Hopeless, Fearless Hearts (Poem 808)

#808 Fearless_Hopeless_Hearts          “Tell me storytime!”          She curls up on me_her ethonol engine exausted.         I want to fly us_so far away:  This cab is now a magic carpet for a story cabaret.             Using-a-punchdrunk-kitten in the back seat of a  Breuklyn-southbound-gypsy as my muse. One doesn’t choose,      _the muse they use. Or when.      There were worse assignments. Given to more cowardly men! And my constitution is and always will be_a wide canvas for futurist painting_  My-heart-when-fainting_ Is grinding, then breaking it_causes Brighton to flood and post Haitian earthshaking:       My soul is for barter_sign the dotted line,  I’m a phantasm now-shaking … Continue reading Hopeless, Fearless Hearts (Poem 808)

Famni Lavalas

Lavalas: Completing the Revolution of 1804 Walter Sebastian Adler 28 February 2014 Social Movements for Emancipatory Development Abstract: In 1986 a social movement based in the Little Church (Ti Legliz) used liberation theology gospel, strikes, demonstrations, and targeted assassinations in an uprising referred to as the Dechoukaj to force Jean-Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc) to flee the nation of Haiti. Led by a Salesian Priest named Jean-Bertrand Aristide this movement succeeded in dismantling a hated seemingly intractable regime, carried out the nation’s first and only democratic elections and dissolved the army that had since the time of the American occupation had … Continue reading Famni Lavalas

What is Neo Colonialism

What is Neo-Colonialism?  Walter Sebastian Adler Colonialism in Literature     What is Colonization? To agree on what it is not: neither evangelization, nor a philanthropic enterprise, nor a desire to push back the frontiers of ignorance, disease and tyranny, nor a project undertaken for the greater glory of God, nor an attempt to extend the rule of law. To admit once and for all, without flinching at the consequences, that the decisive actors here are the adventurer and the pirate, the wholesale grocery and the ship owner, the gold digger and the merchant, appetite and force, and behind them the … Continue reading What is Neo Colonialism

Need More than Applause

Over 33,000 New Yorkers have died so far during the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of bravery, heroism and inter-agency cooperation has ensued for the worst four weeks of the pandemic. The virus is here and will be for some time. My EMS brothers and sisters will continue to help hold the front lines.  But when the coughing stops and the fevers cool, will the inequities be addressed? EMS workers need profession-wide protections. We need to be compensated in parity with policemen and with firefighters. We need leadership to bring the disparate sectors of the field together in common purpose to … Continue reading Need More than Applause


Mehlella (Ge’ez: ምህልላ, lit. ‘Supplication’), also Amata Saww (ዐመተ ሰወ, ‘Grouping Day’) or Sigd (ሰግድ, ‘Prostration’, Hebrew: סיגד‎, also romanized Sig’d), is one of the unique holidays of the Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jewish) community, and is celebrated on the 29th of the Hebrew month of Marcheshvan. Since 2008, it has been recognized as a state holiday for all Israelis.Quick Facts: Official name, Also called … Date Previously, Sigd was celebrated on the 29th of Kislev, and after a calendar reform in mid-19 century it was moved to its present day, 50 days after Yom Kippur. Etymology The word Sigd itself is Ge’ez for “prostration” and is related to Aramaic: סְגֵד‎ sgēd “to prostrate oneself (in worship)”. The Semitic root √sgd is the same as in mesgid, one of the two … Continue reading Sigd

The Real Difference

The Real Difference  Between Police, Firefighters, Sanitation, Nursing and EMS It takes a special person to be a first responder. There is a great deal of real danger involved in a job where a person is asked to drive and run towards an emergency that the majority of people are running away from. We compensate first responders for the readiness for that danger. In the case of EMTs and Paramedics, the city and state have basically refused to. The difference between an EMS provider and a Cop or Firefighter is not the risk involved, as Mayor DeBlasio has claimed. The … Continue reading The Real Difference

World To Come. Act 1 Scene 2

SCENE TWO   The bleak and miserable looking South Bronks with its third world mentality and fourth world life span becomes almost a physical reminder of the culture and differences of the varying races and religions. Or more specifically perhaps how they are treated by the ruling order, police and secret police. In ‘the Boogie Down’, anxiety is high and some are truly miserable. It used to be just two large mega plantations. One belonged to the Morris family and the other the Bronks family. Now it’s a peri-urban labor reserve ghetto. Overpacked and completely mismanaged by the city. A … Continue reading World To Come. Act 1 Scene 2

World to Come: Act 1, Scene One

SCENE ONE  Newyorkgrad it gets so evil hot by the end of its Summer. Expectations can cook themselves. The citadel of shrill indulgent billionaires and unwashed foreign masses longing to wear designer sneakers becomes a swelter box. Most people of any means flee to their dachas in Strong Island to avoid it. All night they had been at the social club. The cavalcade of Rakhia and lapland, grinding all over the night. Sebastian invited them to after hours on the roof.  Dawn is now rising. It arrives on a roof garden in the Isle of Mann. Five friends were out … Continue reading World to Come: Act 1, Scene One