On Emancipatory Development

A Democratic Confederalist Manifesto

על התפתחות משחררת       حول التنمية التحررية

О развитии эмансипации

Grey Book 8th Edition

Partisan’s Oath

We all have a duty to act.

In our hearts,

We know that people should not live as they do.

Humanity was born free and equal,

Yet, across this earth lies broken, dying hungry and in chains.

It is our duty to act that unites us.

To act in association for these promised rights.

Medicine, Education, and Emancipatory Development;

Are our primary tools against injustice.

We promise to wield these tools on the front lines of suffering

We will build the world we wish to see.

Seed by Seed.

Brick by Brick.

We carry the torches of the change makers who fell before us.

Fighting boldly for an idea.

That we were born free woman and men.

That we will never surrender.

That we will never accept anything short of full freedom.

Our numbers are man and each day multiply.

In the face of mounting injustices.

For while fighting isolated and in darkness,

We have become resourceful.

As realization spreads that this is not how we must live.

We stand ready to defend

The Impoverished.

The Wretched.

The Victimized.

The Enslaved.

We are prepared to struggle as long as we must.

Generation by Generation.

Until every last man, woman and child is also free.

In unity there is great strength.

Because I love my brothers and my sisters,

My mother and my father,

My children, my friends, my comrades

And also the suffering stranger

This is why I have joined the Association

And it’s Partisans,

Placed myself on the side of humanity,

And enlisted in the Resistance.

Now that my eyes are open,

I will leave no person behind the lines of war and poverty.

Rights trampled by governments.

I will live my life as friend of the people.

I will never look away from the truth.

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