#038 Moscow Hostage Crisis

#038 Moscow Hostage Crisis  Part One  Life of the slave show!     I will remove you from your castle and make you watch the way we live in the wilderness below.        And she slips off her high heels into a star-crossed stare down,      She always calls the shots,     Gun shots to blood soaked makeshift cots.    The shots she calls are complicated.              She must … Continue reading #038 Moscow Hostage Crisis

#14 Sometimes the Vodka Drinks Me

#14: Sometimes the Vodka Drinks You I. What does a half Jew know about the Ghosts of Christmas past?  Arrogance vast!  If sirens of suffering call-free-for-all_  _then have your crew insert wax in their ears and bind your bleeding heart to the mast!  Look at your most tragic failures,  Look at your past!  Your sister, your brother, your comrade, the love of your life: raped … Continue reading #14 Sometimes the Vodka Drinks Me

False Necessitarian Theory

False necessity, or anti-necessitarian social theory, is a contemporary social theory that argues for the plasticity of social organizations and their potential to be shaped in new ways. The theory rejects the assumption that laws of change govern the history of human societies and limit human freedom. It is a critique of “necessitarian” thought in conventional social theories (like liberalism or Marxism) which hold that parts of the social order are necessary … Continue reading False Necessitarian Theory

Bereshit 2

1 Now that the heavens and the earth were ordered and completed, they had to be named.  All known and knowable existence became subject to the measure of soon sentient woman and man. Host to their speculation and inquiry. Through humans Hashem subjected raw creation to rational existence and subsequent use. Subjected a raw matter to rumination and use. 2 Hashem completed all this by … Continue reading Bereshit 2

Invest in EMS

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Paramedics practice a largely non-scientific, protocol driven form of medicine, in completely uncontrolled non-sterile field environments with little to no direct supervision. No matter what valid grievances other sectors had, it was the EMS members in and out of Covid infected households with 1 N95 for a week or 2 issued at most, with no access to 3m Respirator Masks. … Continue reading Invest in EMS

The Real Difference

The Real Difference Between EMS, Police, Nursing, Sanitation and Firefighters It takes a special person to be a first responder. There is a great deal of real danger involved in any job where a person is asked to drive and run towards an emergency that the majority of people are running away from. We compensate first responders for the readiness for that danger. In the case … Continue reading The Real Difference

Malcolm on the Ballot or the Bullet

Malcolm on the Ballot or the Bullet Malcolm X: History and Philosophy     This famous speech is perhaps best viewed as a candid ultimatum. As the race crisis in America escalated in violence and scope; Malcolm X articulated the position of many northern Blacks for which segregation was a non-issue. Coming at a time after his separation with the Nation of Islam (NOI) and Elijah … Continue reading Malcolm on the Ballot or the Bullet