Outlined here are several major Policy Strategies being developed to address the four core inequities of the Nation. Taken in total this framework is called THE SOLUTION PROCESS. Addressing Economic Inequality and Social Service Apartheid Addressing Identity based Apartheid Policy on Mandatory National Service Universal Human Rights Normalization in Law Towards Legislative Human Rights 4. Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Infrastructure Towards a New Green Deal Continue reading Policy

What is to be Done in America?

What is to be Done in America PAMPHLET (5) There is an uprising happening in the United States of America. It is the response to a brutish President and the irresponsible management of a pandemic, catalyzed by the televised lynching of a black man. To succeed in achieving real change, real justice this uprising will require conscience and a soul. It must address on a structural level, as well as on a policy level ugly injustices of racist apartheid. It must at the same address glaring inequalities of wealth. Both between the American worker and the American Oligarch, but also … Continue reading What is to be Done in America?