That Night, Scene 7.

    Scene Seven Mehanata   The yellow cabs fly by on Tuesday night. You could cook things on the sidewalk, that’s how vile and hot the concrete jungle is this summer.        For the nine to thirteen million rats in their various races, this city never fucking sleeps. Its go, go, go, zoom, zoom rush! Slaves and serfs to the trains for service. It’s all an illusion its fun here with no currency. It’s a filthy place except at the center. Getting in early with red eyes and leaving late. Back on the cattle cars. The masters dangling enough to … Continue reading That Night, Scene 7.

That Night, Scene 2

        Scene Two Off the coast of Nicaragua   Far below the waves of the black blue Caribbean, a vast underwater leviathan of a craft named the “Black Mermaid” hulks its way gradually toward the surface. The vessel is forty miles off the Eastern coast of Nicaragua, sloshing and bashing the water. It cascades aggressively. All of these things happen in depths of the sea and black of the night as its crew makes way toward “New Shoreham”; a tiny settlement on Block Island, a rebel enclave off the state of Rhode Island in the United States … Continue reading That Night, Scene 2