“In general, most people are violent monkeys that seek to minimize pain and maximize pleasure. There are deviations and mild evolutions from this concept, but that is a sound general rule. All kings rule by force and all priests by deception. Humanity lives in a highly cultivated self interest tempered by fear.”

My Work

As a Man, I wish for a good life. I exhibit love to my family, and loyalty to my friends as well as respect to my neighbors. I dispise arbtary violence, tyranny and evil in all forms. As a Paramedic, the goals are straight forward. Operate the vehicle without crashing. Be pleasant with the patients, empathetic in general and be attuned to the social engineering and management of crowds. There are also some advanced life support skills to perform. Lives are sometimes prlonged, but often they are not. As an Analyst, my job is to intake large amounts of multi-sector data and deliver actionable reports. Make highly complex phenomena simple enough to be acted on. As a Writer, I aim at recording my tumtuous times, capturing the spirit of my epoche. Place poem, essay, play and novel at the service a movement, artful, loving propaganda. I think in Hebrew.

My History

The majority of my life has been lived in New York City. I have served 4 years with the F.D.N.Y. I work to this day still as a 911 Paramedic in the Bronx. I have worked for my people in Israel, Palestine and Egypt over 2 years. I have served the Haitian people and their revolution over 5 years. I spent a year particpating in the defense of Kurdistan. I have aided the coaltion forces aligned agaisnt ISIS in Iraq and Syria. I have been classically trained by Russians, Kurds and Cubans. I have written 9 books, helped to found 7 organizations, saved many, killed few. I try to live my life as a friend of the people. I am skilled in the separation of my emotional perceptions, from the world of the real.

Contact Me

110 East 61st
Suite 1A
New York
City, NY 10065