#81 The Screw Tape

#81: The Screw tape




Lost in the screw tape meant to bind you!

Used to bind your half-caste hands.

We covet, oh how much we covet in just one day.


I like the idea of her long cream legs,

I like the sin.

I used just now entering her every.

Pause, I am no animal.


I have some morals, I have rationality;

A mountain of treason, I mean reason.


She, like Daria before, is spoken for.

And, with child.

And here I go to smash it.


Ah, the devil in me.



Ego? What the shit is that?

Ego, he convinces my lusting lumen,

“There are so many fish,” you say.

But, I snatch gleefully.


Empty down.

Down my gob will go more pills.


I suppose, so I can be well. That’s what the wise men say.


I can be well in hell.

They’ll take back my blue pajamas,

My brigand self.

Fix me I’m part white!

Take out me of here,

Give me my fucking oysters.


Lord, knows what citycide I could do.

I’d like a fuck right now,

Not the blue pill,

Not the white one.

Seven pills later.

I’m better now!

You know on the outside I’m a 13 year paramedic?


One day they will take that too.



I’d like a fuck.

A ludicrous notion, for I more deserve a bullet.

In the head.

For asset endangerment.

I deserve a backhand, at least.


For more broken promises,

For more dashed expectations.

Do enough of your hate me yet!


Two shots in the head, for endangering the Alawiite Mimi.

Mimi Marouf.

A blood daughter of the profit,

That’s why her group,

They got to trample on everyone in Syria.


When not lusting, or masticating horseshit.

Am I evolving?

Into the Baha’i Malcom X?

The Zionist general?

Universal happy man who tells jokes?



Grow up man.

Grow up.

They’d all say grow up.

33 is gonna be s big year.



Feed your ego no more triph.

Remember your wife and child.

Fight the desire to reduce yourself.

To loon. A killer. Or a devil.

Take you hand off your cock and close the screen.

Peasant. Serf.

The niggardly whitebacks are looking.

No one knows your code.

The leach, rip it off.

Your phone, into the river.

The poison,


It takes 40 days to get clear.

The Apple Biter himself!


“Grow up man.”


They took so much

You have,

You have,

You remember?


She said on the boardwalk,


“Grow up and do, great things. If you die,

If you die right now.

All the work we put into you was for nothing.”


Nothing at all.






















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