Homage/ Chp. 3

S c e n e T h r e e “The Special Period in Times of Peace” Havana, Cuba  September 3rd, 1991 Comrade Norma Sanchez has jet black hair and is petite. She’s vaguely malnourished for a Cuban, but still attractive and dynamico. Of course. She is and always will be a member of the Committees for Defense of the Revolution. The vigilant internal defense mechanism against Yankee imperialist aggression and unrestrained, insatiable sex tourism. Her mother was a fairly high ranking person in the Party, told her of the struggles to defend socialism during the cold war years. Told her of the deprivations and economic siege beginning … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 3

Homage/ Chp. 2

S c e n e T w o “The Party Provides” Diyarbakir, Turkey  November 25th, 2004 Says Heval Commander Cancer, pronounced ‘Jansher’ the Guerrilla from his notes, “Actually, I tried to prepare them for a lifestyle of revolutionary militancy. Kill the enemy. Kill the enemy before the enemy can airstrike, execute, torture or disappear you and your friends. I don’t think they all got it. The training was just too short. They retained much of their Western bourgeoisie privileges. They thought it would maybe be like a movie. It’s a shame the woman died, she was the one with possibly the very most potential, excluding … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 2

Homage/ Chp. 1

ACT I:  “BAKUR” S c e n e O n e “A Cradle of all out Warfare” Deir Ez-Zor, Syria  November 25th, 2017 Deir Ez-Zor was one of the very first Syrian cities in 2011 to stage large scale demonstrations against the Assad Regime. In 2014 ISIS took over the city with little resistance leaving only a small pocket of pro-Assad military and perhaps over 100,000 civilian supporters cut off in an airbase and small section of the city. Supplied by helicopters and high altitude drop services the besieged garrison deep inside the ISIS control zone resisted capture for over 3 years and 2 months.   The … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 1

Homage/ Prelude

Al Prelude It is not that any of us longed to die. It was only that we believed that in this transience, this short human life, it was preferable to die on ones feet moving towards a just idea. Moving in solidarity, in defense of the powerless. Then it would be to die on our backs or our knees, half lives, shuffling along like zombies. Always asleep. With meaningless, un-free lives wasted. Lives spend like serfs and slaves.   Have you ever had an amazing noble idea in your head? That simply refused to translate itself or find traction in … Continue reading Homage/ Prelude