#That Night, Act 1, Scene 8

Scene 8               What were these poems about, besides my won suffering of course, they were a therapeutic parlor trick. I’m not sure very many anyone likes them, maybe not even Oleg the Bear, my absconded former droog and moral patron, no, the poems served my cause poorly, she could barely tolerate them, and when the love was a more fleshy thing, a more … Continue reading #That Night, Act 1, Scene 8

#That Night, Act 1, Scene 7

Scene 7   Explained a young Avindav Debutelier, to the crowded and spontaneously mobbed crowd of mostly non-white Israelis, near the Techanama Gaziit.   A most powerful, unamplified orator in Hebrew, Arabic, English and also Haitian Creole, which is similar but not the same to French, was he once a Haitian, is he still or did he just for many years take one to his … Continue reading #That Night, Act 1, Scene 7

#That Night, Act 1, Scene 6

Scene 6   Raphael Ernesto Lynch Contreras has known for years that Sebastian was building an army, for they shared a social club, they shared many drinks, they shared a love for Russian women, they were friends! Raphael had done his best to guide him through his long affair with Dasha Andreava, but there was nothing that could really be done about that. Sebastian was … Continue reading #That Night, Act 1, Scene 6

#That Night, Prelude

      #That Night Brunette in Grapes & Other Russian American War Stories Written By Adler S Walt Dedicated to Natalia Abashkina   Characters: Valera Adonaev, a Chechen patriot, Dasha Andreavna, courtesan of Penza, Benny Adonaev, Spanish smuggler, Viktor Dragan, East German spy, Valentina Stanovova, a Russian architect, Salvatore Caminiti, Sicilian gladiator, Natalia Abashkina, expensive supermodel, Dmitry Khulushin Koch, a villain, Avinadav Debutelier, Commander … Continue reading #That Night, Prelude