Homage to Rojava

The man was beleived to be an informant and so we seized him off the street and put a bag on his head. Which was overall uncomplicated except that he was Austailian. It is of course customary to clean your own house before you attempt to deal with the oppression of others. In this particualr case, we had to confirm a suspicion that a. Kirkuk was being auctioned to the Iraqi Army, and b. The foreign fighters database was actually legit. This man knew the answer to at keast one and a half if those questions. Perhaps, after we filed off his right knuckels, and put out an eye, hed talk like he talked to the Australian intelligence.
The idea that you can induce confidence by offering things is rarely as effextice as torture. But you have to be judicious with torture, since people will sometimes say anything to not be tortured anymore. We are hardly amateur at both being tortured, and when push comes to shove torturing our enemies.

The Kurdish word Josh quite literally cones from the word Donkey, but its more vile. Its origin qas during the Al Anfal genocide when our own people sold us out to the murder of the Saddam regime. Its very much a know and universally rule of the guerrilla, taught to us by the Palestinians that before you take in the enemy, you liquidate the traitors in your midst.

Now this man is a Westerner, a YPG veteran whi did 9 months in Rojava mostly in Mambij. But, a man has got to do what his leadership twlls him, there is no life with out a leader and this cones from the top of the Party. People who sell us to the Turkish intelligence, or anyones intwlligence are marked to die.

People say that the PKK is a terorist organization. The European nations do not allow us our flag or the flag of the YPG YPJ, SDF or of Serok Apo. But I say only this Heval, who is the biggest terorist. Us, or Turkish fascist state who emptied 5,000 villages and killed 40,000 civilians? Us, or the Iraqi military and Saddam who killed 800,000 of us in death camps. Us or the butcher Assad who has tortured 1 in 18 of all Syrians and wioed out 500,000 and growing in this war? Us, or the howling Shiites of Iran who hang our leadrers one a month. Us, or vicious Daesh with their sick perversion of Islam. Us, or the U.S. lead forces and CIA that set in motion the rise of Daesh? Perhaps we are terrorists only of vatying gradients. I will say this heval, if the Australian intelligence know about the list, and the Slovaks have a copy, then everyone already knows. This man took the list while infiltrating YPG at mambij.

This list of 5,700 foreign fighters, with photo with real names and more is a proof. A proof that Turkey, Saudi, Pakistan and the UAE cultivated ISIS with full knowledge of the CIA. It confirms in essence the word on the street, that leading Daesh at the highest rank, perhaps Baghdafi himself took money from U.S. allies, intermediaries.

I use so something like a file to grind the cartilage off his left hand. This goes on a bit and is messy. I then put out his left eye.

The situation was such that Turkish artillary and airstikes pummeled our primative defenses around the clock, not even bringing the enemy in rifle range.

The Party had over estimated the local preparations for defense, the ideological commitment of the population as well both Russia and Americas failure to intervene and reign in the Turkish state.

Soon, after just a week of combat, Afrin City was fully encircled, many small towns had been take by the FSA irregualrs, and little pockets of resistance were fighting fir survival.

Heval Ana’s tabor was trying to reenforce the positions in Afrin but most of the fighters didnt even get to fire a single shot. War planes killed almost everyone on the roadway to the city, charring the ground and pulverizing out forces in firey deluge.

The Kurdish revolutionary jangles, played on until the very very end. A series of heavy airstrikes rip apart the convot. The grisled survivors taking firing positions at the road side. Most of the tabor was simply anniellated in the death from above. It happens very quickly. In several loud rapid rumbling bursts. About thirty people die immediately, about thirty died later from terrible wounds. A few survived, ingloriously maimed at least on the inside.

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