The 99th/ Act 4

  ACT FOUR:   Stoj’kost   Set in Hispaniola (Haiti & DR)   1 January, 2019-2020ce, AR 7-8   Seven years from Act 1. One hour from the end of Act 3. ACT IV: Stojkost (The Shake Off) 2019-2020, AR 7-8   Set in Hispaniola (Haiti & DR)     Gen Wilatundi Christophe †, Northern Lavalas Army Approx. 5,000 fighters     82nd Malik Shabazz Battalion (Uhuru) Cdte Djbriel Okonkwo † Cpt. Netic Kinari † Lt. Sham Roche Edge †   Gen Shantay Dargain, Central Lavalas Army Approx. 20,000 fighters   99th Hadar Battalion (ZOB) Lt. Scott Sevastra † Lt. Kwame … Continue reading The 99th/ Act 4

The 99th/ Act 3

  ACT THREE:   Loyal’nost   Set in Breuklyn Soviet MicroRepublik, 2017-2020ce, 7-8 A.R.   ACT III: Loyal’nost (The Loyalty) 2017-2020ce, AR7-8   Set in Breuklyn Soviet MicroRepublik   Starring:   Capt. Anya Drovtich; Commander of rebel forces in Breuklyn, ZOB  Cdte. Hubert O’Domhnaill; Fenian freedom fighter, ZOB-FRB Ysiad Ferraris; suave Dominican businessman † Lt. Moishe Klein, Chief of Hatzalah Laurence Simon, PhD † Toba Hadaad, Ivorite spy Misha Kishbivalli; Bulgarian lesser demon Hella Martina Dubratevsky; Bulgarian witch, writer Ruth Vered, Ivorite spy James White; retired cop/ Bratva enforcer James Behemoth Brown Pérezes; Shapeshifting-Bratva enforcer Capt. Mara Fitzduff; Fenian Minister of … Continue reading The 99th/ Act 3

The 99th/ Act 2

ACT TWO:   La Lingre   Set outside Boston in 2013-2015ce   ACT II: La Lingre (The Lingering Love) 2014-2015ce, AR3   Set Outside Boston                                     A Listing of our Primary & Lesser Characters   Introducing;   Capt. Watson Entwissle, Mullato Haitian gun slinger † Ilya Lubov Trubadoroff, Lesser Oligarch of Charlestown Lt. Irfan Khan, Pakistani military intelligence officer †  Lt. Saiph Khan, Bangladeshi patriot† Cpt. Roj Zalla, Kurdish Patriot † Saadiya Usmani, a Pakhi mystic † Ricardo Veshanti, a Rastafarian Warrior Jefferson McIntyre, … Continue reading The 99th/ Act 2

The 99th/Act1

  The99th (In four ACTS)   [The Work of]:       Adler S Walt       Dedicated to: Daria Andreavna Skorbogatova & Yelizaveta Kotlyarova, And Elena Antolievna Komarova & Valentina Stanovova   With a special thanks to Alan Medvinsky As well as my agent, Ms. Jessica Pilot           A Listing of our Primary & Lesser Characters     ACT I: Str’ast (The Passion) 2008-2012ce, AR0 Set in Moscow & New York City   Starring;   Sebastian Vasili Adon, a paramedic adventurer. † Natasha Andreavna Skorbogatova, a wild Russian floosy. Dmitry Khulushin Koch, a lesser … Continue reading The 99th/Act1


Scene 10 High Bridge Outpost, 2010ce Bronx Technician Castro   7:14pm is 19:14 in military time Ambulance speak.   It’s Friday. I think. The job plays tricks on you with time. Your loved ones never understand how your weekend moves through the week on the eight hour units. On five, off two, on five; off three. It isn’t rocket surgery. It makes cheating easy though. Which I get accused of far more than I ever get to do. Someone heard a crash in the night on the unpaved service road between the Deegan and the Harlem River called Exterior Ave. … Continue reading A1/s10


  Scene 9 116 Ludlow Street, 2012ce Mehanata The lights are dim no matter what happens. You can dance all night if you have to, but eventually someone has to herd the cats out the door and hide the bodies on the floor. The Mehanata Social Club is tucked away discreetly on 116 Ludlow Street. This is its second location since many times police raided and finally burned to the ground in an ugly incident that took place in 2005. At an infamous establishment such as this you ought to always know the names of the men “standing the watch” … Continue reading A1/S9


Scene 8 The Spartan Club, 2010ce Midwood   I pump iron in Paki meat head gym on the corner of Ave H and Coney Island Ave, I see my old squad partner Sebastian there, once a year or so, looking like death back to life. ‘Stop smoking, stop drinking, and think about your reasons.’   I normally the 58B 12 hour unit out of Station 58, in a forgotten little hood called Canarsie. Station 58 is the RCC regional command for the Brooklyn Division, Division 3. It is the largest Station in the borough, except for Station 43 which is … Continue reading A1/S8


Scene 7 The Burmuda Triangle, 2012ce Black Freighter   “No, I’ve never read a thing, he’s written, I only just have encouraged him to write,” sates Oleg the Bear and all nod in agreement. Yulia Romanova doesn’t even know how to read in Russian, she’s paid to fuck men on demand and place satchel bombs.   Back in the present, back on the monstrous underwater vessel called “the Black Mermaid”; traveling propelled by a Thorium reactor towards the United States; the extraction squad sits for black bread, herring, tea and Compot, sweet berry punch.   The Chinese had finished a … Continue reading A1/S7


Scene 6 Marley Printing Corp., 2010ce Long Island City There’s really only one newspaper for your EMS communist crazy talk and that paper is “the Banshee” and its editorials rant along the lines of:   “They say there’s no rest for the wicked, but I haven’t done anything that truly bad in quite some years. These streets will run you ragged. Bleed you dry if you’re inclined to let the reaper take you. But on a long enough time line everyone is going to die.”   Oh, Technician Adon sing the blues:   “Our mission, in so far as our … Continue reading A1/S6


Scene 5 The Upper West Side, 2012ce Penthouse J   So much light and so much air, still under nine hundred American, my to the chagrin of the Ivories who own the building; the House Trikhovitch is rental controlled! Penthouse J has been in the hands of the House Trikhovitch Family the early 1981 Common Era. That was not a hey-day for New York City as some newly arrived hip individuals have come to believe. Heretics.   By the mid-1980’s looters and vagrants were scaling the walls to steal anything not tied down.   Crack is Wack, they say, but … Continue reading A1/S5