On Peoples’ Governance

Pamphlet TWO:  On People’s Governance An Introduction to Democratic Confederalist Thinking Understanding Bookchin & Apo; what is ‘FREE LIFE’, and ‘PURSUIT OF A ‘COMMUNAL EXISTENCE’  Slavery, Colonization and Globalization have resulted in a nearly 500 year period of sustained Maldevelopment. Over the last three hundred years many brilliant and powerful people have made revolutions or undertaken vast societal change and development in highly difficult conditions. But, virtually all attempts to produce an alternative political and economic order, a replacement and improvement to Capitalism have been bloody, authoritarian regressive failures.  In short progress has been unequal, change has been tempered with … Continue reading On Peoples’ Governance

Introduction to Ideology, a War of Ideas

Pamphlet One:  Introduction to Ideology, a War of Ideas Understanding the Theoretical Basis of our Struggle What Does this Mean to You? This question is always asked at the beginning of each lesson.  It is an old Israelite question from the Passover Seder from the rebellious son or daughter. We are beginning a small Academy class. Training together to establish the parameters of answering that very same question. A sort of “proof of relevance” for the time we will take from your life, which cannot ever be returned. In short, this is a course which will give you a new … Continue reading Introduction to Ideology, a War of Ideas

Homage Chp. 9

Chapter (9) Nine “British Comrades” In England: “My government name is not relevant to you Hevalin, as they say.” Havalin is the plural of Hevals, multiple friends. Says Heval Errdal, a cheeky British Jew of left wing leanings with many Kurdish friends. He sits with his old friend Ana Montgomery Campbell from Lewes, U.K. who later died a Martyr in the defense of Afrin Canton. The British pipeline begins in Birmingham. Actually hundreds of ISIS Islamists had been recruited from Birmingham. Literally many hundreds. “You may call me by my Kurdish guerrilla name is Heval Erdal. I’m lanky and have … Continue reading Homage Chp. 9

Homage Chp. 8

Chapter (8) Eight “The Airstrikes on Mt. Qerechow” On April 25th, 2017. A few hours ago the Turkish State rocket bombed our training academy on the plateau of Mt. Qerechow. 18 Hevals died, some of them foreign volunteers. 5 Peshmerga also died in the strikes. The training base has been moved down the ridge into the oil pumping facility. It is unclear what makes the new location any safer. A new batch of internationals has just arrived from Sulaymaniyah. The lessons and training must continue.   Jansher is a mustached bear of a man, clad in a forest green multicam uniform … Continue reading Homage Chp. 8

Homage Chp. 7

Chapter (7) Seven “Report of a Genocide on a Holy Mountain” Bahaa Ilyas and Roza Saeed Al-Qaidi are Yazidi activists. This is mostly their words. Taken from reports after the genocide. “The sun greeted me as I woke on the morning of 3 August 2014. I was a researcher at the University of Duhok, 200 miles from Sinjar. It was to be a happy day as I was waiting –  first for my salary, and then for Roza, my then-fiancée. Roza and I had plans to go shopping for our engagement party, which was to take place a few days … Continue reading Homage Chp. 7

Homage Chp. 6

Chapter (6) Six “An Electrified Cage” “All of the buildings appear to be so very permanent. Almost invulnerable, blyat. These elegant high towers of blue and black, glass and steel, towers built in defiance of gravity and common sense. Like mega sculpture, like a love song to the invisible hero called American Capitalism. You look down at all of the City, even all Downtown and Midtown and imagine all the utter debauchery other people are having at your expense. Well anyway I have my name on my own little cage here. So I too can say I’ve made it in … Continue reading Homage Chp. 6

Homage Chp. 5

Chapter (5) Five “The Capital of Place that Does not yet Exist”  “I found myself as a young man in Diyarbakir City, the place we call ‘Ahmed’, the future capital of all Kurdistan.” The black walled citadel of Bakur. Recounts Heval Roj, Comrade Rising Sun, or Comrade Dawnbreak, either one. A poetic if not fully epic place. An ancient citadel of giant black stone walls and total martial law. A town of prisons, stories, heroes and valiance in the epoch of the Kurdish people. Little wine bars, a thriving literary scene. It cannot decide whether to be eastern or western, … Continue reading Homage Chp. 5

Homage Chp. 4

Chapter (4) Four “From Somewhere with Love” “It’s not always so cold in Russia,” explains Polina Mazaeva, a Russian Chuvasan sympathizer and mother of a seven seven old named Yazan. Yazan was born to a Syrian Druze father who is not with them anymore. “It’s just that we have had to exhibit a certain moralistic coldness. A certainly ethical chill. This was the experience of growing up in the ruins of Soviet Union. But we are not without beliefs. We are not without sympathies. You just have to be careful how you talk about them.    Outside Moscow and St. Pete’s … Continue reading Homage Chp. 4

Homage Chp. 3

Homage to Rojava, Part One: Bakur, Chapter Three Chapter (3) Three “Born Alive” It is not that any of us longed to die. It was only that we believed that in this transience, this short human life, it was preferable to die on one’s feet moving towards a just idea. Moving in solidarity, in defense of the powerless. Then it would be to die on our backs or our knees, half lives, shuffling along like zombies. Always asleep. With meaningless, un-free lives wasted. Lives spent like wallowing serfs and base slaves.   Have you ever had an amazing noble idea in … Continue reading Homage Chp. 3

Homage Chp. 2

Chapter (2) Two “Greetings Comrade Friend” Dem Baş Heval, We are glad to hear that you want to come to Rojava and support the YPG. This is a standard procedure we follow in order to determine whether you seriously consider to come here. In order to proceed to our communication, you are expected to answer the questions below. If we know you better, we would figure out how you would help us during your stay here. This is not a one sided phase. The more we know you, the more you will be informed about our principles, our expectations and … Continue reading Homage Chp. 2