La Lingray

It was nearly winter in the Wilderness of North America, but this time the machines had been running for so long that it was neither cold nor impassible, nor even vaguely uncomfortable. It was still leather Jacket season just a week before the Christ Mass. And Sebastian Adon, this time in his own body and grounded in reality was humming and strolling with his hands in the brown leather jacket he’d owned for fifteen years. It sowed as much. Alkaline, the Jamaican philosopher says ‘Everything in life just takes time,’ and that was the song in his head and that … Continue reading La Lingray

The New Ground Rules

The New Ground Rules: Ending the politics of international doublure Haitian Development Authority Plan 2020-2030 Policy Briefing for the Office of the President Walter Adler, Ministry of Planning    Republic of Haiti “The NGO sector in Haiti is best described as an uncoordinated mass of organizations de facto unaccountable to any governing or regulatory institution, i.e. no accountants, no auditors, no reviews, and no publication of poor or dishonest performance.”-Schwartz Report Introduction and Background  We submit a policy package designed to restore our national sovereignty, assert control over our resources, ports and airspace, and forge a pathway whereby the citizens of … Continue reading The New Ground Rules