Ballad # 3:  “An Escapade Across the Fall” Involving a Russian Woman and Several Hand Grenades Cultural Context:  {In the Newyorkgrad fall times of the Gregorian year 2011 two mildly dangerous people, dangerous in their own ways; became for a time, star-crossed lovers that were briefly aligned (allowed?) to kiss and make up. In the cultural context of one, his card had trouble clearing expectations. Yet, in but in four dates, he could know that marriage was possible.} While others were sleeping, I dream with you awake. We walk. These cobblestone-streets, below big dead glass towers, in late night-predawn, imbibe, … Continue reading BALLAD #3: {AN ESCAPADE ACROSS THE FALL}


BALLAD # 2:  “The Life of Constant Night” Cultural Context: Later while partly naked the terrorist notices that the Buxom escort, posing as a high-class courtesan, has no tattoos, which in his culture means that they can both be buried in the same cemetery. Yet, she makes small talk about wanting a tattoo of a dragonfly. And he wonders if that’s her brand presented by those who might own her. Or is she just a Russian hippy. And it comes up that dragonflies eat their males after copulating.  But I’m a Jew, not an insect he says. She eats her … Continue reading BALLAD #2 {A LIFE OF CONSTANT NIGHT}

BALLAD #1: /A Revolution Happens Live\

Ballad #1: “A Revolution Happens Live” “Cultural Context”: “A journalist posing as a shot girl who works as an escort and a terrorist posing as a freedom fighter while working an ambulance driver meet face to face in a Tavern for a hard drink.  In the background gypsy music. He wants to make love to her, but she is indifferent leaning toward largely disinterested. In the world around them, black lives do not matter very much at all and Muslims die every day in hunger and fire and airstrikes, ” All: Sing one song! Late into the night!   Amid a … Continue reading BALLAD #1: /A Revolution Happens Live\