Champagne Friend of Cigerettes (05#)

#05 Champaign the Friend of Cigarettes

Written for Daria Maccluskey


How do you cope with a newly broken heart?

For the best way to get over on a man, is under another man, she told me.

I’ll tell you how to make tovarish me¸ happy.

    First, we have to make art constantly.

        Found art; forged art, undressed art; lewd, crude and out of control; art.

    It doesn’t have to be pretty or even rhyme really;

            But we have to make it together somehow.

Second, you have to sing for me; freedom songs; epic ballads you have to remember the old tongue;

    Remember the rights notes, the hooks, and the disposition of the love, in the beginning and the end all at once.

        I’ll back you up, best I can, refrain. But they need to be songs from the soul and the heart both at once, like the sound of a circle.

    Third; we have to travel; like a great endless escape.

        New cities, new cities, sites;

        Holding hands under the vanilla skies and when the sky breaks open too.

            Rick shaws, picnics and gondolas and mandalas too, whatever the fuck a mandala even is. Or a gondola. Pistols out and moving forward on adventure.

        Constant endless walk toward adventure!

            And the world never getting old, getting stuck, and getting choked up amid the champagne and cigarette smoke. Fifth, we need to save the world, it’s true.

        Sixth, we need to eat nice foods as available to us.

        Seventh; kids, probably they say we have to make lots of kids happy and well raised.

        Eight; never leave my side please.

            Ever for too long.

            And back to number 4; We have to make love again!

In all best forms and low forms and high Russian and low English and all the between ways to say; defy. Defy all that is being said about cynical loves, and opportunistic loves.

    We are the very same age and class born on opposite sides of the lines.

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