#14: Fire, Fever, Cough and Chills

You Stoke Class War, Woman. Crystalline elongated orbs! Tits errupt to sky. Amid a blackened why?  The shimmer on your brilliant spheres are the lack heavens sole reply. Within the void a million stars,  Bottled in each such brilliant glee. All floating in a night so bright, like my soul an endless coal black sea. Then suddenly! A ripple from the phallus toward your nipple! Commotion in the stills. The once still night let loose its fury out my window, The silence now made raucous as we piglet sons of oligarchs throw forth twenty dollar bills. And the still night … Continue reading #14: Fire, Fever, Cough and Chills

#77: “What Science has yet to learn in the Blood”

You know that I’ve got what science has yet to learn in the blood! It’s a tug of war some nights. Insights; in me a passion piñata; bashful-now-I-bash myself for less than useful plights.     Rip off my shirt on site, and beset all inhibitions to the loftiest of flights. You’re not like other women and I don’t ever look too hard for a round of winless fights!     But, I still base my outlook on convictions and those noble thirty human rights.     I still beat my fist against brick walls, I still battle demons and the higher that … Continue reading #77: “What Science has yet to learn in the Blood”

Homage/ Chp. 3

S c e n e T h r e e “The Special Period in Times of Peace” Havana, Cuba  September 3rd, 1991 Comrade Norma Sanchez has jet black hair and is petite. She’s vaguely malnourished for a Cuban, but still attractive and dynamico. Of course. She is and always will be a member of the Committees for Defense of the Revolution. The vigilant internal defense mechanism against Yankee imperialist aggression and unrestrained, insatiable sex tourism. Her mother was a fairly high ranking person in the Party, told her of the struggles to defend socialism during the cold war years. Told her of the deprivations and economic siege beginning … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 3

Homage/ Chp. 2

S c e n e T w o “The Party Provides” Diyarbakir, Turkey  November 25th, 2004 Says Heval Commander Cancer, pronounced ‘Jansher’ the Guerrilla from his notes, “Actually, I tried to prepare them for a lifestyle of revolutionary militancy. Kill the enemy. Kill the enemy before the enemy can airstrike, execute, torture or disappear you and your friends. I don’t think they all got it. The training was just too short. They retained much of their Western bourgeoisie privileges. They thought it would maybe be like a movie. It’s a shame the woman died, she was the one with possibly the very most potential, excluding … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 2

Homage/ Chp. 1

ACT I:  “BAKUR” S c e n e O n e “A Cradle of all out Warfare” Deir Ez-Zor, Syria  November 25th, 2017 Deir Ez-Zor was one of the very first Syrian cities in 2011 to stage large scale demonstrations against the Assad Regime. In 2014 ISIS took over the city with little resistance leaving only a small pocket of pro-Assad military and perhaps over 100,000 civilian supporters cut off in an airbase and small section of the city. Supplied by helicopters and high altitude drop services the besieged garrison deep inside the ISIS control zone resisted capture for over 3 years and 2 months.   The … Continue reading Homage/ Chp. 1

Homage/ Prelude

Al Prelude It is not that any of us longed to die. It was only that we believed that in this transience, this short human life, it was preferable to die on ones feet moving towards a just idea. Moving in solidarity, in defense of the powerless. Then it would be to die on our backs or our knees, half lives, shuffling along like zombies. Always asleep. With meaningless, un-free lives wasted. Lives spend like serfs and slaves.   Have you ever had an amazing noble idea in your head? That simply refused to translate itself or find traction in … Continue reading Homage/ Prelude

The Standing Prayer (AMIDAH)

Amidah From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (Redirected from Amida prayer)Jump to navigationJump to searchThis article is about a Jewish prayer. For other uses, see Amida.Illustration from Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia (1906—1913) Part of a series on Judaism      Movements[show] Philosophy[show] Texts[show] Law[show] Holy cities / places[show] Important figures[show] Religious roles[show] Culture and education[show] Ritual objects[show] Prayers[show] Major holidays[show] Other religions[show] Related topics[show]  Judaism portal vte The Amidah (Hebrew: תפילת העמידה, Tefilat HaAmidah, “The Standing Prayer”), also called the Shemoneh Esreh (שמנה עשרה), is the central prayer of the Jewish liturgy. This prayer, among others, is found in the siddur, the traditional Jewish prayer book. Due to its importance, it is simply called hatefila (תפילה, “prayer”) in rabbinic literature.[1] Observant … Continue reading The Standing Prayer (AMIDAH)

Bereshit 1

Bereshit Chapter 1 Creation was an effortless act of self awareness and defining. In the beginning of creation there was an astonishing and lonely emptiness. Such arose a need to name subjects and objects. A need to categorize indefinite matter into types. A need to make the vast darkness known and knowable. In the emptiness of the universe forms required definitions. Thus the unified creator named the universe of space “the heavens” and the spinning objects within that space composed of matter; “the earths”.   Thus in definition God created the heavens and the earths. With the utterance of “Let there be light” God … Continue reading Bereshit 1


Hezbollah: The Sustainability of Asymmetrical Warfare Walter S. Adler Hunter College War and Strategy Hezbollah: The Sustainability of Asymmetrical Warfare A Paper by: Walter S. Adler Abstract: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are generally regarded internationally as a premier fighting organization and have decisively beaten virtually all its Arab adversaries on the battlefield, often simultaneously. In a conventional military capacity the IDF is exemplary, but throughout the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon from 1982 through 2000 as well as during the latest round of Arab-Israeli warfare that took place in the summer of 2006; Israel was unable to gain … Continue reading Hezbollah

Famni Lavalas

Lavalas: Completing the Revolution of 1804 Walter Sebastian Adler 28 February 2014 Social Movements for Emancipatory Development Abstract: In 1986 a social movement based in the Little Church (Ti Legliz) used liberation theology gospel, strikes, demonstrations, and targeted assassinations in an uprising referred to as the Dechoukaj to force Jean-Claude Duvalier (Baby Doc) to flee the nation of Haiti. Led by a Salesian Priest named Jean-Bertrand Aristide this movement succeeded in dismantling a hated seemingly intractable regime, carried out the nation’s first and only democratic elections and dissolved the army that had since the time of the American occupation had been used to … Continue reading Famni Lavalas