Single Payer Healthcare

Medicare for All:  Single Payer Insurance Schemes as they apply to EMS     In the United States, money and profit are the driving forces behind all aspects of the healthcare system. There is a price tag on every item, every procedure and every level of medical intervention. Effective January 1st, 2021 a BLS Ambulance ride will cost $900 before millage and Oxygen. An ALS ride will cost $1,600. Although we think of ourselves as a real economic powerhouse, our medical system is ranked 27th on the planet. The Covid-19 Pandemic also exposed the full extent of the “two-Americas”; one with … Continue reading Single Payer Healthcare

#012: Muse of the Brighton Bathhouse

#012: Muse of the Brighton Bathhouse    I interrogated you with Newport cigarettes pursed at my lips.           And you sized me up like a slave on the market block. Emergently my covered wagon has been jettisoned and set ablaze by a blonde haired savage,  a mercenary in clad multicolored finery with war paint under both blue eyes.         Brandishing a spear and also a bottle of Russian Standard. She’s since infused my life with her Red Bull risings and cynical parables on the subject of snow ball fighting with General Winter. “Drink!” she whispers out her demands. “Until in naked oblivion you … Continue reading #012: Muse of the Brighton Bathhouse

Ballad # 808: Hopeless Fearless Hearts

#808 Fearless_Hopeless_Hearts          “Tell me storytime!”           She curls up on me, her ethanol engine exhausted.         I want to fly us, so far away:  This cab is now a magic carpet for a story cabaret.             Using-a-punchdrunk-kitten in the back seat of a  Breuklyn-southbound-gypsy as my muse. One doesn’t choose,   _the muse they use. Or when.      There were worse assignments. Given to more cowardly men! And my constitution is and always will be_a wide canvas for futurist painting_  My-heart-when-fainting_ Is grinding, then breaking it_causes Brighton to flood and post Haitian earthshaking:    My soul is for barter_sign the dotted line,  I’m … Continue reading Ballad # 808: Hopeless Fearless Hearts

Ballad # 6: In My New York Cell

#06: In My New York Cell In my cell, time doesn’t move the same. You dwell mostly in the past. Or some far off, seemingly hopeless future. The blame, the blunder, a hand in the blender. You stand still, but I stand last. I try. Toothless, seven ways drugged, And I do dream of you. But I cannot be unfollowed, cannot be debugged. That is because torments weigh on me and keep me from visions of happier times. Self-hate overwhelms. I long for death, black death is a lullaby, banged out in rythmes. You learn to hate your best in … Continue reading Ballad # 6: In My New York Cell

# 5: “The Bin You are In”

#5:  “A Prelude to a Date” The Aforementioned Prelude The moon! The moon was my only marker. God used to play the fiddle and pass the tip jar. It fed our souls shards of hope ground up like glass in the flour. Shards like cocaine dust off, propelled my corpse, and propelled my lifeless body up the mountain roads and down to the piers of Brighton. The road itself. Is now littered with bodies. Eyes dead potential spread far. I see dead people every day, they look well rested. Seeking security, hiding her shame, winking signals of desire and American … Continue reading # 5: “The Bin You are In”

That Night, Scene 1

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Scene 1 Scene One New York City Scene One New York City ? Blast the damn heat, for my brow drips. For in New York it gets so hot in the late of August, a swelter box, most people of any means flee to their dachas in Strong Island. ? Dawn is now rising, breaking and expanding on the low roof of an ancient print house that’s been—at some time in the past hundred years— converted to a seventeen story cooperative. 140 Nassau Street, District Financial. On the 17th story roof deck, Sebastian Vasyli Adon,… Continue reading That Night, Scene 1

China Policy

From Hegemony to Community:  A Vision of Realignment for U.S. Foreign Policy Walter Sebastian Adler Hunter College A great power cannot rely purely on unilateralism. The world is too vast and the conflicts are too many. If the U.S. indeed stands behind principles like democratization and global stability it must cultivate a broader alliance of allies. It must be willing to act in meaningful partnership as well as seek to empower underdeveloped countries to reduce socio-economic conditions leading to poverty and unrest. The difficulty lies in combining our values with our national interest. The U.S. must demonstrate that its values … Continue reading China Policy

Pax American Policy

The Pax Americana  of 1989-2010 Reports Prepared By:  Zachariah Artstien and Rahula Today, i.e. Jeremy McGaffey  Dumbing it Down for the Masses No healthy society longs for war. To your average person war is a nasty reality of human history to be avoided if possible and fought quickly if necessary. Because we claim to be a democracy, the government must convince enough of the populace that war is justified. Your average person does not need statistics, an objective history, or even a clear-cut plan of action. All they need is a simple reason to make them believe. While the New … Continue reading Pax American Policy

Para-State Strategies in Israel Palestine

Para-State Strategies in Israel Palestine  An Intervention Blueprint By: Walter Sebastian Adler & Yousef Bashir Heller School for Social Policy and Management 21 April 2014 Para-State Strategies in Israel Palestine Walter Sebastian Adler & Yousef Bashir 21 April 2014 Abstract Conflicts around the world today are fully shaped by the lasting machinations & legacies of the former colonial powers. Denial of that is revisionist and irrational. National interests and the economic dependencies fostered in that period have paved the way for the inhabitants of those former colonies to remain entrenched in deep ethnic conflict and lasting hatreds fueled by the … Continue reading Para-State Strategies in Israel Palestine

#4 On the Cultural Context

#4: The Cultural Context       When lost in a Champagne Campaign one is always the friend of sex and cigarettes. So begins a fable,              With a vignette vex,  no remorse, no regrets!        The smoke will dissipate and the bottle once empty,  Must be taken off the table. Best to know your class, Best to know and surpass your station, Ideology is not like love,  Yet both have rules and gentle nuances. While drinking hard, some things are lost in translation. She said: Comrade, I have work for you, “How do you cope with a newly broken heart?” For the best way … Continue reading #4 On the Cultural Context