La Lingre, Act 1. Scene 8.

[Scene 8]   Adelina had been originally introduced to him first on the 12th of April, 2012 which was also in fact her biological 26th birthday, how auspicious. She was and is quite baby faced while strikingly attractive and slender like a modal, maybe even more than the Euro-American conception of impossible physique. She has auburn hair, but it was dyed blond in Russia while she was gone. She lovingly smiles without much hardship, but is always a real smile coming from a place of actual enjoyment to share company with others. Her physical life span at birth was over … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1. Scene 8.

La Lingre, Act. Scene 7.

[Scene 7]   Let us digress slightly into the divergent past. Two years back perhaps, which is to say Common Era 2013 or AR 1, one year after the beginning of the Great Revolt; but still in the satellite camps and shanty towns outside Boston. We, at times are too enamored in our literature and film with the theatrics and heroics of men, thinks Adelina Blazhennaya. They are most unstable creatures! So easily aroused and so readily violent. Hark I will tell you why I was flown all the way from lovely sane and stable Chelyabinsk; Tank City, to be … Continue reading La Lingre, Act. Scene 7.

La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 6.

[Scene 6] There are only several places where they cannot hear you, see you, record you and file you by number. And these places are not one hundred percent secure, they only make your detection harder and prolong your date of capture. Bathhouses, fitness clubs, loud electronic music venues, camping & wilderness activities, dancehall parties and in the back of municipal ambulances. I’m not fully happy with some elements of my life, thinks Kenneth King the actor. I cannot exactly say that I am satisfied, though I do have many elements of a good life going; I am not using … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 6.

La Lingre, Act 1. Scene 4.

[Scene 4]   Irfan and I had to the best of our ability barricaded and taped up the windows of the safe house which overlooked the parking lot and street. We had dropped the Haitian and Israeli flags off the balcony ledge which was a flag signal on our part that all positions were to be hardened and the volunteers were to be called up. There were only four roads of approach into Camp Shrakasa Waltham, and the safe house was amid a large cooperative housing development on the Western upper most slope of the great hill the whole camp … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1. Scene 4.

La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 3.

[Scene 3]   She was sacred and crying and I’d never seen her this uncompromised. Thinks Sebastian Adon. She was curled up under the covers of three comforters, crying and shivering on my big red safe house plush couch. And I was holding her hand, guarding her seated on the floor of the apartment, a blaster in my other hand filled with bullets, bullets that kill. Everyone was on red alert. The night before she had arrived back in the United States with Ilya Lubov who had done god knows how many depraved things to her in Spain. Made me … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 3.

La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 2.

[Scene 2]   “2: Allow me to introduce Myself, Charlestown”                                                                                                                                                     My name is unimportant, and you as a barely literate rabble of foreigners could hardly ever seem to pronounce it; so now my papers say Ilya Lubov, IL-YA LU-BOAV. I’m at my inner office auditing a company my firm just acquired. This office is listed on a website of tech firm I founded, but honesty you’d never be able to find it on your own. You’d need help. You’d need to fuck me until I wasn’t paying attention to you, then you’d have steal some key cards and somehow … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 2.

La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 1.

[Scene 1] “1: The Ravishing Little Mosquito, Waltham” Adelina arrives in the cold of night. Sebastian, oh Sebastian! Your nothing but trouble to all you claim to love. He called out for her and begged her nightly to acquire him. He was always awake deep into the night, writing his shall we say; a manifesto, or a love poem. Deep in the study of maps and charts and reports from the killing fields; grim and boring. Her maroon KIA Soul Ranger from Korea is steaming from the thirty-eight minute drive from Brighton to Waltham. They’ll have to dig it out in … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 1.

La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 0.

Act 1: Pinya!   “The Woman with the Tattooed Hands” Set in in the work camps and settlement towns outside of Boston, 2015ce May   Starring; Sebastian Adon, famous Zionist spy Adelina Blazhennaya, a Russian linguist Oleg the Bear, fashion photographer and shtarker Ilya Lubov Trubadoroff, lesser Oligarch of Charlestown Dmitry Khulushin Koch, prince of Easter territories Irfan Khan, Pakistani military officer Saif Khan, Bangladeshi accountant Saadiya Usmani, a mystic Ricardo Veshanti, a Rastafarian Jefferson McIntyre, Guyanese philosopher Ken King, Cuban Actor David Kudzai Chikwamba Dorset; Zimbabwean biochemist/ Shona Warrior   Scenes; 0: Fast Fading Lights, Waltham 1: The Ravishing … Continue reading La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 0.

La Lingre, Prelude.

Prelude: “Reds & Whites” Set in Shrakasa Waltham, 1st September, 2015 Common Era,   Starring; Sebastian Vasyli Adon, famous Zionist agitator & spy Adelina Antolievna Blazhennaya, a Russian linguist Oleg ‘the Bear’ Medved, fashion photographer and tough guy Yulia Romanova, a pretty, helpless muse     [Prelude]     The year is winter 2015ce, the setting, a grim gulag hidden from normal sight in the Eastern coast of the United American States outside the City State of Greater Boston. The snow falls so hard you can’t see the roads anymore, can’t see but ten feet in front of you. We … Continue reading La Lingre, Prelude.