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That Night (Act 1 of Fire on the Moutain) Set mostly in New York City;


A year after being suppressed an American rebel movement is about to stage another major uprisings in New York City on New Years 2012. A Russian dancehall courtesan named Daria and an Israeli paramedic with a troubling past named Sebastian meet in a Bulgarian Tavern. They are about to kiss, tell and possibly get each other killed over poems. Sebastian is young rebel medical officer and Daria is an expensive courtesan to hire. Sleeper cells, opportunistic plots, and dark magic are moving in on the City as the regime scrambles to suppress the opposition. Their forbidden passion happens amid a full-blown, disastrous slave uprising in the United States of America. In the subsequent three ACTs (novellas), Fire on the Moutain takes us into passionate lives and the shattering of dreams amid civil war. A Russian American story of dreams vs. nightmares.


The 4 Act 800-page combined opus chronicling the Second American Revolution and related events. (I) That Night (Str’ast/ Passion), (II) La Lingre (The Lingering Love) (III) Loyalnost (Loyalty) and (IV) Stoj’kost (Perseverance).

On the eve of a mighty revolt that had waited and boiled over 200 years to happen inside the heart of the Empire; a Russian dancehall courtesan and a rebel paramedic share a tiny, curious kiss in the moment. In dreams, they remember that they knew each other in other lives. But, Daria belongs to rich men and the night and Sebastian belongs to the dawn of the struggle on the barricades.  Their forbidden passion occurs amid a full-blown slave uprising in the United States of America. In a danger-filled four acts, this novel traces the seven first years of a revolutionary war centered in the Americas. It documents the hope and carnage of the entire affair. It examines the personalities that participated in it or made money off of it or just wished it would end on their terms.

For in the newly liberated Brooklyn Soviet, an epicenter of the revolution, there is great trouble brewing. Drones patrol the skies along the border and a new ‘mile-high-wall’ has been built to prevent the traffic of people and contraband over the East River or Strong Island Sound into the remaining loyalist United American States. Home to three million stateless citizens this wild coastal gangland and nearly lawless rebel Free State is dominated by Irish and Italian municipal unions, Postsoviet and Haitian mobsters, Islamists, Messianic Hebrew cults, Black Nationalist guerrillas, Gypsy Partizans and a highly organized Afro-Irish-Israeli underground network known only by its clandestine acronym: the Z.O.B.

This is the story of how the Great Revolt began, how it spread and what happened to those that fought in it. This is how Democratic Confederation arrived in the West. And of the passion and defiance of the newly freed slaves in the face of a brutal empire.


The Unlimited Operation: Vodka Lullabies to the Goodnight Moon

My collected anthology of over 112 poems written while dating, courting, loving, standing beside, supporting and being supported by as well as fucking and fighting beside incredible Post-Soviet women. Most belong to Daria, but many are for Elena, Maria, and Yelizaveta.

These poems did not write themselves great women brought them forth. It is very hard to date a sometimes ‘madman’, or ‘a zealot’ driven by beliefs which make him think battling demons and storming castles and changing whole worlds is possible carrying her standard. None of these loves was a perfect love, if such a thing exists. These were hard, smart and glorious women and I attempted to love each fearlessly in art and war.

American Refuge: AR Complete Series


This is the Seven Act, the complete volume of the AR Serial telling the coming of age story of an American Refugee. A young man of great privilege who renounces it for gypsy life in the Middle East. This account chronicles the American Dream in light of youth gang brawling, endless house parties awash drugs, 40 oz’s, violent hate crimes, and teenage sexuality in New York, London and Tel Aviv. Amid brawls, assaults, criminality which lead the protagonist to the re-education camps which in turn lead him to militancy rooted in his reading of Communism and Zionism. AR tells about his self-destruction and rebirth as an agent of change in London, Paris and the Middle East.

This 780-page tome traces the crimes, redemption, and the rebel prophesies of a teenage Sebastian Adon set ten years before the events of ‘FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN.’

Anfon Frere (Hey Brother):

Written from the notes and journals of several rescuers who arrived immediately in Haiti at the 2010 earthquake.

A ragtag international brigade of 104 mostly Haitian American rescuers from the Brooklyn area arrives in the Republic of Haiti just six days after a catastrophic earthquake kills over 300,000 people. This is the story of the first two weeks of their relief effort told from the eyes of various rescuers serving at the Port Au Prince General Hospital. The story of the minds collapses under the weight of 200 years of trauma. This is a story of Patriotism, Voodoo, of hope and of unlikely heroes. And how an all Haitian emergency medical service was born from the rubble as most supernatural things took hold around them.