O/E/D; Preamble






It is apparent to anyone with an open mind that this system is flawed and inequality is the result of the design. How deliberate and how correctable that is, is the subject of many hundreds of years of revolutionary thought. The oppression that exists in the world today is not only systemic but the direct result of the cultural mentality of apathy and consumerism that it has created. For those of us that have become aware, the stark realities of American imperialism clearly demand action. So, our movement is based upon necessity. We have all been witness to the systemic poverty, injustice and inequality. We have seen the shackles that bind us, and we will break free of them.


Seeing and knowing this, many have chosen to do nothing. So we have taken it upon ourselves to create a better society today, and send a message—a message that such injustice will not be tolerated. A call for change amidst the deafening silence of apathy. We are told we are free. Free to consume and free to question as long as our questions do not become dangerous to those who hold power. Our mission is to create a body capable of providing a versatile solution to American oppression; a group of revolutionaries ready to unite across ethnicity, class, and ideology to bring about a new kind of society.


The Organization was founded in Tel Aviv in the summer of 2001. A group without a name was formed to launch a movement without a color. The original objective was the resolution of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It was believed that through the creation of a united front among the peoples of the region, a solution could be achieved that might serve as a springboard for a worldwide revolution against American hegemony, and the cultural mentality it perpetuates.


That September forever changed the nature of our struggle. Our enemy was not the Euro-American itself, but instead the quickly spreading gospel of the American mentality; and so an emigration was made, and soon the second division of the Organization was opened in New York City.


The principle on which this group was founded was that we are in fact not an organization, but rather individuals becoming organized. The Organization serves as a network through which different people can unite under common revolutionary goals.


We work to spark a consciousness among the people conducive to upholding the natural rights of each individual, regardless of background or belief. The oppression we all perceive must be fought on numerous fronts, and in numerous ways. We must embrace all potential solutions, and all methods of achieving them, in order to ensure that the solution produced is an effective one for all people, not just those charged with creating it.


Even if there is one perfect revolutionary solution, we do not claim to have it. Rather, we came together to find it. As such, the Grey Book has been structured as a constantly evolving document. It is the cumulative product of an ongoing dialogue between our members, the culmination of many different viewpoints. Today, the Organization is composed of autonomous chapters across the Northeast, and we are expanding rapidly. As we fight, build, study and educate, our struggle continues. It is part of a constantly interwoven tapestry of resistance to an aggressive and pervasively destructive world system called Neoliberalism specifically and capitalism more generally.



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