Homage Chp. 1

Homage to Rojava, Part One: Bakur, Chapter 1: “A Matter of Life and Death” Chapter (1) One “A matter of life and death.” A flaming, low lying wreckage spreads out before us in every direction. The ruins of an all ready desolate land. Sprawling two story compounds along a mighty river. Pock marked with rifle rounds. Misery absolutely everywhere. Syria is now a bi-word for total warfare, over 600,000 have so far died. A Revolution in a Civil War. A Third World War using several dozen proxy armies is underway. Russia, Iran, China, America and Europe all have their boots … Continue reading Homage Chp. 1


Homage to Rojava, Part One: Bakur, Al-Prelude Al-Prelude “A Special Period in Times of Peace”  SET IN: HAVANA, CUBA 1989 Comrade Norma Olivia Sanchez has jet black hair and is petite. She’s vaguely malnourished for a Cuban, but still attractive and dynamico. Of course. She is and always will be a member of the Committees for Defense of the Revolution. The vigilant internal defense mechanism against Yankee imperialist aggression and unrestrained, insatiable sex tourism. Her mother was a fairly high ranking person in the Party, and told her of the struggles to defend socialism during the cold war years. Told … Continue reading Al-Prelude


“When you open your paper, turn on your TV, or boot up your smartphone and attempt to understand what is happening; you are already tuned into people paid well to validate a view you already had.” Homage to Rojava, Al-Prologue One such view is that there is a war going on between Islam and the mainly Christian Eastern & Western Bloc that affects China too. Both Russia and the United States have been poorly managing Wahhabi-Salafist terror in their countries since long before the Cold War supposedly ended in 1991. The United States by funding it and Russia by committing … Continue reading Al-Prologue


#1492  Krik Krak Who is Where  Dear Dessalines, You care, or, more likely. You really don’t care. The physics inhibited erecting a guillotine there. We still cut some heads, The good life, for a darker skinned woman, or man,  Is shockingly rare. Is life as it stands ever fair?    Smallest Fiddle we! You Blan Beware, The long rewarding of the chosen color,   Shade of colored color. Mulat miserable, blood mixed other,     Ethnic patronymic passport to declare, The less we know the better really, culpable then, when all aware,  The pale of ones skin is a portent; The kink of ones … Continue reading #1492