2084, Pt. 1, Prelude + Scene 1

STRAST Act I: PROLOGUE SETTING: A Safehouse in Central Moscow. Snow is falling. The room lit only with eerie blue electric candles. A man is seated with a bale of manuscript papers, a small lap top on a red desk. A woman is seated on a bed taking apart a futuristic pistol and putting it back together. In the background, the Russian song ‘OY MORUZ’. … Continue reading 2084, Pt. 1, Prelude + Scene 1

2084, Prelude

2084  BY Adler S Walt Dedicated to: Daria Andreavna Skorobogatova PRELUDE SETTING: A gulag outside Boston. Snow is falling. The year is now, in the distant unknown future. A grim winter is upon us all. Mankind and womankind are cold by the fruits of their generational indifference to affairs of working people and the great mass of the struggling poor. The setting, a miserable gulag hidden from … Continue reading 2084, Prelude