The movement in so far a the movement remains a. visionary, b. in service of radical demoracy, c. committed to Human Rights advancement and d. holds territory will undoubtedly be linked to the following nations and geographies as its’ ideas were born of these regions, and these regions are to be sites of conflict and confrontation, as they have been for several hundred years.

The majority of the Analysis is contained within the DEMOCRATIC CONFEDERALIST PAPERS; but an additional explanation of the national actors and their confrontations is contained in THE ENCIRCLING GAME.

  1. In New York City
  2. In the United States of America
  3. In Europe
  4. In the Russian Federation
  5. In the People’s Republic of China
  6. In Israel & Palestine
  7. In the Kurdistan Region: (Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria)
  8. In Hispaniola: (Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  9. In Islamic Republic of Iran
  10. In Cuba
  11. In Brazil
  12. In India
  13. In South Africa
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