HAMSA, s.5.

8 March, 2017
New York City
“Pillow Talk with Chanie Rossi”

If I told you that I wasn’t hoping to have a lot of sex with this young woman, I would be a great liar. But, it was all highly innocent talk. She admired my work and my life style and I admired her convictions. Her words you could say had pure and undiminished optimism.
Her body, I could spend days on in one setting.
But, that never came to be an option, as she was very devoted to her boyfriend Charlie, a bit of a possessive psychopath. I suppose he was right that I would go to bed with his girlfriend, probably anyone might, if given the opportunity.
I never got the opportunity because of her morals and of course logistics, I met her about two weeks before deployment.
Let’s talk about Chanel Chantal Rossi, shall we. She’s a blonde bourgeoisie from the Caribbean island of St. Martin. I met her only briefly, perhaps under a minute in a fancy supper club in the city. It was just long enough for me to take her information and strike up a correspondence based on her hippy views and happy optimism. I made her a rather beautiful sketch, she mailed me a book called ‘Mindfulness on the Go’ and we wrote each other periodically throughout the war.
Actually she never got any of my letters until about half year after I returned because the Special Forces were running a really special pony express from the front to her apartment near Harvard in Boston.
By that time her boyfriend found the letters and didn’t think very well of them at all.

Sebastian Adonaev,

I apologize for not responding sooner. As you can imagine, I was quickly drowned in work once I got back. Your letter touched my soul in so many ways. First, your awareness and choice of words and how you articulate them together, are mesmerizing. You are a truly gifted artist with strong depth.

The journey you are about to embark on is one of great respect and inspiration. I know you will touch many lives, however slight, but most likely grand as you have done so far, and I am sure of that. Without knowing you in a material physical aspect (as in only speaking with you for a brief 30 seconds), you have already impacted my life in which I will never forget.

With that being said, I would love to be your pen pal and hear all about the moments you experience. I have so much respect for you, people like you are those who make a difference in our world for the greater good. Even if it is to put a smile on a strangers face.

Send me your address,

We will be hand-writing letters to each other very soon.

Yours truly,




Such is the hard work of studying law, and surely it will be daunting but you will persevere. Your words are quite kind and make me feel quite appreciated. It is a very complex task ahead and it makes me glad you will allow such correspondence. Although after 12 April I will be abroad more a year or more and with often a wholly unreliable postal system, we can alternate pen and email as you see fit, and of the letters you send to the address below can be pony expressed or scanned and sent. Any art I make out there, same route. Cuba and Russia will be short wonderful extremes before I get into Iraq in late May and soon after North Syria; a place called Rojava.

I make drawings, and paintings, I make long rhyming poems and I’ve written some novels, but I suppose it just makes me very happy to have a chance to put my mind before a stranger and see yours as you reveal it. As said the idea of you was a strange magic, but I long to know the actual you as well and make you the subject of my art. It will also be surely relieving to sometimes hear of Boston, and your woes of scholarship, and your loves and losses and all. I thrive on the attention of strangers and can only be well informed via their impartial critiques. But, as stated, you were fascinating to me.

Best wishes, Happy International Woman’s Day. I look forward to our exchange.



Words cannot describe, the appreciation I feel. I’ve always felt as if I was maybe underestimated by my looks and at times maybe overestimated in this judgmental society we live in. Everything is based on how you look and not what you offer as a human.


You made me feel like although that does come into play, you made me feel much more than that with eyes beyond the physicality of objects of this world with your attention to detail. It is not the mere creation of technique, but what it intends to portray with the story it wants to tell.

I am so thankful to the universe for that day, in so many ways, and one being our casual, brief and meaningful kindle.

Funny story; my over protective brother thought I was giving you my phone number & got a little mad. I explained to him and told him it was okay, he trusts my judgment. And to be honest… it was your old-school way of a note pad and pen that really played well with my instinct. I am an old soul too.

I love candles, how did you know? I cannot wait and look forward to hearing about your future endeavors. You will be receiving something from me by early next week 🙂 Again, THANK YOU!

Yours Truly,


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