. And that kills paid more than captures.
  4. d) That the internet allowed civilians all over the world to send in data.
  5. e) That the crimes these men and women had been sentenced to die for were rather well corroborated.
  6. f) And, that no overt executions were to be carried out in Russia, China, or the U.A.S.


High-end bioterrorism met with full moon bouts of medieval barbarism. What let the body count climb so high so quickly with so little collateral civilian damage was that “the Anonymous” put the power of vengeance in the hands of the everyday people. The Breuklyn Bath and Rifle Club just did its part in the effort.


Ysiad looks over his old friend and says “More people know you to be alive than you realize. And dangerous ones at that. You came to me once and said you had “a complex plan.” I always told you all your plans are overly complex, and that’s just thinly veiled code for fucking insane. They often fly in the face of what I know to be human nature, or reasonable doubt. Your guerrilla medical apparatus in Ayiti was an inspired piece of work however. This is a prerequisite for an Adon style plan. Your inspiration I mean. You came to me first because I’m probably the richest person you can trust. You obviously have some strong patrons in your extended family and general war camp, but a trusted inside backer is so vital when seeking to accomplish the nearly impossible, your obvious distaste for all governments aside, even the seemingly happily leftist regime of your new little Breuklyn based micro republic. You have many times sought to suck me into the mechanics of your Otriad, and always failed due the outlandishness of your schemes. I have so little use for a buck wild revolutionist, and when you ceased to be a purely loud one it was easier to be friends with you. Suffice to say by dying and then ending the separatist wars and related secessionist troubles and in pulling off a now six year lasting defensible union of Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island the Bronx, well it’s been very good for my business. And of course your club’s position in that anarchic little micro-republic is very good for business too. Cheers to the pirate bays of Coney Island!”


They schvitz away.

The room is hotter than an elopement with a Ruus hoodlum’s lady property or a burner with cop bodies scattered across a district. The air is thick with Eucalyptus-Birch vapors and man sweat. Ysiad hopes hell has a halfway decent Banya, “cause that’s where we may end up going if you Yids are wrong about the whole there not being a punitive afterlife”.

“So planning the invasion of the West Indies this time?” he finally asks Sebastian.

“Such was their vote,” Adon says referring to the 18th Congress of the Breuklyn Otriad.

“And your whole apparatus is now behind you on this?”

“Most of our people are behind us on this. Some think it too ambitious at a heightened cost in treasure and blood. Some feel we ought to be content with consolidation here and throughout the Confederacy. Others believe we ought to be turning our attentions to the home front. I’m in the go big or go home camp. The vote is on my side of this argument as of last week.”

“Solomon obviously is still calling the biggest shots?”

“Solomon obviously would like me think this was our collective plan, but yes. She leads the consensus via her powers of precognition.”

“For zombies in exile, you two have great amounts of pull. But, this goes against the grain a little tactically. Your home team, this isn’t exactly what you first enlisted them for. Para-state work and irregular warfare in Africa are horses not of nearly the same color. And you and she are supposed to be low profile and quite dead. The armistice holds, but this will complicate everything surely. And what the fuck are you doing in Moscow?”

“Well, I think a Trojan horse goes where the water is most cold.”

“What the fuck does that even mean man?”

“An old Russian saying.”

“Fuck them hard in every hole and compensate them for it, but don’t ever quote them. That’s what I always say.”

“Or fall for them hopelessly over and over,” Sebastian mutters eyes drifting to past lives and vanquished affairs.

“I only hope these days you’re staying away from all that. The world has no use at all for a serial killing revolutionist visionary who is also as hopeless romantic poetry writing puppy dog. No use at all.”

“Touché as always old sport. The general membership has voted in favor and when this is put in proper perspective the invasion will certainly occur. Now, it is just a question of the scope of accomplishment attached to our actions, just how much take we can take.” Adon smirks, “so what-cha say Easy?”

Smoothing this out by using his high school nickname.

“Prove to me in two quarters you’ve got enough men to make a lasting historical impact and I’ll provide you the container ships and charter planes to move them into position with weapons in hand.”

“How much is enough men to make such impact in your mind?”

“Like three hundred, that worked well for the Greeks right? Ha, you’ll need far more. If three thousand locals, Noires, Yids and Fenians get killed battling those U.N. troops, the Janjaweed and the Maccoute, on a slow news week maybe you’d make cover of the New York Times. To take the Island you’ll need at least ten thousand trained fighters. Arming the pesant milita will not cut it.”

“We want the full attention of the world at large. We’re going to need shit tons of global populism to make all this work. And, you’d better have that capital ready old sport because we already got more muscle than that lined up.”

“Don’t get all Great Gatsby on me son,” Ysiad says with a grin.

“You’re gonna need a lot of rifles,” he then notes.

“As any as we can lay our hands on,” Adon responds, “and a few massive favors from the Cubans, Trinidadians, Ayitians & Dominican diaspora, Persians and also the Israelis as well as the full support and approval of the A.E.G.”

“What’s that an acronym for again?”

“The Ayitian Emergency Group.”

“Ah! Tiputti Capois’s outfit, been running it sense Avinadav disappeared in Kalifornia. Planning to do some saving and some killing while in Ayiti are you? Weekend in Port-Au-Prince then soon?”

“Soon as tonight’s job is done.”

“About that. I’ve heard a few rumors flying around that who you’re after isn’t going to be easy to reach. He’s not even a high priority hit. You’re just wrapping up a list.”

“I’m just finishing off that list.”

“Well just know that people know; certain well connected super violent former Soviet people know that you’re going after the guard colonel, tonight. I’d just be cautious and decide if it’s really worth it. You and your Ayitian are semi-valuable players. This guy Putin would love to embarrass the U.A.S. authorities by taking you both alive.”

“Well good thing no one knows I’m alive. Anyway, that’s fake news my friend. The F.S.B. is delighted with the democratic Confederalist march. It’s the hottest counter-Western project the Kremlin can fund!”

“Iran and Cuba are the only states recognizing your cantons. Of course.”

“Well it’s beyond my pay grade to say, but I feel very safe in Russia even on the eve of a targeted killing.”

“You spree of terror was forbidden in Russia and China, by Solomon. That’s why you both got away with it. But you won’t get away with Budanov. The F.S.B. knows you’re here of course. And you’re hardly a low profile crew.”

“Who do you think knows I’m alive besides Anya?”

“Well Alexandr Perchevney sure does. He’s going to be my silent partner in completely rearming your club. And if he knows then that information is for sale.”


“Sasho,” mutters Adon, “Sasho was the one who sent us out to work.”






“I’m not sure who to say this politely.”


“Go on then.”


“You are being manipulated.”


“I once knew Sasho’s daughter Hachi rather well. She’s married to my associate Mr. Sassoon,” he almost blurts out.


“Ah, a hard memory. You were imperfectly cleansed.”


“Hachi lives in Dubai. Yeli lives in Havana. The third girl was cooked and eaten by, what was his name. Zahul?”


“Yes, the Oligarch Zahul.”


“Sometimes the entire life of my lives comes back, but it rarely lasts. The memory wiping was very professionally done. I don’t report to anyone now.”


“Oh that I’m all too aware of. It’s good you’re almost done with this reign of terror. You couldn’t really hope to keep killing people with power much longer before they got hold of you. Yelizaveta is in Havana?”

Ysiad is referring to Alexandr’s first daughter. Who Sebastian was once engaged to.

All he gets in return is some version of the forty yard stare.

“Your war of letters isn’t nearly as captivating as your war of deeds Mr. Adon. I suspect she will always come around again to your neo-Jacobin advances.”

“Well that’s hardly what Ayiti has proven Mr. Ferraris.”

“Ayiti in the end just proved there is truly no such thing as a free black republic without a Yid keeping the lights on.”

“Give us four more years’ tovarish.”

“Never forget I am your real friend. Not your comrade, sycophant or heval. But by no stretch of imagination am I able to bullshit you. You have a very short window left to achieve what I suppose are your goals. Get your house I order and I’ll make sure you have exactly what you need for the usual price of souls, glory and treasure. Hachi Yu Sassoon Perechenova is running a restaurant supper club in Dubai. She will be the point person for coordinating arms purchases via the Perchevney Bratva. I’d forget about the Guards Colonel and fly to the Caribbean, tonight. The moon is full and the F.S.B. knows that your club has a unit in Moscow. If they don’t know it’s you, they at least know who you’re after.”

“That bastard is going to die tonight. And then we’re closing the book.”

“Are you still in touch with little Yelizaveta?” Ysiad asks.

He gets no response.

“I suppose the procedure worked just fine then,” he declares.

“So you’ll work out the logistics with the Israelis and the club can make procurements via Ms. Hachi Yu Perchevney?

“That’s right old friend. As soon as you’re ready and the contracts are drawn up about oil concessions and port access and pipe lines. We run a business after all. We don’t just help you people out of loyalty.”

“There is one last piece to the equation that must be squared away. Once it is then you will be the first person alerted via sky pager to the flashing green light for attack.”

“Avinadav DeBuitléir?”


“Well don’t get killed tonight and I’ll see you in Santo Domingo for Champagne and a fuck fest.”

“I don’t drink anymore,” Adon says.

“You still fuck don’t you?”

“I mostly just oligarchs in the ground.”

“The poor martyr he says,” playing the world’s smallest violin.

“Don’t bullshit me! I know the little bitch Yelizaveta ripped your heart out good and you’ve gone on a bit of a fucking bender. Manipulated by Perchevney, but certainly just murdering your way back home. But you are not a free agent. The reality it is that it’s not healthy for man to abstain from life’s best pleasures. All to be found on the eastern two thirds of Palmares Island! Call this operation and get out of Russia before the security services swoop you.”

Ysiad can tell the procedure worked because the old Adon might have well struck him in the face for calling his Yelizaveta “a bitch”.

“Forget about Guards Colonel Yuri Dmitrievich Budanov,” says Ysiad Ferris, “you ain’t gonna get near him. Now let’s shake and toast to the liberation of Ayiti.”

Salud,” Sebastian says.

Ysiad clinks a shot of Russian Standard to Sebastian’s bottle of Borjomi.


Wouldn’t be the first or the last time Sebastian has made a deal with the devil for a noble cause. Upstairs Watson Entwissle looks down impatiently at his gold watch and wonders how soon they can get out of this cold, bleak lawless empire. He prefers his gangsters residing in the tropics. Easier to bury and then hit the beach. And without flicker mask he stands out like sore thumb in this country.


The snow has dropped a blanket of desolation over Moscow and no roof or high wall will keep its worst thieves safe tonight. Guards Colonel Yuri Dmitrievich Budanov of the 160th Guards Tank Regiment is finally going to pay for his crimes.




Eight, Moscow



The candle light flickers. The world outside might well be on fire and the sky may be falling but the Nina Simone playing on the record player in the next room, and our telling of tall to order tales takes our minds off the quickly spreading flames of the greatest revolution history has ever known. In our lusts of solitude, we hear Nina moaning heartbreak and 808’s over the old school sound system in the next room.

Tak. Switch narrator!” I declare.

Dasha looks truly upset.

“Unfair! It was just getting exciting! I have long wondered how it was that they got to the guards colonel and out of Moscow with their heads still on,” she says.

“Well I will only finish the story if you present me with a proper report from the Breuklyn Soviet.”

“Hmm, amid tournament trade of our most highly coveted data? I suppose.”

“These are but stories and fairy tales my dorogaia.”

She winks.

Of course they are. What is it you’re looking to have whispered in your inquisitive Western ear on behalf of your beleaguered coastal city state, the mind of the general rising if Ayiti is the heart and Israel the soul?”

“I will finish the yarn on what led to the demise of that infamous guard colonel if you tell me a cautionary tale of the so-called Cult in Grey.”

“What about said cult?” she asks me cautiously.

“Oh, how they almost caused a war between the Ivories and Blacks of Breuklyn. Who sent them? And how they were dealt with; a short story.”

“Enough foreplay then,” she grins at me. Then like a crazed animal Dasha bites my shoulder as hard as she can drawing blood.


Blood begets only more blood,” she spites out in Aramaic.


And then she assumes the role of grim narrator:


How many Zionist agents does it take to change a light bulb?


Night falls on a third Breuklyn blood bath. Another atrocity has occurred. This time at the Broadway Junction. You’d think these blacks were animals by just reading foreign papers about them. Blacks and Ivories hung from the great tree in Prospect. A month later in the rafters of the bridge. This time a far more subtle slaughter.


It’s a big full moon, a killing just like it was the last two times this happened.


“Something has gone terribly wrong,” mutters Anya Drovtich, the Polish Islamic paramedic who leads via coldness and example. A most un-closeted anarchist. The only known survivor of the very unit sent to help capture, but mostly to extra judicially kill one hundred and four war profiteers and war criminals in the three years following the Great Revolt in an operation dubbed “the purge”.

The Chief of I & I has dread locks and a lightning fast Ducati, like a big black cat.

“A real bad bitch,” as the chornay would say. To them that’s a term of endearment.

It came in as a double homicide on the Shomriim scanners. Shomriim is Yiddish for “the Watchmen”. But, double homicide was just a cover for the utter butchery of a family of Jamaicans, and the public inverted crucifixion of the son of a rabbi, along with his two sisters. Shit like this isn’t supposed to go down in our districts. It’s a hot mess to clean up. And when the local press gets hold of it; things are gonna pop off quick. One killing happened in our Zone of Control in a small park off Empire and Schenectady in District Crown Heights. That’s where the Watchmen found the three dead Yids. The second killing happened in in lawless District East New York, which isn’t really controlled by anyone.


People are gonna say, “It’s not safe to travel to the Breuklyn Soviet.”


Nikholai Trickovitch got there first sealed off the area and then headed over to East New York. The Shomriim made a discrete phone call directly to him. Within an hour the four adjacent blocks off Schenectady and Empire were sealed off. The dead Ivories were found in a small park. Within an hour every trace of them was gone.

The second crime scene is on the third floor of a red brick multi-dwelling one block from the Broadway Junction in District East New York.

The place looks like a slaughter house. A killer, or large group of killers exsanguinated a thirteen person family, five little kids including two babies. Bled them dry. Hung um upside down. And soon as this incident leaks out it’s going to be hard to hold down the truce. When that falls apart, so does the soul of the Soviet. The blood pact between the West Indians and the Ivories is at the heart of things. Breuklyn Soviet has a population of three million. According to the last census that’s nearly one million Yids & Ivory, one million Karibes and one million other; that other being highly diverse, but with the Gaels making up the next biggest ethnic block; followed by what we call “the Russians”, who are mostly every other kind of former Soviet besides actual Slavic Russians, followed by Poles, Arabs, Puerto Ricans, Chinese and also the Italians.

The Ivories and the West Indians went ham two times before as they say. “Hard as a motherfucker” on each other once in 1993 during the Crown Heights Riots, and again more recently during the “Borough Park Blood Libel”.


The Otriad, was suddenly again on the status called “Orange Alert”. A Red Alert being that they were going to fire a nuclear missile at a UAS megalopolis on the mainland, so just a bit less alert than that. Nikholai woke up Anya Drovtich and Michkai Dbrisk as soon as he visually confirmed both sites of the slaughter.                                                                                                                                            “The body count so far is thirteen Caribes and three more Ivories. Just like last time but with far less dead,” sky pages Nikholai in sky code.

“That brings the total body count to 104, confirm,” sky pages back Dbrisk.

“Confirmed,” he replies.

Last time was one lunar month ago, the last night of the 18th Congress. Sixty four people from two families found the same way on the Bridge. Two months before that the same bloody mess but with twenty two dangled by their necks from the tallest tree in Prospect Park for all to see and speculate on. The killers were not only ruthless they were out to provoke war.

This time was the lowest body count and least public display of the crime but the dead were of the two most prominent families in the Soviet. Thirteen dead Jamaicans, the children of a famous babashanti; a Rastafarian priestess married to a famous Ayitian Ougan. And three more Sephardic Ivories from the house of Rabbi Akiva Tatz, including his son.


Anya Drovtich looks very good in dancehall red, also in a dark emergency blue multiform. Her long black dread locks when not tied up in a hijab dangle like bountiful black snakes wrapping down her shoulders. Anya is the Chief of I and I; the Information and Intelligence Section. She is the highest ranking woman in the entire Otriad, responsible not only for our networks of “whisperers” within the Soviet, but a vast array of clandestine sympathizers still in the U.A.S., other liberated Free States of the Confederacy  and also abroad.  The primary duty of her Section is to identify security threats to the Breuklyn Soviet, its secondary prerogative is to hunt, identify and arrange the extrajudicial killings of war criminals in collaboration with “the Anonymous”. The tertiary duty is to use her oracle powers and try to see ten moves ahead.


Anya started with the club nine years ago distributing the underground newspaper out of the Fire Department’s Eighth Battalion. Her second assignment was with the unit sent to train medical guerrillas for the Syrian Free Army. When most of the unit and most of the Free Syrian Army was obliterated in Aleppo, she and Sebastian joined the PKK and YPG fighters in Rojava.


Her third major assignment was to join the crew that by the end of that very same weekend was about to reach its 104th target, a Russian Guards Colonel who had brutally raped and murdered a young Chechen girl during the first Chechen war and was set to soon become  a minor politician in Putin’s United Russia Party. Anya had been reassigned after the first year and now she is an Otriad underboss.


“We have another seemingly serious problem,” Nikholai informs Anya.


So, Anya throws on her blue multiform and black leather jacket and jumps on her Ducati and takes off from her two bed room flat in the South Slope toward Broadway Junction. The site of far too many incidents before and after the revolt. The only reasonable explanation is that the junction is built on an Indian burial ground.

“A block most often hot.”

Michkai Dbrisk rolls out of bed with his babies mother Rosa; throws on jeans and a grey button down; his tam; his chain, a burner, a shooter, a flip dagger, a thick stack, and two smart phones; also a scanner and a belt radio; and he walks up the street. In his inner pocket are a black bandana, a blue bandana, a grey bandana, and the yellow Lebvature Rebi Messiah Flag. Its 02:03. The blue street lights are running on low power lithium batteries from solar power stored over the course of the day. He lives just a block from the crime scene. None of the rebel leaders have significantly upgraded their pre-Revolt lodgings. It would be against the code.

Well except for Magnus Goldbar Allamby, who lives by no man’s code! They all agree to meet in their own turf, because passing into District East New York will require advance notice and an armored convoy.

The fourth person called in is the burly Russian-Israeli Oleg Medved; Deputy Chief of Internal Security, our secret police, who was born in Ukraine and educated in Israel. Or, more euphemistically referred to as the “Public Safety Branch of the Security Section” or “the Whisper Network”. In a General Operating Procedures Guide sense he serves as the primary deputy officer right under a woman named Erza Pula; the 18th Executive’s elected Security Section Chief. One tough, pale and lovely hard Albanian. It is rumored he quietly seduced and bedded his immediate superior thus muddling the chain of command with his constant womanizing. In reality, he now reports directly to Anya Drovtich as a major officer of the club.

He was also once in the employ of the Perchevney Bratva, the major Russian crime syndicate that has invested so much money into the new ports and reconstruction on Coney Island. He is loyal to the Club because of Loyalnost and his core Zionist ideology. He is still well compensated by the Bratva to insure that port stays open to everything except traffic in people. And he moonlights for the Israelis periodically as a fixer of fixers.

He has a lot of the citizens on his payroll.

When Anya Drovtich pulls up on her black Ducati, Michkai DBrisk is outside smoking a Newport standard cigarette with Nikholai and Oleg Medved has just parked his black bullet proof Escalade and is looking over some data on his smart phone.

“We have two flying columns on standby ready to enter District East New York. The Shomriim is already preparing for crowd control. I’ve got four ambulances parked up the street ready to move the bodies. The Ivories have already taken away their own dead,” Oleg the Bear says.

“Call for suppression,” Anya declares.

Oleg   interjects, “If I may, this is a total violation of the ceasefire. We shouldn’t suppress it. We should document it and rally the people behind it. The other free states will rally behind us.”

“What we’re going to do is burn the bodies and cover it up, again. Yes, that’s exactly what I was going for,” snaps Anya.

Oleg is a dirty blond bearded bear of a man and off duty quite famous for his wild orgy parties and gregarious ways. In civilian life he is a fashion photographer of note and local celebrity. In his capacity as head of the Otriad’s secret police he keeps on payroll no less than four thousand “whisperers” largely modals, escorts, other fashion photographers, hackers, and urban outdoorsmen, a nice word for the homeless. This is the third time now they’ve all kept such late night company over gruesome particulars.

“This is the third group killing in three months,” states Dbrisk.

“It’s the same formula,” he continues, “a large dead family and some crucified children of clergy. They’re trying to spark a war here. So we can’t let that happen. So we’re gonna have to handle this the same way. With suppression.”

That’s two major votes without voting. “Suppression” is a euphemism for having the Fire Department burn something down to cover something up.

“How many people know this time?” Anya asks.

“The four of us, a few Yiddish detectives from Shomriim and the marijuana distribution agent who found the three dead Ivories in the park. And the one surviving family member of the Jamaicans; a thirteen year old hood, he came home to the height of slaughter,” says Trickovitch.

“That’s a lot of people to pay quiet. This is going to get out,” warns Oleg.

“The Shomriim won’t talk. It’s the dealer and the young hood that might.”

“Dealer’s a hood or a hipster?” Anya asks.

“Hipster,” says Nikholai. There still are a few left.

“I vote to call a press conference and go public with the killings. It’s obviously a U.A.S. provocation using loyalists and Blackwater mercenaries sent to sew panic and discord in our ranks.”

“This is not up for vote boys. We’re going to suppress this and deal with it ourselves,” Anya informs them.

“Is the task force ready to enter District East New York?” she asks.

“Yes. The apartment is sealed off and we already have the surviving family member in custody. We can have fire engines in position in fifteen minutes,” says Nikholai Trickovitch.

h“Comrade Oleg Medved please take the hipster and the young hood to one of your safe houses and wipe out their memories. Please see to it that they wake up in the Caribbean by tomorrow evening. Trickovitch and I will set up the incendiary devices and wait for the fire trucks. Dbrisk, if you’d be so kind; please call in Suppression the minute I sky page you that we are in position. I despise that part of town.”

“All I’m saying is that we can’t let this continue,” Oleg says.

“I have no intention of letting it continue. But we can’t have the population think a blood libel has occurred again.”

“Who did this? It’s pretty gruesome even for Blackwater,” Trickovitch declares.

“It’s the Cult in Grey. They’re obviously back,” states Oleg Medved.

“Don’t jump to conclusions,” says Anya, “Let’s mop this up. I want to see everyone at a closed staff meeting this evening at District Bunker 1004 under Café Hadar on Avenue N no later than 18:00, Ayitian time. By that she means, don’t be followed, don’t be early, don’t be late. The code of the Ayitian gentleman is that it is one should never ever be late, but it is an egregious and inexcusable breach of proper conduct to be early.


With that four officers of the Club prepare to enter the gangland of the district to the east and guide fire trucks toward an atrocity that needs to be turned into ashes. The high level subversive characters part ways and plan to regroup in the next day.








“The Ghost of Missing Ex Wife”



The sun is now rising on Breuklyn. Nikholai Trickovitch, the freelance detective, the former cop, the part time drunk and currently moon lighting as the Chief of the Otriad Logistics Section. He has been left alone to his own thoughts and a bottle all night.


Sip to ponder.


“I don’t like the responsibility that comes with this much power,” thinks Nikholai Trickovitch. He has 5am shadow; he doesn’t remember when he last shaved. It was all so much easier when attendance at the meetings and the frustrations of never having enough loot in the war chest were the biggest concerns. Like it or not we are governing now. We are invading countries and carrying out extrajudicial killings left and right. We take our votes and people lose their lives. And as of the January census we are directly administering social services for over 80,000 citizens of the Soviet! It’s good I don’t sleep, he thinks.


Sip to forget.


Our cell of the Z.O.B. has had only had between eight and ten active members any given time. I am often unsure whether ‘the organization’ is quite large and has its hand in everything, or, if exists in one man’s mind alone. As well as I think I know Sebastian I really know nothing. Especially of the things he saw when he was in the Promised Land burning before the towers fell. All other titles and incarnations spin loosely around that core eight. The nucleus of the Otriad. With Adon officially deceased and out bounty hunting in Eurasia; and Solomon officially deceased and organizing out in the Horn of Africa; and DeBuitléir in prison; we are down to only three of the original members including myself serving on the 18th Executive. The other surviving two still alive being Hubert O’Domhnaill and Michkai Dbrisk, but Hubert refuses to join the Executive. The others were killed horribly over the course of the War Years, the Disorder and the Revolt. But, never underestimate what you can accomplish with even just a couple good zealous people on your team.


In the immortal words of my best friend Sebastian Adon, “One person has an idea, two have a conspiracy and three; an Otriad.” An irregular paramilitary detachment for mutual aid and collective security. It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


All that was needed was a three character meaningless acronym. And course he’d needed Anya and I to tell him that the first job could be done.  But I digress.


I’m sitting on my seventh story rooftop, three months since the congress in the month of March. The seventh floor of my building has a good view of district Midwood and district Flatbush; the cradle of the insurgency once claimed the New York Times. With a bottle of Baboncourt Ayitian Premium Smoked Silver Rum and some Noblisse heavywiders watching the dawn get ready to break through the haze of my indulgences, I wait for dawn.


I hope third times the charm.


We torched the crime scenes. We interrogated everyone. We inundated the Crown Heights and East New York Districts with Crip enforcers, Shomriim, and about two hundred plain clothes on watch and deescalate duty. And we took the dealer and the family member into protective custody. They’ll end up in the Caribbean for a while until things clam down. No arrests have been made. And they won’t be. No one gets arrested anymore. More like accosted. I’d love to tell you that all the fighting and dying bought us a better freer life. We just traded an oligarchy for some mob rule.

The only thing keeping this place together is that it was pretty well organized to begin with. I’d love to say we’ve brought Human Rights to Breuklyn. We’ve mostly just traded an authoritarian government posing as a democracy for a gangster’s paradise posing as a rebel free state. Sure we arrest people. Sure they get trials. Except sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we just do things because they have to be done and we were elected to lead.


Like grab a suspect off the street, throw a hood over their head and hand them over to the New Russians to torture in the former psyche ward of Coney Island Hospital.


Oleg Medved has his network trying to track down the killers, see who saw anything. But no one did. No one ever does in East New York. Anya ordered sixteen more retributive killings to be carried out on the U.A.S. mainland. Nothing horror show, just an eye for an eye. It never ends. There’s always some latest big mess. Some threat of attack or some rumor to address. This borough was an ethnic powder keg before the revolt. It hasn’t gotten much better.

From my roof or just about anywhere else in the Soviet I can see the Tree of Life which arose miraculously out of the ground shortly after liberation three years ago. At first it was something of a curiosity; then it just kept growing. It’s easily forty stories tall now. Along with a number of other things its sureality incorporated around here in the past few years. The rabbits for instance; where the fuck did they come from? There never used to be large wild rabbits jumping around the Coney Peninsula. I’ve stopped sleeping entirely as I aid earlier. I’ve stopped asking about things that are “weird” and stick with things that are dangerous.

I was a Club founder by association alone. I did no heavy lifting until the Ayiti job. I met Sebastian when I was fourteen when he formed the first Z.O.B. incarnation called Youth United For Equality; the YUFE. It wasn’t until after the September 11th Attacks that I attended some meetings. It wasn’t until Ayiti when I took on a leadership role. Apparently I have some talent in getting things in and out of third world countries. I’ve been helping them move things ever since. My pay comes from detective work, investigating disappeared people, strange occurrences, cheating husbands and the like. I was elected to head the Logistics Section shortly after the armistice was declared.


Sip to not remember. I take my Baboncourt on the rocks and flowing freely off duty.


Half the bottle is gone before the sun breaks the horizon. Did I mention I have a bit of problem with not drinking? I’m never wilding drunk except at a good funeral. Or series of funerals. Like at Adon’s first and second one. Like at Rahula Mccaffeys’ or at Paul Mark’s. Like at David Sasha Dualde’s or those where we couldn’t retrieve the bodies like in the cases of Zander Apple, Mateo Lyons, Gene Dissentious, and Daniel Fried. Horrific cases like those of Yovanna Koracab. Fighters lost in the various engagements like Jeffery Hermanksy, Annabel Lewis or Justinian & Jesse Thomas.

And I will never forget the way Hali Vik was executed. Not ever.

Our martyrs.

They went after all of our families too in the immediate years of the revolt. Just to hurt us, try and break out will to fight.

Like my two little brothers Colin and Rafael. Or, my parents. Or the Mapfres, Or, the O’Domhnaills. Or, Sebastian’s entire family even distant cousins he never knew that never even aided the uprising, murdered everyone but his brother. The skinned his fucking father alive. The Oligarchy never forgets those who raised the children of the Great Revolt. The children of believers, as the Hasidim call us.

I don’t tip the bottle to the ground like the Noire man does. I don’t waste my Fenian whiskey or my Ayitian rescue rum. We have prayed for the dead and we fight like hell for the living.

I keep thinking about my Krissy. I keep missing her. That’s my ex-wife. There’s too much loss in the freedom fighting game if you ask me. Way too many funerals. Way too much stripping of a person down to an animal. A wild savage fighting wolf. I keep thinking that I’m not cut out to be affiliated with this outfit anymore. Maybe I’ll ask to be swapped out into one of the higher risk international battalions. Maybe I’ll just take leave until I can finally sleep. Maybe I’ll hang out with Oleg Medved in the “Green Light District” and fuck Ukrainian girls until my cock falls off. Fuck. Sip. Sip. Sip.

Maybe I’ll put on the iron vest and go make a loud statement somewhere. Or join a mine clearing unit on the Eastern front.

The roof top vista is completely unremarkable. For all “the freedom” we’ve won, much of what we govern is a red brick, low rise sprawl. Most of the building has gone on subterranean. Except in Coney Island where the Russians have built a series of steel and glass towers and a fully modern port facility near what we commonly call the “Green Light District”, where “anything goes”. Much of the old red brick sprawl was reduced to rubble during the war. Our districts did better than those held by the Uhuru fighters and the various other unions, factions and street gangs less prepared for a protracted urban siege. Brownsville has ceased to exist as a District. It was outright reduced to rebar pilings and ash. Twice now. Eventually it will be a lovely park with field of Peonies and Tom Ottorness sculptures memorializing the dead. Only half the rubble has been cleared. The Park’s Department isn’t exactly what it used to be after most of its best employees enlisted in the development battalions or were executed in the filtration camp massacres at the two stadiums during the revolt.


A whole lot of American citizens died to secure this red brick sprawl, the free ports on the Southern Coast, the Strong Island, and outpost Block Island where one of the three nuclear launch batteries is hidden.


Our best grad rockets can hit Chicago, where the new capital of the U.A.S. is. Now that Washington D.C. is highly irradiated and virtually gone.




What a huge fucking tree! As if the blood of the martyrs, the blood of the estimated 140,000 dead all watered the grandest act of botany ever. I climbed it one night with Anya Drovtich. We installed a fire station transmission boaster in it. But the electronics never work no matter what we tinker with. It’s only the most obvious example of the strange voodoo creeping into out micro republic.


We had to climb it three months ago to get all those bodies down.


The “Tree of Life” as we call it is the third tallest landmark only dwarfed by the High Tower in the Downtown District near what used to be called “Barclay Stadium” and the eighty four story Svetzapad Hotel on Banner Avenue in District Brighton. The General Assembly convenes there three times daily now. There are still concerts. The Nets still play. What a draining cluster fuck of a talk fest populist democracy can be. No one can tax us. So the “legislative body of the people” is largely just a showcase for our total disunity. And no other faction trusts our little Club these days because we won’t share access codes to the hidden atomic arsenal deployed across Strong Island. This is in the end the only thing keepings us free.

Like Israel, North Korea, and Iran once we test fired, they had no choice but to freeze frame completely. Israel’s gonna be a Ivoryish apartheid state, Iran a Shi’a fundamentalist Shar’iah State and North Korea a brandy guzzling, twenty dollar bill printing, Stalinist big brother Disney land; well, indefinitely. To say the very least.

Sip, sip sip sip.

My Baboncourt on the rocks does the trick. But what the trick is I’m not sure. My eyes are grey on grey orbs, a symptom of the insomnia. I have to wear contacts to hide them. Insomnia has become something of an epidemic here. Also children being born with complete knowledge of their past lives. That too is major source of my income. Brining little toddlers, normally West Indians or Chasidics to verify claims that the child remembers “where he used to live” or “what he used to do”.  There have been numerous reports of these phenomena in the Druse Villages of Israel, Lebanon and Syria. Now it’s becoming common occurrence here too.


I can see Breuklyn College where I nearly completed university for a degree in journalism. I would have been a senior when “the Great Disorder” began. I can see drones making their early morning perimeter sweeps between us and “the City”. They trace the border but never fly over as that would violate the armistice.

Eventually I’ll go back down to my flat and I’ll watch the People’s History Channel or I’ll stare at a picture of Krissy until I’m enough in the past that the now hurts much less. I’m depressed that she’s gone. I’m depressed I was suckered into a revolution I can’t effect or control. As if you ever can. I’m depressed because I’m not really sure how the story is going to unfold.


Some people but their faith in HaShem, but I’m a religious atheist. All of the blood of the martyrs, all the miracles and tragedies of the revolt, all of the hope for human rights and end of the long game; all that has made me quite tired. I don’t believe that a just haShem could preside over such a pack of self-interested violent monkeys.


The Chasidics are whispering that the Dror Ha Tzadikk, the generation’s candidate for Messiah has returned. There is a forty story tree growing in Prospect Park. There are rabbits of enormous size hopping about and drones darting across the skyline. We have smuggling tunnels under the East River and we have nuclear weapons aimed at major American cities and the rebel confederacy has no clear picture in the slightest what do with their new liberty.


There are a lot of strange things happening in the Breuklyn Soviet. But, personally I have no idea what I’m fighting for anymore. Or really more importantly, for whom?


Vengeance, love, ideals; this doesn’t sustain me for long. I haven’t even committed those so called Universal rights to memory. I’ve just been here since the beginning so there is little way out as I see it. But besides from Hubert O’Domhnaill, all the original cadre are dead.


I forgot to mention something to myself. Three months ago before the killings began I got a call from Krissy in the wee hours of morning or night. Or someone who sounded just like her. The voice claiming to be my ex-wife told me that Sebastian Adon was very much alive. And that they were going to have a train load of soldiers rape her in every hole in her body her for weeks on end; film the whole thing and send it to me, unless I shoot Sebastian in the head the first chance I get.


“But he’s dead, “I told the voice on the phone claiming to be my ex-wife. Love of my life.

That was a tall order. She left me fair and square. Walked out on me and broke my heart. Then got herself somehow abducted. And he’s been dead for three years. Can’t betray your dead best friend for a woman who left you for a richer man who couldn’t even protect her.


“He’s been dead before. He’s gonna turn up real soon,” she told me. Then the line went dead.

This was the night before the 18th Congress, two months ago. The night some vile war criminals hung those two families worth of blacks and Ivories off the Breuklyn Bridge. Killed sixty four men, women and children. A month before that twenty four were left hanging in that very tall tree for all to see on third anniversary of our independence. We couldn’t completely cover up the first two massacres and now all the factions are looking at each other.


If we don’t find out who did this there’s gonna be a big old Noire on Ivory war within a war.

The Nina Simone fades into some soft, sensuous Kompa track, it’s quite lovely but the artist escapes me. I hate that poem she says, it makes you cry.

Dasha winks at me.

She looks so haShemdamn lovely, when she’s loving me.

She lights up a Newport standard cigarette and the smoke she exhales swiftly takes the form of a dragon fly. It sails across the room. Maliciously perhaps. Just one of her many colorful magic tricks. Her breasts are round and magnificent and she makes no effort to conceal her naked body. A pace, a pout and she cats off more dragon flies.

“You always make Nikholai sound more unstable than he was in real life,” I tell her.

“It’s because I never really liked him very much. And because he was quite unstable indeed. He’d have fucked me you know, you living or dead.”

I conceal my slight anger at such an accusation.

“Well he made a subtle art out of melancholy that I will say. You denigrating him as motif is vaguely low brow in my honest opinion. What with how he ended.”

“Ha. Low brow? You always seem to work a pair of enormous breasts into your little stories. I’m on to you,” she smiles vaguely biting her lower lip. She is always smiling until it is way too late to stop her demons from speaking their mind. I want to taste her immediately.

“I hope several more times within this very hour. But, that didn’t answer any of my questions about said cult, not even in the slightest. It was a wonderful portrayal of the mood though, back then. Although I experienced it quite vicariously.”

“Isn’t grey the secret color of the fighting faction called Z.O.B.?” she coyly asks.

I look her dead in the eyes.

“How would I know?”

“Yes, how would you know Valera, how would you know?” she gives me the infamous Postsoviet look of ‘don’t play fucking stupid with me’. All women utilize this look meticulously.

“Well then perhaps you don’t really know who controls this cult anyway.”

“I know always more than I will easily tell for free my little bard tovarish. Even to the man I…” she pauses. I let her. She’ll never say it.

“I was certain you already knew what happened to the Guard Colonel,” I interject.

“The official story only. That Chechen gun men shot him on a lonely Moscow street.”

“Preposterous logic. Surely just a United Russia cautionary fairy tale.”

“Well then, entice me with your un-muddied version of the events. Is it true you corresponded at length with the journalist Anna Politkovskaya before she was assassinated?”

“She was the one who urged us to go after Yuri Budanov.”

“A stupid symbolic soft target. You would have had a much harder time with Abramovich, Abramov, Derlipaska, Prokhorov, Usmanov, German Khan, or Veselberg.

“You can’t fight everyone at once tovarish,” he replies.

“Of course. But, your unit killed a bunch of highly useless people who had no impact on anything. One might get the impression lover that all it takes for you to make a terror of yourself is to have a Russian woman whisper in your ear.”

“And yet what’s a whisper to a song?” I ask her and she knows just what I mean.

“Was your safe house this elegant the night you wacked the Guard’s Cornel,” she bluntly asks.

“Well you weren’t there, so evidently not.”

“Go on then, your turn two for two.”


And so I proceed.







“Bullets for Budanov”


Out the safe house window they can see the glowing hyperboloid Shabolovka Tower through the falling snow. A Cinderella steel spire lit up like a New Year’s Tree. Over thirteen million people currently reside in the greater Moscow area. Its layout is a series of concentric rings of hyper highway and major boulevards called Prospects.


The Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) has been Moscow’s unofficial internal class boundary since 1960 and there are absolutely no poor people living inside its circus. Not a single one.


The city of Moscow is subdivided into twelve administrative Okrugs and 123 districts. In the year 2008, the year of the global recession; Moscow had 74 billionaires with an average wealth of $5.9 billion, which placed it above New York’s 71 billionaires. However, as of 2009, there were only 27 billionaires in Moscow compared with New York’s 55 billionaires. Overall, Russia lost 52 billionaires during the first year of the recession. Now, according to financial analysts; there are over 403 Russian billionaires in Moscow averaging roughly $6.1 billion a piece, and only three are left in New York at the conclusion of the Great Revolt’s armistice concluded 72 hours after the Millennium Theatre Hostage Crisis which took the lives of exactly twenty four of those previously tallied billionaires.


The four who still remain in Greater New York:


A Bulgarian expatiate named Alexandr Dmitrievich Perchevney who resides part of the time in the enhanced Oceana Tower Complex of District Brighton Beach and is one of the most feared Voorhees alive in that country. Ysiad Ferraris who owns multiple large commercial properties throughout the Bronx and Goddess Soviets; a tech empire, a venture capital firm and a fleet of container ships.  And the son of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Michael Bloom II. All the other billionaires have since fled inland or abroad, or had their assets vigorously expropriated.


Ex’ed is what it is called in the jargon of guerillas.


Also in the form of a circle is the main Moscow subway line; the Ring Line. And, the so-called Third Automobile Ring completed in Gregorian year 2005. The characteristic radial-circle planning continues to define Moscow’s further development. Contemporary Moscow has also engulfed a number of territories outside the Ring Road, such as Solntsevo, Butovo, and the formerly outlying town of Zelenograd.


It is in the Zelenogradsky Okrug where our lonely rebels have set up their shop.

After the rendezvous at the Bathhouse Watson and Sebastian sit for supper. Herring, beets, Palemni and some kind of fried potato based goulash. They wash it down with a frothy cold berry Kompot. And some iced black coffee. As well as a bag of salted fish.


Its 17:00 and it hasn’t stopped snowing, not one bit.


Ivories always ‘got a guy’ for everything. What that means is they don’t pay for services somebody didn’t vouch for first in their network. But they didn’t use their Chechen contacts or their friends at Human Rights Memorial for this time around. The Moscow Human Rights movement is very underground, and rightfully so because their orators and organizers keep being shot in the head. You don’t buy a gun if you can get away with using a dagger. You don’t use a dagger if you can buy a poisonous pill. You don’t ask a large possibly infiltrated underground to help what you can rely on the families of the dead and disappeared to render for currency, Loyalnost and just purely for revenge. The more elaborate a plan the more likely for something to go wrong.

But, Adon still wants to hang the guard colonel from the Shukhov Radio Tower on 37 Shabolovskaya Street. Real fucking subtle. Not.


“What does the code of the Ayitian gentleman ultimately say about revolutionary revenge?” Sebastian asks.

Watson looks up from his meal and sets the silverware down on the table. He wipes his freckled mouth with a red napkin.


“Revenge is the diametric of courtship, as true hate is the diametric opposite of true love. If one is to truly love, the patience and care of courtship is an indefinite process, and by that reasoning so is the proper execution of vengeance if one’s hate is also true.”

“Ysiad suggested we walk away from the job tonight. That we close the book and get a flight out back to Hispaniola. He suggested that the colonel is highly protected and they anticipate our attack.”

“Well anything that Dominikani says, he says with his own pockets in mind. Watson knows this for sure. On a long enough timeline even angels of death begin to draw notice. I think we should walk away then. This is Russia frère. And the Dominikani wouldn’t have mentioned it unless it was a realistic threat.”

“You definitely need to know when to walk away.”

If Sebastian Adon could only do that then the world would be quite different. Once many years ago while living in the slums of south London a seventeen year old Sebastian declared himself the “one who fights the losing battle” and for a time he thought to tattoo that as a personalized crest over his heart atop an eagle, two flaming towers, a bone and a rose. Before the Grand Rabbi Akiva Tatz convinced him fully against tattoos. Before he picked a couple battles he could win, and learned to like the taste of impossible victory.


“The honor of the underdog is not the same as betting on the Hindenburg. Old Russian saying. I don’t know if it fully translates,” states Adon.


Watson Entwissle by now knows full well that almost nothing Sebastian Adon describes as an “Old Russian saying”, is really ever an Old Russian saying.

One late night many years later after London just prior to “the Great Disorder”, over mint tea and jasmine rose hookah at the Footprints Café in Coney Island, a Russian woman named Dasha would tell him that there was nothing wrong with being a communist. Nothing wrong with believing in the cleansing fires of the revolution. But, to believe he could take on the oligarchy with a band of eight was simple foolish suicide. And he deserved to be tortured just for being so foolish. So she strung him up and tortured him. And that’s how he learned that lesson.


“Fight from a position of resources,” she told him. Shortly before drugging him. Stripping him naked and jarring him with stacked shocks of electrical current. “I believe in you even if I don’t always believe in your methods. But, don’t give your life for such bullshit, and don’t pick a battle you know you won’t ever win,” she had said. And then she tortured him for roughly six straight weeks. But, she did it against her own will.

“These Russians are a highly dangerous breed,” Watson states the known and obvious.

They’re having supper in a Moscow safe house owned by the extended family of a dead journalist. The only proven way to circumvent the web of spies, informants, dirty snitches and surveillance society is to rely on the time honored loyalties of family and blood oath. The thing you need to know about doing business in Russia is that virtually no one is loyal to anything besides the right price. And every single Russian has a pretty high price when it comes to being loyal to an Amerikanski, an Ivory or a chornay. But, in the end if a faceless institution murders your children, the enemy of that institution is your friend. They crossed the border three nights ago from the East. They both speak fluent Russian and the flicker masks completely distort their identities. They acquired automatic weapons at a country dascha to the southwest of Moscow and drove directly to the safe house in an electric Lincoln town car.

“When were you last here?” Watson asks.

“I don’t remember.”

“I have trouble believing you mon ami. You’re navigation was uncanny.”

“I don’t like being tortured,” he smugly replies.

“Well who does,” Watson laughs.

“Your thoughts then on doing this job?”

“Colonel Yuri Dmitrievich Budanov is not, in my mind, a high profile enough hit worth us falling into the hands of the FSB, but obviously you seem obsessed with this. This isn’t exactly some oligarch or some key player. This is a disgraced former military officer who raped and strangled a young girl. He did five years’ light time. Memorial lawyers even got his rank stripped and now he is just a token symbol of the total corruption here. ”

Sebastian Adon takes out a pack of Noblisse cigarettes in their crumpled green soft pack. He fires one up with a small gold zippo lighter. Watson had thought he had quit several months ago. Sneaky Ivory bastard.


You’re welcome to walk away, brother,” Sebastian says in Ayitian Creole.


I feel as though laughing in your face would not even begin to drive my point home. The code says that what you begin you will always finish or die trying. Though, I just suspect we’re not in Moscow for Yuri Budanov alone,” Watson relies.


“Look. I didn’t compose that list. Some of the people we killed were outright I.C.C. indicted war criminals. Others were various mobsters that just needed to be rubbed out because what they were doing was a human right violation, and poor human form. Others we hit because they made money on the backs of exploited workers. Others still because they profited off others misery. You, me, Anya, and the others who died in our unit we were not killing because it made any real difference. We didn’t even do it because those people needed to be punished. Otherwise we would have arrested them and set up some kind of tribunal. These 103 kills happened because a message needed to be sent across that world that if you violate human rights we can get you. And that message has come across loud and clear.”


“So why push on? There are now hundreds of little cells carrying out these killings independently. Every week the Anonymous is posting new confirmations on “the friends of the people” website. Look at the list frère, there are thousands of other targets to pick from. Dozens in this city alone. Why him. Why tonight? Why Moscow? My skin crawls from the cold, knowing just how wide open we are out here. And let me remind you that if we make a kill on Russian territory we are breaking one of the rules of engagement.”

“They’re not going to make him into a politician. But, he is symbol of new Russia’s defiance. He raped and strangled little Elza Kungaev. He broke into her home, he wrapped her in a blanket, through her in the back of his ATV, he then raped the shit out of her for hours, and then he sodomized her as he strangled her to death and quite nearly got away with it. It took the full efforts of Human Rights Memorial and the lawyer for the Kungayeva family, Stanislav Markelov, as well as the support of the opposition Newspaper Novaya Gazeta to even get what little justice they got. And they let him out after just five years in. My mentor Anna Politkovskaya was found dead in the lift of her block of flats in central Moscow on 7 October 2006. She had been shot twice in the chest, once in the shoulder, and once in the head at point-blank range. She had reported extensively on the war crimes in Chechnya and this trial. Stanislav attempted a last-minute appeal against the release of Budanov and was shot dead in Moscow on 19 January 2009 along with Anastasia Baburova, a 25-year-old journalist for Novaya Gazeta, an anarchist and friend of ours. Budanov has been free since paroled in 2008. Too many on the Russian right he’s a “war hero” unfairly victimized by liberal and foreign journalists conspiring to undermine Russian security. So, for Elza, Anna, Stanislav, and Anastasia, and who knows how many others. We’re going to finish the job.”

And then he puffs the cigarette.

“I’m still unconvinced,” states Watson, “There are so many sins in this world to punish. Just last week some dagger men caught up with the Serbian concentration camp commandant accused of presiding over the rape and torture of some untold number of women during the war in Bosnia. The last big hit was the Rwandan millionaire who helped finance the genocide there. This is not the cold dark hill to die on I feel. Especially with what is soon coming.”

“This colonel is a pig! A murdering savage who directed his men to loot, burn, shell and murder civilians in the first Chechen war. Are there better targets? Who are we to truly prioritize! I’ve long thought very few living inside the Ring Road don’t have some culpability to what was done in Ichkeria, but that is not my call either. We could go after any number of other people here in the Russian capital. War criminals and profiteers abound here. The President himself is one of the world’s biggest war criminals in my mind. So, why end our tour with a disgraced military leader who did a puny five year stint when no one thought you could even try a war criminal in Federal Russia?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Because they kill journalists and they disappear dissidents out here left and right and no one can do anything about it. Killing an oligarch frankly is just too bad for business right now. We’d need months of planning and a big crew to get near one the worst billionaires. So, we’re going to take out a vile piece of low hanging fruit, hang him off the radio tower and get the fuck out of dodge. Trust me we’ll be back here.”

“You’re not being straight with me. Why is this target so important to you?”

Sebastian looks out the window and snuffs out the cigarette.

“He means nothing to me.”

Watson does not believe him at all.

“Just as long as there’s no hint of sentimentality. Then we shall proceed.”

“Not a smidgeon.”

“Then no theatrics. No hanging this man from a radio tower. No explosions. No games. Two shots in his head and we go home.”

Sebastian pauses, and then says, “There’s no art to that.”

“This is about attrition. Not justice, not art.”

Salud then,” says Sebastian raising his glass, “To the many deaths of cruel tyrants, in commemoration of the martyrs and to the many long lives of the peoples’ heroes,” he toasts Watson with Kompot.



They clink.

“According to the code of Ayitian gentleman, no one gets called a hero until they are cold dead and fully buried, and their people are fully free.”

“But I, my friend, was born an Ivory,” says Sebastian with a grin.


And into the cold, cold lonely night they depart to make their final bloody hit.

The streets are packed for this hour and the weather conditions by 23:01pm are unchanged. It is preposterous that there be so much snow in the month of June! They drive deeper into the city in a black jeep with tinted windows. They didn’t have to work too hard tonight because a man like this has made a lot of enemies. What you can always predict about corruption is that everyone is eventually for sale and that sale is acceptable. They have had a young woman watching him for some time and it was already clear that hitting him at his house was completely out of the question.  Ultimately, they had to get him out of his house on to a street to carry out a drive by and jettison. First, we had to get an accurate CCTV placement run down. All angles where we could be caught on film and thus plan out route of approach and escape. That they purchased long ago for but 250,000 Rubles.  We then had to ascertain the level of security protecting him. That was supplied by his shadow, the young woman hired to watch him. Three yellow code dry runs had been made already via our associates in Memorial to gauge the rapid response level times. He has two personal bodyguards and two cars of paramilitaries from the FSB stationed on his block, but tonight there were apparently four. His building was newly renovated but everything in the central district is accessible by an automated grid. Power, water, phone lines, and heat controls are all accessible to turn on an off via computerized control based on payment or the right tight hack. But they’re going to do this the old fashioned way.


“Under no circumstances are you to get in a gun battle on the streets of Moscow,” were the direct orders of Maya Solomon to Watson Entwissle earlier in the day via sky pager.


Before they reach the Central District we leave the jeep in a subterranean parking garage and exit into the elements on foot wrapped in multilayer pea coats with new faces before switching into a faster car left for them on the street which we will use for the drive by. There are road blocks in to the Central District but they have a satellite map to guide us to the several side streets which are less likely to be fully staffed. The streets are noticeably unobstructed the closer we get to the city center where in total defiance of the elements the Muscovites have enlisted a full time battalion of mechanized snow removal technicians to keep traffic in and out flowing.


At 22:05 a man we paid 250,000 New Rubles through a fifth party cuts off the heat to the apartment of Yuri Budanov and then vacates the building via its lower parking garage. A 22:35 an automated dialer begins calling his flat over and over again posing as a series of incomprehensible Chinese telemarketers. At 22:45 all the street lights on his block are cut off. This is what enough installments of 250,000 rubles can buy. It’s very, very cold in Russia. And it shouldn’t really be snowing like this, in June.


Watson does the driving and Sebastian does the shooting. A sky page from our contact informs us that he’s just stepped outside his apartment block with his wife on to the street. They drive up Komsomolskaya Prospect at a gentleman’s pace. Sebastian crosses himself. So fucking odd that a part Ivoryish convert to Shi’a Islam will cross himself before a kill. The window comes down and Sebastian lines up, “for Elza,” he says.


Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.


Six silent shots go off, four into the thick of Yuri Budanov’s bearded face and the blood and the brains checker splatter and spread in the white snow.  And then it happens. The entire street draws weapons on us. Men, women, children, Dvotchka even Babushkas! Everybody takes out machine pistols and levels them at our position. And tires all go flat, and several black vans open up and FSB storm troopers run out, dozens of them and they point machine guns at us. It happens so fast. So well-coordinated! Budanov’s wife is screaming hysterically and his body is face down in the snow in a pool of blood. We are completely surrounded.

Sebastian gives Watson a look. He takes his pistol and presses it to his own head.

“Inadvisable,” Watson says in French.


The gun jams.

Watson places his hands on the dashboard.


Bze platnay seer ve mishalovka,” says Sebastian Adon as he drops the pistol out the car window into the snow setting his hands also down upon the dash.

The only free cheese is in a mousetrap.

Shortly after thinking that a truncheon strikes his head.






“Oasis Hade Bade”


Anya Drovtich is flying. Literally rocketing down the Belt Parkway at 240 kilometers per hour. We use the metric system in Breuklyn Soviet now. She rips tarmac down the coastal highway. The first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”


Anya thinks at lightning speed:


I’d like to tell you that we live by that. I’d like to tell you how much I’d like to assure you that the work our men and women do is building towards that first article. But, I’d be completely lying. As my Ducati rips down the Belt Parkway toward my next meeting in the Green Light District, I know that while we are all born equal, very few of us were born free.

The Judeo-Christian-Islamic HaShem, that over two million of our Breuklyn Soviet citizens still pray to says, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

I rocket past a crew of ambulance workers attending to the collateral damage of abolishing the speed limit. I salute at 255 KPH.

The code of the school yard says, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

So who does one even believe these days?

There was once a very large strip club called “Flashpumpers” that used to be on Surf Ave, then it was called Squared, then called Foxy’s. The strip club itself was the target of a particularly grisly mass shooting a couple days prior when it was discovered that the girls had no union and were being pimped out on the side. A group of flicker hooded masked men executed every male employee and patron in the place, surviving witnesses claimed the attackers came out a tunnel under the kitchen floor. You can get just about anything on earth in the Green Light District, you can fuck animals, you can role play, you can acquire any conceivable cocktail of illicit pharmaceutics, you can engage in some pretty ancient Roman, Japanese hardcore, roaring 20’s shit;  but you can’t make people your slaves. Or dittle fuck little kids. Age of consent is still very much a universal 18 years of age throughout the Breuklyn Soviet.

Innocuously enough, just four blocks down is a small “Muslim Exclusive”, no alcohol on premises hookah café called Arabian Knights.

That’s where I’m off to.

I’ll have you know that I did not vote for the class order to have those mobsters gunned down. That was the death sentence of Erza Pula, the Albanian Chief of the Safety Section, or what Oleg   jokingly calls; the Committee for Public Safety.

Erza Pula has never been one flinch at killing slavers. My days of dealing in death are over. For the most part.

I park my black Ducati in front of Arabian Knights.

It was here, under the averted eyes of its elderly Chechen owner Sam “Ouju” Saladin that rebel engineers from the Breukyn Soviet have built a smuggling tunnel complete with a functional subway three car Q train out an old maintenance tunnel all the way under the East River bed into the catacombs below the District Financial.


Via this route Ysiad Ferraris will later this evening cross into the U.A.S. after his debauch at Svetzapad Hotel with the Ivorite spy Toba Hadaad, not my favorite person.


I check my bike out front with the underage Canaanite valet Tariq. I nod to the door guards, members of the Party of HaShem, I give them the A salaam Alekuum. They give me the courteous salute and Islamic reply. Then seal and bolt the doors behind me.


The entire place is an interlocking weave of curtained booths which bear an innocuous aroma of some unknown fruit, perhaps grape melon? Saladin, born a very long time ago in a Chechen town called Shali City cures his own shisha, or fruit molasses infused tobacco.


In the backroom of the Oasis Hade Bade, behind steel buttressed emergency doors, seated around a long table close to the ground are several partisans, some quite infamous at this stage for the desperate deeds they did to secure Breuklyn’s independence, others accomplices of lower profile. Though the audacity required for us to hold court on Russian Bratva district territory in uniform no less while recently having ordered the shutdown of several major brothels and gambling houses speaks to the brazen way Oleg Medved and I lead the Otriad these days.

Fair warning was given. The Green Light District went “union” six months prior and port tariffs were to be now collected at Port Coney and taxes were to be paid directly to the General Assembly. The Port may be owned by Perchevney and his people, but the District Coney Island was established long ago as Breuklyn Otriad turf.


Article twenty three clearly states that everyone has the right to “a fair wage, in a safe environment and to join a trade union.”


I am clad in my dark blue fatigues and along with burly well-dressed Oleg Medved and am briefing our assembled associates. My associates at this particular palaver are Kaveh Ali Shariati Atatable, a Persian Revolutionary Guardsmen cross affiliated with the Z.O.B. and the Party of HaShem, the Indian-Yid televisionary Nicholas Mapfre; the recently elected Chief Communications Officer of the 18th Congress, and Hassan Askeri, Bangladeshi millionaire business man and Vice President of BRAC; the world’s largest NGO. Along with seven newly arrived commanders from the Party of HaShem, the Persian backed Shi’a paramilitary organization that is one of the Z.O.B.’s closest allies. I am entreating them to produce a “Goebbels quality inter-web marketing campaign.”

We are about to let the cat out of the bag quite publically.

Oleg Medved is smoking a Cuban cigar. He has little taste for hookahs. And even less for shifty endless political negotiations, especially when they involve the Brotherhood of Muhammadian and the so called Party of HaShem. His thinly veiled contempt for meetings is only subsumed at times for his respect for me. Anya Drovtich.


Kaveh is a heavy set and muscular Persian with a well-groomed mustache. Nicholas Mapfre has long black hair. He smiles mischievously when asked questions that make him uncomfortable, like how many wives he has. Hassan Askeri has a boyish, preppy look to him as though he has stepped out of a Bollywood film, befriended some red radicals and fearlessly supports us even if just for the sake of danger, prestige and the sex. The seven revolutionary guardsmen present are all clean shaven and olive skinned.


Nicholas Mapfre went to Bronx Science and was a founding member of the original Club, albeit more of silent partner until four years ago when most of his childhood friends were martyred before and during the rising. Kaveh has been a card carrying Banshee for years before he returned to his beleaguered nation Iran to enlist in the Revolutionary Guards after a brief career in yellow journalism. Hassan encountered Sebastian Adon on the Q train mêlée in 2008 and their lives were shortly ever after bound together via thought crime and punishment.


I am standing, leaned against the wall; hand on my hip, hand holding open a micro brief. My lips painted are up in red lip stick and my dreads are covered in a red Hijab. Oleg Medved is intermittently reading a Russian poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky on his smart phone, while scrolling between the quasi erotic pictures of his last fashion shoot, while then sky paging one of his modals to meet him later at the Svetzapad Hotel.

He looks vaguely tired.

Yet always stalwart. Ready to do what must be done.

Quite a stalwart droog.

As per usual I brief them multilingually and using Spectra Point; the 3d graphics system designed by Google right before they succeeded in fully turning over control of the internet to the Obama regime’s N.S.A. It projects holographic displays and is far more engaging than the data delivery systems preceding it.

Before he was brutally tortured on national television Dan Fried the martyr had open course improved on it. Right before he successful hacked into and eliminated the entire big data holding of the NSA two years before the Great Disorder.

“Brothers, let me begin by positing two variables which must be brought to bear immediately. We are as you know about to move ahead with these latest clandestine machinations. First, if the camera isn’t rolling the whole haShemdamn time, if people cannot tune constantly into our revolution rolling live stream on the inter-web; see with their own eyes not just hear about it on the Fire Station; if they cannot identify clear protagonists, clear protagonists that they at times get to see partially naked; take in the veritable laundry lists of resistance faction acronyms and see this whole bloody, bloody show down as an epic battle between “Good” and “evil”; human freedom v. oligarchic collectivism well then I suspect that we will all die in shallow sandy graves as the true blue “international cohort of Islamists, subversives, anarchists, commies, and nigger loving terrorists” the U.A.S. media already proclaims us to be,” I, Anya Drovtich, Section Chief of Information and Intelligence of the Breuklyn Otriad’s 18th Congress inform them.

I clearly have a way with my words.

But, I did not always.

“We are asking you as some of our most obviously capable cinematographers and media experts to develop the capability of live streaming the entire guerilla invasion of a major African country to take place approximately six months from now. We are also requesting Persian support in training the local people of that country in the finer arts of guerrilla war. And all this needs to be accomplished within the next six months. Understood?” she asked them.

“Five by five,” responded Kaveh Ali Shariati in Farsi.


Switch perspective.


Oleg Medved is watching Nicholas Mapfre, Hassan, Kaveh and the seven Guardsmen pass the Nagillah, the big blue water pipe filled with Grape-Mint tobacco back and forth. His girlfriend slash modal slash concubine texts him back that she can be at the West Light at 23:00.  He doesn’t need to tell her to bring the cuffs and Stolichnaya Premium. Anya always has everyone’s undivided attention except his.

But he’s her left hand man. Her best asset. Especially since his erotic tiff with Erza Pula Pound, the Albanian Safety-Security Chief. Another lesson of don’t fuck where you eat. Don’t ravish a woman who has her own army if she might fall for you when you don’t believe in such things as monogamy.


            What a headache.

            Nicholas Mapfre, guerilla film maker of the People’s Television Network, long time club member is certain that without the proper utilization of information technology it will be impossible to get good data out of the war zone and utilize it as propaganda to trigger the chain reaction of uprisings so critical to the victory of the militant human rights movement.

Anya fills the room with her vibrations.

“A quick parable before my second point,” she says.

“Years ago, in the Cinema Rex fire, the Cinema Rex in Abadan, Iran, was set ablaze, killing over 400 individuals, horrifically burning them alive while trapped inside.”

“The then ruling shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, said that Muhammadian insurgents set the fire, while many blamed the country’s intelligence service, SAVAK. There is speculation over the actual number of casualties incurred during the fire. Various sources draw their own conclusions concerning the death toll. A 1980 Amnesty-International report states that there were 438 victims, including individuals who were tried and wrongfully executed after the fire itself.

“The fire itself was “the third-deadliest terror attack in modern history,” after only the 11 September debacle. And a certain subsequent recent event called the Millennium Theatre Hostage crisis with which you are all now surely familiar with.”

Oleg Medved even hearing that phrases like “11 September” or “Millennium Hostage Crisis” gets a bad taste in his mouth. Since his unit organized both of those attacks.

“There have been many unfounded allegations regarding the circumstances which led to the Cinema Rex fire, but it is certain that it was a key event that triggered the Persian revolution. One such allegation claims that Mossad-trained Savak agents were in pursuit of individuals who ran into the movie theatre and used it as an opportunity to hide in a large crowd at the cinema. Later, either the fugitives, or the Savak agents chasing them decided to lock the doors of the cinema, and a fire was started in the theatre presumably by the fugitives. Unable to escape from the building, everyone inside the cinema died as a result of the conflagration. Another speculation is that the Savak simply bolted the doors and burned the place down themselves hoping to stoke local anger against the resistance to the Shah.”

She pauses and then says, “Second point. Not only do we require People’s Television and the Persian Revolutionary Guard to design, bank roll and administer the sophisticated media logistics for the world’s first live streamed international guerrilla war; we need you to produce a very, very moving film. And quickly. Something to make your Kony 2012 piece look like Saturday morning cartoons. I am asking you on behalf of the 18th Congress of the Club’s Executive to produce such a film juxtaposing the Cinema Rex fire in Abadan; the September 11th martyr operation; and with the Millennium Theatre fire of three years prior. They are not really all that similar in technicality, but the purpose of this film is to win international hearts and minds to cause of our micro-republic. We want a film that makes foreign nationals and their leaders want to help us. Because if we’re going to simultaneously keep the U.A.S. Federal government off our backs, keep things moving along plan, and attempt to liberate a certain country in the Caribbean, well were going to need the help of the Persian Revolutionary Guard Corps. And movies, as you three gentlemen know are the way into all human hearts and minds.”

She sold them before they walked in.


Three years ago, 808 civilian hostages and 24 rebel fighters were killed in the Millennium Theatre in a 72 hour hostage crisis on the eve of the ceasefire which led to the Breuklyn Canton’s establishment. As well as 23 other canton statelets. The Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) had pumped some designer paralytic gas into the besieged theatre to supposedly incapacitate the hostage takers. At some point either the rebels or the Federals storming the theatre triggered an explosion in the ensuing exchange of gun fire. Blame went both ways obviously. As 800 plus 8 people lay in various degrees of incapacitation a fire swept the theatre. Virtually everyone perished.


The few civilian hostages that the F.D.N.Y. rescue medics managed to pull from that inferno were dead shortly after from the incapacitating gas. It was virtually impossible for either the media or the D.H.S. to differentiate hostage from “terrorist”, but 832 bodies were recovered from the smoking rubble of Broadways most prestigious new play house.

In reality 808 American hostages did indeed perish mostly from the gas used by the U.A.S. Federals and subsequent exchanges of gun fire. Of the 24 Otriad rebels that took over the theatre for 72 hours, none of them allegedly made it out alive. And two that were confirmed killed by the national press and D.H.S. were none other than Maya Solomon and Sebastian Adon. The principle founders of the Breuklyn Bath and Rifle Club’s New York and Middle Eastern Branches.

The partially burned remains of the two famous “master terrorists” were confirmed by genetic matching the corpses and dental records. 832 bodies were recovered. Many riddled with bullets, many partially burned. Thus leading the FBI-DHLS to believe they had killed two major leaders of the national uprising called “The Great Revolt” which by that time had been bleeding the nation or three years.

But, the coroners of the D.H.S. were tricked and mistaken. These were body doubles. Flesh bot clones of the 24 operatives taking the theatre by storm. Husks grown with no souls used primarily as replacement parts or sex toys for rich lonely sickos.

Adon, Solomon and 22 others made it out through the sewers shortly after the gas came

rushing in. These were students of history. They remembered what had happened in Moscow in 2003. They brought respirator masks with them. They left bodies, flesh husks for the authorities to find.    History only repeats itself when allowed to.

Nicholas Mapfre, Kaveh and their cocky, vaguely charming playboy partner Ryder Haske did terrific work throughout the battle for Ayiti, the great revolt and their unrelated tear jerker KONY 2012 on the subject of the Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda raised 37 million dollars for the  club from unsuspecting liberal American college students. Given unrestricted access to Iran and its national archives during an unusually scary year of nuclear saber rattling between Iran, Israel and the UAS their movie had finished and screened as “humanizing tour de force” during a period of “globe shaking ethno-religious jingoism” right before the partisan invasion of Ayiti was to commence.

The message was to juxtapose the pre-revolutionary excesses of the Shah with the sinister Project for a New American Century-Mossad 9/11 Martyr Operation along with the brutal conduct of the U.A.S. Federal government during Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Great Revolt, exemplified by the Millennium Hostage Crisis a showcase of “state sponsored acts of terror”.

The film was beyond risky.

It was to be well-researched and also be sexy, fun and available for free on YouTube. And it was a polished piece of populist propaganda. It would be obviously firewalled in the U.A.S., Russian Federation, and People’s Republic of China, but by that time almost everyone on earth besides those living in North Korea still had unrestricted clandestine access to “the inter-web”; the people’s last free open source conduit of information now that the oligarchy had Silicon Valley in its war pocket and controlled completely every log in, every search, and every correspondence on the internet.


Even a sheltered blan U.A.S. citizen in the Midwest couldn’t help but sympathize with the people of Breuklyn bombed into the ground for months, killed by the tens of thousands, living in bunkers fighting in ghettos, and trenches and then the sheer audacity of us mounting four sophisticated hostage take overs in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C. that all resulted in the seizure of some the nation’s wealthiest citizens, celebrities and politicians.


“Especially since that same vile clique of Bohemian Grove American oligarchs had just over a decade ago organized a massive terrorist attack on their own citizens on the 11th of September 2001 to send the country to permanent war and strip the nation of the last vestiges of its civil liberties,” notes Anya Drovtich.


The deadly martyrdom of Adon and Solomon, confirmed dead in the Millennium inferno caused by U.A.S. heavy handedness would now be exposed as a clever charade to conceal two of the top architects of the human rights resistance movement.

This was to be an epic film.

The blackest cat is now out of the bag.

“If we hadn’t all seen it coming and already had so much data to choose from I’d tell you this couldn’t be done in the time frame you’re suggesting. However, I think we all saw this coming,” states Nicholas Mapfre.

One of the nameless Persian guardsmen chimes in, “it is always said they were very, very hard people to truly kill.”


“That 808 American citizens died in a crisis we initiated is obviously still a major open sore for the U.A.S. pundits, politicians and right wing. Even if most of them were upper east side elites,” notes Kaveh Ali Shariati, “that it resulted in rapid succession of sixty four eastern free state territories, several of which with nuclear weapons is a real talking point too.”


Everyone was still getting over the September 11th Attack that launched the rather limitless and global war pitting the United States against the entire Muslim world. But this was the Post-Snowden IT AGE, so unlike in Moscow in 2003 when the F.S.B. pumped gas into the Budanov Theatre and killed several hundred of their citizens, or when China blacked out over one billion internet users from knowing what was going on outside of China, well they can get away with less now, cameras will always be rolling and we have the inter-web to ourselves. No paid advertisements allowed.


“The film will blame the oligarchy for ultimately forcing civilians to become terrorists and revolutionaries. It will profile Cinema Rex in Iran, the Budanov Theatre Hostage Crisis in 2003 of Moscow, and expose the details of September 11th, 2001 and the events of the Millennium. It will finally stress just how “not quite dead” Adon and Solomon are and set up the interest for the third wave; our irregular invasion of Ayiti,” explains Anya.

Interestingly enough, it was not the deaths of 808 rich, very rich New Yorkers and foreign dignitaries at the Millennium, or the threat of setting off a very real nuclear device in Washington DC, or even that President Trump’s family was amongst the hostages seized there. The working group that took over the Democratic National Convention in Chicago was holding upwards of 8,000 hostages. That wasn’t the issue.


What finally led to the pressure to bear to end the crisis didn’t even come from Los Angeles. By taking over the Academy Awards the rebels were in a position to murder most of the nation’s Hollywood celebrities.

Or the nuclear test detonation in the Ocean outside Washington D.C. irradiating the city for the next eighty years half-life.

In the end, shortly after the full scope of the plot came to the attention of the nation’s security and intelligence community. A high level bureaucrat from the Department of Homeland Security called the wealthiest men in the country to brief them on the developments. Of course the media had been having a feeding frenzy already, but not everyone knew about the bomb in the capital.

In the end, not the military, not the security state, not the President, but instead the richest man in the nation, an anonymous man whose name you would never even recognize, he weighed the stakes, conferred with a few business tycoons and theirs lawyers in a thatched hut of the Bohemian Grove and they called Obama back an hour later.


“Give them all the sovereignty they can swallow,” was the message of the elite at least in the beginning.


The President was informed that the intelligence community and the military would be unable to stop the three working groups in Chicago, D.C. and L.A. from carrying out their directives. It was thoroughly advised that the President declare an official ceasefire with the separatists, end the siege and deal with the rebels decisively in “his third term in office.”


The ceasefire came 72 hours after the blood bath at the Millennium. The rebels along with a choice batch of some celebrity, athlete and political hostages as well as three atomic weapons built in the University of Stonybrook all took trains back to Breuklyn. Three years had passed without so much as a shot fired between the U.A.S. and the Breuklyn Soviet. The purge had occurred abroad, and it was almost complete.


103 dead war criminals according to the last reports. One more to die in Moscow before the evening is over.


And then three months ago the mysterious killings began. In just three months howling lunatics had slaughtered as many innocent people as our Sicarri had tracked down in three years.


“We will have the film ready to premier in six months,” states Kaveh, “as for the Guard supporting your so called ‘Operation Marcus Garvey’; we will have to wait and hear from the supreme leadership in Tehran.


“We will bring your proposal to our leadership this evening,” states Sayyid Ghaffarian leader amongst the Pasadaran Guardsmen secretly deployed in Breuklyn Soviet, “I suppose a serious question to ask is who exactly will pay for this risky venture?”


“Everyone’s gonna end up paying for it,” mutters Oleg Medved.


But he isn’t talking about the money.




“Spooning and Forking”


To be honest the boardwalk was sketchy before the Great Revolt, but it wasn’t a lot less sketchy four years later. Crowded by summer and deserted mostly at night very little had been changed aesthetically by the uprising and the siege.


Spooning leads to forking, that’s what they always say.

Summer in the Breuklyn Soviet means that the boardwalk and beaches are virtually inundated with gyrating flesh; short-short skirts, loud dancehall, dub step or field music blaring over vehicle sound systems driven right to the water’s edge. All night sex parties. Endless overtime for the veritable army of push cart hustlers and hawkers and their civil servant protectors. The parachute drop tower is lit up at night for base jumping, but the wild lights of the Green Light District, Luna Park, Steeplechase Casino and over a thousand hot spot debaucheries; night clubs, spas and outdoor restaurants keep out citizens and adventure tourists from around the world quite busy. But it hasn’t been summer for years. The Boardwalk is now fully desolate. Breuklyn Soviet is still in the full clutches of General Winter.


My haShem your tits are fucking huge, he thinks, respectfully. Even your coat can’t hide ‘um.


Ysiad Ferraris is vaguely jet lagged. His suit however is well tailored and shows no signs of travel duress. You can’t fly direct from Moscow to what was once called JFK, obviously. All three of the New York’s remaining major airstrips are now in the rebel zones of control. All major carriers of course refuse to fly there because it would mean losing lucrative contracts with the U.A.S. Since no nation officially recognizes the Free State territories except Iran, Cuba and a hand full of Caribbean Islands in the Wild West Indian Federation; the only way to fly to Breuklyn Soviet is on your own chartered plane. Fly low over ocean to avoid drones and land by night at the ‘Idlewild Confederate Air Base’ or, ‘Malcolm X’ (once LaGuardia) or MLK International (once JFK). There is a theoretical no fly zone over Bronx Soviet and the Long Island Sound. Most extralegal commercial trade thus must utilize container ships, tunnel drums, subs and short planes to move goods and people into liberated Strong Island, or the pockets of rebel territory scattered along the coast between Maine and Miami. They say 64 Cantons, but after 3.5 years of war and repression it’s really it’s down to 22.

“He’s supposed to play dead!” exclaims Toba Hadaad.

And Ysiad just shrugs.

Ysiad Ferraris meets Toba Hadaad, an agent of the Mossad for a brunch and Bloody Mary’s at the Yafa Café on the Manhattan Beach Boardwalk, just outside the Green Light District. It is decorated with red lights that adorn the walls like Christmas decorations. It had been a far seedier place when they were younger. The coffee was once a little more expensive then. People used to fornicate in the narrow enclosures of their rest rooms while coffee house philosophers would pontific ate all night about the existence of HaShem and or Karl Marx. The food is vaguely Mediterranean. The owners are vaguely Israeli. The Yafa Café and its sister the Sunflower Café on Kings Highway are both known places of temporary employ for Hebrew speaking “new arrivals” to the Breuklyn Soviet getting acclimated in the numerous changes happening here.

They have history and quite a lot of it. A bit of the old in-out, in-out pound the shit out. A history built on deeds and deals between Sodom and Gomorrah. The Mossad, the premier Israeli foreign intelligence arm has a history of doing whatever it has to do anywhere and to anyone it has to on earth to safeguard the Israeli state. Including biting the hand that feeds it. Israel still has an 80 billion dollar weapons deal with the United American States and refuses to acknowledge the Breuklyn Soviet as a sovereign nation. But with one eighth of world Ivory living there, well under the table deals get made left, right and center.

“I just got back from Moscow! Guess who I ran into at the bathhouse?” exclaims Ysiad.

“What’s that Benzona up to now,” Toba asks Ysiad with a scowl.

“A whole problematic lot of things,” he grins.

“He’s supposed to be dead! The gate keepers should have ordered him liquidated years ago. I’m still just a tad sentimental because he’s your only friend.”

“What you should have done was let him in your fucking country and recruited him back in the day, before he ended up first in Ayiti and turned into such a majorly effective zealot on behalf of the blacks.”

“Whatever. A person like him has no idea how to play well in a chain of command. He thinks he’s so smart. So evolved! And thus he ignores every time honored understanding of what humans are and are not capable of.  We’ve done more than ok without him,” scoffs Toba.

“He thinks the world of you Toba.”

“As he should, he owes me still for that escapade on the subway.”

“That’s not really how he sees it. He feels like you cut him off and sold him out to the agency and got him thrown out of your country for good.”

“Him being a subversive, can’t pick a side-fuck is what did that.”

“Regardless. You look well. You’re still an evil opinionated bitch with huge tits though.”

“And you a soulless, paper chasing lackey to a series of demagogues. How’s the wife?”

“Barefoot and pregnant. She sends her love. How goes the war on Palestine or are you people back to calling it Canaan again?”

“Status quo. As we like it. So, why the fuck am I here again you sarcastic shit for brains? Oh, yes, to remind you that the agency is very nervous about conflicting reports that Adon and Solomon are out of retirement after just three years of being confirmed dead. And both allegedly soon enroot to Tehran. You could see how that worries us.”

Ysiad cocks a cocky eyebrow.

“Ah, that. Well, Sebastian and Co. are about to invade a certain gold and oil rich developing, perhaps long unraveling nation and they were curious how the Israeli intelligence community would feel. You know, like if they took over the DR and Ayiti.”

Her jaw drops only slightly. A tiny little bit revealing some last vestige of sentimentality. Her jaw never fully drops. It drops to reveal what Ysiad can’t possibly know which is that she never expected this plot to get this far.

It was a very impressive subterfuge that the club had pulled via its scientists ability to replicate bodies. Not only was the Breuklyn Otriad able to grow viable organs to sell to fund its efforts, they could grow entire soulless bodies. And that was how they planted twenty four corpses including two of their primary leadership at the site of secessionist ground zero during the Millennium Theatre Hostage Crisis. To the best of her knowledge only the Mossad and the Perchevney Bratva were still convinced Adon and Solomon were still alive.

“He’s was supposed to play dead for five years minimum,” Toba mutters, “That was the deal. Last time I checked.”

“Well obviously there was a change of plans on their end. I know your people have informants in their circle, but I suspect not their inner circle. They can play democracy in front of just about everyone else but we all know, elected or not, dead or alive the same circle of people has been guiding that club since 2000,” Ysiad suggests.

“Well actually it’s really only eight. And out of that eight really only three key original players are still alive. One in Angola prison camp, two in death or exile. ”

“Look we can waste time small taking about the ‘Breuklyn Bath and Rifle club’ until the rabbits hop home, but bottom line, Adon and Solomon are moving about recruiting and laying down a conduit into the Republic of Ayiti. They’re training over in Cuba with the blessing of the new Lavalas government; they have a forward bases secured on the Isle of Youth.”

“Obviously we were aware of all that. It’s our back yard. But how many?”

“Now, that you don’t get to know, I don’t even really know. Suffice to say enough for a real state of emergency. Maybe not a true topple or a near over throw, but a big messy dent.”

“And why in the world are they orchestrating this?”

“He claims it’s to rescue the people of Ayiti from genocide, but you know, it’s anyone’s guess. He runs quite a spectacle generating club these days.”

“He or she?”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Have you ever seen Maya Solomon with your own eyes?”

“Well no, but I have seen Adon at a bathhouse without clothes just seventy two hours ago and I know he’s a…”

“Not what I’m suggesting. I’m saying she’s the boss, not him.”

“Well who cares, the American media says they’re two very dead master terrorists. The problem is that they’re gonna invade Ayiti in less than six months to a year and they need air support. Unlike the smaller operation they ignited, there are numerous armed groups already killing each other in Ayiti. And all that gold & oil to win.”

“Well this all sounds insane. Say hi to your wonderful wife for me.”

“Ah, he said you’d blow it off like that. Except here is the part where I say over 1,000 of their fighters are practicing Yids. If they do succeed in bringing the Maccoute to their knees, forcing a U.N. intervention in Ayiti and by default toppling President Talleyrand then Israel might stand to have one less regional enemy armed to the teeth with Chinese weapons. And of course the real tipping point, but you have to sit down for this one.”

She doesn’t sit down.

He looks her over with her Arab features, thick hips and her black curly hair and a rack that, well anyway, not to objectify such a powerful and deadly woman, but they are quite big.

“They’re gonna break the leader of the Ayitian Emergency Group out of U.A.S. custody and return to Ayiti with the one man that can unite the major factions of the resistance against President  al-Talleyrand  .”

“They’re going to break Avinadav DeBuitléir out from camp Angola 42? How?”

“Fairly soon I suspect if they aren’t all killed trying.”

She pauses, wondering if it’s about high time for the Mossad to put more West Indians on payroll this week.

“This is all quite fine and good, but what pray tell does the questionably sane Mr. supposedly dead master terrorist Sebastian Adon, excuse me, “former Chief Planning Officer Adon want from Israel this time around?”

This was her little way of impressing on Ysiad that yes, the Mossad is quite aware of the inner mechanics of the Breuklyn Otriad, since one eighth of world’s Ivory lives in that three year old anarchic little micro republic. Canton, Soviet whatever.

“They’re asking for a onetime deal on a Berlin style airlift from Mexico into Ayiti in exchange for Avinadav DeBuitléir’s guarantee on the future Ayitian recognition of Greater Israel after the cessation of hostilities, which presumably they expect to win, as well as DeBuitléir’s promise of extensive trade and resource concessions between your two countries. They want a guarantee that if they manage to secure Hispaniola the I.A.F. will secure a no fly zone to prevent a northern retaliatory strike by the U.A.S. or Haan.”

“Yeah, well if they win. Big effing if. And where is it we’d even have a base to fly sorties from?”

“What about your friends in Trinidad?”

“Well it’s a onetime gamble. It isn’t as if getting caught doing this could possibly make Israeli-World relations any worse.”

“It’s a negligible commitment of resources because they can’t possibly field more than 1,000 fighters on such short notice with the commitments they’ve already made. You are of course aware that we’ve already penetrated their Jacmel, Cange Outpost and Sinai training bases and have several case officers embedded in the detachments drilling there.”

“They probably have less than that committed actually. But, Toba you know what these people are capable of even with just eight members. Suffice to say, they have a lot more than eight members now.”

“Why are you betting on this foolish blood bath Mr. Ferraris?”

“He’s my dearest old friend.”

“That’s never, ever a good enough reason.”

“Well, one does like making a little history to absolve themselves of past, present and likely future war crimes, do they not? And who’s gonna lie? If that country sits on a sea of oil and gold then this war is incredibly profitable. But I am doing this more as a friend than a business man. And surely they won’t stop at Ayiti. They’ll take D.R. too, my motherland.”

“Indeed, you’re just all such a bunch of true believers.”

“Well we weren’t always. Miracles are lucrative these days. Anyhow, just pass the offer along is all they’re asking and let me know if anyone is receptive to this project on your end of the camel.”

“We’re following this rather closely.”

“The invasion will happen within the year. They want assurances now.”

“Tell them to go talk to Ruth,” says Toba Hadaad.

He passes her across the table a micro USB card taped into a book of matches from the KBG Bar in Manhattan; a den of drunken writers and also quite a few spies. It’s a love letter to the State of Ivory chock full of coded logistical particulars. Makes and models of planes and hardware they want to lend lease.

Magneav,” she declares. Magnificent.

“Oh yes, what I came here to give to you,” she says.

She hands him a business card of a new restaurant called The Third Rasputin, which just went up on Avenue Z, it was called The Romanoff in its last incarnation. On the boardwalk a grey rabbit that is roughly the size of a hog hops by. Some Japanese adventure tourists try and take its picture.

“The new Mehanata,” Ysiad says.

“A certain cargo cased coffin just arrived there today from Moscow. I would suggest you tell your confederates that what is in that box will be worth the whole rebellions weight in gold.”

“I’ll be sure they send someone knocking.”

She smiles at him.

“Tell them to knock very, very hard,” she says.

There is an accusation in her eyes that he is uncomfortable with.

“I didn’t betray Adon,” Ysiad informs her, “we all just needed to do some house cleaning before the coming storm.”

“Purge, counter purge,” she suggests.

“Death to traitors and spies,” he counters.

“You’ve always been one big traitor. And I’ve always been one hell of a spy.”

“I’m staying at the Svetzapad Hotel,” Toba mentions to Ysiad Ferraris.












“Kundalini Tickle Method”


  Thinks Sebastian Adon, his head throbbing:

Something is odd about the lightning in here. But I fail to know what to say or think it worth speaking on.

What makes a safe house safe? I have no idea. Only the people in it ready to hold ground.

She’s a dangerous woman, all can agree.


“Well of course they were inevitably captured,” she says, “Moscow is locked down. Tight as a drum as you like to say. Nothing happens here without the full choreography of the authorities.”

“Including us?”

“Including the weather. I’d imagine what comes next will be very painful,” she says.

“It’s always been thrilling to observe the drastic change in energies and aura via the shift in a paradigm when one looks upon a complicated thing with new eyes.”

“What does that mean?” she asks, “don’t talk that Kundalini bullshit to me.”

“The most important lesson I ever learned in Ayiti was that you have to always separate fact from emotion; the brain from the heart, and the fakeness from the real. Would you recognize Alexandr Perchevney if you saw him in a photograph?” I ask her.

“Of course not,” she says, “nor would I recognize you. No matter what was done to me. Only by your wide eyes and kiss do I know it’s ever you.”

“Your round,” I say examining her Chornay cigarettes. Wondering why she still smokes.

“Smoking kills,” I mention.

“Your people know how to grow new bodies don’t they? If you truly love me you’ll get me new lungs. We can leave these bodies at will!” she pauses then begins to sing, “What’s one more cigarette she said? What’s the use of your lungs when you’re riddled with sixty four holes?”

That’s a line from a famous rebel pop song.

“There is only one proven way to get information out of a woman like you,” I declare!

“Oh, do tell,” she says.

“The tickle method,” I tell her “Get on your fucking back man,” I declares.

“I’m going to tickle you until you can no longer stand.”

“Tickle better be your bullshit American code word for a violent hard fuck.”

“Well it might be.”

“Tell me more about the Svetzapad Hotel in Breuklyn Soviet,” she says.





“Lap Dance at the Westlight Hotel”


In all times of human carnage someone always finds a way to make a buck. Four million persons found themselves sealed in the rebel zone that composed all of Yonkers and the Bronx, all of Queens and Brooklyn as well as all of Long Island out to Montauk. This territory which is really technically only four hours’ drive east to west and two hours north to south, check points not factored in became the three allied cantons of Breukyn, Bronx and Queens, which later changed its name to Goddess.

The three years of constant urban warfare highly polarized the population. Demographically speaking in generalizations most of the whites fled to the U.A.S. lines during the first year of the uprising. The United American States lost between 7-13% of its territory to rebel militias in the first two years. President Obama was accused of allowing the dissolution of the empire and his Predecessor President Trump thoroughly escalated the violence as the country plunged into civil war. There is absolutely no way the rebel separatists could have sustained their revolt of their own arms and training. It took the decisive leadership of Senator Sanders and Congress Woman Ocasio-Cortez to galvanize enough of the Democratic Party to counter the Trump/Giuliani march toward martial law and fascism. Of course the Democratic Socialists were very late to join the revolution militarily, only the left shift of the Democrats and defections from the armed services bought the time the cantons needed to consolidate.


It has been roughly three years the deadly hostage crisis at the Millennium, the dirty bomb in Washington D.C. and the bilateral ceasefire which created Trump’s United American States and the Confederation. Since most of the revolutionary and civil war was fought in major coastal urban centers; Red States in the South and Interior readily joined the U.A.S. in 2015 while city states of varying sizes joined the newly organized Confederation of allied cantons. The largest of these canton statelets being Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx plus Yonkers and Long Island. Demographically speaking, by the time the final battle lines crystalized and the U.A.S. began building the mile high wall; Brooklyn which became Breuklyn Canton had 1 million Noires mostly Afro-Caribbean, 1 million Ivory and 2 million everyone else, though as stated most whites fled. Queens which became Goddess Canton held 2.5 million people with the Haan, Bengalis, the Guyanese, the Mexicans, Poles and assorted Latin Americans being the largest ethnic blocks. Long Island which quickly became the agricultural life line of the Cantons was absorbed under the jurisdiction of Breuklyn without much regard for the property rights of those who fled it. It was renamed Strong Island.


In a war, there are shortages, changes and disregarding of zoning and of property laws. There is new caste system and new economic regime to try and profit in. Democratic Confederalism embrace of communalism and property by use laws paced the way for land grabbing of the highest order disguised as expropriation for the people’s use.


The Green Light zone was built from an agreement between the powerful mafia Perchevney Bratva and the Breuklyn General Assembly to create a zone for vice in what used to be the neighborhoods of Coney Island and Brighton Beach. The logic on the side of the revolutionaries was that a red light area was a better regulatory measure than the haphazard legislation going into effect commune by commune. Flush with smuggling and vice proceeds the Bratva built an eight four story hotel on Neptune Ave inside the newly refurbished Sea Gate complex replete with mini-mansions. This hotel, the West Light was actually one of only towers in the Breuklyn canton of any real height. The other being the old watch tower across the street from the Barclay Station; home of the General Assembly’s many political factions.


Oleg the Bear doesn’t have to say one word to the valet at the Svetzapad Hotel about what will happen if anyone so much as looks in the general direction of his black bullet proof Mercedes. He gregariously takes a picture of the attendant with the vintage Leica camera he so adoringly carries about like a set piece. As if to say; if anyone goes even close to that car your death will be an entire gory photo shoot.

Since the total U.A.S.-OECD embargo which has lasted now for over three long years there has been no way to get certain luxury items into the nation easily. To be the driver of a brand fucking new armored Mercedes Bends means only one of two things. You are a vicious, cut throat likely Postsoviet affiliated associate of the Perchevney Bratva, or you are Magnus Goldbar Allamby.

It would be unheard of for anyone else to have a designer car in the Soviet.

And since Oleg Medved is certainly not the Otriad’s famous Bajan money man. He must therefore work for the feared Bratva that owns both the Svetzapad Hotel, the Free Port and most of the Green Light District.

Oleg the Bear is the head of the Committee for Public Safety, the feared canton secret police. Though theoretically not aligned to any party, it is not secrets that most of its highest officers are Z.O.B.s. Oleg was once affiliated directly with Percehveney’s Bratva but his sense gone to work with the Club. The club holds few actual seats in the General Assembly, but marshals via Uhura, the Fenian Brotherhood and the Banshee Group a considerable number of People’s Defense Force fighters and activists. Though a whole spectrum of parties and factions, gangs and religious groups hold seats in the General Assembly and its bodies; the Z.O.B. is widely viewed as custodian of the revolution and first among equals in the resistance. Oleg’s job is to crush counter-revolution and this is done in partnership with Sasho Alexandr Perecheveny’s minions.

Oleg takes the elevator to a suite in the highly acclaimed, highly luxurious Svetzapad Hotel which rises in an eighty four story spire off of Neptune Avenue. It was built just before the Great Disorder by a Russian business man named Dmitry Khulushin, a protégé of Sasho’s. He built a very tall tower to house a very important woman, but lost both the woman and shortly after the rights to the tower in a card game. As well as a gun fight. This hotel is now the singular pillar of vice in the whole canton. Its inhabitants a mix of those profiteering off the civil war and foreigners intriguing in the new polity. As stated, everything else built has been brutalist and functional. It is pillar of blue and red glass, twisting up into the skyline.


There are adornments inside are made of marble, and things that shine. There is the veneer of exclusivity, but that exclusivity is only limited by how much you spend. It has not been cost effective up keeping luxury during a revolution and siege, but it needed to be done.


Thinking back a whole year before the scheduled 2021 deployment to Hispaniola, Anya and Oleg worked the network for a way to communicate with all the foreign tribes they’d be dying to liberate. Ysiad Ferraris owns several dozen assorted businesses, but the crown jewels of his empire are largely high tech in nature or shipping companies. He plans to supply credentials for shipping the weapons and equipment into the Ayiti. He also has a very happy, happy Hanukah present he insists Oleg Medved and Anya Drovtich must meet him at his penthouse suite 74 stories over the Brighton Bay to see a “flash new toy”.


Ysiad is a Harvard graduate and amongst many other things the majority shareholder of Caravaggio-Gould Electronic Group: a small start-up out of college now transnational corporation holding patents in rescue and maintenance robotics, solar energy harvesting, and most importantly military contracts for fun filled killing tools like the Niche 06-47 surface-to-air fighter drone and the Oksana 62-12 terra-drone which can march into a village and machine gun everything that moves and is over three feet tall or has a weapon. Also selling like hotcakes were stasis chambers in which the sick or wounded could be put to sleep for years at a time hovering in a dreamlike state while they recuperated surgically grafting cloned flesh back to them. Also the Rikki 6 Sex bot. All of which are ever in demand with the ever escalating wars in Eurasia, East Asia and the disputed territories bordering Oceana.


Ysiad isn’t the richest man in all of Babylon, nor has he fully moved out of his townhouse on the 53rd floor of Olympia Tower Complex in the Isle of Man. He officially holds U.A.S. citizenship but he sure seems to own a great number of properties in the new free sates of the Eastern coast. He teaches a seminar periodically on the West Coast in Crisis Investing.


“So you’ve come for the high China tech shit, have you?” he laughs as they enter his suite at the Svetzapad Hotel.

“I just started taking language classes on one of the new Parasimulator my company is about to release. It’s wonderful stuff,” he tells them. More announces.

Toba is fixing her hair and makeup in the women’s closet.

A Parasimulator is an electronic device designed by the Israelis and then vastly improved by the Haan to generate neurological stimulation to in effect fool your five senses into believing the images, smells and sensations produced. Designed by the Israelis for combat simulation and torture, the Caravaggio Gould Group popularized them for elite entertainment. They are currently only available to the most wealthy and powerful, and military intelligence groups of the first world, Russian and China.

He passes Oleg Medved a head set that locks over his eyes and ears and connects wirelessly to tiny black box clipped to my hip.

“Why not just make it as one unit,” Oleg   asks.

“Well the factory that makes the software is in Israel, but the audio-visual simulator we can build cheaper in Vietnam. And anyway with the Boycott Divest and Sanction campaign in full swing and so many of my shareholders being Yids I couldn’t make the whole thing in East Asia, but I can’t risk all the fines for doing it all in Israel. You know the game.”

Anya is highly unimpressed with just about everything this schemer does.

A war profiteer is how she describes him.

Oleg dons the head set and a husky female voice whispers to verbally select language interface for translation.

“Ayitian Creole.”

Select dialect the device whispers seductively.

“Jacmel Region.”

Select audio-visual translation output it says.


“Select audio-visual translation output dialect.”

“Breuklyn Soviet.”

He can see Ysiad and his hotel apartment through the glasses of the headset. This movie Southland tales once stated that “the future was going to be far more futuristic than originally expected.” They sure were right.

“Watch the words that appear in the left side of the screen,” Ysiad says to Oleg. As he talks his words are whispered to him in Creole and like sub titles appear phonetically across his line of site.

Ysiad now says something in Spanish, the device whispers soothingly to Oleg, “The client can upload tens of thousands of language groups.”

He continues in Spanish, “you will hear what the device hears in Breuklyn Americano and whatever you say will be put on the screen to repeat phonetically in the dialect you have selected for translation. As you can see, even other languages will be repeated to you back in the language you selected so it isn’t terribly hard to carry on with numerous primitives speaking numerous dialects. ”

“I think we call them ‘people of an underdeveloped’ country now.”

“Yeah, undeveloped people who don’t speak Chinese, Spanish or Americano: unfortunate primitives.”

“Well how much for a unit?” asks Anya Drovtich.

Ysiad looks at her like she just asked to face fuck his mother.

“How much green dollars?” Oleg repeats for her, but has already gauged the man’s intention.

“The usual price scumbag.”

“What’s the usual price again?”

“The opportunity cost of falling off the back of a transport truck, minus whatever cost-benefit I engage in over the years somehow convinced you and your zealots are on to something glorious.”

“And the favor and access your curry with Perchevney when it comes time for us to re-arm?” Anya interjects.

“Thank you Ysiad for helping us all the years so selflessly,” says Oleg   with a shit eating grin.

“Remember the first time?” Ysiad asks.

“You always remember the first time somebody helps you,” says Oleg, “but I was not with the club then.”

“It was always my assumption you were just in this for the money,” confides Anya.

“Why the fuck-are you doing it again?” Oleg   asks.

“Cause it never sit right with me that little bitty fucking African and East-Asian children were slaving away to make my dam khakis, and Bono says poverty is wrong!”

Anya scowls at him and makes the sign for the world’s smallest violin.

“You’re a man of great principle. Adon surely grins from the grave. Surely for it someone will kill you eventually,” Oleg says.

“Grins or winks,” Ysiad says.

“What was that?” Oleg   asks.

“Surely hell has a good place for those of great principle and hopefully an exceptional bath house. But, I remain a truly hard man to kill,” Ysiad says quoting Adon.

Ysiad makes a half-hearted sigh.

“A lot of boxes falling off a lot of trucks this week,” notes Oleg Medved.

“Just how your crew prefers it,” notes Ysiad.

If it’s free, it’s for we,” says Anya Drovtich quoting an old ambulance idiom and propaganda TV jangle.

You sly slimy fuck she now almost mentions.

Oleg Medved gives Ysiad a curt hand shake; where by Ysiad palms him the business card to Third Rasputin. On the back in Hebrew he’s written; “Investigate major cargo.”

Anya gives him a perfunctory salute and helps Oleg Medved wheel out the four enormous roller valises containing sixteen modified Parasimulators.

On their way out Anya and Oleg  bump into a second Toba Hadaad as she gets out of the elevator. Then a third returning with an ice bucket. Oleg winks at one Toba in a most scandalous way. A Toba glowers at Anya. Anya almost reaches for her gun and shoots the Toba sex clone in the heart. But she has the self-control to not. The women scowl secretly wondering when is the most appropriate time to ask for the other’s evisceration orders. They get in the elevator.


“I miss the old days,” mentions Anya.

“The old days or the old world?” Oleg relies.

“I think all this technology and all this black voodoo magic hasn’t yet justified the return on investment.”

“I think the resistance in Israel bit off a bit more than they could chew unleashing all this.”

“I would have no idea,” she replies, “sometimes I just think this all one big simulation Emma is running on all of us.”

“So go back upstairs and kills Toba.”

“Just because I’m not sure if this reality, doesn’t mean I’m gonna act like an animal.”

“How principled.”

“How Muslim.”

“You ever wonder who’s really in charge?” Oleg asks.

“I know you showed up just before this all went down. And now you run the committee for public safety.”

“Do you remember what you did with unit 808 in Europe?”

“No. I had it all wiped out.”

“Do you think this all a simulation?”

“It’s very convincing to fall in line and see miracles in the streets. All I know is my name, what day of the week it is and who the President was when the revolt began.”

“Do you remember who lived and died at the Millennium?”

“I don’t think any of that really happened. I think they simulated it all.”

“Who can you trust Anya, with ideas like that?” he asks her.

“I trust G-d.”



No one is going to break the ceasefire in the Green Light District a second time in a fort night.  Oleg, Anya and Toba 1, 2, 3 or as many are up in Ysiad’s penthouse have not all been in the same room since the night before of the Millennium Theatre job. And also just before September 11th, 2001. As if they came here often.





“The Court of the Revolution”


The largest single party in the Breuklyn Canton is the Democratic Union Party (D.U.P.); a fusion of the Democratic Party, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Green Party and Z.O.B.s political arm the American Workers Party. Though none of the other groups fielded militias of any real strength this entity was seen as the middle way. Democratic Confederalism in the end relies on a healthy civic engagement and these factions were best suited to implement it. Unlike the extreme leftists, the anarchists, the religious nationalists and the reformed gangster entities; the D.U.P. had branches in virtually all of the sixty four places where the uprising broke out and the twenty two places the rebels held ground after the 2005 ceasefire. While often voting in ways less radical than expected of the Confederation’s politics; the D.U.P. could rely on Z.O.B.s and Uhuru’s blood thirstiness and zeal to uphold political directives of the national level People’s Congress and the canton level General Assemblies.


Hubert O’Domhnaill and Michkai Dbrisk are engaged in various efforts of containment at the Barclay Stadium now called ‘the People’s Assembly’. Loud speechifying can be heard in every direction. Hubert wears jeans and t-shit, under a green bomber jacket. Dbrisk is also out of uniform, but dressed in black. They sit across from two committed Jihadists clad in unmarked black battle dress uniforms two representatives of the Party of HaShem. A major Shi’a Islamist faction running the show in Commune Bayridge. An early ally of the résistance and the biggest of the Islamist factions within the canton. Tensions have arisen repeatedly over governance and power sharing. The male has a handle bar mustache, his name is Kaveh. The female has purples eyes and a red hijab, her name is Anahita Noor. Both Persian Americans there are now negotiators for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps; the Pasdaran. Charged with Islamic values being upheld in District Bayridge, construction and security of the St. Sophina, Dawa programs and being the personal body guards of the un-born Mahdi and Messiahs. The pregnant mother of these auspicious babes safely guarded below the mosque.


Michkai Dbrisk’s sky pager goes off.

“R3. Ave. Z.”

It’s a coded message from Anya Drovtich. Typed in Gamatria base code:

“Major cargo has arrived. Confirm candidate name with Brotherhood. R3. Ave. Z.”

Under the iron dome deliberations are getting underway. Beginning every Friday morning at 08:00am in the People’s Assembly within what used to be Barclay Stadium; all factions are asked to send delegates to various mediation and negotiation sessions held before the morning General Assembly session to sort out sensitive intercommunal business. Haggle out legal issues before they become dangerous. A tasteful web of movable wooden dividers allow for all configurations of negotiation in this veritable souk of political barter hundreds of whispers deep in what used to the floor and courts of basketball stadium that hosted the New York Nets.


A loud and well observed palaver is taking place between negotiators from Z.O.B. and the Party of HaShem.


“We’re tired of the Jews secretly running things around here,” the bearded negotiator from the Party of HaShem declares. His name is Kaveh Atatable. A known Pasdaran commander “We don’t need anyone’s permission to declare Shar’iah law in Bayridge! Our fighters do their part in the rebel army and we have always cooperated with the Breuklyn Otriad. But we are not tolerating booze, drugs, liberalism, short skirts and feminism in our district beginning next Friday. Everything Haram must vacate our territory.”

“Duly noted,” says Dbrisk.

“But, can we come to some arrangement on mixed sub-districts?” ask Hubert. He looks at some notes he made, “There are around 120,000 people living inside District Bayridge and a minority, but sizable chunk are not actually even Muslim.”

“No negotiations.”

“Kaveh, friend. What you’re talking about is gonna cause problems,” says Hugh.

Then we’ll cut off your water and power, thinks Dbrisk.

“Look, we’re not Ivories. We don’t care whether the lights go out on Friday, or if you want to pray five times three times or once every third Sunday. But, as delegates from the D.U.P. and Breuklyn Otriad we should make it clear that the executive won’t tolerate an imposition of religious law on even sub-districts with a Muslim majority,” explains Hubert.

“We were sent by the Shura Council of the Party of HaShem with direct instructions to not negotiate with you. This isn’t coming out of the blue, we have been holding local assemblies for months about this effort. We were told deliver our proclamation and leave,” states their second representative, an Afghani lawyer named Anahita Noor. She has purple eyes.

We’re gonna wait until Ramadan when you’re all hypoglycemic and tired and then we’re gonna blockade your neighborhood and seize all your Hilal Meat packing plants and agro cooperatives in Strong Island, thinks Dbrisk.

“We all have our orders,” says Hubert, “but maybe we could work something out in the meantime.”

“They said you’d all say that,” says Anahita Noor.

“What about going ahead and declaring Shar’iah law in your Bayridge sub-districts and passing along the quiet agreement that as long as no executions, maiming’s, stoning’s, or harassment of non-Muslims occurs; we will assist in shutting down all alcohol vendership in the entire Bayridge District. You and I know that nothing in the Science of Women contradicts anything in the Qur’an,” says Dbrisk.

“Not enough,” says Kaveh, “Look, you know how well Bayridge is doing. You have all the reports. Less crime, better economy even foreign development. This is coming from Tehran. We have to show we’re implementing Islamic law. You know we’re not maiming or stoning anyone!”

“How do I frame this,” Dbrisk begins, but Hubert finishes the thought, “The canton relies on Muscle from four groups. Z.O.B. which if course includes Uhuru, the Shomriim and of course you all. When the Federal crackdown comes, it’s only our fighters that have enough fight to hold this fort. Whatever the General Assembly hopes to accomplish with the City Guard, the Reservists and conscripts will not be as formidable as what our factions have already in place. Let’s not make above ground gestures that antagonize the General Assembly,” says Hubert.

“You can implement and enforce Shar’iah light, but non-Muslims don’t have to pay any taxes or abide or move,” says Dbrisk.

“We will also help financially support the expansion efforts underground the St. Sophina Great Mosque and we will a lot additional lands in Strong Island to existing your agro-cooperatives,” offers Hubert.

“We just need you to delay announcing and enforcing this in your zone right now. It’s going to antagonize a lot of people,” says Dbrisk.

“What do we get return for a delay?” asks Anahita Noor.

“We sent more labor for the bunker complex under the mosque. We hand over 400 units of farm land. We organize with the D.U.P. to get you your whole district Hilal in one year’s time. In exchange, a written covenant with your Shura Council that the Shar’iah law codes will not be applied to anyone who voluntarily opts out of them, Muslim or non-Muslim.”

“Unacceptable. These are the laws of Allah, we cannot selectively apply them,” says Kaveh, Shiites are the back bone of the defense here. And of course you are aware of what we are protecting under St. Sophina worth more than the entire canton, even your entire confederacy.”

“We know what you’re allegedly protecting,” bluffs Dbrisk.

“Then tell the Shura council and your backers in Tehran we wish to apply for a twenty year hudna where bye your militia will not enforce the code on nonbelievers or Muslims by force, but may proactively bring various Muslim citizens in compliance as long as they abide by the universal rights codes of the greater Canton,” offers Hubert.

You basically offered the same thing twice, mentally notes Dbrisk.

“I think this is possible hevals,” says Noor.

“It’s possible, but we’re under pressure to get more concessions from you as you know. The Ayatollah himself has sent us orders that the Mahdi isn’t to born into a Haram order,” says Kaveh.

“Officially we will have to protest and denounce your haShemless collaboration with the Jewish Zionists, communists and anarchists. Unofficially, I’m sure a twenty year ceasefire is acceptable, as long as we can do what we wish in the districts we administer,” explains Kaveh.

“As long as there are no misunderstanding about enforcement,” interjects Michkai Dbrisk, “if we hear reports that women are being forced out of working, women being harassed into wearing chadors, if we have the usual clashes over virtue and vice, then you know what we will have to do.”

“We will denounce you publically, but privately we will preach moderation, in mixed districts we will respect non-believer heresy, in majority sub districts you must begin dismantling institutions that…well are not virtuous.”

“Look, obviously we have to prevent internal fighting and we have to work slowly when it comes to social policy being carried out so radically differently. So, tell the Shura Council that we will help dismantle all alcohol vendership in a Bayridge sub district of your choosing and we will proceed piecemeal from there implementing Sharia law in compliance with human rights. But, prior to that a negotiating team must be put together in good faith to demonstrate to us that this is compliant with the universal code. Any deviation from that obvious will not be acceptable to our Executive and we will have to, you know. What we do when the talking comes to an end,” says Michkai Dbrisk.

Kaveh doesn’t blink over the thinly veiled threat. Anahita tugs twice slightly to adjust her hijab.

“It has been whispered that another horrific mass murder occurred in Commune Crown Heights yesterday and that tensions are rising between the Jews and the West Indians.”

“We have no idea what you’re talking about, brother,” flatly states Michkai Dbrisk.

“Why do you keep calling them Jews,” asks Hubert, “You know that name antagonizes them. They’re called Ivory now.”

“They’re still Jews to us,” says Kaveh.

“Emma Solomon is an Ivory. You’d do well not forget that when she wakes up,” says Dbrisk.

“Everything in our various corner of this Soviet is locked down tight as a drum,” says Hubert O’Domhnaill, “Those things you’re hearing from your informants are just low grade counter revolutionary happenings orchestrated by the Department of Homeland Security and the C.I.A.”

“Don’t worry, we’re one it,” says Dbrisk.


Kaveh stares at and into Michkai Dbrisk. They’re seeing who will blink first perhaps.


“When Emma gives birth. We will immediately bring her and her children to safety in Iran,” states Kaveh. “This democratic project is going to unravel fast.”

“We’re surprised you haven’t tried to move them already,” says Dbrisk.

“We know you spies in ranks, as we have them in your,” says Anahita, “We are people of our book. We will not deviate from the prophesy. The Messiah and Mahdi will be born in New York City. The Mahdi will be raised in Tehran and the Messiah in Al Quds.”

“Look, between the four of us?” asks Hubert.

“Go ahead,” says Anahita.

“None of the people trying to hold this revolution together are very religious. Certainly Dbrisk and I have our differences in faith. Nominally, I’m a Catholic. Nominally Dbrisk is Catholic and also a Rastafarian. We’ve known each other a long time Kaveh. You were at the founding Congress in Block Island, you know the deal. We are dealing with a revolutionary government and hundreds of factions not motivated by the secret you and we keep under St. Sophina Masjid. So, to that end. You and the Party of HaShem, have to keep to your task and we keep to ours,” explains Hubert.

“A lot of fucking ‘what ifs’ hevals. You’re the army supposedly keeping watch over the unborn saviors of humanity. And you want to fuck around with liquor sales and head scarves, stay focused please,” exclaims Dbrisk.

“We’re just trying to get you to focus on the sheer WHAT IF GRAVITY, of your primary task. Emma will give birth any month now right? And this place could light up any hour now. Surprised it’s lasted three years, “says Hubert.

Salaam alekuum,” says Dbrisk.

Walaikum as salaam,” says Kaveh and Anahita Noor, Chief Litigator for the Party of HaShem. And through her candor, she winks at her old friend Michkai Dbrisk. For before the two of them became more zealous Shiites and actual agents of an enemy power, they were once Z.O.B. club members a decade ago.


“We’re gonna make this work heval,” says Hubert, “We have to.”

“We’ll stall them as best we can,” agrees Kaveh.

“How long until she gives birth,” asks Dbrisk?

“23 more days,” says Anahita, “give or take.”


As Musa stands and turns to leave Ms. Noor palms Michkai Dbrisk a book of matches from the soon to open Third Rasputin Supper Club, R3 on Ocean and Avenue Z. Written on the inner flap is the name of the candidate, printed in Arabic. In exchange for the confirmation of that name, the eye witnessed proof that Daria Andreavna is still alive, the Z.O.B. is going to let the Party of HaShem do pretty much whatever it wants in District Bayridge. After all, strange fucking things are happening here. At the end of the day there is an implacably enormous tree that grew up in Prospect Park. No tree was ever so tall. There are strange grey rabbits the size of humans that seem to only be sighted at night. There is the winter that never ended for three whole years. There is the bizarre solidarity that millions of Americans seem to exhibit to a political experiment with no precedent anywhere outside Kurdistan. There are the martyrs who keep coming back and the hysterical hope that what these HaShem believers call the prophesy is somehow true.

Maybe Sebastian Adonaev is alive somewhere fighting for us still. Maybe Emma Solomon is actually pregnant in a coma in bunker hospital deep below Bayridge, about to give birth to the deliverers of human kind.

And maybe this all just one big Russian American cold war mind game mouse trap.


Michkai opens the book of matches. “Dasha Andreavna S.M. is alive” says the matchbook in Arabic. Holy shit, he thinks. If that is true. We finally found her. So, he sends a coded message back to Anya Drovtich and Oleg Medved.


“R3. Avenue Z. Third Rasputin confirmed. It’s her. Hit that place with everything we’ve got on hand.”




“Once Upon a Time in Ukraine”


Yelizaveta Alexandrenova Perechenova was born in the Ukrainian City of Bila Tserkva on July 2nd of the year 1987ce on the old Gregorian calendar used before the Great Revolt. The miraculous particulars surrounding her birth were manifest and many fold. Firstly, her mother Tania Magda seemed to have reversed age by ten years over the course of the pregnancy such that when she finally gave birth to her first child she bore the resemblance to a girl in her late teens, not a woman approaching thirty four. Of course Alexandr’s closest men patted him on the shoulder and said in Russian, “well played.”


The second miracle occurred shortly after her birth. All the animals in all of the forests surrounding Bila Tserkva began to show up at the city hospital. So congested with various fauna wandering about the city that a whole task force of Red Guardsmen from Kiev were needed to attempt removal of this glut of birds and bears and deer as well as animals that the authorities in the Ministry of Ecology had long thought were rendered extinct. These animals seemed drawn to the hospital and for a whole lunar month after little Yelizaveta’s birth they were drawn to family dascha of the Perchevney family to the south a day’s journey from the city.


The third miracle was that infant Yelizaveta called “Yeli” by her mother and “Yelizaveta” by her father was not only able to speak Russian within the third month of her alive hood, but by the  third year English, Spanish, Hebrew and a bizarre dialect of French called Ayitian creole. So marvelous was this behavior an infant which spoke four complex languages that Alexandr and Tania Magda agreed to conceal this from the world and hide the girl on the dascha as long as possible so no knowledge of this genius might alert the proper authorities to auspicious comings and goings which might result in the borrowing of their prodigious infant. Although the phenomenon of animals and birds flooding the forests and airspace of the dascha made a clandestine upbringing quite hard to arrange.

The fourth miracle occurred at Yelizaveta’s fourth birthday when she turned to her mother and said that as long as the family stayed happily in Bila Tserkva; no one in that city would ever die. And so it was.

As the Soviet Union began to unravel that very same year and life as they understood it in relation to the dictatorship of the proletariat came to an end; there was not one instance of a reported death in an hundred mile radius of Bila Tserkva. During this time Alexandr was away from the family for extended periods of time. As the only Ivory left in Bila Tserkva his admittance to the Party was highly unorthodox. Also, his admittance to Medical College and his marriage to Maria Tania Magdalena who came from a Soviet prosperous family of Slavic Russian intellectuals close to the local seats of communist power in Kiev. To win and even court Maria Tania Magdalena had been a complicated and costly venture. Men lined up longer than the breadlines for the chance to date the daughter of the local Party boss. And Alexandr was not only a Ivory by paperwork but from a family that had devolved slowly from yeshiva benchers to smugglers and then back into lazy migrant Rabbis.

By forging a passport and bribing several dozen people Alexandr was able to change his ethnic designation from “Ivory” to “Bulgarian” and then later with more bribes to “Russian”.  And thus was able to arrive in Kiev at age 18 to begin his medical training. It was there in university that he encountered the affluent and ravishing daughter of a party boss; Ms. Maria Tania Magdalena who was studying nursing in the same college.

After a lengthy and tumultuous courtship he gave her a tiny watch incased in a gold heart, and said that if she ran away with him to Sakhalin Soviet upon completion of their studies, an island to Russia’s far east past Siberia, north of Japan then they would one day escape to Israel and then America as soon as the Cold War ended in capitalist victory. This was the eighties and the writing was written clearly on the Berlin wall. One night she secretly packed her bags and joined him in a waiting car and they finally eloped in 1984.

He told her that by the time the watch stopped running they would be in America and by the time it started up again they’d never want for anything again. They barely made it as far as the city limits. Goons in black caps in the employ of her father Ivan Ivanovitch’s stopped them at a check point. They beat Alexandr rather badly; returned a crying distraught Maria to her father and threw the covert Ivoryish doctor Alexandr Perchevney into a jail for special prisoners who committed crimes that were handled in the cold and quiet.


The night of this attempted elopement and calamity the father of Tania Magda, Ivan Ivanovitch had a terrible dream.  He dreamt an army of many of thousands of four-foot Mexicans were parachuting out of the sky and attacking Bila Tserkva in an effort to save young Alexandr. He dreamt of the strange days of nightmare and plague about to wreak havoc on all of Kiev and the whole Soviet Socialist world if necessary should the detention of his daughters lover go on. In the dream his daughter Maria fell into some inexplicable coma and for each day of Alexandr’s captivity ten men disappeared without a trace. And then twenty men. And so on. Until by the end of the dream month of Alexandr’s imprisonment, there were virtually no Russian men left alive Kiev. The strange wave of disappearances swept through the local Party apparatus and military and leaders of state owned business cooperatives and even the secret police and soon like a strange and miraculous and ghostly purge had been carried out. Finally, finally Alexandr was not just the only secret Ivory in Kiev, but conspicuously the only person left alive with a passport that said “Russian”. And finally, after the third lunar dream month, it began to snow. To snow with such determination that obstruction and paralysis took hold. Throughout the eerie disappearances, the drop in temperature, the sky falling out, Ivan Ivanovitch’s daughter Tania Magda hovered in a mesmerized trance. Alexandr languished in prison although there was no one left to guard him besides Ivan though he did not even three months into the nightmare connect his interference with the love of his daughter for this Ivoryish medical student to anything so, other worldly. Yes, people did disappear from time to time, but not often the entire Inner Party Cadre of a major soviet capital city. Yes it did snow but not with the endless and unceasing siege of white deluge they were experiencing, or in June!

Finally, in the dream the sun itself ceased to rise. And without party leaders, bureaucrats, draped in over forty feet of snow, Kiev underwent forty days of night. During this time Ivan never left the dream police garrison where he and Alexandr Perchevney would bond intermittently over Chess and Vodka. Bonding begrudgingly, for Ivan spoke no Ukrainian and by the fourth month of these phenomena no one was willing to speak any Russian anymore under the superstitious belief that it would bring death. So Alexandr the Ivory and Ivan, party boss of Bila Tserkva spoke for the first time. First, on the subject of haShem, then on the subject of the devil. And then also a bit on women which both agreed were stronger in will than either haShems or devils.


“You love my daughter, but what do I care? Love is bullshit and chemicals. You offer nothing,” Ivan informed young Alex.

“As I have never loved or even thought to love another woman so do I love your Tania Magda Maria!”

“You will never be accepted here as an Ivory. Even a party Ivory is suspect. Even with a new name and a medical certificate. Your Ivoryish horns and tail cannot hide.”

“You could adopt me. You can sponsor me to the Inner Party and allow me to marry her.”

“I’m not frightened by the Ivory magic outside. I know these are only cruel vodka lullabies, whispers in the ear of a man made hard and hateful by life. I will awake in my bed tomorrow! There will be no Mexican para-invaders, no disappearing apparatchiks, no endless snow or black endless night. You will be sent to Siberia for some infraction. Tania Magda will wake up and marry a Russian Calvary officer. Or someone from the foreign bureau.”


“How can you be sure?” Asked Alexandr Perchevney, “How can you know if your dreams are real or if some dark power has unleashed itself against your house for obstructing our love?”

“Because there is no love or magic allowed here. Those are of course bourgeoisie inventions. I will wake up soon, I feel it. And order you shot.”


And for nearly two fortnights General Winter took full hold of Bila Tserkva. It did not stop snowing. It did not become day again. And by third fortnight of his imprisonment and Tania Magda’s mysterious coma there were no Russian anything left in the darkness. Ivan in his solitude became like a prisoner too. The snow cut Bila Tserkva off from all of the rest of the soviet world and the wake field Ivan hoped would come; nearly a year later still had not transpired, nor had he ever slept.


“You cursed Ivory! What kind of magic have you unleashed?”

“This is not my doing,” muttered Alexandr defensively.

“When will I wake from this perverse nightmare of upsidedownhood, of idiotic dragfootery?! You cannot marry my Tania Magda. You are not a whole man and you will never give my daughter a good secure life.”

“This is not my doing. You’ve brought this nightmare upon yourself.”

“A typical Ivoryish response.”

Lost and asleep an endless nightmare Ivan Ivanovitch turned to mankind’s oldest imaginary friend. He implored the Russian Orthodox HaShem to end this plague of darkness, deprivation and Ivoryish parasitic blight!

But as we all know, if there is a haShem, it is a long game if not vaguely soviet haShem, a go without understandable morals or temporal reward for the seemingly righteous. Whatever lesson it wishes us to learn is like algebra to an ant farm. It has been lost on us completely in it magnitude and scale.

The sun never rose and Ivan Ivanovitch never yielded. At the beginning of the spring of his imprisonment there dropped from the sky blue and red parachutists of four foot stature, one a day. Grinning bandoliered Peruvian Pararescuemen each gliding down into the outskirts of town and taking up position in the woods. One a day. With all the Russians gone, the Ukrainians began hiring these men as day laborers and yard workers. And Ivan Ivanovitch began to suspect that there was a growing secret army of these Peruvian Pararescuemen waiting in the shadows awaiting the right moment to break young Alexandr out of prison and spirit him into the wilderness.

While Alexandr Sasho Perchevney sat two years in confinement punished for his love and his Semitic race; the young aspiring dentist; future founder of the fearsome Bratva that would bear his family name and that would so loot the banks of the West; he sat in his own thoughts and laid a most elaborate plan.


Awaiting rescue and reunion with his beloved Tania Magda Ivanovna Magdalena, a most auspicious woman to be sure.



S E V E N T E E N, Moscow

“Tits and Borjomi”



I fill two wine glasses with cold Borjomi mineral water and bring them to the bed where she lies having wrapped up her round of the most seditious story. A reoccurring theme for her is the complexity of him. But using a sureality to tell a take she has yet again left out what it was that he did that made him so many enemies.


“My, my. By the time the story is over she may well be walking on water,” I say with greatest snark I can muster.

“The way you once talked about her, your dear little Yelizaveta Lubov, I’m not sure my little yarn did the woman enough true poetic justice! AS your chornay say.”

The horrific photographs are tucked away inside the writer’s desk used more for carnal leverage than for any sort of writing lately.

“I thought her birth auspicious enough without all those miracles you interjected. And the story of Alexandr and Tania Magda was quite a nice flourish too.”

“Fakeness, realness, openness and closeness have no usefulness to you anyway!”

“Well there is a truth to some stories and a labyrinth of fairy magic used as cloak to pull parlor trick parables over the eyes of your quarry. There are curious unseen bugs still in the wall listening for haShem only knows whom!”

“What’s the score?” she asks changing tone.

“I’m winning,” I declare.

“Bi-winning or regular winning?”

“You can win too if you want.”

“I just came off my back darling,” she says, “you’re always so utterly silly when you’re feigning happiness while hiding your tears. When you’re sad you’re easier to predict.”

I will do anything but to talk of Yelizaveta anymore dead or alive.

“You once predicted we’d never see each other ever again,” I mention.

“It was a realist expectation not a prediction. I’m not a sorcerous or some Kundalini like you and your gangsters.”

“As a skilled parapsychologist none the less you could have seen ahead to know I’d not stop loving you in the face of impossible.”

“Or husbands.”             “Is your husband real?”

“Was that little bitch Yelizaveta so perfect?”

“Certainly not perfect.”

“My husband’s existence is therefore perfectly uncertain.”

“I care as much as the first day I came upon you.”

“Your philanderous nature is evident throughout. That’s the right word?”


“Multi-amorous is not philanderous.”

“Loving early and loving often is so abjectly American!”

“It isn’t that I don’t respect marriage or that my lusts are uncontained. It was that your marriage, if it was indeed such a thing, smacked readily of variables indicating both your total unhappiness and it’s, shall we say, slightly compulsive nature.”

“Well, you will never know.”

“One day perhaps I will.”

“In the game of mouse and cat which one do you think you are my roguish partisan lover?”

“I am the mouse of course but you are not the cat you are the maze itself. Your challenges have only but enhanced me.”

“Is that so? I was obviously not put to the earth this time for wealth, security and leisure, so then being loved so thoroughly by you must be compensation enough until I have the other three.”

“As you have always somehow known.”

“Actually I’d imagined you a dashing princeling cavalry officer in training until you first opened your mouth on that roof exposing your hearts ideals. Be realistic about your love Sebastian for it is an anarchic as your politics or your work, which I suppose just the manifest of your love in some strange way. Tell me again why we cannot stop fighting. Right now. Forever.”

“We have not won yet.”

“It isn’t up to you to win this war! No one said go fight, go struggle forever! Go die a hundred times for this miserable species. They surely wouldn’t die for you. Look at all the violence so far! For what! For some stupid lawless islands where the standard of living is worse than before and the freedom just as unfree. Nothing has changed. All you did was get all your friends and family killed. You took the lives of men that didn’t even matter. So stop. For the love of haShem just stop! You have elected to assault human nature and hell itself but no one asked you to. So just give in.”

“That’s a very nice Yelizaveta impression,” I say.

“It’s voice of any sensible woman, or Russian woman.”

“I’ve never accused you of being sensible. You want me to stop?”

“Were we regular people not old souls in changing vessels I’d say yes thinking we live and love but once! I don’t know why a man born with everything should lose that everything for an idea alone. I know things happened to you. I know you are now insatiable. But if you love me as you say you do, if you desire me so wantonly; what about surrender?”

“But to whom do I surrender?”

“You will surrender to me.”

“I have already. Multiple times, over and over again. This is your oldest and favorite game is it not? To try and induce a man to abandon what he believes in. Impossible when all I believe in is you.”

“Well it doesn’t seem to work on you anymore. You obviously never went to business school and gave up on your unseemly notions of freedom, human condition, and American mentality. You don’t even seem so upset about your old love’s demise. And I pride myself at reading you well.”


“They always say don’t say dead ‘til you see the body, but what’s a body these days to an old soul still on the market?”

Enchante,” she exclaims.

“So what I want to know is what it was that Alexandr and his crew organized at the turn of the century that made that house, that Bratva so wildly rich. And made him the kind of enemies that would hunt him down and do what in the end made him to this day so indomitable”


“The take was just too big. Truly unlimited. There was no way they were going to be able to get away with it,” she says.

“So tell it then. Finish the story of his vast infamy.”

“There are more important things we will do first. I tire of this tirade on crime and punishment.”

“I enjoy kissing you. I also enjoy being ravaged like a petulant whore. I want a total ceasefire on the story right now. I want you to physically give me everything I could ask for as a woman if you are worth more than the warbles. Right now my Amerikanski. Right fucking now,” and she throws the book of my poetry at the wall.


We fuck like we’ll both be dead by morning.


Panting, I enter her balls deep. I pump her pussy as hard as I can. Eventually she gets on top. She pounds me apart. Rides me ragged. She writhes and rides and bucks on top of me. I suck on her supple white breasts and she arches back sending me even deeper inside her.

She gets close and licks my chest. She bites my neck and clutches my brown hair her blond main draping over me.

The sheets are covered in my sweat. Her hips they grind and bob and gyrate until I can feel my cock wrapped tight in her flesh. I’ve already came twice inside her. I grab on to her hips and rock with her. She fucks the life out of me. I’ve lost myself all over again.


The harder she goes, rocking the back board back and forth the more I need her. I can feel her red painted nails tear my shoulder she is pulling my hair with her left hand as she kisses my neck then chest and then brings herself erect so I can hold grab her beautiful ass and watch her big Russian tits bounce in my face, watch her moan, watch her use me to cum for the third time in two hours.

Before she cums again she leans in and kisses my lips and bites my lower lip drawing blood. I watch her face as it builds into a blissful climax. Up and down, I watch her glide on sweat and semen.

When she’s done I throw her off me, I drag her off the bed onto the floor. Pin her down.

I’m like an animal with her. We savage each other. I yell her name over and over again fucking her blindly with all my dirty might.

I yank her up by the wrists to her feet and pull my belt from the crumbled pile of clothing by the bed. I force her over the writer’s desk next to the bed and slap her big ass.

The belt goes around her neck and I enter her from behind. I drive my cock as far as the limits of my manhood and her femininity do allow and tighten the belt as I fuck.

She yells out wildly as I buck behind her driving her frame over the table. The first round was puppy dogs and caresses. The second was our wide ranging arts of Tantra. The third was anything she wanted me to do with my cock lips tongue and fingers for all the life left in me and the fourth?

I’m just an animal. A wild eyed runaway slave. Everything stops for a while.


She’s lying in my arms still and gently panting.


“What is it that you dream of, besides me,” Dasha asks me finally saying something.

I have to think about that for a minute.


“Sometimes I go for a walk in the city of Tel Aviv, but it’s not in Israel, it’s in the Caribbean. As if the whole damn nation broke off and floated south west. And it’s like Tel Aviv is New York City and Brighton is the tiyeled and time and space are intermingled, as though every pleasurable exchange, every old friendship in a few dozen wonderful lives is entwined. All happy places of my life are like one. And I’m walking home around dusk.”

“And what do you do in these dreams?”

“I walk around and run into old friends that I haven’t seen in forever. And we sit and have drinks or exchange numbers and time is endless even though it’s getting darker I can make time for anything. And all these inspiring women and men that I lost along the way have turned up in this calm and vibrant city, and I’m so happy. I’m on my way home to my wife and three little children.”

“And who is your wife in this happy world of nostalgia?”


“I have no idea. I’ve never even made it all the way home.”


“Story of your imagined life. My comrade lover.”

With her hand she wipes away tears that no longer are able to form.

Tears she used to so judge me for producing in front of her.

And for the first time in a long time I let my guard down completely and fall asleep in her arms. Unfolding the blackness of sleep. When I awake the music is no longer playing and most of the lights are out. Suddenly a strange sensation grips me. How long have I been in this safe house? A day? A fort night! A year?! Or two? Three days? Or three whole fucking years!!! A lifetime or more than a life time! What is she doing with me? It sure isn’t the Borjomi and the story time.

And what about its safety am I even so sure about! I’ve been enjoying myself with these stories too much. I didn’t bother to remember that she and I have been dead for years. Actually physically dead. Her body was cut up in front of me and I watched him eat her, didn’t I?

What’s time to a ghost?


There’s a loud triple knock on the primary safe house door four floors down past a laser grid that can cut you apart. Safe house, or house arrest, grave or prison?


“Calm yourself tovarish lover,” she purrs. She gets up and slips on a grey bath robe. She opens the wooden drawer next to the bed and takes out an eight millimeter repeater revolver. Cocks it, slips it in her robe.

“The back stories are all bullshit, but the extracted lessons are mostly true,” she notes.

I remain where I am. As if this has happened before.

It was as if in telling the story of Alexandr Perchevney I dredged up something. What year is this? And why of all places am I still in Moscow?

She slides open a side panel by the door and viddies the small telescreen by the portal which lets her scroll between the halls, the elevators, and the barrier walls outside.

“Ghosts like us,” she says in Russian.

She returns with a small envelope that somebody slipped under the door. She pulls up a stool and also the wooden sketch table over which just a story before I had bent her over and thrust myself inside her pounding her flesh balls deep.


She sits and opens the envelope. Examines the contents. She drops two photos on to the table. One is of a pretty young woman in a green military cap. One is of a naked mutilated corpse.


“Your old partner Yelizaveta Kay has evidently been forgotten, captured and put slowly to death,” she states without any emotion.


I should feel a lot more than I do if that story is true. Maybe it’s the mineral water, maybe the wonderful fucking I just been receiving or the story about that very old school bad man Perchevney.


“Some things are now coming to light,” I say.

“Shortly, very shortly, everything about this dark plot against you will be fully illuminated,” she informs me, “in bright, white lights.”


E I G H T E E N, Moscow

“Heaving Chest”



Dasha’s chest is heaving.


“I am not like you,” she begins, “there is not one speck of thing that in my life came easily.”


If I am to reveal how powerful man made great array of enemies. Built himself from impoverished, disfranchised and penniless expatriate to first among kings of thieves; well be you warned, you still will not know his motives until later. Or mine for that matter, or my fleeting moments of love and honesty.”


Alexandr Perchevney spent two years in Russian prison. Then spent two years in Russian medical school and then little Yelizaveta turned four, Soviet Union imploded and whole family of Tania Magda, Yelizaveta, Alexandr and strong man brother Slavi arrive in New York as before explained.


They moved to Washington Heights. They befriended shifty diamond Ivory Misha Kishbivalli. And soon they opened Bulgarian Culture center on Canal and Broadway to make marriage contracts, plan no fault insurance schemes, provide illicit healthcare services, and plot biggest heist in 20th or 21st century, at least so far.

Alexandr never forgot his ambitious plan laid out in totality within his mind in the two years he spent in solitary confinement for loving the daughter of a Party boss, the cold hearted anti-Semite Ivan Ivanovitch.

He made new international friends in New York. Including two precocious youngsters that he took immediately under his former Soviet wing. Georgie Rabanca, a twenty two year old Romanian immigrant, winner of an international scholarship in computer science and young American with a big ass and curly hair named Feline Hall.

He took them in, he soon hired them both and soon Georgie was hiding his money in Dominican Republic, and Ms. Hall was tutoring his three daughters, and first son as well as instructing him on which investments to wash his no fault money.

And then the year was 1997 CE;

Georgie Rabanca the young Romanian computer scientist writes an algorithm that will allow the Bratva to generate an ATM card code that will not only appear in the system as being backed by unlimited credit, but it will also then deduct the credit one thousand fold from the wealthiest depositors of all of the major western banks.

And then they figured out how to scare the banks into uploading the backend software to facilitate the heist by hack.

Feline Hall, the young woman they recruited as a patron and then as a tutor and then as a financial consultant was by that time working at a lobby for a Swiss banking firm. It was she who helped them upload this algorithm, this brilliant heist code disguised as Y2K protective software into the Credit Suisse mainframe a year before the so called Y2K virus was to begin crashing all the world’s computers.

That “virus” was in fact another code generated by Mrs. Tania Magda Perchevney and charming George Rabanca to trick computer systems into resetting on December 31st, 1999 as the computer switched into 01.01.00.

While Americans were just becoming familiar with cell phones, ATM cards and AOL instant messenger; the Perchevney Bratva used a prototype of what we now call the Interweb, a closed communication wireless network to sell the world’s criminal underground the key code and the blue print for the heist.

Thus, by New Year’s Eve, December 31st, 1999;

Coordinating crews in 48 cities to begin withdrawing cash from ATMS using the code on the eve of the millennium, these coded strips would not only let the thieves take out as much cash as they wanted, but would then also deduct the balance against the accounts of the foremost depositors in each bank involved, some of the richest men in the West.


Bait and switch and switch again. While police agencies would spend the next decade chasing after all the disparate crews who walked away with $187 million in cash; each swipe they made transferred electronic tender into Alexandr Perchevney’s accounts in the Dominican Republic, while wiping out the savings of the richest men on earth.


And then the secondary program kicked in. Exactly five seconds into the new millennium, for every dollar pulled out of an ATM machine in those 48 cities, came out one million on the dollar transferred from linked accounts into the Bratva war chest.


By January 1st, 2000, Alexandr Perchevney was the richest man on earth. Of course not on some Forbes list, but in in fact.


And then she stops.


I notice that the safe house floor doesn’t have Jerusalem tile anymore. How curious. It’s sterile and white. I notice that the room which once seemed spacious is diminishing rapidly in size. I look at Dasha Andreavna.

“Darling have you betrayed me?” I ask her.

“No my love you are only betraying yourself.”

“I don’t believe it is so,” I tell her.

“Darling, do you remember what I said to you after they wiped out your mind in the hospital? Of course you don’t. They wiped your mind too many times for you to keep track of everything.”

“I have ways to remember things!”

She sings to me:

Poor darling! Poor tovarish lover. What have they done to me and done to you?”

“I know that song!”

She kisses me.

She keeps singing, “Where are you now my companero? I have been travelled from town to town!”

“The song,” I say in wonder, “you’re skipping whole parts, but I remember the memory you were asking me for, just sing a little longer then!”

She changes octave, “Temptress and seductress we, tapped and played on mine fields every day! In volatile slaves! You can love me less. You can love me more, tomorrow. But if given a choice. You will always be that man!

“I remember everything!” I claim, but really only that very specific conversation over hookah on the floor of Oasis Hade Bade, alone as the night swallowed us seven years ago in the Isle of Man.

“What is it that I told you lover?”

“We had just watched Ana Karenna and I told you I was nothing like a Calvary officer and you said I was a peasant, and worse a communist one. And you said you could never run away from your husband with a peasant communist with a very poorly thought out plan.”

“Get to the crux. We were sitting alone in the dark in that dim Middle Eastern smoke brothel, not even Sam Saladin in the next room could have heard what I said to you the night before the uprising began.”

“You told me that if I wanted to be a partisan that didn’t scare you. That you didn’t judge me for being crazy, for gambling my privilege, or even being a communist. But you said I was a mad man to thing I could lead a group of eight people against the oligarchy and hope to win. You told me fight from a position of resources.”

“Ah-men. Cheers to the power of song.”

“They punished Sasho three times hard man. He was for ten years the richest man on earth. You bumped his shoulder, you drank under his roof, but you had no idea the scale of his ambitions.”

“What’s going to happen next?” I ask her.

“If they can do what they did to Alexandr Perchevney, do you have any idea what they can, or should perhaps I say have done to you and I?”

“I recall you warned be about this several time before.”

“First someone punished Alexandr for loving. Two years of his life. He took all that money not out of greed but to shore himself up to fortify himself and his family and friends against anything ever happening again For ten years he lived the American life he had dreamed of. Then in 2010 someone punished him for stealing. He stole from the oligarchy, but only by accident. He stole more material than anyone ever has or will without firing a shot or taking a life. But Rabanca and Hall had set it all up so that he’d not be taking from the pots of the princelings, only the elites. The fact that he stole from Kahn was accidental.”

“Kahn,” I say, “the economist.”

“Darling I could sing all night so you remember, but we don’t have much more time together. So I will kiss you again.”

She does and reality, it shakes.

“Listen closely. You are in a mouse trap that you were tricked into building. I don’t know how much you will remember when you wake up from this dream, but please remember three things.”

“Dasha, please don’t tell me that we will be separated yet again!”

“Darling. They killed me and they killed you. They tortured and killed everyone we loved. They built a string of ghettos dressed up as rebel ‘soviets’ and put all the free minds inside them. And the trap is about to slam shut. If you and your friends don’t wake up, they are going to kill everybody.”

“Tell me lover. The three things.”

“When you wake up, if your friends can get to you and wake you up in time; you will not remember very much. There is a song. You know the whole song, it’s a wonderful and powerful and most excellent song and when you hear it you will remember all the best things that you did in my name and also for your people.”

“Go on about the things then,” I say. And I feel the deja vu of knowing this happened a good many times before.

“One. Good will always triumph over evil. Never forget that. Two, DeBuitléir has the list and Emma holds the blueprint. And three I do love you. I love you I love you I love you and when it is done I will love you again and it will be I who you come home to on that boardwalk, it will be me who with you as my only partner raises our children and we will know peace. And the oligarchy will fall.”

“A most lovely dream,” I say.

She sits across from me on the floor with a candle between us and for the first time in a long time I am fully comfortable with my flaccid nakedness.


“Good luck,” she whispers, “when you wake, don’t forget the words to the partisan song.”

She kisses me and like that! She disappears. She crumbles immediately into thin air.

And the safe house room contracts in on itself and now I’m alone bolted to a chair, in blue Ho Chi Mihn pajamas in a blaring white bright light.

A prisoner chained tight to big torture chair; naked, toothless and hardly grinning in a bright white interrogation cell.

I have already forgotten the three things! And my cause! And worse: her face!

The only name I remember is Alexandr Perchevney. And my long standing debt to the devil I know. I thought all I did was to avenge the slaughter of those dearest to me, of course politics later were wrapped around that fact, but now, now I realize the truth. I have been thoroughly used.




“House of Perchevney”



Waking from a beautiful dream into an uncomfortable reality is a jarring experience. And I’ve learned to hate it every single time. Deep breath. Sing the lyrics you know. Partial recall. Deep breathe. Be good. DeBuitléir. He values your work. Solomon. She loves you.

Behold, it’s the devil we know.

“Ask me how much hard currency I paid for both your heads sans platter or guillotine,” asks Alexandr Perchevney.

His accent is remarkably rich, flavored via international extralegal trade and peppered with superior cadence for this man is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Hebrew, some Yiddish, and also basic Mandarin Chinese.

The word you are looking for is savant.

The bright lights are completely blinding, and then they go dim. Waking up in hand cuffs is never, ever a sign of successful evening. Or a job done right. But, waking up in hand cuffs tends to be better than waking up without hands.

            Sebastian Adon and Watson Entwissle are both seated in black chairs ratcheted into the floor and a rather serious set of manacles are set to both their hands and feet, bolted and taut. Watson has some cyber contraption box affixed completely around his head. I believe the word I’m looking for is Parasimulator. He appears to be out cold, but then he pulsates periodically, like a minor tonic-clonic tick.


The room comes suddenly into focus, the sensation of Benzo-sedatives relieved with flumazenil antidote.


They are in the clutches of an upper oligarch. When Sebastian recognizes which one it brings neither trepidation nor real fear. Better to belong to a devil you know.

And there he sits not on a thrown or behind some big mahogany desk, but in library of wall to wall books mostly on the subjects of HaShem, Philosophy and High Finance. He’s reading the Torah, of all things. He still does his stock trading based partly on Gamatria, the character symbol into number code of the Kabbalists.


He has thick black glasses and black to silver hair and he is in rather very good physical shape for a man his age whatever that age is. Suffice to say he was trained as dentist physician before the fall of the Soviet Union and it fell some time ago in 1991.  And generally he would never meet a prospective business partner in person but he needs to look Sebastian Adon in the eyes and ask him a simple question; and then have his best men interrogate Adon and the chornay Watson Entwissle while he poisons them both with vodka, Polonium, whores and or Nanobots. And then proceeds to leverage what he knows for more American pie and more Postsoviet power. And the thing he wants more than anything else on earth. The best answers to the biggest questions aside. A simple thing, if this man Adon will get it for him. And if he won’t he will sell them both to the highest bidder.


“What’s the last thing you remember Tovarish Adon? What is your exact precise last memory? Time to wake up from your long sad dream.”

“I remember the tree of death,” says Adon wishing he might go back to sleep.

Alexandr takes off his glasses and looks Adon dead in the eyes.

“I know your Otriad has figured out how to do a number of sophisticated things using science, but how far you’ve gotten with parapsychology is of far more interest to me,” he states flatly.

“I remember the last time we met your English wasn’t nearly this strong,” Adon says.

“And when was that, remind me?”

“In the Scientologist command bunker below Fort Washington Avenue. One year after the great blizzard. Yelizaveta had just been sent to university in Havana. I had just been terminated in lieu of resignation from the New York Fire Department. The Disorder had just begun.”

“Who is she to me?”

Sebastian pauses.

“She’s your youngest daughter.”

“And what is she to you?”

Sebastian pauses for a moment digesting the full range of emotions even the utterance of that name brings on; Yelizaveta. There is a pleasure even in hearing it said aloud. But he cannot recognize a face, or formulate a real record of knowing-hood.


“Absolutely nothing now.”


“Good. So you remember less than she does evidently.”

“She doesn’t remember anything before Havana if my data is worth the money I paid for it,” says Adon.

“She requested this you know. She asked me, begged me to help erase you.”

“I could really sing you some sad Amerikanski songs about the film eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, and how at some point every single woman I’ve ever had tell me she loved me brings up said cinema eventually, but, I did not come here to ask for Yelizaveta’s hand in marriage. I came to kill Yuri Budanov, who is nothing to you. I am also here to carry out the orders of my commanding officers in asking you for what we need.”

“I don’t think you answer to anyone Sebastian. Do you know what the price could be on your head if it were discovered you were alive?”

“Do you know what you stand to gain by getting us back to our turf and agreeing to the proposition Mr. Ysiad Ferraris is currently soliciting support for?”

Alexandr smiles. “You still have your hands yes? Obviously I do. Arms and access for concessions and ports. Peanuts. But I want what’s in your head the very most.”

“What is it you think is in my head?”

“Quite a lot. But still, your head is less interesting to me than the head of Avinadav DeBuitléir. If only I could get both.”

“How’s your eldest daughter,” Sebastian asks.

“She doesn’t even know she’s my daughter anymore. And you can’t have her. I don’t think that it’s not healthy for anyone involved. Especially after the incident.”

“Which incident, remind me.”

There had indeed been a long list of incidents.

“Well good that you didn’t recall everything. It’s quite better that way. I doubt you even really remember meeting me. I think you were just briefed on your past. Were I a gambling man, and I am certainly not, but I would wager that the last thing you really remember is waking up shortly after the hostage crisis at the Millennium Theatre, and someone put a Parasimulator on your head and did a return briefing where even you cannot honestly corroborate what you did or didn’t do prior to the evening you and your partner Emma carried out that suicide strike against Manhattan’s richest citizens. Maya or Emma?”

“Well, I wish I knew,” smiles Adon, “our neuroscientists are easily a hundred years ahead of everyone else’s. Names upon names! What are even in names?”

“Would you like some vodka?”

“No. But I’ll take an ice cold mineral water if you have it.”

“I’m going to have Yelizaveta screen you herself, so you can see how little of an eye brow she will even raise in recognition.”

“You seem to think I’m capable of sentimentality.”

“Oh, I know for a fact that this trait is the only way your associates keep you in line.”

“Well it seems they’ve cut it out of me this time. Good riddance.”

“That remains to be seen.”

“I don’t believe that bullshit for a second,” says a Slavic man in a grey European business suit who has just entered the master office, or interrogation room, or whatever this library with torture chairs happens to really be. His overall sharp and immaculate dress is threatening. And an expensive watch guilds his left hand. His dirty blonde hair is neatly trimmed. He enters suddenly bearing a frosty cold glass of water and a shot of vodka and he grins and feigns handing it to Adon who obviously cannot move his hands.

“Do you recognize this man,” Perchevney asks him.

Adon looks him over with an expressionless countenance of hidden hate.

“Not at all,” Adon lies.

“Your water, sir,” says this businesslike Slav with clear control of his emotional projections.

“I’m no ‘sir’ cousin, I work for my money.”

“However you claim,” the grey suited Slav declares.

Alexandr raises a subtle toast and drinks back the vodka shot brought to him. The grey suited accomplice assists Adon in tipping the glass to his lips and thereby allowing him to swallow it down whole, and the Slav grins.

“Was it refreshing?” asks Alexandr.


“And this man raises no recognition, not even from a return briefing?”

“Absent he remains,” the lie goes on.

Dmitry Khulushin is appalled. But he doesn’t even hint at it. He simply takes the empty glasses and exits the chamber.

“Well enough fun and games,” declares Perchevney.

“Had no idea we were playing.”

“You are about to see her yourself and she will evaluate you. Tonight you will challenge my best man Dmitry in a three round game. If Sunday comes and you and your partner are still alive, then you will receive our fullest assistance in your upcoming operation in the dark continent of the chornay.”

“And she will be included in the contract.”

“She is off the table.”

“We do need your help to liberate Avinadav DeBuitléir and we certainly do need a steady supply of first line weapons for the fight in Ayiti. She means nothing to me. I’ll simply tell Solomon that all we want from you is the precise hour when they move our prisoner. I would wager that she would pay several million for that data alone and then everything else we will buy at market price no games or privileges at a later date.”

“Your ransom will be worth more than all that. But your money isn’t worth the hacker’s time to steal or the print maker’s time to print the bills you people roll out. And what’s money to the richest man alive. Which I was before and now after my troubles am again. Do you know what I’m really after Sebastian Adon?”

“I know next week when we regulate our coastal ports that you will be taxed to move imports just like everyone else under the authority of the Breuklyn Soviet’s General Assembly. I know that freeing our man deep in U.A.S. isn’t going to be easy and if we have to do it without the precision tools we need, when we succeed, however messy it might turn out; we will owe you nothing. I know that you know we can both print foreign currencies flawlessly, and run programs that give us limitless amounts of capital to spend. But Maya Solomon said we want your daughter included in the bid.”


“You speak like a man who has forgotten every single clue he was given in a dream,” says Alexandr Perchevney in Russian.


“If you do what Dmitry Khulushin wants. Is manipulating you to do. If you trade me to the Americans for Avinadav. Then you’re never gonna get what you’re really after.”


“So what am I after then, what’s my bottom line? Why help your Otriad do anything at all?”

“Pure, unflinching Loyalnost.”

“Ha. Your gang is really not so large. There are only eight of you left, and I have verified the identity of seven. I have both American and Russian politicians on my payroll. I have spies in your camp and your kitchen. And why is it that I’d help you spread a revolution that radically goes against my own understandings of business and the human mentality?”


“Because of what I did for your family during the blizzard when you were at your most vulnerable and your enemies swarmed your position.”


“That’s not enough!” he bellows pounding his fists on the desk, “that obviously is not enough!”


“You’re the richest men on earth. You have power and influence that few come close to without being an Eastern head of state. But remember what happened during the blizzard. And you know that we are the only outfit that can get into that bleak desert country, penetrate the tightest fortress the oligarchy has and get the one thing more valuable to you than that the oil underneath it.”


Alexandr’s eyes shimmer with untold hate. His fingers drum on the desk in front of him.


“I want you to assure me that you’ll take that rat bastard alive so I can attempt to inflict upon him what he did put on me that cold winter.”


“I will personally guarantee you your revenge. But only with your daughter as part of the deal. I give you my word she will be nowhere near the major fighting.”


Perchevney weighs all the data.


“Swear to me that when the smoke clears you will deliver to me my sick nemesis on his feet so I can grind him to his knees.”

“On my word.”

“What’s the word of dead man worth these days? Swear on the life of the woman you love above all other loves.”

Sebastian attaches a name to that word, but somehow no face. Her name is the embodiment of all qualities those utilizing the English language might attach to that utterance. All aspects and dimensions.


“I swear on the life of Dasha Andreavna.”


Alexandr hearing those words understands then that the memory wipes; the rumors of mental reincarnation. It is a cheap facade. He’s dealing with a mind as dangerous as his own.

“All right then. So you can swear it again a third time if you’re still standing come Sunday. Remind me again, the exact last memory you have of the night we last met?”

“I remember leasing the devil my soul at the Mehanata Social Club and agreeing to kill a large number of people so I might protect the woman I love. You want me to fight. I’ll fight. I’m very good at it. You want a comprehensive medical to get your hands on my material, I’ll submit to one. But your daughter is now to me a vague and hazy memory, that even photographs and letters do nothing to remind me of the past.”

“Why ask for her then? Why did Solomon include that in the contract?”

“Leverage I’d imagine. And because of your daughter’s fabled powers of healing.”

“Interesting to me that a man who seems completely unable to stay dead should be so interested and in need of the only woman who can heal everyone she touches.”

“I’m a pathological creature.”

“But terrorism is a surgical disease.”

They look at each other and though he is bound tight, but Adon’s eyes have fire power. They are finally looking eye to eye.


“I have one more demand,” Adon says.


“Speak comrade terrorist!”


“When you put that devil Dmitry Khulushin in the ring. Try and make sure it’s the real Dmitry, this time.”





“The Bathhouse of Wall Street”


“I’ll use your cunt as a urinal! Your legs are my epaulettes of violent fucking!” yells Theodore Breria, Director of the D.H.S. the U.A.S. National Secret Police.


There are quite literally woman hanging from the ceilings of the subterranean Manhattan supper club on 88 Fulton Bathtub Gym. Before the revolution is was simply called the Wall Street Baths. You can buy groups of women or men here by the bundle for your needs. Entry is still just $45. Bathing and relaxation services here for between 1,200 to 10,000. You can pay to strangle a non U.A.S. citizen for 25K. Some people say it takes the stress off.


Located below the busy streets of the nearly abandoned District Financial it can be hard to find, harder to get your way in even with a black card. Since the lifting of the last call in all U.A.S. territories, the de-criminalization of prostitution and the subsidization of the three day weekend, the business of leisure is clearly booming.


Most of the rubble has been cleared on the east side since the summer offensive five years prior where the Fourth Citizen Army of Breuklyn Soviet’s crack artillery brigades and the insert proper us artillery unit had a six day missile exchange over the east river. In the process reducing most of the Breuklyn’s water front to rubble and rendering the midtown and Financial District skyline a pock marked ravine of debris and rubble. Three years since the ceasefire and all the Manhattan towers are back up. The trench works and bunker complexes running from Long Island City to Dumbo look like the German Seawall; a Bar Lev line of the 21st century; a web of unmanned missile batteries designed to fire payloads of Persian rockets into the Manhattan skyline.


The city is a ghost of its former self, but still a playground for service men on leave from Staten Isle and other neighboring garrisons and of mostly young men of the lower echelon of the elite having a go at frontier lawlessness, their pick of tower apartments and servants and fancy cars.

The Eastern traders. The profiteers. The cream of the carpet baggers. The contractors. The petty elite sons of the oligarchy on holiday. But, the real money changers are gone. Wall Street is a red light district, the canyons of the world’s capital are now just a freewheeling circus of anything goes. The wild-west never allowed such depravity. Anyone of class left long ago for the West Coast or New England.


Back to the women on the ceiling.


Bathtub Gym is located three stories below 88 Fulton Street. It was once a Russian bathhouse. It still has Russians. It still has baths. It still is nominally referred to as “the water brothel”. What’s changed? Well you can kill the girls and still come back. That’s all that’s changed!


Dmitry Khulushin is an economist by Harvard graduate training. His U.A.S. Department of Homeland Security issued National Identity card designates him “White Clearance”, which means he can travel state to state without a visa, board commercial airlines, and leave the country without prior authorization. He was born in the city of Tashkent though both parents were Slavic Russians and inner party members prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union and their immigration to the United States.

Dmitry Khulushin was a face that is sly and Slavic, a boyish arrogance and a ruthless entitlement typical of all former Soviets who went from power to poverty then back to power. And no morals, not even one. A patter of fruits and a chilled bottle of Russian standard and a variety of untouched delicacies are spread before him in one of the very important person’s suites of the club where he lounges in a white bathrobe seated across from three associates powerful and affluent in their own ways; Michael Bloom II, the fat and repugnant Theodore Breria and none other than Ysiad Ferraris. A slender and thoroughly well-proportioned young woman hangs pale, blonde and naked as the day she was born from the chandelier above them ensuring their Champaign glasses never empty. Her feet are quite literally locked into the fixture, and periodically she arches her supple frame down to fill their cups.

Breria is hideous as usual and completely drunk. He spent several hours in the fun and games room and by his usual tendencies; Dmitry knows his bill will be considerable. But when one is entertaining the head of the modern gestapo; the Department of Homeland Securities Secret Police, and the two remaining billionaires left in this city; one doesn’t concern themselves with cost. You can’t take Breria anywhere. But he goes where he wants with his endless depravities.

A truly sick fucker.

Ysiad has just gotten back from “the other side”.

“What are they living like over there these days? Cannibalism I read in the Daily News!” exclaims Mr. Bloom.

“I didn’t observe any myself,” states Ysiad.

“Fuck those whores,” mutters Breria.

All that man thinks of and far worse. Quietly logs Dmitry Khulushin Koch.

“Is it true that the Islamiacs are gaining ground?” Inquires Bloom, “from what I understand they may have possession of the entire District Bayridge.”

“The Daily say they are instituting Shar’iah law next week. Cutting off hands and heads.”

“You own the Daily. Surely you more than me,” says Ysiad business casually.

“Well anyhow I don’t tell them what to print that’s Breria’s job surely!”

“Sons of whores and social scum!” he bellows.

Dmitry Khulushin sips his champagne and listens. Anything Breria says you just feign agreement with. Michael Bloom owns half the city’s lucrative industries, four major daily newspapers, eighty social clubs, the lighting grids, the water works, Broadway; everything but the boardwalk really. He’s the son of the mayor. Some people say the mayor lives through him vicariously. He’s a debaucher certainly. But not a totally sick fuck like the head of the secret police, king of rape and send roses.


“You were in Moscow just last week were you not,” interjects Dmitry in Russian. Which Breria speaks but not Michael Bloom II.


“I was. I was investing in absolutely everything,” cautiously replies Ysiad.

“A good investment, the Russian I mean, being a Russian once myself I know. I was thinking of acquiring more assets there. I too was in the capital just last week on some light business as well.”


In his mind Dmitry Khulushin Koch sees himself striking the husk body of Sebastian Adon with a studded black onyx baseball bat. The dull cracks of his human piñata not eliciting the response he prefers getting out of Adon, screams of pain and horror, the kind he elicits from the man sometimes when he dreams, but somehow never when he kills all the people Adon loves, how amazingly unsentimental.


Ysiad knows that Dmitry is playing a game with Perchevney, and Dmitry knows that Ysiad is thick as thieves with the rebels, and who cares as long as no one steps on big money toes. Bloom and Breria are the exact kind of people you have to bath with once and a while to lubricate the right channels of commerce. Politics is just a rich kid’s game for those not smart enough to have gone into economics. Once you get a person’s bottom line clearly established, everything else is just a fireworks show for the hoi polloi.


The nubile young beauty lowers herself to pour more champagne.


“I heard a rumor out in Moscow,” says Dmitry Khulushin.

Ysiad’ raises an eye brow.

“I heard that a certain very wanted corpse is very much alive and up to obvious no good.”

“This man you speak of, tell me, when did you see him last,” says Ysiad.

“Oh, right after you did sir.”


Ysiad remains business casual, a deadpan face.


“What are you two going on about,” asks Michael Bloom.

“Night life in Moscow is limitless,” claims Dmitry.

“Agreed,” Ysiad nods.


Michael Bloom Trump gets up to tinkle. Or brutalize a whore, either one or both. Breria’s eyes they roll back and he appears to be having some kind of absence seizure.


“Well then,” notes Ysiad.

“I have a message speaking as if I were Alexandr Perchevney,” calmly says Dmitry Khulushin, his blue eyes turning grey on grey.

“Go on,” says Ysiad.


“We have Sebastian Adon and we’re gonna turn him over to the U.A.S. for DeBuitléir and a tall finder’s fee. And then we’re gonna kill all your rebel friends in Brooklyn, spelled correctly on its tombstone.”


“Well what you are really getting out of it?” asks Ysiad, “what’s the ROI?”

“The Department of Homeland Security wants that Ayiti operation to go forward. It will give them a natural excuse to roll over the border wall, put down the sixty some autonomous zones and burn that Breuklyn Soviet to the ground with gas and fire. We definitely want to trade Adon for DeBuitléir, but not for that exact same end.”

“Why then, why risk all the gun play?”

“Sebastian Adon is a corpse. A zombie. He doesn’t have what we want. Believe me, in Moscow we looked. She looked for us.”

Ysiad knows who.

“DeBuitléir does then?”

“Oh yes. Certainly. They in the D.H.S. gulag archipelago just didn’t have to right tools to extract it out of him. Despite seven years of non-stop torture down in Angola 42.”

“So you’re searching for Solomon like everyone else then?”

Dmitry Khulushin grins ear to ear.

Blat, want to see a fun little trick, an exercise in living vicariously?”

“I’m sure I don’t,” says Ysiad.

Breria jumps out of his seat and stands fat and naked at attention.

“Sons of black sluts!!” screams the regional Director of the Homeland Security forces.


He reaches up and grabs their Champaign pouring suspended hostess by the throat. He starts beating himself off as he strangles her. She struggles and he grips her throat more forcefully.


“We’ve been here for such long time, notes Dmitry Khulushin, “what in the world could make you believe in these violent monkeys, these fleshy husks and their rebel ilk? Do you have any idea how much power are playing with?”

The young woman tries to scream, she flails and struggles. Breria keeps choking her

Michael Bloom Trump II, the richest man in New York comes back from the bathroom. He’s holding a long steak knife. He stabs the young woman several times in the chest vigorously and then he slits the girl’s throat. Blood gushes everywhere. All over the bath house floor. Breria starts laughing hysterically beating himself off. Michel Bloom starts jumping up and down like a monkey painting his face with the dead girl’s blood.


Dmitry Khulushin takes a Champaign glass and fills it with her gushing sanguine fluids.


“Why don’t you get the fuck out of here you pathetic chornay profiteer,” says Dmitry  Khulushin , “go run and tell your Ivorite friends just what you think you know!” he sneers.


Ysiad doesn’t budge.


“What is it exactly you think that DeBuitléir has?” Ysiad asks.


“He has the List,” sneers Dmitry.


“What list!” Breria demands.


“The list of all women of child bearing age with the bloodline of the Tzadikk ha Dror!”


“I mean all the ones we didn’t skin, rape, eat or taint beyond recognition already,” Dmitry grins. For the first time in a while Ysiad’ face shows some raw horror, groks the big of it all, the mass and girth of the plot.


“We’re gonna snuff out the whole rebellion and the blood line with one mighty stone. Now get the fuck off my personal island. You have one hour before I send the dogs and zombies after you. ”

Dmitry Khulushin spits blood on the face of Ysiad Ferraris.

“Just kidding. This isn’t Paramount pictures. I’m gonna grind your bones right now and feed you like a meat pie to the Ivories.”


And then Dmitry grabs his wrist, yanks him clear across the table and cuts his entire right hand off with a meat cleaver spraying his gore all over. Blood goes everywhere and Ysiad screams in terror.




“Masjid Saint Sophina”


There was a little green sign in the Window of the bodega which states “Hilal and Kosher Food served here.” However, in the past year Commune Bayridge has under gone some major changes. There might not actually be anyone near the store who needs Kosher food.


Muslims were always pretty safe in Breuklyn, when Breuklyn was Brooklyn their population wasn’t as prominent. The orthodox Jews always hat hats and elaborate costumes, but Muslims only had their Hijab’s and beards. They drove cabs and ran small businesses, they kept to their own.


Before the revolution the Muslim population was mostly Sunni, but now everyone is Shiite. That didn’t happen overnight. It was combination of the miracles and Iranian aid via the Pasdaran. The revolutionary guards who arrived and who had always been there, who were very helpful in keeping the infrastructure going during the war years and after. Though of course they provided arms and training to Party of HaShem, they pulled their weight too in reestablishing water, electricity and urban farming cooperatives.

Later on after the holocausts in Syria and Yemen were better understood, the faithful changed their practices to reflect Tehran’s guidance. The result was a huge Shi’a enclave in Bayridge and massive Muslim contingent to the defense forces and police.


Brooklyn Soviet, is after all the name we have been called in the mainstream press of the U.A.S. Breuklyn Canton is the official name. Alongside Goddess Canton in what was once ‘Queens’ and Bronx Canton. Each of these areas has its own democratically elected governance under the framework of Murray Bookchin’s Municipal Confederalism.

Every neighborhood district in our canton, which occupies an area roughly contiguous with the former borough of Brooklyn along with all of what used to called Long Island is responsible for organizing four tiers of community governance. A People’s Congress governs a Canton, a General Assembly governs a commune, which is then divided into Neighborhood People’s Councils and then Block Associations; Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, along Cuban lines.


Although idealistically this kind of democratic autonomy serves to galvanize civic involvement; it is still highly susceptible to factionalism of political parties. The most capable being the Z.O.B. followed by the Shiite Party of HaShem, the African Nationalist Uhuru, the Apoist American Workers Party, the Democratic Socialist Party and the World Zionist Congress.


The People’s Defense Forces have largely integrated the militias of each faction into a unified army. Of course each group maintains its own capability and by the numbers the Party of HaShem is one of the largest forces under arms.


The Bayridge General Assembly in the spirit of ‘Democratic Confederalism’ advocates broad tolerance and freedom of religion. As a result of that Political Islam, particularly Revivalist Twelver Shi’a Islam found an outlet and gained a major foothold due to the Muslim majority in the community pre-revolt. The prowess of the Party of HaShem for combat and self-administration is almost unparalleled. Especially because of Iranian largesse funneled to support the Partisans of Ali, its major citizen militia.


Such fund opened religious schools, rebuilt housing, funded hospitals and built the largest Mosque on the Eastern seaboard; the Masjid Saint Sophina.


Inside Majid St. Sophina on Bay 65 with its glittering green domes and gold minaret and tank barrier defenses Anahita Noor and Erza Pula watch as 8,000 men who have just finished salat come to attention and salute a mosaic portrait of the Mahdi ‘Emmina Solomona Khadija’ and her two new born infants one black as night a male and one a ghostly albino. They are both in baggy black fatigues like the men and wear chadors. Among them are the men from Persia. Who came here to organize the defense of Commune Bayridge three years ago. They are secretive, but the two women know each by name. They don’t ever look nervous. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps are just doing what they did in Lebanon, Bahrain, Gaza, Syria and Yemen. They are behind enemy lines enhancing the fighting capacity of believers.


Erza Pula is the co-chair of Public Safety for Breuklyn Canton, affiliated with both Party of HaShem and Z.O.B.’s Club. She has just ordered over 94,300 families below ground into the bunker vaults of the old, old sub-subway to the newly Haan built the gas bunker shelters. It is the fisrt major drill in a year.


The American Oligarchy has leaked over the inter-web that it will ‘hit Breuklyn Soviet tomorrow with Sarin rockets’. The saber rattling which has gone on for years appears to culminating in a breakdown of the ceasefire after some explosions rocked a working class housing block in Staten Isle and it was blamed on the separatists.


The First, Second, Third and Ninth People’s Defense Force Citizen Armies have been called up but only half have been issued gas masks. Some sixty thousand fighters. 1st: The Fighting 99th, 2nd; UHURU’s Black Liberation Army, 3rd; The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mujahedeen of the West, 4th; The International Workers of the World, the Democratic Socialist Militia + partisans from CCP, 5th The Party of G-d (Hezbollah America), 6th; The Satmar Shomriim, 7th Irregular (mostly reformed gangs) , 8th Conscripted, 9th The Garveyite Militia.


These 60,000 fighters will be the back bone of Canton defense. Erza Pula the Albanian lawyer hopes Allah is as merciful tomorrow as she is beneficent.


“Death to these Kafirs and their cowardly battle robots,” yells Kaveh Ali Shariati a well-known Party of HaShem commander, “Long live the Prophetess, Mother of the Messiah and the Mahdi, Allu Akbar!”





“The Navalny Boardwalk”



The Svetzapad Hotel rises up like a steel glass tower near the sea. Oleg drives and texts, a bad habit. But his hand eye coordination is above average. The hotel is located inside the Sea Gate commune perimeter wall, the two story concrete T wall with automated robot machine gun turrets rising up on west 37th street where the Navalny Boardwalk ends.


After the revolution almost every major street or land mark was renamed after some historic rebel or change maker. The unofficial Russian consulate unofficially opposed them naming it that, but in the end it was symbolic and no one really cared that much.


The streets are empty because of the panic surrounding the bunker drill as well as a curfew. Only militia men and women are out and those with nothing to lose. The Svetzapad Hotel is the only mega construction in the Canton’s Green Light District of Seagate Commune. It is an up to date luxury tower while virtually everything else built during the ceasefire is brutalist or Bauhaus. In what used to be Coney Island, Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach; the best intentions of the revolt were throttled systematically by the Perchevney Bratva. If Bayridge has delved into Shar’iah, Commune Seagate can be compared to base mafia feudalism presiding over gambling, whoring, drugs and smuggling.


Oleg glances at his sky pager.


Before Dmitry’s goons grabbed Ysiad Ferraris at the water’s edge and prepared to grind him part into mincemeat for so called kosher hotdogs, zeal over took the wily Dominican. He flailed his way lose and still bleeding all over the place wrestled a pistol off one of the gangsters belts and put two in everyone around him until the gun jammed.




And still bleeding and mostly naked he charged out the front of the on 88 Fulton Street club, with a makeshift tourniquet; into an alley way on Gold Street and dashed hemorrhaging everywhere toward the water front.


And before he threw himself into East River he fired off a voice call to Sky Page Central from a mobsters taken device. His dying voice would be low atmosphere bounced between satellites, rendered into a Gamatria code and delivered directly to Oleg’s pager.


“Adon and DeBuitléir are both alive! The Department of Homeland Security and the Perchevney Bratva are exchanging them as prisoners. An Attack on the Soviet is inevitable. Bratva and Otriad inner circles are both compromised. Secure the remaining candidates by any means necessary!”


And the voice mail went dead.


Oleg nearly bashes his sky pager against the wall of the parking garage below the Svetzapad Hotel. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It was all a trap. A huge set up. Blat.


We thought we were ten steps ahead but all we were doing was playing a long game for the other side! It was moments like this that Oleg remembered clearly his skepticism when several years before Adon had told him the Oligarchy has technology 200 years ahead of our own.

A deep breath. He composes himself. Well then, he thinks as he clenches his bear fists. Time to do what has to be done. He leaves his vehicle in the Hotel subbasement and takes a special elevator right to the restaurant on the roof. It’s a very premium view of everything from eighty four stories above the Soviet at Tatiana Purple on the roof of the Svetzapad Hotel. A tower of purple and blue steel.


“Ysiad Ferraris is dead,” says Anya, “his body washed up on the coast an hour ago. They cut off his arms and his legs.”

“Show me the body I say,” Oleg laughs.


Oleg Medved sits across from her at the table on the roof of the Svetzapad Hotel, at Tatiana Purples, not to be confused with Tatiana Blue to the West of Brighton 6 or Tatiana Green to the East of Brighton 6, both on the new Navalny Boardwalk.

This one is eighty stories above the coast. And serves “Slavo-Asiatic Fusion Cuisines”. Or, Russian food with a wide menu of Sushi.

The place is completely empty.

Back in wind swept Breuklyn Soviet. Anya and Oleg Medved have light supper on the roof of the Svetzapad Hotel with its wide winding wrap around view of the Coney Peninsula, the steel towers of Seagate, the casinos of the Green Light District, and expanded boardwalk, the hundreds of freighters in the port, and of course in the distance to the North a forty story tree of enormous size.


The Svetzapad Hotel is so tall one can even see over the ramparts of the Northern Mile High Wall. You can see the highest tower in Manhattan, on billionaires row Central Park South. And the fortress of the City. You can see the Flying Fortress hovering above Staten Isle.


“I do not have very positive news to report,” he says.

“Well what’s fucking new,” Is all she responds.

“It has been a most tumultuous week.”

“I expect the heat to rise exponentially this weekend.”

“Tell me, why is it that they pulled you out of Unit 808 and sent you back home two years ago,” he asks her.

“I wasn’t any good at killing people,” is all she responds.

“Well the enemy doesn’t flinch about it.”

“Well the trouble with an eye for eye is that the enemy always has more eyes than we do,” she coldly says, “Now make your fucking report Oleg Medved.”


The Kompot is cold and fresh boysenberry, black berry currant. She sips it. If he lies she will have him shot. If he is in fact the traitor she will pick him up herself and throw him off the eightieth story to a splat of a death on the boardwalk below.


“This morning Ysiad Ferraris reported to me that that the Israeli spy ring here in the Soviet is about to pull absolutely everyone out of town and is also preparing to evacuate tens of thousands of Ivories, and quite quickly. That’s ominous. Every time the Israelis pull out somewhere quickly things go up in flames shortly after.”


“Well you know those Zionist dogs better than I would ever like to. Did Mr. Ferraris give the spy ring the mutual aid agreement?”

“Yes, and they told him to tell us to go talk to Ruth Vered for final authorization.”

“And what did the spy ring back to pass us?”

“They confirmed that the Perchevney Bratva has betrayed you, us. Last week they captured Sebastian and Watson in Moscow. ”


Her face drops for one second.


“Who else knows Sebastian is alive?”

“Well, Ysiad does because he was the last person to see Adon the night of his capture last Friday. Right before they took out target 104.”




“Did Ferraris sell us out,” she asks.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

“Who else?”

“Toba Hadaad knows he’s alive and therefore so does the Israeli spy ring.”

“Considering that Unit 669 helped us fabricate his and Emma Solomon’s deaths during Millennium that comes as no shock at all. Who else?”

“Well, since the Bratva has him, but no one has said anything to me, I would assume that Justin O’Azzello is in the dark too and rest of the thieves in law as well. There’s more though.”

“Speak quickly and quietly man and know I have a sniper ready to splatter you so pick your words well.

“I’m being accused now of being the traitor?”

“Well Oleg I suppose its high time you picked a side more specifically.”

“Anya. That’s hurtful.”

“Come on Oleg, finish the fucking report.”


Oleg wonders how up so eighty stories high in a completely empty restaurant, emptied because they reserved every other table; from what position her Sicarri assassin has a good bead on him.

The wind blows and he picks his words well.

“As you know when the group killings began three months ago our greatest concern was that they would trigger a civil war here between the Ivories and the Caribbean’s. And judging from last night’s attack, the assassins have now butchered 104 of our citizens just a fortnight after we finished killing 104 of their war criminals and profiteers. It took us three years. It took them just three nights over three months.”

“Oleg Medved, if you don’t speed up your revelation of reporting I will blink twice and my best sniper, she will empty your brains on the floor of the roof and that will be all she wrote.”

“I find all your threats highly erotic,” is all he responds.

“When it began three months ago you asked me to convince Alexandr Perchevney it was in everyone’s interest to clamp down on this immediately. We sat down with the Party of HaShem representative Anahita Noor, with Netic Djbriel Okonkwo from Uhuru, and James White and James Brown from the Bratva and we all agreed to pool resources and go after everyone responsible for the atrocities. For the sake of the Soviet, for the sake of business and because we all knew what might happen if we had another Crown Heights.”


“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Check,” says Anya Drovtich,

“And so we all kidnapped, crippled and mind tortured a lot of people until we rounded it down in the very eleventh hour to forty confirmed horses. Bodies being used; programed in advance to orchestrate these horrific murders. And so as you know, right after the last killing. Right after we burned the bodies out in East New York our Sicarri, the Party of HaShem’s revolutionary guardsmen, the Shomriim and the Bratva’s most hard hitting goon squads rounded up the remaining killers in a sweep and put them all in  the bathes under Third Rasputin.”

“Oleg Leondovich. You are one of my most favorite people to work with over the years, but speed it up. I’m going to order your death in two minutes if I’m not fully convinced you didn’t betray us to the enemy.”

“We carried the horses, the forty civilian proxies selected by your enemies. Our enemies. We brought them down into the memory vat and ran the Para simulators. But time wasn’t on our side so I asked Alexandr to send his best mambo to break their minds quickly.”


“And so he sent Hella?”


“Yes. But not only her. She arrived with Dmitry Khulushin and a very large back box.”


“What was in the box?”


“Not what, who.” He says.


“Who was in the box?”


“The Israeli Spy ring told Ysiad this morning to tell us that in that box was something more important than solving the killings, more important than why it was that they were all planning to evacuate their beloved Ivories. In that box was the missing candidate.”


“Dasha is dead. They disappeared efficiently her seven years ago.”


“She was there the night of the Millennium Hostage Crisis.”


“You just saw a Ghost. While Ysiad was meeting that whore Ivory spy Toba Hadaad we were trading with the Party of HaShem, and Anahita Noor gave us that exact name. It’s a lie.”


“Dasha Andreavna Skorobogatova is very much alive. They’ve kept her asleep as a hostage since she and Adon asked Perchevney to fake their deaths seven years ago. I didn’t know the truth until the Millennium Hostage Crisis when she briefly was allowed to wake up. Adon said to keep her alive by any means necessary. These were his last word to me. And I knew then what I knew seven years ago which is that she would only be kept alive if she was of use. And now they’ve brought her from Russia with love to run the interrogations. Or haShem only knows what else.”


“So plot counter plot. You are the traitor,” she says.


“No woman I’m not. I protected Adon from the Bratva. I protected Dasha from the Oligarchy. And until Dmitry Khulushin made his power play this week no one was attacking the Breuklyn Soviet or any of the other Free states.  Does the Brotherhood or the Mossad even really know Adon is alive? Niet. Does anyone else in our own Otriad even know! Niet. Because we kept everyone at bay! Kept this war in the shadows while we strengthened our position. No one knows where Emma is. And no one knows about the twins. And that’s the only important thing isn’t it!” he demands knowing his time is coming up close.


“Now. Only me and you.”


“Well what now? You truly believe that I have sold this Otriad out to Perchevney or worse the Oligarchy itself?”

“You were the last person to see Adon and Emma Solomon alive other than me. How could you not have known they still had Dasha?”

“They told me she died. At the Millennium.”

“Who told you that?”

“Dmitry Khulushin.”

“The world’s biggest snake he whispered that to you and you believed it?”

She blinks once.

“Anya. My loyalnost is to you personally as well as Sebastian. And to this rebellion supersedes my connections of blood. My thirst for treasure and any affiliations I have to the Israelis or even the Pervechnvny Bratva.”

He says this all quite calmly for a man about to die.

“If I blink one more time you will die traitor so pick your last words well,” she coldly says, “If the Ivorites are pulling a mass exodus with their black freighter submarines on our shores. If they brought that witch woman here. If they have Adon and they know what to trade with the oligarchy to get DeBuitléir. Then I would say that an attack of the Soviet and to other free states is impending. I would say that you helped them set us up for slaughter.

“Damn you woman. Hold your eye’s desire to fire.”

“Good bye Oleg.”


“For what?”

“I’m the only person that can get into the baths below Third Rasputin and walk away with their mambo Dasha in a bag. And only from what she knows can I prove my loyalty to you and this rebellion. Can we stop fighting?”

“Dasha works for Perchevney now, or always has. Why would she tell us anything?”

“Because she’s a prisoner. She’s in their debt not in their pocket. Other than when they woke her up to participate in the raid on the Millennium, she’s been under since the night of the Great Disorder. If she can see into the minds of these killers; these horses if she can pick out who organized this then we can figure out what if anything we can do to stop it.”

“Perchevney will have your whole killed for betraying him.”

“You’ll have my whole family killed for betraying you.”

“No. I’ll just have you killed. We don’t kill civilians without cause around here.”

“They have a man amongst the forty prisoners below Third Rasputin who helped found your club. Our Otriad. I wouldn’t know his name or face because I didn’t join your cause until the middle of the revolt, but you’d know him and you’d know then just how much we, I say we because I am your deputy I am your man, I worked for you and for Adon and for Solomon! My loyalnost is only to the Z.O.B.”

“Tell me why I shouldn’t just order the entire 4th Citizens Army to arrest everyone inside Third Rasputin. Right now.”

“Firstly, because you’ll never get into the caverns below by force. Secondly, because if there is an impending Federal raid on the Soviet, what we don’t want is to have a street war between the Bratva, the Breuklyn Otriad, the Party of HaShem and all other major player in the Citizen’s Army fucking up access to the port; our only way of getting civilians out of the country. Trapping everyone here over the weekend in the middle of a gas assault, and making us look easy prey to the U.A.S. is a stupid, stupid stratagem. Lastly, because if Dmitry Khulushin in New York City. Which everyone seems to think he is. Well then Justin Toomey O’Azzello is no longer Voorhi in law, no longer the biggest local boss in charge. And Dmitry will kill all of the hostages, kill all of the Brava’s regional operators, and kill all of the horses and sure Dasha Andreavna too to keep what he’s doing, what he’s plotting from us.”

She stares at him without blinking.

“Prove it then Oleg. Go get pretty, lost lonely and lethal Ms. Dasha and go get me a traitor she can identify.”



“Watch me prove my loyalty to you with blood and fire, yet again.”


Eighty stories above the Coast of Breuklyn, on the roof deck of the Svetzapad Hotel Oleg Leondovich Medved finally picks his bloody side. He heads out to knock real hard on the door of a shit ton of trouble.




“Happy Endings on Ocean Avenue”


Functional alcoholism largely means you do your drinking alone, so no one can see you get loose, or look foolish. Or fall down. For many years Nikholai struggled with depression. It did not cease him from being charismatic or holding jobs. But he frequently did cocaine and drank rum and engaged in private debauches.


In his official capacity as a Logistics Officer for the Breuklyn Otriad, a caretaking body of the revolution itself; drinking has forbidden. So was drugs and certainly so was prostitution, which was now illegal outside the Green Zone on the coast managed by Perechevny’s goon squad.

The Z.O.B. was not constituted line a political party. Its membership was only partially understood. As far as the population was concerned the D.U.P. Democratic Union Party ran all the elections and committees, first among equals in power. The People’s Defense Forces and Citizen’s Army were largely composed of hardened fighters from Z.O.B, Uhuru and the Party of HaShem. But Anya, Ezra and Oleg’s Committee for Public Safety could kill at will and get to anyone. Nicholai’s main role now was the movements of people and goods in and out of Breuklyn. In that capacity it was as if he worked for Perchevney too. The Bratva had become the economic silent partner of the revolution. Without the Otriad-Bratva networks there would be all kinds of shortages throughout the canton.


The General Assembly meeting for Midwood Commune ended a little before sundown. Right before the Shabbas sirens went off. Parked over on Flatbush and Church Nicholai Trickovitch paid $300 for a Nuru massage, then fucked the girl for another $700. He I invited her back to his place but she politely declined.


Now it’s quite late. The streets are empty because of Sabbath and the curfew. Late sometime Friday into early Saturday night, Nikholai paces and chain smokes in his one bedroom apartment near Brooklyn College.


The land line rings. No one has this number. But he stays up late into Saturday now for the past three months to whisper to ghosts. His wife Krissy left him a few years before the uprising began.


“It’s all a nightmare Nicky,” a woman’s voice tells him. It’s always the same voice on the line. It’s his ex-wife Krissy’s voice, a little strained by cigarettes maybe something much worse. He’s high in the chain of command and knows it’s all just D.H.S. mind games and harassment, but it’s all he can get. She disappeared before the war.


“Where are you Krissy?”


“I’m in Damascus.”


“How’s the weather there?” is all he can muster.


“It’s real. Not simulated, like yours.”


“I love you,” he says.


“If you love me please baby please make sure to follow your men to Dubai.”


“Who’s going to Dubai baby?”


“Your gang is about to raid Dubai to try and free Sebastian and Avinadav.”


“Krissy is that you?”


“Yeah Big Nicky of course it’s me.”


“Where are you really babe,” he pleads out into the night.


“That doesn’t matter, they’re gonna hurt me real bad again unless you do what I say. I’m not safe. If you fuck this up they’re gonna rape and torture me some more.”


He goes dead inside.


“When you get to Dubai you need to get me the head of Sebastian Adon,” the voice says, “Or you have no idea how much they plan to make me suffer.”


“Sebastian is dead,” he tells her.


“Sebastian is in Russian custody. You need to cut off his head.”



“Raid on Third Rasputin”


It was the Russian Israeli Oligarch Abramovivh that coined the term urban castle when he razed a block on the Upper East Side of the Isle of Man to build an ex-wife a fortress in the most affluent district of then New York City.

Inspired by that concept Alexandr Perchevney built a couple of his own. First in District Satmarberg, then in his old neighborhood Fort George in the Isle of Man and finally the largest inside District Midwood; the city block sized Third Rasputin.


Oleg Medved is banging his fist on the front door of the Third Rasputin Supper Club Restaurant. No one answers the buzzer. Most enter through the tunnels below. They haven’t had a gala or a wedding in a while here.


The enormous blue purple cube which occupies the entire block of Avenue Z and Ocean Avenue is seven stories tall and composed of various grafting’s of blue and gold metals interlocking to produce the effect of hypermodern futurism. A giant wave of metal concealing the soon to open seven day a week showcase of Postsoviet debauches that begin on News Years and proceed until Pancake Holiday. Several past incarnations of The Rasputin have been mysteriously burned down over the years. This is the latest incarnation built within the past six months. An urban castle of size, depth and substance.


Its outright owner is infamous Alexandr Dmitrievich Perchevney.


Suka Blat, open the fucking door!” Oleg the bear bellows.


Eventually skinny wild eyed young man named Maxim opens the gate. Maxim has the look of a happy zombie, a dead man with a smile dancing around the room as everyone’s best friend. He gives Oleg a friendly hand shake and beckons him inside the dimly lit entrance way.

They walk through the passage way and past the ballroom and the dance floor and exclusive areas and then down a series of ramps into the basement, and then sub-basement. Finally he arrives at Mermaid Spa II, the new bathhouse below the fortress club.


It’s here that Oleg and the secondary command of the Bratva has been interrogating the suspect prisoners associated with the group killings, three such in the past three months. If you have the right tools, the right magic; any bath can facilitate the immersive wonder of a para simulation.


There are two burly men in black formal multiform carrying on a loud deliberation when Oleg arrives. One is tall and wild eyed, long haired wild man Justin Toomey O’Azzello and the other is the burly enforcer James Parisi White, not to be confused with his Boriquen partner James Behemoth Pérezes Brown. James and Justin are both handsome in a defiant Fenian sort of way, Justin is a devious and sarcastic dirty blonde, James; a former cop is stocky and brunette. These are two of Alexandr Perchevney’s closest men in country. Justin is his New York General Manager and James his Chief of Internal Security. Along with tough guy “James Brown”, these three are the only Amerikanski on his inner circle. The Russian call girls who work at and frequent the restaurant call the James’s “white” and “brown” basically only because James Pérezes is Hispanic and James White is a Fenian.


They came up with Perchevney years ago when his fortunes were quite revered an all he really owned was shitty Bulgarian dancehall on the lower east side specializing in Latin Music and arranged marriages. Both Justin and James are practicing Catholics, and thus basically.


“Howdy,” says James White.

“You’re not gonna believe what’s coming out of these people’s memories,” says Justin O’Azzello.

“Oh, believe me how I can believe almost anything these days,” says Oleg Medved.


Submerged in the main pool are forty human beings. Mostly men but nine women too.  They are submerged symmetrically in the water by a make shift scaffolding rig, respirator tubing attached to head set cylinders enclosing their heads in metal orbs. IV central lines are sutured into their torsos.


“These are the forty horses we suspect participated in the messy business of those Ivoryish and Jamaican group killings. A couple might be low hanging fruit circumstantially, but all of them were linked to cars, flats or IP addresses or new entries in the nights before the three group killings. So, we threw them in the bath and ran the Parasimulator full blast with the Bratva’s best mambo doing her thing for twenty four hours,” explains Justin.

“What simulation?” Oleg asks him.

“Sleep No More,” says James, “then the Bulgarian Tavern, of course.”

He’s referring to the preferred disorientation simulations the Bratva’s interrogators run before they go digging around in people’s heads. One involves a massive hotel game of hide and go seek with intermittent bouts of mob violence and orgiastic rituals. The second mimics a three floor translational drinking game to separate people from their memories and information. The process in involves incapacitating a person with sedatives, submerging them in a warm water bath and uploading whole worlds of fictitious data right into their cerebral cortex. Once they get the subject’s mind to believe what they are experiencing is real a skilled male technician is called an Ougan and-or a skilled female technician called a Mambo can then do a great deal of data collection or memory replacement.

In industry terms, and a person reprogrammed via this medium is called “a horse”.

An unconscientious technician or an overly traumatizing episode will wipe out all memory and in industry terms produce a zombie.

“Who’s the mambo,” Oleg asks, but he already knows.

“You’ll never guess,” grins Justin O’Azzello.

“More importantly what did you record?” asks Oleg Medved.

“Well for one thing almost none of these horses remember a single thing before arriving in Breuklyn Soviet three months ago, as if they didn’t exist. They were wiped and programmed and sent over here to swarm, slaughter kill. Finally after ascertaining that we were dealing mostly with zombies we narrowed down via optic nerve playback to two handlers in the cohort. The only two that didn’t have their clocks punched before,” says Justin.


“You did full neural play backs?” asks Oleg referring to the process of playing back the images taken in via the optic nerve of the past ninety days.


“Well one bottomed out while our mambo went digging late last night. Highly trained. He punched his own clock. He’s a fucking palsy vegetable now,” notes Justin.


“The other one, the Muslim Brotherhood grabbed from the City and then we took him off them. Our mambo was pretty close to getting him wide open and then he went into neurological arrest. We sent him over to Coney Island Hospital, he’s shored up in Alexandr’s personal life support suite,” James Burns White explains.

James Behemoth Brown takes over the briefing, “They all came into the Soviet in a variety of different ways. They all checked in different places all over town. Full moon came each time and they converged on their targets like clockwork. They butchered all three groups the same way. Everybody was gang raped one by one in front of each other and then everybody was drained dry and hung up from the rafters after their sex organs were consumed. And then the attackers washed up and checked out. And they say the Russian-Albanian-Bulgarian mafias are the real animals? Even MS 15 doesn’t rock like this!”

Oleg the Bear weighs all the latest data.

“But the surviving handler what’s in his head? Who did they all ultimately serve?”

“Well we won’t know until we get him back from the wet work rooms above Coney Island Hospital,” states James White.

James Behemoth Brown spits in disgust at an unknown and abysmal evil they are now unearthing.


“We have another, complication,” says James White.


“The fellow we just sent over to Coney was a founder of your little Breuklyn Otriad. A club fucking founder that you all assumed was dead and taken during last year’s battle for Babylon, Strong Island.”


“Well then?” asks Oleg Medved. Oleg the bear knows who that man is, but cannot speak his real name for he never knew it.

“We suspect that whoever they are, they’ve infiltrated both the Bratva and the Breuklyn Otriad with their sleepers. If that’s correct we are most likely dealing with the Cult in Grey.”

Everyone shuts up when that name gets mentioned. And that says a little something when the men in the room are hard bad man gangsters, one of which who can transform into a black cat of enormous size with titanium claws.


“Who can we trust these days, even in our own houses,” mutters James Behemoth Brown.

“All right, let’s get these horses out of the water and string um up,” declares Medved

“It used to be that you had to buy off someone’s loyalties! Or threaten the ones that they love! Now you can just pay to look into their minds and write things there for them to do,” exclaims James White.

“Takes all the fun out of interrogations if you ask me,” states Justin Toomey O’Azzello playing with a dagger of enormous size, his right index finger balancing the blade.

“I heard from a trusted source Alexandr sent his best mambo from Moscow to work on these pawns,” mentions Oleg Medved.

“He did indeed,” said James White.

“Dmitry Khulushin flew her in two nights ago,” states Justin O’Azzello.

“Little miss fucking trouble herself,” laughs James Behemoth Brown, “we’d all thought she was red dead disappeared! It took her just under a night to crack all thirty nine targets. Obviously she hasn’t lost her touch.”

“Although she left a few brain dead,” notes James Behemoth Brown.

“Is Dmitry in New York?” Oleg asks, a little too casually.

“Good question,” says James White.

“Which Dmitry?” mutters James Brown.

“The real Dmitry Khulushin, not his double, not his twin or his clone,” says Oleg   .

“You think even Sasho himself knows that blonde devil face from his twins? Even Sasho can’t tame that fucking vicious rising demagogue,” says James White.

“He’d better if he knows what’s good for the business,” says Justin O’Azzello.

“Well I hope he’s not in New York, because it’s always a blood bath whenever he shows up,” says Justin.

“Take me to her then so I can taste the merchandise,” says Oleg.

Oleg Medved is about to make a bed and finally sleep in it.

And so they go deep below the streets of Breuklyn Soviet heading to the deepest crypt below the baths, below the ice cage, where they keep their most previous cargo.

Burly Oleg Medved knocks out Justin O’Azzello first with a crack to the head. He’s the most dangerous one. Since Dmitry Khulushin doesn’t appear to be on the premises.

He pile drives his way through the sturdy old enforcer James Burns White and a few other Postsoviet hooligans. James almost gets off a shot but Oleg bashes him in the face with a fire extinguisher, and then empty’s the entire chemical contents out on James Brown who is transmogrifying into the terrifying black beast with claws and a tail that science and magic engineered for him.

And then there was a big black cat of enormous size coming right at him claws bared!

And then there was James Burns White calling him a “fucking double traitor” and firing his repeater at him, metal mosquitos zipping about the passage ways.

And it seemed then like Justin O’Azzello who he’s hit so fucking hard he’d though he’d killed him drew up that knife of his and ran across the ceiling and plunged in twice in his back!

“SUKA BLAT!” Oleg    bellowed and then with that big dagger still in his gut he head butts Justin, and takes out his blaster and empties it in the General Manager chest.


And Justin just spits blood at him!

And so Oleg swings the extinguisher into the thick of his skull and knocks him back into James White and James Brown and whole pack of dangerous others.

Oleg the Bear had to fuck up a lot of his closest associates to get clear of that shit show. But he did what he needed to do.

A few doors and tunnels down below the supper club.

There she lay.

Naked as the day she was born in fluid bath, eyes flickering.

Oleg had not seen this woman since seven years before on the eve of the great disorder.

Those criminal associates that are chasing him and howling for his blood are banging on the blast door.

“Dasha. It’s time to wake up,” is all he thinks to say in Russian.

Oleg Medved lifts her out of the bath, and places her in a big black duffle bag.

He then had to carry this full figured buxom blonde haired young woman out of the memory vat and charge through the facility with her in the bag. While bleeding out of back and chest with a fragment of a small caliber round in his shoulder.

They don’t make men like this after the fall of the Soviet Union!

With everyone in there trying to kill him it all got a little Zen. He couldn’t keep track of how many men he’d killed on the way out. And in doing so he’d burned his final bridge with the Perchevney Bratva.

He was shot at repeatedly, but only one connected low caliber thankfully. And he was stabbed twice in the back and once in the gut. But he had enough gut for glory.

He even had to bash poor Maxim’s face with heavy hammer blow and jump in his black armored Escalade with the girl still dripping wet from the vat.

He’d just stolen the most important link in the Perchevney Bratva’s chain of parapsychological war fare. He’d carried off their best mambo.

Tires screech.

He drives like hell out of the Green Light District rubber burning. He taps the blue ray in his ear.

“Dbrisk, I have her! I have the second candidate! Meet me at Safe House 07 in half an hour or immediately! And activate the Underground Railroad. We don’t have much time. You all have to leave for Las Vegas tonight. They have Adon and DeBuitléir. It’s confirmed. We’ve all been betrayed and set up for a great big fat kill.”


He tears asphalt up Ocean Avenue north toward District Midwood, then further into District Crown Heights. In the back seat, a struggling kicking fighting bagged up woman his cursing his mother, his father and his unborn children in thick Russian! But he’s sure that she’ll thank him with her eyes in about five minutes, if not her mouth.




“Yardy Hand signs”


During the early years of the revolt, the neighborhood of Crown Heights was one of the most heavily defended rebel enclaves against advancing Federal soldiers. Most of the above ground pre revolution structures had been destroyed and were not rebuilt in brick covered with white stucco. The Commune is still fairly equal parts West Indian and Orthodox Ivory. The avenue that used to be called Uttica is now called Haile Selassie Ave, that’s the Jamaican dominated strip. The avenue called Kingston is now called Betar, that’s where the orthodox keep most of their main centers.


Bumbaclot! There is nothing worse on earth than a traitor in the ranks of one’s own leadership! Of the many serious differences that are real, as opposed to rakishly imagined between Noires and the Blan is that a Noire will compliment another man on his attire.


Michkai Dbrisk is getting a shape up in his father’s barber shop on Utica and Empire. His father’s shop is well known and as it is customary in the noire tradition it is as much a small social club for gossip and business networking as it is a place to shape and style ones hair. Michkai keeps his dreads in pristine condition. He began to grow them like this seven years ago when he gave up drinking and smoking. Things are calm and casual even though everybody knows what’s coming. His father keeps shaving away.


A black windowless van rolls up and parks outside. Two men jump out the back off load a steel drum marked “T.N.T Shipping”. They use a hand truck to roll the thing inside the barber shop. Right next to Dbrisk. His father motions in Yardy hand sign to the young men and old men seated inside to get gone.


Y don y’all com bak ina du pas hour,” forcefully suggests Michkai Dbrisk in patois.


Nobody has to even be told twice best believe. Pretty soon Dbrisk, his father and two of Dbrisk’s inner crew; his cousin Magnus Allamby and his lifelong associate Big Man Matthew are left inside. Matthew rolls down the external storm shutters and then activates the internal bullet proof barrier which slides down over the display windows and the door.


Dbrisk doesn’t get up nor does his father stop cutting his hair.


Magnus Allamby is in a blue pin stripe suit. He’s a boss like Dbrisk, but lives more like one. A little flashier. He’s the Finance Section Chief of the Otriad. He’s been running the books for nearly thirteen years. He’s a Bajan money man too. Educated at CUNY Staten Isle and then later Columbia University Business School. He takes off his suit top and puts it on a rack. He isn’t carrying, he’s never carrying. He’s well covered. Big Man Matthew gets ready to pop open the steel drum. Matthew is a big guy, used to be chauffeur. Got a degree in urban planning from Medgar Evers. Matthew is here in an official capacity while Allamby was just hanging out, but sometimes business comes up on the fly.


They pop the drum. Mathew and Magnus Allamby hoist a sniveling broken young man out of it with a bag on his head. Already apparently worked over in Coney Island hospital. Bleeding out his eyes, a permaport in his left AC. They throw him in the barber chair next to Dbrisk and cuff his hands and legs to the chair. He’s already been benzo hyped.


The utilization of these drums was Michael’s idea years ago. The first business acquisition of the club was “Trinidad and Tobago Shipping”, a small outfit in District East New York that bulk mailed merchandise to and from the Wild West Indies. Michael had devised an elaborate system of logistics and supply where by these drums were not only used to efficiently smuggle things and people in and out of the Caribbean, but supply the various bodega routes more efficiently. And sometimes, when Oleg or Anya or Erza’s people were done interrogating a suspect we drummed them up and put them in storage. There were always TNT drums being moved around the Soviet. Some with fruit and perishables, some with weapons and people, some with art, some with everything and anything else. They were classically very hard to open, they have global positioning systems, and they are all covered under our trans-Soviet search and seizure laws.


Magnus Allamby had figured out how to cut every two bit cop, hustler and border agent out of a cut.


“Emerge the wily traitor,” says Michkai Dbrisk.

The man is wearing a black hood. And it appears someone has long ago surgically removed his tongue. Article Eight of the universal rights declaration forbids torture or cruel and unusual punishment. Beating a man, drugging a man into a dream state, tearing through his head like a D.H.S. raiding party, and then sealing him in a steel drum isn’t standard operating procedure for the Otriad, but the Bratva found him first.


It’s just been a long hot tepid weekend with a lot on the line.


“I know you man, though I will not say your name. The hate I have for you is nearly limitless. I would like to cut out your traitor heart for what you’ve done.”


“But, let me start by saying that I like your shoes. They’re pretty ok,” states Dbrisk.

“You can get shoes that look like that in the Soviet, but those are the genuine European articles. That’s how I know you’re coming from the City.”

“Look here,” says Dbrisk. I know you can’t talk; you don’t even still have your traitor tongue. But I know you saw things and did things we are gonna get them off your retinal imaging one way or another. And then we’re gonna box you up and bury you alive like the traitor that you are like that fellow in that short Poe story Casque of Amantioado. I know you were there when they slaughtered those all people. I know you gave us all over to the enemy. I’m not here to carrot you or stick you. I’m just in need to get the data you hold state of mind. We will now get it right? For even after they tortured you they still did not know what was behind your eyes or by your face what we know you know. The satisfaction they got down in Third Rasputin, or in Coney Island hospital working you over is beyond me. But best believe we will get what we are looking for and then you will be sent to grave. Matthew. Plug him in Big Man.”


Big Man Matthew puts a metal device over his head called a parasimulator and sets up the IV line pharmaceuticals into the right AC to sedate the traitorous prisoner, this time for good.

The Bratva and the Otriad have science and magic to match, but the Otriad used its powers for more good than for evil.

The device then overloads him immediately with chemical electrical stimuli, then generates a constructed world for him to be deceived into thinking reality is subjective.


Gold lion’s gonna show me where the light is,” hums Michkai Dbrisk.

Take my hands out of control.”


Dbrisk hums an old classic while the parasimulator projects the man’s thoughts on the drop screen attached to the barber shop wall, “Tell me what you saw, tell me what you saw, I had the strangest dream. Inside, outside we must have done a thousand each!”


The way a parasimulator works is a long scientific lecture that even the inventor of the device and its pharmacological adjuncts Dr. Kaku of the University of Stonybrook feels is lost on even those with advanced degrees in Neurology and ‘Phantom physics’. The device can simulate whole worlds for those that are asleep, fourth dimensional simulations as it is called on the street. They can also be used to extract visual logs of real world experiences.


It can trick the mind into thinking it has left its body behind. It can download the soul into a new body.


On the wall of the barber shop the last three months of the traitor’s life and operations will shortly play out on screen. He only has three months of memory still in his mind. Though from the face they cannot yet see under the mask, he has been with the rebellion for the very beginning.

He has no tongue to speak his deeds or memories. But his retina will reveal who gave him his final orders. And who lured him from the table of the rebel leadership into the den of the oligarchy. And hopefully confirm the worst reports are true.


Only new European designer sneakers and a recorded log now playing on screen will tell of his spree. Even Judas had asked a higher price for his loyalty. Dbrisk’s sky pager goes off.

“He’s close,” says Dbrisk.

Oleg pages Michkai five minutes before he arrives on Utica Avenue and Matthew brings him in the side alley entrance. He’s carrying a woman in bag. Like back in the old country.


Talk to me,” says Michkai Dbrisk in fluent Russian.

“Talk to her,” Oleg Medved responds.


He unzips the body bag and there is the ravishing albeit completely disheveled, dripping wet Dasha Andreavna Skorobogatova. Looking angry as fuck. She’s glaring at them.


“Give me a fucking Newport man,” is all she demands.


“Michael go get that thing handled. Matt, proper clothes please. This is the woman from the books.” he pauses, “sister, a multiform please for now,” requests Dbrisk averting his eyes from her dripping luscious nakedness. He hands her a bathrobe and then a Newport standard cigarette.


“And a fucking stiff drink too. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been under!”

“Where is he now?” demands Oleg   .


She lights up her cigarette and pulls on her robe in a huff.


“I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you’re not sure weren’t you in the vat plugged into his head on behalf of Perchevney!” demands Oleg.

“Get me my drink.”

Dbrisk motions and Big Man Matthew comes back with an ice cold bottle of Russian Standard Vodka Premium, some Chinese synthesized red bulls and some iced glasses.

“Everyone’s in Moscow. Soon gonna be enroot to Dubai,” she says.

“Who’s everyone to you, sister,” says Dbrisk.

“I’m not your sister, black mister,” she responds.

He gives her a look.

“I’m sorry,” she says, “I’ve always been treated very well by you Michkai Dbrisk.”


“Where is Sebastian Adon right now?” demands Magnus Goldbar Allamby.


“Sasho has Adon and his Ayitian partner Watson strung up somewhere in Moscow. Someone, probably Ysiad or the Ivorites sold them both out to the Bratva. The D.H.S. has DeBuitléir as now you know. They’ve been working on him for seven fucking years in Angola 42. Both factions are trying to break into their respective heads and get the remainder of the list.”


“What list,” asks, almost sneers Allamby.

“Fuck you man. You know the fucking list,” is all she says in return. Though only Oleg Medved and Dbrisk are on that level. Allamby is a money changer.

Tak, and what else?” demands Oleg.

“They’re going to shut down your nuclear defense grid and storm the Breuklyn Soviet in two days’ time. They’re going to kill almost everyone using gas and blame it all on the Muslims. Like the 9-11. The crackdown is finally coming. With or without Ayiti as a pretext the Oligarchy wishes to bring this rebellion under heel,” Dasha explains.

“You were in his head?” asks Michkai Dbrisk who hasn’t seen Adon since the night he left three years ago to raid the Millennium Theater.

“I’m always in his head,” she declares.

“You were in his head for Perchevney or for Solomon? Who?” demands Magnus Allamby.

Tak. I can’t always remember what side of the bed I wake up on each morning. But man you know my blood.”

“I know every time this Russian witch shows up and shakes her ass we put all our best men in the fucking ground,” yells Michael Allamby.


Dasha Andreavna just grins.


“Enough,” interrupts Oleg Medved, “we never know what side anyone’s on these days, and it hardly ever matters. They love each other. Whatever that means. Now pull the traitors hood and run the play back and let’s see if she knows the devils by their faces.”


“Woman I want your word that when you see him you will be calm,” says Dbrisk.


“I promise nothing to you black man,” she snarls.


And Oleg doesn’t know if the him referred to is Adon or the masked traitor in the barber chair. Oleg joined up with these people seven years ago. He joined the uprising almost by accident. He used to work for the Israelis. Then the Bratva keeping track of the Otriad, now he was a one team player for sure. He hoped he’d bet on the right horse.


Sebastian Adon’s last words to Oleg Medved, the night they stormed together Millennium were, “get her out alive.”


He hadn’t specified under what and into what conditions.

“We already know what you’re gonna do when you see his face. But first we need you to watch what he saw for the last three months and figure out just how much trouble we all are in.”

“Alright, let’s begin,” she says, “you have oysters and popcorn?”


They all know she is completely serious and so Mr. Magnus Allamby orders out for them. What’s the use of running your own micro republic if you can’t get oysters and popcorn in the midnight hours for a beautiful and vital woman in your chain of command?


The first image is of four men seated naked in a bathhouse. Three faces are coming into focus and one has their back to the view of the traitor. Three months ago.


“That’s Khulushin, Breria, and Berlusconi,” she says, “You know who they are surely.”

“Who do you think the fourth man is?” Oleg asks.


She shutters on the inside.


“Kahn,” she says.


“We have to confirm it,” says Michkai Dbrisk.


Images fly in reverse. The first ones are of wild orgies and of consumption and of playing games of sex and violence and chance in the Bathtub Gym on 88 Fulton in the City. The next are of the traitor crossing under the river via a tunnel running from what used to be Police Plaza One to what used to be the Watchtower.


The man had made great distances easy over a three month period. But he had the most powerful oligarchs on earth helping him as he went.


She sees the first slaughter three months ago. Howling packs of zombies ripping into two families of blacks and Ivories. Rape, ripped flesh slaughter. Dangle, drizzle bleed and die.


Strangers programed to kill watching the telescreen feasting on sex organs.


She sees Dmitry Khulushin hitting a dangling Sebastian Adon with a studded black bat. Over and over and over again laughing hysterically. Now strangling him. Pissing and spitting and kicking his face. She sees Khulushin pin one dollar pills to Adon’s chest and crack him like human piñata.

She sees her own unconscious body being used like a rag doll in a gang bang as Sebastian is forced to watch. She doesn’t even shudder.


They watch the second slaughter, shot with traitor eyes two months ago. Same carnage, but with way more victims. On the screen they see three young tattooed hipster women taking turns swinging little babies heads against the wall giggling. They see a motely mix of zombies sent to pell-mell kill. Of all colors and creeds participating gleefully. All programmed via telescreen and Nanobots in pork or the soda. A pack of young men are raping a pretty young Ivoryish girl over a barrel.


Big Man Matthew asks for cigarette. Pours himself a stiff drink of bourbon whiskey. When they are done the zombies cut her Ivoryess limbs off. The traitor watched everything.


The second killing in three parts was a blood bacchanalia like the first. Bringing the body count up to eighty eight victims by the full moon of month two. Four entire families wiped out.


All the female family members were candidates.


Even Alan; called Oleg Medved and Magnus Allamby pick up the pack of Newport standards and light two up.

The morbid tale flickers on.

More torture of Sebastian Adon, more rape of Dasha Andreavna.

Oleg puts a hand on her shoulder, but she just says, “don’t fucking touch me.”

Alexandr Perchevney grinning on the screen as he shakes hands with Dmitry Khulushin. The traitor introducing Alexandr to a holograph of Director Breria, head of homeland security. The traitor agreeing to sell Adon and Watson to Perchevney. A deal being made. DeBuitléir for Adon, let them try and work on each other’s’ prisoners.


Dasha boxed up and sent from Italy to Moscow to keep Adon calm, mentally speaking. Them using her over the years to find candidates.  Using her for all kinds of things. Dasha boxed up and sent to Breuklyn Soviet to wipe out the minds of the zombies and keep them under control.

“How long were you under?” Dbrisk asks her.

“I’ve been under for nearly seven years,” she responds in Russian.

The traitor had sold out the entire rebel leadership for little more than some gold and pager. They hadn’t needed to threaten his family. They hadn’t needed to lean too hard. To betray his loyalnost and turn over the whole rebel nuclear defense system, the roster of major organizers in the Breuklyn Soviet and all twelve names of the surviving members of the  Z.O.B., they just had to promise him they’d let him live in the highest tower.

And like all traitors before him once they got what they needed they took his memories and his tongue and cast him off like a European designer shoe at a bread riot.


The screen depicts the grisly last killing, which occurred just 72 hours ago.


The traitor’s very last memory before the Otriad’s whisper network found his location out and the Muslim Brotherhood helped snatch him, he was standing on Steeplechase pier, whistling a song though he had no tongue to make the words. Everyone in the room knows that song. To the tune of the song he wrote down a series of codes, codes to the nuclear defense grid, locations of command bunkers, access numbers to our server vaults.


The traitor handed those codes over to the enemy. For permission to leave the Breuklyn Soviet for good. Last scene in the memory bank, sitting in Bathtub Gym Banya.


Dmitry Khulushin again on screen pats him on the back and finally we see the face of the fourth man. His beady old soul eyes. His French hook nose. His body caught between this world and the next. Dmitry looks too happy with himself. The old French man says something in French. Then the French croon too begins whistling that song. He twitches, eyes go black and he spits blood. The traitor departs from the company of the two vile oligarchs. He then sits down at Tatiana Blue’s for last supper. He almost immediately gets clorophomed and has bag pulled over his head by the Muslim bus boys.


Everyone in the room knows the words to the Partisan song.


The projector cuts off with a Muslim brother chloroforming the traitor from behind and throwing a bag over his head. A bag which has not yet come off.


The room is thick with tobacco smoke, and heavy from that horror show of hate.


Michkai Dbrisk takes out a gun and shoots the man in the head in total violation of international law. BLAM!


“Thank you,” says Dasha Andreavna, “you beat me to it.”

There was no use but to kill him. Everyone simmers. The hooded traitor who everyone would have recognized as a founding member of the resistance bleeds out from his bag masked face wet and dead. All his secrets made plain.

“They organized the Great Revolt so they could isolate you all into little ghettos, identify as many candidates as they could, neutralize us one by one, then bring down the heel,” she informs them.

“He’d been with us from the very beginning,” Allamby states the obvious. He spits on the dead traitor.

“The deadliest sting in history,” mutters Dbrisk.

“Who was that fourth man?” Oleg    asks her.

“The fourth man was Dominick Strauss Kahn, or anyhow that’s the vessel that devil is using.”

“So, they have Adon, DeBuitléir and the codes to the grid,” mutters Big Man Matthew.

“Well then. I suppose there isn’t any time left to lose,” says Dasha. “I do trust you saved me gas mask boys?”

“What’s the plan?” asks Magnus Allamby.

Michkai Dbrisk gets to his feet.

“A save the world plan surely!” Dasha suggests.

“We’re going to assemble a crack team of our very best Pararescuemen. We’re gonna get over the border wall into the U.A.S., move out via the Underground Railroad and organize a flight from Commune Newark to Dubai. We’re going to break Avinadav DeBuitléir out of federal custody by absolutely any means necessary, preferably through subterfuge but via anarchy and bloody mayhem if we must. And then we’re going to rescue our brother Sebastian Adon before Perchevney hands him over. And defenses walls come tumbling down.”


“Technically speaking it’s just a save the afternoon early evening plan. The world is still pending a good deal of deliverance hence all the bleeding and dying to keep you candidates alive,” says Oleg Medved.

“It’s nice to see you all again,” Dasha says to them begrudgingly, “your desperate hope for human kind has never ceased to fascinate me.”


“Welcome back to the land of free living,” responds Michkai Dbrisk.

Enchante,” is all she replies with a slight if not contemptuous micro curtesy.




“Alert and Oriented”


Bright white lights come on.


“Do you know where you are Sebastian?” a female voice asks.


It sounded through the dystonia, the extrapyramidal haze that she has asked him if he knew when he was Sebastian.


“On Tuesdays,” he responds with a slight lithiated, tripryamidal slur.


She wears a crisp white lab coat and a green former soviet officer’s cap. Dr. Yelizaveta Alexandreavna Perechenova has been flown out to Dubai to examine Sebastian and she doesn’t remember him at all. She’s listens to his chest.


I’m seated in sterile white examination room although the diagnostic equipment is of the developing world. Nothing is electronic. I’m no longer in any restraints. When she enters it doesn’t register as anything special.


Just a demure blonde haired physician in a white lab coat and a green Soviet officer’s cap. Sewn to the coat in cold gold thread it says: Perechenova.


And she doesn’t seem to recognize me either.


“My name is Doctor Yelizaveta Perechenova, I need you to go through a few diagnostic tests and give me some samples. Some may involve me stroking your phallus erotically but I assure you this is just a medical procedure. He just imagines that she says that of course. All very straight forward to you I’m sure Mr. Adon. I understand you’re a paramedic and a skilled parapsychologist.”


I look at her trying to remember something that I should feel. Some sense of wanting? No a sense of remembering. Nothing comes. She is a photograph.


“Of course, comrade doctor.”


I disrobe what robe I am wearing and the drugs they put in me nearly makes me fall over. She takes my blood pressure; 120 over 70 and my heart rate 58 strong and regular.


“You are aware that the Cold War is over and communism has sense been completely discredited except perhaps in Cuba,” she asks. Notes.


“What year to you think it is?” she asks me.


“2084?” he replies.


“No. It’s 2018.”


She looks in my pupils. She examines my mouth and my ears. She palpates my neck and then listens to my lungs in six different places and my heart in two.

Here hands press my abdomen. She’s going through the medical motions.

When she’s done she says;


“You need to take these lithium salt pills. If you don’t take them you will die.”

“Your employer,” I almost say, father, “is far too tricky for me. He went to so much trouble.”

“Do you know what free radicals do to the body?”

“You can tell me if you’d like to.”

“Well you probably won’t understand.”

“Certainly I won’t. But I like when you lecture me, it reminds me of; no, I can’t remember what, but I like you teaching me my science.”


She explains using terms she learned in Stonybrook and later in University of Havana Medical School exactly what are free radicals.


“Well then I suppose free radicals must be brought under control or the very system and all its components are in jeopardy!” I exclaim, and she takes a step back.

“Precisely my employers point of view.”

“So I’m poisoned am I,” says Adon.

“Quite poisoned. Dbrisk and Trickovitch and all the others too. What does Z.O.B. stand for? Polish isn’t it? Something about Ivory fighting?”

“No idea.”

“I think it stands for ‘everyone dead when we say so’, in some old language you no longer remember how to speak.”

“Cynical. Interesting. And what is the mechanism of action then to do us all in?”


“Haven’t the faintest fucking idea what that means. Excuse my language.”

“My employer’s people can kill all of you with a switch. These microscopic robots will release neurotransmitters that will form emboli and will shut off blood flow to your brains.”

“Very sophisticated stuff.”

“Developed by your favorite people, the Israelis. Well anyway they’re in me too; they’re in my father and mother. All of Perchevney’s people. He leaves nothing to chance.”

“I think Solomon will consider this a serious breach of contract.”

Sebastian has watched post and former Soviet women fake a good number of things but there are two things they don’t fake well. Actual fear or an orgasm.

“Well your boots are going to be on the ground rather now soon if they don’t sell you o the Americans that is and my employer,” she almost says father,  “has every willingness to out-supply anyone else who wishes to arm you. The weapons you’re currently holding are third line. Eventually you’ll run out of bullets and want to upgrade. Your dead Domikani businessman friend can’t keep up with us, well with Alexandr I mean; I’m just a serf too.”

“I think I’ll be refusing your employers pills regardless, I really think poisoning is rather shameful behavior.”

“Well medically speaking you’re not poisoned yet.”

“How am I to know he won’t just kill us all when the worst work is done? Anyway we are looking at a rather protracted fight be it in Breuklyn, be it in Ayiti-D.R., Israel, Palestine, Kurdistan or be it in the heart of Africa.”

“Well the pills will not do anything but fight potential cancers caused by what fuels the Nanobots. It is you who sought out my employer; he did not go looking for you and your Otriad.”

“So who’s been implanted then?”

“Everyone who drank your Kool-Aid tin soldier. The toast at the last salon supper. New Year’s 5773 at the Mehanata Social Club, the report says you were all given the cocktail by a traitor in your midst.”

“That fucking traitor,” Adon says darkly.

“Just because they caught you coming doesn’t mean they have to catch you going too.”

“Tell me his name.”

“His or hers? Ha. I don’t know the real name. I just know that you and your crew were used to such an extent it is fully mind blowing.”

“And apparently I still have use for the using.”

“Indeed, as you like to say.”

“How do you know what I like to say?”

“I’ve watched a few of your movies,” she Postsoviet half giggles.


“But do you know me?” she asks him.

“Not from the hole in my hand,” he replies in Russian.

“That’s quite crude tovarish Adon. The reports then are true. You are a scoundrel not a gentleman of any kind at all.”




“Aim for the Flickering Flame”


Hubert looks out the window of an air ship he and his fellow commandos will board in the morning to a flight from Newark to Tehran. He remembers, attempts to synthesize the events of the last eight years.


Everything changed for us on 1st September, 2012, escalated during the atrocities the Department of Homeland Security committed on 17 September shortly after and I’d say as much for the world as well as did our revolution build exponentially toward 1 January, 2015. It was on that day our American barricades went up and we held the streets for many years at great costs.


I am back! Hubert O’Domhnaill. For a time as your humble narrator. For I did love that man as my brother so dearly! And what a price my family paid to serve Solomon, to fight for her cause. Well we all lost a lot as they say.


But I know that there is nothing we gave that Adon, his family and the others did not give as well. My parents before they were taken from me never met his parents who were taken from him, but I’m sure they would have seen eye to eye.


I will tell you now the day that the world changed forever. The day that marked the shift. When we gained turf and held territory inside the mountain fortress of empire called the United American States! When rebel fighters with union and 2.5 million West Indians behind them marched over the bridges and stormed government buildings across the city.


Death to the Oligarchy that so gleefully thins the ranks of the rebels!


The Great Revolt in the United States began on Labor Day of 2012.

They asked me three times to betray my friend Adon. And then they killed my family, all male O’Domhnaills except my eldest brothers Shane and Cormac.


“How do you win a war without any lethal weapons?” once asked Sebastian Adon to his mother Barbara Adon O’Nunnelly, which were one to understand true Gaelic patronymics; means ‘Son of Nunnelly’, when in fact it should have been Ni’Nunnelly, but they were born in American exile.


This had been a reoccurring problem for the house of Adon for some many years. The answer was always the same year after year.


“No you cannot stockpile nuclear armaments in a subbasement under our home in East Hampton. No, not even a few,” she told him and her husband, his father surely agreed.


Ivories are funny like that. They give to causes all the time, a very generous people despite the collaboration of their ancient leadership with the Roman oligarchy that tortured and executed the family of haShem as we understand her to have been. I’ll get to that theory another time.

The Ivories and revolt was what I was on about.

You see, my family being a good Fenian family has had arms in our subbasement for years. It was always rather intuitive that we’d never get the British out of Erin and then later the six counties, well except by shooting at them. And blowing them up.

What’s funny to me about the Adon family is that with all the money they’ve put into the foundations of the revolt, and the human rights movement generally they still never seemed to grasp that violence was completely inevitable. Perhaps the patriarch of the family Avram did as his younger brother Benjamin, but his mother up until the disorder itself did everything in her power to keep weapons out of the hands of a club that was founded with intent to acquire them.


When “the Great Disorder” began during the second year of the Swine Flu hysteria, when the rioting exploded in earnest over the discovery that the vaccine to the “hizzy nizzy” was making more people sick than better; the Adon family was divided between four boroughs. Benjamin, the youngest son, an orange belt in Krav Maga and importer of Basque Wine was in the Financial District when the disorder began. That was one of the only places along with Riverdale and the Upper East Side which escaped almost all of the violence and destruction which broke out. All Benjamin had to do was stay put at 140 Nassau Street, where he kept his New York residence in a loft adjacent to his aging parents.


Dr. Avram Adon who by age 84 was still working three twelve hour shifts a week at his practice, was at his clinic on Staten Isle, which is home to half the city’s police force and thus by mostly staying put he too avoided the mayhem.


Barbara Adon with a client in the South Bronx. Unlike her husband and youngest son, she was well aware of the impending riots and was also relatively plugged into the networks that the club had established for such emergencies.


And Sebastian Adon was at EMS Station 39 in Breuklyn, district East New York distributing the underground newspaper of the club to the EMS workers there.

The riots began on Grand Army Plaza when the police attempted to disperse the West Indian Day/ Labor Day parade and shots were fired. 2.5 million then stormed the Grand Army Plaza police checkpoints and a riot rolled North down Flatbush Ave and toward the City. Soon spread via social media and word of text to all the major ghettos the tristate area. Some supposedly ‘rouge’ scientist at MIT had dropped a big old white elephant in the healthcare room. The h1N1 Vaccine was spreading the h1n1, and it was targeting the genetic codes found in Noires, excuse me, the black people.


And then the Noires started reliably burning-shit-down, because that’s what they do when they’re angry, every single time. Except this time it wasn’t their own neighborhoods like the last uprisings in 1992 and 1993. Nope, this time they burned the rich white, gentrified neighborhoods down too. And the anarchists in the Occupy Movement started putting up barricades and shortly after setting off bombs. And then the major Unions called a General Strike. And the Autonomous Movement was born in the first seventy two hours of the conflict.


And history calls this moment the beginning of the “Great Revolt” in the Unites States.


The swine flu vaccine was of course just the spark. There were and still are many long standing grievance in a nation where 1 in 6 people live in poverty and 1 in 350 people are at any time held in prison camps.


“The Great Disorder” which history now refers to as the first three months of the subsequent “Great Revolt” claimed more lives than the September11th attack on the World Trade and burned more property than the Fenian v. Noire Draft Riots of 1862. Pre-arranged logistical packages are so vital when the cell phone network goes down, the inter-web gets cut of, the lights black out, the firemen begin stealing blue jeans and the Federal government starts shelling your city.

Sebastian Adon wasn’t stealing blue jeans, or stealing apparatus for Otriad use as per one of the ready made plans. He, although no longer a member of the F.D.N.Y. ambulance was ordered by the club to assist in life saving efforts as member of the flying medical column sent into Downtown Breuklyn where a great mob was attempting to light fire to all of Downtown Breuklyn. Razing Central Bookings ‘brick by hypocritical brick’ in particular. The reason he was still on that ambulance, and not attempting to steal it was because he had been told the fires and riots were still limited enough in scope to issue a command order for the ‘O’Domhnaill Plan’ and not the ‘Hadaad Doctrine’. Which is to say all members of the association were mobilized and sent to fortify and safe guard regional commands, safe houses, and critical properties the Otriad controlled.  Several hundred club members and support personnel were to set up shop in the five regional command centers, also called safe houses and protect the some odd 7,250 men, women and children supported by the Otriad.


The reason Adon was allowed on a municipal ambulance unit was because the club is roughly half composed of professional emts and paramedics.


Luckily the leadership had scheduled a drill just one month earlier, so it didn’t all go as fuckery as it could have. While Adon, Dbrisk, Trickovitch, myself and others battled blazes and provided medical attention to the casualties of raging angry mobs; eight flying columns, four medical and four security mobilized to usher family members to fortified urban strong points to do a quick security census in case the order for an exodus came.

And it eventually did, but not until the Great Revolt which was yet to come.

Logistically speaking “the O’Domhnaill Plan”, named after me of course, involved reporting without issued order within “two hours of a cataclysmic event’” to a safe house in the borough you were in without attempting to reach friends or family.

I was named after me because at a very early meeting back when the club was less than a two dozen strong I suggested that we’d always be safer making a stand in our own city then putting ourselves at the mercy of the heavily armed typically right wing, typically Ivory, Fenian, Black adverse of the rural interiors population.


As per later reports, a full majority of the Otriad’s family members, supporters, and members of service were able to reach the safe house strong points within the first six hours. With the exception of the Isle of Man’s primary safe house in Fort George which had to defend its position with hard will, fire bombs and small arms, all other safe points remained secured for the week of rioting and arson that was the dubbed Great Disorder.


Of the roughly 7,252 women, men and children in network only fourteen perished.


Four who were trampled by a mob trying to reach Grand Central Station; three died due to indiscriminant mob violence, and seven perished when the shelling of Harlem began on the eve of the fourth day. Those who never reached the higher ground of Yeshiva University and peripheral bases in Fort George sat out the Disorder largely secure at Seagate, Rich Man Tower Complex, Fort Totten, and the Staten Isle Mall. These five places had been largely via hording and social engineering converted into safe havens for the clubs network and civilian supporters.


By the time the dust settled, suffice to say, the Adon family and many other skeptics were thoroughly convinced that the Otriad organizationally and militarily was able to do the things it claimed. Most importantly those things in regards to taking care of the security of its members. And that there were thousands of independent citywide clubs, gangs, associations, religious groups, networks, and Otriad’s of many-many other stripes and colors thinking just about the same think with their own general operating guides. The madness was mitigated by just how well New York was already organized for mayhem.


The worst of the mass riots for lasted seventeen days. “Rioting” is exactly what the corporate media kept calling this, but by day three the riots were taking on the form of a semi-coordinated revolts. Especially when a Breuklyn General Assembly established a command center in the Breuklyn Public Library.


Staten Isle, where the rioting was limited to the North coast was pacified by the second evening. Magnus Allamby, the Bajan entrepreneur responsible for the clubs finances coordinated with Dr. Avram and is large informal network of cops and sanitation workers keep a lid on things. Most of the Otriad members on Staten Isle showed up at the Costco at the mall, and locked themselves in until the end of Martial Law was declared five days later.  Queens was pacified in most places by day fourteen. The Bronx burned well into the second or third week, but was re-occupied on day fifteen. Isle of Man was declared pacified by the first day, but Harlem and the Heights remained liberated zones, although much of East Harlem was completely destroyed in the subsequent shelling. Breuklyn was brought under control on the seventieth day after the shelling and tear gas bombing and street melees of East New York, Brownsville and Bedford Stuyvesant which reduced all three districts to rubble.

It took U.A.S. Federals, National Guards, and the Police forces seven days to put down a spontaneous rising that few had seen coming.


This event would go down in history as “The Great Disorder”, a precursor to the subsequent “Great Revolt”. That is because this was the name the corporate media gave us; a disorder not an uprising, similar to in your reality, Black Lives Mattering and Occupy.


The municipals sure as shit earned their overtime that week. The National Guard had to be called in from Upstate, New Jersey and Pennsylvania as there were few active duty troops to send with ongoing wars in Eurasia, East Asia and the disputed territories. There were quite a few atrocities carried out in the re-occupation of the City.

The siege of East & Central Breuklyn in particular. Some of those good old boys from Virginian and the Adirondacks ran amuck. Enough to trigger the chemical electrical signal in the minds of millions in the major cities of the East Coast: Ya Basta! Which in Iytai jib-jab means “enough.”

What we all now call “the Great Disorder” which began on the Labor Day weekend of 2012 went on for seventeen bloody days. “The Great Revolt” which followed lasted seven months of firefight though lasted three years before we drove the government off our lands. Although many would attest it is still going. The Détente has lasted for over a year. Soon after the population realized the full extent of the atrocities committed in Breuklyn and the other ghettos. Soon after the h1n1 spread to the blans, the white people as we call them now. Coordinated on the internet by the trade unions, street gangs, the libertarians, the Occupiers, various Communist & Socialist factions as well as numerous Left Clubs of the Democratic Party; the Great Revolt broke off the Eastern coast of the U.A.S. and aligned it politically to Canada and the West Indian Federation. And so was born both the Democratic Federation of North America.


We hold now a patchwork of autonomous zones running from Maine to Miami. Some say sixty four cities, it may be down to 19. Starting with hard battered Breuklyn, whole communities decided they were just better off alone, or in heavily armed loose confederation with neighbors. The Breuklyn Otriad grew throughout this period. As did thousands of other such clubs, the revolt was designed to be very, very decentralized and very, very diverse.

These were long partnerships many years in the making. These were women and men whose minds and interests were so intertwined it became possible to predict each other’s moves, a drastic synergy had developed over time, more than a decade had the wed the abilities and interest of these men together such that one’s failings were made into another’s strengths. They could never betray each other’s ideals, for so long had they walked along that road together.


Mr. Adon with his stalwart friends and fellow comrades hadn’t had to pick a side of the ocean after all to stage their grand little revolution.


Such were forces beyond plot or orchestration of human control on any level.




“Trading in Ivory at the Rose Gallery”


With the Federal raid impending, Anya takes a Saturday night express train to the eastern end of Strong Island.

The triple decker armored train rumbles east toward Commune 5 Hamptons, now a quasi-autonomous city state held by former Manhattan elites and their paramilitaries. The Hamptons seems to have weathered the Revolt nicely, notes Anya Drovtich.


It’s Saturday near the end of your world do you know where your Ivories are? Your Ivories are plotting, cousin. It is what they do the best.

Three submersibles of enormous size have surfaced in Port Coney Island and they are called the Black Freighters, named for various Hebrew prophets. Or “Coffin Evacuation Ships”, as in when you need to get your masses out immediately because flying fortresses or African militias with machetes are going to kill absolutely everybody they can.


Her legs are long and she’s business casual in red and her back wavy hair in dreads bounces off her shoulders as she strolls briskly from the train station.


Anya Drovtich walks briskly down quaint Hampton streets thinking how completely and utterly unaffected by world events this haven has been. A civil war and separatist movement and the world at war for a decade haven’t really altered the quaint bourgeois calm of this place at all.

She hasn’t been here for over a decade, when long ago Sebastian brought her to Montauk and asked her to be his associate for the first time in this lifetime.


At the Rose Gallery in East Hampton a party is going on without interruption. It has spilled over from the Hampton art crown Jewel, goods-hip friend of Israel art world fascination onto the street, bottles and all. And this time no one will be putting Ms. Vered in handcuffs because she has paid for all of the East Hampton Police Department to attend a “sporting event” in Las Vegas.


Ruth Vered the gallery owner and possible Israeli sleeper agent is pleased with herself. She had not so much been sent from the fertile-crescent to the Hamptons to separate plump rich Yids from their money as she had been partially self-exiled there. After a prestigious tour of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, three years instead of the mandated 1 and ½ for a woman she basically bought a plane ticket to the New York City, told her father and mother from a pay phone in the airport she had had enough of thankless war and flew to Idlewild International to make a new life in America never to return. That was no long in the past. She had kept mostly true to her word. Her art gallery named after herself brought in some several millions and hundred thousand change each year as per the Regional Station of the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence arm. The realty was that she kept quite a lot off the books and on the side made more. She deals in Viks, Pollacks, DeKoonings, forged Picassos, and every other eccentric, wild Hampton shut in of note in the last hundred years. Once a year Vered hosted a Gala fundraiser for relief in Israel selling off paintings at record high bidding costs to notable Hampton socialites and Yids holding high denomination master cards.

Despite the heart of sedition, succession and rebellion being just three hours away by light rail, East Hampton remained firmly a part of the United American States where private property was still legal.

Like the Russell Simmons White Party, the Gala for Israel was a must do event for any person of standing or station who could tolerate Yids, which was most of the Hamptons at that point.

And it was to that party that Ms. Anya Drovtich was not often a regular. Film maker Ryder Haske had gotten her onto the fancy guest list and invited to the after party.

Anya is quite impressed with the art of Ruth Vered’s new protégée, oft compared to ‘a new Arab-Basquait, but more dashing’, a one Mr. Ahmed ‘Ah!’ Azeal. He is a handsome Canaanite who’d never even dreamed of going home and painted similar to if one mixed the subject matter of Dali and the brushmanship of say, Caravaggio, then enameled photo-shopped images of his own penis, as well as massive replications of Aramaic gospel, Hindi mantras and hip hop. He was made even more ‘hot’ by the fact that he grew up in the Louis Pink Houses, which meant not only was he about as down and out in his upbringing as humanly possible, but he was totally self-taught.


“I need something from you in the way of a reference. We have a mutual friend with new cause,” says Anya to Vered in between social sets.


“I do not like new causes. There are plenty of expensive old ones. Who is this mutual friend?”


“An allegedly dead ambulance man.”


“The biggest trouble maker ever you mean whether dead or alive. Anything he touches becomes balagan.” Trouble.


            Balagan is am Ivory word which means “nothing but big fucking problems”.


“My associate feels you may think well on this latest venture given recent developments about your country of origin in the press.”


She is referring to an Israeli missile strike two days prior on Rosh Hashanah, the Yid New Year. A missile strike intended to kill the Canaanite resistance leader Khalid Mishaal for the fifteenth time. The latest one which hadn’t killed him but obliterated and collapsed the Gaza General Hospital killing sixty nine Canaanites, largely children, largely under the age of nine.


“They say the Ivs control the media. How can we control media if Israel never looks good in the press?”


“I mean birth control in the water supply? Did you people really think you’d get away with that?”


Anya was referring to the recent debacle where it was uncovered all the drinkable water being routed into Gaza contained epic quantities of preemptive baby killer and no one had gotten knocked up in half a year.

“I think that was perhaps the funniest thing I’d ever read,” Vered giggles in her head while face dead pan.


Anya giggles too, but aloud. In her head she’d like to slap this cold Iv bitch.


“It was definitely, far more funny then hell-fire-rocketing a hospital of sick kids.”

“Ok, so things are really much worse now. What is there to do? Leave? I think not. Strong Island is not the Promised Land and Breuklyn Soviet has too many people already.”

“This ambulancing friend of mine thinks he can deliver Israel the biggest public relations coup since the Six Day War.”

“Even bigger than fighting off a train full of Iytais with his humble brown belt Muhammadian side kick?” Vered says with snark.

“Don’t mock me Vered. With all honesty you people need this.”

“You people?” She smirks, “just kidding I make with you.”

“They’ve contacted an old friend in the agency. She tried, but the brass torpedoed the whole thing.”


“I’m not at the liberty.”

“No one likes that little batzona back in the home offices. She looks like a sand gypsy.”

“They called in another friend in the Services. Then she got shut down by Beebee himself.”

Batzona is Hebrew for “daughter of a whore”.

“He’ll be out of office in two months. They are indicting him for all those Soviet hotel concessions, the alleged rape charge, embezzlement, other things with Strauss-Kahn and the numerous dead call girls.”

Dr. Kay shutters a little inside.

“What is it with your fucking government Ruth?” mumbles Anya.

Ain davar! Look, if you’re coming to me you must think I’m somebody. I’m nobody. I’m an aging art dealer on Strong Island. I make them some money. I help pay for the star wars laser grid above Sderiot, but I’m not working for them. I’m just a nostalgic exile now.”

“Don’t bullshit us around Vered. Sebastian told me all about who you are.”

“And what the hell does this can’t seem to stay dead zealot ambulancer whatever know about anything. He was, is a shiftless agitator. He’ll say anything to set people off.”

“Sebastian Adon was a very good man.”

Is or was is the real question right now.

“Oh? A romantic revolutionary that with his words get many killed. I know already about his undertakings. It is a mad fool’s mission, pure machuga. Which means crazy. When he was younger, his work was interesting. He was sort of folk hero back in Tel Aviv, but really he’s just a terrorist now. And a liability to all Ivory, actually.”


“So you won’t help?”


“I will not help him. I don’t even work for the people you think might help him.”

Anya looks away and waves to Ahmed ‘Ah!’ Azeal who is attempting to juggle four bottles of Bubblefizaire half-naked on the street to the great amusement of his guests. It is moments like this that sending the East Hampton PD to Las Vegas pays for itself. He smiles at her and sends 5,000 Presidents worth of designer liquor sailing into the air then mostly crashing upon the pavement.


“Send my regards to your bipolar-mad man of a leader,” says Ruth Vered warmly embracing Anya Drovtich.


And then she whispers in perfect high Hebrew,


            “Prove your Otriad is ready at the gates and help from above will be quite forthcoming. You have my word that the agency will deliver whatever is needed to get you all on the road to Port-Au-Prince. But if you try to bring this world revolution anywhere near Jerusalem, you’re finished.”


The whole country is on red alert and all of the U.A.S. guard units have all been activated. A second flying fortress is moving towards what used to be New York from the South. Tens of thousands of UAS Military have been deployed along the east coast.


“Remember how there were no Ivories in the towers or at work the morning they came down?” Vered asks.


“What about it?”


“I’d get your ass back to rebel Breuklyn.”


“Why is that?”


“Because by dawn tomorrow, there aren’t going to be any real Ivories left in Breuklyn Soviet either by hook, crook, lottery bribery or Uzi point everybody Ivorist or Ivoryish’ish, Hebrew, Israeli maybe even a few hundred lose Canaanites and whoever is actually left among the practicing Jews are getting on those three submarines and holy landing home.”


“What is it that you know that makes you so sure we are gonna lose?”


“We traded the right to leave for the codes to the nuclear grid. The final crackdown and total reoccupation begins in three days at midnight. Pretty soon there really and officially won’t be any Ivories left in the United American States.”


As if all according to plan.





“All the Way Up”


Dutch Kills Tavern in Goddess Soviet is on the border between what used to be Brooklyn and Queens.

The lights are low and there is saw dust all over the floors.


A small three piece live jazz band is playing in the speakeasy called Dutch Kills near the border where they have a last round before the road at a joint owned by international cocktail wizard Richie Bocotto. The drinks are good and strong, the job gets done quickly. And made with real booze; nothing Chinese.


Under Dutch Kills is a tunnel to a train that runs out under the Isle of Man and out to Commune Newark, the Noire Nationalist citadel and defacto base of the Uhuru Movement who controls the international airport there.


Michkai, Trickovitch and Dbrisk along with a detachment of forty unmarried women men from the Z.O.B. are gonna take a train, to plane to Tehran before they make a final deadly raid on Dubai.

Michkai Dbrisk knows the Oligarchy gonna try and kill his family by the end of the week if his forty thieves falter. A deadly former Crip Set armed with Uzis is gonna grab everybody and get them out and over to Jam Rock the very next day. Garrison out for the duration of hostilities.


The tabor was selected by Anya and Nikholai from club’s equivalent of Special Forces. Mostly young men and women who had seen active combat and had trained as pararescemen.


They all share iced glasses of “Border Run Rum” with the actor, bar tender and comrade Siegfried Sassoon and the Dutch Kills pipeline owner Richard. Michkai Dbrisk drinks Jamaican coffee, rum with coffee. Hubert O’Domhnaill has a Guinness with a splash of Rum. And Nikholai Trickovitch, a Baboncourt on the rocks. Straight Ayitian premium rescue rum.

Most of their tabor isn’t drinking at all.


It didn’t take long to bury the traitor in a shallow grave of an acid bath and mobilize for a war path and a double rescue raid. In nine more hours nearly 60,000 citizen soldiers and close to one million helpers would be in position in the Bronx, Goddess and Breuklyn Cantons for to mount the defense. The Nuclear defense grid was still fucking down.

Oakland, Las Angeles, Atlanta, Detroit, Newark and Boston had all called up their militias and dug in as well. New Haven, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia remained demobilized and neutral striking their own deals perhaps with U.A.S. and the Department of Homeland Security. But war was coming. The shrill pundits on Fox, CNN and ABC were all shouting for restoring the integrity of the homeland.


Their lives in the Breuklyn Soviet were a ruthless juggle of part time responsibilities and full time revolt and part time child support. Towards the last desperate days of the revolt the Department of Homeland Security had rounded up as many extended family members of the resistance as they could and put them in a type of sanitized concentration camp in Staten Isle. Included among those taken were Michkai Dbrisk’s daughter Brook and his baby’s mother the Italian mama. Also all of his brothers and sisters. And their children his nieces and nephews.


When Michkai was younger, a little wilder maybe, less friendly with the Yids, he’d been locked up at Spafford Correctional in Hunts Point, Bronx then later brought upstate way for a small part he played in an armed robbery and allegedly in a certain high profile murder. He was only thirteen then. He did two years full time for not naming names. Eventually beat both charges while he sat tight and got hard.


Not naming names is really one of the most important lessons a young hood can ever learn in Breuklyn before or after the revolt.


He he’d fathered a child before he went inside with his then boo Rosa, little Jayden was born by the time he came out. Then he had a second child, a daughter Brook, when Jayden was eight with Vanessa. Vanessa was suing for him not to be the father and she’d taken off to Staten Isle which was rather behind enemy lines these days.


The blood was often very bad. And it gave him a lot more of a reason to get out of that way of old life, to make something of himself more than a revolutionary hustler or a Shatah, gave him a reason to think about others fondly. Spend less time hearing Adon talk. Spend less time a gangster. A bit less time in the religion called “the Great Revolt”.


Once you make two children the world asks you for more, to rise to the occasion as if by making a life you are responsible for your own conduct in a more certain way.

Malachi, Liam, Brooke and Sheila fortified Michkai Dbrisk on a newer path he had now to depart from. Made him keep out of a shallow grave. Sent him back to school where he learned to save lives in league with Mr. Adon then higher in training to Physicians Assistant, maybe even go MD. Kept him off shift work differential. No life’s night shift until now. He’d done his trench time hard. The boy was bigger now, but not a full little man. That pained Michkai, he’d have to leave his son and daughter behind in all this without having raised them fully as he had meant to. His baby’s mama would write him out of the picture for sure in any court in Staten Isle.

He was the exception to the ‘no one married or with kids serves abroad rule’. He was a don in the Otriad after all. Good Don’s don’t send young men to die.

He was the boy’s hero, his devoted father. Brooke was too little to speak out yet on things. Gurgles and coos. They’d want for nothing if in Nevada Michkai met with death. But he’d want for everything too, not having himself alive to raise his offspring.


“You don’t have to go through with this,” begged his wife Rosa on the night before the border crossing, before his perilous trip to liberate Avinadav DeBuitléir.

“You’re a pig,” once yelled the baby’s mother in Iytai, but he hadn’t seen her in three years.

“So exciting,” said a side piece Natalie. Who had joined them on the Goddess Canton side of the Dutch Kills pipe line.


“No, I do have to do it,” Dbrisk responds, “I have to do it ‘cause no one else will do it as well as I can. I have a duty to act as one of the leadership surely, but also as a friend to Adon.”

“I won’t wait around for you!” Rosa curses him now in patois she wasn’t even raised with.

“Brooke will be dead to you,” shrieked the baby mama over the phone.

“This is so exciting. So much danger,” said Natalie the fashion student. She always seemed to understand him.

“I gotta do it anyway,” he responded.

“And your sons?!” yells Rosa.

“And your daughter!?” yells the baby mama.

“You have a son and daughter, with different women? So interesting,” says Natalie who was sort of hipster artist down for whatever chick.

“They will all want for nothing and will be told by someone officially what I did this for,” he states in a video.


“FUCK YOU AND YOUR NEO-JACOBIN CULT!” yelled the baby Mama.

“FUCK ME!” yelled Natalie who always seemed to keep calm and carry the relationship on asking only for regular post cards.

“I’m doing this for you, I’m doing it for my parents, I’m doing it for my kids. We’re gonna make a stand in that country. It’s not about anything I didn’t learn in Church, it’s about doing right by others, strangers even cause nobody else gonna fight for ‘um,” he tells his father and also the video.

“You will lose everything! Think of your children!” cries Rosa.

“You are just lost,” cries the baby mama.

“You are such a man of danger,” cries Natalie.

No more hysterics now on the Island. Michkai got dressed and got his black pea coat on, strapped on his irons, his tam, his wallet, his passport. He kissed the boy age 8. Kissed a photograph of Brooke new born. Had wild sex with Natalie a couple hours before boarding.

“I love you all. I’m sorry I gotta go.”

“It’s okay Daddy,” Liam mumbles half asleep “You gotta go fight the bad, bad men.’

“I love you all as I always will. I’ll come home as soon as it’s done.”

But no one really forgives him besides Aiden and Liam. Maybe Natalie too. The eight year old is highly ware of his father’s role as a rebel saint. The FIT gal orders him to upload a lot of desert war pictures to her Instagram. Jayden probably forgives him because he’s still too young to know what dying is.


Real dying, where your body rots and souls leave the body. Real death. Not like his close friend Sebastian Adon and their voluptuous preconscious associate Maya Solomon who are just about the highest profile dead people he’s ever heard of other than maybe Jesus Christ herself.


That very evening after wishing good byes to those they were most intimate with, under the cover of darkness, Michkai Dbrisk, Nikholai Trickovitch and Hubert O’Domhnaill advance unit of forty dubbed the 99th Special Operations Task Force were loaded into on a high speed underground train, and smuggled into Newark destined for Tehran, staging for an attack on Dubai where it was understood that Adon, Entwissle, and Avinadav Debuterlers would all be captive.


The very hour they left forty Crips lead by Big Man Matthew Allamby blew their way through Camp Comfort on Staten Isle and shot up a whole hand full of follow men from the D.H.S. to extract little Brook-Lyn back to Breuklyn Soviet. They had every person related to Dbrisk and near associated relative out of the country and safe in Jamaica in under sixteen hours.


The Flickering Flame Airbus took off early morning carrying the rebel commandos toward Iran where the Party of HaShem had arranged for reinforcements to take part in the raid.




“Attack on the U.A.E.”


Flashing red and blue lights of wild magnitude blind you as you make your way down the packed streets of Dubai. Endless black town cars with fully tinted windows shuttle creatures of the night point to point. Glass and steel towers house the world’s most complete collection of flesh for sale and games of trickery to separate a person from their savings. This whole complex once arose out the sands of the blood oil badlands. It’s a place of slaves and lesser Oligarchs on parade and acting badly.


The sands will swallow it only when money to spend on sinning runs dry. That isn’t going to happen anytime soon.


Vanessa Rainwater who everyone knows better as Birdy, sings Jazz-Gypsy-Soul-Afro Funk in a speakeasy-cum-lately in a half-way hipster part of Las Vegas known as the Bondalla District. It’s a place of sin, sand and endless neon lights that can be seen from space. Its brothels are clean and efficient. Its games of chance are limitless. It has very well-funded public school districts for stripper moms and black jack domino dads.

Birdy has curly brown hair, freckled pale skin. And stage 3 brain cancer, though she looks great. She hits all the notes in a tight gold sequined dress, far too curvy to really be a white girl thinks Michkai Dbrisk, a Jamaican paramedic. Her presence takes over the whole damn room. Makes them all forget themselves watching her. She’s a place in France where the naked girls dance. What a show to watch.


“She’s objectifying you with her eyes,” notes Nikolai Trickovitch, a private detective by trade and a gun man for the Otriad when needed or called.

“Whatever her mama feeds her, she gotta keep sippin’ on it,” says Michkai to Trickovitch.


Nikholai just nods. He is wearing a black suit with the thin tie opened. He’s chain smoking, loving that one can do that in doors here. His brooding former Soviet complexion is made easier on the eyes by his Yid smirk. He’s two days from a goodnight sleep and a shave. But he always kind of looks that way. They’re two days now in Dubai waiting for Adon to get brought into town from Russia.


Birdy Rainwater and Sebastian Adon have quite a lot of history of the old in out in out as it were, as she is one of his biggest fans and the holder of one of the most extensive collection of his art, poetry and song.


“He’s an artist too! People never remember that,” Birdy often reminds his detractors.

She’s singing a song he wrote her back in the day, when he thought of little besides her. Some women have had that effect on him. Three in this life at least. He has had no shortage of muses to his madness. She sings it with husky bootlegger-gilded age candor. She’s a Taino looker, Pocahontas as Nina Simone. She’s a stand in for a poster girl from the old wars. She’s broken Adon’s heart no less than three times. Back when he had one.

“I’m sure he still does!” she sings hitting a provocative crescendo.

A big titted bombshell in a gold dress.

She sings for him still. In between one of these balmy, epic songs a part-Persian man in lethal leisure suit brings still more drinks to the table of Mr. Trickovitch and Mr. Dbrisk. On a folded piece of manila card stock with a ruby red kiss upon it, Ms. Rainwater is passing notes:


            Hey-ya boys. Wait for the lights to go out then just follow our lead to the tallest tower in Dubai. Just past midnight you’ll find your contact at the Voodoo Lounge. Ask for Hachi. Best of luck in your terrorist escapades, remember to tip the staff unless you want the house to win.


It’s not just gawk and wax ragtime, Ms. Birdy Rainwater is a trusted sympathizer, part of the vast whisper network of the Breuklyn Otriad and they are being instructed how to elude U.A.S. and U.A.E. follow-follow men from the Department of Homeland Security and reach the most high profile rendezvous point in town follow-clean.


Birdy sings and struts and wiggles and every inch of her is a distraction. And as the song cuts, so do the lights.  And the lights stay out amid a cacophony of applause. And the part-Persian man in the lethal leisure suit quickly leads Mr. Trickovitch and Mr. Dbrisk to the kitchen and the Mexican weight staff directs them toward a hatch, into a tunnel and out of the Bondalla District underground. Their follow-follow men are evaded.

Less than an hour later, Nikholai Trickovitch and Michkai Dbrisk, enter the fourth sub-basement of the one hundred and four story mega hotel called La Fantasia. They are greeted by two massive Noires and four Bengalis all in smooth black suits, don’t ask how this many foreigners ended up in Dubai. Everyone followed the mirage in the desert. They are ushered into a private elevator and shot into space. Atop this behemoth is the tri-level rooftop pleasure bar known as the Voodoo Lounge and they get there a little after midnight.


They step into what appears to be a festive pansexual sex party.

Girly boys in gold flapper attire act out like they were drunk in the tower of Babel itself. Ass to ass is happening gleefully on every other table. They ask a towering security man for Hachi.

They are then ushered into a private chamber by a mullato girl with big not at all fake tits wrapped in more black sequins. The chamber has a view of the valley of earthly delights. They are presented with a bottle of basic Israeli wine, also a bottle of bubblefizaire, also offered a menu. The menu is in Cyrillic, Han Chinese and Americano. It is Hachi’s pleasure to have them, everything is taken care of: so they are informed by their voluptuous new friend.

Michkai orders strong black coffee which he knows will not be as good as one from Breuklyn. Nikh orders a whiskey Jamison on the rocks. The booth is completely private black box with an amazing view of all that flashing neon sin peddling below them.

“She’ll be with you momentarily.”

“Who is this Hachi again?” asks Nikholai Trickovitch.

“She’s the half Soviet-half Han lady friend of the famous actor Siegfried Sassoon, a friend of ours from the club. She’s a woman who begrudgingly peddles in low grade sin and is amicable to arming us properly for our trip to liberate Mr.  DeBuitléir so deep behind enemy lines. Her father is real bad man Post Soviet shattah.”

Ah, the reason they are in Dubai and not back defending the canton is clear. They are loyally invested in retrieving their famous leader Avinadav and their dear comrades Sebastian and Watson. It is an epic rescue mission. They are under covenant to liberate some so-called terrorists, and 1/3 of the highest leadership; a great Ayitian patriot.

Where Emma Solomon is or is not, is not their pay grade. Suffice to say, it is widely believed she could be anywhere and everywhere. “No life without a leader” say the battle patches distributed to the guerrillas and people’s militia. In that case there were for the Z.O.B. three; Emma, Avinadav and Ocalan. Emma and Avinadav directly created the Resistance in Israel and Palestine with a young Sebastian as a sword and deputy slightly before the towers fell in 2001. Ocalan, in enemy hands since 1999 is more a symbolic leader to the Americans and Israelis, clearly a cult figure to the Kurds. And no one has any real hope of getting him, prying him from Turkish hands.

Avinadav has been missing for seven years. Sebastian, well though his death was fabricated in September 2011 and again at the Millennium Crisis in 2015, both Nikholai and Dbrisk knew the truth. That he and Watson had led a unit on a spree of targeted killings under the mantle of Unit 808; the Heart Breakers.

Dbrisk, Trickovitch and O’Domhnaill are under very strict orders from their politburo. Orders being a funny word for free men such as themselves with power and a vested vote. Yet, these were orders. Liberate the leadership.

Hachi is brutally elegant and her smile is radiant as she enters the booth in a gold dress.

She had met Mr. Adon many years before through her talented rising star of a husband, Mr. Sassoon, the lead of the latest Martin McDonough Broadroad blockbuster had long standing ties to the Otriad. Sebastian and Siggy’s mutual friend, the recently murdered Ysiad Ferraris is a partner in trade with her father. Her big league dangerous father. Sasho Alexandr Dmitrov Perchevney. Everyone’s favorite Bulgarian mad man. One does need a couple references these days to do business with the corporate oligarchy of any reputable mob, former Soviet or Ruus institutional.




Hachi King Perchevney is the owner of both the strip brothel supper club Fantasia and the Voodoo Lounge which have corresponding branches in Macao and Las Vegas. Her father is the owner of the building. The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building. The building is private property, which means it’s within the territories of the United Arab Emirates although all its principle shareholders reside in the Russian Federation. She runs the place with a staff of mostly Mexicanos, Mulats and Noires. They work harder than the Blan, a proven fact. The Voodoo Lounge boasts the world’s highest outdoor dance floor and cage dancing fire spectacles, also bare knuckle boxing. Its elevated viewing deck gives one a view of the entire sinful city. The blue glass tower which houses it was the tallest and largest thing built before the economy imploded and recessed indefinitely right after the war years in the beginning of the century.

Hachi’s father is nominally a former Soviet although more a transnational biz-ness-man of the clandestine economy as far as a point of identity. Her mother is also in the biz, albeit the Han one. It was as if in her birth the two most ruthless forces of strong arm venture capitalism produced a single vision of invisible handed, ruthless thirst for money. With gun running, drug dealing and prostitution so vigorously engaged in throughout the planet, the Perchevney Bratva focuses mostly on sophisticated real estate acquisitions, regime change and sometimes the reinstitution of serfdom in non-aligned states via debt peonage.

Hachi isn’t too invested in all the evil around her though.  No wife of the altruistic and enlightened Siegfried Sassoon could be. She compartmentalizes her life you see. After the revolt in the Eastern territories it became important to own your own plane. She does her business in the Southwest desert then flies back to the City of Many-Many-Lights four days a month to be near the radiating goodness of her man who prefers life in the Breuklyn Soviet. She just sometimes plays fixer to her father, who no one ever gets to meet.

The Voodoo Lounge has strange powers absolving its guests of sin by way of anonymity. “Sojourners into darkness do need company,” she says slyly taking a seat with Mr. Dbrisk and Mr. Trickovitch in the private viewing booth called the Papa Legbe Terrace.

“Thank you for seeing us Ms. Sassoon on such short notice.”

“Well the sky is about to fall out above Breuklyn Soviet darlings. We are all a little pressed for time. Also, please call me Hachi as you’re both close friends of my husband’s close friend. And we are all friends of the great revolution after all,” she says with the sly smile of a Postsoviet woman and the cunning diplomacy of the daughter of a Han.


“Cheers to that very same notion,” says Michkai.


Nazdrovia,” says Nikholai.


“This is a wonderful place you have here,” Michkai remarks.

She gives him a funny look with a smile as if to say: of course it fucking is. My father is one of the richest, most dangerous oligarchs in the entire Post Soviet world. But they all have at least a little ESP, so it is unnecessary to say that aloud.

“So, my dad, Sasho, gives your whole plot to seize Hispaniola his black blessing. I mean in light of what’s happening in the American Civil War and the Middle East, who cares you know if the Democratic Confederalists want to colonize, excuse me, and liberate the West Indies. Obviously without a little bit of sentimentality he supports the notion that your varying backers pay very, very well and that the prospecting concessions he has been promised if you succeed will make even him crack a tiny former Soviet half smile. So, while I love my husband Siegfried, and am a begrudging fan of your compatriot Mr. Adon, and am obviously not going to stand in your way; but, I have but several questions before we release our three hostages to you.”


It gets serious quick around here.


“Ask away Ms. Hachi,” Michkai says. Michkai takes a green pack of Newport cigarettes from out the inner pocket of the black pea coat he is wearing. For a six foot two Jamaican with thick polished dreads he is soft spoken to the point of incredible charm.

“You’re all really, really fucking insane,” she tells them.

“That isn’t a question Ms. Hachi,” Michkai notes lighting his delicious Newport.

“You’re right. That was a statement of fact,” she replies with a smile.

“So what’s the second question then,” asks Nikholai.

“I think she’s still on her first question,” says Michkai.

“We’re in the crazy shit business. You’re in the oil, high tech, warm flesh, cold flesh cocaine, arms and supper club business. Your father, well he’s into almost everybody’s business where a buck gets made illicitly. We need some equipment surely but we also really need permission to take back three people your father currently owns,” says Michkai Dbrisk.

“We’re buying back your serfs are we?”

“We’re taking back our leadership, which your father has played a role in sequestering,” says Dbrisk.

At that moment Michkai Dbrisk was of course quite unaware that his associates Mr. Watson Entwissle and Mr. Sebatian Adonaev were handcuffed to the interrogation chairs of well-lit questioning room on the outskirts of the city.


“We know the U.A.S. Department of Homeland Security nabbed Avinadav seven years ago right before the Great Revolt began. We heard Sebastian and Watson got picked in Moscow doing a hit, then turned over to your Dad’s man Dmitry Khulushin. So technically the Perchevney Bratva owns three people we needed back. But, we’d still like to get Ocalan from the Turks if that’s for sale,” explains Trickovitch.


“So let’s make a piece meal deal shall we. How much will you pay for DeBuitléir?” she asks.

Trickovitch looks at Dbrisk. They were told not to haggle.

“He’s almost priceless. But we were told to offer you 187,000,000 USD.”

“Cute offer, a lot of money. But, clearly Dad doesn’t need your money. That could buy your freedom for the weekend here, but I’m afraid the cost of getting a man out of the deep state gulag who is suspected of being a high placed terrorist leader might cost you, something more.”

“Maybe we should haggle about the equipment first,” says Trickovitch.

“You’re not supposed to haggle,” Hachi says, “Emma told you never haggle with us,” she grins.

“How do you,” starts Nikholai, “never mind.”

“So let’s get to that then. How many irons you looking to buy? You’ve allegedly brought a tabor into the U.A.E. with back up from the Kurds & Iranians. I’d imagine you need guns for whatever you want to do here in the colony. Considering the defense of the Soviet will begin any day now. If that is viable you’ve got existing fronts in North Syria and soon Hispaniola” she continues, “What kinds of irons are you looking to acquire?”

“Just three for now,” replies Michkai.

“Just three? I had heard this was gonna be a big job.”

“Well technically, Ms. Hachi, we haven’t figured out exactly how to extract our prisoners yet. So we figured we’d just take a bunch of hostages all over the city tonight. And clearly the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp was thoughtful enough to pick up the tab on that” Trickovitch says.

“So, you’re not really here to buy arms. You’re gonna threaten us like a bunch of bandits?” Hachi asks.

“Look this Petro Colony playground of yours is probably prepared to stop what we can throw at it, but you and your dad need to give up our men and back down. It’s gonna continue to be lucrative for the Bratva, especially if we get all three back to Breuklyn alive,” explains Nikholai.

“Avinadav, he’s being held in the Angola 42 Penal Colony near the border with Abu Dhabi,” Hachi says with a sign, “He’s still in U.A.S. custody. In a night they move him to another facility abroad probably in Egypt,” Hachi says, “this is your last shot before he disappears into some black bag foreign torture camp complex that’s gonna be just about impossible to breach, like your man Abdullah. Sebastian and Watson, are at one of our facilities on the edge of town.”

“So we want all three. Or signs of smoke all over town are coming,” says Dbrisk.

“Three? Really only three?” she repeats, “With all the shit your club is in now, you came all the way here to demand three men!”

“We are going to need high tech burners for the ambush. The Persians gave us AKs and former Soviet kit, but we all know U.A.E. military and whatever U.A.S. troops and contractors we have to deal with will have futuristic Israeli shit. So we need to know the price on our three men and the extra hardware. We just failed to mention the caliber of these said Irons we’ll need.”

Michkai passes her a slip of paper. She unfolds it. Gives them ‘you have to be fucking crazy’ eyes and shakes her head.

Michkai shrugs back with his cold eyes.

“I mean, if you think we don’t know how to get regular blasters in the Middle East, what kind of bad men ganstas do you take us for?” asks Mr. Dbrisk. They were asking for nuclear missiles again.

Hachi sips her bubblefizaire passive aggressively.

“I wish you to remember that portable laser guided surface to air missile launchers with anti-drone capabilities are very easy for me to obtain. I can also quickly get you Israeli SAM machine guns and vehicles of any kind. Nuclear fucking weapons on the other hand are harder to come by this time of year, in this part of the world especially. You are aware this is the age of global gun control. And who you might use these weapons on is anyone’s guess considering how soon your back will be to sea back in America. But as I’m a very, very big fan of Mr. Sebastian Adon; and a fan as well of the work you boys do as both municipal employees and bad man freedom fighters; surely I can do my best to acquire them. How in the world you think they will let you black mail them again to get your men, beyond my reasoning,” she sighs.

“We’d like to not leave as big foot print as usual,” Trickovitch says.

“But, its nuclear fucking weapons guys. It’s a much worse scenario for everyone than your hostage taking and usual bag of tricks.”

“So how much?”

“I don’t know. Make me an offer.”

“Black diamonds and pearls,” says Dbrisk with a smirk.

“For a gang allegedly led by the Ivories you all really don’t know the price of anything.”


“We ain’t led by Ivories,” states Dbrisk.


“My father would surely ask you to attempt to keep from knocking government choppers out of the sky as part of your rescue plan or setting off a nuke anywhere near this city. You know, lest yer actions quickly result in things that are very bad for business. That’s not good for anyone’s business you know, using a nuclear weapon, again.”

Washington D.C. had been irradiated in 2015, but no one had taken any credit for that. It was slightly after the Millennium Hostage Crisis and slightly before the ceasefire.

“Well if you just sell us the three prisoners for around the price offered I’m sure we wouldn’t have to resort to such strong armed tactics such as an elaborate raid riddled in gun play. I’d love to go home without having to shoot us this playground” says Trickovitch.

The boys grin slightly at her.

“I mean Avinadav isn’t our prisoner. He’s in U.A.S. Federal custody, as you know this colony facilitates all kinds of things for all three core power blocs. Your price is just too low because to get him we’re gonna have to lend you a small army of contractors and bribe a small network of bureaucrats to time this properly before his move. He’s not low profile. And that can’t even assure us that a) you can even breach the defenses of Angola 42, and b) not trigger a new round of local holocaust.”

“We’re not paying for man power. We got a big detachment plus the Iranians. We’re paying you to bribe the bureaucrats already on your payroll. We have a very valid plan drawn up. We can still probably do this job better with a smaller team,” explains Dbrisk.

“My sources tell me you may have moved as many as forty Pararescuemen, two hundred hoplites and two thousand Persians over the border in the past week to support this raid,” she says. “This is not a light footprint job you’re talking about.”

“Not at liberty to say,” notes Trickovitch.

“Well how do we know it won’t be an embarrassing little blood bath?” she asks.

“We can’t really promise anything. We do our best. But, we’ll try hard to just snatch and run,” says Nikholai, “we also want to buy another Bratva asset for the same price. A two for one. We are just assuming here you’re gonna give us back Sebastian and Watson in good faith, lest that me perceived as a declaration of war.”

She sips her non-synthetic Champagne.

“Let’s talk crazy, sure,” she says.

“250,000,000 USD for the bribes and the necessary iron hardware. And your house physician, the lovely little Ukrainian Dr. Kay on standby in case something goes wrong ready to work.”

“You certainly can’t have our little doctor, you clearly know why! She’s my half-sister and Sasho’s daughter.” she laughs.

She gives them a funny look.

“Something is so off about all this. First your prices are wild low. Second the weapons you’re requesting are absurdly hard to get these day. Finally, why do you want our doctor? You have doctors. Isn’t one of you a doctor?” she laughs.

“I’m a paramedic,” says Dbrisk.

“I find dead kids for money,” says Nikholai.

“I guess I was wrong. Something’s funny though about this though. You’d better set priorities to all the things you’re brazenly asking my Bratva for.”

Trickovitch takes out some photographs. One of a slim and beautiful young lady in green military cap with a white lab coat and a stethoscope. The second picture of the shoulder mounted anti-drone grad launcher. The third of the specific warheads they are looking to purchase. The fourth picture of a presumably younger Avinadav DeBuitléir. One of Watson and one of Sebatian.”

“187 million USD for all prisoners and weapons purchases. Of course that’s low. It’s sort of doing business deposit. We want a contract from the Perchevney Bratva. We will get the Bratva a contract explicitly granting trade rights and full port access in Breuklyn Canton, Goddess Canton and Bronx Canton. All your competitors will get strong armed out. You will get carte blanche to traffic anything but people in and out of America via the New York ports.”

“You know we don’t traffic people anymore,” she says.

“More importantly Avinadav DeBuitléir and the General Assembly we control will agree to drilling concessions and first access to the vast array of natural resources under Hispaniola when we seize the country.”

“What makes you think we need in writing what we already pretty much take?”

“There’s a lot more oil and gold under Hispaniola than there is under Iran & Saudi combined. But honestly this is all just about your house of thieves and our house of prophets finally working in tandem.”

“We want our friends back and your sister Yeli as a good faith hostage.”

“My dad doesn’t care what happens to Yelizaveta anymore. I presume you’ll need some really fast armored vehicle, also maybe a long range capable plane to get your weapons and long imprisoned friends and anyone who survives the raid back to your base in Iran?” she laughs, “and a magic carpet maybe or some fifty foot mechanized robots?”

“Wow, Hachi, yer accommodating as hell,” smiles Nikholai.

“We want all those things. We need the right people bribed so we know where and when to hit that prisoner convoy and take back our man. We want to hand over Sebastian, Watson and Yelizaveta in good faith. We want the irons loaded and ready in 48 hours,” says Dbrisk.

“I’ll have to talk to Sasho, you’ve asked for a whole lot.”

“You can work out all that stuff tomorrow. We want to get Sebastian and Watson tonight, your Bratva holding them is a declaration of war you know.”

“Our taking custody of them in Moscow and bringing them here should be perceived as an act of solidarity. You’re familiar with the rules. No operations on Russian Federation territory. They might well be in far harder to reach torture centers than our safe house. Your men are being restored to good health. You’ll have them back shortly. The nukes and my sister as your associate, will have to discussed with papa.”

“We’ll need an armor plated Desert Lancer. Four type two ambulances also armored up. And we will need a fast evacuation plane ready on a nearby airstrip. Loaded with all the things we asked for capable of reaching Iran quickly. Preferably, with those anti-drone capabilities installed,” says Dbrisk.

“You have a plan B? My father will object to anything that looks like a bloody shootout here connected to nuclear weapons being sent through Iran.”

“If we have to we will land in a Houthi or PKK controlled zone. Most of the 240 fighters we deployed are heading to the Rojava front. It may be impossible to get back into the States easily if the ceasefire crumbles in the next 72. We will need the capability of reaching Cuba without refueling as soon as the lights go out,” says Nikholai.

“For just $187 RMB?” asks Hachi Yu, “You want all that?”

But that is real chump change compared to what these rebels are offering out long term.

“Are you going to need extra serfs?” she asks.

“No, we never like to outsource person power,” explains Michkai.

“I’d forgotten about the Shiite and Kurdish support you enjoy. You have a less than minimalistic plan I take it?”

“You might say that,” says Michkai Dbrisk who looks real sharp in his dark, dark black pea coat as he fills the booth with smoke.

“We hope to maintain a true monopoly on violence this time around,” says Mr. Nikholai Trickovitch.

“You all have yourselves the makings of deal then. I have to talk to Dad about how many nuclear weapons and where they will be shipped though. You have a track record of using them, so actually its bad business helping you get them if you really think about it.”

“Madame this is the deal of the millennium!” exclaims Dbrisk.

And they all clink glasses.

“I’m not really sure than it is,” Hachi replies, “Ah yes, one other thing though,” she says. My father has explicitly put a clause in the deal. Non-negotiable.”

“Our leadership has made it clear that we will not haggle or take sneaky last minute addendums,” says Michkai

“Hm. Well this one is rather straight forward.”

“Go on,” Trickovitch says.

“My father wished to have definitive proof that Mr. Adon was quite alive, and could also be definitively killed. A real man, not a robot or some Israelite superior alien military fuckery. So when he was arrested in Moscow last week after killing one of your club listed lesser oligarchy war criminals, we took him off the hands of the F.S.B. for a reasonable price. Him and his Ayitian partner in crime Watson. We cloned them. We did some parasimulations, we have a haShem grasp on what we think they can do.”

They glance at each other.

“We just wanted a bit more collateral. Something we could trade to U.A.S./ O.E.C.D intelligence services if say, it becomes overly complicated associating with you. What better than him, isn’t he valuable to everyone?”


They now give her man hard eyes.


“Where is he now?” Dbrisk growls.

“My father requires three things from everyone he owns. He wants a full medical evaluation conducted by our house physician. Dental, blood, bone marrow, and DNA. He requires sperm samples, for growing more serfs. And finally. He wants Sebastian to box our best guy in ring. If we don’t get those things. You don’t all that hardware you need. You don’t get the right people bribed. And you sure as shit don’t get to walk out of our territory, our fucking American pie occupied petro field with that very auspicious prisoner, and our highly talented young Ukrainian doctor to boot. And very little would stop us from just selling him to the Department of Homeland Security at that point. I mean just so we have you by the balls to make it clear we’re not gonna let you fuck us in the ass, at least not without a condom.”

“So really we’re talking about more than I thought we were talking about,” says Dbrisk.

“Sebastian and is partner Watson are yours in two days. So that’s when the fight will be scheduled for.”

“He isn’t really much of a boxer,” Dbrisk says.

“That’s not what we hear,” Hachi says, “Anyway it’s our culture.”

“Wouldn’t you say this negotiation is getting a little uncivilized,” Nikholai asks DBrisk.

“What’s a little uncivilized between gangsters and terrorists?’ she asks with a smile.

“We prefer the phrase freedom fighters,” Dbrisk notes.

“We prefer the phrase biz-ness people.”

“Duly noted,” Dbrisk says.

“See you at the ringside then,” she says.









“Contingent Ifs at the Ringside”


“There sounds like there might be a lot of money to be made each time he gets hit in the head,” Alexandr Perchevney remarks in flawless Mandarin although he thinks in Russian and Ivoryish algorithathematics too. Were that to be a real word?


Hachi is watching the beginning of a sand storm take form out the window of her spacious high rise apartment.


“I had a man of  influence from the Dominican Republic on the phone last week willing to put it in writing that some very specific oil drilling contracts are to be signed with our Bratva if their little invasion is made successful,” Hachi informs him. She’s referring to Ysiad Ferraris, who bled to death three days prior in New York.


“More oil than under Iran and Iraq, really? How can we verify that? We like oil concessions daughter, we truly do. But it’s not yet in our interest to empower these extremists until we can get real confirmation that Avinadav DeBuitléir is in fact alive. These D.H.S. use a lot more than a water boarding these days to get what they’re looking for. My analysis is that they won’t succeed in Hispaniola in New York or anywhere else without his authority.”

“Why is that? They’ve been doing ok for seven years haven’t they?”

“They are losing ground every month. For one thing, they are town to 17 City State cantons from 64 and four of the remainder are secretly working to rejoin the Federal Union. Emma has not made a public appearance in a year and much of the African elements of the rebel alliance don’t like or trust he predominantly Ivoryish leadership. There has been a steady deterioration in safety and social services in the cantons along with a rise in the importance of Shiite Popular Mobilization Militias. Based on what I’m hearing from Dmitry, the Breuklyn Soviet will be besieged this week any day now,” explains Sasho.


“The Adon Otriad is offering us unrestricted access to their port facilities in Coney Island along with further trade rights in Jacmel, Port Au Prince and Santo Domingo if we support the war efforts,” Hachi states referring to the terms provided by Dbrisk and Trickovitch, “The are also claiming their Ayitian counter parts will allow as a monopoly on crude oil extraction.”


“A lot of contingent ifs here, favorite daughter.”


“They asked for twelve nuclear warheads, a large consignment of Israeli light arms and Yelizaveta. Everything else they want is low hanging fruits.”

“The last time they had a nuke they used it on Washington. My understanding is that something sabotaged the nuclear defense grid they had developed and they need a check and balance to U.A.S. Flying fortresses. As for Yelizaveta, whatever. She’s got no real value to us anymore. Let them take her.”

“There might not even be much left of them by the end of the month, major troop deployments are being sent to surround the New York area cantons,” Hachi says.

“Tell the Department of Homeland Secure that we wish to trade Adon for DeBuitléir. They’ve already tortured Avinadav senseless. Adon, they’d love to harvest what he has in his head. Once they agree to move Debuterliers out of Angola 42, we can help the rebels assault the convoy. Obviously they’ll also take a bunch locals hostage. Turn this place to shit storm for a few days. We will keep all our bases covered. Inform whoever is or is not leading that wild Otriad that they need not worry about where to get weapons and keep them in the dark as long as possible that we are also dealing the D.H.S.. I will arrive in Dubai in two days with all the armaments we will turn over to the rebels. If Adon survives the boxing tournament with Dmitry, and if the rebel price for DeBuitléir is higher than the U.A.S. price for Adon, then we win regardless, but you know where my priorities lie. Just keep this circus running while we buy up and snuff up candidates.”


Hachi’s father Alexandr Sasho Perchevney has three daughters. One has been missing for years. One, Hachi is happily married to a Cuban-Amerikanski actor named Siegfried Sassoon and appears relatively happy. The third, Yelizaveta is quite unsentimentally dead to him. There are actually some things money can’t buy. But for nearly everything else big favors and other people’s money work just fine.


The Perchevney Bratva had prospered incredibly from the developments of the American Separatist wars. Dozens of urban areas across the Eastern Coast were now veritable shuttle trading station for his group to sell any number of previously illegal things to the interior. In addition, there came into effect dozens of new micro republics which required any number of goods and services previously available from being part of the United States of America, but were now rouge states and under embargo. Opportunities to enrich oneself were exponentially increasing.


If this little brigade seemed rather zealous, rather quick to murder many of his competitors operators over human trafficking, all the better. This wasn’t his trade anyway.

The first offer came eight days prior to the transfer of these coveted arms. It came from his own daughter Hachi Yu. The second offer was via a well accredited Islamic middle person with vast untraceable portfolios in Bangladesh. A third was linked to the Fenian mob in Boston and a fourth to some wild gangsters in Kingston, Jamaica. He had called his daughter directly and asked her what all this “rapidly re-arming the fourth world” was all about.

In fact all four brokers were looking to have these arms end up in the exact same hands and were making e exact same big figure bid.


There are so many places to get a gun in this world, but bids on a hot arsenal however are less frequent. Mr. Alexandr Perchevney being a man of cautious curiosity, with no sentimentality or respect for rule of law was updated by his daughter regularly about the irregular invasion being planned in Breuklyn Soviet with an eye toward the land of Ayiti.




“The Final Countdown”


Later in the day they get back to the Voodoo Lounge for the Second Round on the Roof. The wind is blowing. Something roars.


“What kind of fuckery is this,” utters Michkai Dbrisk.


The man was easily twice or four times Sebastian’s size. On one day’s notice they had assembled a rather intimate local run down of Voorhees big shots, just a couple, who wanted to bet on this fight. It was also to be videotaped. It stood to reason that if the Otriad either failed to deliver on its open port promises, or if its adventurous little battalion was wiped out not having liberated an inch of Ayitian turf, or if the Federals came knocking, then proof Adon was alive would be established.

But having him fight was only a matter of sport. He was the face of this thing figured Alexandr Perchevney. If he was the kind of man up for the job, then surely he could beat in a ring their biggest fighter, and a bear.

Fun and games.

As per the terms if he submitted to the medical exams and won the fight they would sign the deal and turn over exactly what was needed to get the job done. And if he died, oh well. These radicals were unpredictable.


But Alexandr Perchevney has been watching them work a good long time.


Insert fight, blat.


Sebastian is again all bloody and panting and spitting some blood and missing his three front teeth after killing his way through an enhanced clone of Dmitry Khulushin four times his build.

And then they roll out a big metal box and out of it emerges of growling black bear and Alexandr giggles ferociously. And Michkai’s eyes get wide, and he grabs his sholem out of his inner pocket strap.


“Not part of the arrangement,” Nikholai declares.


There is not first among equals when people are not equal,” says Alexandr. Now that’s a real Old Russian saying.


“He’s fighting the bear.”

“He’s not fighting your fucking bear.” And the bear howls and charges out toward Adon.

Adon throws up his dukes.


Pop. Pop. And Michkai shoots the bear twice in the head. But it doesn’t die yet.

“The fucking chornay shot the bear!” A voorhi yells and various attendants and strong pen pull out their shooters and start yelling at Dbrisk in Russian, and Michkai takes out a second pistol, and now Nikholai is yelling for everybody to be cool in Russian:

“Be cool! Be cool!”

“You shot my fucking bear,” notes Alexandr.

And the big ferocious creature lands on top of Adon who upper cuts but that doesn’t stop the thing at all.

Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop! Now Nikholai is blasting too.  And then three more until click.

Dbrisk gets off the rest of his clip into the dome of the bear. And it finally seems to die.


In his head Nikholai hears Krissy scream.


“Everyone put down their fucking shooters down immediately blat!” Commands Alexandr ‘Sasho’ Perchevney standing now. Adon covered in his blood and bear blood staggers to a stand.


“Perchevney!” He yells.

And everyone gets quiet.

Tak!” Adon yells.

Alexandr is grinning.

“Keep your chornay cowboys at bay,” he shouts back in guttural Aramaic.

“No more games. Sign the haShemdamn contract you shtarker fuck. You King of Oligarchs,” Sebastian bellows in Hebrew.

“Three ports. Monopoly on Coney Island Importing. Guaranteed rights on 5 percent revenues on outgoing gas and crude. Rights on Port Ayiti oil pipelines. I want this in writing signed by you, Solomon and the prisoner Avinadav DeBuitléir as soon as you have him,” states Perchevney.

“Vehicles, hardware, bribes in place, exact movement times of prisoner convoy, a landing strip for our plane, and the physician you own by the name of Dr. Yelizaveta Perechenova, and you’re going to get us all the first and second line armaments we can pay for. And any third line you lay your hands on.”

“Get me my pen,” Perchevney smiles. Get this man a towel and some vodka and his teeth,” laughs Perchevney.


“Dmitry. Go get the latest contract we drew up.”


The real one? Whoever knew! You could kill a hundred Dmitry Khulushin s’ and the evil in the world would never die. Yet another Dmitry Khulushin emerges from the bowels of that Lounge alongside Watson Entwissle in some hand cuffs and a blind fold. Dmitry Khulushin and Sebastian Adon glower fiercely and each other and Sebastian spits out a glob of blood in his direction.


“Peasant,” spits back Dmitry in Russian.

“Epic times for all you baby faced fuck,” Adon replies.

“Alright, I think we’ve done enough damage here,” states Michkai DBrisk.

He takes out a radio.

“Hotshots do you copy?”

Copiar alto y claro.”

“Take the collateral, companeros.”


It was nearly dawn in the deep Arabian Desert and the cracked rocky earth was a dead place, thirsty for the waters of the living.


There are no good deserts there are only vaguely scenic deserts and empty deserts but all deserts are good to bury things you don’t want found. Or do things you want less seen.

Now the card Perchevney was holding was Adon. And he suspected that the Department of Homeland security would pay or trade just about anything to get their hands on him. And Avinadav DeBuitléir, if you didn’t really know what he was capable of, or holding in his mind was to the D.H.S. Directorate, “low hanging fruit”, valuable mainly because he and Adon had allegedly worked together a decade ago on some jobs in Israel. So, at a lonely airstrip in the deep desert Perchevney would supposedly exchange Adon for DeBuitléir.

Now, what Perchevney knew because his daughter Hachi-Yu had been briefed on it by operatives Michkai Dbrisk and Nikholai Trickovitch it was that a crack team of several dozen Mexican and Peruvian Pararescuemen were going to bushwhack the prisoner exchange.

Add a slightly bigger crew.


Sometime a little after dusk Michkai Dbrisk, Sebastian Adon, Watson Entwissle, Hubert O’Domhnaill, Nikholai Trickovitch and a crack team of eighty Mexican, Ecuadorian and Peruvian Hotshots backed up by the infiltration of the infamous Zapatista rebels head off to break Avinadav DeBuitléir out of his captivity with pistols, parachutes, fast cars, rocket launchers and flicker hoods. Or even more specifically strong arm the government of the United American States, in the middle of one of their Arab petro-colonies. Mucho grande in a five stage plan.


PHASE 1: Lure the U.A.S. diplomat in Dubai to a promised swap of Adon for DeBuitléir many miles away from the camp he was being held.


PHASE 2: Mostly Non-violently bushwhack a separate prison transport convoy on the red-brown wasteland of a desert road between Angola 42 and the secret UAS airstrip near Lake Greed heading to move Avinadav DeBuitléir to the exchange.


PHASE 3: Seize four major casino brothel supper clubs in Dubai and hold hostage the patrons as collateral and as a secondary diversion to the real raid.


PHASE 4: Kill everyone at the prisoner exchange, quietly raid the maximum security torture camp Angola 42 and leave with General Avinadav DeBuitléir alive. Kill all the hostages if there are any serious complications to the raid.


PHASE 5:  Flee over the border back into Iran and board fast planes for the Wild West Indian Federation. Shuttle DeBuitléir to the Hotel Olofsen in Ayiti and negotiate his consolidation of leadership of the rebel armies in Hispaniola, supported by the Cubans, Iranians, Israelis and Trinidadian Special Forces, of course.


            So they piled into eight black and grey armored vehicles, four Type 2 Ambulances, three Golden Touch Splinter Vans the last a black Mustang Lancer. From his blackberry smartphone Nikholai activates the tracker a paid sympathizer has planted on the undercarriage of the prisoner transport. Enrooted to acquire DeBuitléir at Prison Fortress Angola 42.


The narrow, craggy desert road they drive down is highly susceptible to avalanches caused by stinger missiles. Periodic sandstorms make drone activity hard to coordinate.


The same networks that were good for getting people out of the country were still good for getting people in, and the same types of jobs where people employed the paperless and the undocumented, were still much the same before and after the great revolt. The yards and gardens, the dishwashers, the fruit pickers, and the migrant workers; the nannies, the maids, and the unskilled day laborers. So there were and always were places to hide in plain site from the Department of Homeland Security, there were jobs whites just wouldn’t do no matter what the state of emergency.


They arrived at safe houses scattered across the south west from a number of routes across the hinterland. Of the eighty dispatched, sixty four made it through. And once the Perchevney Bratva agreed to terms the Pararescuemen took position.


This couldn’t be a snatch grab load and go job. For one thing it was still quite unclear where Avinadav DeBuitléir even was precisely. There were no less than four hundred prison camps known to the resistance, and probably twice as many hidden abroad. That he was still in the country and in the state of Nevada was all that could be confirmed beyond the pale, though money was placed on the recently self-murdered man’s good data.

That was extracted from now quite cold and dead Laurence Simon.

Regardless, with the help of the Perchevney Bratva to grease the right wheels and serve as an intermediary, the plan b through z was for these brave Pararescuemen to infiltrate four major casino-brothel-supper clubs across Vegas and take hostages which would serve as the collateral for the swap ideally with a couple celebrity athletes and politicians patronizing them.

They would seize these “establishments of ill repute” simultaneously just as a swap was taking place, as insurance. Just in case the D.H.S. had tricks, or the Bratva decided to sell off Adon.


“I’m not saying they come from a culture of rampant hostage takers and Chechen cowboys, but they do,” claimed Hachi and then she put the phone down.


A one-for-one prisoner exchange was the fruit she dangled. Adon for DeBuitléir. But the department of homeland security contact had for some reason declined. Officially. Because Adon was dead they claimed, but she insisted that he wasn’t. She had a courier bring them his bio samples, his lab work and a short film of him fighting a black bear. Waited a day. And still no remarks or offers.

A classic bait before switch rejected off hand. But her sources said that the department would come around.

So one elite combat team led by Raphael Ernesto Lynch Contreras was quietly integrated into the staff of the Bunga Bunga Club, named after the former Italian Prime Minister’s hooker and pool parties. And three more were set up on standby.

Once activated, each group would seize as many hostages as possible, barricade and fortify the restaurant doors and announce that if Avinadav DeBuitléir was not released they would execute all of everybody inside.


“It’s all going down right now as we speak,” Hachi told her father over the iridium and then put down the phone.


“I love watching all the quickly moving parts,” Perchevney states to his empty office.


The earth was ragged and the tarmac cracked. There was a white surrender flag idiosyncratically flying half-mast. The valley was choked and barren and then gave way to a small airbase off the cross roads where there were twelve vehicles parked in some aggressive formation: eight black SUVs and four black jeeps and a dark blue windowless prison bus.

These were storm troopers without their usual costumes, bulky men with itchy trigger fingers partly melting, the ones with the D.H.S. had on dark blue shirts and sub machine guns, the ones contracted from the Bratva; Postsoviet business casual, shorts with the latest banana clip Uzis.

They stare each other down. There are eight black SUVs, the kind of rugged gas guzzling bullet proof apparatus the D.H.S. generally prefers driving even amidst the OPEC total embargo, and the Bratva offered up just four wranglers and filled them with the kind of low rent hired contractors they can order online from the Russian equivalent of black water. And Adon was led out blind folded and in cuffs, and the government storm troopers led out a burly black man, also blind folded, also in cuffs.

And the deal was one for one.

The D.H.S. Director Breria didn’t really care why exactly this particular African revolutionist was so interesting to the Perchevney Bratva, but they sure wanted Sebastian Adon and the all codes and contacts in his head.

The Separatists always threaten to fire small warheads toward UAS cities if the cantons are attacked. While sabotage has temporarily disabled the grid before the impending attack, noting really stops the rebels from using nuclear weapons in unconventional ways.


Hachi had deliberately selected the hottest part of the day, when the visibility was the worst because a sand storm was blowing and the sun made everyone exhausted and quick to shoot. And she selected her entire entourage based on who didn’t speak a word of English or have any data about the stakes of this trade.

She also deliberately miscommunicated the particulars of the exchange, as per her father’s last written instructions.


One of Hachi’s big fellers set up a fold out titanium table and there he laid out a laminated head shot of Sebastian Adon and one of Avinadav DeBuitléir, and slid them over. So nothing could really be lost in lack of translation.


The D.H.S. point man, some mid westerner took out a device and spoke into it turning his words into seamless Russian.


Take off the hood,” the device says in low street Russian.


The Bratva goon killers amused at the device take out one of their own.


You first, my nigger,” their device says back in low street English.


“Adon” is seated at one side of the table and “DeBuitléir” at the other. The hood of the D.H.S. prisoner is pulled, but the man revealed is hardly the man matched in the photograph.

For one thing he’s Caucasian; Ah ha. A standard operating procedure, but neither underling had been previously informed of the ploy. Fingers point guns are leveled.

Both point men carry red lines.

Phones that go off if last minute serious problems emerge. Like showing up to a prisoner exchange with fake prisoners.

The Russian red line rang first.

The D.H.S. one shortly after.

The hooded body double engaged gamely nods.

“A heavily armed group of rebel gunmen just took over a Brazilian themed steak house-casino-brothel in District 4, NUMEROUS hostages. Their single demand is the release of Avinadav DeBuitléir and Abdullah Ocalan.”


“Inform the point person from the D.H.S. that we will trade only real Adon for a real DeBuitléir and that we cannot negotiate the release of the hostages or stop what will shortly follow. We have zero relations with the wild terrorists that run Breuklyn Soviet.”


That was communicated via the devices.


And soon everyone was on edge, a bit of low grade yelling began. As the D.H.S. men start pointing at hooded Adon, telling them to pull the hood. And the strong men, her least literate krepki mushik began yelling for them to pull DeBuitléirs hood, though the likelihood of genuine identification for a Russian to pick out a chornay even with a recent photo would be low.


Finally, the Russian strong man pulls the hood.


But alas, tricksters all. That was by no means Adon below that hood, nor was the black man in custody apparently Avinadav DeBuitléir. The sand storm was building in intensity. It stung them all across the face. It rushed and rippled sands through the valley, intruding on the airbase. And the confusion seemed to be growing indeed over who was to give over whom first.

The D.H.S. red line rang again.

“Separatist gun men have taken over two more night clubs in Dubai and fourth one in Abu Dhabi. All demands are coming in the same. Release DeBuitléir and Abdullah.


“Please patch me through to Director of Homeland Security Theodore Breria, if you’d please,” says Hachi to her Mexican lady secretary.





“The Onslaught ot Breuklyn Soviet”


A floating fortress look something like a sports stadium and a vast drone bomber. There are no less than five now hovering above Breuklyn and the Bronx. Lesser Ariel Drones dart in the skies everywhere. Rebel airmen in Idle Wild are arming up planes with whatever is left. Gas is expected.


Back in Breuklyn Soviet the remaining high leadership Anya, Gold Bar Allamby, Pula, Oleg Medved and Mapfre are worried about this fleet of flying fortresses now hovering over the city state and rumors that a full mobilization of the UAS nation’s entire National Guard has occurred. Disinformation is flying everywhere.




Erza Pula goes over the Fire Station and calls up the First through the Tenth Citizens Armies to get ready to shell the Isle of Man into the ground as soon as the fighting begins and defend Bronx, Goddess and Breuklyn Cantons from assault. In the Masjid St. Sophina under the Green Dome thousands of Party of HaShem Mujahedeen beat their chests. There are 20,000 more being called up and armed. The youth brigades of course.


Smuggler hawkers offers to get anyone big time out of the Soviet before the major U.A.S gas attack begins via the enormous Israeli submarines called black freighters which are loading up with Ivoryish refugees. Some are running and hiding on these three mega bunker boats bound for Israel called Black Freighters. Some are staying fighting. The Ivories are always like this. Two Ivories, five organizations. Sky falls. Some pray some fight. Many try and run, but the city state is surrounded on all sides by air, land and sea. On the corporate news U.A.S. politicians are screaming about the ongoing hostage crisis in Dubai. It’s cited as one of many reasons for ‘removing this garrison of terror’.

In the middle of the crisis, a public housing complex in Los Angeles is blown up by the D.H.S. All four Dubai restaurants erupt in a fire fight as the UAE military simultaneously storm them.

President Trump shortly after orders the U.A.S. Armed Forces to retake the entire east coast and put an end to the general uprising based in in Breuklyn Soviet. The Adon body double has a bomb in his chest which maims one Dmitry Khulushin and maims several dozen men from the department of homeland security. It is revealed that Perchevney knows what Dmitry was plotting.


Four supper clubs had been taken over rapidly and with brute force.

The mostly gringo, Arab and Chinese colonist’s men and women alike were spread eagle on the floor and booby trapped with explosives. Sort of standard operating procedure at this point. The children under 16 were forced out the front doors immediately prior to engagement.


When the UAE black jacket commandos stormed everyone got hit with everything they were holding. The usual blood bath.


Watson, Trickovitch, O’Domhnaill, Dbrisk, and Adon had boarded their captured prison bus and scoped up DeBuitléir under everyone’s noses dressed in baggy black PKK attire. Our antagonist-protagonists are pulled over at a checkpoint full of killer terra drones and Arab cops, a shootout breaks out and Adon is shot eight times in the chest.


Fire fights enlarge and break out at all four hostage spots. Raphael and several dozen others escape into the sewers still holding hostages. Hachi organizes escape routes via trucks sewers and town cars, and brings Yelizaveta to treat Adon who is trying to reach the evacuation rendezvous with his crew.


The assault on Breuklyn, Goddess (i.e. Queens) and the Bronx begins with a full exchange of rockets over the East River. A small armada takes off from airbases all over town to attack the flying fortresses and drone squadrons buzz about. Bam! Bam! Bam! BAM!


Bleed, bleed, and bleed all over the haShemdamn place for a woman or a cause, Sebastian thinks as he dies. Cut to the wild car chase across a lost highway, the song called “Mr. Brightside” blaring in the back ground. Trickovitch is driving the ambulance like bat out of hell while firing from his hand gun out the window at three police cars and the Federal meta-chopper pursuing them.

The local border police, D.H.S. irregulars, paramilitaries and regulars as well as U.A.S. Federals are firing perfectly real lethal ammunition back. Sebastian Adon who has been shot multiple times in the chest is bleeding all over Michkai Dbrisk who is attempting to stabilize him on the stretcher in the back. O’Domhnaill who was clipped in the upper arm is for now bleeding controlled. A vaguely bewildered, hooded and handcuffed Avinadav DeBuitléir is basically trying to figure out what is going on as it has all happened so quickly. He’s seat belted into the technical chair. Nikholai Trickovitch is speeding, while Michkai is yelling for him to “change the fucking sound track!” and mentally preparing to pull over and load a grad rocket into the surface to air shoulder mounted missile launcher. The raid had mostly gone according to plan.


But, mostly meant that Sebastian was bleeding to death from eight shots to the chest and abdomen.

And mostly meant that a missile induced avalanche had killed several carloads of UAE Federals and Police.

And mostly meant that all four restaurant/ club takeovers had erupted in bloody, bloody gun battles into the streets of Dubai & Abu Dhabi with dozens of needless casualties.

Mostly also meant that deadly force was now going to have to be used against representatives of the U.A.E. and U.A.S. governments who couldn’t all objectively be verified as the fabled 3 % who deserve to be killed in combat.

Mostly meant a serious violation of a ceasefire in a long running civil war and the quite possible displeasure of massive Postsoviet crime family. These things, they happen quickly. Things fall apart. People get shot and things explode. It isn’t fun like a movie. You lose friends.

Shortly after the sieges of the restaurants erupted in gun fire, Pasdaran and PKK reinforcements being their general attack on Dubai. The Petro colony is in flames.


“What a fucking mess Boichik!” yells Trickovitch while turning on the ambulance sirens while firing up a Newport standard.


“We’re making a stand brothers!” yells Trickovitch.

Nikholai swerves the ambulance ninety degrees eliciting a screech from the brake lines and burst of dust cloud. Sebastian bangs his already bruised face into the equipment bin coughing up more red frothy death. Nikholai is a veteran of the major conflicts in Breuklyn and Ayiti and is a crack shot with the hardware. He aims the grad launcher at the meta-chopper and it explodes in ring of fire. He aims the remaining rockets at the law man fast cars bearing down on them. Three fly cars and six U.A.E. federals explode and horribly die. Nikh may once have been a cop by vocation, but no one likes being shot at, even by your brothers in former trade. And he hadn’t been an officer half as long as he’d been a highway man.

Sebastian is dying, but slowly. He’s historically rather hard to kill. Dbrisk has two lines worth of Colloids flowing into him wide bore and the bleeding controlled with quick clot and multi-trauma dressings. Nikh surveys the carnage and tosses the grad launcher into the back of the bus and dials a number from his grey berry smart phone.

“Yeah, it’s done. We need you have your doctor meet us at the runway for extraction. Yeah, someone got clipped. O-Positive tovarish.”

Dbrisk pulls the hood off Avinadav DeBuitléir. Sebastian coughs up more blood. O’Domhnaill helps them back into the truck.  DeBuitléir stares down the bandits.


Avinadav once-overs um, twice or three times even. He’d not seen this escapade coming. Had figured he’d be a far longer in Angola 42 camp captivity indefinitely.


A hard fast drive later, they’re all in the back of a small silver airplane getting ready to fly towards a foreign. The whole city is caught up in a shootout. After the ambush, the great escape in the back of the ambulance with Mr. Adon near death bleeding about like a stuck pig, they were met at the airport by several of Hachi’s men and a slim, blonde former Soviet woman. A Cuban trained surgeon named Dr. Yelizaveta Kay. She’s wearing a white lab coat and a green soldier’s cap. She doesn’t look amused. Not in the slightest.


She’s a registered U.A.E. veterinarian, but also a Cuban trained MD of tropical medicine and infectious disease. On a make shift operating table set up in one of the hangers of this desolate retired airbase, Dr. Kay goes fishing for the bullets in Sebastian’s abdomen, having caused cavitation and damage well up into his gut. This is not the first bullet the young Ukrainian had pulled out of some wounded outlaw. Not that she thinks Sebastian is a mere shtarker. She knows he’s something far worse. She knows him to be a zealot not to fuck with; figuratively, tantrically, also medically. Capable of true blue terrorism written off in the rhetoric of some idealistic promise of human rights. But kills are still kills to a healer like her.


She knows this because they were pen pals nearly ten years running allegedly based on the bale of letters she was handed last night by Ms. Yu. Her mind was spotlessly clean of all memories of the past ten years. Her technical training she possessed, put a trauma wipe had been performed to cleanse everything hurtful of hard. Like a rape she sustained. She had sense signed a contract to work and its terms forbid assisting any member of a terrorist insurgent faction.


The second she lays a hand on Adon she knows she’s breaking the terms of her contract yet again. She’s touched his chest before once but it was all a dream. No, that too seems surreal. She had examined him last week thinking it was their very first meeting. Even though ordered not to.


The name of the airship being used evacuate the strike team back to Tehran is the Flicking Flame II. It was decided all the armaments would be transferred after the rescue mission.


Adon wrenches in pain. Dr. Yeli Kay has Dbrisk sedate him with 120 mcgs of Fentanyl to keep him still. He’d lost a lot of blood in the rapid transit of their high speed getaway. They want everybody on that plane for an exodus in fifteen minutes. The city has devolved into a hit and run style gun battle between rebels, Kurds and Shiites fighting UAE, Saudi and UAS soldiers.

“He’s going to die if he isn’t properly attended to,” Yeli tells them cold and flat. She has no accent to speak of. Being shot is after a surgical disease when it all comes down to it.

One of Hachi’s former Soviet bag men points a burner casually at Dr. Yelizaveta Kay.

“Then you go with them blat,” a Bratva enforcer bark commands in Ruus authoritatively, tuning to what had been the plan/ agreement all along.

The pretty young doctor doesn’t argue.

She puts a PICC line into Sebastian’s femoral artery to compensate further for blood volume lost. She’s giving him back his own O-Positive blood, which the boys graciously provided her in sealed packets. But he’s in terrible shape, should be in a Hebrew themed hospital. The men load Sebastian onto the plane in a gurney and she goes with them, because she is essence is under contract with Hachi’s very dangerous father to do exactly whatever the fuck she is ordered to do, and has what one might call a special relationship with Mr. Adon long standing. There are several complicated loyalties being juggled about in this exchange that are certainly worth examining later.

The line is often blurred on what she owes Maya Solomon verses what she owes Mr. Perchevney and those things often overlap. In just four years her contract will be over and her father’s health secured. Adon has a good deal of special relationships as he must, being so completely and utterly focused on the little war he’s spent about a decade waging, positioning pieces, making speeches with his hands and hazel eyes.


The Flickering Flame II takes off under cover of sand storms and fading darkness around 04:03. They’re flying to a Kurdish PJAK air base in Iran, then taking an Iranian escorted cargo plane to Sinai where they can rendezvous with the Bedouin sand gypsies to move them toward the coast to catch a black freighter nuclear submarine which will carry the weapons being transferred from the Bratva. Nikholai Trickovitch observes the sexy blonde Soviet taking care of his friend. She looks unconcerned, unsurprised by their tricky zealot subterfuges.

“Why have you rescued me sir?” asks DeBuitléir to Dbrisk.

“No need for sir, we all work for our money brother,” says Dbrisk. This is a highly common colloquialism in the Breuklyn Soviet. “It’s an honor to finally meet you. We’ve actually heard about you for many years and fought for your dream. It is our ambition to be of service to the people of Ayiti and we’ve got a highly serious venture we aim to convince you to the take leadership of,” Dbrisk responds.

“Emma Solomon sends her fullest regard,” interjects Watson Entwissle.

“Where are we ending up tomorrow tonight boys?” Dr. Yelizaveta Kay asks.

“We’re all going back to Africa eventually,” says Michkai Dbrisk. But that just means they might all get killed.

“We should land in a couple hours, rest then take the next leg toward Sinai in the morning,” explains Nikholai. In the cockpit Nikholai Trickovitch is lighting up yet another Newport.


Dr. Yelizaveta ‘Kay’ Perechenova shrugs, though she doesn’t even know who her father is and what here real last name is because of the memory wipe. She is after all under a long term contract and has in the last hour violated a principal sub clause. The close quarters of the cabin fill with tobacco smoke, the men remain mostly quiet while Mr. Avinadav DeBuitléir reads through an operations guide positing the logistics necessary to topple the government of Ayiti and liberate his long violated native land. The heart monitor beeps and an automated blood pressure cuff inflates and indicates that Adon is still alive. This is good, given the amount of data he’s carrying around in his head, and his place in the chain of command.


“For fuck sake, blat; put the fucking cigarette out Trickovitch. I’m working here!” yells Dr. Yelizaveta Perechenova.


He obliges her. Only because his best friend Sebastian Adon once put a gun in his face and said, “My dying wish is that you follow that woman’s orders on my deathbed.”  And it was shortly after that moment of relative calm when some loud computerized beeping indicates that a squadron of fully weaponized predator drones unleashed their payload of rockets directed against the airship Flickering Flame.


Back in Breuklyn Soviet the end seems quite nigh. Sky Drone raids had begun and terra drones were massing for deployment via huge airships and landing choppers. The Shi’a Party of HaShem militia and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood are digging in around Kensington, Bensonherst and Bayridge supported by Citizens Army 1. The Z.O.B. and Uhuru have fortified the heavily urban zones of Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, and Brooklyn Heights and left a strategic reserve along the Eastern Parkway and Ocean Parkway lines supporting Citizen Armies 2 & 3. The Ultra-Orthodox Shomriim Militia men were preparing to hold Boro Park Commune and Crown Heights Commune with Citizen Army 4. The Z.O.B. and Partisans of Ali-Hezbollah had dug in deep around the Masjid St. Sophina just north of the Green Light Zone. They are perhaps three stories below ground protecting the GHQ protecting the pregnant an entranced Emma Solomon. This subterranean base was also called the Citadel.


Two days ago Anya Drovtich of faction Z.O.B. ordered a labor battalion to take all of the tombstones in the cemeteries around the Jackie Robinson Highway and build a barricade in case they tried to land drones on the Queens (Goddess Soviet border). These killer robots would then likely march into lawless East New York, which was defended by non-reformed Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings and the forces of King Pin Zoe Pound. East New York was not really being factored into the strategy of the defense because it was not really allied to the rebellion. It mostly ate itself over the years and no one had really bothered to secure it.


“The missile defense grid remains down,” Anya Drovtich states devoid of sentimentality, as long as it is down they have no ability to retaliate with a nuclear strike if attacked, as is inevitable.


“They can just roll right in and kill everybody then,” Dasha explains to her mother nervously watching on Skype from Russian Federation.


And then, shortly before midnight, the internet and inter-web are cut off.

“Hold on to your asses,” says Oleg Leondovich Medved to his commandos departing into the vast web of tunnels and bunkers systems built in preparation of the re-occupation, everyone who can shoot has a gun.

Yet fatalistically no one high placed bought a seat on the Black Freighters. Not a single person except a couple hundred scared Ivoryish reform families and a couple thousand Russians with papers claiming to be Ivories. None of the Ultra-Orthodox budged. They loaded out rifles and gas masks through and took position.


And the air raid alarms went off shortly after midnight. Gas was rolling through the streets. And people began choking and dying in their won fluids and filth, even ones that had attended the Sarin drills. As per the protocols, everyone knocks out their walls to allow roaming firing positions and the sub-basement tunnels have been du long ago. At Midnight thirty the U.A.S Join Special Forces Operations Command orders the inevitable Attack on Breuklyn Soviet first with thousands of drones, then with incendiary bombs and finally with the gas. The nuclear defense grid is cut off and all fighting back must be done now by hand and on our turf alone.


Tens of thousands die in their homes from the Sarin type gas. A simultaneous attack takes place on all free eastern states. The U.A.S. has promised to re-claim all 14 remaining territories of the confederation but is initially focused operations against Atlanta, Newark, New York, Boston, and Detroit.

Tens of thousands hide in the tunnels and in make shift bunkers as murderous mechanical drones and resistance fighters from all factions armed with assault weapons and homemade bombs cat and mouse tooth and nail; eye for microchip all of over town, position by position, district by district. Rocket crews begin firing fire bombs back over the water on the Isle of Man.


But almost everyone has been evacuated except a few sickos watching the operations, from their high tower multiplexes.


Thinks Anya, every single thing we’ve been building here is now on fire.





“The Great Escape”



The low grade sputtering of air and space and moisture striking the hull makes an erythematic distraction from the moans of this dying rebel in front of me. At least he is no longer bleeding all over the place. I am already quite stained by him. I am sewing the port of the second arterial line into his right thigh when they yell back for me to secure myself; with quickness and immediacy.


“Incoming!” yells the pilot, the man who had introduced himself as Nikholai back at the derelict airstrip.


I buckle myself in adjacent to my critically injured patient. Sebastian Adon the famous Eastern-Western Rebel. Or, the cold blooded indiscriminate killer of woman and children. Sexual deviant and practitioner of black magic. Depending on whom you believe. I don’t have beliefs. I have a contract that explicitly prevents those.


And then something explodes right beside the plane and it pulsates and brutally shakes the whole cabin asunder.

Suddenly my blood pressure skyrockets from catecholamine release and it feels like we are falling. Like the pilot has totally lost control, and if I vaguely remember the past, which I mostly try not to anymore; then these men are better trained at driving ambulances than airships of any kind, and my ears; they go pop.


I smell smoke, but its tobacco smoke and I start cursing in Russian. And I’m annoyed that Nikholai the pilot is smoking again. Even in a shit show I’m working back here! As if there weren’t already enough good ways to die today. SUKA BLAT! Shit Bitch!


Although now buckled in three ways adjacent from my patient who is tied four ways to a red long board barely lucid, we all are viciously rocked about. There are periodic shock waves which send shudders through the plane, and the pressure bursts behind us rattle through the hull each time the plane ejects sensor flack detonating the rockets fired at us midair before they hit us.


Each time a rocket explodes it rattles the airship which is making my work harder, the work of keeping this subversive alive. Adon. His name means very little to me sentimentally, now.

Something twinkles on inside my head.


I met him again two days ago, but I knew him when we were younger allegedly. And so says a large bale of letters given to me last night by my boss’s daughter Hachi. Alexandr Perchevney told me that he’s connected to one of the radical separatist movements back east and that he’s now entered into some agreement with them. Alexandr Perchevney r told me that he’s worth a good deal to us alive, but I don’t need to know so much about him. Alexandr Perchevney says save and I save he says heal and I heal, he says fly and I get on the plane. And it will be that way for at least eight more years until I pay off my debt to the Bratva. 


I was briefed only partly as to who he is and was informed only ten minutes prior to their tumultuous arrival that he had been shot several times in the chest performing a messy little job for my employer. Some kind of prisoner exchange. My medical opinion had been that if they cared for his outcome it would have done us all well not to be flying anywhere, and then of course the federal authorities stormed our base shot just about everybody and it was all very much out of my hands from that point out.


The three other men on the flight are in various states of hiding panic. The two in the cockpit are yelling at each other about the drones that are firing on us. That there are three of them bearing down us, or so claimed the muscular black copilot with ted red locks wrapped up in a black cap tam.


The prisoner with dark black skin and black eyes is strapped in the cabin with me. He’s reading a document in a leather binder, periodically he looks up to see what I’m doing.

Lifesaving interventions.


The bullets are still deep inside Adon so there isn’t anything we can do outside an O.R. definitively. Except hemorrhage control and reperfusion with his own blood via the central line in his femoral artery. And maintaining the chest tube keeping the air and blood from collapsing his lungs. And digging out the bullets with a Cuban magnografter. All that fine science put to work.


“Put the cigarette out tovarish pilot!” I yell. And they ignore me.


            BLAT! The plane is flying rather fucking low. I can see out the window in their efforts to evade the drones we must be only several dozen meters above the desert floor. From what I know about aviation and the Mexican border, which is only a little; but that once we fly nine clicks south all manned craft will break off pursuit because the Chicano Narco-gangs have acquired SAM systems to take them down.

Presumably us too. But the drones will keep coming until we go down.  But who knows. From that I gather someone wants this chornay prisoner pretty bad. Because otherwise they’d just have shot our plane down and not be attempting to disable it.


“They must want you back pretty bad black man,” I tell him in between running my protocols.

“Me or your patient,” he says with a smirk.

“I’m nobody,” he says.

“Nobody’s nobody to somebody,” I say. But that Russian idiom doesn’t translate.

Another several shock waves hit the compartment. The prisoner doesn’t seem alarmed, or stop reading.  And then there’s what sounds like hard rain hitting us, the rattattat of burst machine gun fire and it rips apart the left wing.

And the plane begins to fall.

As the plane goes down, I don’t think so much about it. I will not say I am unafraid, but I am certain that this is not how we are meant to die. Although knowing what I know of both physics and biology, there is reason to suspect death is quite quickly encroaching.

The drones finally took the plane down.

And we careen out of control in a wild plummet of smoke and flame falling toward the red desert floor on the Mexican side of the border. There is all this shouting the men are doing. It is needless yelling. They hadn’t properly gauged the full capability of their adversaries.


You can’t just steal political prisoners these days and hope to fly off over the border to freedom. This is the future after all!


Pause. The men keep yelling. My blonde hair is tied up under my green military cap and there is blood on my white medical coat and it’s the blood of my patient, who was also once my longstanding lover, fine I’ll admit it, who is also the accused terrorist named Sebastian Adon. Who many think are dead and soon might be again. This time with more permanence. And less than an hour ago he was shot four times in the chest and stomach and I’m not sure I can save him. And this plane is going down fast.


Observing my actions and reaction to our collective doom is the rescued prisoner. Still quit calm through all the smoke and flashing and fire and yelling.


As we free fall toward the desert and all these impending signals of death are lighting up and beeping and I feel as though if they had only listened to me earlier on, we’d all not be in this situation.


And I was trained in Cuba so I have my life saving interventions far beyond the level of Western medicine and in all this chaos, all this fubar muck and the men in the pilot seats are loudly deliberating whether to jump and jettison, or try and land this wreck in the rocky desert sands.  I was almost certain I could save Sebastian Adon and then the plane began to come apart when hit innumerable times with machine gun fire from those mechanized drones in pursuit.


I begin to recall a bit about these men I will perhaps soon share a flaming meteorite coffin ship demise with. Not via a micro briefing, but a Purim dinner party years ago in Breuklyn did I meet them. Not sure how that escaped me. The things you remember as death approaches.


And the former police man Nikholai Trickovitch with his dark complexion and black suit is saying he’s going to try and emergency land the damaged airship and Michkai Dbrisk the muscular dreadlocked Jamaican with his dreads tied up in a black Tam cap is saying we all need to Para jump and the dark skinned political prisoner they just broke out an hour ago in a fire fight high way man ambush has black on black eyes and he doesn’t argue, but he urges them to pick quick. And I yell in Russian which I know the Jamaican and the former cop speak.


“I’m not trained for this and Sebastian is highly unstable!”


And it was a mostly good plan to steal this man in the middle of a prisoner exchange. It was well thought out and well-funded and these four men I’m flying with all possess exceptional abilities to survive nearly anything. And the prisoner had disappeared years ago and no one knew if he was even still alive, and according to the national press Adon had been confirmed dead three years ago. Confirmed dead and body recovered in that hostage crisis near Time Square. And this former cop has nothing to live for since he lost his wife, and me, well I’m someone’s property. I belong to the Russian Crime family that paid for my education. A house doctor for the Perchevney Bratva.


So if this plane goes down it’s a skeleton crew of the already and dead and disappeared.


But Michkai Dbrisk, the bad man Jamaican paramedic has a rapid change of heart.

He tells Nikholai, “I’m taking control.”

“Dr. Perechenova please make sure Adon is completely secured!” he yells back at me.


Because he has two kids and a third on the way and he isn’t ready to die. And even if we’re all hard to kill, even if on this plane are four of most wanted human rights activists, or hardened terrorists depending on who’s side you’re on or what briefings you’ve read. Even if all of us have some mental training that lets us see further ahead and much further behind.


Michkai and I have something to live for. He’s the father of three. And I have an old man that needs me to stay working so he gets the care and help he needs.


So I stay strapped in holding the hand of Sebastian Adon who’s not in very good shape. And Michkai Dbrisk sets up the airship controls, and Trickovitch watches the desert floor get closer and closer and beeping of sensors and smell of smoke increases. And the prisoner looks at me with black on black eyes.


As death closes in on us all I achieve total recall of the past ten years. I place my hand on Sebastian’s chest and the bullets pop out and his abdomen closes and bleeding stops. The prisoner with black eyes grins at me. In the face of death, I wink. It’s been a wild ride.


We hit the sand with a jarring, grinding turbulence. Flames and smoke and carnage. The hull is a partially crumpled metal skeleton.


“We don’t have to try walk to Kurdistan, but we cannot stay here,” says Michkai Dbrisk. And the survivors quickly pick each other up and grab what is left and portable.

I look over the hull mangled massacre of steel and siding that once was the Flickering Flame II. I look over Sebastian Adon unconscious and wrapped up in blankets on a carry stretcher that these three men will soon have to schlep several clicks to the east where we will wait in some gully until someone can come get us.

The drones are the least of my concern and that is not because we have a means to knock them out the sky, it is because I am more concerned about various thing I remember.


The fog over my past didn’t lift in one burst. It came back right before I…and I throw the bullets I’m clutching into the red sands.

Then, in the sky the red and blue parachutes appear and we know we are rescued. In the skies above us are nearly forty four parachutists descending upon our position from the Brigade Cinqo de Mayo all 44 Bolivarian Hachi had helped smuggle out of town and over the border and back into the skies. Iranian flown fast planes are right behind them. And over the radio we here that the Cubans are flying in low with Med-EVAC choppers and all of us will be in Iranian Kurdistan by nightfall. The Rojalat Autonomous zone. The fighting in Dubai has subsided and the Shiite and Kurdish units have withdrawn.


Atrocity, resistance and historic defense of the free eastern state territories goes on all night and into the day break of morning. They manage to get the internet back on to report who’s flags were still where. The Bronx Bombers brought down a flying fortress by ramming 747’s into it from Idlewild Airbase. A second flying fortress goes down the same way over Breuklyn shortly after. Of course the rebellion does not possess any People’s air force capable of controlling the sky. In vast bunkers below the Masjid St. Sophina mujahedeen guard a pregnant woman in a plush and supportive suite. She has been in a coma for than one thousand nights, the duration of the three grouped killings and four full strange moons. The name of this woman is Candidate One. An identical twin of Emma Solomon or perhaps the real one all along. The most tightly guarded secret of the rebel armies defending the city for three long years.


News arrives via People’s Television satellite communications and the Fire Station that the survivors of the “99th Special Operations Task Force”, that is to say Dbrisk, O’Domhnaill, and Trickovitch, have successfully shot their way out of Dubai with Adon, DeBuitléir, Entwissle and a Ukrainian physician; crash landed in Iran; hoofed it thirty miles under cover of darkness to an extraction point; and were retrieved by the survivors of the elite Pararescuemen detachment the Bolivarian Hot Shots of the Cinqo de Mayo Brigade, led by Raphael Ernesto Contreras. And now sixty two surviving Pararescuemen and rebel fighters along with six rebels and a Ukrainian doctor are on Cuban fast copters headed straight for Sinai.



But, Detroit Soviet no longer exists. It was completely bombed and gassed into oblivions its defenders killed. Atrocities were carried out everywhere. Despite many defeats and heavy hits and overwhelming casualties; The Cantons of Boston, Newark, ATL, Miami, Bronx, Goddess and Breuklyn held out against the many armies of General Lance Petraeus. They all tip the bottle for the many martyrs of Detroit Soviet where over half a million citizen defenders were slaughtered.

At dawn it was confirmed by Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Imam Muhammad Ben Bah’allulah, and Babashanti Ironstone that the ‘mother of the messiah’ hidden in the sub bunkers below Masjid St. Sophina has given birth to two bouncing auspicious baby twins. A girl and a boy. One noire one blan, as previously prophesized. The Hindu’s as usual were excluded.


After the raid on Dubai the escapees and surviving guerrillas have arrived in the bases in Sinai preparing to reach a black freighter. It will take a fortnight to reach allied Cuba. With them alive and well is the liberated Commander of the AyitianEmergency-Group. None other than Mr. Avinadav DeBuitléir. With them, still bleeding internally shot eight times and just barely alive is Sebastian Adon. One certainly tense wrenching and fairly bloody hour later they are landed at Wadi Faran Oasis where Egyptian surgeons will attempt to save Adon.

Amid a thunder of chopper blades, the mountain forest shudders. There are shouts from the night watch that the American Commandos have arrived! Flying out of the Arabian deep desert a convoy of three Iranian Medevac choppers zipped across the deep desert just four hours prior and have touched down at the make shift airbase four kilometers from a Kurdish PKK Outpost in Egypt.

They radioed ahead and said a member of the rebel leadership had been critically injured in the fire fight.

Paramedics from the Kurdish-Emergency-Group accompanied by a physician from the Kurdish Workers Party medevac Sebastian Adon back to a Medical Outpost along with Dr. Yelizaveta Kay. He is by then suffering from hemorrhagic shock the etiology being eight small round penetrating wounds to Left lower abdomen. For two nerve wracking hours Dr. Yelizaveta Kay has performed a range of medical interventions to keep him alive including using a snatched side arm to attempt to convince Commander Nikholai Trickovitch to land the plane.

She clutched his bloody hand after all that could be done bio-medically seemed to only buy time; bags of colloids, the shock position, quick-clot packed into his open wound. He was bleeding inside himself. She was never helpless on the flying fortress crossing the Gulf she employed Cuban tricks, eastern tricks and Voodoo magic and biomedicine to keep him alive.

At some point Adon whispered something to her. She had turned Soviet winter pale and wiped out memories flooded back to her. Trading away ten years of life to forget him.

Dr. Emile Cange the chief physician of the Ayitian-Emergency-Group and a founder of Zamni Lasante met the dying Mr. Adon at landing field. For eight more nerve wracking hours, Dr. Cange assisted by Dr. Yelizaveta Kay, elite Cuban trauma surgeons and their Kurdish paramedic staff worked to save the pale officer’s life.

All of these memories returned to her while trying to repair him, but they all still seem surreal.

She finally wanders out of the medical bunker to find Adon’s tovarish and closest comrade puffing away on a menthol cigarette. She’s never forgotten just how hot it gets down here. She lived in Cuba for four years studying medicine. Strangely she remembers nothing except medicine anymore when it comes to almost anything.


“So you love him, again do you?” Nikholai asks Yelizaveta.

She shrugs indifferently.

“I don’t remember. I agreed to a memory wipe.”

“Nikholai knows this woman well, but she appears not to have recollection of much that went down in the years before the revolt. She doesn’t even know who her father is.

“He’s been through lot.”

“But so have we all.”

“What did he whisper to you back there on the plane,” asks Trickovitch.

She thinks about how to phrase her white lie.

“He begged my forgiveness and asked me to remember him,” says Dr. Kay.

“Sebastian never asks forgiveness for things he cannot control.”

“Believe what you want. I’ll have you know I’ve seen him beg on his knees more than twice. He was sorry I’m being hustled off to war when I have a sick father in Switzerland to worry about.”

Nikholai wonders how much Yelizaveta remembers. Or if Sebastian knows Dasha is very much alive back in Breuklyn Soviet. There hadn’t been time to talk hop.

“All he said was forgive me.”

That wasn’t true at all. He’d said another foolish thing about their past and completely failed attempts at their past love.

Yelizaveta just smirks, blood on her white lab coat, her hair a bit of a mess. She’s tells him to go fuck himself as her eyes flash grey, then back to gold.

Dr. Kay of course has the option to return to the U.A.S., but will chose to stay with her old friends and estranged associates for reasons not yet to be known. The contract is transferable.


It will take a month to get Sebastian back to relative health and ready for travel to Sinai Peninsula, then be smuggled down to the Wild West Indies. He’s in good hands on the Island nation who’s slave revolt two hundred years prior gave birth to the militant human rights ideology that the club came to fully embrace.


In the meantime. Thirteen rebel cantons resist the Federal union. A new ceasefire holds. And the nuclear option has been restored.


Alexandr Perchevney informs his third daughter Hachi by 5am Dubai time, eight days after the single engine TELSA-Galati Airship named the Flickering Flame arrived safely in Rojalat, that the arms and ‘assorted other collateral’ would be making its way by convoy to the Basis-Wadi-Faran as per plan sometime the following week.


“And where is Dr. Perechenova currently?” he asks.

“She is attending to Sebastian Adon who was shot several times during the liberation of Mr.  DeBuitléir. They are in Rojalat.”

“Well then. They can keep her.”

“She’s been dead to you a long time father.”

“Well I doubt she even remembers.”

“Well you can always wake her up if it seems strategic.”

“Of course. Wake her up right next to that sleeping hero who so loves her.”

“He is seemingly incredibly hard to kill.”

“He’s more interesting and useful alive really.”

“Why are we doing this again? Helping these people I mean” asks Perchevney to his daughter Hachi in Bulgarian.

“For all the money my papa? For the power and glory added to House Perchevney?” she responds.

But Perchevney is one of the top richest self-made men on earth. And it isn’t about the money at all because sometimes, just sometimes you can’t buy revenge. You have to work hard for it just like everyone else.


That wasn’t just a doctor for hire after all that they borrowed. That was his first daughter Yelizaveta. Quite literally he now had skin, flesh? In the game, even if she is dead to him already emotionally. Even if she doesn’t quite viscerally remember a day of her life before Cuba.


Whatever money cannot buy spiritually, it sure can buy enough sex, weapons or the high science to accomplish nearly anything else.



“My Heart is in Havana”


Three months later the fighters from the raiding party are resting in safe houses in Havana.


In early 2019, once called the month of September, after just a month recuperating in the Sinai; Adon, Dr. Kay, Dr. Emile Cange, and Watson Entwissle travel by jeep to Havana under the invitation and protection of Health Minister Geraldine Capois (twin sister of Tiputti) of the Lavalas Party; Ayiti’s predominant political organization. One of only two legal Party’s in the Republic of Cuba. Minister Geraldine Capois and her younger brother the Minister of Public Emergency Tiputti Capois are now serving on the Cabinet of current Aiytian government in exile led by the ageing rebel leader elected now for the fourth time Jean Bertrand Aristide. Tiputti and Geraldine are dear old friends of Sebastian and Yelizaveta having served with them both five years prior in the Ayitian-Emergency-Group guerrilla medical column before the Great Revolt in the Americas.


It has been rumored before and now clamor confirmed in the U.A.S. Corporate Press that he is in fact not dead, at all. Sebastian is now a very, very wanted man in the U.A.S. But he couldn’t have picked a safer island to hide on. The Breuklyn Soviet and other thirteen remaining entities in the eastern confederacy are riddled with assassins, snitches and spies.

Shortly after watching a beautiful Caribe sunset from a sprawling balcony at the Cuban People’s Medical College; Watson, Sebastian, Yelizaveta and Dr. Emile Cange drive their black open side Jeep down the newly built modern highway into the Capital with its solar powered street lamps, shade embankments, and fluttering flag canopies.


This is Sebastian’s first night out since he was shot several times during the rescue raid on Dubai. He is wearing a white linen suit which matches Yelizaveta’s white linen dress. Paramedic Watson Entwissle, who is an officer of high rank in the Ayitian Defense Forces on top of his affiliation with the Breuklyn Otriad, is wearing the olive green uniform of the national service with a simple pin of his rank, that of a Captain on the left lapel, the flag of Palmares on his right arm, the palm tree surrounded by cannons and flags and the tree of life. Dr. Emile Cange is in business causal having met so many world leaders over the past four decades it is rarely any cause for fancy.


Dr. Cange who painstakingly helped vastly expand the vast multi-national Parastate medical apparatus known as “Partners in Health” is never tired or will ever be retired. What a great man named Paul Farmer once began in the village of Cange so many years ago with the martyrs Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl, Thomas J. White, and Dr. Jim Yong Kim is now providing a “preferential option for the poor in Healthcare” in over sixty four nations worldwide.

He is a dear old comrade to Adon though abhors violence of all kinds. Yelizaveta Kay did her residency alongside him at the HUEH, Port-Au-Prince General Hospital at the height of the Great Revolt. Even when former Present a Second time for Life Jean-Claude Duvalier ordered the massacre of all blan on the island as final desperate measure, even after the second quake, the hunger strikes, and the flooding she stayed with Emile serving the medical needs of the Ayitian people. That’s how she earned her pin.

The jeep’s headlights cut through night, but it isn’t as bad as the old days. There are street lights now, also electricity and sanitation. Watson is driving, though Farmer knows the roads best, most of Watson’s live was spent in the Breuklyn Soviet until he and Adon returned five years ago to enlist in the ranks of the uprising led by former President Aristede, Lavalas, and the Ayitian peasantry against the Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier; the Brazilians, U.A.S., and Nepalese Occupational Authorities, as well as the paramilitary forces of the Ruus, Bolivarian, Mexican, Dominikani drug cartels. The incomplete disorder they are here to finish and bring to level.

They arrive at the fortified gates of newly renovated Hotel Havana Libre at 8pm on the dot. Its epic view of half the city are well known. Armed guards in black suits look them over and quickly salute Captain Entwissle, though they recognize Farmer’s face immediately and Kay shortly after and salute them too. Adon holds the rank of Staff Sargent in the Otriad, but abhors wearing uniforms unless he has to. They all salute back; such a silly ritual thinks Dr. Emile Cange.

From the table they are seated at one can take in the full majesty of the island capital, see what has been accomplished in the years since the revolution of 1959.


“What you’re proposing is not possible to accomplish so fast if you do not allow the use of lethal force against the enemy,” states DeBuitléir.

They all meditate on that, each thinking of the many thousands slain so far in the previous seven years of the revolt.

“Maya proclaims that it is,” Adon finally counters.

“It is,” she declares, “but of course not without incredible courage and risk.”

He looks into the ginger bread horizon.

“And why should I feel alright signing off my nation’s resources to Russian mobsters, and northern radicals, put myself in the debt of the Israelis and Persians, and allow thousands of armed men to run lose in my country? I feel as though you already know what I will say about your contract and operation Marcus Garvey as you call it.”


“Don’t forget about the Cubans and the Dominicans, they want their pieces too,” says Maya Sorieya Emma Solomon. She’s wearing a red dress. The real fucking Maya. Not the candidate brought back and protected because she was shot so many times in the Millennium raid she could never bear the promised ones again.

“Blessings to you on the birth of your children by proxy in Breuklyn Soviet,” says Dr. Emile Cange bowing his head to the two foremost leaders of the revolution; DeBuitléir and Solomon.

“Thank you brother,” Maya says, “peace be unto you.”

“Let us read together the communique in a seated circle,” states Maya, “as we used to in the days before.”


Communique 02

[Observances of the January 1st Movement]

Distributed 1 January, 2015, 5775


Partisans Oath


We all have a duty to act.

In our hearts,

We know that people should not live as they do.

Humanity was born free and equal,

Yet, across this earth lies broken,

Dying hungry and in chains.

It is our duty to act that unites us.

To act in association for these promised rights.

Medicine, Education, and Emancipatory Development;

Are our primary tools against injustice.

We promise to wield these tools on the front lines of suffering

We will build the world we wish to see.

Seed by Seed.

Brick by Brick.

We carry the torches of the change makers who fell before us.

Fighting boldly for an idea.

That we were born free woman and men.

That we will never surrender.

That we will never accept anything short of full freedom.

Our numbers are man and each day multiply.

In the face of mounting injustices.

For while fighting isolated and in darkness,

We have become resourceful.

As realization spreads that this is not how we must live.

We stand ready to defend

The Impoverished.

The Wretched.

The Victimized.

The Enslaved.

We are prepared to struggle as long as we must.

Generation by Generation.

Until every last man, woman and child is also free.

In unity there is great strength.

Because I love my brothers and my sisters,

My mother and my father,

My children, my friends, my comrades

And also the suffering stranger

This is why I have joined the Association

And it’s Partisans,

Placed myself on the side of humanity,

And enlisted in the Resistance.

Now that my eyes are open,

I will leave no person behind the lines of war and poverty.

I will live my life as friend of the people.

I will never look away from the truth.


Resistance, Development, Consciousness and Emancipation in the 21st Century begins with our boldness. Our complete rejection of the atrocities and structural violence forced upon us by the world system.


  1. We Respect our bodies and minds.

We respect the fundamental power of teaching and learning, popular education as a means to advance the condition of our collective human people. Conscious, critical thinking is the most powerful weapon we have. Our minds and our ability to utilize them in the process of the liberation struggle and beyond is the opening through which emancipation takes the form of mass awakening.


We can only be kept as slaves if we allow our consciousness to be subsumed by lies, stress, brutality and oppression forced upon us to keep us divided, working and weak.


We don’t put poison in our body. We don’t eat disgusting and unhealthy things. We don’t take drugs that don’t have an overt medical purpose for a chronic condition. We abstain from alcohol and cigarettes whenever possible. Alcohol depresses your central nervous system and lowers your consciousness for thirty days. Tobacco smoke is one of the most holistically unhealthy things you can put in your body. Avoid over consumption. We engage in regular physical activity and meditation. We dance, run, play, sing and enjoy our lives. Above all we avoid television; as well as violent pornography and video games by every means necessary. These things pollute us and prevent us from seeing the world as it really is.


  1. Don’t believe the lies about false consciousness and identity.


Other than biological function, sexual orientation and the physical presence of your sex organs

all other aspects of identity; gender, race, class, caste and especially your proscribed religion and your assigned nationality were constructed specifically to divide and exploit you. We continuously urge all people to refrain from acts of organized violence driven by imaginary, unseen entities they cannot see or invisible lines across territories put there to control your movements, harvest your taxes and complete exploit you.


All free thinking, good people are welcome in this movement. There is no discrimination to involvement as long as the observances are strictly upheld. No identity politics. No identity based organizing, this is a movement for achieving human rights and needs; securing environmental sustainability on this earth and achieving economic equity. Securing for all people Maslow’s needs & the United Nation’s codified Human Rights via the 3 pillars of human development; these are our movement’s ends.


We respect and enhance the power of indigenous knowledge and do our work on the basis of indigenous need. We need to keep engaging the people in their own liberation. We need to make the raising of consciousness and the enhancement of capability the most integral aspect both the resistance and the Great Revolt.


  1. We lead with our deeds.


We have no centralized leadership. We have no titles or chains of command, except when necessary to designate operational function. It is better to enter the movement with your own reorganized group, party association, union, religious or social group, chapter, detachment, otriad or cell. It is best to come to the table alongside your family and friends.


  1. We save lives, we don’t ever take them.


No killing, no harming or injuring people; no weapons, no violence, no vandalism no destruction of property. Any who kill or any who destroy property [that is ours by having been paid for it with our work and taxes] is immediately disqualified from this social movement. Nothing on earth pleases then oligarchy more than violence for it lowers human consciousness to the most animal level. They have and always will attempt to provoke a violent response from the resistance.


  1. We don’t ever underestimate our enemy.


 Our enemies means of surveillance and widespread application of torture and violence in particular. Their control of linguistics, history, and science. Their vast resources and their willingness to kill to protect them. No cell phones at meetings, batteries out. No transmission of sensitive materials over computers. No rosters or taking attendance. Don’t say loud and unnecessary things in cars, homes or public places. We believe in unity and only trust what we see with our own eyes. We submit every activity or endeavor to randomized control trials, we advocate and replicate things proven to work in three or more places. Do not allow the oligarchy to define the aims and aspirations of the movement. Do not allow traitors, spies and government agitators to breach your security. Do not make it easy for them to kill, imprison, harass and disappear members and sympathizers of the movement.


  1. [Besides killing people or destroying property]; EVERY AND ANY OTHER tactic may be actively deployed against the 206 national oligarchic collectives and their exploitative agents.


Members of the J1 Movement are strictly committed to militant nonviolence. Violence is counter to human rights. Counter to consciousness and proven to escalate all violations of rights when implemented. Members are completely prohibited from taking human lives or destroying property. Those we fight are monsters and we must refuse to degrade our noble struggle by succumbing to their vile methods.


Via sustained and strategic militant nonviolence and supply side resistance we shall hit them in their pockets. It is the only thing they care about. Hit their assets; their financial architecture; their banking systems; their media communications; their elite institutions; their leisure assets; their advertising and control systems; their supply chains; their work sites, the commercial centers of major cities; especially anything that encourages labor exploitation, slavery and human rights violations at the periphery.


Prevent goods, commodities and energy resources to be easily carried back to the 26 nations of the global economic core.


  1. 7. Control over the means of development is the pathway to our freedom.


The Resistance is founded on the world we build in front of us not upon the ashes of the Oligarchy. We are a movement founded on life and vibrancy. We are a teaching movement. We are a healing movement. A school and hospital building movement. A movement that places emancipatory development as the highest priority to activities and operations. We are therefore attempting to teach 3.5 billion people how to fish movement. We are based among the people in all 206 national plantations that suffer most under the iron heel of oligarchy. The J1 Movement and those that support it believe the best offensive against corrupt rule is to demonstrate viable functional alternatives. The duty of each state is provide for needs, rights and human development. The illegitimacy of our oppressors is based upon the notion they protect us.


Vast abuses in all 206 plantation states demonstrate that these governments are wholly illegitimate. Rather than fight states we shall construct parallel ones and give our people true alternatives to bondage.


  1. Solidarity forever. Every single other human is your sister and your brother, as an injury to one is an injury to all; this movement and all its sympathizers, brigades, detachments, party groups, cells and affiliated sister groupings must keep the resistance disciplined and in the field until all 206 national oligarchies are completely defeated. Generation by generation; as long as this war must continue. Not one woman, man or child is to be left behind the lines.


If you sympathize with and seek to actively support the general aims & objectives of the J1 Movement; endorse this pamphlet and pass it along to another group. Do not await reinforcements or look for further direction. Engage in critical consciousness building, emancipatory development and [or] resistance planning operations in your immediate community.


You, your working group and your partisans must sustain the struggle as long as necessary until reinforcements are available. Do not take lives, do not take prisoners. We salute you in advance for your heroism.




“This is being widely distributed in Ayiti prior to the operation” Emma explains. “The liberation front’s coalition will be called MJ1; movement of the 1st of January.”

“That very well written in English, but who wrote it in Ayitian Creole?” asks Victor Emile Cange. Not Sebastian, it was far too succinct and to the point.

“A part of me still does not see the logic in opening another international front while none of the others in America or Kurdistan are as of yet secured,” says Sebastian.

“Symbolically this important because this is technically where the whole Great Revolt began in 1791,” explains Avinadav, “But structurally speaking it’s important for a more realistic and cynical reason. Right now, all the cantons of the Democratic Confederalist rebellion are devoid of resources, largely encircled and heavily reliant on a nuclear deterrent to keep imperialists at bay. We have been also far too dependent on aid and weapons from Russia, China, Cuba and Iran who are realistically only using us as a foreign policy against America, the E.U., Turkey and Saudi Arabia,” says Avinadav.

“This has as you know led to our quarantine and long wars of attrition,” says Maya, “As you may know initially the PKK Revolt captured 20% of South East Turkey, 35% of Northern Syria, 33% of Norther Iraq and achieved a lasting détente and autonomy in Western Iran. By 2005 the PKK was fully Democratic Confederalist. But effective today Democratic Confederalism in Greater Kurdistan only exists in 20% of Syria; i.e. Rojava’s Kobane and Jazera Cantons, the Mountain encampments in Qandil Mountain Iraq and technically speaking the civil political agreement with the Shiites in Rojalat, Iran,” Maya continues.

“Which is to say a major roll back of militia forces has occurred,” states Avinadav.

“In the United States we had liberated around 13% of the territory, mostly on the East and West Coast, by summer 2012. This produced 64 People’s Congresses for 64 cantons. We had been reduced in territory to less than 18 Free zones by the time of ceasefire in 2015. At the conclusion of major hostilities two weeks ago, Detroit was obliterated. Atlanta signed a détente turning in most of its heavy weapons and we were down to thirteen cantons about 3% of territorial United States, now called U.A.S.,” explains Maya.


“This is all very academic, but here’s the larger issue. The revolution is being corrupted. Since most cantons lack resources they have all in varying ways turned to smuggling and many have outright become criminal havens. A successful invasion will link thousands of our hoplite guerillas with the extensive Aiytian peasant militia of Lavlas. On the Dominican side the Communist Party promises to join the revolt,” says Avinadav.


“The 18th People’s Congress of the Z.O.B. voted in favor of this operation. But, that was before the siege of Breuklyn last month. Many of our best fighters were killed in the battle, our arsenals have been depleted and we’re even more reliant on Uhuru and the Party of HaShem than we were before. As a result of the Siege of Brooklyn we can spare much fewer fighters for the invasion and will be much more dependent on Perchevney Bratva, the Iranians and the Cubans than we had initially expected.” Says Maya.


“What kind of opposition will we be encountering to the uprising,” Watson Entwissel asks the committee.


“Under the auspices of MINUSTAH; the United Nations has deployed about 10,000 Brazilian troops, 4,000 Argentine and 2,000 mixed from varying other nations. The Dominican Army is around 15,000 troops. There are around 5,000 right wing paramilitaries in the FRAPH, 10,000 Tonton Macoutes and 50,000 in the Janjaweed militia. None of those forces are much better equipped than out own. More worrying would be the deployment of Haan or U.A.S. marines if things escalate. A short decisive campaign is required, not a messy protracted people’s war,” says Avinadav.


“What’s best case scenario here,” Watson asks.


“A three year campaign that liberates the whole island before any big power can justify intervention,” says Avinadav.


“Worst case?” Watson asks.


“We end up having to fight the U.A.S. in yet another quagmire, we destroy most of the oil infrastructure and the Dominicans and Haitians get into another ethnic war,” says Maya.


“How fighters will the Z.O.B. sign off on to deploy?” asks Sebastian who has not been in New York City since the Millennium Hostage Crisis in 2015.


“Five hundred,” says Maya.

“That’s not nearly enough,” Watson says.

“There’s 100,000 people in Lavalas. The Communist Party D.R. had a militia of several thousand and sympathizers in the military. There are 500 available People’s Defense Force hoplites, a couple dozen Iranian Revolutionary Guard handlers doing training and infrastructure and periodic support from Cuban intelligence is how this is gonna pay out.”


“We’ll make it work,” Sebastian says.

Emma Solomon smiles and turns to Avinadav and says, “Yalla.”

Arabic and Hebrew for, let’s go. With General Obenson Etienne of Lavalas, Anya Drovtich of Z.O.B. and Hachi Perchevney on the holophone, Adon witnesses DeBuitléir and Solomon sign a declaration of war to the death on the provisional Ayitian government and the occupational forces of Ayiti on behalf of Breuklyn Otriad’s People’s Defense Forces. It was immediately send on secure channels via Ayitian General Tiputti Capois also of Lavalas, Watson Entwissle and Dr. Emile Cange of Z.O.B. endorsed by the People’s Defense Forces of Ayiti-D.R-Hispaniola. Infiltration into Ayiti by allied forces would begin immediately to coordinate with Lavalas and CPD.R. The larger expeditionary force of 500 would arrive in three months’ time to begin the assault on 1st January, the historically symbolic date of rebellion for Haiti, Cuba, Russia and Brooklyn Soviet.





“Jacmel Kisses”


In Jacmel on the Southern coat of Ayiti it is almost time for another Carnival. Masques, revelry and paper machete abound. Sebastian is up and about three months into recuperation walking on the main rue with Dr. Kay by his side. There’s was an amour obscure.


All Dasha Andreavna’s brutally short letter, handed to him in the hospital against commandant Rafael Ernesto Contreras’ better judgment told him was that she had gone back to her “husband” in the Isle of Man. That she might be killed in the coming attack and real world life was too short to squander on any long distance relationship. And, that their life time was timeless, there was room for the old and the new. She wished him luck though. They just didn’t share any of the same afterlife goals. He broke open his hand bunching a flood barrier.


And then the woman that saved him, the woman that he’d once saved. The first daughter of Alexandr ‘Sasho’ Perchevney who he’d saved from an upper Oligarch named Kahn and the blizzard of 2010 kissed him. He’s been gunning down enemies of the revolution for three long years. She remembers nothing about him except medicine.


They had arrived in Ayiti a few weeks ago with Cuban passports working in the southern peninsula for a medical NGO.


Look blan kissing! Every Ayitian smiled and yelled and began taking camera pictures. He had her in a cab an hour later. It was just that congested with voyeurs.

The first time he put it in her it hurt. She ripped him down to size first emotionally, humbling him in nine months of letters directed to expose the arrogance of his ways. She asked him, well he begged asking, questions about all his plots, schemes motives and dreams.

That was almost ten years ago. Before the Revolt. Before the Great Disorder. Before the trial and before he first arrived in Ayiti on the eve of tremors and carnage.

They had tried to make their letter writing not turn into anything invasive. She tried rather hard not to let him kiss her too often, or to let him become an interference in her highly Soviet individualist life. But, on the last night of Hanukah and nearly seven months into their highly old school hand pressed courtship from the back of his ambulance to the University in Stonybrook by mail, well he’d won her, for a least awhile.

And soon after she let him have her. At least for a time.

He had been so dashing then, so polite and impressive in his blue uniform driving out to her university to visit on his pass days. He was an escape into a world of grand plots and mystery and foreign adventure and he saved lives for a living then. Even the idea of letter writing had been wonderful she used to lecture him on scientific advancement, marine mammals and also had tutored him in Russian and he exposed her to the wide world of the human right movement. Together between her classes and many rounds of naked showers and make out sessions where she’d deny him any gratification but to caress her, they designed the first blueprint. The operations guide used to train Ayitian emts and mass smuggle equipment and trainers into that nation. It was the only semester in in university she got Cs.

She made him wait three months before she sucked his cock and four months before she let him get take her completely. She had reveled in the control she had over him even going so far as to make him produce medical documentation that he had no diseases of the bedroom. She had only let five men sleep with her up until then and he was a carnal animal, and even though he would refuse to specify how many women he’d had, she delighted in making him work especially hard for her.

There had been some high minded thoughts about love making. But when she gave into him he ravaged her like a little whore. He pulled her blonde hair, he pushed her to her knees, he pressed her roughly against the bed, and the floor and staircase and he fucked her hard as she ordered him to. She loved it, it went on all night. It was nice to have a man make her cum with his own cock. She wanted him for quite longer then she’d cared to admit, but her powers over him were addictive. The waiting was vital. And he sure could enthusiastically fuck. There was a truly dark side of her that craved this kind of hard handed affection. But he was unaware of how to truly love then even if he thought otherwise. He had to be taught. And there were a lot of issues of course with his condition that complicated everything. But the carnal side of them both kept the relationship going far longer than she might have normally allowed a man who lived so lawlessly. And he was always getting arrested. Or faking his own death.  Most importantly her mother did not approve.

And he was a fucking terrorist! She could never forget that. But most importantly the daughter of bipolar doctor carried away long ago to the mental hospital gulag by ambulance men, could never have a life with a bipolar ambulance man, terrorist or not.

But she loved being fucked by him. He could go for hours and hours and he’d do what she told him to and he’d love her and then brutally take control of her. But it ended outside the bedroom. He was a puppy to her when they got off a bed. Foolishly devoted and she could get anything out of him she wanted.

And then their prolonged separation at her insistence helped nothing. He erased her for some time to orchestrate the next stretch of the war. First they took Breuklyn, then all of Ayiti. And then she allowed the letters to resume, but would not entertain even the thought of a public visitation or a private one.

And all his words since Ayiti had been so sweet, so longing. But it was rough and prolonged violent sex, nine months’ worth the first time. Her naked body ravaged sometimes for several days when time allowed. He’d cuff her hands sometimes. He’d bite her tits and slap her big Russian ass as he entered her ferociously from behind with a belt around her neck.  Sometimes he could really cross a line, but she was dirty and he was bipolar, which meant he could go from very degrading hard sex to playtime and pillow forts, almost on command.


Now this was different. On a soft huge grey blanket on the ridge, on the eve of invasion he channeled ten years of sadness, failure and longing into rounds of pleasure worthy of her for the first time.

Sometimes long ago after their violent fucking she caught him smiling, beaming really at her like a love drunk school boy and they took each other again sometimes, sometimes with remarkable attention to depth of their passion. Not just fucking slowly as she had always assumed was the only way to teach a man from America to make love.

But tonight his rough ambulance-man hands grip her thighs as he thrusts inside her and he tells her he loves her and kisses her over and over again delighted and writhing in pleasure from the full scope of her attentions. She pushes him on his back. She bites her lip and pulls his brown hair, groaning in delight. Sweat drips across them as they slide into and thorough each other and he calls out her again into the desert night.

“Yelizaveta!” he yells out in ecstasy. If there was another name he had yelled wasn’t it just the name of ghost who had inevitably betrayed him?

What happened in Ayiti during the earthquake was a subject of some great debate.

They’d near been inseparable lovers up until his third expedition there, but that collapsed in madness too. They’d been day to night, letter to letter saving in the killing fields of Port-Au-Prince, but why-why so long apart each time?

That is because the first time was rife with tragedy and violence.

The nights before deployment when Yelizaveta truly loved Sebastian within an inch of his half-Hebrew life, she swears one cannot love a dead man if you yourself fear death, but a man setting himself up to die for cause needs a good witness and partner. But this was a bit untrue. He’d have tried to do it all alone if he could have willed it. And anyway he’s very hard to kill. Supposedly so he claimed several times in pillow talk that he dreamed he’d live until age 88 and die in fire fight in the Bronx. Crazy talk from a love drunk crazy man. She loves him sometimes because he is so ready to rise to the occasion. She hates him for so many things he can’t even remember.

He has same condition that ultimately did her father in and drove the whole family into huge debt that she is still paying off with her work for Perchevney.


“You’re not a bad lover for a man shot just three month ago.”

“You’re not a bad lover for a woman who swore I was dog and that she could never lay eyes or hands on me again.”

“I’m staying with you here in Ayiti you must realize Neshama,” she declares. She’s hasn’t called him that in years. My Soul. It’s what he always has called her.

“Maya says you’re wide open after saving me.”

“I told Maya you haven’t killed anyone, lately.”

“I haven’t,” he lies instinctively.

“You’re full of complete shit as usual.”

“What does your contract say you can’t do?”

“I don’t really care anymore. Who is even working for whom! My contract with the Perchevney Bratva is a little less specific than my contract with your, shall we say, your partner in high thought crimes.”

“Solomon’s a great trickster.”

“Solomon’s the big boss. A Goddess amongst insects. The queen maker and the king.”

“What’s a haShem to a non-believer?” he asks.

“You don’t believe in anything,” retorts knowing he’s sometimes called an anarchist.

“I believe in the messiah, in the Mahdi and the blue print called the New Social Gospel written by their mother father. I believe also in love. And in limiting my killing. I didn’t kill anyone who didn’t deserve it. Even all those people held hostage shot blown up in the four so called restaurants of Vegas were buying sex and rolling dice.”

“Well you shouldn’t kill anyone anyway. It’s a war crime. Your rescue escapade certainly provoked them into attacking Breuklyn. Tens of thousands lost their lives in every Soviet.”

“We’re in the middle of a huge war in case you hadn’t noticed.”

“Well stop killing people, or I can’t love you anymore like I used to. Fucking you is phenomenal. You give too much of shit.”

“I’ll try, but I think we will have to kill a few more people here and there. We’re about to, you know, invade a whole war torn genocidal country. I haven’t killed anyone lately like in the past month.”

“But you soon you will again?”

“Well only people that deserve it.”

“Fuck man!”

“Can you still love?”

“Yes, but I won’t be able to treat you. I have a real sick old man. I signed a long contract. That you do remember.”

“I know. Perchevney is paying for your father’s care in Switzerland,” he says sarcastically. Not like he’s your father.

“And my mother’s newfound life of leisure, don’t forget my loyalties.”

“And Solomon?”

“Sold her my soul. Perchevney only owns my body. So don’t get yourself shot again. I’ll treat the suffering strangers as you provide the appearance of more New Social Gospel type miracles. I can’t believe I’m following a dead man into his own hell, yet again, but it’s a ten year contract and you aren’t supposedly supposed to dying anytime soon.”

“I’d say don’t come, but you’re real a tough woman to argue with. So I’d be honored if you were watching my back again. And it’s been said I can’t die until the age of 88, so you have a good long time if you claim it. To come as many times as you see fit.”

“All I’m going to do is watch,” smiles Yelizaveta Kay. He imagines she’s blushing, but Post Soviets don’t blush.

“I like it when you watch. It makes me work harder,” he responds.

She presses a hand written note into his palm, looking at him with guarded thanks and near certain longing. The note says:  “If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life.”





“The Mind Bath”


Dr. Yelizaveta Kay has there golden eyes that fluctuate between hazel, green and stunning. She has never met an Amerikanski that can properly pronounce her last name, and it doesn’t properly fit on her identity card, so she had it shortened down to ‘Kay’.

Her eyes pierce you and judge you at the same time and that judgment is normally rather harsh.


They often mean to say “go fuck-you”, but they still seem to drive all the boys wild. In the summer she’s a natural blonde, in the winter a red head. She can have any man she wants, but has a very sick father and this places upon her a number of obligations. A man who in another place called the former Soviet Union was a physician, a man of power and a puller of teeth. Then, something broke in him just after they arrived in the United American States. He was quite brilliant once, perhaps still is under all the salt in the wounds. He languished for a time in and out of psychiatric facilities and the family accrued increasing debt. So Yelizaveta became Zivia Yeli Kay, and put aside other men as well ideals for cold ambition to keep her mother out of poverty and her father from the hands and needles of the hospitaliers.

And that is her story and she is sticking to it.

She was a premed Postsoviet Beauty.

The breeze is blowing on a beautiful black sea. Two women of alarming, head turning disposition sit across from each other. One has brown flowing hair and a leather jacket. The other once a blonde, now her hair has been died former Soviet crimson.

On the table is rather substantial contract. They are seated on a veranda looking out upon on the Port of Odessa. In the next room a unit of Ayitian medical officers and their Ukrainian counter parts are setting up a makeshift O.R. in the living room of the safe house. She fully intends to sign the contract in front of her.

It will affect her whole entire life. It comes with a scripted back story. She must never waver from it. And she was just eighteen years old when that happened. Shortly after a certain incident which drove she and family to the very edge. That was almost a decade ago. But she remembers the conversation she had before she signed her life away. In a playback that she rehashes periodically, it occurs as if in present terms.


Conducted in hushed low Russian:

“Who do you work for exactly Ms. Solomon,” she asks a buxom brunette with a brown leather jacket a red bandana tucked in the left pocket.

“Certain mighty factions that prefer three letters to a name-nameless, but nothing particularly likely to worry a haShem fearing, human loving person like yourself Ms. Yelizaveta Kay. I prefer, as does your potential employer your former Soviet name. It has far greater connotations of your true hadar.

“What does that mean again?”

“A lot of things. In this case; your utter strength of will power.”

“You can call me Dasha Andreavna for all I care if my father gets better, the debt goes away and I end up with a valid western medical license.”

“Did you read the whole thing?”

“Of course, I read the whole thing.”

“The ‘patients, prisoners and peasants’ clause?”

“Yes. I can only treat certain people.”

“Who can’t you treat?”

“People that kill the innocents. Or kill at all.”

“Do you speak passible Spanish?”

“Yes. I used to date a passible gentleman who put me on to it.” Or bellowed it while he fucked the life out of me in hand cuffs, she notes mentally.

“Do you get along well with Noires?”

“They’re ok. Not like Adon does.”

“Fair enough. Sign and date right there, there and there. Also behind page seven, eighty six and three hundred and forty two; at the green line margin.”

“I don’t get a copy of the contract it says.”

“No, but I’ll let you read it for another twenty-five minutes if you think you missed something really, really important.”

“What happens again if I treat a killer?”

“Baby girl, you lose your second soul. Man is evil not because of his nature, but history and a dark socialization. I find the best way to program a man is to deny the validity of his history, case in point Sebastian Adon,” explains Maya Solomon to Yelizaveta Kay.

An awkward moment.

“He still loves you?” Yelizaveta inquires.

“No. He surely only writes to and about you these days.”

“My contract said nothing of what to do about Adon.”

“You’re thinking sweetly of him still are you not?”

“I wish to train to treat the body, not be distracted by yet another sick and angry mind.”

“He’s a prisoner and a student so you can treat his brains out for now my little sister.”

“What are you all plotting Emma?”

“Man is evil, is he not capable of little else but war, rape and some genocide?”

“Yes, that is mostly true.”

“Who are Dbrisk, O’Domhnaill and Trickovitch?”

“Sebastian’s closest friends.”

“They’ve all signed contracts too you know. Why did you sign your contract?”

“To help my father and to get my mother made a hotel wage slave out of debt’s bondage. I owe you ten years and then I’m a doctor of infectious disease.”

“And such is your story and you will stick to it.”

“Humanity has caught an infectious disease when it comes to morality. Men fear neither law nor haShem. Your contract is to treat certain men, not others remember.”

“You are not to treat to any of the friends of Adon should they end up as your patients. They fall outside your jurisdiction. Even if he asks you to treat them you cannot.”

“What about him. I have various feelings for him that need an ocean in between us not to act on the passion they sometimes, mind you only sometimes; illicit.”

“We invested in Adon the seeds of a dream and mission. He signed a blood oath once that’s term will never expire within our camp. Come the time you are free to go: We own Adon, for him nothing is ever written, but on his shoulders quite a lot rides.”

“If I had to hedge a bet I’d say you’re setting him up for martyrdom again.”

“Don’t let his brave words allow you to absolve his ignoble past.”

“I don’t remember the past well anymore Ms. Solomon.”

“That my little tovarish is probably for the best. You won his black heart fair and square, but in the now I own both his first and second soul.”

She then signed the yellow contract with a red ink plume. There were a wide range of motivations behind it.

She undressed herself quietly, as all but one of the three male Ayitian paramedics avert their eyes. She was handed a light grey latex thin body suit. Maya kissed her forehead. Once garbed she lowered herself into the big steel bath basin. The water was warm and thick with salt.


The last thing she remembered before waking up in Havana for her first day of medical school were the Ayitian technicians preparing a series of medications as Maya Solomon inserted an IV line in to her left external jugular.


A doctor from the Ukrainian-Emergency-Group (U.E.G.) then dimmed the lights and put her to sleep in the bath. Away went the world, into a land of dreams and forgotten pasts swallowed by the waters of the bath and voodoo salts which entered her blood stream.







In a dream, Sebastian Adon looks down upon the eight Roman legions that have encircled their position and are building a slave labor ramp up one side of the cliff. The aim of these legions is to torture, foul and snuff the surviving leadership of the insurgency against Caesar.

Against all of Rome if need be.


“I fear that this thing will again destroy you,” says Michkai Dbrisk.


Sebastian tosses a lit cigarette and hopes it lands on a Roman not a slave.


“I doubt it will be a fait accompli. They say I’m very hard to kill.”

“The Rabbis say there are no secrets between brothers. So therefore I know the truth. You suffer from cotards syndrome.”

“The rabbis say all kinds of meaningless things. Sounds like the words of someone who wants to know a secret, within a secret. The coded word, the symbolic meaning, the seven out of seven translations of the word of the name?”

“I know, I knew, I tout I understood and also over stood, that you die and come back. Every time you watch them die, and that when you are crying you are imitating a grief that you explicitly do not know how to feel. But do you cry ever for yourself? Delusional you have become over wheatear or not you are even actually dead or alive?”

Sebastian flexes his arms into the warrior pose and then says, “When no one is looking except she who I so love then I am alive for a short period.”

“If you love her so much why don’t you stop fighting? Like she sometimes pauses to ask. You’ve done so much already and here we are having the same conversation we had four thousand years ago, allegedly. Four hundred years ago. That we will be having again and again we wage war epoch to epoch, husk to husk!”

“Do you remember the first job we ever did together?”

“The first job we didn’t do right really.”

“You always remember your first job.”

“When you leave your body where do you go?” asks Michkai Dbrisk.

“I go back to Zion.”

“And what are you doing there.”

“I’m walking around on a long boardwalk. I’m running into old friends. I’m with my wife and my family.”

“How many times do you remember dying?”

Sebastian Adon looks up into the eyes of Michkai Dbrisk.

“The body is a vessel for the soul. The flesh is a vehicle by which the soul carries out the work of HaShems in the world of man.”

“Don’t recite the N.S.G. to me old friend. Don’t put on your mask when you speak to your brother.”

“Sometimes I look at my face in the mirror and I don’t recognize myself. I cannot always be clear about what I did in this life or the last that cut me so deeply or burned me so asunder. I have memories that I cannot say match records of objective reality. I would not recognize haShem from the devil except by the conduct of the vessels they occupy. Tell me brother when you leave your body where do you go?”


“I go back to Jamaica. I’m on the boardwalk. Running into old friends. On my way home to see my wife and my family.”


“What happened at the Millennium theatre?”

“You, Emma and twenty two fighters went in and for three days the held the elites of the city hostage. They pumped in gas. Everybody was killed.”

“I don’t remember anything about it.”

“So maybe you’re not really you.”


“How many times have you been to my funeral?”

“Twice. Right before the revolt when you and Dasha eloped into time. And right before the revolt ended, when you and Emma Solomon led the raid on the Millennium Theatre. ”

“And I died on the night of the great blizzard. And I died in Ayiti during the revolution also right after the quake.  And I died on the trains. And, other times.”

“The other times I cannot speak to. You were taken to the hospital numerous times. I have no idea. But I saw your corpse. I saw your cold dead grinning mangled body with two shots in it when we buried you the first time. I saw your corpse on national television nearly four years ago when the department of homeland security announced all of the terrorists at the millennium were dead.”

“Well here I am. How now brown cow, we are back in the beginning?”

“Tell me what’s happened to you. Tell me about how you come back with all your memories intact. And so quickly. I know its all disinformation about the cloning programs and the neural uploading and the parapsychology program. I know that neither we nor the Israelis have the science exact and we will never have the science to save a man’s soul and transfer his energy with all its memory in the span of a human lifetime.”

“Do you know me Michkai Dbrisk?”

“In a biblical sense? No homo.”

“No homo.”

“What’s your earliest memory of me?”

“You were the baddest thief and I was the goodest thief and they nailed our bodies to the tree of life alongside the promised messiah. And her name was unpronounceable by men, so we called her Emma Rose Maya Sorieya; the mother of the changes. The returning hope for the flickering flame. I remember before my body died I looked out on Jerusalem and I saw ten thousand of our people hanging from the trees. And then I woke up in Africa one hundred years later and the real killing began.”

“And when the body dies the energy of the soul is reborn in another living vessel. Old souls find each other so it seems.”

“Have you no understanding of what it might be like to be like normal men?! I know I do. I know that I enjoy the caress of a woman more than a haShem I have never seen. I know what it’s like to see myself in my offspring and want for them to grow into proud and free beings. I don’t live in the past Sebastian, I live for now. In several lives I found you and I aided you each time. We fought wars and launched bloody revolutions, we drafted documents articulating freedom, and we protected the bloodline of the chosen ones faithfully for the past 4,000 years! You tell me brother why you and I can’t just stop. And walk away. ”

Sebastian Adon says nothing.

“Every human is loved by HaShem and that love is exhibited in the compassion and solidarity extended by the righteous to the suffering masses trampled on by cruel devils.”


“I know what the book says. I helped write it. Don’t quote low think prophesy to me. If you please.”


“What are we doing?” Asks Michkai Dbrisk.

“We’re sticking to the haShemdamn plan.”

“You’re plan or HaShem’s plan? Emma’s plan or Avinadav’s. The Cuban plan? The Blue Lodge? The Grey Cult? What about the Scientologists, the Chassids, the Baha’i, the Muslims the Buddhists’? Who’s plan? You are my oldest friend, you my brother by blood and by deed, but let me tell you one thing before we set the sky on fire yet again. I’ve seen you die. I’ve seen you be tortured. I’ve seen the oligarchs lay waste to our best laid plans. Over and over and over and over. I’ve seen man burn our people and our prophets each time we rise. Right now we are precariously holding seven districts on a war torn micro republic and the island of Hispaniola. Every single organized government on earth is fixing to break out backs. I need to look you in the eyes, and ask you, are we going to win this time?”


“I just don’t yet know.”


Dbrisk pulls off his tam and lets his thick lion locks drop out. He shakes them more a shudder than any kind of battle roar, and then he says;


“Well that’s very discomforting. To say the very least.”


Ha Halom Sheli Likhiot Hofshee,” Adon thinks, my dream is to be free!! Adon wakes up early to intercept a ferry full of Ayitians, Otriad partisans and Cubans drifting toward the Isle of Youth in the wee hours to get smuggled up into the mountains. Yelizaveta in her green Soviet commandant hat, pinches him. Michkai Dbrisk arrives. He just makes a mental note, an estimate of the size of the payroll and army he’s gonna have to bill to protect his family in both Breuklyn Soviet & Jamaica once the war resumes again.


And everybody dreams about their vengeance, their redemption, dreams about their baby’s face; what it used to look like. We dream about the world to come; about all the things we sacrificed to get here. This close to the mountain top. All those who died standing on the shoulder of giants. We dream about all the loose change multiplying in the world, about rubber band banks. Day of love and nights at war. The fear in our enemies’ eyes, knowing we are advancing. Despite so many setbacks! Blat.


We dream about the old constant grind, when we worked the plantations as wage slaves and regular slaves; when it will end; hopefully on a beach naked in our lovers’ arms. And we also dream about our coming freedom. What it will looks and taste like for our grandchildren, for those of us who survive the coming liberations wars. The grand defense; a Great Revolt mounted to achieve our rights and defeat the oligarchy in every nation on earth.


Her grey eyes flashed in my mind for a minute, in another waking dream. The last look she gave me before they dragged her off to die. And then, soon we went back to the war.


[1] MINUSTAH rapes children, kills protesters and is largely staffed by 12,000 regular troops from Brazil and Argentina the two favorite ironically Football teams of the occupied people.



Two little partisans hide in safe house in Russia.

The snow fall was exceptional. It was as if god had pulled a vast white blanket upon us to tuck Russia to bed, and then the devil and a host of petty bureaucrats did not take the time to keep the power running, and so this winter was the winter that tens of thousands across the country, were tucked in without heat into a long kiss goodnight.


But I have a very supple and extraordinary woman lying naked in my arms and below a great burgundy comforter she slumbers gently as I prepare to read her epic verses of Amerikanski poems written in her name while I caress her soft blond lioness mane.

“Where did you find that?” she asks like a pouty German baroness.

I am paging through a leather bound compilation written in what she recognizes with a dismissive glance to be English. The room is dimly lit with the flickering flames of candles and a dim glow from the night stand casts a thrilling ambiance. The flat itself is on a fourth floor walkup just fifteen minutes strolling on the prospect up to the Arbat. And of course so close to the center of everything our heat is on just fine and the room burns with reverberations of a passionate exchange. But yesterday a general curfew was issued and the capital placed under martial law. Everything has been locked down and there are tanks in the street. So we bolted the door turned down the lights and made love in the only three ways we knew how.

Waiting for the government to lift the curfew.

            Having given her every bit of me, my life included several times via deed and also a contract she humors me sometimes when after love making I read her old poems from past lives we led long ago.

To remind us that while the great uprising is not yet over, we are free because we have finally found a quiet little place to love each other roughly and via our previous assignments, absolved ourselves of our past crimes. Thus our hard work has allowed us now to have a simple life where we can carry out the only justifying and partially redeeming characteristic of the species; expressive and wanton love. To do so we must now hide in plain sight.

In a well-fortified safe house buried in the heart of the Russian capital.

I lock eyes with a woman who in another life broke me down and sold me as a slave. Her eyes, her eyes! Even the bluest day on the Caspian contains no such expansive shimmer; there is no comparison for this level of captivation. All things we have done, or did or may even still have to do are only so that we might never have to bear again the painful agony of our tumultuous separation.

“Read then my little bleak one, my Mayakovsky,” she says disarming me.

“Dedicated to me, Dasha Andreavna,” she exclaims right back.

Her hands pantomime the ghost of quotations for that name is certainly not the one she was born with. She recites; “Life of the slave show, let us remove you from your tower and observe how we helots live in the wilderness below!”

            Daveigh,” I exclaim, which means ‘enough’ “Poem #038: Moscow Hostage Crisis Part One.”


Moscow Hostage Crisis

Part One

Life of the slave show!

I will remove you from your castle and make you watch the way we live in the wilderness below.

And she slips off her high heels into a star-crossed stare down,

She always calls the shots,

Gun shots to blood soaked makeshift cots.

The shots she calls are complicated.

She must find me highly dedicated.

She mostly deals with the haves, and I am the have nots.

The rules are anything goes, but no know one “knows”.

If she’s been known to steal the weapon from my over coat,

I’ve been quick to remove my clothes.

I spill_ for the thrill of those invited, I can kill on compunction, I still have the will;

To activate the full facilities,

Of word play, and use of allegory_

To execute deliverance of a blue-blood-bleeding testimony_

A Former Soviet love story.

Involving a Chechen peasant and a woman once of Penza now mostly of night.

It will be of little glory, the way I tell the story.

It’s based upon real people. Real blood_ and real bleeding_

Of taking-of wanting-of feeding the need.

Of fucking and fighting and the will to survive in a City of glass, steel, and greed.

Real emotional explosions_ her eyes are always so bright,

She has long since urged me to put down the weapon and give up the fight.

But I have a last name that is easy to place,

I could buy some new papers, but not a new face.

They can spot us on site!

It’s the ongoing struggle of those who lead:

A tragic_ unyielding life of night.

We’ll sell a sordid tale.

I wish I had found her back when she was nineteen or twenty_

Before she had to do what she did,

And does what she still do,

To keep from starving in the shadow of plenty.

My objective and travail_ is to recruit the members of this audience into a clandestine apparatus_ And harness our collective clandestino_

To force a mighty train to prematurely jump the rail.

I wear suspenders with buttons, a Mayakovsky cap, and iron plated under shirts.

I dreamed up a plan to get revenge on a man, or a series of men, hit them in their pockets,

Hit them where it hurts.

I called her late at night_ bleeding all over the place,

She said don’t get your bleeding heart on my red carpet,

And her mother fixed me midnight supper.

Herring, beets, Palemni.

And she wiped the cake of crimson off my bloody Chechen face.

(Small talk)

“And the snow fall is phenomenal this year”_

She retorts”

“Don’t get French with me my dear.”

_They really punched yer ticket_ did a number on you in the district, this time.

(She loves the way I make the Ameikanski noire lingo mix out elequently with a touch of old Fenian rhyme.)

The pay phone call cannot be traced_

The weapons hidden in the drywall_

In the space your men replaced_

The ice cold taste of 9 proof Baltika is refreshing, albeit haram_

Those good patriot informers_ those zombies_ those follow-follow men.

They beat me for a fortnight,

Demand I sign a grim confession,

Attesting to the building and/or placement of some near but unexploded bomb.

“Why can’t you be like normal men?”

I told her: “I’m hungry for my freedom and I’m never going hungry again!” (Sung)

And she says;

“I cannot love you if you’re dead.”

Please put the house in order,

Use the lithium,

Use Russian Standard Vodka; use my lips if necessary,

To rectify the madness as it expands inside your head.

I’m not saying that I love you now or later,

Simply I refuse to cater_

To all the “incidents generated lately” when you do not behave_

Explain how you plan to court me_

From a black-bag-disappearance.

In frosty, shallow, unmarked open grave.

If you’re going to dedicate, in your exacerbation,

Resistance efforts to a woman (me) who can only love you out of pity,

In this bleak and foreign city_

Even if the words sound epic, also pretty_

Fuck it man! You’re doing it again!

I sigh and then reply:

“Did I tell you lately you’re my dorogaia and if not for loving you_I’d surely be dead a thousand times at the hands of ten thousand lesser men?”

Oh, when last we wrote I spoke of devouring her, for hours.

To tease her- to please her_to want her to need her- amid a bed of hand-picked, Peonies; or provincial-wild-flowers.

She isn’t one for single serving dancehall roses, she moves too fast for poses.

Her bright eyes beckon as they dart about the room filled with bluff and imitating glee_

“Accelerate your tempo of evacuation_

The checkpoints separate the have everything’s_

From the people who are dressed like you_

And carry paper work like me.”

I suppose you and only you_ the woman that I trust and choose_

Can entrap these men of business with their whoring,

With their thirst for further treasure_

With long lines of china white running from the mouse trap to their nose.

How many slaves does it take to keep this neon play ground running?_

I know via your profession you can undertake a series of transactions_

Blonde dynamite distractions_

Before any know exactly what’s in store.

Reduce the need for automatic weapons,

Acquire us the proper routes and channels_

And guide us through a tunnel to the vile trading floor.

She looks at me and rolls her eyes and says in Russian “Lord have mercy.”

I said “I don’t have imaginary friends; there ain’t no need to curse me._

Where we met is unimportant.

Did I mean to enlist her?

I couldn’t resist her.

I had causes and struggle and vengeance and plan.

I shouldn’t have kissed her

And longed for her touch,

For surely she lays nightly in the arms of some husband, some man.

We have become a most curious spectacle_lately.

You hate me? Push further,

Took you home from the bar stool,

Bite me_

Kick me_

Bait me.

She could have killed me that first night, just with things that she said:

I looked at her once.

And the wheel was turning quickly but the hamster was dead.

The wheel was her cold rationale,

The hamster was the morals that once governed the wheel.

And there were bright lights, that up lit her eyes_ and whatever that implies.

Separating what she does_

From that which she’s still willing feel.

“You take up so much clock!

Blood from a rock!

I must return to District work which begins at moon rise.

And the steel trap will slam shut_

And bind me behind those District walls.

And the men of that vile district,

Will use their credit cards_

To try and pay for my flesh and access to between my thighs.”

She said “root for me.”

I’m going voodoo out tonight_

To earn my money the City.

If you truly are my friend,

Understand that I’ve been hungry and I’m never going hungry again.” _(Sung)

I am looking down the barrel at my pin striped enemy.

And the columns we’ve been shaking

And lives we’re always taking,

I was seeking sweet surrender and I sought it at her feet.

You think you’re not a target? You pay your taxes don’t you?

Are you blind to their transgressions?

A cavalcade of charging bulls rampaging down the street.

Everything from here out, it’s true,

My bones rust, from your star dust, your fairy eyes_

I loose myself to you.

She says, “Oh the things you might do,”

Our harsh and untenable positions have emboldened us_ as we know no one cares or pays attention, or even has a clue.

If we want it bad enough we can get it:

“For the rest of our lives_

_we do.”

Even if that life, she says, will last no longer than another a day or two.

Kiss me _fight beside me Dorogaia,

Even if to you my name and words are sometimes strange,

For what they do to your body and mind,

And what they did to my family,

Help us create a major crisis at the Moscow Stock Exchange.

You’re crazy she said,

You’re crazy won’t get me dead.

Well talk about your ridiculous plan in the morning.

It’s all a slave show, and if you didn’t know.

Russians who help rebels aren’t even given a funeral, much less a warning.

“Are you blushing yet?” I ask her in jest.

            “We know not how,” she is all she replies.

She then claps with excitement, kisses me wild eyed then retreats under the covers.

“Did you like it?” I ask following her under the vast red folds of the heavy blanket.

“I like very much it when you try and talk so dirty to me in American,” she says in Hebrish with a devilish little smile.

I wonder when she learned to speak like that.

“I am capable of just about anything when you believe in me,” I remind her.

She laughs at that. Though knows the full extent of it.

“I believe, that you still believe in Brooklyn Soviet,” she says softly and kisses my lips.

“You whisper always of dangerous things,” I tell her slyly.

“Story time tovarish lover. I challenge you now. One for one. Two for two,” she purrs.

“The trouble sweetness with your stories is that not a single one of them are true,” I say to her. She feigns a pout.

“The greatest fun with your stories is that so many of them are!” she retorts.

“Dasha, what will be the prize for the partisan with the premium story?”

“The usual my daring Valera,” she says with a smile.

And licks her lips at my obvious arousal.

Her amusement and our perpetual survival had gotten us in quite a yarn of danger. She’s been worth every bullet. As well as dirty things I dare not reveal at this juncture that I do to women as well shaped as she. Or worse the tender things I do to balance those out and then so let my guard fall, completely.

Under the folds of the burgundy comforter we languish in the sensual embrace of each other’s longing as our pillow fort assumes new dimensions. A vastness will unfold with the power of words and the only distraction from the yarn of escapade will be the fortified lusts we will unleash when a parable wears thin. She will draw on fairy tales and I will spin from the ghosts of my dead friends and the darkness still in me. Somewhere in between that space hope will float perhaps. We expect and encourage each other’s full participation.

“Ladies always go first, for this is the code of the Haitian gentleman” she declares and launches right into her opening tale.

Let the mind games begin.

            Daria thus exclaims;

“If I am woman, and he attempts to be man then we are easy prey.”

For the gods, the spirits, lesser demons and also human devils! Sin and general winter are historically undefeated. That’s a fact. Above all those forces seeking to make us base slaves, we are bound most to our own wild passions!

I am creature ruled almost selfishly by my passion, and so is he. Inevitable really that so much did burn.

I do not make any remembering when we had this conversation. Only that it occurred.

It was sometime after our very first meeting.

Sometime before I found myself handcuffed to a chandelier fixture in the Millennium Hotel awaiting my deadly snuff and torture! Sometime after blue moons of their Bohemian festival. Sometime before that murderous uprising called “the Great Disorder. Sometime after the Great Revolt. Which was its more articulate, yet ultimately more homicidal older sibling.

Before I sold soul to a devil without making ask of questions!

Certainly after I realize I loved him as I have never loved a man before in this life or the next, or one after that.

Before I realized that I had loved him several times before. And that we are both so dangerous when in love. To each other. Also world at large.

And that Russian love, and American love have very different expectations that come with them.

I will now make careful my choice of my words.

Speaking his American language with my Russian thoughts is to attempt placement of entire Caspian Sea into hip flask. My English when spoken without any intoxications hints that I will speak more clearly with my actions.  Were he sober then when we found each other on that roof top, instead of passion punch drunk he’d not have ignored the threat our lusty adventures soon presented. We would have walked away. Despite his fascination with me. Despite my overwhelming beauty.

But that is not how the story was to write itself!

He could deny me nothing. But no one dare should point the finger to me that I did not give warning! Perhaps we were blinded by the vodka lullabies, the bright lights of the towers and the good night moon.

“I’m going to use you,” I announced on the roof of the district. And he didn’t care.

“Completely and utterly so that I may get from point A to point B.”

Did I say that to him, or did he say that to me?

“I consent to such use, use away,” he immediately retorted, “we will see how far in the alphabet we can climb with you on my shoulders!”

“The Russian alphabet, it has more letters. The letters also can take different subtle meaning based on where they are placed. The sounds, they will completely change. Some hard, some soft.”

“Place yourself besides me for now,” is all he said to that.

“I shall, but tomorrow this will be finished. How long can you make more of your favorite poetic noises, your rhymes in American English as you devote your life to something hopeless that cannot ever be?”

He looked at me with big bright hazel eyes.

“I like the way that all sounds, he claimed, “I like way the way the word ‘hopeless’ rolls off your lips. I am an Amerikanski, as you accuse me. Hopeless is just a call to arms.”

What could I say in the face of mad idealism! His passion did touch me.

My eyes flashed blue silver back.

“I’m going to devastate you, you know,” I casually mentioned and I took his hand and thrust it against my heart so he could know that I was flesh and blood like him. No angel. Or Devil. Or ghost.

“Well we shall not later claim I wasn’t given a fair warning,” he whispered but for some reason did not try to kiss me.

“Had we met in another time, were I a different person wearing a different life; I would still know you,” he declared, “I cannot put the emotions that I wear like cufflinks to my funeral to bed as easily as you.”

In the darkness of the district night. In the wilderness of North America I repeatedly told him nothing but white lies. I did what needed to be done.

It is sad that it all has to end,” I remarked.

These were the first words uttered in acceptance of a risk and a warning between myself Daria Andreavna and the mad idealist named Sebastian Adonaev. Our love and the totality of our affair will be thing of Post-Soviet lore and Amerikanski voyeuristic fascination. There have been many doomed loves before. Captured artistically in bright theatre lights of both empires. There have been tales of hard hearts which remain unbreakable. And wild bohemian longings that conquered heroically the conventions of their day.

Often Valera, whose American name was Sebastian would ask me, whose Russian name is Daria Andreavna; “Is the story of our love to be more like Russian literature or more like American cinema, mere Paramount Pictures?”

I would cryptically respond, “General Winter has never been defeated, not once ever.”

So we performed miracles. In the wilderness to remain together a variety of strange longings took shape and bore most irregular fruit.

That much is clear.

            The first miraculous act was turning his tragic tears into vodka. This was my happy gift to him. To turn an unusual and storied past into a heroic song and dance. And make his dead mechanical heart beat like a war drum as the waves of the uprising crashed upon the nation we shared or really I should say, co-inhabited.

            The second miracle was the theft of the blue moon itself. Such a task was just a starting point for him to please me, also my ransom.  He took to heart that the materialism of a Russian woman is but an ante up to play a most choice and high stakes game of loyalty.

            The third miracle was for us to put bullets in the devil himself. In retaliation for crimes of the past committed against us, and our love, and humanity in general.

            The fourth miracle act was that I could truly come to love him. And forgive him for what he had to do in my name. In the name of his long dead wife also.

It took several lives and a solid contact between us to accomplish these four miraculous acts. They will make wild tale and epic song.  Mine I did with ambition first and then secretly, begrudgingly with love. His he did to please and save me and avenge his fallen tortured soul. Via my company and our secret series of kisses we made war on the devil and his entourage. And we painted together a portrait that in the end makes Russian literature look like tame romantic comedy, and Amerikanski Cinema, just flickering soma on telescreen.

To beat back brutal hunger and or feed those dependent upon them; to meet the benchmark called survival; human body and mind capable of any number of general sins.

At times grossly unpalatable to human soul. If you believe in such things! It is not just question of what we all must to do to preserve our own selves. The shifting of alliances in pursuit of securing our deliverance from the wilds of worldly living is exhausting. Strange bed fellows make and break even the strongest of hearts.

The wilderness at night is vast and treacherous place that to some is source of fearful panic. To others bevy of potential opportunity!

In darkness of night fallen angels appear as demons at times. Most treacherous are our human misjudgments. The nuances of intention are lost to perceptions of trickery. Violations of trust. Devils can look angelic for a time and humans with host of mixed motives can see best kept secrets revealed like so much dirty laundry blowing in the cold winds of night.

Not here to talk to you about night! Or about all the devils that thrive in its long shadow.

This just story about when feeling returns to the heart when the body has been dead for many days. So many that the world of the living is but a restored memory. Also about the selling of souls and the banding together of destinies.  Also about whether poems can feed anything more than hope in the face of hopelessness.

And whether more reckless and brazen hope, is indeed the only cure something so called hopelessness invites.

So it’s Haitian love story, also a Vodka Lullaby staring brave Russian angel from Penza me! And devilish American paramedic born in New York. If that’s how like look at it. Little like the Christ Story, has less violence and more nudity and good deal more vodka from tears in place of water into wine.

And it also about trying to steal away another man’s wife. Which is whole category of sin onto itself. It’s about old souls coming back for each other, even if just for a fall.

This yarn is play with words based on true Brooklyn noire based on two people not “being in love” or “missing each other” or “being tortured by our supposed fate”, but instead some wide range of prophesized events which we set in motion via of our high impact knowing of each other. Maybe like in a biblical sense.

But with more carnality! And gun play.

Set not in heaven or hell like the Bible but in the Holy Land of Brooklyn and the Wilderness of the Financial District in the City of New York, mostly to glow of blue moon light at night and structure fires by day.

In Moscow! In Haiti! In the heart of Brooklyn Soviet! In places that were and also soon could be!

This not just the story of Sebastian Vasyli Adonaev and I, Dasha Andreavna Skorbogatova; it is also a tale of forbidden-impossible love in the age of anarchist trials; of great train robberies in the former Soviet Union, and of a tavern in the wilderness where lost souls find short but wholly tumultuous company in post Capitalist America on the eve of a global human rights revolution.

And so begins the tale of Daria and Sebastian, a Russian me and a most irregular Amerikanski he and the partisans we led into a vile battle. Star crossed lovers with the moon as our witness, fuck and vodka as our means of cross interrogation and higher ground beyond the waves of hopelessness and fate as our primary objective.

He begins with memories of a murder and a war. I with a warning but a promise of deliverance via passionate love, once adequately demonstrated.

And yet,                                                                                                                                          “We begin our tale with a double funeral!”

The Great Revolt (Act2)

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Great Revolt 



BY Adler S Walt

Dedicated to: Daria Andreavna Skorobogatova

Also to Elena Komarova,

Yelizaveta Kotlyarova,

Valentina Stanovova,

With Special thanks to




Thank you to my Editor Daniella Bonder














A C T T W O: La lingre

P A R A B L E S, List



ONE: “The Burden of Proof” SET IN BOSTON

TWO: “Sweet Talkers” SET IN WALTHAM


FOUR: “Skin Privileges” SET IN BOSTON


SIX: “Raid on Bigmar Street” SET IN CHARLESTOWN

SEVEN:  “The Breuklyneers” SET IN ISLE OF MAN

EIGHT: “The Hasty Performance” SET IN ISLE OF MAN

NINE: “One Million Ways to Die” SET IN WALTHAM

TEN: “Into the Woods” SET IN SHEFFIELD


TWELVE: “Bonobo Warriors” SET IN ENFIELD








TWENTY: “Pragmatic Russian Made Messiah” SET IN BURLINGAME



TWENTY THREE: “The Last Queen of Prussia” SET IN THE PAST


TWENTY FIVE: “Mr. January on the Calendar” SET IN BREUKLYN


TWENTY SEVEN: “Nothing is True, Everything is Possible” SET IN ISLE OF MAN



THIRTY: “The Mechanical Heart” SET IN THE ISLE OF MAN




THIRTY FOUR: “Bagan Temple Complex” SET IN BURMA

THIRTY FIVE: “The Millennium Theatre Crisis” SET IN ISLE OF MAN







It is a crisp night. The boat isn’t huge, it does its job. The smooth and the tasty of Barcelona fades over our shoulders, its picturesque, its spires are lost to the swoon of the sea. Benny Adon, in a brown leather jacket he takes out a pistol, he pushes into the abdominal of Viktor Dragan, the captain of the boat. A surely East German. A droog.


“You turn on us now, I shoot you. You lose one Syrian to the sea, I shoot you. We get back to Badalona with a boat full of refugees I pay you triple what Peter the Greek offered you. You look at me cross eyed, I shoot you.”


Viktor doesn’t flinch, barely blinks. He’s had a gun to him several times before.

“You don’t have to pull iron on me boss, I’m good for a boat full if you think a boat full of Muzzies is really in your interest to ship.”

“I was told this rig can hold forty people below deck and that’s how many were gonna take, is that clear Viktor Dragan?”

“Exceedingly clear, I’d wager up we could take fifty if enough of them are wee little children.”

The gun in hand, the swill of the sea, the apex and glow of the moonbeams, something is clearly calling in the air tonight, oh lord.

“Your brother put you up to this Benny?”

“Drive the boat Viktor Dragan, clearly my brother has nothing to do with us being arrested for trafficking, nothing at all. We are just doing a small good act, my brother and the revolution have nothing to do with this job.”

“Assuredly. You can lower that blaster off me Benny, I’m still one of your men.”

“No Viktor Dragan you sneaky East German bastard, there’s gonna be a gun on you until our cargo hits the Badalona beaches and starts running. Now, let’s keep the eyes on the prize shall we?”

“What’s the prize boss? You’ve never been a red or a humanitarian.”

“Viktor, if you don’t stop asking stupid questions, if you don’t stop being a sneaky bastard. I’m going to shoot you and sink you weighted into the sea. We’re gonna sail two days towards Algeria, we’re gonna take on about forty people, were gonna sail back to the coast of Badalona. Were gonna leave most of those people on the shores of Europe. You’re gonna be paid three times the rate offered by the Greek. Are we clear, comrade?”

“Better red than found dead, ‘they’ sometimes say.”

“Precisely moy droog.”


We stare out at the vastness, the black and blue indifference of the sea. Which like the sky has neither moral virtue nor cares in the slightest whether the victor be chimp or bonobo, humanity and all its machinations are but transient dust, a speck.





“The Burden of Proof”


There are actually over fifteen precious metals in my infinity luxury watch which tells time fourth and fifth dimensionally.


During the Great Revolt of 2012, some estimated eighty two cities and large towns managed to cast off Federal rule and via a methodology of stateless democracy take the form of cantons, city states or soviets. Depending largely on the political colors and inclinations of the militias groups, gangs, and citizen armies which took over much of the Eastern Coast of the USA. Where rebel insurgent political organization was weak and lesser oligarchy initiative was strong vast land grabs occurred to reinstate serfdom under the auspices of preserving the federal union.

In some places such as Boston and Manhattan, after the carnage and tumult and ashes of the first three years settled in a ceasefire, some areas were just divided with mile high walls. Some retained serfs, others lost everything, cut losses, fled for Europe. Ever a bastion of civility.


Leveraging the total breakdown of law and order, alongside the total collapse of the US Military along partisan lines, the defection of police forces who in the American context refused to fire on their own citizens; the local oligarchs just built their own armies and their own walls.


I helped finance the one that keeps Boston safe from rebel Militias in the People’s Republic of Cambridge and the Roxbury Canton.

My name is unimportant, and you as a barely literate rabble of transplanted foreigners could hardly ever seem to pronounce it; so now my papers say Ilya Lubov Ravel, IL-YA LU-BOAV. I’m at my inner office auditing a company my firm just acquired. This office is listed on a website of tech firm I founded, but honesty you’d never be able to find it on your own. You’d need help.


You’d need to fuck me until I wasn’t paying attention to you, then you’d have steal some key cards and somehow even know where to find it; then you’d need a raiding party to shoot your way past both drones and Fenian hooligan mercenaries, then go down a trap door.


Good thing that didn’t happen, yesterday. Because what that bitch helped them steal was a list of people and places and assets and ins, well, I just got double penetrated!


Well, the quarter began well I was buying and I was selling and I waking a killing. I flew one girl to Mexico and had my way with her and blew her little mind, then left her back penniless in her mediocre life, they fuck you so much harder when they’re hungry and unsure of their future. That was fun. Things were going really well, at all my layers of finance and I was up for a promotion, was gonna get into better levels of club and higher heights.

I took another woman to Spain, she me met me in Madrid and we went to Barcelona. She was happy little school teacher, honestly not much to hold on to, but she looked perpetually 19, like brand new, even if she wasn’t all that un tested as they say. I think I just wanted to tear apart a school girl, and frankly when you’re getting around my age, 780 years, well you’ve done the real thing, gotten it out of your system, you need more. Like this one I heard on the wire was actually, possibly the, or a messiah of Chelyabinsk. Yes, imagine the thrill, I could buy an underage girl on the market, hell sometimes I sold them without even testing these days, I was busy; but imagine to break a chosen one, break a real life angel on the wheel with your own cock, how could I refuse that.

My standing at the club would rocket, my net and my shares all of it. But you have to be careful, you never know what will happen when you fuck with magic, with Russian magic in particular. There were not many of these woman left alive.

A little history, a little back story. My name isn’t really Ilya Lubov and I am 780 years old. How could I be that old, well because I pay my health insurance bills, which are different in caliber than yours? I pay for new parts, new livers new kidneys, new bones new skin, I have replaced almost everything since I began. I was born in Russia to a Mongol invader and the sorcerous he ravished. I am aware therefore of many things you are not aware of. So many things, like for instance that the human species is much older than you think it is and we have been much more advanced and much, much more egalitarian in the past than the present.

For instance when I was born for instance, in parts of Africa space programs had been in existence before the Gregorian calendar. For instance, by the time the Golden hordes sacked Moscow and Damascus, and killed all of the men, and raped every single one of the women inside; well humanity had been living in a general state of equality and fraternity for 8,000 plus years, except for three large quarantined zones in modern Europe, the region of the Great Lakes in Africa by the source of the Nile and the region of Modern Japan. Now this is all very, very well documented, there are holographic films on it. But go ahead, trust you national history book and your internet. I’m sure you were taught the world began in 1945 when the Allies defeated the Axis. I’m sure you were taught the Cold War was about nuclear weapons and ideology not breeding rights. I’m sure you associate the Holocaust with killing “Ivories”.

I could teach for a living, but instead I buy and sell things. I own all kinds of intangible things that allow me to profit off tangible ones. Like, the barely listed internet firm that offers web solutions to companies around the world, but just try and find our physical office in the mostly derelict Charlestown loft warehouse. I mean you can call and you will eventually reach a flesh-bot walking around claiming to be me, and someone will eventually provide you a technical solution, but that is honestly not the purpose of having a shell company.

Sometimes artists try and capture what we are, we old ones. I’m not even near the oldest. They make vampire movies or science fiction so maybe the public grows so tired of media magic they can’t fathom real, old dark technology and old dark magic. Which is real. And let me say, that sense we forced the Ivories to build us the World System; well we have sucked you all dry and frankly imposed a kind of manufactured poverty and scarcity that never ever existed before. We’ve build military machines that never, ever existed before. You may have heard about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but you didn’t hear about all the other times we used an earthquake, or a flood or dropped a bomb and called it an inter-ethnic genocide.

You might read this in the West and think civilization is advancing or declining, I will tell you that you have no idea just how much we pray off you all. My favorite time of year is when we stage election in various countries and so many of you think you have options, think that it all matters. You actually have developed loyalty to your owners, you hang your plantation work camps flag as some symbol of pride.

780 is not that old, I’m called a baby in certain circles. I’m not invited to Bohemian or Bilderberg events, the Masons and the Order of St. John frankly freak me out a little. I’m not even on a Forbes list by proxy, for instance Gates and Buffet are just flesh-bots, pawns of people you’ve never even heard of. Let’s just say our own ‘Forbes list’ would have to calculate in human heads and land, not make believe currencies we use to impose the scarcity regime.

I did a vacation recently in space, you have no idea how fun it is to screw in space, but you need enough room and also a large cabin, if you’ve ever screwed in water and you liked that well try space. The earth, for your information is not the only habituated world, nor is it as salvageable as you think. Preparations to leave began in the 1940’s Gregorian, disguised as the World Wars, but that is a very long story what happened in the World Wars, because one it would blow your mind too much and two, well its dark even for me.

They, the humans, because when you can live a thousand years you do evolve are actually multiple species that look almost the same, but act markedly different. Generically speaking some come from Bonobos, and some come from Chimps. And, there has been marked evolutionary diversion into more loving and more war like breed. Chimps and Bonobos look similar, almost the same as German and a Russian naked, but! But they are different. Chimps will rips your eyes out and gang rape your chimp wife. Bonobos like cuddling and feeding each other. This is science man! What you learned in school was prole feed.

I’m a little drunk, that’s why I’m making this video. I have reason to believe that someone very, very close to be has sold me out to a peasant rebellion. I have reason to believe someone ran off with my latest girlfriend. And, my hard drives. And, they have client lists and they have old soul network lists and they even have aces codes to the floating fortresses and moon bases. Basically, you don’t actually evolve in 780 years to point where a young hot girl with a real tight pussy can’t still set you up.

Blat, I’m have to kill so many people to make this right. What a mess. And I take my 34th shot this time from the bottle, this time not even commanding my liver to work faster.

The phone rings, rings, her voice mail. Blat.


“I’m gonna kill everyone you ever cared about” I tell the voice mail, “and I’m going to make you suffer indefinitely. And I’m going to keep him alive, forever, and torture him until he cannot even find noises to scream, for I know you didn’t think of this plot on your own bitch!!”


I crush the mobilblat in my hand.


In 780 years, and I’m young, I have tasted almost every major wine, eaten virtually everything including human flesh, tastes like Pork, I have climbed almost every major mountain, experimented with all know and some unknown drugs, I’ve done horrible, horrible things with female bodies. I’ve helped organize ethnic cleansings, for sport. Sometimes for profit, but often for sport. Like the time I bet the Koch brothers whether the Tutsi’s could beat the Hutus in a machete war. I’ve basically helped sell the majority of the human race into a reserve pool of parts and labor. I am a lesser Oligarch.  And I’m not sure how yet, maybe because I wanted to fuck a school girl not a horse this quarter, maybe because even after 780 I’m half chimp, basically. I’m gonna rape her to death and cut off her head. I’m gonna torture all of them! If I don’t move fast and ruthlessly, there will be serious repercussions. Because 72 hours ago a new rebel group voted to declare war on us, which is not new or exciting. But, that they could lay a long game clever plan, and steal from me names and numbers and places of old souls, that this band of rebels could go hard as motherfucker on dozens of lesser oligarchs all over the world and I’ll be blamed, that troubles me a lot.

One should not have to dear death, only indefinite humiliation and torture.



T W O, Waltham Camp

“The Sweet Talkers”


Adelina had been originally introduced to him first on the 12th of April, 2076 which was also in fact her biological 26th birthday, how auspicious. She was and is quite baby faced while strikingly attractive and slender like a modal, maybe even more than the Euro-American conception of impossible physique. She has auburn hair, but it was dyed blond in Russia while she was gone.

She lovingly smiles without much hardship, but is always a real smile coming from a place of actual enjoyment to share company with others. Her physical life span at birth was over two hundred years, but she was irradiated in Tank City, like everyone in Tank City living in a closed city near the nuclear arsenal and testing facilities.

She might have lived indefinitely in her body as it was born, but she’s actually dying slowly of cancer. Her spine has bulging disks and has developed scoliosis, though she hides the tremendous pain with mediation and constant yoga. She in the meantime has looked 17 for a decade.

Sebastian Adon had been interviewing for acceptance at Shrakasa Brandeis; you had pay your way into the camps after all; and had become a correspondence and bemused ally of her casual friend, a Ukrainian Ivoryish fashion photographer named Oleg Megved; also known playfully by his modals as Oleg the Bear, which is exactly that which his name means in Russian.

Oleg and Sebastian had met a year prior at a Gypsy Festival, called the Bohemian Festival in the borderlands between Breuklyn and Queens. Their post-soviet bromance revolved around Sebastian’s incredibly reckless pursuit of the girlfriend of a ferocious Russian businessperson named Dmitry Khulushin Koch.  A manipulative and tragic digger of gold previously mentioned named Natasha Skorbogatova. Sebastian proceeded while perusing this quite taken woman to compose upwards of sixty-four poems. However, most of them spoke more to his suffering and poverty of agency rather than any particular thing about the woman he sought to steal.


And shortly after the revolution called the Great Revolt in the United States began.


By the time she was really done, he defeated  her with him he would composed those sixty four odd poems and several hundred-page novel, though the novel too like the poems were not really about her, they were about his suffering demons and tragic  beliefs. You need to have more than five hundred American in the bank to carry off a Russian woman from a well-resourced man, even if he cracks her face once in a while with the ultra-violence. That then said this literary courtship impressed mostly Oleg Medved who took to calling Sebastian “the American Mayakovsky”, and introducing him to Boston’s many Russian women.


Moreover, that was how on her birthday, still very much “in love” with Daria Skorbogatova; Sebastian met Adelina. And they began texting each other just perhaps two weeks later. Texting him daily words in Russian. Tring to educate him and get in his head.

Later, perhaps six months of texting words in Russian later, well then it was the Fall of 2077 and Sebastian Adon, in an effort to overwhelm her skepticism of any amorous or literary thing he was capable of producing.


He wrote her a new kind of Post-Soviet love poem; one that didn’t even cause him any suffering and he wrote for her alone, and performed it on a gaslight street corner of the Waltham Camps near Prospect Ave.


She beamed, and he recited. Soon, every time they met he had a new poem for her.


She smiled and smiled and smiled, and we kissed and kissed and kissed; and when her Red kiawagon tumbled off in sputters into the night back to the settlements on the Brighton-Alston line, I loved her and missed her immediately though we would dream together every night for nearly two years. Yes, doubt my claims to love, but I did love her and she did me under impossible conditions!


But woe is me, for I have said such things before to many lesser women.


Sensation returns to my face.

It’s a highly miserable place for my body to be reborn. I remember firing a volley of machine-gun fire into U.N. diplomats. Then I died. There was a green gas deployed into this melee. It was all a pure lie and malarkey that Sebastian and Adelina only had met once. He had been in this camp for several years it seemed, Waltham was his whole world.

Time is a completely invented thing, a hysterical control mechanism.

In fast fading lights of sunshine she appears to be my goddess, taking temporary refuge amongst the surely ranks of man. I am meager sinning hapless flesh, and why has she taken my feckless company, why do my trespasses make no rendered judgment?

She fails to tell. The safe house on 38 Prospect is a bit densely populated for her tastes. Deep in the camp called Waltham Shrakasa, it’s been sub-divided like an African bee hive. The house is always moving, more chambers and more African migrants in them.

States Sebastian:

She found me dying toothless lying on a third-hand spring mattress long too used by rootless fuck, hungry, penniless and still sinful inhabiting a refugee ghetto, in bombed-out special engineering camp in Eastern Massachusetts. Two years after I supposedly died in a Great Revolt. Especially in particularly in a bloody siege of terror called the Millennium Hostage Crisis.

I had no mind, I had no front teeth; my face was born mutt like. My mind had been recently lost. Alright, more than on time this happened. I filled my lungs with black smoke and poured poisonous behavior into my gullet; vodka, beer and wine.

She said I was not allowed to kill anyone, myself included and that I upheld. And she said we were to paint and write and adventure and also to heal, and that we did.

She said we might dream every night of beautiful places and things, which we could shut out the vile cold winter by making life between us warm.

She I said wasn’t to hurt her.

And I failed. I so completely failed. Miserable me. Malicious, feckless damned. Curse me I failed; I reduced her and me to a ball of tears. When she wasn’t looking I again bashed my fists into a brick wall, I threw myself downstairs. I even struck at my own face!

“You are a fucking man without honor or integrity in words!” she wailed and clutched me and I begged and cried and reduced myself to sobs entreating her not to leave.

Well now where is all this going?


Well of course I begged forgiveness, blamed mental illness and took her to fancy restaurants with fishes, white wine and oysters.

Every night before we briefly moved out of that camp and into a small clean flat in the hills above town, as I lay in my squalorous dwellings, a place on avenue Prospect 38 packed and sub-divided into dwellings for thirteen Botswanans, Ugandans and Rwandans, Spartan and periodically food friendly; we would use our mobilblats to message back and forth, radio the details of our next dream.

Adelina and I, not the Africans. With them I dreamed in solidarity, not particularly longing for I knew with Adelina I would live forever, but in Africa I would violently die. It seemed inevitable that at some point in my rebel career I would undertake operations in Africa, probably perish, so better to do it later on.

The drudgery of my assigned work in Shrakasa Waltham involved a manual of removing of mostly perished corpses from satellite camps and a mind of cataloging various atrocities, in the name of “co-existence studies” happening at that time in the Middle East and Africa.

Adelina was tutoring the illegitimate sons of newly arrived Chinese and Saudi oligarchs how to speak in English. Until I acquired a vehicle she would drive to Shrakasa Waltham from Shrakasa Brighton-Allston which was always a matter of small bribes at several checkpoints.

In the beginning I saw here once a week, then twice a week, then as often as either of us could escape from our respective wage slavery.

Every single night since they dumped me in that wretched Eastern New England camp, since they dumped me raving mad and moon howling, toothless, as I previously said; ever since our “third date”, really our third meeting; well soon after anyhow each night, right before midnight we’d use the mobilblats to pick a dream location, often in the Caribbean; or in out space; or Belize, or Fiji, or Trinidad and also Togo, once or twice Madeira, Prague and Paris too.


A small beep or vibration, a red light and I’d see a small message on the mobilblat:

Adelina: Hey babe, where are we dreaming tonight?

I’d pause from the Castaneda book she gave me which I never understood. Or perhaps the Incredible Lightness of Being I was reading on her recommendation, or from my human rights agitation propaganda work online, or if I wasn’t reading, maybe I was drawing her something colorful albeit unremarkable. Or, hidden away in that thirteen way sub-divided slum on 38 Prospect perhaps I was beating myself to smut; if I was self-fornicating, normally to some big breasted sex slave bent over taking two or three men in all the holes of her body, and I’d turn that off without finishing myself off if she messaged me, because I couldn’t be in both spaces, I could also realize how much she felt the world’s energy.

You don’t text message sweet talk of dreams; Razgo Vorchiki to a goddess while you beat yourself, mentally satiating, participating in a vaguely closed case version of voyeuristic gang raping.

In this recollection I was just reading a book, trying to grok Castaneda, and failing to.

Adon: I was reading more Castaneda. I’m a little lost. They’re taking a lot of magical plants and smoking them.

Shortly after, beep; red flash.

Adelina: : ) Keep at it.

One weekend in late November we escaped the camps for a weekend to a small, desolate island off the coast and she gave me a bag of roughly used paperback and hardcover magic books by Castaneda and Pavel. I’d been trying to follow a path of healing she was intent to keep me on. Putting healthy things in my mind, not the violence, hate and smut.

Adon: I will. How are you?

And the two minutes of pause meant she was either getting ready for bed or thinking about what to respond. Or whatever else I was darkly projecting happened over in Camp Brighton-Allston.

Adelina: Tired. The message comes in.

And I always want to tell her I miss her, but she lectures me all the time about it not being manly to be overly emotional, proclaim all kinds of things you don’t mean, can’t back up or validate. But I wrote it anyway.

Adon: I miss you.

Adelina: I miss you too. I’ll see you in dreams in ten minutes babe.

Adon: Burma than in the Bagan temple complex.

Adelina: A picture of rows of gold temples pops up on the mobilblat. She has imaged me several pictures of Burma to focus my mind on.

Sludkeh Snov. See you soon. She messages.

That means sweet dreams in Russian.

I want to just type, I love you. But I don’t for she had earlier threatened to break things off if I said it. I had not hurt her yet, that was much later, but I had kissed her several times, and we’d also made love and she put me inside her and I had and wrested her from another lesser lover, I had intentions shall we say of being her man, but then she broke things off over the “I love you.” No, it was not only that,  it was that she also hadn’t wanted anything serious after Alexei had led her on and crushed her, last summer. A month before we reconnected in the camp.

Adon: see you Burma lady.

Adelina: Don’t keep me waiting!

And for the evil, I think I did, and would later probably do, for all my brazen broken promises, my dashed high minded beliefs hiding a wretched core; I never kept her waiting for anything. And I almost always brought a gift, and I suppose that could count for something.


Clearly not.



I eventually saved up enough money and moved safe houses to 16 Kings Way, nearly a condo on a hill. She preferred it. One night making love we almost burned down that African flop house with tipped candles. The conditions in the Upper Camp were known to be better and now most of my wages went to the rent of the flat.


Adelina arrives in the cold of night.


Sebastian, oh Sebastian! Your nothing but trouble to all you claim to love. He called out for her and begged her nightly to acquire him.


He was always awake deep into the night, writing his shall we say; a manifesto, or a love poem. Deep in the study of maps and charts and reports from the killing fields; grim and boring. Her maroon KIA Soul Ranger from Korea is steaming from the thirty-eight minute drive from Brighton to Waltham. They’ll have to dig it out in the morning as it never seem to ever stop snowing, for the past three years blat. Over the river and through the woods she went to avoid the various checkpoints and bandits. Here was a scene that happened for year without getting tired, a night journey based on endless amounts of needing, some pushing some pulling, some romance the promise of love, but far too often something violent and degrading, masked as, well masked as longing.


One astounding thing about her was the variety of looks she wore. The way she carried her out worldly self, as well as her firm control of her surroundings via her deliberate metamorphosis from often carefree nymph to a severe and serious instructor of social etiquette and use of language. This perhaps this was the result of being born into the tender firm and earthly body of a non-aging and listless school girl, while her memory of events could trace its analysis across four centuries of wax and waning hardship. Her analogue disposition was that of vast kindness. It was the temperament best suited for dealing with savages and bonobos alike. For she was not descended from monkeys and her soul was not like any other he’d encountered.


She rings the doorbell of the Waltham flat he’s just rented for them in the hills above the camps. A strong improvement from the sub-divided fire trap they’d nearly set on fire when she let him sex her for the first time. She’s wrapped in a long black fur coat and improbably balanced in heels despite the level of snow fall. She’s coming from a work party.


He kisses her hard before she even closes the door behind her. He thrusts her against the wall clutching her tight and he smells like Burberry cologne. She likes his taste now that he’s quit smoking. She can smell on him the desire to have her good and hard. He’s tender until he drinks a little, or gets her ass in his palm. He keeps on and off drinking, but he’s on his way of the bottle and into full and total recall, she hopes.


She pulls him in and tells him, “You miss me a lot baby?”


He always misses her, it is said all the time but need never also be said!

She’s all he thinks about. Her stunning baby face. Her smile. How she fits in his arms. He hangs her coat and she grabs his ass.

He carries her up the stairs. All he can think about is how tight she is every single time he enters her, how hard she kisses him back, how much he loves her, loves every single thing about being near her and just how long she can take his madness, well it remains to be seen for he is mad man indeed. He’s insatiable for her. And she can occupy his mind and body for many days. The flat has off white walls, poor lighting and smells like scented candles. But it’s better than the one before. In the room is a new red desk they picked out for his studies and writing and queen sized brown wooden bed with posts. Nothings on the desk at all. He lays her on the bed and kisses her hard again.

“Slow down,” she whispers anticipating his hungry lust, “we’re gonna be in this winter for years in this camp probably forever,”

“Slow baby slow” she whispers.

He breathes deep. His mind can’t stop running ahead. Running into being the past and future all at once when he’s with her.

The text in all day long on the mobilblats, they’re almost always in constant contact, messengering about everything and anything. She works in an English language tutoring camp near Newton for newly arrived affluent ones on their way to university; lots of Chinese and Arab. He works day in the Special Engineering Camp for Poverty Alleviation, every Saturday for 24 hours he works as a paramedic in a place called Wonderland; a camp in Revere Beach testing new control cocktails, opium derived on white surfs.

He plays with her gently. Whispers in her ear, “I love you.” She moans and say, “Please, please, please you love the whole world.” She hopes he is gentle, because it isn’t hard for him to go from puppy dog eyes and pillow talk and poems, to well, being brutal in the bedroom.

He looks up and she’s her happy almost forever childlike beauty, her never aging face.

She looks like a sexy little school girl, as cliché as all that sounds. She can also be anything else, but always-always beautiful and dignified and pure. He wants her to be his boss outside. He wants to be her servant and student he knows she’s wise beyond her years by a hundred. But in their inner apartment he wants her to let him break her in. He wants to tie her wild ways and fuck her so ferociously that she cannot remember another man but him.


When it seems like she is about to cum, which is charade for she can cum on demand, her whole body contorting in ecstasy; he picks her up and pushes her over the red table. She knows there are both hand cuffs and a loaded gun inside that red desk. And he is a lot of things, but he sure as hell is not a cop. A cop like her ex-husband. He fucks like a cop though, well most of the time.

Like he wants to break you in, like he wants to hurt you somehow. Like he’s not mentally fit to be a father. He’s gonna be in this camp forever. Even thinking about handcuffs and she flinches. Many years later, later after the camps the only thing that could make him filch was seeing a Red KIA Soul drive by somewhere, sometimes it was all fairy tales. Sometimes it was base animal behavior.


The difference linguistically speaking between Horashow, which in Russian means ok or doing well, and ‘horror show’ in English, well it’s not a fine line at all. But he was a man that make seamless transitions.

Between being ok, and suddenly very not ok! But, I’ve read all his books so I know how the story will ultimately end. He kisses my neck he whispers her will get us out of this camp and to the freedom of the Wild West Indies; be tell me he’ll give me children and safety and his forever soul.


Notices Adelina; I peel back the false skin over each wrist and reveal my fully tattooed hands. He bows to one knee realizing just what I am. He drops to his knees and he kisses my feet and pledges himself to me again.


And again and again, for two years it was mostly like that. That’s why when she claims we only met once it’s hurtful and reductionist. This went on throughout the first year of my internment in Camp Waltham. That place they brought me, drugged me and left me to die when Daria and Tavern had proved to be just illusions.





“Red Alert”

She was sacred and crying and I’d never seen her this uncompromised.

Thinks Sebastian Adon.

She was curled up under the covers of three comforters, crying and shivering on my big red safe house plush couch. And I was holding her hand, guarding her seated on the floor of the apartment, a blaster in my other hand filled with bullets, bullets that kill. Everyone was on red alert.

The night before she had arrived back in the United States with Ilya Lubov who had done god knows how many depraved things to her in Spain. Made me want to throw up, imagine him leering over her panting.

Forty eight hours ago delegates from forty nations signed a declaration of war against the oligarchy in mountain bunker in the Western hills of Mass. The delegates signed and hugged and saluted each other, as they knew it would be the last time the 49 of them would likely see each other alive again; and then via numerous and multiple routes proceeded to exit the country and by the time Ilya arrived back, ‘Ilya the lesser Oligarch of the North East sector’ the majority were safely out of the country, only a dozen remained including Sebastian Adon & Amitai Ben Gurion, the Israeli delegates, the two Haitian delegates Watson Entwissle and Tiputti Capois and Arelene Daly of Erin, Charlotte Kamande of Uganda and a unit of six Americans.

Her hand was wet with fear and she was crying unstoppably and this was a poor sign if this was indeed the woman sent to lead us in the coming uprising.

I don’t know what Ilya did to her body and mind. I didn’t ask her about that. But I’ll tell you what happened, it happened really fast. And I’m sure everyone is mortified we moved so quickly.

A year ago Adelina Blazhennaya, the warrior marine Pete Reed and I infiltrated the Republic of Haiti and working with Tiputti Capois to drill hundreds of new medical guerrillas. After the rendezvous with rebel leadership in Santo Domingo and Havana I returned to the gulag camps in Waltham and Adelina left for Moscow.

As per the plan we would fake our brake up, declare tumultuous hate for each other, and via electronic correspondence build a plausible portfolio of distance and hate. And in when in Moscow, on behalf of the rebel alliance she would bed who she had to find the identity of the lesser oligarch who ruled North Eastern states, the greater one too hard to hit, and she would get us his name. But she got much further, she got this pig, this scoundrel oligarch to meet her in Spain.

Let me say that this was not my plan. Let me tell you that while I have been staff sergeant in the rebel movement since 2001, and as an old school myself it has been told to me that I am very old; well under no circumstances would I have colluded to send the mother of my only living children into danger, into heavily occupied Russia, to the fortified zone of Moscow (known to be the current summit of the great world mountain) to BED OTHER MEN! Never. But it was the orders of my ex-wife Emma Solomon that she follows, not mine.


Emma Solomon had come into her life and told her to put me back to work, to take me out of the camps and ready me for newer things and bigger battles to come. She flew to Moscow in September, she came back to meet me in New York in November.


I begged her in the Empire Hotel, I begged her on my knees to escape with me to the relative safety of the Wild West Indies or Cuba, or space or anywhere. And she told to shut the fuck up. She told me in that hotel room that there was no future for our children while the oligarchy ravished us all like this, there was no future for this species unless we carried out our directives. She told me I knocked her up long before Haiti and she took the child to Russia to give birth, that out first child, a girl was already born, safely being raised by her mother in Che, I told her I would give up my rank and I would cash in my chips, I even begged her to collaborate with me and be done with this war, and she told me to go fuck myself, called me weak. I cried and I begged and yelled and I called her a whore and I broke a mirror with my face. And she took me sobbing and bloody off the floor and made love to me for the very last time, and pregnant with our second child she left for Moscow this time breaking contact.

The camp, the Special Engineering Camp 44; Shrakasa Waltham was built in the foot hills West of Boston by half an hour in a vehicle. When the Blizzard of 2014 came in, we were cut off from the outside world for the rest of the winter; there were road closures, curfews and even to get into Boston took days. The camp held nearly 4,000 prisoners, several hundred in the graduate development program for ‘sustainable development’ studies. The resistance in New York had ordered me to infiltrate the camp in 2077 and capture tradecraft, and make international allies.

Although most of the world lives below $5 a day, most were not aware of the many uprisings which rocked the United States of America in 2075-2076; that rebels and leftists and unions and partisan fighters had captured cities up and down the coast from Miami, Florida to Bangor, Maine. Most of the world was simply informed by the media that hipsters, the homeless and various communists were participating in failed urban uprisings in the USA. Arab Spring protesters, Islamists and the underground had by 2076 knocked out the governments of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia; and major uprisings were launched in Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, all of which are ongoing in various degenerations of violence and civil unrest. However, no one ever was allowed to know that uprisings far up the mountain, far closer to the World System Core happened in Hong Kong (suppressed), Chelyabinsk (successful) and thirteen rebel Soviets were established between 2076-2079 in Breuklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Newark, Hartford, New Haven, Boston, Miami and Detroit. And while the events of these uprisings never reached the world, by 2080 there were 13 Confederated City States autonomous of the USA.


It was long believed that the resistance was much stronger abroad and in the ensuing years numerous attempts were made to find the rebels in other nations. But a heavy quarantine sealed the 13 Soviets from most outside contact and in the subsequent war of attrition between 2077-2080 million starved, tens of thousands defected, Boston was recaptured and Detroit was obliterated completely.


The events of those tumultuous years are recounted in a variety of journals published as ‘The Partizan Song’ fictionalized and ‘An Oral History of the US Separatist Wars’ a more critical account by historian Michael Gould-Wackowsky. Though the second is disputed by many because Gould-Wackowsky was widely believed to be a petty bourgeoisie arm chair revolutionary at best or a police spy, at worst.


She was crying now for several hours, I had never seen her cry except once I made her cry when she came to believe I had an affair on the eve of our deployment to Haiti. The lights were off in the safe house and Irfan Khan, one of the two Pakistani delegates was downstairs with an assault rifle. Tiputti Capois had left with Saadiya Usmani, the Sheikha of Karachi via a cab to bring a brief case to the home of Ricardo Veshanti, the Rastafarian Chief Liaison Officer of the Union; his home a long time rebel base and meeting hall had a hatch in the floor which descended to the sewers where a courier team was preparing to copy the contents of the brief care and shuttle the contents though Konnecticut to the nearest rebel Soviet garrison in Hartford.


I have a Walther hand gun and Irfan Khan has a rifle AK, and Tiputti and Saadiya have the brief case and in the brief case is all kinds of data that we need to unleash anarchy in the finances and logistical control systems and social clubs of the oligarchy; and Ricardo Veshanti is ready with his courier team and the messiah is sobbing.


Adelina will become the Dror ha Tzadikk, candidate for messiah in about one hour, when Ilya the Oligarch retaliates as hard as he can.


My portable radio goes off, it’s Roj Zalla the only Kurdish delegate, “they’ve mobilized a very large contingent out of Charlestown. I would estimate you have an hour. Copy.”


“10-4, we’re gonna leave the safe house and head for the hatch.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Adelina declares.


Irfan and I had to the best of our ability barricaded and taped up the windows of the safe house which overlooked the parking lot and street. We had dropped the Haitian and Israeli flags off the balcony ledge which was a flag signal on our part that all positions were to be hardened and the volunteers were to be called up. There were only four roads of approach into Camp Shrakasa Waltham, and the safe house was amid a large cooperative housing development on the Western upper most slope of the great hill the whole camp and village rested upon. Thus, a spotter could see the flags drop, confirm via radio it was an activation, and then, climb one of the three massive radio towers called the three Eiffel’s of Waltham; and hang the flag of Zimbabwe; which was the signal for ‘get to your position, mine the roads, this is a call up’.

And it was just after high noon when we dropped out flags, and 12:15pm when the flag of Zimbabwe went up the tallest structure in town, and then it was no going back.

Saadiya calls me on the land line, “We are at Malcolm’s, are you all safe?”

“Roj called.”

“I know Roj called, you should get in your car and get down here to the hatch, I’d estimate we have 55 minutes,” the Sheikha Saadiya Usmani has a British accident.

“She won’t leave,” I tell her.

In the next room Adelina was taking a shower.

“Sebastian, we don’t have a lot of time. Tiputti, Ricardo, Botchello and I are almost done moving the files onto the inter-web and into the drive, when that’s done we’re heading down the hatch and heading to Hartford or Dover, the couriers won’t tell us.”

“I realize that. You may have to leave without us. She’s very stubborn.”

“Sebastian, I realize that you are sleep deprived, and may not be able to hear me. But I order you to get in the car with Irfan, and make the rendezvous. Or, as you know Ilya’s men will burn this whole place down and many of our supporters will die for nothing defending you and her, when we could make this painless.”

“Sheikha, what would you have me do?” he mutters.

“They’re coming with many violent men. We need to get all the delegates out of Waltham, we need to put all the supporters back to sleep. If you can extricate yourself in a timely fashion it could save many lives.”

“Sheikha, I’m trying. She’s in the shower right now.”

And Saadiya Usmani the prophetess knows that perhaps this the last time she will hear him alive.

“Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes,” she says and puts down the phone.

I put on tea. Irfan comes up the stairwell; the safe house is a rather large two bedroom apartment with a now heavily barricade balcony overlooking the parking lot and main road called Kings Way. I can see the flag of Zim still fluttering, Kudzai the biochemist sure got that fast. The enormous IED’s that will take apart the two largest bridges into town were his doing; cooked up under Ricardo Veshanit’s home. If it comes to that.

I hand Irfan a mug of black tea. He’s of medium build, an older man who ages well, classy with thinning hair a heavy drinker and analytically minded. He’s former Pakistani military, before he was sent to the camp used to provide security for the present there. Alongside Saadiya he makes up the other half of the Pakistani delegation.

Where he had acquired a fully loaded AK-47, in this camp, at this time of the year under this state of affairs, who knew. Such a thing from Irfan Khan was not hard to believe, he had connections for worse things. Getting them and moving them for sport and for fun or for the welfare of country, his country of origin.

He sips the tea and slings the rifle over his shoulder. He too has a British accent.

“I have three clip and four hand grenades. I have placed an IED near the entrance to the house and on the first approach to the road. We can set them off by remote. Where is she?”

“She’s taking a shower.”

“A long shower.”

“She’s a dirty girl,” I tell him.

He winks, he has a good old boy sense of humor.

“Saadiya told me that I am to again order you to pull out of this position and head to the hatch immediately. She said if you refuse because you think you’re protecting the girl; I am to pull out,” he checks his gold watch, “in ten minutes.”

“You know I’m not going to leave her side.”

“I anticipated that you would say that.”

“She’s my wife and the mother of two of my kids.”

“Yes, I anticipated that you’d claim that.”

“I’m a Captain too, Saadidya can’t order me to do anything.”

“Look it’s a fully volunteer outfit, no one can enforce any of these orders. It’s about respect. Respect for the total fubar mess you’ve landed us in less than just two days out of Congress. Two days! I thought we had more time to run and hide.”

“I’m sorry, she came back.”

“You’re the fucking general man, you’re the chief. The top most leader really! You fucked up. You’re not allowed to play with other’s lives like you have, with hope like you have. They trusted you, I trusted you. In forty five minutes a private army will over run our position and obliterate this camp. Burn down every structure, kill anything with a pulse. I estimate that this entire encampment might, might be lightly defended by forty students with small arms.”

“Are those real bullets in you AK?”

“Do I strike you as man who would have not real bullets in my AK?” Irfan asks.

“No. I didn’t think you in the peace camp of the union.”

“And I am not.”

“And your gun, are those real bullets in your gun.”

“It’s not my gun. I took it from Ilya after I broke his jaw with it.”

“Your commitments to non-violence are thin, eh comrade captain Adon.”

Irfan grins, he grins a lot when he’s nervous or drunk.

“Is she really your wife?” he asks.

“In a very biblical sense.”

“I thought more like a mu’tah marriage.”

“Well it began like that. Then certain things were made clear.”

“Is it true she has two children by you squirrelled away, hidden in a fortress deep in the Urals, somewhere between Yechateranisbourg and Che?”

“The ISI doesn’t fuck around, do you?”

“I don’t know anything about that Captain Adon. I just know that if you reported to anyone besides yourself, and your idea of your God, well; you’d be shot.”

“Can I smoke?” he asks.

“Yes, but on the balcony, she can’t stand it.”

“Who pays the rent here eh?”

“The U.A.S. Federal government is paying the rent, and they don’t like the smell of smoke either.”

They go out on the terrace into the freezing cold of June, it wasn’t almost ever cold in June here. Winter has carried on in the Northwest for three consecutive years now. Allegedly it has something to do with ‘climate change.’ In reality, there have been three years of non-stop snow because Ilya Lubov and Dmitry Khulushin, the two major lesser oligarchs of the Northeast sector lost a bet to the Koch Brothers; the two lesser Oligarchs of the Midland sectors; and the brothers shut off the heat, quite literally. Full climate control has been a technological reality for many hundred years.

I ask him for a smoke with my hands and my face.

“Well, what now?” he asks.

“You finish your smoke, I finish my smoke when she gets out of the shower we clorophorm her, roll her in a sleeping bag, booby-trap the house with a hand grenade and get in my car and we drive fast down the hill on the rum roads, we get to Ricardo’s we all go down the hatch and Kudzai David orders a stand down, and the camp goes back to sleep, and we end up in Dover or Hartford, eventually ensheallah Breuklyn Soviet.”

“I like when you’re rational mind kicks in. I thought you completely whipped.”

“I just needed some smoke.”

“She’s a wonderful woman. A fierce, indomitable warrior.”

“I know.”

“That thing she stole, you stole; that information will blow a hole in the side of their system. Names, places, pass codes, license plates, and bank account numbers. Anarchy.”

“I had no idea she’d come back with his head on a platter like that.”

“Well he’s gonna to terrible things to you both if he catches you, and he may.”

Irfan looks at his watch.

“Who’s left,” I ask.

“Virtually all of the leadership has escaped. Jefferson, Refilwe, and Saiph Khan left last night. Only Sultan plans to hold his ground here with the supporters. Ah, and the Afghans of course will not retreat.”

“So it wasn’t always snow in June,” he asks.

“There was never snow in June.”

“As we have perhaps a minute more before we take care of the businesses of rapid egress, as of course all three of us might be killed just getting to the hatchway; would you mind paraphrasing, what exactly the fuck happened between the day after Congress, and this morning.”

“The short version?”

“We don’t have time for a soliloquy.”

“My unit stole a list of names and bank account numbers of the fourth richest American oligarch. He was fucking my ex, who is also my wife, things flew off the handle in a violent rampage, and here we are,” I say.

“Um, more.”

“My wife infiltrated the close company of one of the richest men in the American lesser oligarchy then living in Moscow. He fucked her into a million pieces, god knows what else; he made her his concubine. She copied his hard drives, she identified where his data cache was in Charlestown. They went to Spain, my brother took procession of half of the data, but the rest was secured in Charlestown. They flew back, Ilya and Adelina the day Congress ended. He flipped on her and locked her in a room in his facility there. I raided it yesterday morning with forty volunteers. I broke his face with the barrel of a gun, I stole back my wife, I also stole his Russian and America hard drives. We got pinned down by his enforcers and private army. So I called in an airstrike and that sort of changed the color of the sky above Boston.”

“How much of this did you pre-meditate?”

Irfan asks knowing exactly how much of that story was in Adon’s head space, and how much was real.

“Very little. I hadn’t heard anything until she popped up in Barcelona a couple weeks ago. All I got next was a call from her friend Lana telling me she was in trouble, early yesterday.”

“Did anyone in the union know you were going to conduct a military raid, supported by bombers and artillery from Boston Soviet?”

“Roj knew.”

“Of course he did,” Irfan smirks. That sneaky Kurdish plotter/ patriot always does.

“So look,” I say and toss the butt over the barricade, “I don’t know where her head is at. She’s been through, well sinister shit. She’ll get out of the shower and sort of pretend everything is cool and Lana is gonna meet in Cambridge for dinner, and she’ll just kinda mentally detach herself from realty.”

As we’re all trained to do, Irfan thinks.

“And that’s when you grab her, drug her, wrap her in a sleeping bag and we carry her to the car?”


“Carry on.”

“It’s just a fifteen minutes’ drive down the Rum Road down to the home of Ricardo Veshanti; then we stick to the plan.”

“You realize this realty you and her have created are both deviant and unstable, you realize that if anything other than that; you, me she and the rest going out of this camp and the hatch closing behind us, you realize he will skin her alive in front of you and keep you alive for a thousand years for torture, for this set up. For this epic mess.”

“Listen, if I wasn’t afraid for her and these children I allegedly have I’d be less inclined to believe in her magic.”

“Brother, listen. All of us were brought to this place to report back to where we are from. You have orders, I have orders, we were sent here to network, and that we did.”

“Irfan, things happened very quickly. And got a little out of control.”

“You burned down half of the towns between here and Cambridge in the largest mechanized artillery battle anyone has ever seen since maybe the Battle of Breuklyn. You stole a list of lesser and upper oligarchs. You pistol whipped American Capitalisms equivalent of a duke. You made off with his property. You did all of that 24 hours after the single largest coordinated meeting of rebel fighters in the last 100 years met four hours from here. They’re going to kill us all Sebastian Adon, there is not going to be anywhere left to hide.”

“Well we can get as far as the hatch for now.”

Adelina Blazhennaya comes out of the shower in bathrobe, ignores us both and heads to my bedroom to change.

“What’s that beeping?” Irfan asks pointing to my open black Lenovo computer.

“Drones,” I mutter and look over the terminal.

“Lots and lots of incoming terra drones.”


Murderous robots with machine guns.




“Skin Privileges”


Thinks Ilya, lesser Oligarch of the North Eastern American sectors:


I underestimated these fucking Americans. And it is easy too because they have so little education, they have so little collective bargaining power, they’re completely deluded about their political system and they’re all mostly over weight.

But then out of the blue, they do wild cowboy shit.

I’m going to keep this man alive for a thousand years and torture him like he’s never been tortured. He clearly loves Ms. Adi B., so I’ll have to keep her alive in incredible suffering too to get at him properly, can’t just skin her on sight. Jesus I’m in a bind.

Our convoy of forty black bullet proof sports utility vehicles, jeeps and half trucks is plowing its weigh up Highway I95; anticipating that these terrorist bandits have the capability to blow up the bridge we need to take to get into the camps.

Waltham is basically on the top of a low lying mountain, there are four ways in that we can expect them to booby trap. We are not going to take any of those ways in. We’re not going to run right into a typical Chechen trick; convoy ambush. We are about twenty minutes from the camp perimeter. They’ve already killed or disabled all of the police guarding the town and camps. It’s very hard to control myself right now. I’m very emotional.

My mobilblat rings, it’s Dmitry Khulusin, probably calling to mock me.

“Faggot Piederass! I told you he’s a sneaky Ivory bastard,” Dmitry says.

“What do you think will happen when we get to the camps?” I ask him.

“Niggers will shoot at you, bombs will go of left and right, they’ll burn down the whole place before you get your hands on anyone, and they also always seem to dig tunnels.”

“Right, and I need him and her alive.”

“Why? Bomb the whole fucking place. Kill as many as you can! They’re mostly niggers and Arabs and Ivories; nothing incredible is coming out of that Shrakasa anyway.”

“Dmitry, I need to take them alive. And I need to get my hard drives back.”

“Ilya, baby, droog. They already have copied your data to the interweb and foot shuttled it down the tunnels to old New York. Even if they can’t crack it all open yet, they will. It’s gonna be ready for anonymous decryption at every one of their terrorist bases by sun down.”

“Well, what would you do, in my shoes?”

“Kill yourself. Before the Kochs, the Slim Helus, the Buffets, the Bezozs, the Ellisons, the Bentleys, the Biggalos, and the Upper Oligarchy realize what you lost, set up over some tight pussy talking trap. And she doesn’t even have any tits.”

“You lost most of your best lands to this man and his friends, will you not help me?”

“I don’t have the energy to play with their Black Magic anymore.”

“Fuck off then blat!”

And I almost throw the mobilblat out the window.

She betrayed me, they used me they fucked me good. As soon as the other peers realize I’ve compromised half of the cream of the North Eastern Coast, Air Strip 1, Saxony, Normandy, the Spain Lands and frankly quite of bit else in Upper Europe and the Gulf Colonies; well they’ll cut my head off. And play with my brains.

I lived for 780 years, what I learned; humans are violent selfish monkeys that maximize pleasure and minimize pain, except for a small sniveling breed we’ve killed down to almost nothing that move and think collectively.

I wanted to fuck a chosen one up her ass. There all kinds of rumors that the Upper Oligarchs keep these witches as pets. Some of our best hunter killers are of Hebrew blood, I mean all of the white Ivories are working for us now one way or another. But I thought I bought and seduced her for a reasonable price. I thought she wasn’t awake.

We all read the reports that the Muslims and the niggers are protecting the last of the chosen. We all read about how many bonobo descendants are left. We all hear that stupid fucking word Dror haTzadikk! Dror HaTzadikk! I mean it’s outside my jurisdiction by from what I know most of the human slavery campaign was to sell as many of these witches into brothels as we could to breed ourselves a deterrent to various incarnations of the resistance movements in the colonies.

They’re going to cut off my head. I mis-underestimated the Americans.

The phone rings again. The convoy is getting close to the underground tunnels we can enter the camps from below.

It’s Dmitry again.

“I pity you. So I’ll sell you a secret.”

“Go ahead then.”

“I want 50 million Bit Coins for it.”

“If it’s that good I’ll may in Swiss Francs.”

“You can wipe out the primary rebel leadership in one shot, you can hit the submarine black freighter with Emma Solomon and Avinadav DeBuitléir when it surfaces to rendezvous with people fleeing this camp.”

“I’m not sure that will save my skin.”

“Yes, they will skin you for this. But maybe killing Solomon and DeBuitléir will earn you enough credibility to be allowed to come back to a body.”

“No one is so hated as those two heinous scum, why would you do that for me? Why not advance your own station before the high peers?”

“Because I hate Sebastian Adon. I hate him so much I’d sell my own birth mother to spit roast him. And anything I can do to hurt him I will always do to hurt him, and to kill his leaders. That could hurt him a little.”

“Why do you think the two most important rebel leaders are on a black freighter submarine coming to rescue these bandits?”

“Because unbeknownst to you and your cock was up the ass of the highest powered candidate there is next Solomon, Adelina is her immediate and direct disciple. By killing Solomon she is next in line to be their new messiah.”

“I fucked the messiah up the ass! Amazing.”

“You’re a pervert, but that’s expected. Being very rich and powerful is scientifically proven to breed perversion as you know.”

“I’m going to put their messiah on a chain and break her completely.”

“So pay me bitch. And I will have a war head fall on them the minute they land on their stupid little island they value so much; the block and New Shoreham.”

“Alright. Done. But I’m going to take them alive somehow before they reach Block Island.”

“You need them to get close so they radio their friends to come get them. Which means just bomb the camps into the ground you know they’ll sneak out some hole into a tunnel and make their way according to their protocols? Yesterday’s truck rocket battles made you look like you’ve totally lost control of your serfs. ”

“You’re one to lecture. Half your city fell Soviet!”

“Route the money. Bomb that Ivory camp with drones and just wait for the informants to report strange things happening in Konnecticut on the roads to New Galilee. We can mop this up by the end of the weekend, and maybe you’ll just lose your skin privileges.”



F I V E, P. R. of Cambridge

“Night of Power”


Let us digress slightly into the divergent past. Two years back perhaps, which is to say Common Era 2077 or AR 1, one year after the beginning of the Great Revolt; but still in the satellite camps and shanty towns outside Boston.


We, at times are too enamored in our literature and film with the theatrics and heroics of men, thinks Adelina Blazhennaya.


They are most unstable creatures! So easily aroused and so readily violent. Hark I will tell you why I was flown all the way from lovely sane and stable Chelyabinsk; Tank City, to be building boiling plots in the North Americas; amid their anarchy. They were hardly tame before the Great Revolt, but now! And any little thing can trigger a mass shooting or an ethnic hysteria. Anything.


I did journey from Philadelphia to Boston on horseback, (yes horseback) and I wear the elegant and more importantly insulating fur of the Siberian Black Bear; I with my lovely brown locks falling out from under look like where the wild things are. There was no other way to travel, except by horse because then, and then was 2077ce; the Separatist Wars were raging. There was a no fly zone down the east coast imposed by the United Nations; New York City was burning to the ground and the rebels were one day winning one day facing decimation and massacre.


There was no longer Fung Wa bus service; there was Fung Wa horse-donkey convoy and believe me you me it cost more than $25 American. But I was not paying to be sure, the management was.


They offered me a bold Dmitry as an escort, but I adamantly declined. Robots and clones are a sign of the times; and the princely warlord cum lesser Oligarch Dmitry Khulushin, lesser oligarchy of the Tri-State area is both a sadist and serial philanderer turned himself into a product line called Epic Escort, hire and program your own Slavic prince as body guard, or whatever else you need. Having a second of third, or hundredth Dmitry in this world was a serious array of problems onto themselves. It will one day lead to a crisis of Dmitry’s.


With the rebellion clearly forcing the United States of America into the behaviors of a maldeveloped country; well the roads between New York and Boston were so bad we of this Chinese lead convoy had to move four weeks atop animals to reach the People’s Republic of Cambridge; for in 2077 Metropolitan Boston was largely in rebel hands excluding some of the Satellite towns to the South; Quincy Center was still part of the USA, but North all the way to Salem was the Rebel Confederacy. My quarry, the man I was send all the way from Russian Federation to find was interred in a concentration camp called a Shrakasa, held there since 2077 near a town called Waltham; where with a bomb stitched to his neck was both designing the rebels technology for the revolt and via his dreams giving the Oligarchy shockingly accurate predictions of the rebellion.


This man, supposedly dead since 2076, has been locked in this camp with his mind wiped out. He has forgotten a great deal about the past and future and he is being used.


What a game we all play. Everyone a serf to someone, and I suppose you will ask who is my master? Well you’d have to burn me alive like the others! I am from an old order, older than either the rebellion or the oligarchy. Older than anything. I serve women who are wise, and that is all I can say at this juncture. My paper works gives my name, as Adelina; thus must be my name! My profession is that of an apparatchik to an education firm; teaching English is the pretext. Which one I cannot say, I have signed a non-disclosure agreement, but a big one!


So in October of 2077 I arrived in the People’s Republic of Cambridge and arranged to be brought to the Baha’i Temple Outpost 433, at the home of some Persian Harvard & MIT professors. They plied me with hot sweet tea and cherry juice and gave me hugs. I would never openly say what my birth religion is, but I am certainly no stranger to Baha’i’ events and customs.


The Baha’i’ of Greater Boston, like Baha’i everywhere are apolitical, hyper-educated, hyper-diverse and explicitly always non-violent, charming but often boring. That they are also much massacred has driven them into their long standing alliance with the Israelis and thus, have entangled them messily into the Great Revolt. There are many Baha’i in the Breuklyn Soviet and that they are so protected by both the clandestine services of Iran and Israel speaks to their importance in events.

I am a delicate flower, but I have managed to cross the Ocean by steamer-sub and make this four week ride north to the outpost. Because of heavy fighting near Newton there is no reason to believe I can meet Sebastian Adon soon. But they tell me that he will travel in a fort night to partake in the Night of Power, a 19th day feast. And I trust these people are they are sober and sincere and blessed heavily by the one true manifestation of Allah. Yes Allah, the part of a name not the useless conjecture of a noun, or worse using a listing of qualities to describe a majesty instead of thing who loves us and wants us to win.


If this pretext doesn’t work then Oleg the Bear my friend will bring Adon to my birthday on 12 April, which will work; as he seems too infatuated with Oleg, looks up to him in some strange way. Like an older brother he never had.


After a long hot bath and much tea and delicious food I sit with the Sheikha Saadiya Usmani who while they have no clergy is a prominent local leader. A shapeshifter they say, I have just arrived so I don’t believe in magic until I see it.

Saadiya is a magical woman, she is barely four feet tall and moves as though there were no fixed joints, she moves as though her vessel is pliable. She is a Pakistani and speaks with a British accent. But she moves and thinks like a Maagi, a so-called white witch. She has been here in Boston for some time and has been elected one of the nine Baha’i; of the local assembly.

“Welcome to Cambridge, it’s a little more tumultuous since the war broke out last year, but we have for some time been out of harm’s way because of MIT’s missile shield system, and the minute men,” she says to me calmly in her British accent.

“The minute men?”

“Yes, the paramilitary irregulars of the Libertarian Party trucked in six months ago from Burlington and the Vermont Free Zones; they are far better organized than the militias from BLM and the Ivoryish partisans; very little of the fighting has affected us except for shortages.”

She opens a map.

“As you can see the U.A.S. Military is concentrated in Quincy to the south and on the Brighton-Alston line to the West, and there in district Charlestown is a massive Bratva garrison, because of all the smuggling routes. The People’s General Assembly is located in lower Boston; on the Jamaica Plane; the four biggest factions running the operations here are the BLM Alliance, the Democratic Socialists, the Freemen and the Libertarians. Other than us technically it’s a Muslim free zone.”

Enough small talk my eyes say.

“Where is Adon?”

She points to a mountain to the West of Boston by four days convoy. Waltham.

“And where more importantly am I, Adelina Blazhennaya to make my home?”

Saadiya points to a town called Brighton-Allston, on the Federal side of the demilitarized zone. And with her powers asks Adelina who is actually more important to the cause then Sebastian Adon we can’t get both of you out alive; Adelina responds silently, with her powers; I don’t know, probably we leave him behind.

“Is he awake?”

“Not in the slightest. We’ve just begun a liaison of letters which indicate he remembers nothing before being brought here.”

“What’s you pretext for being here in the camp?”

“Teaching English.”

“And him?”

“He’s studying and designing training modals, he believes them to be cutting edge, but it’s all recycled Cuban technology that we’ve had for years, maybe decades. He’s applied for a para permit to move bodies around as a paramedic in Revere, he’s get cleared in November.”

“Why do you think he’s still asleep, a rather dangerous liaison this could quickly turn into. It doesn’t seem very random at all they sent you; who sent you Maya Sorieya Emma Solomon? As she someone put you together.”

“An Israeli agent absolutely put us together.”

“Well who is more important an asset to evacuate, in the event of outright nuclear chaos’ you or him?”

“We’re both important in different ways. We need him out of the camps and back in the bosom of Soviet safety. This area’s security is highly artificial. We’re not so much in a free zone in the same way New York mostly is; we’re in a strategic buffer zone where the oligarchy is conducting a great deal of, shall we say research.

“I have read that there is a train under the Charlestown district that goes all the way up the mountain.”

“Up the mountain, all the way?”

“Yes, this is what I’ve heard. And I have heard that neither Adon nor any of his colleagues are really sleeping, I’ve heard they’re very much plotting how to get on that train and take it all the way to Moscow.”

“You presume that Moscow is the very top?” asks Saadiya Usmani.

“I know it be.”

“I am not sure if there is really a train, but we believe there is a hatch their up the mountain as you suggested.”

“Who is the main oligarch running this sector, before the Great Revolt began?” Adelina asks.

“He is called Ilya Lubov. He has a fortress in the Western mountains by Mt. Greyloch. He lost a bet to the Koch Brothers in 2074 so they turned off the geothermal weather grid, that is why it has been hard winter here ceaselessly for 6 years.”

“I heard 3.”


“So it is possible that below Charlestown or perhaps Quincy is a hatch to a tunnel that may lead all the way up the mountain?”

“Yes, as you know much of the Great Revolt was a pretext to capture control of black freighters, space dirigibles and fourth dimensional weapons.”

“Who does Adon work for?”

“That’s a tricky question, his ex-wife we can only hope and not Perchevney the great devil.”

“Not the Baha’i World Congress?”

“He’s more of a card carrying Baha’i than a real genuine practitioner. He contacted us a month ago stating he had some complex case to resolve. He had formally resigned his membership and faith under Israeli direction attempting to make Allehya in 2074. It is my understanding he is coming here to ask for re-admittance.”

“Who does actually work for then?”

“We can really only again speculate.”

“Can he be brought under control somehow?”

“Well that’s what you Adelina Blazhennaya were introduced to him to do. Who introduced you?”

“An Israeli sleeper, a photographer named Oleg Medved, also called Oleg the Bear.”

“So the Mossad is assisting to get him out of the camps?”

“Well, people who speak Hebrew are trying to get him out of the camps, I can’t say of this is a Mossad job. They have their hands full.”

“Adelina Blazhennaya are you a Russian national from Chelyabinsk?”

“Soon a dual citizen.”

“Your mother…”


“You been here for quite some time have you not, since age 17?” Saadiya asks.

“Yes, but I go to Russia once a year to see my family.”

“But you’re not linked to Oleg and the Israelis, via shall we say by payroll?”

“No. I was contracted directly by Emma Solomon to work on this unlimited operation. Having a direct liaison with Sebastian Adon is new news.”

“He’s been seen with Oleg Megved all over the twenty towns. He can’t pass the ring road or the aortic bomb in his neck will kill him. He may, or may not remember the events of the Great Revolt and Millennium Theater hostage crisis. He may, or may not remember his wife.”

“Emma Solomon?”



“Yes, we think so.”

“That mercenary, that brutal hunter killer was actually married to the Tzadikk HaDror?”

“Yes. But they’ve haven’t consummated the marriage with living children and they haven’t seen each other in over twelve years. And Emma is rumored to be a clone, as the woman actually he married was slaughtered by the Israeli Oligarchy on request from the Order of St. John’s in 2001, a day before the Towers fell.”

“Which was so long ago, I have almost forgotten that that even had happened!”

“So much back story!”

“You’re coming into the story during an intermission, but there were many acts and many partisan songs before you were destined to meet this great anti-hero.”

“So if Oleg was sent by the Israelis…”

“It’s not actually clear that he’s been sent, or if he is setting Adon up for either greatness or murder, they may well be just be connected by a shred of Chosen blood and common interests in their life of night,” Adelina states.

“What are you here to then, make him great or try and kill him?”

“What am I here to do? I’m here to try and make sure he is serving the cause.”

“Well since your people built his modal maybe you can get him to turn off.”

“He’s not just a robot,” Adelina says flatly.

“He’s not a robot per say. He’s an old soul inhabiting a fleshpot drone your people designed.”

“And who do you think my people are Saadiya Usmani?”

“People of Old Slavic Majik,” she says with a wink, “he’s occupying a mechanical person your combine designed. He did in fact die in the Millennium Hostage Crisis. He’s died a good many times before. So we are using deductive reasoning to assume he is not a flesh and blood man any longer.”

“Well if that is so why does he worry about the bomb in his neck?”

“Have you heard of the Greater Oligarch Alexandr Perchevney?”

“Yes of course. The devil.”

“A devil.”

“Adon if he serves anyone, he serves Perchevney.”

“Was not Perchevney an architect of the Great Revolt alongside Solomon and DeBuitléir?”

“That is believed now to be true.”

“What bloody games are these? What is it all for?” Adelina asks.

“The Baha’i World Congress believes that for Sasho Alexandr this is a power grab, but I believe it is much more. I believe he is seeking to annihilate the bloodline in a roundabout way. He is making sure that his seed is impregnating the candidates. He is annihilating those with bonobo blood and he is readying the entire house of Jacob for another big purge like in 1943.”

“All hidden up in this populist uprising around proletarian human rights demands?”

“Well just like Beria did. Or Hitler. Stir everything up and wipe out more of the bloodline.”

The both pause, touched by the bloodiness and gravity of collective history.

“I have read there’s nothing left in Israel. That it’s all been obliterated with atomic missiles. That it’s a clever illusion that the State of Ivory is real, that the Congress still meets in Haifa; but in truth it’s a blighted nuclear wasteland,” states Adelina.

“I cannot confirm or deny such a report,” Saadiya smiles, suffice to say I’ve never been there. I was born in Pakistan and trained in India & Burma, I arrived here via California and was soon after captured and sent to this camp.”

“So Adon will come here to the outpost for the Night of Power Feast, and then what?”

“You need to find out if he’s real or a just robot. Killer, zombie, hero, hooligan, freedom fighter; you have to get it out of him. You need to make him do, what we need him to do.”

“And what is that then, to you?”

“Bring his army of shadows under the actual direction of the Congress, move that army to link up with the larger divisions in Jamaica, Hispaniola, Trinidad and Cuba; move those armies to the hatch in Madeira; invade Europe. Obliterate the second peak of the mountain. With no guns.”

“How will I get him to do that? He doesn’t even remember his own birth name, he is not even aware of what has happened back in New York.”


“You’re a linguist, white witch and engineer. Just use your training.”


“Engineer, ha.”


“Or whatever other training you might have,” Saadiya says with a wink but not a smile.





“Raid on Bigmar Street”


Everyone up the mountain wanted to know what had happened in Charlestown. Wanted to know if their name was now in the hands of the terrorists. Wanted to know and couldn’t seem to get the answer; was the hatch compromised? Did the rebels know about the train up the mountain to London, Paris, Berlin and Moscow? You need another train for Beijing. The rails are just different.


Dmitry had dealt with Adon and his ilk for many years. You never knew what you were dealing with for the man was/ is a lunatic; he was simply not grounded in this realty. The reality of the way things ‘actually are’.


They had served in the Frontier Calvary together for two years. They had been unlikely but rather seemingly chummy friends for before Adon become a Muslim, or releveled himself to be a Muslim; he was hard drinking, womanizing Calvary Officer.


We digress, what the fuck happened in Charlestown on the afternoon of 28 May, 2015?


Sebastian Adon, wearing a grey battle dress multiform, and a weathered brown leather jacket parked his grey charger mod in the mostly empty parking lot. It was just before dawn and snow fall was light for late May; light for the fact that it almost never ever stopped snowing in Greater Boston, it had been like that for as long as anyone could remember. The charger steamed in the tundra of the warehouse district and many people were watching this dawn raid, though none could be immediately seen. And there was urgency, it was in the air.

Urgency looks mostly like smoke.

On a small red pad was an address and a room number and he had hardly taken an indirect route. He was about to barge into 266 Bigmar Street, into a multi-site warehouse which housed thirty to forty shell companies and trucking firm; barge right into a front company called Solutions Comprehensive LTD; and planned to shoot Ilya Lubov in the face. It was the very early morning of 28 May, 2017 Gregorian; or common era as is normally marked. It was also AR 5; five years since the uprising began in New York. It was two years since the bloody murderous chaos of the Millennium hostage crisis. It was 48 hours since the founding Congress of the Development Union; it was just one day since Adelina Anatolievna Blazhennaya messaged him; “I’m back.”

According to Adelina’s friend Lana Svetlana, Addy was strung up in that warehouse. And Ilya Lubov was thus a dead man. Sebastian Adon, in his own mind alone was carrying a .45 automatic repeater. In his deranged mind he was about to violate primary standing order #1; do not take human life and primary standing order # 2; do not destroy property; because in his mind, his mind alone right now union members and affiliates were positioning truck mounted artillery launchers in the hills around district Charlestown, and on his signal, they’d light the whole vile traffic point up.


But in reality the gun he grabbed was empty air! He gripped nothingness, firmly. The forty fighters thought to have his literal, lateral back, there were none. None at all. The death trap toward which he was barging, was fully loaded.


No one stopped him in the perimeter, though a bead was on him since he got out the car. Which did transform in the eyes of all other beholders from a Grey modified Charger; to dinged up puny Honda Civic. The district was eerie and silent at this hour, 05:04. This was a place of whores and truckers, bunkers and tunnels and spies.


He made it into the dim lobby the front doors were not even locked and the buzz board had the listings of dozens of fiction based and highly questionable compiles; there was what he wanted ‘Solutions Comprehensive Limited’; on the fourth floor, but probably anywhere. No one had mopped the floors in a decade.

It was all just a shell, just a cheaply lit cover story for nefarious transactions. Did anyone even actually believe that it was a real business, which ‘real’ things happened in this barely warmed ghost town called Charlestown? All these trucks coming and going from the ship yards, all these containers on these trucks. What was in them? No one ever asked certainly not the Boston police department, in the pocket of the Fenian Mob. When your circle of existence is small, you never know the names of the underbosses. You never wonder what’s in the trucks.

And the answer was that mostly banal things were in the trucks. Consumer goods, agricultural products. Women sometimes, but really that wasn’t anyway to get a woman you planned to work the bed on a contract into the country.

You just paid for her to come and married her off to someone. That was more cost effective then getting caught somehow with dead hooker asphyxiated in a shipping container. Solutions Comprehensive, according to the website was a tech support maven & global supply chain logistics fixer. Big words to say nothing. Sebastian tries to find the floor and office, but the place isn’t really designed for anyone to find anything.


He just pushes it all along, follows long poorly lit hall ways past big locked doors. He walks a very long time, covers three floors it seems, the lights flicker. This place is built to deft perceptions. His hear is beating faster. Where is she hidden?

A man put his hand on Adon’s shoulder, makes him jump. The man is a Fenian foreman dressed in coverall, he has a thick brogue.

“Eh, whatya looking for lost?” he asks.

“Sorry, looking for Solutions Comprehensive.”

“Eh, well I know thinking yer lost.”

“I’m sure it’s at this address.”

“I’m the superintendent, I know every nook. I don’t know any Solutions Comprehensive paying to lodge here.”

“The super?”


Adon takes out a smart phone and shows the man the site. The man nods.

“I think ya have the wrong building, brother.”

“This is the only building on the whole block.”

“Above the block yes, but what about below and beside the block. It’s a tricky area. People are lost all the time. Trespassing by accident on the turf of the others..”

“You’ve never seen this man,” and Adon shows the super a picture of Ilya Lubov.

“Never seen that bald bustard.”

“He’s a very bad man.”

“Is it?”

“I’m gonna kill him.”

“Eh now, listen, ya can’t say things like that here, no kills here.”

“He’s holding my baby’s mother hostage in a blue duffel bag.”

“Is it? And yer here to find her, and subsequently kill him; in this very building?”

“I know she’s here.”

Tricky fucking Fenians.

“Maybe she is, but I never seen that man, never seen the blue duffel, on this floor anyway.”

“What’s your name, brother?”

“I’m called, Ian Murphy, Superindenant of facilities, card check time then is it?”

“Card check away.”

And Ian Murphy hands him a green badge which identifies himself as Ian Murphy O’Grady O’Connell McMurphy, Superendeant of facilities, Teamsters Local 240. And Adon hands over a blue card which identifies him as Walter Sebastian Adler, paramedic, Uniformed EMT & Paramedic Union, Local 2507.

He then takes this all more seriously.

“And ya have no front teeth then?” Ian asks.

“The rumors are mostly true.”

“Is it true you once murdered forty men with a ball pin hammer?”

“No, that’s not true.”

“Is it true you decapitate and then drink the blood of Slavic prostitutes?”

“Not true, slander even!”

“Hm. Well, Mr. Adler. Should I call you Ilya Lubov today then?”

“Yes, that will do.”

“Welcome to your new office, sir, looking for a big blue bag with a young Russian girl inside it then are we, at Comprehensive Solutions?”
“Yes, that is what I’m looking for.”


“You seek a Russian girl in a blue bag, bound and naked?”

“Well I have no idea. I just know she’s here. I know she’s in the office.”

“I have to make a quick phone call, I need to check in.”

“We’re still good? You and I?”

“Oh yes, pull out your teeth a second,”

And Adon drops out his tree front teeth with his tongue.”

“Thick with madness, its maybe really you.”

You can never know a gift horse, but to look it in the mouth, old Russian saying.”

“Mr., eh-hm, Lubov, we all know that isn’t an Old Russian saying at all,” he says with a cheeky Fenian grin.

Ian Murphy takes out a clunky phone to call the Secret police.

Sebastian Adon takes out a mobile phone to call the regular, normal person Boston Police and they both make the calls reporting suspicious behavior in the warehouse, give a precise location and ignore each other and put down the phones.


Adon notes, the battery on his phone is suddenly only 2%.


Ian McMurphy he puts down his phone, as if one hold, “You should go, you’re in imposter. Place will be flooded with the constables soon, ya ain’t gonna get out alive, not that ya care, but the girl might care, the one in the big blue bag.”

“Listen to me Finnegan, where the fuck is she?”

“Haven’t the foggiest. You’re a trespassing deranged EDP,” he then whispers, “take fucking salt and go to sleep, or they’ll get unruly on the Gulliver, put you down again.”

“Ok. I’m going to shoot you in the heart in you don’t tell me where she is,” I say and take out a make believe invisible gun.”


“You know you’ve got nothing in your hand man, you’re in a world of psychotic make believe, dancing a mad jig on a hatch way to the other side.”


“Is that even a real brogue, or do you put that thing on to get chicks cause you’re ugly,” I ask him putting my inviable, invisible blaster to his chest.


“Boyo, you know not what dark forces you toy with today and yesterday,” Ian says, “there are not ghosts or gods only dark sciences you do not understand.”


“Bang,” I say. And a hole rips open his chest, how curious.


I hear my baby screaming, screaming down the hall at the top of her lungs and I leave the body of Ian McMurphy on the floor dying, and run towards her. Deja vu, the horror of my loves screams disappearing into some vortex where I am completely powerless.


“The rain in Spain is mostly Champaign,” Ilya Lubov says.


I tell him he’s a dead man and he won’t leave this room alive. So many break out a gun and the result is deadly, I aim to hurt him bad, rearrange his ugly Russian Ivory hybrid bald disgusting face.

Nonviolence can suck my cock. Stupid nonviolence I’ll break your ugly face too!!


The dull wet noise of fists on his face. Did I even flinch? I hate him so damn much.  So I forget nonviolence and keep trying to kill him, as hard as I can, this vile rat won’t die. The best I can do is murder the biological host.


I’ve dealt with these demons before, for I am one. Everything is bleak and disempowering, everything is useless. I continue to beat him and I hear the thud and rupture of shells coming down outside. I guess Roj finally called in the air strike. I guess I don’t have much time with this snake.


Of all the pain and humiliation I have suffered in this life and all the ones before it, all the snuff and torment. Its worse that they wipe me, they make me forget, they manipulate me into doing things I didn’t agree to, Emma and the oligarchy both; they prey on my fearless immortality.


But I’m awake now! Bombs are lighting of outside I can feel it. Roj has ordered artillery strikes to level this township apart.


You bald snake, you yellow rat bastard! And I threw myself upon him, I fly tackled him and brought the butt of my gun to his face, frack!


His desk was kicked over and his papers his useless front papers covered in dust got a coat of blood from his oozing Gulliver.


Fwack! I brought the barrel down again and Ian Murphy must’ve just excused himself into Irish death, kept out of this bellicosity. I beat Ilya’s face with my fists and the gun, the dead thudding of cracking open his face, sitting on his chest brainy him to death. Could you even really kill these animals? Wasn’t that too good. Too easy.


Sometimes, when I’m killing or I’m saving at a high enough intensity I can remove myself from linear time into some hyper sonic Zen, it’s actually not very different muscle memory patterns I use to murder people or save lives. I am sad to say.


The building shakes, the Chechens have been seriously improving the range of their rockets and the force of the war heads. Roj either assumes we were killed, or assumes we are impervious to arterially bombardment.


There is Adelina’s big blue bag, she’s in it, still screaming. I take out a big knife Trickovitch once gave me and I scalp Ilya Lubov.


Then I run to the bag and I take her out, and she looks hysterical. I’m covered in his blood. And the building shakes again from a shell landing nearby, Chechens don’t really aim. I carry her outside, all kinds of things are on fire, and there’s my Charger, and I put her in it, and I drive like hell toward the bar lev line; where hopefully we can reconcile.


Chechen rocket men are hitting this town with everything they have. My phone is dead, I can’t tell Roj to have them back down. Light it up then, den of pimps, traffickers and thieves. Whatever we do to their property, they have more property. Whatever we do to their bodies, they have more bodies.






“The Breuklyneers”


So, that little red flashing light on the starlight map on my smart top; it tells me that serfs are storming the hatchway in Charlestown, pushing the line demonstrating that my associate Ilya Lubov has lost control of his section, that the serfs might seize a train or compromise the hatch or worse still march an army through it toward Moscow. So completely unacceptable, even if the rebels and the serfs don’t know the hatch is there.


My name is Dmitry Khulushin Koch, the real one, the darkest little prince; 2,000 years an Oligarch. I have dirty blond hair and smug un-aging grin. My father is one of the Upper Oligarchs of the Pan-American sectors and the East Siberian plain. I once won the city of New York in a card game, then lost most of it to fucking niggers and communists. Sometimes I am unsure if I live in the last ‘free’ city on earth, or rather I live free in earth’s last real city.


By that I mean such a violence has over taken us, such a clear and present danger to the power centers that maintain the global core; the inner 46 zones are threatened. I say “free” not like the commies do, free to do what I want to whomever I want, now that the war is declared.


“Let me begin this yarn by telling you something about my little rugged feudal homeland that the local leaders like to call the Big Apple, the control room of the rest of the country even still. First, let it be said that a small place one has rarely left seems like a big place, a central place, a world of mythology springs from it, one’s first love is always the best love, if one never had the opportunity to love after.”


The place we, in the inner locust circle; myself, Khan, Brera and Perchevney; the call the ‘Republic of Man’ is something of an island on a hill, a mountain fortress we disguise with holograms and such; but made so not necessarily by virtue of being surrounded by the sea. It has only two major adversarial population centers on two colliding sheaths of rock we call the North and the South Isthmus: ‘Isle of Man’ on the North Isthmus which in hologram looks like it has a very large harbor, but few seaworthy boats as all the water has been cluttered with increasing multitudes of various war machines; if we turned the illusion off the Isle of Man would be 64.2 kilometers sharply above sea level; the third highest point on the mountain of the Core. It has very tall wrought iron buildings, but no respectable jobs: everyone is some kind of serf or some kind of prostitute, or overlord to service. It is built on a sloping monstrous hill where all the richest citizens congregate near the top, right under heaven but never, ever touching it and still even in those heights the rich need air purifiers. On the South Isthmus, which is much lower to the water and much-much larger is the city of Breuklyn, or the Breuklyn Soviet depending on parlance of tabloid of faction. A micro-republic with two sectors Breuklyn Soviet to the South shore and Goddess (once Queens) Soviet on the North Shore; they both absorbed part of the rest of Strong Island out all the way East to the anti-nuclear defense facility in Montauk, and the hatch there to Space Dirigible 718; one of the largest crafts.


This is a place largely populated by the non-white Ivories, Noires and Chornay which are known for hording gold, stealing cars and copious amounts of handgun violence, as well as worshipping all the incorrect old deities. There is deep and heavily mined valley in between the two cities and the toll of the single bridge between them is very high. It appears due to hologram that there are many bridges and that the Isle of Man is level to the Breuklyn Soviet; but that is again an illusion. It is impossible to get across the bridge without the proper papers, and completely impossible to cross the shield Wall on Wall Street without six degrees of multipass on your mobilblat and a U.A.S. approved pass card.


It is perhaps incorrect to describe our micro nations as two grinding, mountainous Isthmuses connected by a single bridge; there’s those by the water, living in six story bunkered poverty like cock roaches and us like gods in great towers. An Isthmus geographically connotes a narrow winding land corridor between two larger land masses. So called North Isthmus certainly is just a small mountainous island of indiscernible size made highly vertical by towers of glass and steel. South Isthmus is certainly a considerably larger island: called Strong Island; one could say is quite long. Both islands are surrounded by sand, not by water so to call it a sea or even an island is a misnomer. Grey rock drops off into red sand. There was once a great ocean, but like many other things: it dried up.

The hologram allows the serfs to imagine that seamless travel is possible to all parts of the United States of America; but that is not true. They go where we direct them. The “Manhattan” of “Breuklyn” they see is just a mind game.

Our historians sometimes say that the calling of the two departments Isthmuses was a play upon the idea that at one time the North Island was very prosperous and highly connected to the world of the future, while the South Island was connected deeply with the old world, the old country and the forgotten past. So in truth, neither was a proper Island lacking water, nor were either truly an isthmus because they were equally isolated connected to nothing, but in a country where only 5% of the population can truly read, well such nuances are truly lost to the rubbish bin of words used correctly.

As said, the United American States is 87% of the territory of the old USA; which crumbed out of being in 2076; the Republic of Man, nominally part of the New York State plantation is based in a land of high of mountains and deep sand. Roughly 100 hours’ worth going easterly from either city and the wanderer will encounter a very high steel and concrete wall cutting the south Isthmus into the Administrative Department of Breuklyn Soviet, independent and isolated now for three years; and presumably over the wall some worse and treacherous place. There are no gates in the wall, and it is to be thirty bistouries high. There are also many landmines and un-exploded bacteria crystal bomblets. The only thing I know for certain is that to the west there are mountains and a vast and impassible desert, and to the east over more mountains a very high and completely impassible wall. And then it’s all plantations and suburbs and factories and prisons; I fly over it sometimes to reach the other citadels.

Our leaders zealously fortified the boarder against our enemies in the “Republic of Breuklyn” which presumably lies over the wall to the East. Our people and the Breuklynites, Brookynians, or perhaps “Breuklyneers”: it changes within our three newspapers periodically as well as nearly interchangeably; well we and they were at war for a very, very long time. Before terrible shortages of just about rumored everything began to drain our once proud nations’ resolve generation after generation of our youth will be sent to engage in large scale, bloody and always indecisive skirmishes with Breuklyneer youth over the borderlands between the two states of being; there are 13 such breakaway zones and we have been unable to crush them; they seceded in 2076, the Separatist Wars went until 2080; there was almost a nuclear exchange and a boat load of terrorist attacks.

Our leaders never attempted, and our history books never explained why we were always killing each other, humans I mean; but there are many credible rumors on the subject largely related to theft of women, also the eating of pigs. Back when there were pigs. Which taste like people, so we eat people now cooked to look like old pigs, oh well?

I have never met a “Breuklyneer” I liked, and I only seen a picture of a “pig”, but once a very old man, a veteran of the thousand year war, or at least the very end of it gave a lecture at the local canteen about when the ‘Former Great Space Powers’ decided to help us build the mile high wall.

He had told us, in between shots of Parvo Blue Label and long swig swells of Barlakh, that roughly a generation or two before his time there was something called the “Roman Empire” and they were a very powerful empire and we were one of their most important economic satellites; then called the Empire State. An outpost really. Maybe a rich city-state on the border. The “People’s Republic of Han” was another great Empire, far larger in population, also apparently handier with crafts and known for their sly looking ‘chinky eyes’, whatever that meant. The “Republic of Breuklyn” then called a “borough” was their landing point of invasion, their beachhead in the U.A.S. or occupied whatever. There was also a rival hegemon called Eurasia; or the “Russian Federation”. Sometimes I let these drunks old men try and process reality, then I’d drain them of their blood.


We Slavs were poorly understood until we shed rhetorical socialism and conquered Europe. Except for the rogue elements like Putin and Navalny who want to bring the USSR back!

For a very long time apparently both the People’s Republic in East Asia and the Russian Federation helped pay for us to be at civil war with what conceivably had once been our own people living in occupied Breuklyn, so that they wouldn’t have to fight a far more costly war with each other, they being the States United and the hordes of Eurasia. And that’s about the extent of what the old man at the bar had known.

I am not interested in politics; I am into cars and rape.

Oh, and at some point “peace” became briefly fashionable so the Han, who the proles call the Chinese helped the Breuklyn separatists constructed a very, very tall wall between our small micro-Republics and that was all before the known world imploded and we took our local leaders very, very seriously.

The Administrative Departments of Breuklyn and Queens had, until 2076, an official census population of roughly 8 million subjects; 7.8 million are serfs who could leave their masters land some several hundred thousand are mulattos, they are some part Chornay but are land holders, card carriers and have valid points of the multi-pass. Across the bridge in there were Administrative Department of Man there are 2 million free citizens, and no Chornay except as house slaves.

Here a man can be a man, they say.

My mother, a Russian Slav of Kazakhstan said you can always tell a Chornay because he neither prays correctly, nor looks symmetrical physically. My hair is very blond and my skin is very white, so I know I look correct, and I pray to the one true god Jesus King of Christ, orthodoxly so I know my religion is the right religion, wink.

The Republic of Man is very logical actually, and it has to be being perhaps the only true free city left on earth, I keep saying that because Han Oligarchs and Slav Oligarchs have imposed strange systems that make doing business hard. There are now many new small wars waging far and near because of the competition of the great firms within the three power-bloc. I have not ever been anywhere else on earth besides the mountain tops, once Mexico; but this is what our leaders tell us our free press. The higher one lives on the hill of man, the more one has contributed to things surviving efficiently around here. The biggest contributors are the financial planners, medical scientists, the law-makers, the magnates and the senators. They all live high up above the Financial District, the Mid Towns, the Park and the Sides; one side for white Ivories one side for white protestants and above the labor reserve pools of Harlem and Washington Heights and certainly very high above Breuklyn in a pleasure castle called Fort Washington Acropolis; the Citadel. The more Chornay you are the lower on the land you live, the closer ultimately to the security wall and the sea and the terrible raping, murdering hordes of Breuklyn that if not for out hydrogen bombs and bacteria cluster rockets would surely storm the wall and kill everyone. So we’re told.


It is mostly terra-drones that go in to fight the rebels. As it should be. In 2080 there was an incident in the Isle of Man called the Millennium Theatre Hostage Crisis; in a newly opened hippodrome showing the Opera Carmen; rebel gunmen took the lesser cream of our city hostage along with thousands of international heads of state at the UN General Assembly. It degenerated into a blood bath; many foreign leaders and great local lesser oligarchs perished.


Is that the future? It’s like I know the future.


While it has been said the terrorist leaders Adon and Solomon were killed, I know that not to be true. I also know the Persian Revolutionary Guard Corps furnished them with intermediate range thermos nuclear warheads and we only gave independence to the 13 separatist zones because they nuked Washington DC, yes indeed they did.


A tumultuous couple of years.

That was the decisive moment in the three year war, when we could no longer kill Breuklyneers indiscriminately largely using bacteria crystals and robots. Or perhaps it was only a thousand days. New metrics have been introduced clarifying old fallacies of Gregorian time. The latest multi-dimensional poverty index assures us that Africa’s average 33 year average life span is far ahead of the international curve; even though there is now longer a UN we still try and measure things in their rhetoric.

Our minds have certainly expanded since those primitive days of globalization when our leaders had though the world was getting smaller. And for some reason flat.

So there you have it, my micro-country, and my brave little world. And it belongs to me! Perchevney lost it in a card game in 1998ce, a very long time ago except to us.  The Senate has announced that comparative productivity is up, vice is down, serfs are happy, Mulattos are quiet about their political ambitions and Blan on Chornay violence is down from last year. And human rights indictors in all sectors show our sustained societal progress.


Aided by high science, bacteria crystals and hydrogen bombs there have been no skirmishes with the People’s Republic of Breuklyn in nearly three weeks.






“The Hasty Performance


Siegfried Sassoon is a Cuban American Actor. In the late night hours of the night he works a supper club as upstairs bar man.


The other night, his longtime girlfriend Ha Chi left him. Which sent him on a downwards spiral. Now, he takes the stage of an all but empty house. He stands on a dark and smoky stage from a ZOB Pamphlet, distributed circa 2076ce. The few remaining drunken Bankers, the new money the celbritards are all under heavily under the influence. He’s supposed to insert a large onyx dildo into two twins dressed like maids, that’s the “scene”. But the curtain comes up, and there are two young girls, from Eastern Europe.


And he drops the dildo to the stage, out of his back pocket he pulls out a widely circulating pamphlet, and he reads:


“The Enemy of Human Rights & Development is called the Oligarchy!”
The Enemy of Human Rights and enemy of the people is a disciplined, and vicious network of elites. No matter what nation we are referring to, we refer back to these elites as local branch of a Global Oligarchy.
They are our certain enemy and the enemy of humanity generally.
Learn the word for it is what we call our abject opponents and should always be used appropriately and with discerning discipline.
At all times they empower themselves at our expense and exacerbate the high crimes and violations caused by the more powerful oligarchies and highly entrenched elite in each nation. While these are numerous mass human rights violations of our day, all Human Rights categories and entitlements under attack in every nation on earth.
Questioning the source of our misery and combatting the resulting mass poverty like we were in fact waging a people’s war for the survival of vast segments of our human kind is the core of our methodology.
Our enemy, once again, is called the Oligarchy.


A transnational global elite that not only controls supply routes and natural resources; they affect all of the inequity of distribution that so perpetuate poverty.
They do so completely selfishly and with little to no common ground other than their total greed. They share no creed, color, ideology of belief. They simply are united in their excessive and wanton power.


And what it, they, perpetuate is the exact mass poverty that is greatest killer of the poor and three quarters of the human species that has ever existed.


Our enemy is the Oligarchy and resistance to it must be strengthened in every nation. We cannot measure human progress in narrow and banal economic terms. We are far more than numbers. Statistics of productive workers learning to read and having our children survive birth. More than wage slaves or chattel slaves. Human progress to the Oligarchy is about securing their position indefinitely at the expense of the rest of humanity. Sustaining our productivity measuring our world in GNP, infant mortality, and literacy.
We demand the fifty eight human rights entitlements as ours to be enforced and safeguarded just as our baseline measure of that thing called freedom.
Our demands are not only directed at the U.N., the confederations of the NGO’s, or the political leaderships of Core Hegemons.


Beijing, Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, Geneva and Berlin.
These are not the only seats of their power. There is an aristocracy in every ghetto, a kingship of every slum and of course bosses on every plantation, camp and factory.
They have everything to lose because they have mostly everything in their possession and we are asked to give our lives to get them even and ever more. This is not just an indictment of the wealthy and insatiable. This is about organized traffic of slaves, guns and narcotics. The manufacturing of genocide and war. This is about competing power centers, perhaps thousands of Oligarchies that all functioning without coordination will eradicate us.
And many of them are completely insatiable!
There are those that ought to be tried as war criminals under the standards of the International Criminal Court. There are other that are just mega-criminals. What makes an Oligarch part of this Oligarchy is not only his or her sheer power over the lives of regular people, the masses. Us. It also involves to what degree do they violate our rights or turn us into a productive or profitable resource. A slave, a wage worker or an uneducated consumer!


The remaining guests, confused and completely high begin clapping. Exit Siegfried Sassoon, to a nervous applause, if any. What the fuck was that silly shit? Surely someone has already called the secret police, if they are not already here. There is an App for that! There were no tits! No Jazz and no tits, no evil sex monkeys? What kind of performance was this to be! For this shit they bought 900 American dollar bottles of vodka!?


That’s not even the case. Everyone is too fucked up to even remember what was just read, only that is was vaguely boring. Never mind.


A bouncer he knows James Brown, a big black cat of a fellow, James tells him he had better go out the back door and ‘run for his life’. So foolish to pick convictions over tits and cash and work. I would never, ever do that, thinks James Brown. I would never gamble on the unseen or the impossible, or the possible unverified by my own eyes.


Sassoon takes off in his petty coat into the Lower East Side night. But his privileges are still secure. You don’t set off the secret police and sensors for antics like that, thinks James Behemoth Brown.



“1 Million Ways to Die”


Soon, all hell broke loose upon our position.


Ilya was really pissed that I scalped him and stole my woman back. And that the Chechen Minute men rocket razed his warehouses and such. So he ordered his private army to level Waltham Special Engineering Camp, kill everyone there, and take us alive so he could violate and torture us. He was also of course after the list of names and numbers and places that so exposed him and the lesser Oligarchy to attack should it reach the resistance, which it did immediately after I tucked her into bed.


I ran her a bath, I bolted the safe house doors, I called up Irfan Khan to be my wing man/ gun man; and in under an hour of the Battle of Charlestown; Jefferson McIntyre, Refilwe and Saiph Khan were already moving down the hatch tunnel to Hartford with the list, and we’d successfully uploaded it to secured drop locations on the interweb.


And then with Irfan Khan watching the roads with and a Carmelite repeater and an AK, and Kudzai’s team mining the roads; and then the motherfucking robots swarmed us.


Lots and lots of drones bombarded and rampaged into the camps; we held them off as best we could with rocket bombs and electromagnetic pulse burst cannons. These metal monsters soon over ran us, and we retreated into the tunnels blowing up, or lighting on fire most of the Shrakasa research facilities in sub camp Brandeis, Bentley, McCullum and the (testing on) Children’s Hospital.


The whole place went up in flames as we battled with mercenaries and robots. We all retreated back to the GHQ under the home of Ricardo Veshanti; and then he wished us luck and he took a team out the hatch one way towards Dover along with his family and we took a team out towards the parking garages where we hoped to steal some cars and run the highway after dark.


The hatch wasn’t so deep. It took us out the side of the hill the camp was built on and then we walked up a derelict expressway eventually reaching a weigh station with some trucks.


The Interstate 95 Highway, barely visible due to heavy snow falling upon us!


Everything was on fire and my ears were ringing. I could smell black smoke of our vehicle on fire struck by the rocket from a drone.


It did not take us very long to get noticed. It occurred at rest stop in Konnecticut. For all the bribes that had been paid to allow the us to depart in certain quiet, sometimes you miss something critical, like an outdated registration on the vehicle. Or, an expired Easy Pass.


And then a gun battle erupted in that weigh station, between the broken glass of the McDonalds, the spilled coffee of screaming patrons fleeing and everyone got separated. Sebastian pulled Adelina under a car to hide while Irfan and the local police shot it out for a bit, until his gun ran out.


The two local cops unloaded their shooters on our position and we were unable to see where the others went to. The sirens were very loud, the terror sirens that go off when accused terrorists are doing anything, and Adelina and I are running into the woods. I’m limping like I took one, but that doesn’t slow me down much.

I’ve gotten slower, I used to move so fast when shot at back in Palestine. I don’t have my gun, Adelina took it, blast! Where are the others? It doesn’t really matter now. I’ve seen this before, I can’t seem to escape from these camps! We get pinned down, Irfan runs out of bullets. The Secret Police, the department of homeland security show up. We run through the woods for a while. I’ve been smoking for two years in the camps and I can’t run like I used to.

All that talk, all those bribes, it didn’t matter. They catch us using helicopters and drones and flood lights.


We’re both pinned down somewhere out in the woods.

But, we die on our feet not our knees! Little consolation really.


The bodies of the “Red” terrorists are displayed on all the leading channels of the evening news. Exit Sebastian, Adelina and Irfan from this version, this episode of the world. I was killed several hundred times in this way, sometimes in cars, sometimes in planes, sometimes shot to pieces, sometimes burned alive, sometimes lost lonely and lethal she tried hard to keep me together, keep us together, but I always came back and she was there waiting. What a keeper.


Her auburn eyes blink, just for a second and there we are, reborn in another time and place. Another possibility.




“Into the Woods”


The Woods of Konnecticut, near Sheffield stand thick and green even in this wild winter. Enter Nicholai Mapfre, a film maker from the South roads via modest Zip Car. Enter Adelina Blazhennaya, a Russian linguist, from the North. Enter the brothers Eric and Joseph Ruhelman, Franco-German bikers, from the West near Buffalo. The first unit was lost, but the body of Adon is still warm.


Nicholai Mapfre, who has sleek straight black hair like the beautiful mutt that he is had to zip-rent a car under a fictitious identity and drive three hours into the plantations of tobacco country Konnecticut due to a misunderstanding about the pick-up as well as the state of comings and goings. His contacts in the underground told him the Israeli team were all killed.  The pickup was the corpse of Sebastian Adon. The year was 2079, and the world revolution, the union, the events you may or may not have read of had and hadn’t all happened yet. You see reality, is not like a corpse. It doesn’t need to be bagged and tagged. It happens for different people at different times. The body was warm, and it needed to be because the South bound car dispatched because of the confusion around to whom the body should go needed to be resurrected by a sorcerous so she could testify on what it saw.

We are not banal, pale monotheistic Christians, so we do not live in the reality of black unchangeable static metaphor. Sebastian Adon died when bullets stopped his running, and then when electric currents stopped his heart. He was tied to a gurney and they were giving him the juice as per protocols. But with a kiss and bottle of vodka that corpse could tell many things to us. So Nicholai sped Northbound and Adelina sped Southbound, and she hated him so much now because he had betrayed her so many times before he died. In ways that made her livid to breathe him again.

Everyone was now dead. Everyone that have ever known him had been put to death in the jealous rage of young Oligarchs Ilya and Dmitry. Also Laurence Koch. Nicholai Mapfre was alive because he had never joined the union and mostly stayed out of Adon’s cell records for ten years. Adelina was alive because she had the power of a coy young god. And Ilya wanted her badly back for fuck and conquest. So badly he cracked her jaw and Sebastian had changed the color of the sky above the City State of Boston.

He’d ordered Charlestown razed and rocketed into the ground and fire dust, simply because Ilya worked there. That was just 45 days ago. 41 if you counted the interruption of the Bangladeshi Wedding.

The Franco-German Ruhlmann Brothers had paid 9K in bribes to steal the body and switch it out with the body of a homeless lune from Buffalo, NY. They didn’t affiliate with anybody but Princess Akhtar, the newly Muslim wed where they’d shared a table and rounds of juice with Adon, a day before his second capture. But, we’re jumping around too much. Too many names and places and you were raised on TV. It’s impressive you’ve even reading this. Words are so boring.


On 28 May, Adelina Anatolievna Blazhennaya returned from Moscow. The day after the ZOB came out from fifteen years of the underground and formed a trade union with about eighty other delegates from dozens of international partisan groups. What did the ZOB stand for, shut up, say the Ruhlmann Brothers; Eric and Joseph. Eric is dark and Joseph is more Nordic looking. That guy Adon was a dead man. And had we not been well paid and respected his general odd character we would not have converged with our muscles, Catholic icon tattoos and fast cars to steal a dead Ivory, excuse me, a half Hebrew, half German Fenian terrorist.


The sky was still black above Boston.

Thousands; almost a ten of thousands had died over one strike to the face of Adelina. Ilya slapped her when she walked home with a bag of groceries Adon had bought her, that was one story. Adon moved her out. He tucked her into bed. He had every reservist called up by the 29th rockets blew away Charlestown with everyone in it. Ilya lost three days earnings and a hand and an ear. Most of the camps around Boston were put to flames by the serfs. This was not the old Adon, the peacefulnik. He killed a small City over one hair on the head of his intended.


Intended? Yes, Adon had long proclaimed he would marry the high priestess Adelina Blazhennaya, but they had been separated by Moscow. By Moscow? Yes, but Moscow she had fled for Moscow after witnessing so many things she could not explain in Hispaniola, in Haiti the heart of so much darkness and raw ambition.


Well it was 17 July now. 45 days later. The Akhtars were married and on second honey moon. Charlestown was a crater. Ilya was missing an ear and a hand. Adon had been brutally tortured, and was evidently now dead. That’s what the certificates said. Nick was speeding, except until Konnecticut; Northbound. And Adelina was speeding, except in Konnecticut South. And Kudzai Chikwamba was back in Sharashka Waltham because he was too black to bring anywhere. You’d get pulled over driving the actual speed limit. But of course Kudzai, being a believer in the prophesy was a supporter of the companions of Adon.


And Adon, well he was quite dead.


So the Ruhlmann Brothers stole the body. And Nick brought a video Camera, and Adelina in deep wooded hide away poured the Vodka over the corpse. Reached her hand into his chest via the mouth and pulled out a black, black heart. It was still, then it was again ticking. And she wound a small lever upon it. And miraculously the bullets feel out of his body. And she quickly, quietly made the three men turn away and she kissed him. And he came again to life, his 14th incarnation.


You bastard,” is all she said, in Russian, “You damn cheat.”

The dead man Adon, he may have blushed.




“The Deep Woods”


They all sat there wondering what this man could possibly know that made him so valuable that were running around this tobacco ginger bread village country waiting for him. And, yes Adelina Blazhennaya, the daughter of messiahs could answer that. The ‘there’ was firstly, the nifty trick that Adon didn’t die as other men did, he became reborn with only some tinkering and his corpse no matter what degree of harm came to it; reformed, slightly overweight and slightly burned yes, but a knock around guy who doesn’t die was hard to come by. More importantly he possessed a certain more interesting trait. He drew people to him how were awake and had their own Allah given abilities.  And doggedly, sometimes with guns sometimes with speeches he had for over 4,000 years been protecting the bloodline of the prophesy.


The bloodline of prophets, messiahs, high priestesses and the Mahdi; Emma Solomon. Now, this was a dying reality. The Great Revolt had not happened. The Union had gathered great partisan factions, then inadvertently set them all up to die. Or be assassinated as Ilya and Dmitry had ordered and ordained. That meant, that in protecting Adelina, his intended wife’s honor he had finally incurred the wrath of oligarchs he couldn’t give a heart attack to. Whose money wasn’t tied up in the burned out semis and blackened sky above Boston. He had fallen for a Queen Helen; he’d burned out all his closest allies over a woman.


Wouldn’t probably be the first time. Just the most self-destructive time.


“Not, because I was in danger, or because he had to, because he slipped up,” Adelina reminded the camera being welded to the moment by Nick Mafre, rather Nicholai Mapfre Bruckman, the last living friend of Sebastian Adon. They had even captured the Bear Ivory Alan Oleg Medved. And cut him into little tiny pieces to feed to dogs. He couldn’t talk or fight his way out of that one. Because Adelina was way more than a friend and the Princess Akhtar was the Princess Akhtar; royalty. You couldn’t be friends with superior species. You could be rooted for and root for them back; fighting!!


“You fucked up chicken, and you just got fried like suicide,” notes Joseph Ruhlmann the big French German Viking with both arms tatted.

“They even got to your man Michkai Dbrisk,” noted Adelina.

Sebastian just assumes that cannot be true.

Sebastian flinched, his life energy moving throughout the body the Buffalo boys had stolen and Nicholai was filming and Adelina had turned her back to.

“Will she ignore me forever, or just for all of this life?” Sebastian asked Joseph.

“The words that Princess Meftahul Janaat S Akhtar Khan told us; you’re the best killer the world has ever seen, the gunslinger of Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva. She’s the daughter of an imprisoned high priestess. And since your so called ex-wife Emma Solomon is dead, and Avinadav is dead; well the candidacy for savior is nigh. And we’re Catholics so we get behind Miracles when we see them,” states Eric R.

“Indeed,” reverberates Joseph.

“Is anyone paying anyone to be here?” Nick asks.

“My brother and I were paid by the Akhtars to be here, but since home boy came back to life and the birds above us circle above Adelina, we’re here to learn,” says Eric who has a black brown beard and a picture of what could be the Virgin Mary, or could be the whore of Babylon, or could be Adelina Blazhennaya shifting eerily on his right forearm.

“Your tattoo is moving,” says Joseph.

“I can hear you think man,” states Adelina, “I’m no whore.”

“Well how now new friends, what are we doing out here supposedly so hunted in Tobacco country?” asks big blond Joseph R.

“Wait for it,” says Sebastian.

“What?” asks Nick Mapfre the tragic little filmmaker?

“Now we are five, but soon we will be forty,” Sebastian says.

“The dead man talks in useless riddles,” says Eric.

“Wait for it. Wait. Now.”

Out of the thick green bush erupted men on all sides with hatchets. Ugly toad like men. Planters sent on a scavenger hunt for five heads. Four marks and one young brunette slim lustful capture. ‘Do what you want to the men, lottery tickets for all hacks!’ had smart phoned in Ilya. ‘You bring me the brundinite young lady, unmolested if possible, but things happen in a hack fest I can’t control. One million a body, 10 million for the girl alive,’ these were the orders than sent all forty of Dany McFadden’s planters, hookers, hangers and bangers into the woods with their hatchets to flay four and take one sexy, young, auspicious prisoner.

Blat,” was all Adelina said.

The Ruhlmann brothers drew their side pieces and mentally counted the bullets in the clips and chambers. Sebastian, who was not fully here yet drew his index fingers out like pistols.

“Wait for it,” he repeated.

The grim mob moved in, but as the lesser, lower base prophet JZ says, ‘what’s a babe to mob, what’s a mob to a king, what’s a king to a god, what’s a god to a pack of non-believers, who don’t believe in anything, make it out alive!!’

“Make it out alive,” Adelina whispers as the hatchet men move in and the Ruhlmann brothers get the itchy to pump clips. And Sebastian looks looking crazy and Nick just keeps filming.

“Make it out alive,” and suddenly plant roots shoot up to hold their paid assailants in place.

“Don’t waste you led fair escorts, brothers Ruhlmann, Sebastian; hold fire.”

“The roots squeeze them until they tangle above shoulder level all forty bandits. She seems to guiding the roots with her hand.”

“A second most auspicious miracle,” notes Nick Mapfre. Three to be a saint, four to be a martyr and five or more; the Tzadikk ha Dror; female candidate for messiah.

The mother of nature squeezes until they have all dropped their hatchets.

“What now brother, shall we dispatch them as they would have us?” asks Joseph.

“Nay. They will know us for while they have slaughtered our people, we will not kill.”

Sebastian looks lovingly to the woman her calls his God, the manifestation of his God as a Valkyrie; a warrior angel, no more. If he has woken from the hands of hospitaliers and Emma and Avinadav and all his brother/ sister allies are dead; then how now, she is Mother of Messiahs now.

“Who is this Ilya man your now feeble friend here has so slighted? What kind of gods are we warring with in assisting you?”

“He is an old god, a creature that has managed to survive very well through all the transitions. And Sebastian burned out one of his major American trafficking points Charlestown, and he thinks her stole me.”

“Think,” smirked Sebastian and the brothers laughed at that.

“Let’s just keep it moving,” Adelina says. “I have made a rendezvous with Arelene Daly of the Fenian Republican Army on my mental. It seems if we just keep moving two of Adon’s choice collections are alive. Arlene of Erin and Tiputti Capois the Haitian sensation; in the protection of one very loose cannon Watson Entwissle, also a Haitian. And then we will number eight. And Watson has a plan to steal an air ship and bring us to liberated Ayiti out of this Babylon slave farm.”

The wrenching faces of the over nourished hatchet men grimace as they pass through the woods. The Ruhlmann Brothers help Sebastian who can barely walk. Nick keeps filming everything. Keeps filming the miracle miles to come. For as they pass through the woods, these chosen five; the birds circle overhead, the birches bend toward her, the path opens itself to them; 44 clicks south west to where Watson is hidden in a tobacco barn watching after Arlene and Tiputti. Make it out alive. Make it out alive.

“Had you not said all my friends were dead?” asks Sebastian.

“They are my friends now, and I don’t let my friends die for silly causes. And you ushered in a world of death and killing to avenge Emma and then me, but my efforts are towards art and meditation. Singing, dancing, healing and dealing with the misery made by men. Can you dig it, blat?”


“I can dig it,” is what he thought in her general direction and she heard in her magnificent head. At that very juncture he could dig just about anything she said.



“Bonobo Warriors”



They moved through the thick forest woods as best they could Adelina advised Nicholai Mapfre that there would be nothing good to film, but the half Indian-half Russian film maker told her they needed what was called B Roll, and she didn’t fully see why or even in her vast powers completely get why they even needed to make movies of these happenings when so many would get to live it.


Sebastian was slow to his new body and the brothers Ruhlmann had to carry him most of the way by slinging a branch under his shoulders and lifting him on theirs. And they gruffly nearly asked why the messiah couldn’t get dear or birds to do it. Or just levitate him.

“I’m ignoring him until the time I feel he is penitent for what he has done. As G-d has done to man, but not to woman,” she replied before they could get the words out.

“Why are you still filming us comrade,” asked Eric, “nothing very miraculous is happening. We’re just carrying your mildly heavy droog.”

“I’ll carry him awhile and you can film,” Nicholas Mapfre suggested.

“Is it Brick Man, or Bruck Man or Mapfre,” Joseph asks.

“It’s both and all. Bruck when I film and Brick when I shoot, Mapfre when in Europe as it’s my step fathers name,” he replied.

“Are you a guns slinger like this man Adon? A righteous killer across reality and time?” Eric asks. And then it damn near escaped him but now he realizes, he is a Bruck-man and we are Ruhle-men. And Adon is Adon. What serious stuff to be named a name Adon and not be a man, be someone’s man. To be independent born. How curious.

The forest opens before her but remains thick. It is the hot-hot heat of mid-summer and they are traveling North by North West following day stars only Adelina sees, they march as slow as the Ruhlmann brothers can carry the resuscitated corpse of Adon and Mapfre can b-roll. Where are they trekking; away from threats and towards beloved comrades. For after the merry holocaust Sebastian unleashed on Ilya; came Ilya’s reprisal; death and lots of it. He had wanted to degrade Adon to nothing and keep degrading the daughter of prophets and kings Adelina as was the oligarch way. Rape seduce and befoul all women that might become champions. Turn them to lovely irrelevant side pieces or just level them to whores. One did not keep power for 6,000 years as they had by not knowing to get their potential enemies young.


“Tell us a story as to the how now Ms. Blazhennaya,” Joseph requested.


She begins in her stalwart, commanding voice, “Now, we are not Christians so we need not make brief basic story telling. We can divulge mystery and divert to camp. In the beginning there were two races of monkey; chimpanzee and bonobo. The chimps were selfish and violent, the Bonobos were loving, calm, cool, and collective. They both loved sex but the Bonobos asked for it and chimps just knock rock took; like the later Neanderthal men then spawned. Now we all are educated rebels, so we believe in evolution. The Adons’ are half chimp half Bonobo; as are the Mapfres’ and the Ruhlmanns’; you are lovely and sensuous mutts.”


“She did indeed call you sensuous,” Joseph said to Eric.


“And the other men too, mixy mutts. Now around 6,000 years ago, remember that the Hebrew reality is now only 5775 years old; just shy of the Mayan B’ak’tun calendars; 26,000 years of servitude came before they came from the sky; aliens guys. It’s all very real. Superior alien military that in also two dichotomous species crashed hear and also liked sex, liked continuing their line and there ways. And then there were four species here all making love and rape, war and compromise. And more arrived because something was so interesting about woman and man; bonobo and chimp kind; they were veritable energy bags. They carried energy much more seriously than the aliens did and this allowed all manners of things to be powered. Great ships and hanging floating gardens. Pyramids and great walls. Are you following me; you are the sons of waring apes and benevolent and exploitative extra-terrestrials.”

“No stop for now, it seems like a silly movie script. Easier to believe you’re the daughter of King David, 28 generations or more removed,” Eric says.

“Well I am of David. But David was of something and I tell you that he was of gods, but what are gods really? Have you been to space? Have you at least seen all these stars and not known each was a sun that could produce the life forces we have here and did?”

“Yes I believe woman, but how now? What mission are we on?”

“Well I will tell you this; the oligarchy plans to obliterate Adon and befoul me bare foot and pregnant and materialistic. They plan to wipe out you all clearly and take me as a toy for the likes of Ilya Lubov; Ilya ‘I Love you’ as that demon goes on about, Sebastian too, too often.”

“Why were you dating him then this Ilya?” Eric asks. Eric was the brash one and Joseph the strong silent type. Both could do what they had to do in uncomfortable situations.

“Don’t make a martyr out of me yet,” she replies, “I have human wants and human needs. They hold my brother in the thrawl of opium demons. My parents are entrapped in Tank City with no will or way to leave. Adon was my man and he gave me adventure, but Ilya held a key to my family he had potential to help me free them.”

“You collaborated then and Adon made a jealous holocaust,” Nick suggests. These conversations are worth the lithium batteries.

“I am a woman of bonobo breeding. My mother was a high priest and my father a Pararescueman and flying fortress pilot.”

“The best men to the airships and the best women to the pilots,” Adon mumbled.

“What did he mumble?” asks Nick.

“I heard nothing,” definitively says Adelina Anatolievna Blazhennaya; which means in English; Lena daughter of Anatoly, the Holy Fool.

“Why are you such a holy fool,” demands Adon.

“Speak not or I will close my ears and eyes to you and you will be left as a mad man in the wilderness howling on about your love Adelina who runs with the stars birds and moons while you turn your back on love peace light and guided meditation. Cease talking to me now for you wound me up and caused much useless hardship. I had almost wooed that king to give me my family back passage to Babylon where they would be safe. KNOW YOU how much plutonium glows in or near Tank City. KNOW YOU what happens when the opium demons get into my brother with dirty re-used needles and aids. Quiet please Adon if you claim to love Adelina be quiet.”


“Told him she did,” Joseph tells the video camera.

“Did I tell you that should I be made the candidate of choice for Messiah, now that the choicest candidate Emma is dead; should I survive the hassle and ordeals; we will all lie around naked, make art and meditate. Will you follow me out of Babylon?”


And many were watching. Because Nick Mapfre, was live streaming hoping it could make someone watching from home care. You see if an Ivory dies in a forest and no one saw him die; you can break him into parts, and eat him as a cracker.


But if a Bonobo warrior woman and her resurrected gun slinging paramedic ex-boyfriend do magic on camera; then in Babylon, the Eagle, the Dragon and the Bear have a clear and present danger to contain.




“A Haitian Rendezvous”


Nine is an auspicious number and that was the number of their little band once they came upon Watson Entwissle carrying a sub machine gun filled with plastic bullets. Watson was a true gentlemen and gangster, and also a paramedic, and he had saved and killed alongside Adon in the days before and during the Breuklyn Soviet, the “Breuklyn Soviet if you wished to spell it correctly. He has seen Adon die several times and gotten his light skinned freckled Haitian ass tortured by Russians before over Adon and his flirtation, constant fucking flirtation with Russian women. His Bent Uzi can flight up eighty men before he has to reload the clip. The plastic bullets will break their ribs and drive them to his boot strap. He’s wearing a thick leather jacket and had a grey beret tucked in the inner pocket. He’s never wear that queer shit like a French fuck.


Haitian baby, Sak Pasay!


Nap Boule bitch, all of Charlestown was on fire over this latest Russian woman. According to “the prophesy” the most important earth Chakra lay in Moscow and that is why such dark power is harnessed from there. The vampires, I use that name exclusively for these blood sucking white oligarchs we war with; they used the blood of their own people to water the holiest ground in existence. And “the prophesy” says that when the Moscow ground is liberated the other chakra points will radiate peace love and light. The so called Age of Aquarius, on us any day now. Water being brought to us all for long time poor people have struggled. So went the wonder words of prophesy.

Charlotte Kamande is the buxom, beautifully placed together and quite Ugandan lover of Watson Entwissle so-so much does she care for him that she put on a leather jacket too and loaded up a Bent Uzi, and jumped out of a container plane above Konnecticut miles high above to rescue Arelene Daly, a blonde and Fenian and Tiputti Capois, the famous Haitian revolutionary commander of the GAI; these four were the sole survivors of the 1st Union Congress. All forty-four major other delegates were tracked down and cut down. Had Watson and Ms. Kamande not so valiantly jumped out the sky, and her strapped to him in tandem having never sky jumped before; had not holograms and a barn been used to hide three blacks and one blonde in Konnecticut; then Adon would have been the sole survivor, no wait they got to him and had killed him too.


“Do you know the cross he bears, the Ivory one,” mentioned Watson. “I say Ivory meaning Hebrew because he sure as fuck ain’t a blan no more.”


Charlotte Kamande she preferred him to be European sometimes than Breuklyn ghetto fighter. She once read that he and Adon had killed over 100 men in Europe; hunted out and used Voudoun, their secret powers to wipe out 100 slavers, traffickers, petty oligarchs even a Russian general named Budanov; wiped out a whole wing of the lesser Oligarchy as a Breuklyn Good Evening!

She preferred to think that at the 1st Union Congress Watson had transformed from adjunct to a murdering band of underground rebels; to respectable politician. They were good and naked an on leave in New York, just outside the Soviet in a village called Yonkers when Watson’s bat phone went off and it said the Oligarchy was wiping out delegates as fast as they had come out the underground; like a set up. And Tiputti called him and said he was hiding in a barn in a place called, or just outside of Sheffield, Konnecticut. Lord have Mercy!

And Adon was dead, again.

“Do you know how many times that man has seen the oligarchy kill his friends, he isn’t ashamed that zealot, maybe he should be. Do you know these beautiful eyes of mine are grow backs, they cut them in another life in Moscow? Why do I follow that man? No I don’t we follow each other we are all following god. You a Catholic, that’s cool. There’s a lot of books and a lot of gods, our god is one true god.”



“Sebastian’s new woman.”

“She ain’t his woman. He is just worshipping her like he’s supposed to.”

“No, I disagree,” interjects Tiputti Capois, the young Haitian general with his piercing inquisitive eyes that dart about the room, “When they were last in Ayiti, just this summer, I could tell he loves her.”

“Friend, you’ve only known him in Ayiti,” Watson responds.

“That may be the case, but I know him well enough to know that when he cries her cries for us sincerely and when he sings he sings for us sincerely, and he is Haitian in certain ways as he is Hebrew in others. And the rebellion here has been suppressed with the blood of his closest. The Oligarch is switching things. They are erasing people. I hope Ayiti is still there when wh

“Don’t worry this bad motherfucker will steal us a plane,” says Arelene Daly in a thick Belfast Brogue.

“That’s right I will and the little Messiah can fly it for us and make the fuel not run out, imagine that.”

“What makes you so sure she’s what she says she is,” Arlene asks.

“She didn’t say nothing,” says Tiputti.

“It’s the prophesy,” jokes Charlotte.

“It is the damn prophesy,” Watson replies.

“She arrives from the East on coffin of eighty eight good men. She brings the dead to life and she moves the world around her with light and love. That ain’t here well we’ve been tricked behind enemy lines into Sheffield Babylon for the last time. Because no planes I can steal without bullets and men will take us out of Babylon on just jet fuel. I need a messiah, and she’s from the east and bat phone said they stopped Adon’s heart noon yesterday with electric current.”

“Is Jefferson dead?”

“I don’t know. I just know that Ilya went after just about everybody. People Adon had just had polite conversation with, his family, his brother, people he used to causally fuck. Ilya wiped him out in just three weeks over this woman and the Charlestown rocket siege,” Watson reports.

“Why are we alive?” Charlotte asks thinking of all the murdered faces of the 1st Congress.

“Because I’m Watson’s lady,” she smiles.

“So you’re saying a living breathing Sebastian Adon is gonna walk through that barn door,” Charlotte asks.

And then the barn door swung open and walking nearly on his own now a living breathing Sebastian Adon, smelling a bit like sulfur, almonds and Vodka walked in.

“Tricky devil,” smirked Watson.

“How now gun slinger,” and the two embrace. And followed into the barn are Nick Mapfre the film maker, the Ruhlmann brothers and of course Adelina Blazhennaya securing the tobacco rafter barn door behind them.

“I don’t know none of ya’ll but Ady-Lee, nice to see you and Sebastian; you my Ivories.”

“We’re Eric and Joseph,” Eric says pointing and they shake hands.

“I’m Nick,” says Mapfre, “we met once upon a time in Breuklyn Soviet the last time these fools disrupted the stratosphere. We filmed it for posterity.”

“Can you walk yet,” Watson asks him, “we gonna have to bum rush a plane.”

“We’re gonna fly a train into a plane,” Adelina states.

“Are we now, well as long as you can fly a train I’m your gun slinger,” Watson says.

“How long have you been here,” she asks.

“Two days,” Tiputti says and she embraces him very happy he made it out alive.

“What have you eaten?” she asks.

“MREs and Gatorade,” Watson says.

Adelina gathers up the hanging tobacco and she piles it, then begins rolling it. And it changes slightly. The tobacco rolls become midnight sushi from the sea and she serves it out to everyone. A fuck ton of midnight sushi.

“Of course the Russian messiah can turn tobacco rolls to sushi rolls,” says Joseph Ruhlmann.

“And then there were 9, I didn’t know you’d bring a girlfriend,” Adelina says, “I’m Adelina.”

“I’m Charlotte Kamande.”

“I read about you, you’re an oracle.”

“Tough men with non-lethal guns guarding two candidates from the East,” she smiles.

“I don’t like it when they call me Messiah, so far these are just parlor tricks. Sebastian and Watson once killed 100 men with needles and voodoo. I just came online. Four weeks ago I thought I’d marry rich and move my parents to Southern California. It’s very hard to know Adon, but he’s loving when he’s able.”

“Ladies I’m not dead anymore, I’m standing just right here.”

“So a train into a plane, that shit ain’t subtle,” Watson says, “you big guys give me your guns I want to see if they’ll take Afula specials.”

“We’re more than happy with real ammunition thank you,” Eric says. Having seen too much magic in too short a period.

“Fine, but don’t kill anybody it’s against the rules of management and also the new covenant,” Watson says.

“We didn’t make any new Covenant,” Eric says.

“Brother, and I rarely use Muslim/Union talk to strangers in front of Adelina, she mocks me for it, but you’ve all see a dead man come back to life, the woods swallow our aggressors and before long a flying train; can you just empty you clips and fill up with non-lethally. I’m sure Watson has a few extra clips of Afula Specials,” says Sebastian Adon.

“Says the greatest killer the world has almost ever know,” Tiputti Capois.

“That man is the pale Dessalines,” Watson says, “but I’m Petion.”

“Jacobins be at ease, fill your bellies with Sushi, they will kill if they have the need to kill. I have often decided not to make great men good or bad men great. I have faith in my own powers,” Adelina says.


“I’ll give him my gun if you can turn water into wine,” Joseph says.

She touches an open canteen and it turns into white wine and Joseph and begrudgingly Eric hand Watson their burners to tinker into heavy handed, non-lethal toys.




“Nine Deep”


Now that there were nine of them they were very powerful, especially protected by so many guns and so much magic. Marching slowly South Easterly in the deep woods toward the coast, they kept on one foot in front of another at four meters spacing.


The woods were thick and they waited out the day in the cool of the vertical tobacco hanging barn. You may not know this but one of the largest production sites for cigar tobacco is the American Babylonian state of Konnecticut. Now what’s with the Babylon? What does that even mean a civilian might ask. You see, the Hebrew; the Ivory had twelve tribes; thirteen if you counted the divided tribe of Joseph. So these tribes were descended of 12 brothers who sold their brother Joseph into Egyptian slavery which triggered the events of the later book of Exodus in the Torah, or Old Testament. The word Old seems to imply that that the New One; the one about Jesus and his fine work somehow abrogates or replaces laws that are so exhaustively laid out in Leviticus and Numbers and Deuteronomy.  613 sets of laws for The Ivories; and 7 Noahite; laws of Noah for the Gentiles; everyone else; like don’t rape, rob murder, covey and kill. Basic shit for non-covenant observing people. Now you can’t buy into a covenant until Jesus and Muhammad come and Muhammed one of the first things he does in Medina is restore most of the laws the Romans pulled out. We’re jumping around here but I’m sure this was written for Gentiles and Ivorites that know how to read and can handle dissonant, abstract thinking.

Babylon was ancient Persia and Iraq and more. It was the place that 10 of 12 tribes; well all buy Judah, Levi and Dan never came back. It just offered more than endless tribal wars to extinction with Canaanites and Philistines. It was a modern, pluralistic, developed ancient empire and ten tribes just stayed put. Lost like an American Ivory. America is called the Eagle in Rastafarian tradition to show its prowess as an aggressive empire; one of the four horse men is another allegory along with the Hawk; Europe, the Dragon China and Russia the Bear. We call America Babylon because once you manage to get and stay there, as long as you’re not the black race; you forget where you came from.

“You might send money back,” mentions Tiputti Capois.

You very well might. Remittances make up a tremendous source of livelihood for the people back home. But the longer you stay in Babylon you learn not miss war and ethnic tribal Chimpanzee purges. You learn to not miss Cossacks and the pale of Settlement. You get a house, you ante up in the debt game; you work until you die. You die until you get to work.

This is called a Reality Shift. Like the one that happens every time Adon gets his life so foolishly taken, or kills his damn self. He once shot himself twice and fell off a roof over a call girl that made him write boat loads of meaningless poetry.

“I don’t date Russian women exclusively. I date tough women that might be able to keep me from reality shifts; needless dying.”

“So you used to date that hot little Messiah,” Joseph asks him.

“I did. She never committed much to anything until Haiti.”

“What’s so important to you about this Haiti place, and why are we trying to get there,” Eric asks.

Watson and Tiputti raise eye brows knowing the shpiel of Adon quite well. It is a good shpiel. It tells of the historic nature of the struggles for the fate of the divided Island and its people.

“We are so interested in that island because its people were the first to defeat the Oligarchy. Others had tried. The Greeks took on Babylon and held them back for some time. The Hebrew Roman Wars went on for over seventy years. We were massacred and decimated and turned into sex slaves. The French defeated the worst of the French, but it didn’t last long until Napoleon began empire building and marching on Moscow. Whether anyone knows it or not they are all marching on the Chakra points and all trying to march on Moscow. Genghis Khan knew, he’s the only one to take that sacred ground and now we’re all a bit Mongolian. I would say the Russian Oligarchy with its Ivory advisors is about half Mongolian, a quarter Ivory and a quarter slave; that’s where the word Slav came from. The Tartars used to round us up and take us back to the Islamic Empires. So much history they never teach you. We’re going to Haiti because in a people in land is power, and if we are captured here they will kill all of you and make me a slinky court jester happy house wife,” Adeline explains for him, she isn’t in the mood for his yarns.

The Ruhlmann Brothers take in all the comings and goings in their Franco-German burly way. The leather and blue and grey clad paratrooper, paramedic Watson Entwissle paces without smoking. The bullets he gave them from his bag of strapped clips expand on contact and break bones not flesh. Afula Specials because they were designed in the Israeli town of Afula to keep the Canaanite body count low, well until 2074 when a high degree of who gives a fuck set in after the Sudanese and Russians genocided their own citizens and the DRC mineral wars broke the Ivoryish body count of 6-7 million in the Holocaust; you round up because no one counts babies really. Anyway the Israelis have a whole line of non-lethal weapons for putting down a lesser armed enemy. After the great purge when the resistance wiped out about 104 lesser oligarchs then foolishly lost all its own and more in ruthless civilian kills it was acknowledged that an eye for eye will make everyone blind, but a tooth for a tooth; the oligarchy takes more teeth.

“What is this Oligarchy you keep thinking so much about; these men that killed everyone that mattered in the resistance that Adon ever even smiled at,” Nick Mapfre asks.

“Before we talk about them, let’s talk a bit more about the island we will escape to during the night’s fall,” Adelina says, “Tiputti, would you and Adon like to give us a history lesson on the Peasant movement called The Waterfall Family. Now that the Z.O.B. maybe but we nine; and the Breuklyn Soviet may or may not exist and the resistance maybe over, but for we nine and the forces on that island. You see in another life Adon twice brought forces to defeat the Haitian oligarchy and their murderous collaboration with the NGO Class. First in 2074 he brought medical worker. But it wasn’t enough. In another reality he raised a guerilla band and out of Breuklyn Soviet brought 1,800 fighters to liberate the place. But it was a blood bath and million, literal millions died and the Dominicans all but conquered the place and tricked 200,000 into leaving D R for Haiti never to return. When it was done, again Adon had gotten many of his closest killed, this time perhaps for a cause. The resistance took 1/3 of the Country, but the Dominican influence made sure that nothing changed. Avinadav Butler was arrested and deported, and executed in the middle of the Atlantic. This was a reality not meant to be. So we re-started it,” she explains.

“There is way too much magic going on for us, I’ll speak for me and my brother. We are simple, brutal tragic, god fearing family loving men. We have a rock band. We drive motorcycles. We break skulls only when have to and we only have these guns because Princess Janaat told us that once we stole Sebastian’s body we’d be hunted like dogs. I’ve seen plants attack hatchet wielding white trashlings, I’ve seen you bring him back to life; hold his very heart in your hand. I’ve seen bullets that don’t kill and heard all kinds of interesting mythology. You even told me you’re going to steal a train and make it fly. We, are appalled by the magic seen here. What use have you for us, or even video cameras?”

“Because no one is going to believe in our candidacy if we just leave another trail of destruction along the road to Zion,” Watson proclaims, “I was the only one besides Sebastian there the first and the second time. Haiti is nearly impossible to hold.”

“It is truly impossible, which is why we love her so much and are so invested in here candidacy,” states Capois.

“How do you, restart reality?” Joseph Ruhelman asks.

“We go into the Great Temple and we ask the great and only true God to let us leave our bodies and go back to a marker point. A place where we agree to meet when we die. Adon does this as easily as he draws or writes Russian women poems, almost with glee. We love life more, it is almost traumatic. So we store our best fighters and compatriots in a Temple under the tallest mountain in Haiti. And when we fail, and we have failed so many times it is irreproachably taxing on all of us; we pull back to the Temple and there we emerge. Something has gone wrong though this time it’s all a mess.”

“Ilya wiped out the temple, he wiped out the bodies and maybe the spirits. If you don’t hear one of America’s most talkative revolutionaries yammering on; it’s because I’m cold shouldering his corpse, but it’s because he fucked up. He fucked up real bad,” mutters Adelina.

“He fucked up so bad because he exposed the Z.O.B.s list to Ilya when he moved against him without authorization,” Watson explains.

“We pledged not to kill. At the first Congress most of the awake ones were getting ready to pull the underground out of hiding and fight in the daylight. We had just lost Avinadav and Emma. Haiti and Breuklyn Soviet never were. It was as if we gambled a whole arc of our loss and struggle to wage a struggle with no violence and then; a major leader wipes out Charlestown over an injury to Adelina that is problematic at best to understand,” Watson says.

“I was never even any threat. It was pure jealous rage,” Adelina says, “I was tasked by the late Emma Solomon to ascertain why Adon seems to fight losing impossible battles, concentrate incredible forces, and then lose. For like 3,000 years. He even fought Xerxes once at Thermopylae as an Acadian.”

“I determined that he doesn’t serve the enemy on purpose. He’s just simple insane.”

“I am not insane, I am in love,” comes a voice that is more used to talking in other yarns and realities.

“He is in love with an idea of himself, as all men are. It was our curse and blessing that he both cannot seem to die and he so attracts such mighty defenders, lord knows even as a daughter of Russia I believe humanity needs defending from itself.”









“Ring of Fire”


Before the barn structure caught flames and they found themselves locked in a ring of fire our band of heroes waited out the day and they all took time to reflect on what was inevitably coming from inference and from prophesy.


Now allow us to recount the events of the previous books, but those transcribed by and about Sebastian Adon and the big books too; the ones people make religions around. We begin big too little as Adon would die many times before anything he wrote made print.


The Old Testament is a collection of writings chronicling the rise fall, temptations and betrayals and massacre of the Hebrew people. Abraham the first Hebrew has two sons; Yitzhak and Isa; the Ivories all descend from Yitzhak who has twelve sons; and one day the Prophet Muhammed will descend from Isa. The tribe of Judah which returns from Babylon with the Dan and Levi tribes gives rise to King David. Fourteen generations later Jesus is born to Mary. It’s about six hundred years between when the Romans pretty much martyr Jesus, fight three wars with the Ivories between 60 ce and 135 ce; then take on Christianity and change everything. The New Testament is pretty much written over ninety years later by Roman collaborators that drop out the laws of Moses. Now in 646 the Prophet Muhammed arrived in Medina and begins working on the Qur’an, although he is functionally illiterate. This book reconstitutes most of the stories in the Old and New Testament; he also raises and army of slaves, whores, peasants and orphans which will conquer about 1/5 of the earth in the name of Islam. Both Islam and Christianity are taken over shorty after they are propagated by the biggest opponents of the new faiths. In the case of Christianity the Romans, in the case of Islam the Yazidi tribe that butchers the biological family of the prophet Muhammed including his grandchildren Hassan and Hussain. The Seal of the Prophets remains for the most part sealed until 1864 when the Baha’i faith emerges based on blood descendants of Jesus and Muhammed; Bahaullah and the Bab. In 2001; based on prophesy Emma Solomon and Avinadav DeBuitléir carried out the warrior work foretold in the Baha’i prophesies, but they did it much more violently than had been written and some say they invalidated their mandate. Now, Christians think Jesus is coming back. More educated Christians except that it’s a blood descendant, not the actual original guy. Most people on earth don’t know how to read. About 1/3 of the species is Christian or Catholic; a Christ follower. About 1/3 is Muslim. The next biggest faiths are Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism is highly problematic in that it reduces hundreds of millions to chattel caste slavery. Buddhism is more like a philosophy that everyone could use a healthy dose of. Most problematically is that there is no “J” sound in Aramaic or Hebrew. So Jesus was certainly not his name. His name, agreed by non-Canonical sources was Yeshua ben Yosef; Yeshua son of Joseph. There could also be no word Ivory; which was pretty much a Roman invention after they fought three major wars in Palestine against them which resulted in total Hebrew defeat in 135 ce. They leveled the temple in 70 ce. Ivory was Latin or nigger. Jesus got his whole name and race changed. It was impossible someone born in Palestine could be white. Muhammed tried to correct a lot of that but he too was used for empire building. The Baha’i almost 1,700 years later came with unity peace love and light. But no one was paying attention until a Mahdi, Muslim Messiah of Muhammad’s like named Avinadav; and Meshiach of the house of David and “Jesus” named Emma conquered the Eastern Sea Board of the United States after an event called the Great Revolt.

It began at the West Indian Day Parade and spread out into most major cities of the East Coast. The largest most successfully held was the Breuklyn Soviet, which perhaps fell or perhaps still stands.

The Ivories, which still call themselves that are still waiting for Meshiach. They reject everyone who has come. Their leaders betrayed Jesus, their leaders betrayed the Breuklyn Soviet. Emma and Avinadav spread the uprising to Hispaniola, and for some time even conquered Haiti as said. But there was so much blood. And this blood tainted the houses of Emma and Avinadav. It was agreed to return to the Temple and restart reality, abandon this one and begin again.


But something has gone wrong because here we are, nine of us in a barn. A barn that is now on fire. And where are our messiahs now? We have a pale skinny Russian brunette that does periodic miracles. We have two Franco-Germans with muscles and know not fear. We have a dead man who all heard was dead, but he walks better each hour fueled by unrequited love. There’s an Indian-Russian film maker. There are two Haitian freedom fighters one black one Mulatto. There’s a sexy Ugandan, priestess but no one has seen her full power.


You notice I keep saying nine, but it’s really eight. Nine is the Holy Spirit?  But as the smoke roles in and Adelina Blazhennaya freezes up, as they get ready to think of plan b, c, and d. The thick black smoke brings death, and the Holy Spirit doesn’t suggest anything useful.



“Signs of Smoke”


Very satisfying at first, the smell of smoke.


Thinks Adon;


Yes, something was burning down, but I couldn’t think anything about it because I was so love sick, so broken so totally down over this girl that I couldn’t bring myself to stand and fight. I will tell you that if unrequited love tastes like almonds, well when it goes on longer as it had it isn’t like almonds at all; it’s like punching yourself in the face and then it tastes like your own blood. Because love is supposedly self-less so when you’re eating yourself up over a woman, like Adon had done for two years well it’s all your own fault.

The barn was burning and they just stared at each other for a bit.


I hate you, she thinks. You brought me out of my basic American life and you thrust me into the revolution in Ayiti and I lived in squalor for what seemed like a year and now, now I just almost squared myself away with an ok guy, fine a major oligarch and you ruined it in jealous rage. You completely fucked up and got fucked by Ilya. You tried to burn him down but you’re just not big enough. That’s the damn problem; why can’t you be a man not some ghost not some martyr not some space creature.

They stared so long everyone else began getting a little nervous because they seem to have distracted each other from the hairy business of impending death. Ah, death. Everyone mostly feared it but they and this Mexican stare down was a product of that kind of bluff.

I will say this, he thought; that there may be only a couple things I took into and out of the hill of Waltham. And the one thing I cared about it very much gone. What know any other person of this kind of self-loathing, wondering why she could not see in me my worth? Had I not been through hell, had I not offered her everything? But she truly doesn’t believe I can deliver and it is breaking me worse than the deaths I die. I never have feared death, but I fear that I won’t get over this woman nor can I afford to get out from under her.

You see, if we were meek un-orthodox Christians we’d never even fathom that the daughter of the Messiah might love a hooligan like me. And yes, that is what I am. I reckless knock around hooligan that in every life have acted more like a Barbarian than a child of God’s people. The name be named; Yahweh must often wonder what to do with me. Smite me and bring me back to fight some more.

I wanted to lay down all my fighting when I met Adelina Blazhennaya. I wanted to not die. I wanted to not fight. I wanted to forget about Congresses and Unions. Even the glorious higher power of the cleansing flames of revolution! About uprisings and the struggle itself. She made me not want to struggle; she made me want to have kids.


Yes, you who know we know I am a hooligan and a zealot and all kinds of unstable things, but Adelina made me want to have babies. More than two, well maybe just two to start out. I remember catching the garter belt at a wedding and then like a horrible ass when she caught the flowers I denied that marriage was impending. I’m a horrible person, a total self-absorbed miserable person that will certainly die alone. And have before.

The building continues to burn and Watson rather stoically assesses that the door is barricaded so some party is looking to burn all of our heroes alive. A nice group of nemeses they’ve acquired since Charlestown burned down, as if that were the only thing this band was linked to.

So look, her look said; I can’t love you anymore, you took too much and now I have to live my life now, which may involve super hero shit, or maybe I’ll sell out like I was about to. That’s all my choice you know you bastard, yes bastard, you underground man; you delight in your own suffering but not I. I want peace light love and flowers, lots of flowers. I don’t want to hide guns in my purse, see everyone I know die. I don’t even think I can get us out of this flaming mess. You’ll have to do it.

Me, he thinks? You want me to do it? You want me to kick some ass for you again. No you don’t care. You don’t want to burn up, but you don’t want me to do anything. That’s the hall mark of unrequited love; it doesn’t matter at all what I do, you don’t care.

Well, thinks everyone else I hope the super naturals do something or we’re just gonna start shooting.

Look, thinks Adelina, there are things I admire about you. You’re super committed to fighting for your crazed zealot beliefs. That might make good father material, scratch that, might have made. You might have been a good father and it might have changed and matured you and maybe you’d focus on me and a family and not the god damn cause, your impossible vile cause.

Watson almost says, ‘could those of us that have been invested by god with certain super natural powers could you perhaps jump in before we are choked and burned alive, and I shoot up the door trying to bust out.’      

He thinks, I’m in so much pain. I’m being punished for what I said to her in the Empire Hotel in November when I called her a you-know-what. And then I bashed my face against the mirror and begged to die. Because she wouldn’t come back from Moscow and she wouldn’t trust him that he would quit the game for her.

And neither did anyone else. Their stare down was like mind sex with their clothes on a horrible tease. He wanted everything from her and she wasn’t going to budge. And what happened next, Capois, Watson and the Ruhelman brothers opened fire at the door ‘til they could kick it in and then they burst out the barn with the others in tow; they unloaded clip after non-lethal clip at farm boys, hatchet men, bangers and hangers on the payroll of whatever local farmer was now after Ilya’s golden ticket; but had forgotten don’t toast the main prize.

Eventually they shot up everybody, bang, bang; bang!

And eventually Sebastian grabbed her by the wrist and they got up out of the fire and he said, “Maybe you’ll never love me. And maybe I’ll destroy myself over you for everyone else’s amusement horror and sport. And maybe I’ll got to an early or a late grave actually thinking you were the one! I caught the garter like it was a fucking movie! Maybe I could have been a father! I don’t know anymore. I was in a hospital. My heart exploded and I died.”

This little tif is going un-filmed because Nick is watching a non-lethal fire fight conclude with more bang, bang, and bang!

“Sebastian. I need you calm, cool and collected,” she says.

“I may in fact have to rise to the occasion of greatness and I cannot, will not have you like a puppy begging for my undivided attention. What if I have to part a sea or move a mountain?? What you will be all sad faced and bush tailed? No, get it together. We may be over but I need you to act like the child of a god who will never turn his back on his people so I can act like the daughter of a god who turns trains into planes and gets us back to Haiti in one piece, can you do that man?”

“I love you.”

“Shut up.”

“I love you.”

“Stop saying that.”

“I love, you.”

And she picks up the entire flaming barn and all of the remaining henchmen and she flings them 100 miles into the sky. So, she pretty much got pissed and killed like fifty people in a ball of fire. Boom.

We’re making this up as we go, thinks Watson.

“They’re so tumultuous,” says Charlotte Kamande.

“So is the Old Testament and also the many parts of Star Wars,” says Eric Ruhelman.

“I don’t care what you blow up, what you level, what you save or don’t save. I love you and I will follow you until I die and give you my life gladly. And I wish, I wish my destiny was with you,” Sebastian proclaims.

Watson grabs his shoulder, “be way cool man. She stopped loving. And you gotta respect her because she’s the candidate now ‘cause Emma is dead and she’s not the lost, lonely and lethal miss thing you fell for. She’s a growing god.”

Sebastian drops his head and the pound he gives Watson says, he’s not the man he used to be. Watson remembers once telling him over a phone line, tapped into his prison cell; telling Sebastian a lot of people look to him for inspiration, so don’t fuck up.

“Adelina, Yulia, Oleg? What happened to them after the drones and the shoot out?” he asks Watson.


“They probably died, this is the effect of your friendship on many.”








“A Train Job”


They aimed to capture a train and somehow make it fly off the tracks.


It was easier in those days to hijack trains over planes. They would then take this flying train over the Sea of Galilee, Rhode Island out of Konnecticut and to a place called Block Island; 16 miles off the eastern seaboard, a fallen star ship; and there a powerful woman named Ms. Lisa Star could arrange their submersible transport to Haiti, re-fuel, take on fighters and then, who knew what things were possible, hopefully many.


“Why can’t the levitating train just make it all the way to Haiti,” Eric Ruhelman asks.

“Don’t be greedy with my magic,” Adelina says.


They had survived two serious onslaughts of hatchet men. She’s basically murdered the whole second batch fighting with Adon and that was what you get fighting with a jealous ex; nothing but useless black, emotional and real time death.


The 1st Congress had declared ‘all killing is a crime against humanity’; a violation of the noble human rights. But she, had not signed shit. Her candidacy was based on three things. One, she was one of the last people to see Emma Solomon alive, had served her will well as ‘the steel hand of Emma Solomon’ so many took that has an anointing. Two, she was from Russia so the likelihood of her being a candidate was way up anyway, as most other nations had murdered all in the houses of prophesy by 2080ce. Three; she could turn water into wine, make plants attack people and she brought people back to life and also turned them into butterflies. Which is what she did with all the henchmen she threw fifty (not forty) miles into the air, as to be in solidarity with this new Congress covenant, although all its signatory delegates were dead, except Charlotte, Adon, Tiputti, Arlene Daly and Watson Entwissle.


Had Adon not decided to go after Ilya so flagrantly perhaps none of that would have happened, because oligarchs don’t make trouble needlessly; they don’t do show big dick/ little dick show things, they just have big dicks and use them to fuck. They don’t fuck to show their dicks, they fuck when they feel like fucking and there was not great reason for Ilya I Love Everyone Lubov to go on such a colossal killing spree except Adon had just spat in his face and fucked with his money too, in the same five minutes.

Now, what did or did not happen between the oligarch and Adelina; who only knew. A girls sometimes gotta do what a girls gotta do. But Adon, a few days after Congress got it into his head that she was in bad trouble. And he was used to his women always being in trouble because he dated a lot of beat up whores, trafficked women and the abused mentally ill; I mean real pillars of stability so he basically in his mind’s eye could paint anyone a victim.


Whatever, before we get to how trains are made to fly with magic it’s important to remember how alone Sebastian Adon felt when he came back to life. Other than Nick and Watson these were all mostly strangers. Adelina was giving him the total cold dead shoulder and the others too, were like; weren’t you just in the hospital? Didn’t you just die?


Ilya got his money fucked with when Adon ordered a brigade to torch and level Charlestown where Ilya did all his this side of the Atlantic dirt. Adon also ran off with Adelina which flew in the face of his ego as well, though she was a side piece.


So he came down real, real hard. The smoke cleared over Boston and then Ilya send goons flying in all directions. Gunned down Congress delegates, gunned down old friend. Killed his mom and dad, killed his brother; killed and killed and killed until no one was alive that knew Adon. Even Breuklyn Soviet was gone. It was just this man and his Haitian generals left to kill and he’d thought he’d wiped out their temple too; no more tricks. No more fourth dimensions. But no, the bitch brought him back to life.

“It’s a terrible place to survive a massacre you provoked,” Watson states.

Adon put his face into his hand. So much loss over a woman that wasn’t even that wronged, at least not by Ilya Lubov.

“You don’t have Perchevney to protect you either, they locked him up for some spurious offense,” said Watson referring to Adon’s oligarch protector antagonist.

“What do we have?” Adon asks.

“Two Haitian generals, a film maker, two hooligans, your ex and her powers and my girlfriend from Uganda.”

“What have I done?”

“You took for granted your power and you anted up everything and you lost almost everything over a woman who won’t even look you in the eyes.”

“I thought she was in trouble…”

“Will be printed on your god damn grave.”

“I didn’t realize who Ilya was.”

“I don’t think you cared.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I know you are.”

“What do I do?”

“We get on the flying train she plans to hijack and levitate. We fly that shit to Block Island. We get blessed, we get on a black freighter submarine, and hopefully Ilya hasn’t managed to killed Lisa Starr and sink her submarine fleet. Then you pray, you pray hard. They even killed Michkai Dbrisk and no one loved you more than him, maybe your parents. I didn’t even know they could kill that bad motherfucker. But they killed him real good.”

“Do you hate me now?”

“I can’t hate you. I was pretty pissed in Moscow when they took my eyes, but I got new eyes. This too will pass. She’s very powerful your old lady. Even Emma didn’t so easily move magic.”

“What about Ilya?”

“He’ll kill and capture us, or he won’t. We’re going to Haiti to raise another army and then we’re marching on Moscow. Even with nine of us we are a force.”

“Such a force.”

“You don’t die man. Do you have any idea what that says to the rest of; god or devil we need a friend like you son.”

“What am I?”

“I know you’re basically a good person, but you get very reckless over these young Russian girls and you forget they are all perfectly capable for taking care of their own bad selves. You are a colorful side show.”

“I wanted to kill Ilya, purely because he touched her. Good or bad touch I didn’t care.”

“You got reckless. You burned his shit, you ultimately took a house wife and set her off down the path of the fire minds. You got Emma killed, but strange shit happens, how many times have you died and was it always your fault? You are always mostly to my knowledge on the side of human kind. Ilya is an oligarch, you pissed in his soup. He flipped out and was a lot less loving than his name implies.”

“Don’t believe his lies,” Adelina says dispassionately, “he isn’t clear even in his own mind who he serves.”

He sometimes let’s her be cruel, I mean he did before fly off at her sometimes when she went too long. But he was man and she was Russian, which means she had a loyalty tree. Around a tree was a circle and in hard times up into the tree she’d go waiving anyone not of her blood or feeding her. Which made it curious what she would do now.

“I’m going to stop a train. We’re going to storm and evacuate it. Then I’m going to pick it up with my mind and fly it.”

“I don’t doubt for a second she can do that, but can they be separated once it’s in the air so she concentrates only on the flying and not how angry she is at him,” Joseph whispers.

“I’m fine, the flying train will have my undivided attention,” she nimbly replies.

I wonder, wonders Charlotte what she will do if she has to. That is the question to ask will she turn us all over? Will she drop us and secure herself with Ilya if he allowed it? Why does a beautiful woman spend time around bald men; everyone knows bald men are either evil or have poor genetics. These were the things Charlotte Kamande wonders.

What I want to know is what she will do if she’s backed in a corner, if we can’t clear these rolling woods or if she gets distracted. She has so much power and we are just perhaps play things; what loyalty does she really have? She brings a man back from the dead but won’t even look him in the eye. Won’t even kiss his heroic cheek.




“The March on Moscow”


I will tell you what a palaver is; it is a serious sit down talking to; it is a scheduled tune up for the mind. We take perhaps a break from the over stimulation of intrigue and great escape to have one right now.


A palaver is needed when reality breaks. It is you needing to affirm with another person that you’re centered, that you’re still there. Because when reality shifts the people you were with are not going to be there with you anymore.

I give you my word before G-d everyone will freak out and abandon you as soon as things get a little scary, even your blood and you will be a loon howling at the moon and no will care. That was always what Anya Drovtich always warned would happen, he’d just break and he’s be a zombie a walking dead man howling at the moon and the young ass punk kids would ignore him.


Sweet palaver, a heart to heart to heart like Watson and Adon used to have in their cell in the fire house; when a white officer called Watson nigger and Watson broke that white shirt crackers jaw. And Adon went AWOL to help in Haiti during the great big killing quake and the FDNY jammed him up. And they used to sit locked up in that cell and make big talk on everything, that’s how there shattah bromance first began, before they went on their great big hit of bad men in Europe. Before the world ended several times and began again. Before the second invasion of Haiti.


Because when you got to live a few times, fuck it, live right, live hard.


It had been a very long time since any of our heroes had a palaver and honestly where could they have found time, they could only just gawk at miracles and strange happenings. Charlotte had tandem dove out a plane to end up in this fire fight, now there was a lecture or two later about following those you love into wild adversity. The Ruhelman brothers were knock around guys, but they hadn’t grocked it all yet. They hadn’t certainly sat to talk it out. The palaver was a great talk out. It was a sit in the dirt and unload the realness off your chest about that which was killing you, and this crowd, well a lot was.

Charlotte Kamande had only been dating Watson for less than a month when he informed her he had to go on the warpath, board a drop ship and jump out over the sky of Konnecticut and that if she followed him there would be greatness, but most likely death and she hadn’t even gotten a small piece, not one small piece of affection since the drop and pall mall here. Eric and Joseph wondered was the paying price for this high enough. Would there be really weird shit differential in the future, and how much more. Was this super natural Russian babe a goddess or did they die in a moto cycle accident and wake up in the LSD realm of heaven and hell. Watson being a stone cold mother fucker was not even for a second going to put his gun down and breathe, not even one second. There was very big bad wolf trying to murder them all. Much worse than usual, that wolf ate up all his partner’s friends.

And Adon, he felt guilt and shame. For he was coming to terms with his reckless actions. He felt like he’s done fucked up. But there was raw obsession eating him each breathe he took and each step be jostled out. He was walking dead this time for real. He was empty because she wouldn’t speak to him or look at him she wouldn’t even pretend he was special, that he had touched her well.

Had he touched her well? Had he done enough? Had he given her a better or a worse life getting her all missed up with tumultuous vagabond change makers that didn’t have the resources Ilya did to safe up parents or wipe out tribes. It was like the eight of them were coming out of this fiery dream. A dream which kept trying to kill them.

And what was this about a flying train, really a hijacking of a train? When oh when was anyone on in the leadership of this little outfit; Watson and Adelina going to sit down and say; here’s the plan, Susan. Here is the meaning of it all. Here is what we are out to do.

You heard things like raise and army in Haiti and march on Moscow and you got palaver fatigue, like you didn’t even want to hear the whole thing. You didn’t care to. Wasn’t there an easier way? Wasn’t there a job to get to? A house to save up for? Didn’t the old god just need you to sit in the Church every Sunday and talk out your sins in the box? Didn’t you just get to keep calmer. No flying fucking trains? As if that was something more outlandish than the midnight Sushi trick or the water into wine. This was appearing to be very scary and real. March on Moscow eh?

Not without a Palaver to top all Palavers!

“I am sorry that everything is happening so fast. I’m doing the best I can. My mentor Emma Solomon was bit more tightly with her tradecraft. I’m a novice. If it looks like I’m feuding with my ex-boyfriend in the middle of our latest emergency it is because I was deeply hurt by his lack of discipline. You have no idea how much training was poured into this man. You have no idea how many times he came so close to victory and then it was like a laugh in our face from the devil, he is a most tragic man,” Adelina explains.

“But I cannot love right now, certainly not him as he has acted badly and most of all, unaccountably.”

“Are we all having a group Palaver? Can we palaver by group?” asks Joseph Ruhelman.

“We are having a sit down, this is not a true palaver, because right not my whole essence is racing and I can’t really comprehend anything you all might tell me. It’s all very one sided and I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok,” says Watson, “you have sick crazy powers, and we all just want to know our part.”

“Is there a plan?” Eric Ruhelman asks.

“We’re going to hijack a train and get out of American airborne, then cross to Spain by submarine,” she says.

“Yes. I’d caught the flying train part. I meant more existentially. Like is there a divine plan you are adhering to, or are you making this up? Are you going by Old Books, books we haven’t seen, it’s all disconcerting. A little anarchic really,” Joseph says.

“Sorry. I’m totally shooting from the hip with all these new responsibilities,” she says.

“So there, responsibilities, that word sort of connotes a plan,” Joseph says.

“No, I assure you there is no plan, per say” she says.

“We’ll raise an army and march on Moscow is something of a plan you must admit,” Sebastian Adon says.

“I don’t fully endorse that plan,” she says. And Arelene remembers an old quote from the history books, something about the Third Rome never to fall.

“Well we’re gonna stop following you unless you make us bit more comfortable with the ways you make decisions,” Eric says.

Nick Mapfre films the whole, not-a-palaver.

“I want a word,” Sebastian says.

“Wait, before you go on a heartfelt soliloquy putting together words she is not going to hear I think we are all owed an explanation as to what exactly is happening,” Eric says.

“Ok, big fucking time out,” Watson says.

“There are. Not. Going to be easy happy answers given out. We are also not at this time about to stomach Adon, who is a good man hurting himself with unrequited almond spread love. Big time out. She has even said she don’t have THE PLAN, she has a loose plan it’s a good common sense plan. It involves getting to Haiti where our enemies are less and raising an army there ‘cause we can do that, being Haitian generals, “Watson takes full control.

“Emma had great five year plans and they seemed very thought out, but Emma is dead and we’re never gonna find her body. Avinadav was cunning military leader and he conquered almost all of Haiti and half of Africa then lost it in under a year. So plans are plans they get fucked up. This little smoke stack here is powerful and we are all here to help her and if you don’t want to help her go home. Go home to TV and porno and beer and whatever the fuck, shit,” exclaims Watson.

“I just had to ask because it was already weird and to my knowledge I die, I am a man. I don’t come back. I die and hopefully go to heaven,” Joseph says.

“That too is my world view,” says Charlotte Kamande.

“Well I can’t take that away from you,” Adelina says, “but I can tell you that it is a narrow view. One that might not be so glaringly in your face like Adon’s powers, but I would suggest there are many lives to live before and after.”

It was clear that this is what they were after to make them less afraid; a message.

“If I am to be fair with you all, if you follow me we all may die and the lives you end up with will be very different. But we are after the great liberation if I am not mistaken, we are after the creation of human events that liberate the great mass of long abused humanity from war and poverty; and these events take a mighty army; where ever that army may one day emerge and march to; that I cannot totally plan. But if you follow me to Spain and then to Haiti I will keep us safe as I can and use my powers for awesome.”

“Aye, we’re all with you don’t worry,” Eric states.

“Good, cause I’d have to shoot anyone that disserts,” Watson smirks.

“Can I get a word please, for the love of the gods,” Adon says.

“No, I’m sorry. I can’t! I can’t have you begging for me right now. I need you to be a man independent of my woman-ness and power. I need you not to beg, not because there is some horrible ignobility in begging, but because you don’t need to. And it won’t get you what you are after. I can’t give anything but myself into my work, because the stakes are too high.”

“For the love of Emma one word,” he says.

“Fine for the ghost of Emma take your words and then we must get some rest before make a great train robbery.”

“I’m here when you need me,” is all he says.

There was no other woman he wanted in the world to impress so badly and it wasn’t for her powers, he loved her before she had powers. People sometimes get the powers of the gods they forget where they came from, but no.

This was an issue of trust.




“The Impending Sea”


We were not far now from the beach, only a nights walk.

At times a person in life, like a great and epic story cannot decide what kind of story it wants to be, it has to find its way into its true character. And you all seem to have forgotten in all the melee of hatchet men that this is a very character driven story, although the characters are very different perhaps than you.

The stuff of miracles is how this began, but we must draw a noose around it and reign it in for you will reject reading too much more of these miracles coming from the hands of a lonely, lost and albeit fearsome Russian teacher of English as a second language; there are some other variables to square away.

For one thing, who paid the Ruhelman brothers to be there and was it enough money? That is a serious question because it is not so often you are pulled off your bike, barber tattooed punk rocker ways and asked to steal corpses that get resurrected and then march off to foreign lands on flying trains. What if they were not paid enough, would faith sustain them?

What of other whats!? We are told Adon has had many lives, but how has he used them? Has he squandered or has he done what he could with a lot against a lot? Has he just basked in the privilege of reincarnation and used it to awe and fuck a laundry list of Alina, Natalia, Yelizaveta, Alina II, Maria and Adelina; a list of six cold but loving Russian women, was that what he used all those lives for? No, periodically he also fought evil doers too.

What of Arelene the quiet when sober Fenian Republican who was also at the 1st Congress? She was mistaken with the Holy Spirit she was so quiet but she had seen terrible, terrible things in the coal country of Australia. She’s survived Ilya the butcher’s blade because she’s flown home to Belfast out of his reach, and now she was here. She woke up in the barn after a long flight and short flight a jump out with Watson; she two was in the blue and brown; blue uniform and brown leather jacket and she also had a gun but hadn’t gotten it warm in the fire flight. She was just stunned, what in the holy fuck were they all getting into?!


Now the Ruhlmann’s being Ruhelmen were not going to die without being well paid and they weren’t going to follow this fuck train of preposterous magic much further because the contract, albeit the oral contract over the pay phone with Princess Akhtar was, get the man’s body and wait. That period of waiting was over days, at least two days of walking ago. And their phones were dead, no one had asked the aspiring messiah could she charge phones; only could she produce Sushi out of midair and turn water into wine; they got spoiled.

And the Haitians were taking it as it came because anything this powerful had to be respected and implored; could it be utilized to save their people. Watson and Tiputti had lived several lives enough to see this as a great game and they as soldiers in a great old war. And whatever could make a train fly could unseat the musician, the president for life of Haiti, and burn the Dominicans, and this time for good.

And Charlotte was following Watson because she had this fire in her and she didn’t know when again a man like that, a gentleman and gangster would be her part of the world again. The film maker Bruckman, we he made films, because if an Ivory dies in a forest, you know how the old saying goes.

No one cares if he dies even if he gets caught on film, but you have to keep a record of all these people dying so nobly in all these forests.

I’ll tell you what will happen before they get to rob a train and levitate it, this isn’t X-Men or the New Testament. Things are going to burn down and out gang will thin. Because no one, not one person trusted Adelina Blazhennaya. Not because she was Russian, but because she kept clearly doing what she had to do for so many years to survive. And how would that translate now that she had powers, no expected her to keep burning for them much longer. When Ilya caught up to them she might really be tempted to just do her, become some kind of trophy with some magic and get her parents safe.

Adon, since he woke up from being dead was having a harder and harder time remembering what the Great Revolt was for. He basically woke up feeling emotionally defiled because that who had been his one, well latest true love well she had lay in a bed with that bald Russian oligarch and professed her love for him.

That’s all that mattered to Adon, that he was no more to her. Since she pulled his corpse back to life, and she should be thankful, but he wasn’t. She had left him for another man and he was mortified and the cause, well the cause was going to have to wait a day or two more because all he could think of was pain, the pain of rejection. Of not being good enough, no matter who lives he’s lead, no matter how many saves he’s made, villains defeated, battles one; he could not get this woman back; Adelina; who he loved so much.

They were sitting in the woods a nightfall. The Konnecticut woods are very thick and very hard to break through without a path finder. They were all still following her. In their own ways, for their own reasons, even though no one trusts her at all.


Sebastian thought back to something Avinadav DeBuitléir once told him when they used to preach on soap boxes in dusty Be’er Sheva, “In the days to come we will have to be our own Messiahs.”


He hoped they would be up for all that.




“Pragmatic Russian Made Messiah”


There came a point when it seemed like they all had to rest because even young Adelina was having trouble making the fabric of the forest comply with her beck and mystic demands. So they all sat in a small clearing back to back, deep in the green hill country of Konnecticut, perhaps eighty clicks from a place called Stafford Springs where Adon had been pilfered from the Catholic Hospital St. Francis of Assisi. Surely he’d done some miraculous things in his day.


They all sort of crumbled to the ground unable to remember when they had last slept, but Arlene knew; she hadn’t slept since Belfast. Which was about four or more ago, she was good on little to no sleep, she kept positive, which was vital to surviving life.


Eric and Joseph were snoring. They went out cold, no one had really agreed to take watch by Tiputti Capois slept with one eye open, which was the Haitian way when danger seemed near. Watson slept with an arm around Charlotte Kamande and Bruckman snoozed on the ground, the camera finally dead and off. Well he had a backup battery but figured he’d wait for great insight or fire fight, either or. Adelina wasn’t sleeping, just sitting and meditating, and Adon wasn’t sleeping, because being dead is like a very long nap. And a satisfying one.

Then there was no one left to count, nine renegades.

There were all these variables that Adon and Adelina could see because of their powers. He wanted to trust her, but he didn’t. Emma had been so good a proving she was the boss. Adelina was making this all up a she went. She had little to formal training it seemed. Emma had tasked her years ago to get Adon’s head right before the Great Revolt; the 3 million black man uprising at the Labor Day Parade on September 1st, 2076 that was the precursor to national revolutions that had sense all but taken the USA out of the Great Game. The dismembered United American States regime based in Chicago was lead for Barak Obama for three terms before he was assassinated. Was that real? Since the massive shift in the consciousness that took place on December 21st, 2077 what was real and what was illusion seemed very hard to ascertain. That was because lots of conscious people recruited at Burning Man festivals and TED talks had just out right sided with the oligarchy. Lots and lots of them, yoga doing, meditating, healthy eating, tech and sorcery that just one way or another stayed out of the Great Revolt.


The power of the Revolt had been that it broke American as a hegemon, but certainly not as a people; there were as of 2015 about twenty micro-states mostly on the East Coast; the biggest one had been the Breuklyn Soviet. After a lot of fighting and terror many were brought back into the U.A.S.; but Breuklyn held out because it acquired nuclear missiles from the Russians. Detroit and Boston fell. When this happens in Africa, which it does all the time; do people hear or think about it in China or the US? No, not really. It just wasn’t real. So the fall of America didn’t mean a lot to a lot of poor black and brown people, because Europe still exploited them and now so did the People’s Republic of China. There were just more English speaking whores now it seemed, maybe less English speaking pronouncements for democracy. Actually it was quite a lot like what happened to the USSR in 1989, and what happened in Breuklyn in 2015 was often compared to Chechnya to the glee or Russian commentators, ‘the chicken had come home to roost’.


But was it real? Who knew; what the fuck was happening in Syria since 2012; no one really knew; Sunnis killing Shiites killing Alawites killing Druse killing Christians; Islamic State some other groups like the Turks and Kurds; who knew. Just because the Age of Aquarius was steadily bringing consciousness; it didn’t mean you could make a chimp into a Bonobo.

Adon was soon  on his feet deciding to stand full watch, not one eyed Haitian half watch; though he did trust in that. He wanted Adelina to see him vigorously in the game. But she would not see him because she did not care.

Every man would like to imagine himself a real winner but not Adon, for every time he died he took it as a colossal failure. This time was worse because he so underestimated an enemy that caused so much carnage.

I don’t think a lot of people understand what a bitch reincarnation is, what a curse it can be made worse by remembering your past lives quite well.

So Adon was thinking about that. How much he hated disappointing his tribe, getting people killed without really changing the game.

There were bonobos, there were chimps and there were aliens and the mythologies of trying to cover the chimp bonobo wars, the alien proxy conflicts; well you had to be creative. When millions of people had their consciousness way upped in 2076 it shed no new light on the genetic and species level wars for this diminishing return of turf.

You have to take a deep breathe sometimes and realize you’re not wired the same as the other ones. You’re not as risk adverse, you’re not as easily tempted by wealth and flesh, though flesh is always a temptation. He looked on her and felt her grow colder just the small act of that.

He looked on the merry band of rebels here and wondered which would make it all the way to Haiti and when they got there what exactly would they do. Moscow was so far from Haiti. If Breuklyn Soviet still stood maybe some fighters would come, unlikely as most everyone he knew had been killed.

All of a sudden he wanted a cigarette, it was just his default way of remembering pain. Why had acted so stupidly? Why had bitten off a bigger bite than he could chew. The answer was that he loved Adelina more than he could recall loving anyone else and he was both horrified that she was in danger, and horribly jealous that a balding oligarch would take his woman.

Maybe that was his worst fear, maybe which is what kept the war going for him all these lives and all these years. His worst fear was that a woman that he loved would leave him for a man who had money simply because she wanted security over love, and that had happened a lot it seemed in different ways. Another way to look at it is that no woman wants to be with a fourth dimensional revolutionary who seems to wake up yearning to get himself killed again. No one is into that at all.

And yeah, he had some issues with women. He didn’t really trust them, he pretty much other than Emma had never met one that he didn’t equate with being something of a whore; at least in the idea that it seemed all women basically slept with how would feed them. That’s crude but a t some point he turned to Russians because they were more basic about the whole thing; there was romance, there was affection, but really the triple bottom line of dating one is why he did; they never judged you, they always improved you, they always walked away with a clean break almost like surgery if it got crazy, and with Adon it did a lot.


The mark of an insane man is doing the same thing and expecting different results, but it also shows persistence, which is attractive in the Russian world; dogged single minded pursuit\ of what you want at all and any expense.


She looked asleep, Adelina, but she wasn’t. She wasn’t judging him. She wasn’t missing him or dissecting what could have should have would have; they were done. Done a year ago. She had brought him back because Emma would have told her he’d be useful. And she didn’t hate him that much. Enough to not speak to him, for a while. It was torture to be alive next to the woman, the latest woman of your dreams and she wouldn’t even hand you midnight sushi. She wouldn’t turn his water into to wine. She wouldn’t cuddle. She was done with him.

That was their way Russian women were. They could just turn you off with no lingering. They had no sentimentality that perhaps made relationships linger, when their mate was no longer a viable partner the deal was done.

In the cold forest twilight, the forest spoke in tongues and moon had gone out at some point. The little otriad band was puppy piled and most happily snoring. Adelina was meditating on what was about to happen and Sebastian Adon was trying to keep guard, stay awake and stop thinking about her, which was impossible. He’d have to shoot himself to stop.

Which could be arranged if one thing had to come to another. All he wanted was a soulful and understanding palaver; but he wasn’t going to get one. She was making a point and her point wasn’t a Russian or American point; it was a simple human point.

You are unstable. You brought danger to me and mine. I can’t pretend you’re going to get better, that there is going to be a happy wedding and cute kids. That thing I used to say about you being a changed man once you got me pregnant; a real man made from a father; it isn’t going to happen. You caught the garter and I caught the bouquet, but I’m sorry Sebastian this is not an American movie; this is a Russian American noire. You’re gonna die in a hail of bullets for a ‘cause you didn’t have to believe in, I’m gonna marry on older richer man and if push comes to shove jump in front of a train.


No, no it could be so different he thinks. If I only have just one more chance, one more life to live let me use it to make proud this woman I love so dearly. They tell me what of me? What of my individualism. I know it not so well. I am a merely a gunslinger with a cause who like the sound of his own voice making rhymes, likes drinking, likes riding horses likes fucking as often as he can and likes painting paintings of women with large breasts. I’m a classic man.


But if she is a pragmatic Russian collectivist take on new, potential Messiah, I’m just the guy who won’t die, holding the gun with all the rubber bullets. Put the non-believers on their asses if we have to. I’m just at the end of the rope.


If she won’t love me, can’t love me, after all this struggle all this ado about her and only her; then I clearly have very, very little to live for. I did not say that makes me wish to kill own self, simply returning to the realization that I am unafraid of impending death. For they will catch




“Miss Young Thing”


It’s sad when seemingly smart people don’t learn from their mistakes, ever. It’s a true measure of the breed of animal we come from. Chimp or Bonobo; from the earth or from the stars. It’s also not fair to push your alien cultural values or even our beloved universal human rights on people that have had so much bad hard vile gritty shot happen that idealism is an afterthought. I don’t think many people know any of their rights, so they sort of begin praying and plotting and grinding; and they just say, “Ship is sinking boys, get to the life rafts. Climb over everyone you have to.” Well the biggest, brightest rafts are called England, France, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. Maybe all of Europe really.

But, when you get there by any means you find that there are countries within countries, plantations within plantations. You don’t get free that easily, nothing is easy. The white people are cruel and they take a lot out of you. They don’t really want people there that don’t look like them, they make you work jobs that aren’t really very dignified.


The sad thing about people, the idealists that keep trying to get the bonobo out of the chimpanzee; get the holy spirit back in the howling mobs; it’s that they are fighting against something they don’t ever really comprehend the evil of, the thing the whites call the nature. There’s no proof to all that nature; but humans act poorly indeed.


Adon had talked a lot about not being violent, but really it was all just talk. It was as if he assumed everyone else came back when they died as well, which was incorrect.


I will tell you what the raid on Charlestown looked like; about one hundred men surrounded it and parked pickup trucks on the surrounding hills and then the shelled the industrial district from homemade mortars attached to the back; like they’d learned in Lebanon. Then like two thousand rocket propelled grenades rained down on a lot of things that Ilya Lubov owned, warehouses full of guns and coke and spice. And they shelled a bunch of houses too that had nothing to do with it. Overall it was a cowardly raid, but Adon himself drove down to the office that was listed on the company website as 87 Bigmar Street; and no one was there because a Russian Ivoryish businessman never had the true address of this office on the internet; but Ilya watched his whole payload go up in flames, not his empire; just his American weigh station. Adon kept his promise to change the skies above Boston blue to black; and you could smell all that drugs and software burning.

As he drove in with so much hate in his heart, jealous hate; he forgot that he hadn’t picked up the tab on Adelina Blazhennaya since November around the Indian Turkey festival; and in her culture that means he was burning down a whole lot of things he didn’t have rights to.

She called him early in the morning the night before crying, saying he needed to get her and that’s what co-dependent American cowboys do best; charge off trying to be heroes where they are not needed.

Well he’d picked up the tab for late lunch one more time before he foolishly ordered the raid; left her with her friend Lana before going on a needless war path.

He never found Ilya, he never saw Adelina again in that life. Charlestown burned for three days then Ilya tracked down everyone he knew and had them killed to make a point; stay away from all my shit. Stay the fuck away at pain of death from breaking and burning my things over a whore. That’s what Ilya basically assumed all women were; varying degrees of whore.

Well 40 days later Ilya had ordered the deaths of around 4,000 people; friends, family, people Adon worked with or had recruited; wiped out most of his outer and inner, outfit. And Adon died too in a Konnecticut psychiatric hospital, Ilya didn’t count on her bringing him back.


Everyone was dead, and they were alone in the deep woods of Konnecticut talking about turning trains into planes or some such fuckery.


There was now growing suspicion and also doubt. It all seemed like magic tricks so far, no matter what they thought they had seen; everyone knew the world contained magic, but when you see it you doubt it; it isn’t at all like the movies. I will tell you how the human brain deals with things it cannot accept, it refuses to believe, it invents perfect doubt or then it shuts down. It shuts down so that it has no obligation to absorb big thought.

The forest was quiet, it contained big black bears and evidently men with hatchets. It seemed denser than many American forests, it seemed to over good cover from birds and drones. It didn’t rustle but at night it made eerie noises that forests make. Like there were animals out there lurking and circling and moving in for their kill. Which was correct in several regards because Ilya had paid very large amounts of green money to turn over gun and axe in Greater Konnecticut against our nine protagonists and slaughter all but one; of course he aimed to turn a potential predator into a sexual house pet.


There was something very underage looking about Adelina, although in the years of man she was 27; she looked mostly like a pre-pubescent girl. Nothing slightly curvy about her. She had endless men after that attribute, in order to defile it. Sebastian included for he was part Cowboy part Barbarian as well, one was needed to be one to fight them.


She looks like a ‘Miss young thing’.


Suddenly there again the smell of something burning. The crackle of flame and they were all up out of their huddle; the whole fire smelled like napalm. Ilya was apparently going to use a less surgical approach. I know not if you have ever been close to a ring of fire, but it is not catchy like the song is, it is terrifying and it sucks the air out of your lungs. From vessels above goons were burning the forest down.


It was suddenly so, so hot, and we were all choking in the smoke from the rising flames. And where was magic now? We were clearly now going to be burned alive and die horribly!






“Blood in the Eyes”


It was suddenly so, so hot, and death was upon us, we stayed together best we could flushed out the forests by flame. They must have dropped napalm on us. I remember Tiputti Capois and Watson Entwissle take point and rear respectively; and guided out band to the coastline, out of a choking hot death, the trees were all on fire. I could hear the terra drones, the grinding of metal men charging us, I remember the Ruhlmann Brothers opening fire with their pistols, emptying clip after clip into these killer fucking robots! Adelina Blazhennaya picked up man with her mind then shattered them, but there were thousands, endless waves of running metal skeletons bearing down on us from all sides. Nicholas Mapre filmed it, he never flinched, never got involved, but never stopped filming ever, and well I suppose someone had to. The Terra Drones made a screeching noise as they swarmed, they emitted a shriek to deafen us. Arelene and Charlotte were back to back firing Uzis into the robot hordes. Mapfre filmed on, believing in his hear this was the last stand for sure. Watson lobbed a regular grenade and bunch of robots blew up. There were too many, so Adelina drew a force field around us, a barrier they could not pass, but it so strained her magic, she sweated, she groaned, there are a million metal men trying to dismember us all. And there I saw Watson and Tiputti reloading, saw the Ruhelman brothers cross themselves and load the last bullets they had, thinking about boxing a machine, or a swarm of them, and Arlene and Charlotte they took positions, Mapfre looks finally afraid. What was I doing? What could I do? I had no blaster, I had no weapon at all. I just stood near Adelina should some robot hunter killer get through.  To one side, a burning ring of fire and to the other side the sea and metal men, killer Terra drones bearing on both sides. And then, I looked up and it was too late, an Ariel drone fires a concussion rocket into us; Adelina threw up her palm and it went flying into the drones; woooshe, BOOM!   She is so powerful. Is Emma really dead? Is Adelina assuming the thrown?! It can’t be, this isn’t what was written at all. I have to do something, I have to help my……..friends. Yes, these are my friends are they not, only the brothers Ruhelman were paid, all these other were sent to rescue me from Waltham. “The Black Freighter is close, stay tight and we will wall get off this beach alive,” Adelina proclaims with power. The robots howl, I keep looking above scanning the skies for Ilya, this is all wrong, it isn’t like this at all in the New Social Gospel, no dying on a beach, no losing Emma. They’ve been hunting us for weeks, for days! If the Black Freighter surfaces it is vulnerable. And then I realize what they’re doing. Using me as bate to kill her. To kill Emma Solomon and Avinadav DeBuitléir, the leadership. I don’t know how these drones howl, everyone is tight back to back. Adelina looks determined and tired, but weakening. “As soon as they surface everyone follow me into the water,” she commands. The skies are black with vultures, more drones, and a helicopter way up, high enough she can’t bring it down and hold off the sea of metal death all around us. They’d rip us to shreds if no for her, the band is virtually out of ammunition. I smell fire, I smell impending death no matter what happens. I can’t remember seeing this before. Mapfre films for history I guess, Charlotte and Watson clutch hands on each other and their semi-automatics. Arelene prays quietly, Tiputti too. Adelina watches the water, and the black freighter begins to rise the enormous behemoth; the Israeli nuclear submarine which moves the movement leaders around. And my worst fear comes true; rockets hit that ship from all over above, below the tree line. They strike at the ship blowing it to bit before our eyes.  Was Emma on the ship? Was Avinadav? `  “NO!!” yells Adelina and the force field drops; and the drones rush our position. I see Eric Ruhelman fire point blank and punches a robot in the face, it hurts his hand a lot.   The Black Freighter sinks back on fire, a ruined ship and failed rescue. What a botch.    “When I say go, everyone follow me!!” Adelina opens up the sea like Moses. She opens up a 16 mile corridor out to Block Island and we run down it as fast as we can, the eight is us just barreling into the canyon of water held open with her mind.   “Whatever happens keep running!!” she bellows in Russian, then English course no one speaks Russian here.   A metal tentacle grabs my leg and yanks be back to the shore, we had not gotten far even. “KEEP GOING I YELL,” and I didn’t need to tell anyone twice. Except Watson and Adelina turn back, the others run they run as hard as they can with all they have left running through the Atlantic seawall being chased by drones, the water held up by a powerful young woman.   There is a big flying Ariel drone dangling me, it is hundreds of Red eyes, it tightens its grip and shatters my left ankle.   Adelina with one hand motion hurls hundreds more drones into the brine, “Watson keep moving,” she commands!   I’m like forty feet off the ground being strangled.   “Watson, run.”  But he doesn’t know how. It’s not in the Code to run. That thing is so big and I have no more bullets, he thinks no powers like these ones. I hope Charlotte gets clear, and Charlotte runs back firing an Uzi at the Ariel Drone, and when the bullets run out, her eyes go Grey and hit it with fire ball of kinetic fire, it explodes and drops Adon to the ground. Watson didn’t know she had the old majik too.   “Guys, go now. I can’t keep the sea open much longer and it’s a sixteen mile run!” Adelina says. She looks less in control.     “We can’t run that quickly. Let’s just grab him and let’s go!” says Watson, declares Watson.   But before they even get to me hissing green gas hits us, we all fall down, choking. I can’t see where the others are, running like hell, not looking back at all. Mapfre, the Ruhelman, Arlene and Tiputti. And the sea crashes in on them, drowns them all as we choke to death on the beach. And more drones bear down on us four, holding us all down. Merciless metal arms and steel tentacles.   A helimonster lands, and there is Ilya and Dmitry, grinning. The drones force me and Watson prone and jerk our heads up.   “What a chase bitch, what a chase,” says Ilya in Russian.   He then immediately executes Charlotte and Watson; two bullets in each head. Then with me watching he takes out a knife and he cuts off Adelina’s head slowly while I just bellow in sick black helpless rage, seems familiar. He throws her pretty little head into the sea.    “You, you shit, you worthless devil shit,” he says, “no matter how many times I kill you, I never forget how much it hurts you when I kill all your family & friends first. I love it! This time I’ll torture you for a hundred millions years, it will never end your torment!”   He kicks me in the face as hard as he can.   “Behold the bodies of your companions, behold your latest dead messiah, another whore I ravished first.”   He puts his dagger into my eyes, pop.   And then he cuts my eyes out, my blood and the blood of my latest and most durable love tether crimson on the sands of Galilee.





“The Last Queen of Prussia”


Every time, that I am killed, I return immediately to the past. I have died many times, each is quite painful. It is very painful to inhabit the world so powerlessly and so indefinitely.

I always think of a woman, I always try and hone in on her face, remember what she felt like sleeping next to me, or what her smile looked like on the face of my un born children.

I have never died a painless death. I remember my suffering, my families suffering. My people’s suffering. I remember what they did to my woman.


I’ll tell you what time travel feels like, it feel like jet lag. It feels like getting a shit night’s sleep before a big day, or clearer still, a big new opportunity. You wake up knowing something went wrong.


When I first saw this woman, I knew only but two things! One, was that she was very attractive, exuding high class and the second that she spoke her English with an unusual accent indicative of either speaking Czech, living in Germany or have a Swiss lover; all of those things made me vaguely uncomfortable. For I am highly prejudiced to Europeans. While I was unfamiliar with her physical and also mental terrain, I had come across the woman architect in a Baha’i meeting in the People’s Republic of Cambridge, a liberal bastion of the separatist movement; a pocket of tranquil intellectual flatulence loosely north of Boston Soviet about forty and some five checkpoints to West to Sharashka Waltham, the prisoner camp I was being held at in the Winter of 2014. Now say you, there are no prisoner gulags in the United States of America; nor are there Soviets or free zones; is not that fat and happy place a great giant tranquil cream puff of make some money and gain some weight? Ha, well it was for some time. But by the time I met the lovely little architect, a civil war had been raging for two years, it’s very epicenter the city in which I was born New York, New York! Her name, yes what was her name it was also unlike a usual Russian name, but she was vaguely unusual woman with her accent as I said, but also her name, Adelina Blazhennaya. And she was a linguist and vaguely interested in my work so we exchanged our information at her birthday, just two days before the Chechens blew up the marathon and I didn’t see her for over a year. These were the years of the civil war, the so called Great Revolt and I was in this miserable prisoner of war camp, under a fake name with bomb embedded in my chest in case I chose to leave. I quite hated and still hate provincial Massachusetts, quite despised the chill of just three hours north. Despised my duties in the camp. And my ghosts, I was playing dead about to be shipped overseas in the service of the revolt. I was an agitation propaganda officer working as a paramedic.


My death had been arranged in 2076 to assist my companions and we were bring a certain system of training rebels out to places abroad, but then I was ensnared.


A bomb was placed next to my aorta or somewhere besides! Whatever technology you think brings so much innovation to your life via the internet and smart phones is nothing compared to what the ruling elites and oligarchs and real power brokers have. I was forgotten in this cold dead place of purgatory while in New York and in Haiti my comrades and family, my lovers and friends thought me dead, and Great War raged inconclusively!


A great wall went up around Long Island cutting Breuklyn and Queens off from the USA. Heavy sanctions and drone raids and state of emergency.


I will tell you the worst thing that happen to a man is to forget his face, to forget who and what he is. What he is doing in life. Worse still, for him to wander so far from his companions that none no him and anything he thinks he could be, he is. That was me. Trapped in that special engineering camp walled in my highways and radio towers. The bomb that was put into my chest come with special instructions; build us a training system or you die. Die alone and forgotten. Your city burning yonder will be the fire under your feet, design us a system to unleash whole societies against the oligarchy.


For you see, while I served the rebellion; I was also a serf to the Oligarch mad man Sasha Perchevney who told me that if I did not design him a system he would sell my former lover Natasha Andreavna to the soldier brothels on the Western front. Powerless me, a scrappy intellectual and Ivory what could I do but what that mighty war lord wanted. And I was thought dead so no one came to look for me in Waltham at all.  And it seemed to snow in that place nearly all the time. Like American Siberia, manufactured with great hidden machines.

I’ll tell you what, I was thinking! That’s never been the problem, not at all. And the snow was falling hard, compared to what? I have no idea. Seemed hard for America anyway. What I was thinking then was that I was late, again.

That’s a terrible look in every single culture, except for Chornay culture; it’s normal and expected. If a black friend shows up early, well, don’t worry that won’t. But I am not a Chornay, I am a part-Ivory half caste and it is quite cold in New York now, quite over snowing, quite utterly miserable and you wonder why people even choose to live in this country except for the ability to make some money. It’s worse in Boston, I can tell you first hand. Some better money is made here evidently, and they build a family and mythology around that.

I think I know some things about some things, but I don’t know anything at all about women, Russian women in particular. I can’t tell you anything of substance about Slavic culture, only stereotypes and inventions based on being around them so long. I would say with certainty that I’ve never met a Russian idealist, never met a Russian man at least not overtly claiming he’d commit any kind of high or low crime for some rubbles or better still Renminbi or Euros. There are perhaps over one hundred reasons Russian and Americans should or should not date; but they come down to aesthetics, culture, balance and improvement. This too, a stupid mythology because its’ all banter and barter and pheromones and fuck; it’s just about attraction to what you’re told is decadent or, self-improving.  The Cold War is not after all fought between individual antagonisms; but over politics. Most so-called ‘Russians’ I have met in New York City State are not actually even Russian, they are every type of other former Soviet Ivory; or Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Georgians, Moldovans and Armenians; most Slavic Russians stayed in Russia. The Americans call anyone who speaks Russian, the Russians; but quite frankly outside the tallest of Manhattan towers and the highest of the high end; well there aren’t that many Russians here. For whatever it matters, in the scheme of the story.

I have met causally only a few in greater New York and Brighton, Boston, most in Breuklyn Soviet’s Russian quarter and all but one forms or shades of a Jeuf. Dmitry was born in Uzbekistan, but was Slavic Russian Orthodox as could be and a scheming hoodlum. I shot him and he wounded me in a duel for insulting the honor of Maria Parsheva, also a Slav but born in Ukraine claiming to be an Ivory. He lived together for two years she and I; a quiet geisha mostly. She was afraid of blacks, wanted to leave Breuklyn. She sucker punched a hooligan one night and pulled me bleeding form under a sixteen person pogrom. Yelizaveta is she half Ivory, born in Ukraine but her mother was Slavic Russian. She never loved me like I loved her, I chased her for over a year. It was more sentimental until they locked me up after the blizzard, for an unrelated series of events. I was then abandoned on Mondays and fucked apart on Fridays. I have no regrets, her mother didn’t approve of my condition or my profession. And, then there was Natasha Andreavna Skorbogatova from Penza; who looked at me with bright and completely fascinated alien eyes who I rallied my mighty little Otriad around her suffering and declared war to the death with the Oligarchy to avenge.


She was carried away into night. And the rising that occurred on the 1st of September, 2076 was violently suppressed its supporters killed, imprisoned, driven underground or into early exile. Made to have never existed to the outside world!


I was transferred to exile in Shrakasa Waltham in the fall of 2077 and spent two years in that Special Engineering Camp. I met there perhaps the hardest and most glorious woman of my life then so far Adelina Blazhennaya, the coy brunette from Chelyabinsk; we fell in and out of love and finally escaped together to Hispaniola, D.R. and Haiti to train young partisans participating in the Great Revolt there.

But I owed a debt to Perchevney, so he took her away from me too and said finish your mental toils, finish your system or both your women will be sold to the Western Front to fuck Germans and U.S. troops. If you run again I’ll explode your Ivory heart! Little did I know that both my lovers were perfectly safe and Sasha Pervechnvny the Voorhi just liked to manipulate my weak American emotions!! But, it was for the best because by 2080 the rebellion was going quite poorly and the rebels were being massacred and encircled in both New York and Port Au Prince, and here I was complaining about the cold!

Why trade one cold place for another, when people will treat you like an enemy alien, a whore or a criminal, or both. Maybe if I repeat this story enough times it will take on the veneer of recreational anthropology. For I had read their books and know their leaders ideas, and know their history and studied but failed to comprehend their language multiple times, I and my countrymen have no gift for language. I waver at times between extolling the hope and idealism my land cherishes, and denouncing the Americans as hypocrites and man babies, silly violent monkeys. I artistically and rhetorically paint with a wide brush, but I would not think any high civilization comes from the interior and the provinces. I am regularly accused of romanticizing the Soviet Union, but frankly not everyone on earth has a human right to television, two cars, two homes, a two course, four increment meal 2,500 daily calorie diet; and to get as fat they wish then die of heart disease. That’s not in the UNDHR. I’m sorry it is not. Nor is it a human right as I see, or have read to enrich yourself well beyond need on the backs of others; and the Americans have certainly done that.


While on leave twice a week I managed to see the Russian linguist three times even sometimes. Once for to paint together in Chinese restaurant, once to ain’t together in a Canaanite restaurant. Sometimes for personal poetry recitals, sometimes to hear jazz at the Bee Hive; I was unimpressed with my choice of eating, had wanted to be charming, but I was distracted. We kissed for the first time at a masquerade ball on Halloween. Eventually I took her to fancy fish restaurant, we drank a bottle of white wine and made love in the attic of the hovel in Waltham I was then living in.


The candles set the bed partially on fire and damn police towed her car.


I should keep all these views of mine more cards to chest. I should not paint myself into a cliché, or my lovely new associate into a cultural strong hold. She has a strange cute accent, so it’s not so clear that she is shaped by Russia, well of course she is, but she has been here since 18. It is not a passport or a world view it is a way of being. Like being a New York Ivory; but I and she are nuanced by experiences and by interaction. Every time I kiss a Russian I tighten myself, I tighten my circle I fight inwards, clasp closer to my family and associates; I learn about my failings and correct accordingly. Does every time a Russian woman kisses me; do they become more fiscally savvy? Do they earn more wide beliefs? Do they see a Slavic face with an American mentality; or do they fuck me and with me, one me and about me mostly because I am so curious, or just a curiosity. Oleg Medved the photographer, the Israeli Ukrainian who is most familiar with my artistic and agitation work he doesn’t try and answer questions like that; he just assumes I have an exclusive taste for Russian women, he doesn’t see anything peculiar in that. They are fearless, hard and very beautiful. As well as highly educated, combatively non-judgmental and quite literally rolling off planes and boats since 1989ce.


They being Oleg and I had once tried to have a series of talks about the so-called Russian mentality; but we were both ultimately Ivories. The Ivory has never ever found an empire more long term hostile to it that the Russians, short of the Germans gassing everybody 1939-1945 and the Spanish inquizitioning everybody in the 14th-16th century perhaps Iran as well. The Pale of Settlement and Siberia were cold places where Ivories were sent along with others to starve and die. It’s just that when a Russian says Ivory, their skin crawls a little. Americans have learned to suppress that twitch, publicly.


It was in the Fancy Fish supper club in the fall of 2077 that I found her smile most assuring and she blushed several times, and that was incredible because he didn’t know they could blush. “We’re human too you know”, she smiled so much they stayed much longer in the French restaurant than either had though and then it was a bit after midnight. He wanted her clothes ripped off and to taste her all night.


All his people were hostages. In Haiti and New York, the military and secret police were cutting down his friends and family. He felt at times that he was worse than dead; he was alive and inanimate. Allowing by doing nothing the oligarchy to slaughter all those he ever cared about. These were his dark thoughts; that instead of courting this young woman he should shoot up the place; should kill these chubby junior banker around him in the streets of the District Financial; gun them down helter-skelter like the police did his friends and associates.


But he was no terrorist! He had taken an oath of total non-violence, though he knew and so did his god that in many other lives he had been a killer.


The lovely linguist was so completely charming, it came so naturally to her and so incompletely to him. She was teaching petty aristocrats in a small school in Newton. What made everything so much better than almost any dinner he’d had in the last several years was that one thing flowed to the next and it was all small talk. Which he didn’t even know he could make.

His 29st birthday had happened the day before, it was his reason to be back in New York and confer with his associates, approved four days leave from the special engineering camp signed off by Alexandre Perchevney himself, Sasho. She had given him an art book on New York architecture for his birthday which was classy. And he had found a short and debaucherous story within it, about a playground for underage girls some robber Barron built on Madison Square Garden.

Now, from her perspective it was only medium small, but the dinner was nice and he was medium charming and medium handsome and reasonably intriguing because he was designing some kind of training system in a medium famous Sharashka, was a Baha’i and evidently a petty bourgeoisie based on his family living inside the District Financial, but what she liked the most was that he was educated. He was mildly funny. And she might have had a few drinks with him and seen where it went or maybe not. He was a little surreal. And normally they parted a little after midnight with a soft kiss on her cheek and he thought to himself he’d like to see her again, or a few times. It was happy to feel things un-extremely, to not be made into zealous creature about every single thing. But she leans in and makes out with him, tells him they’re going back to his place in her red KIA Soul ranger.


“You’re gonna re-name love for me ok,” she smiles.


I will tell you what the loneliest thing on earth is, it is to feel you are insane for seeing something as evident as the sky being blue or the grass being green. To believe that poor people are poor because of the decisions of the powerful. To feel like you are incapable of being a participant in a great crime.


The third time he saw the last queen of Russia, he was late. He was getting his hair cut. He was about to load a small crew of internationals into a car, get in suits clear fifteen check points and make contact with the Cuban special interest section in the heart of Washington D.C. He was late. It was rude and third impressions are really important. And he promised her dinner the night before but had to change plans because one of his crew was losing her shit, an Egyptian doctor, she kept talking about suicide. And he had really wanted to see Adelina the last queen of, not over morning coffee but over an intimate dinner. He’s wanted her to make a good blue print of his chest, use her keen eye, ask her to utilize her engineering skills to take him all part and remove the bomb and the heart too perhaps so he could stop with all his sentimental feeling to his species. He wanted her maybe to take him apart down to base components, dismantle all his usual malfunction. She wasn’t certified as a human architect but he knew she could do it, if he earned her trust.


They met for less than twenty minutes, he bought her some crappy green breakfast truffle candy and a coffee. Promised he’d write a story and take her to dinner. He didn’t tell her that the Egyptian doctor was brutally raped during the 2075 uprising and her parents were dead. That as they spoke an Afghani named Farooq and an effeminate fellow named Juan Mishanga from the Republic of Congo were loading several large bags of Simtex into his Honda civic. Of course not, she wouldn’t understand why the National monument was a superior alien military weapon and needed to get blown apart. That wasn’t third date style talk. No not one bit.

She was annoyed and he could tell that easily, being an expert in women being annoyed. Should have gotten up earlier. Should have gotten a haircut on the road down to D.C., let barbers of Baltimore have a cynical go, the Cubans didn’t care what his hair looked like, just that he was not a spy for the wrong side. Should have said to the Egyptian doctor Mayaada, ‘bitch be cool’ we have to bring 500 pounds of Simtex across fifteen check points and three damn states. He should have just made the time, social engineered things to get her ass to dinner. Oh well.

There was a small nano-explosive wrapped around his aorta. So Alexandre Sasho Perchevney could blow a tiny whole in his heart and send him into a horrible stroke. And he still thought Alex, Sasho as most called him was going to send his two ex-girlfriends to a German brothel, which truly to an Ivory is worse than personal death. I’m not a terrorist at all.

But I will tell you what the worst thing in the world is to feel; that you were built of different stuff than others, constructed of other parts. I remember some old phrase about that which does not kill you makes you into stranger form and now here was I, a relic, an antiquity. He wished he could make the Russian architect understand all that fuckery. Maybe run away with her for a week or two to Cuba or Israel one day, the only places he didn’t watch his own back much. Had others to do it.

It was better sometimes to live in a world where you didn’t have responsibilities to others, or at least only one or two others. It would have been nice to be able to write poems and paint and listen to jazz music and see the wave’s crash on the sea wall or the shore, every single day before and after work or play. Sometimes, sometimes he wished that he could be renovated like a building, brought up to speed with the rest of the monkeys. He had so much he thought he could offer, but time had taken a gristle toll not reflected on his face.

He suspected maybe she’d see him again a fourth time, unless the short story was so outlandish that she might question the validity of his thought process and mind. But what of it, he had very little these days to do but write and tinker on that what he was building with the field trials approaching as soon as the white walls of winter subsided and he would be released from this cold and miserable place.

He had wanted when he was younger to be an architect, but now he was convinced that before anything might be built that was of use to those he answered to, well first he’d have to focus on knocking a few things down. There’s a dream I have, he told her. I wander down the board walk and end up in the White City of 4,000 Bauhaus structures, the golden age of Tel Aviv. And the war is over and we won, and the justice and rights are real. And everyone is ok, and I’m working on my third major book, and I see you again after all these years of struggle and I say, you wanna get a coffee with me? You wanna hear jazz over dinner? And nothing else is on my mind because it’s over, we won.


But there’s a bomb in my chest. The Bratva took some hostages I care about this time. My mother and father have high Ivoryish expectations about my medical education. I’m locked in an American gulag, at least three more timeless. I may have just helped some foreign agents bring a large I.E.D. into the Capital. I haven’t slept well in days, I haven’t gone to yoga and all this blatnoy with my case officer about this system I’m designing, well fuck it. It leads a man to smoke and drink, this vast and evil game.


You’re beautiful you know, the way you smile. I hope your stadium gets built before the rebels take Atlanta, which they might in 2017, all a matter of Afula Specials. We don’t have a lot of use for stadiums, but I bet without knowing you know that there are things you can build that won’t get swallowed up in the war effort. Like the Greeks, like the Bauhaus school. If form follows function, trust me that what’s in my blue print will keep us all building another ten thousand years.


But I would like to see you again, and I’ll make it happen. Somehow, despite the prevailing factors weighted against me. The commons sense to ask you to not see if you knew what were better for you.


Disjointed, that’s what time travel feels like. Bits of this reality, bits of that. My soul trying to hold into a corpse with duct tape and zeal, a zeal for something.


The bus ride on the Lucky Star Express cost $28 American and sandwiched him between two gay Canaanites or really, he was the outer crust to their love sandwich. American had just made gay as American as Apple-Cherry pie and mass shootings. The Empire State building was lit up like a rainbow. It was one of the new reforms to slow the separatist movements.


He caught the 08:45 out of South Station evading a small man hunt for him after he pried the impediment off his face and squirreled down an tunnel it took him 32 days to dig with a silver spoon in his mouth, well he was covered in filth in a blue kibbutzinik shirt, grey pantaloons and the bandana of Adelina Komarova, his now cold as Chelyabinsk steel ex-partner. She was working for the Germans now. He alliance with him most tenuous. He washed the tunnel dirt off at South Station, in rubbed into his dirty brown main a little Choco Latina General Product and he saved with a two blade razor to look more like plumped Ivory writer and less like a stone cold assassin, and Israeli killing machine he was sometimes written into being.


Before he swiggled down that tunnel his cell mate for a time in the camps, a Zimbabwean bio chemist yelled; “the memories are not real! YOU HAVE NO DEAD WIFE! YOU WERE NEVER AT THE DOMLPHINARIUM BOMBING! You’re ABSORBING THE TRAUMA OF OTHERS MY DERANAGED ASSOCIATE! MY DEAR PALE DROOG! You are not going to get any answers at that wedding in New York!! Take your damn salt!”


But he left Kudzai prying at license plate machine and got clear of Sharashka Waltham; the Zionist Internment camp they had been toiling at for over two years in winter and worse winter. A hell.


I would have the young dvotchka professional teacher know that I had to chisel through a plastic cage and with a hair pin remove from my face the mask that was keeping me speaking soothing words of poetry. Eyes glued to a telescreen unveiling world horror after horror! I would have her know I then had to tunnel nine hundreds aquariums, yes aquariums the bizarre system of measurement that is used in Gulag Camp to say just under three kilometers, in civilized measurement.


She smiled at him. What was real and what was so surreal about Sebastian Adon, Hebrew named Zachariah pronounced Zechariah with that kh-h-h should only Ivories, Kurds and Arabs make. He would write and he was almost never one time. And he had designed her an eighteenth wonder of the world to honor her Mother Russia on the Apple of the Empire.

I would have the young, elegant and truly stunning dvotchka linguist know that for 35 days I was a captive. To my ambulant planation surely but then to a fiercer master that of Sharashka Waltham which seems to hold me in its thrall and not let me leave it’s westerly prison for what how now-pow! Two long years, nearly three.

How now, she replied, still grinning. She was at a new work site now the fearsome dome completed. The gladiator thunder dome of Atlanta, or Chinese internment camp deepening whom one asked at FEMA, those fucking people. She remained a happy optimist.

Well then she says, “All that escapery had in fact taught you to be on time!”

And he blushed. For it was true.

What did they make me a Master of he wonders? Sustaining International Development or sustaining himself for unrelenting struggle. With some coexistence thrown in there as if he didn’t play well with black and brown people.

“What was the last thing you remember, that made you happy, she asks. Ultimately settles on.

“I remember being at the Baha’i meeting and catching the eyes of a beautiful woman, so I spoke more. And I remember they had cherry juice, juice of every kind and it wasn’t too cold in Cambridge, so it was leather jacket season and I felt quite cool, and intellectual, and like you were watching me.”


“You just wanted to draw me like your other Russian girls,” she replied.



“This is America!”


Her decapitated body is lying on the beach next to mine.


  I’m still dead. My head cut off on the shore of Galilee, they my body dumped ingloriously into the ocean. I knew we’d never reach Breuklyn, I think more in death about the past. Then I can remember when I’m alive.


I think about her all the time, even when I’m dead.


  I wasn’t very ready to see you, all of the times you were able to see me but you should not confuse that with apathy or disinterest, for au-contraire I have been interested in you in ways that have propelled your full being into the near pinnacle of my desire. But on several times I was unable to break away because I have been pursuing my work at the expense of my sanity. I was also kept in the course of our contact in the arms of two women that neither loved me nor knew what to do with me, neither encouraged my work nor bettered me as man, they just took what little was of my time and rewarded me with more nothing.


Sex sure is something, but it is really quite not that much of something when there is no passion or mutual respect. By my best count I saw the lovely little linguist; one in a Baha’i meeting, once for dinner, once late and briefly for coffee, and once for a picnic and some theatre, so four times, she had popped into my dreams on occasion, nothing pornographic, just smiling happy Adelina asking me something about skiing and the meaning of happiness, and once she brought me many books by Castaneda. She was such a classy dame, and I was somewhere in the middle.


I can count the number of times she cancelled our dates; about three times and I on her only once, annoyingly so perhaps because she thought I was getting her from a bus stop.

So that was the balance sheet, but I still found her so interesting. There was clearly the hard of elegance, class and sexy of a former Soviet woman to her, but she smiled, and while superficial there was something to her that seemed completely out of the mortal world, as is she compelled fierce power, as is she was an aristocrat?

  Flattery gets one no-where, I’ll have you know that in May I sat in a café and made you may lovely sketches of our plan for central park; to impress you as you impressed me, but a hard rain came and you cancelled and I put those sketches in a green trash bin. They were silly, I am talented I think I bit, but we have very different talents. I was vaguely hurt, as perhaps you were vaguely annoyed each time I cancelled or was late.

I find you fascinating, in a better setting we could be classy and dance all night and I could dance and you could understand me, which is hard because I’m not really form here, I just play the part well. You teach so patiently, well I’ve written nine books no one reads. You are very, very elegant, and I can be only sometimes. What I want is to write you a good book and you tell me what you like and don’t like, I want to make you art but have you never feel muse like. I want to know a lot about you and I want you to know the real me, not the many-me’s I play on the streets. I want us to be very old school and I want you to feel fundamentally desired.

Well what would this little book be about then?

It could be about whatever we want it to, this is America!

Adelina so many people bore me because I don’t know how to speak their language and I don’t know why they see the world from so low down, but if this is to be great story, a story about more than a mad paramedic American falling, or jumping or leaping toward a lovely Russian architect, then their must clearly have to be plot twists and robots. Yes, robots and while I had thought I was interested in writing about our plan to build a pleasure dome over central park, that might just be a center piece.

I will write you a page or so every day, but you have to encourage me, by telling me whether this thing I’m building is enjoyable to your continence. If the game is no longer fun tell me to stop, If my emotions become un-understandable, tell me to stop, but if you like the thing I want to build you, a book of your own then just tell me where you want to go to dinner and I will attempt to be the very best American writer you can handle, and great man as well.

I want you to see a greatness and cultivate it, but I have had a very hard five years in a variety of fields. So, I am very vulnerable and very manipulative and I will hide nothing from you, but I can’t write alone as you can’t build alone, and I am not suggesting me need each other, not all. But I’d like to make you a damn fine novel, and I’d like to see your smile and Russia and also China and I’d like to have a great life, you know like everyone.

What’s this book about then?

Well for now it’s about a brilliant American writer, who writes books no one reads falling in love with a fearless Russian linguist. But he doesn’t know if he loves her yet, as they’ve only been on a four dates, only two of which were real, and certainly they know nothing about each other really, can only speculate. So beginning in the fourth chapter as this takes off, this is about building a floating pleasure garden over central park, about building, blue printing people, that’s where the robots come in, and probably there will be references to other things.

“One time we said good night and I wanted to kiss you, but it wasn’t there, you know, the magic,” he remarked.

“Well only in your culture is it four dates, kiss and marry. My culture we take as much time as we need, you know to make sure you’re good for kissing.”

“See me again as soon as you can,” he says.

“Don’t be late and don’t let me down,” Adi replies, “I’m clearly gambling with a few things dating a Ivory, a paramedic and a writer. None of those things is in the American dream.”

“I want you to understand I’ve always, always wanted to spend more time with you, but there were other women, there was exile, excuse, excuses.”

“Well write for me then, make me somehow immortal in an age where none can read.”

“I’ll do as good a job as I can, for an Ivory writer paramedic.”

“Don’t pigeon hole yourself,” she smiles.

“Do you believe you can miss a person, if you don’t know them, miss the idea of them, and miss the potential?” he asks.

“You think I miss you? I don’t know you well enough, you’re a curious character courting me, irregularly and also inconsistently.”

“Is that what I’m doing?”

“Well I think so.”

“I won’t make any more excuse then, I find you very captivating and dagger sharp, I want you fully interested in me and my work, and yes I want you all to myself, want to earn that. But for now just see me as often as you enjoy and know that 4 times in nearly three years is very weak game, so we have to both try harder.”

“But be on time, be decisive and no excuses.”

“Yes, I’ll improve.”

“See you Tuesday evening then, before we fly away.”

“Where are we flying off to again?”

“Me to Moscow and you to Barcelona, to inform the underground of the things we have seen here, the rumors of miracles in the North woods, the liberation of Breuklyn, the approval hopefully soon of the Grand Castell; my masterpiece soon to be built in central park; if we do not tell them these kinds of stories they will believe the news, and the rebellion will mean nothing.”


Kiss me again I beg her with my eyes. And she does, happily.


“When you wake up, you’re gonna be back in Breuklyn Soviet.”


That makes me happy I guess, If I can’t be back in my country, if I can’t be with the woman I love because Ilya just killed her, well dreams of Coney Island and the Breuklyneers I guess will be lesser nightmare. I’ve been in these camps so long. Haven’t been home in a while. I read in a letter things have really changed, I may be irrelevant.



“Mr. January on the Calendar”


My heart skips a beat sometimes, it’s called a congenital abnormality, non-pathological, my heart just is irregularly irregular, and really so am I.


I was at the gymnasium, disguised in a flicker mask, the skin tight back to hide my ace from cameras and people I know, who think I’m dead. Might be dead, it all might be just an afterlife.


The Spartan Gym on Coney and H, near the Kent Theatre where the fifth Ivoryish Quarter of eleven in total meets the Pakistani district, the only one, a den of cab drivers and spies of the ISI and well, I work out with them. I was closing in on mile three, I want to look good naked. I have over the years gotten drunk and taken most of my clothing off, but this is different. There’s finally going to be an EMS calendar and I kid myself I can get diese fast enough to be Mr. January, but realistically speaking I want to be desired. The calendar is a running joke. The firemen have had one for forever, twelve beef cakes raising money for vets and injured brothers, but they blocked us all the time when we wanted one. Without a long story interesting only to ambulance people, the FDNY EMS and the Fire Suppression side are very different places to work and be. And, again they have separate paygrades, EMS far lower, and also the EMS don’t have a calendar.


It was kind of a running joke I’d be Mr. January. I am not fat like most Americans, but I have some terrible burn scars on my chest, a small bullet wound in the right lower quadrant and I wasn’t gonna beat out a number of actually fit people to the slot even if I had a whole year in Spartan gym, I don’t look terrible naked, but I hate how I look naked or clothed in any mirror. Because in a mirror I see so much that isn’t real, or should I say I cannot prove I real, I see a madness in me. A squandering of potential. A million voices whispering; what the fuck are you doing in this shifty gym on the borderlines of the Paki-district; trying to get your body in shape for the next time you see Ms. Blazhennaya, that is when and if she ever wants to see you without a shirt. You’re in this gym trying to be Mr. January; but really out of 13,000 Ambulance workers, surely 12 are hot and fit to shoot. I’m running myself in circles to dancehall music, covered slick in sweat, and the voices, the allegorical voices and the face in the mirror say; that woman doesn’t give a flying fuck about how you look naked, the very minute she learns what you really do; you’re wasting your time. She designs stadiums for Christ sake. You put bombs in buildings and give speeches, there’s no future in that.


What did the voices say?


A mad man, except as the Rabbi Moishe Klein once said; “a sane man in an insane world is what?” And he really-really loved the same 40-60 dancehall songs, now some electro-swing as Oleg Medved was still trying to make a Slavic man out of him, for whatever reason, pity.

I’d been working all of Saturday into Sunday morning on the ambulance, but no one died. Two were sick, one was going to die eventually as she was very old, but we are all going to die eventually. I was one of the original voices for the EMS Calendar. Because I helped found the only EMS newspaper that fought for our living wages and rights, but that was before the Great Revolt, my exile, my faked death and my time in Russia and then my time in Haiti and the camps.

I’m an old/old soul and when I run I feel something take hold. Telling me to do more than I’m doing here, in the safety of the shadow of the mountain top. Even in this Ivory-Pakhi ghetto of Midwood, I’m just a stone throw from the man in the high tower, the men.

She’s an architect, it’s been a few months, I wonder if she remembers my face. I don’t really know anything about her, I just want to impress her. I want to be able to look her in her dreamy eyes and say, “my love I may have to lead commandos into the United Nations building and take all of the delegates hostage, hopefully without much violence, but I swear to god if you invest attention in me I’ll be very dear to you and one day, one day I’ll calm it all down and be a business man or politician and you and I can have beautiful exciting international life, grounded in Manhattan of course.”


She won’t buy that shit. Write her a poem, start a war.


Now, across town in the Isle of Man, which I’ll remind you is part of the United American States, not the sixty odd breakaway rebel autonomous zones; such as Breuklyn Soviet, Bronx Soviet and Goddess Soviet (once called Queens), the Isle of Man has very tall steel glass towers and Federal troops pointing rocket batteries over the East River, and the mile high wall still stands even after the 2017 major breach of the ceasefire. The towers took some fire and several went down during the 2017 War but really, they just build them taller and taller. Now how do you cross from liberated rebel territory back to the U.A.S.? With money and passport, real or fabricated of course, you can still take the subway from the Atlantic junction. Between 2076 and 2017 there was pretty rigorous attempt to quarantine the zones. But Russian and Chinese intelligence services, and the cunning of the Zionists shorted that up. There was the famous 2015 Millennium Theater hostage crisis that turned into a bloody gas choked flaming debacle. There was the 2017 War where Detroit Soviet was wiped off the map and there was nearly a thermos-nuclear exchange.


But things have thawed, a little. He met her in the People’s Republic of Cambridge in 2077, when he worked in the special engineering camps for the rebel alliance. Now, he was in fact seeing someone and she was too and none of their four meetings had what you would call sexual tension, but there was very lively banter and she charmed the living hell of him.


Now as he toiled in the Spartan Gym post shift official, thinking about what was coming soon, a very un-wieldy assignment. She was working late on a Sunday, drawing up the latest job. Her job was legal. Well mostly legal as she was not technically speaking in the United American States legally, or legally allowed to engineer sky scrapers and stadium, or even really certified as an architect, she was just talented enough to have her skin in the game. They call her a solution specialist, but she was doing the work of four architects, paid quite a bit less. She had real and unvarnished talent, and she came here to build.

That he existed to largely level almost every institution that funded her building; the wealth, the powerful the developers of what was left of the American dream. She didn’t know that yet, and he wanted to hide it very badly. But it would never take so long to discover that his paramedic work was a highly cynical ruse.

She was in the office alone, not always but on Sunday she was. She was using a computer program to tell her how much weight the structure could bear if she made it twist in on itself getting wider and wider as it rose, she was designing through a proxy of her companies highly paid architect a new citadel on the West Side near the latest portion of the Skyline.


She was building a staircase to heaven, once pylon at time. She was raising steel bouquets as offerings she was making herself immortal, even if in someone else’s name. And building on the West side was more sensible because the rockets mostly ended up East of Second Avenue.

She sometimes invented that she was going out town. And sometimes her lovers took her out of town, but most often she was drafting monoliths. She was late night in once office or another and she was trying to make sure she left her mark on this country, before it further unraveled into civil war and fading importance.


Adelina was all about her work because it was a means to an end and that end involved two very important things, and you will not easily guess what they are, but trust they are most unconventional.





“The Happy Golem”


Even masked off my sleep never found me, I rolled around in the small, dirty Breuklyn safe house wondering exactly what was coming, as the way time moved for me was different. Let me explain, it’s vaguely unnerving.


I was living my entire life all at once, with a reckless disregard for boundaries. I had accepted a world view in which there were many lives to lead and while this one was important so were the ones before and after it, which made death seem a trifle, danger a thrill and awake I was living in the past and the future together, I was in other words wholly distracted.

A woman once told me that when I became a father I’d be grounded, but I wasn’t afraid of that, I just wasn’t fit yet to be anyone’s anything.

I don’t wish to come across like some mad Hebrew prophet; no not all I was remembering things that were not objectively real and envisioning things that were unlikely to happen, happen soon anyway. So let me speak to that. I was unable to sleep because I truly desired this woman in a very real and total sense, but I was completely aware of ability to shall we say, well not be what the modern man is supposed to be or what I presumed she wanted. I just found her totally engaging. And beautiful, which is wonderful, but she looked kind and also fun, and I needed fun because I’d been doing very not fun things for the past few years. Not all, but quite a lot of not fun looking into an abyss.

When I was little I used to build. I used to build wood cities and populate them with soldiers protecting women and children from, well I guess Imperial Storm troopers. My brother would build an equally elaborate citadel of blocks and tinker toys and populate it with soldiers, as of course eventually we would invade each other. But that didn’t happen as often as you might think, him in one room building, me in another, sometimes high, sometimes wide; often we’d build cities all night long, fill up two rooms at least of the dascha, country home in Russian, we’d never even bother to talk, we’d just build bigger larger cities and fill them with soldiers and tanks and fighter planes. NO PLOT, just tale of a rebel city and an imperial city and we were always forever at war. Troop engagements were limited. Eventually, we’d go out of the dascha into the cold and we’d wrestle and I’d always win because I was two years older. Very civilized wars, the two generals would just wrestle, and house guests to the dascha would see what they wanted to see; two young savants building cities, but the cities were only a vessel, they were just high walls to hide princesses from storm troopers, I’m sure my brother had his own internal mythology. As we got older we’d stop wrestling, we’d assume the form of ground troops and we’d raid neighboring Dachas dresses in green fatigues. We’d blockade roads, we’d capture American flags, we’d burn some, we’d level football fields, we’d lob water balloons at cars, and we’d make hooligan terrorists of ourselves. I think the local cops were involved only once, may have burned something down.

But we kept building those cities until I turned 13 and he was 11, when we discovered girls and alcohol and marijuana cigarettes, raves and hip hop. And it was really all downhill from there, no more pretending. No more time for bourgeoisie make believe.

You see the reason I became a subversive and worse, instead of becoming an architect was not because of math and science. It was because I got involved in a host of questionable pass times. And that’s a whole other story.

I lay up all night worrying about something that seemed outside my normal worries. I worried stupidly that I wasn’t good enough for her. Which is the Ivory in me, always secretly a nebbish. Always worried that he’s not man enough, not strong enough. That’s the shit that got Israel into so much house of violent crazy.

But sometime after 3 am, when it was dark and the CCTV grid went blank for just fifteen minutes. After he’d done some writing for her, done some writing for him, tried hard and failed to not look at naked girls on the computer, waited and then at 03:05; down the five stories out the back ally, quietly West on J. taking advantage of the just fifteen minutes when the Yiddish mafia wasn’t watching the grid officially anyway.


He made it to the garage door of a very big Sephardic house on Ave. J and 8th street. A big thing of beauty, of self-acclaim, not he can’t really say what the style is, it’s a little old world, a little Tel Aviv suburbs he wraps on the sub-basement ramp garage door, about ten minutes before the cameras will go back on.


“Nice of you to join us boo-bala,” says the Rabbi Moishe Klein, “you look like shit. It’s bad to refuse the gift of sleep.”


“I can sleep when I’m dead,” I say.


Moishe grins, knowing I’m dead.


Moishe is a little over weight, pudgy is the word, brown hair not in uniform tonight. And clean shaven and this is not his house, it belongs to some Sephardic doctor, but we use the basement, its Kosher. Someone told the Syrian doctor it’s a Mitzvah to let the rebel Alliance use the basement. The room is a big steel death trap.

“You used to be a real boss, now you’re confined to a shitty two bedroom on house arrest and you have to sneak around. It’s sad. You need a new face. Gonna cut some hair off you, well not me. You know who, she’s a vet.”

“I have a date on Tuesday.”

“You don’t have bupkuss. You’re gonna do a nasty job that no one wants to do, you’ll do it cause you don’t fear death and you got no real attachments.”

“I have a loose, date on Tuesday.”

“You need a new hobby, you need to remember the stakes. I should slap you around some time! You need to be a team player. You need a shave and a new car and a new face and you need to get out of Breuklyn, where nobody trusts you, nobody believes in your shit. Well I do, I do!  But it’s time to do some more work, you were in the camps too long, you let the Russians fuck your head too long, you put on weight.”

“I’m gonna be on the calendar!”

“You aren’t gonna be on shit. The camps they messed you up. They got you mixed up between Breuklyn and the Isle of Man, between Haiti and the Promised Land. What did you even build for them?”


“I built a new mental system.”

“Well my fine Golem, off with your clothes. Yelizaveta is gonna fix you up with a new identity, some new papers and we’re gonna wait right be for dawn and we’re gonna get in a nice car and drive you to Manhattan, and tuck you in at the Empire Hotel. And you’re gonna be German tourist. And then rest, well you know the rest, you’re gonna have to do another job.”

“And my date?”

“You have absolutely no business leading on civilians.”

“She’s a linguist.”

“Yes, and you’re a paramedic.”

“I am a paramedic.”

“Yeah. Well you know a lot about drugs, needles and electricity.

“Moishe, you‘ve changed. You used to be funny.”

The lights flicker, and a robot walks in, and she’s really quite a lot like what he remembers Yelizaveta to look like. He wonders if Moishe tried to fuck the med-bot.

“Wow, superior alien Military?” Adon exclaims, “you look pretty much just like her.”

Spacebar. Please disrobe, we have to get this done in four hours. I’m an android not a miracle worker,” says the blonde robot in the white lab coat, with a green Soviet cap. She opens a huge medical valise pack of drugs and knives. Sebastian, me, he takes off his coat and drops down to his naked and lies on the steel operating table on a blue sterile field.


“You look a lot like my ex-Yeli kay,” he says.

“I’m designed by people owned by her father.”

“Moishe, you’re a married man with two kids, don’t fucking sex harass my robot ex-girlfriend when she puts me out.”

“Yelizaveta isn’t your or my type, she’s a skiksa fembot.”

“Lie down Mr. Adon,” she says, and Moishe gets an IV set up in my right arm with an 18 gauge and she knocks me out with some gas.

The last thing I think about before the blackness takes me out and they shave me and alter my face and die me blonde and make my eyes blue and make me in to German tourist, so I can get to my targets in the City; I think, what life is this? I just want to walk. I just want to be dancing with Adelina in cocktail jacket and I want to make love to her and I want to work at some basic job and not do, this, this work. That I do with my needles and my speeches and my electricity and my drugs and my, well Baraka.


She’s gonna think I’m a…….mad Hebrew prophet, a loon.


I go out like a light. Thanks to the gas, and robot, excuse me, an android replica of someone I used to know with world’s most dangerous man as a father. She cuts up my face and makes me ready for prime time.


Maybe also some time travel.



“Nothing is True, Everything is Possible”


I awoke in a hotel room, rested, reasonably; and interestingly not hungry. It was the month of November I’m fairly sure. The room smells like Burberry cologne and crushed boysenberries.  I have used hunger to wake myself for years, unfortunately. I step off the big California king bed, obscenely more bed than I at this time need and I feel my feet crunch a pristine white fluff carpet like bunny grass. In the mirrored ceiling I know I have a new face, and with it new and tragic obligations. I awake in the Empire hotel and the year is 2018, is that really the year, there are many systems of time if you ask a mystic. I am now a German businessman, great success! Reborn as a man named Tillman Rheinshagen on my documents, of Frankfurt. And anything I ever was before is now ash. The year is 2015 and I am nominally in the United American States to earn a passive income. And unofficially I am to call a contact of the ZOB underground and begin the preparations for a hostage taking exercise. I flex my fingers and note that my nails are maneuvered they are not ground down from tearing. I note that I have blond hair. And blue eyes and all of my wounds are gone! This is a new body! The rabbi and the robot did miracles indeed.


I’ve never been blonde and blue eyed and muscular in my entire life.  And the year is 2015, which means as I flex my mental that Maya and I are about to lead a few dozen commandos into a highly perilous siege.


I may have stood up my fifth date (in this life) Adelina Blazhennaya, as honestly I had gone back three years in time down some Ivory rabbit hole. I’d not be taking her to the Russian tea room after all and enjoy smoked black hop-song-oblong in all its glory amid Romanov chic.


And watch what a magnificent giggle she has and her curious ways. I’m three years in the past. The revolt has just occurred and the siege of Breuklyn and Queens tight. The barrier wall had just begun going up along the FDR and a very-very nasty Third World War has erupted in Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere.


I’m an aberration! In the past of an alternative future and I’m still alive and there are several things I know will happen, but a date with Adelina Blazhennaya is not one of them.


There were of course so many things he wished to do on a fifth date with Adelina besides drink smoked tea in the Russian tea room, it was actually limitless. He’d put some thought into a lot of angles, but he mostly wanted just to sit near her and watch her body and her eyes dart and Rivet and see what a smile she had, it was a real smile not an American one. And whatever darkness she was hiding she hid well, but delight she was delight. And had he not been turned surgically Aryan, been sent back in time. Well he’s have gotten to the Russian tea room Tuesday night at 10 pm sharp. He’d have opened every door for her as she would expect him to. He’d tell her about his ambitions and contradictions and try and see was she really an architect or was it. Cover. A front for other ambitions and motives.


If things had been different he’d have laid more of himself on the table so she could begin examination of his body of self. Fuck, but then there this small duty he had to his comrades and the cause and the Breuklyn Soviet Free State.


Monday he’d not slept well at all because if it were possible to anticipate things that moved fourth dimensionally he had wagered that the rabbi would send him deep into oblivion. Had he been able to die like normal men or sleep like normal men or make valid small talk he’d have not feared her. Not feared the fifth date.


Not real the first three times were not dates they were rendezvous. Coffee in the district financial. Only when a man had gumption to choose venues buy meals and dance is it a date in a true sense. But anyhow logically she has lovers, and time is a commodity here.


She wouldn’t even recognize his face anymore.


So he looked into the mirror and he removed the top row of his teeth, separated out his two front teeth and pulled a tiny USB and put it in his cell phone a Black Berry 2008.


And the names now in the phone were just a bunch of colors and one name; Adelina Blazhennaya.


Curious. When had he met her? What was the objective year? Curious questions. Anytime he left his body he also left behind parts of himself, aspects of his more universal being.


There were now only little flashes of memory. The year was, 1014? What had happened then, no nothing he’d objectively lived through? 1410? No this was a most futurist postmodern urban hotel. It was 2015. It was November. The day was day number November the 18 this was a smart phone, smart phones know the real date, of course thy do. Especially Black Berry which is the product of choice of the Superior Alien Military.


I stand, and the room shakes. No have not been drinking last night. I was in the basement of a big Sephardic Ivory Doctor townhouse, and there was a Russian designed android medical robot and she was allegedly doing plastic surgery on me while my Lt. Who I call a rabbi reminded me all the Ivories were dead, I was a Martian one of the last real ones, and it was a shame to turn my pretty brown hair golden and pretty brown eyes blue, but this was it. Another big job. Not my first or last.


What was this sureality all about? Are robots even real? Is time not linear? Are not there over 14 million Ivories?! More Ivories than anyone needs? I wobble again looking at my pretty Aryan face in the mirror. What year is this? 1943?


The smart phone says 2015, another feature says is also 5775, very future! Also 1410, for the Muslims pretty past. But in my back parts of my brain where I keep a picture of my dead wife and child, my scorched farm and my real name; it is AR 3. Three years after the beginning of the Great Revolt of 2076, quarantined into little pockets and ghettos supplied irregularly by the Chinese to spite the fading empire of America.


The smart phone begins to ring. Curious. I look again in the mirror to remind myself this is not another perverse dream.


The call is from Adelina. Which is even stranger as she never calls or texts only messenger or emails.


“Sebastian, listen to me darling you are being manipulated again. You’re being taken for a ride, again. They are riding you like a horse I should say.”


“Adi, I don’t know what to make of that.”


“Don’t say anything, all the lines are recorded. I want you to listen to this song. Put on your clothes. Check out of that Hotel and meet me in the Tea Room.”


“Adi, sweet Adi I don’t recognize myself.”


“Darling, you’ve been asleep too long. Now close your eyes and think my loving eyes on you and listen to the song, and get of that hotel as quickly as you can.”


The song plays “Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet

To go over everything

They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing, can you hear me.”


And I begin a quiet wearing out via quiet weeping of my new pretty Germaine Azul eyes.


And then I know. Instinctively as I know I am no robot, no alien, no Aryan no mad Hebrew profit:   I can see clearly. That if I don’t get out of the Empire Hotel and make it to the tea room ten minutes before her, 10:10pm, then I’m not ever going to see her again.


And I almost throw up. Contained in the lyrics of her partisan song were recollected data of my past 3,000 years of memory. What have they done!? The bastards. To us and me.


A dark grey suit is ironed and ready and I strap what appears to be a small caliber fire arm, a seven millimeter loaded with non-lethal ammunition to left ribs and comb my new hair and I run out the door and out in the 2015 city, Common Era. And from this point out I suppose it will be largely her narrative because she’s the only number in my phone besides strange colors.


Inside the suit is a business card. “Call Watson it says. You’re no Sherlock.” And a number for ‘fire base 18’ is written. This is all a wild dream and I’m sure that soon it will not be over.


Not looking anything like my old self I run out of the Empire Hotel and flag a yellow cab and take it to 57th and 7th.


It is 10:15 pm when she arrives under the red awning of the Russian Tea room and she smiles and kisses me on the cheek and takes me under her arm and we briskly switch the rendezvous point to another venue.


For someone I know nothing about, I was surprised she could pick me out so easily.


“I think you were sexier as a Spanish gypsy, but I was raised to love people for their inner most parts. Again, don’t speak yet. Your words too will betray us. We will go to a more private place and talk of things we plan to build together.”


There are things I wish to tell her.


“Hush, my darling, nothing is true and everything is possible.”


Her smile and her ways lead me to believe I should trust her. What choice do I have? If she hurts me I won’t feel it. If she learns to need me I will never leave her side. Who is she again and for whose cause does she work for?




“Wolfgang Supper club”


“It’s important that you for now minimize your personal shall we say, underlying cultural mythology. What you suspect is happening, right now is either a powerful thing far beyond yourself, or degenerative mental illness and late stage alcoholism, only you can decide. If your mind is unraveling. I have already decided for you, as I would not have allowed you to enter my orbit if you were a bad man, murderer, a loon or a drunk.”


There is something about her accent that is clearly a cultivated fabrication. For I wish I was less primitive and she would make hard love and interrogation of me in Cyrillic.


“I must question you, because it is you who are idiosyncratic not me. I am spoken for as they say, I have an apartment in Midtown rented to my name, I have a middle class, maybe even upper middle class job at a prestigious firm. I am not suspect, you are. I can see past the skin you wear, the body swap, I can know your inner parts.”

She smiles and I smile back because there is great affection I have built, in knowing and being denied her.

We are seated in the reserved upstairs area of a bar called Wolfgang’s, on the corner of 57th and 6th Ave, no one has offered us drinks and no one has asked us to buy anything, and no one is here but us. I had suggested we simple seat ourselves, as the Russian Tea Room is a more scrutinized place. Wolfgang’s has a smart phone and weapon check and it is found that she is carrying an exotic hybrid from China and I am carrying a Black Berry 2008, and a nine millimeter, unloaded except for two blanks and two/two rubbers, ‘what happened’ to the rest of the clip the negro bouncer asked me and shrugged.

And she picked the Tea Room and I like that place in principle, but it’s owned by Albanians and a real bourgeoisie haunt so it’s totally wired, and Wolfgang’s is a neutral place, and whoever has a phone check has an eye to privacy.

“There is no such thing anymore as privacy,” Adelina states. “We didn’t want the terrorists to win, true but privacy is for people who are hiding. We could well have conducted your interview, our date, in the Tea Room, but yes, I have some sensitive things to ask you. I think we have to assert a right to privacy sometimes, like the oligarchs do, like made people, make it fashionable to hide your hand behand tinted glass, don’t you think, no wait, don’t speak.”

The first time I laid eyes on her I had brown hair, brown eyes I wore a suit. I was speaking at a religious meeting, in the home of a Baha’i leader in Cambridge. A most pluralistic creed. There had been many debates happening at this assembly of forty odd souls and cherry juice and pear juice and tea. There was a woman hurting me at the time, she was keeping me as a lover and telling me I wasn’t good enough to be a more primary man, and my only recourse was that when any other women were to catch my I could offer only my card. And there was this spirited, sexy wonderful woman; Adelina saying little, but looking kind. And I had just begun my two year interment in Shrakasa Waltham, so I was just beginning to taste exile, and she had papers to move between Boston and New York. She was something of an architect. My childhood dream profession. And she was in town for only the weekend, but I hoped she would see me again and I told her I write, because what else was there to say; I do not paint well. My drawings are vaguely pornographic. And no woman in my 3o (then) years of life have ever told me my political theories make them wet, because this is not life. And I am nearly penniless, then and now, and was interred in a camp with bomb surgically placed in my hear tif I left.

I said then (now three years ago), “I write.”

“What do you write about?” she had asked.

“I write powerful and tragic ballads and poems and plays about the Russian and American dialectic; the mentality of our historic 100 year war.”

“Who won do you think,” she winked.

And I wanted to make love to her so passionately and with such force that she wished to read everything, wished to make me a better man.

“I think no one won but the nameless oligarchs of either.”


“Can I send you some poems and make a critique? They say I’m going to be the American Mayakovsky.”


“Do they say! You should blush,” she told me.

“I don’t know how.”


And she gave me her card and for three years I was with two women who never liked my writing and never read my theories, one who thought I should be a business man, the other who thought I should go into Democratic politics, and or join a hippy commune. And I mostly, mostly had to work in the camp, designing a legitimation of my life.


Adelina and I saw each other often, weekly even sometimes more, and I was allowed visas periodically to New York for Ivoryish holidays; I saw her immediately after twice for coffee and coloring, one for fancy fish and white wine dinner, once for a picnic and a play. It felt, each time like I was stealing her from her plantation, or her other lovers, but it always seemed like a slight haggle to keep the date going over an hour, but the dates were always lovely.



“The Box”


And the last date which was in May of 2079, on the eve of my exit for miserable barren cold windy Massachusetts we went to go see the actor Siegfried Sassoon in a bit part of Cool Hand Luke at the 59/59. I like him to weigh the energy of things, of people or persons I would like to drink from, would like to taste, I would like him to tell me if they are good for me, that’s what your close male friends are for. But he was surrounded by admirers and Adelina departed before he could make anything but a post play introduction, and all he said was “She is different, but a beauty, and I hope she understands you.”


He took all that in in two minute handshake post-play, and then he, me and the four Russian and black modal pretty bar tenders of the Box Speakeasy; we all drank on the company’s expense until 5 in the boker.


That night had ended with my face between some lovely breasts, and they were beautiful naked breasts and Siggy was making love to a co-worker, a sexy mulatress, and then the young women we’d bedded were asleep in his house and it was him and I on the roof and he said, “You really liked that woman, or you wouldn’t have brought her. Why did she run away into night?”


“I’ve seen her only three times before, I’m very taken by her. Adelina hurt me very badly and then left again for Moscow. Alina cheated on me, twice before the Congress told me after. Then she left for her hippy commune, some weird sect in Guatemala. Maria was boring.”

“Those names are very similar, your exes. Was that deliberate?” he asks with a smile.

“Shut up.”

“Why did Adelina run off, we were clearly going to go drink champagne with beautiful people for free all night in top end clubs? Maybe you bore her with politics?”

“Maybe your acting is trite?”

“No, clearly neither.”

“I have no idea?”

“Did you like Natalia?”

“She was very beautiful, and yes. It had been awhile since I enjoyed it. Neither ex had much passion compared to her, or endurance.”

“I hope you will not be offended.”

“I worry when you say things like that Siggy.”

“I paid her to sleep with you, you have a right to that disclosure.”

I didn’t know what to say, I just opened up my Newports and lit up another, I felt like I needed a mikva.

“I mean I’m sure she enjoyed it too. She’s not a prostitutkah. I just though you needed it. That we should celebrate your coming emancipation from the Shrakasa, my new play! It was more like she won a bet, then I paid a bribe!”

Natalia had fucked me for several hours, she had made love to me and rode on top of me with her blond hair falling all over my scarred chest, and really it was beyond nice being fooled into being desired. My two recent exes were terrible in bed, one she had apparently been brutalized several times in her life so she was only capable of making love for under twenty minutes before she claimed my manhood hurt her and needed to be cuddled or played with. And my more recent lover, the cheat Alina; she was into things that struck me as vaguely masochistic She used to have me choke her with a belt when I entered her. Was I even into that, well maybe a little I was?


“You shouldn’t do stuff like that,” I tell him, “It upsets my integrity.”

“Come on, your integrity is never under question by me.”

“I don’t pay women to sleep with me, or accept paid for sex from a droog.”

“I don’t know why Adelina Blazhennaya departed, but I do know she had aimed to depart after the picnic on the high line, and changed her mind. Thank you anyway for comping us.”

“I wish to make you feel like a respected man my droog!”

“Don’t pay your female friends to fuck me then, brother droog.”

“Alright, never again.”

“You are a beyond rowdy character Siegfried Sassoon.”

The phones are in the Chelsea apartment he rents on the side to disguise his families actual wealth, like his bar tending job at the Box or his BA in Philosophy from Columbia University. He’s the son of a lesser Oligarch.

“Having not seen you in two years, what is it then you’ve been getting up to. Being that I have not seen you, you have not asked me to do any real work for you,” he says.

“I’ve been living in the confines of a Shrakasa camp, designing a means to train medical workers, cost effectively.”

“How was Cuba? I heard you found a way to escape to Cuba and the islands, doing research of some kind.”

Siggy is Cuban, was Cuban one half at least via his mother.

“It was magical, and also un-understandable without speaking Spanish.”

“I’ve never been. We should go together in the winter. Try and buy property somewhere! You can drink and write and I can act, you can make new friends, get that bomb cut out, we could be freemen!”

He is already a rather free and untouchable man.

“I would like to figure out a pretext to get back as soon as possible, I find their current operations well in synch with my own theories and aims.”

“How does Natalia fuck?”

“Can’t you be serious?”

“Tell me, for I paid her damn well!”

“She fucks indifferently, as though she is neither here nor there, but she has hips and she uses them well and I have not had that much physical pleasure in two years, she was amazing then. Though your game has cheapened me.”

“I offered her too much money, which was all. You’re not some Wall Street pig, you’re a bohemian, an intellectual! A revolutionary and poet. She was easy to grease. And the seven of us put down perhaps over 20 thousand milliliters of vodka, white wine and Champaign.”

“I hope to go back to Havana in January if I can find the means.”

“Good, I’ll come along. We’ll have a good time. You can get up to new things. It has been two years since we did that job on the train. I know you’re connected to new and nefarious plots amidst the separatists surely. I am a free agent.”


But Siggy was not a free agent, for as radical as his impulses were he was an actor above all things, surrounded by wealthy, famous people and beautiful women. We had met in university years ago, but when push came to shove he’d refuse the call of the underground, he’d never risk the resistance. And I was forever uncomfortable with beautiful women and free things of any kind. I shuddered to think what this son of lesser oligarchs had paid his co-worker to fuck me. I felt disgusting. I have a clear line about these things.


Adelina had wanted to make me into a very different man, she refused to be seen with me intimately in Russian Boston and hid we were dating from just about everyone. She left me for Moscow after our deployment to Haiti. Alina was young and crazy and to my knowledge wanted little but to live on a hippy commune and have dirty sex. I felt tired, tired from things I had seen and had read in the camp. I’d wished Adelina had been there instead, maybe not naked writhing in fuck in my bed on the fourth date, but I wished she’d stayed out with us and prevented this meaningless thing, this needless gift from Natalia and Siegfried to me.


It would be over a year before I saw Adelina Blazhennaya again, and here she was in red light sitting before me timelessly smiling into me.






“The Mechanical Heart”


And then suddenly, interrupting my afterlife, she came back to me and invited me to the Russian Tea room and then a fancy bath house it was December of 2014, we were back in New York and dating!


The Russian Tea Room is always a prelude for things much less cost effective than tea.


I need to work hard, and I need to get distracted in this woman. I need to pull this blond hair out and eyes and remake myself as the day we met, and assure her with my actions she can depend on me. I’m not a frivolous bourgeoisie, nor am I blue collar ambulance serf, nor hipster artist. I am complex as I hope she is.


“Why you are still all dressed up in German skin?” she demands.

“I had nothing else safe to wear.”

“And you’re boots are made of Italians?” she asks me.

I have on tall brown leather boots that barely match the futurist grey suit at all.

“You’d have to ask my Albanian tailor.”

Quiet silence.

“Is it true that you and your friends drink the blood of Russian girls and throw them off roof tops for sport? Because that’s what the paper says.” She doesn’t bat an eye.


So after her bold accusation she informed me she was doing some research for a German Intelligence Service and I ought to come with her and make a report “on my intentions” in the quiet dim light of the Air Bathhouse, where she at least believed the secret police had no wire.


“Ok, so now that no one can hear us. Let’s make real talk,” she says, basically whispers. We’re completely naked in the dim banya, in the Baths of Air, we’re back to back in a blue pool of lukewarm salt water barely touching. The place is empty besides us, a wonder cavern of steam and tepid pools.


“What year do you think it is?” she asks me.

“It’s 2015.” I tell her.

“No it’s not. The correct answer is that no one knows what year it is.”

“The smart phone says 2015.”

“But you’re smarter than the average man, so ask yourself again, what year could it be?”

“Ok, I don’t know.”

“How many hours are in a day?” she asks.

“24; that is my scientific guess.”

“Why do you believe that though,” she asks.

“My watch says so.”

“Who built the watches?”

“Probably the Chinese.”

“Does it improve your life, the watch with 24 hours?”

“I need to arrive on time to my meetings do I not?”


“It’s polite.”

“What’s your real name?”

“It’s Sebastian Adon.”

“Why do you think that?”

“That’s the name my parents gave me, it appears sometimes on my W4 forms.”

“Where are they now, these alleged parents?”

“Spain, I think. What are you alleging?”

“That you have parents, that’s what I’m alleging.”

“Look, darling. We make up mythologies every day. They help us cope with uncomfortable reality. Like Orthodox Christianity, and what it does or does not have to with one of the biggest historic betrayals of the Christ. My mythology, which helps we get through the day; is that I never die.”


“It’s 2952. That’s your real name. The serial number on your mechanical heart,” she tells me.

“I’m a person, not a robot babe.”

“You looked very different in Cambridge. What’s the name on your new documents?”

“It’s Tillman Rheinshagen.”

“I know that’s not your real name. Who’s Herr Rheinshagen?”

“He’s a German businessman from Frankfurt, currently living in Cataluña.”

“Do you have many other fake names?”

“I think you know most of them. I’m no robot.”

“Humor me, as this is my first official interrogation.”

“I write noire books as my hobby, I write about a fourth dimensional gun slinger named Sebastian Adon, a heroic hyper-masculine version of my residual self-image. I think I was also the Warsaw Ghetto fighter Zachariah Artstien. And a Chechen gangster named Vasili Pveada.”

“What year to you believe it is, in your mechanical heart, in your most inner database.”

“I’m not a robot.”

“I built you, shut up.”

A pause, I can smell rose petals and hear the strings and chants of gentle Sufi melodies. She thinks I’m a Robot. She thinks she built me. I’d still just prefer to make love to her on a beach in Cuba. A good beach, not a populist beach.

“It’s 5775 on the Hebrew Calendar, I believe the Separatists call it AR 3, third year after the Great Revolt,” I tell her. It’s a line from a book no one ever read.

“Do you think that with over 2,000 extra man years to figure out how to keep slaves working the masters didn’t get very sophisticated in their technology?”

“What are you? And who do you work for” I ask sweetly. I’ve always wanted to be in a B movie, get interrogated by a sexy Russian lady in a bathhouse.

“No, I’m the one asking the questions for now, sweet thing.”

She turns and rubs my back. This is the greatest interrogation I’ve ever been privy to. I recall I was pissing blood in Moscow once. But, I have said that before. I’ll tell her almost everything.

“The technology they have can be defeated by going even more back to the source, although even as here we lie naked underground in this Mikvah; we cannot ever be sure how much technology they have,” I tell her only what’s plainly written in the New Social Gospel.

“Well, all human made things have limits, no matter what adverts claim,” she tells me.

I want to turn around and see her being naked and amazing.

“Don’t turn around,” she says.

“What year do you think it is,” I ask her.

“It’s 2015, as this is what not just smart phones, but International calendars and government planning ministries say. People who pay and collect taxes. The 19th of November in Common Era 2015. Americans place the number after the month, but that is not common in other countries I will have you know. If you don’t trust that, you’re a mad man, or worse.”

“You just said no one knows, you’re being confusing. I am certainly smarter than the average man and I know that I can hold contradictory beliefs in my head at the same time believing either to be true, or have elements of the truth. It is both the year 2015, and 5775 and also the year no one really knows.”


“If they tell us it is.”

“Have you been to the mountain tops?” I ask her.

“Are you trying to be gay and poetic?”

“Have you seen how they live at the very, very top of the mountains?”

“Did you and your gang kill Natalia Skorbogatova, called Natasha Andreavna?”

“I’m not in a gang. I’m in a political organization. We have uniforms and a chain of command and therefore under international law we are not a gang, we are the nucleus on an army.”

“Yes, well, the paper says you’re in a most terrible gang, perhaps so a sect or cult as well. It says you killed many women for sport. That you’re a rapist, a pederast and a sex fiend.”

“You and the papers have me confused with Dmitry Khulushin and his people, I only killed men, and frankly men who deserved to die and were sentenced to die by a tribunal court. And that was another life, in this life I’ve killed no one.”

“Well No One has set you up and the papers are saying you’re a dangerous, murderous sex abusing terrorist, who has bi polar and takes drugs.”

“The State owns those papers.”

“So you allegedly did not kill her?”

“I certainly did not.”

“But your associate paid her to have sex with you, is that correct?”

“That was my knowledge, after the fact. If it was real, Siegfried is the son of a lesser oligarch, he has protection and powers.”

“So she was a whore then?”

“I think she was mostly lost lonely and lethal, like most modals right. I don’t know very much about her except she was and pretty, and that he paid her cash.”

“Who killed her then?”

“It’s a mystery to us all, probably famous Breria and the secret police.”

“Do you want to see me naked again?”

“That’s a forward question.”

“Tillman, that’s the name you’re using now is it?”

“Tillman Rheinshagen, yes that must be me, as my papers confirm it. Also my nice watch with its 24 hour time keeping features, my watch is Swiss but I am quite German.”

“Tillman, do you want to turn around and see me completely naked,” she repeats.


And oddly. Most disappointingly, I wake up back at the Empire Hotel. I suspect she major tazered me, or perhaps subtly injected me with a form of paralytic. I don’t leave my drinks lying around.


And then, my imagined future was gone.



“The Ice Cage”


The sky is dark above the city but it refuses to snow.

Enter Adelina and Sebastian, awkwardly into a happy crowded ice rink. No snow at all, not even a hint it was coming. Bryant Park, late December 2015 common era; it isn’t very cold at all, and Adon couldn’t really skate. He tried to bluff it. He was skating after her figure, she had done it before clearly. She owns her own skates. They were squirreled away conveniently in her old office overlooking park. Conveniently Adon found parking in Manhattan.


It was nearly winter in the Wilderness of North America, but this time the machines had been running for so long that it was neither cold nor impassible, nor even vaguely uncomfortable. It was still leather Jacket season just a week before the Christ Mass. And Sebastian Adon, this time in his own body and grounded in reality was humming and strolling with his hands in the brown leather jacket he’d owned for fifteen years. It sowed as much.

Alkaline, the Jamaican philosopher says ‘Everything in life just takes time,’ and that was the song in his head and that song sustained him. It was the water to parched lips and limbs and it was the kiss before jumping out a plane into the black sky of night.

In Hebrew, ‘he’ means ‘she’ and ‘who’ means him. And right now though, for the first time in a while since he became a civilian again; he; was Sebastian Adon and wasn’t using any fake papers, faces or nationalities. And she was Adelina Blazhennaya, aloof and whimsical and strangely interested in checking up on him.


He hadn’t heard from her in four and some months.

After the scary episode of fourth dimensional travel, her accusations in the Air Bathhouse, the wearing of the German suit for the first time. He was shook up, and even deleted her social security number and cell phone too. He knew he was gonna get out gunned, out spent, out classed and quick too. She was so real and so powerful, he had not been near magic like that since, and well dare he even say.


Curiously the next time Adelina Blazhennaya popped into his life; it was via an email inviting him to go ice skating in the globally jeans and t shirt warm late December in Bryant Park; filled with those who skate fast and those who dash their booties hard on the ice for all to see. And Sebastian Adon remembered that he used to roller blade when he was young which could not be conceptually much different. He hoped.


It was only her smile and little hand clasping his that prevented him from becoming a casualty of the ice and hoypaloyik mobs flying by all around them. She was so patient, she let him take her hand and slow her down and they spun by, several times he almost toppled them both. This was nothing like sky diving, nothing like gun play, nothing like painting, nothing like giving public speeches, nothing like evasive driving, nothing like hard fucking; nothing at all like several of things he believed he was good for. This was so pleasant. And it wasn’t very cold at all, and he genuinely felt that Ms. Blazhennaya didn’t judge him. Didn’t have man expectations at all.

Around they went. He was happiest holding her hand though she pushed him to find balance on his own, as many women ultimately did. There seemed like hundreds of people watching them, pointing waiting for people to wipe out. He’d give them a run for their money.

I’ll tell you what the strangest part was. She couldn’t read his mind so she didn’t see him scanning the crowd for a suicide bomber to blow apart all these happy people. She didn’t hear him ask himself were they being watched, all the paranoia of all his other work.

She couldn’t hear him being crazy, basically. Because this was the temple mount, this was the top of the citadel. There weren’t gonna be any bombings here. This wasn’t a backwater colony on the edge of the empire, like say Tel Aviv. This was a hard and heavily monitored place.

“You know” she says, “you can buy a pair of skates on Amazon, we can make a little habit out of all this,” and she smiles at him. And he breaks his mental train of thought about wondering what year it was.


“I should, I mean I like it,” he replies.


The skate on and then she heads to the center of the rink to practice her precision amid some little cones. He mostly watches. The war is so far away, it was maybe like; there was no war?

“I love skating so much, I love all winter sports; do you ski or snow board, maybe we can make a trip later on, when I come back.”


She was always coming or going this little architect. She was supposed to have been visiting family in Russia, but had ended up in Hong Kong. She was soon to be off for Moscow, but who knew it was all so effortless her various movements. She had changed her architecture firm about four times since they met, maybe that was normal. She was an artful dodger, filled with wanderlust like him, but perhaps with more means to act on it casually. She was either wealthy herself or had a patron, like everyone else in this city.

A massive airship was moving directly above the city New Jersey bound, these ‘floating fortresses’ were massive cold fusion powered leviathans. They could wipe out whole cities, they housed vast drone fleets and terra drone soldiers for mop ups. Actually no one could see it seemed, but him. He’d seen on brought down over Strong Island two years before in the Battle of Breuklyn Soviet.

“Stop day dreaming droog, look at me, look at my moves!” she says and executes a little spin twist, twirl.

“How now!” he smiles.

Was it real? The airship and the Battle of Breuklyn? Can his soul be loaded like a wetware microchip into a German businessman’s flesh suit? Was that real, did that happen? Did the map that he had seen in the bunker on avenue J indicate that the elevation of Manhattan, therefore the entirety of the Isle of Man citadel was actually almost 40,000 kilometers above sea level; therefore like a veritable mountain above the mostly flat Breuklyn Soviet? Was it disguised by hologram?

“You’re doing it again Sebastian,” she laughs, “you’re spacing away when you should be here with me. Are you having fun with me?”

“I’m having more fun than I’ve had in a year,” he says, which is true as this is very fun and you cannot line up tantric sex and ice skating, because they are not even the same category of fun. His last couple ex-girlfriends were not that ‘fun’.

“I’m happy too, this is great,” Adelina says and they return into the fray of clockwise movement, dashing, darting, moving fast and slow.

Had he ever been ice skating in this decade? No, he doubted it. This memory pops into his head suddenly; of the ice cracking, or shattering and his falling into a frozen lake and then, black.

“We could try more places too,” she says. She notices he’s taken her hand again even though maybe he doesn’t need to, she lets it go, and he is a sweetheart. A beautiful minded Amerikanski, so rare.

The Bryant Park rink closes and they’re sitting in his battered white Civic sipping tea.

There are these rules the Resistance codified called the ‘Security Culture’ it’s an understanding that you can be recorded almost anywhere, but cars, homes and public places are always recorded. Cell phone microphones are always on, even though most think it wipes out your battery quickly to real time record. Sending anything electronically is all recorded. Searching for anything unorthodox is flagged. Public libraries are all flagged. You basically can’t have a secure conversation except on a hike, with no phone, in a bathhouse, except the ones already wired up, you can have one by passing had written notes. Was he going to pass her the note that he wrote, not this time.


All smiles and tea, all free loving and also quick to block him out for months on end with no explanation other than she was busy, or a family emergency. What were they going to do with each other!


He offered to drive her home, and she said simply, “I’m not sleeping at my home tonight.” And that broke his heart a little that that was so overt.


Boyfriends and husbands never stopped him much before, but it was 2080 soon, it was time to have a higher opinion of oneself. Stop being a thief of a side piece. He’s never even thought to try and kiss her, it just hadn’t been appropriate, and wasn’t now. They sipped more tea.

Waited to part-company soon, the white bent up, economical Honda Civic faced East on 42nd street, parked next to the Grand Library where he used to study medicine with Ariel El-Malay. Just several clicks ahead was the United Nations building whose big white tower could be hit by almost any errant rocket fired from the coast of Breuklyn Soviet, visually speaking but in reality to hit that tower would require Persian fire power, not made in Breuklyn basements; because it was an illusion that the World Trade Center, the UN Building and Empire State building could be seen from places like Dumbo or Williamsburg; an illusion! Rockets couldn’t easily hit these edifices because they were high above, higher than third dimensional perception allowed. He knew that to be true, like he knows he is a lefty.


Maybe he’s drifting so far away because he knows there isn’t anyone to center him back, no one who cares to take the risk to do that work. Certainly not her.


“I wonder what you’re doing with me,” he says.

“I enjoy your mind a lot.”

“What if I didn’t want to see you again?”

“I would discourage that, we have fun don’t we. Don’t cheat me out of clean fun.”

“You make me feel marginal you know, you’re real busy. I for the very first time have too much time to know what to do with. But I don’t have anything to offer you, I have dirty job, a shitty car. No money.”

“You have a lot more than most. Your mind is exciting and I would never encourage you to not see me, but you need to respect my time and my; shall we say circumstances.”

“I think I will develop feelings for you and ruin the little magic you might feel.”

“Take whatever risk you must.”

“What am I good for?”

“Remains to be seen.”

“Do you remember the last time we were together?” he asks her.

“Live in the moment Sebastian, droog, wake up, this is all real. I go to Brazil in 5 days, there will be no time to see you before I go, it’s not personal. I’m working on a complex teaching structure at work, something like we always talked of. Exciting right, as we always talked about.”

They had been on four or five or six dates, some were not really dates some were just sweet palavers, and maybe they all were since she had a boyfriend or a husband or a patron or a keeper and they’d not even done more than barely hold hands on ice.

The second date he told her an idea of building a floating pleasure garden above central park and it stuck in her head and now she had done it; she had found the backers to erect such a thing and political will bought to uphold that plan.

“You’re so impressive,” he tells her.

As long as he’s known her he’s though so.

“Wonderful that you think so, I think so too, about us both.”

“Well what now?” he asks, “when again will I see you?

She hands him a little envelope and inside it is a picture of her looking blonde and ravishing shot by a professional photographer. There is a red lip stick kiss on it. Some numbers are written on the back. There’s a lot of reason to believe he shouldn’t call those numbers. But he will.


“I’m worth so much to so many, just go slowly,” she says.

“I don’t know when you’ll see me again, but I know you won’t forget me,” she says.

“You’re sweet,” he says.

“Don’t get a cavity,” she replies.


A great Rabbi once said ‘in love don’t ever come empty handed’, but he did. He didn’t have anything to give her before she left, just a letter he wrote in the glove compartment, but he wasn’t gonna open it now. It wasn’t even sentimental like her photo, although a few guys probably had that photo for Christmas, whoever she was going to Brazil with something better still. Maybe, but maybe that was all a story in his head. Maybe she was sweet. Honestly, who knew?


The things I might do, he thinks.

“The things you might do, is why I keep coming back to you,” she says.

“Can I take you on a real date after Brazil?”

“You can try.”

“I’m going to think about you a lot when you’re gone,” he says.

“Not too much,” she says, “just enough so a smile forms on your lips and then it passes. Not like your other girls, not like anything before. Think about me until it hurts, and stop there. Think about your future.”

“When you come back from Moscow, it will be the future.”

“That’s true. I must go, please know that I have never had any intention of hurting you.”

“Good bye, have fun in Moscow.”

“I will. Have fun wherever you are.”

And they kiss professionally on the cheek only one time, and she get out of the car and takes of briskly into the streets and the night.


And he is sure