#14: Fire, Fever, Cough and Chills

You Stoke Class War, Woman. Crystalline elongated orbs! Tits errupt to sky. Amid a blackened why?  The shimmer on your brilliant spheres are the lack heavens sole reply. Within the void a million stars,  Bottled in each such brilliant glee. All floating in a night so bright, like my soul an endless coal black sea. Then suddenly! A ripple from the phallus toward your nipple! Commotion in the stills. The once still night let loose its fury out my window, The silence now made raucous as we piglet sons of oligarchs throw forth twenty dollar bills. And the still night … Continue reading #14: Fire, Fever, Cough and Chills

#77: “What Science has yet to learn in the Blood”

You know that I’ve got what science has yet to learn in the blood! It’s a tug of war some nights. Insights; in me a passion piñata; bashful-now-I-bash myself for less than useful plights.     Rip off my shirt on site, and beset all inhibitions to the loftiest of flights. You’re not like other women and I don’t ever look too hard for a round of winless fights!     But, I still base my outlook on convictions and those noble thirty human rights.     I still beat my fist against brick walls, I still battle demons and the higher that … Continue reading #77: “What Science has yet to learn in the Blood”