What is to be Done in America? [P.2]

What is to be Done in America 

There is an uprising happening in the United States of America. It is the response to a brutish President and the irresponsible management of a pandemic, catalyzed by the televised lynching of a black man. To succeed in achieving real change, real justice this uprising will require a conscience and a soul. It must address on a structural level, as well as on a policy level ugly injustices of racist apartheid. It must at the same address glaring inequalities of wealth. Both between the American worker and the American Oligarch, but also the way American wealth and privilege has been built on the backs of black, brown, white and yellow labor exploited abroad.

So many terrible things happen in the world that the natural human reaction is to un-see, perhaps also to un-know and thus un-feel. But as the latest body count rises, as long ignored ugly truths play on repeat that position is irresponsible.

Did you know that just two months before the death of George Floyd an Emergency Medical Technician in Kentucky named Breonna Taylor was gunned down in her sleep in a botched no-knock Police raid. 

You might know that now, but at the time the Covid Pandemic drowned it out. Unconsciously on your phone and television you are fed happy, individualistic disinformation. Consciously, you make choices about what to spend your time on. Sports not history, porn not philosophy. Shopping not researching. Movies on a fantasy life you cannot probably lead and of course religion, promises of eternal paradise, but only when you die.

What you can know and what you can feel is on a highly manipulated spectrum in America. A product of a deliberate set of policies, multiple variations based on your class and skin tone and an elite consensus on how and who should run this country, and by default an empire.

What is perhaps still more shocking than the televised lynching of an African American is the strange quiet that accompanies the deaths of over 120,000 highly vulnerable Americans from Covid-19. The majority will be proven to be people of color ill served by long defunded health systems, living in the various ghettos of America, as well as the elderly abandoned to places that deliver neither nursing, or a home.

Despite rage and rhetoric, this was not the first and will not be the last series of lynching of a person of color in America. It will hopefully last time hundreds of thousands will die because of their race and their class deemed the second, third, fourth and fifth class citizens by public policy.

Not to mince words, all the many material comforts, relative security and general prosperity this nation enjoys is built on four highly uncomfortable truths that exist outside the written law.

Assailing an individual pillar of the Ziggurat will not result in real system change. Each pillar is holding up a vast injustice which capitalizes on the apathy and inaction of the American people.

  • The first pillar is an ongoing violent hegemony imposed on most other nations abroad that we all subsidize with our taxes. The result being a trade in working class American military lives abroad for an above average European quality of life and our own imperial ambitions. 800 bases in 70 foreign nations are there to enforce the economic prosperity of the United States. 
  • The second pillar is an extra legal system of racial apartheid that in fairly obvious terms places a tiny group of ultra wealthy Euro-American oligarchs on the very top. Supporting the architecture of that system is a skilled professional and technical class mostly of Whites, Asians (6%) and Jews (1.7%). A majoritarian mass of White European settler descents as an imagined “Middle Class” (59.1% of population), a Latino/Hispanic labor class below it (18.3%), a largely subjugated the African descent reserve menial labor population (13.4%) and the remanent of the Native Indian population (1.5%). The lack of legal segregation and legislation to support Apartheied by no means prevents it from operating as such a system.
  • The third pillar is the  popular rejection of “class consciousness”, where strangely most of the nation works almost their entire life believing they are a part of the “Middle Class“. 
  • The Fourth Pillar is that this political system is not a democracy, your vote really does not matter. The two party system is a large expensive game of special interests making enormous campaign contributions that allow access to create new laws advantageous to corporations.

Americans have been systematically directed through low levels of education (under 30% have a college education) and inoculated by our mass media and hyper-materialistic consumer culture to basically reject a class analysis of modern poltical events.

Most Americans do not have the interest or formal education to even be aware of the full extent of violent interventions the nation is currently engaged in directly or by proxy. The majority of our people are too busy, kept constantly working Our entire lives.

  • Through Mass Incarceration and Racialized Aggressive Policing generations of people of color were disenfranchised, households broken up and large swaths of the population reduced to a below minimum wage captive labor pool.
  • Through grossly inadequate social services entire neighborhoods were ghettoized and reduced to cheap domestic labor reserves that we call “the  Ghettos and Barrios”.
  • Through the relative high material comfort available to virtually all classes of Americans most people tolerate the system as it stands. No one starves in the streets of America by choice. We have Regressive Welfare for the poor and Amazon Prime for the Middle Class or anyone that can afford it. 

If you set the bar very low and others reinforce your low objective for validation, then it may actually seem like progress. Daily demonstrations increased the charges on the officers who killed George Floyd, led to the tearing down of Confederate Statues, the Cosplay of the Seattle Autonomous Zone and a mainstream debate on “defunding the police.

That optimism is unfounded as this is not a real set of emerging victories. These are token expressions of first amendment rights inside a well contained system, a pressurized cage for acceptable dissent.

But when you have no real historical context for your valid righteous anger and when you have no way to achieve a true majority (African Americans, their actu allies and White liberals if and when combined do not constitute even 50% of this country’s electorate), you will just march in a very large circle within the confines of your glass ceiling and soft cage.

Paired nicely with over 160,000 and rising Covid-19 deaths, two months of varying lockdowns the now daily marches of mostly peaceful protesters is exactly the kind of acceptable dissent this nation will tolerate. Endless marches that are in fact a theater. A game for the unemployed, under employed and college students. But the game has pre-rigged rules. Dissidents will be data based with facial recognition software, no physical space will be allowed to be occupied for long, and no matter what rhetorical games liberal Democrats and progressives play with Police Budgets. The economic order will not change. The two Party Plutocracy will not yield. The legalized bribery of campaign finance will not be reformed.

Here we can look well at Modern American history lessons:

  • There is no credible American left, but there is a large and well armed libertarian right.
  • Organized Labor is thuggish, conservative, largely discredited and is less than 10.3% of the workforce.
  • There is not a unified African American or Latino/Hispanic voting or buying block. Demographically neither ethnic group is large enough to force a major policy shift.
  • If a public space or building is occupied or any property is threatened then the iron heel of the state will come down hard and fast.
  • If a Black Messiah arises he or she will be killed. 
  • If a collective rebel leadership emerges, they will be imprisoned, murdered or discredited by the 17 agencies of state repression we know exist.
  • If organized labor is radicalized it will be forcibly disbanded.
  • If you talk about “class” and talk about “robust publicly funded social programs” they will discredit you as “Communist“.
  • If a movement ever effectively combines demands for racial and economic justice it will be made public enemy number one.
  • Pre-2020 Uprising there was already the highest prisoner to population ratio on earth, 1 in 147 citizens and 1 in 8 black men.

If the following elements of a Resistance and Solution process are not put in place immediately all the demonstrations and countless deaths will be for nothing. They will not enact the change we need. This uprising will fail like all the ones before it. This is not tactical advocacy. It is one of strategy, alignment of vision and  of an anti-necessitarian ideology— i.e. it is democratic, and confederalist. It has fusion elements of both the left and the right.

  1. We have to end all Special Interest Campaign Financing, lower wages of politicians and publicly fund all campaigns ending the mockery of American legalized, formalized bribery.
  1. We have to leglislatively challenge Class and Ethnic Discrimination in all social services.
  1. We have to lower funding for the Police, Prisons, Corrections, Intelligence services and the Military.
  1. We have to raise funding massively on Health, Education, Housing and Infrastructure.
  1. We must form new poltical Parties that actually represent American Workers and the American Working Class.
  1. We must acknowledge an American Apartheid and see it fully defeated. We must acknowledge a race-class discrimination where certain citizens gain better opportunities, jobs, schools, hospitals and lives based on their identity.
  1. We must acknowledge that oppression or discrimination against any identity constitutes a crime against us all as society, but there is a heirarchy of oppression and protecting the most vulnerable communities is a responsibility for all.
  1. There must be a National Service System created mandatory to all citizens age 18 to 21, through such a service we will create national unity, rebuild the nation, staff the civil services/military and reward our young people with free college educations and free healthcare.
  1. We must Naturalize every person currently residing in our country and create a more just system for immigration.
  1. We must must ensure a Democratic Meritocracy based on real ability not wealth and private connections to prevail in this country. To that end we should nationalize all schools, universities, health faculties and not allow private privilege to reign. The national service will be all citizens road to a equality of health and education placing all groups on even footing to begin their careers. 
  1. We must end our overseas imperialism and interventionist activities. We must shut down the majority of our overseas military bases, abolish all treaties committing us to the defense of foreign nations including Europe and Israel. We must embrace a multilateral world and focus our spending on domestic self reliance.
  1. We must end a degrading and regressive welfare machine that perpetuates backwardness, dependency and multi generational poverty. We must replace it with a safety net that protects the vulnerable and reintegrates the poor back into livelihoods with dignity.
  1. We must align our economic production to environmentally sustainable practices and make large scale policy level adjustments to prevent further environmental degradation.
  1. We must amend our constitution to reflect the norms of international Human Rights Law.

The Way Forward is not found in the history books and comes not from the left or right, these are antiquated and disproven political positions.

The Liberals and Conservatives of the Democratic and Republican Parties have already discredited themselves with this two party charade which is in reality a Corporate Oligarchy of two flavors

Certainly we have no use for radical extremism, mass violence, theocratic backwardness and no use at all for grand social experiments. Such things only unleash misery, atrocity, endless repression and expansionist war. 

We should be able to fully recognize the violence humans have the capability to unleash and cruelty we are capable of. The History of humanity is a blood bath, especially during state collapse, civil warfare or unaccountable utopian experimentation.

We require one or many Working Class parties to be fully committed to dismantling a racist white supremacy.

We require Democratic Autonomy to be the foundation of all social organization.

We require so-called Human Rights to be made binding on this nation at home and its actions abroad.

What is to be done in the United States of America? A fast fading empire, a powder keg of racial and poltical conflict ready to blow? Will we turn inward and isolationist? Will we once again put a facade of paint on colonial manor and call it by a new name? The sea is rising. The virus is a taste of things to come. The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were the latest on a very long list of casualties. One Party offers you a billionaire real estate tycoon, a frend of pedophiliac and a rapist, a thief and thug. Another Party offers you a crappy, senile old man, a hang over from the last presidency. And there is no third option.

It doesnt matter if they put on a populist democratic socialist face, a gay female, a Latina progressive face. It doesn’t matter at all. This is a White Supremacist Settler slave state. This is an Oligarchy. The quality of life here is based on exploiting fully people all over the world. 

What is to be done is to connect the dots, unite the factions and develop the resolve to fight. Begin drawing the connection between exploited labor, racial apartheid and Oligarchy masquerading as “Democracy.”

Only the renunciation of a systematic privilege for European descendants will result in Emmancipation for all people and an actual equality before the law. 

Only the realization that we are workers and our labor makes other men rich, that we will work until we die; only when we see fellow humans and not racist paradigms of division and hate; only then will we realize that somewhere between bullets and ballots there is a middle road to our freedom. Only then the restoration of a Republic whose liberty has been based on others long term suffering, on pretty words alone, can ever be really free.

Then collective action will begin, the veil of hypocrisy must be torn off, our privileges relinquished and “American Exceptionalism” will then be a reflection of an actual muti-ethnic democracy, that actually upholds the high minded values it espouses and is in the world a force for a greater good, not a predator, not a violator not a thief.

I do not attempt to appeal to your guilt, hope, shame, ego, self interest, ideals or your patriotism. I ask you to draw your motivation from what you see before your eyes. Atrophy, injustice and apathetic glut existing right alongside pandemic death and state sponsored murder.

What is to be done in America? Unite the working class and defeat white supremacy. Just another socialist scheme to fight for human rights? Or something this country was founded to inevitably be strong enough to achieve. 

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