That Night, Scene 8.


Scene Eight

Near St. Martin



“The theoretical foundations of the Rebel Confederation lie in understanding five merging currents of adversarial thought, all different but in absolute opposition to the world system as it has been created and controlled,” reads the book Democratic Confederalism Theory and Practice by Julia Tourianski. Which is Yulia Romanova’s real name.


“This could be major boring shit,” thinks Oleg the Bear, maybe I will skip this chapter.


“Don’t you want to know what they’re even fighting for?” asks Adelina.



In the literature of the revolution, they are called the five camps.

Four of the camps are reasonably old and one relatively new. None of them play well together in the sand or on the battle field. Most of the time they are not even aware on the level of the rank and file that anyone is coordinating the so-called resistance. Because most of the time no one is. Most substantial in overall number throughout the global resistance are the Africans. Most of the 56 African nations are among the poorest on earth. Most of the African diaspora is persecuted, subjugated with forms of Apartheid. They are driven into degenerate ghettos, jailed, used for the worst available jobs, or just murdered in the street by police forces. One in every eight African American men are at any time held in penal camps. Virtually every important African leader that emerged in the 1950’s-1980 was assassinated. Peaceful or calling for armed struggle. The majority of the Africans no longer identify as African; but no one ever forgets to remind them that they are black. This camp is not large in leaders as they are quickly cut down before they emerge by the Western intelligence agencies and the secret police of black client states established by the U.S., Europe or China. But the well of resistance is deep and the war is existential as numerous attempts to genocide the peoples of Africa have been defeated by a desire to live and willingness to fight. The horrid Belgium genocide of Leopold in 1885-1908. Which goes on today still in the DRC over the cell phone metals provoked by the treachery of the Clintons, Ugandans and certainly Rwandans. The German genocide in Namibia from 1904 to 1908. And of course the total vile epoch of transatlantic slavery from the 15th to 19th century which emptied the continent; coordinated by the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Arabs. Then colonialism itself which post 1885 loosely splint African between France and England. The Africans always fight back first. During the Cold War Africa largely tried to go Socialist. Their identity itself provokes Whites to violence in all forms. The center of the Pan-African rebel movement was Haiti which through off white rule, battled France, England and Spain on the battlefield, and won in 1804. The Haitians have never been forgiven nor have they ever surrendered. Port Au Prince, Haiti’s capital was been a constant site of battle for 200 years. It is currently under foreign occupation via a United Nation’s proxy army of Brazilians and Argentines. A year ago over 316,000 people died in a catastrophic earthquake.

The current centers of the Pan-African Resistance are concentrated in South Africa, Tanzania, Angola, Jamaica, Trinidad and Zimbabwe. None of these places are safe, most are only part free. None of the elected or imposed political leaders of these nations are representative of the movement. Most of the real leaders are dead. The surviving undisputed ideological leader of the Pan-African Congress is a former liberation theologian Priest. The first democratically elected President of Haiti Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He escaped his U.S. imposed house arrest in Central African Republic, studied and taught in South Africa and returned to Haiti via the Underground Railroad just six months ago. He now lives under virtual house arrest in Tabarre Commune, Port-Au-Prince but leads a banned political movement called Lavalas. Every time the Martelly government tries to arrest him a fire fight breaks out and barricades go up all over the country. Lavalas has over 100,000 Haitian fighters with small arms throughout the island ready to forcibly remove the U.N. troops. This will happen any year now. The military head of the Pan-African Congress is Avinadav DeBuitléirs. Founder of the African Defense Forces. He is also a Haitian. He has both a Sudanese and Israeli passport. He disappeared in 2005. No one knows where he is. Probably a secret prison being tortured.

The many voices of the Congress on the level of secretly filmed public oration, music making and diplomacy to the other camps is multi-co-chaired. A man known only by the stage name M-1 is major hip-hop artist. Billy the Spritchild is another musician who raises money and guns in Europe. The towering Netic Kinnari Okonkwo leads the underground on the West Coast of the United States from their training bases in Los Angeles and Oakland. T-Bird Tall Flame Luv leads it on the East Coast from a series of underground radio stations. Both are part Native American. Ashanti Assata coordinates prison breaks through the Jericho Project. Justin Thomas and his Haitian wife are famous film propagandists. There is a really long list, but they are cut down quickly and replaced as fast as they fall.

There are several major regional commanders but almost all the main leadership has been jailed, killed or sent into hiding. Black Lives Matters is the latest front group for popular mobilization in the United States. Fruit of Islam, The Black Panthers and Uhuru are the three wings of the decentralized military arm of the Congress. They drills in the mountains and forests for armed combat. They try and get people out of the penal camps. The most prominent emerging militant leader is stationed in the district of Brownsville, Brooklyn. His name is Djbriel Okonkwo.


Then there are the Muslims. Specifically the Shi’a Muslims who secretly are protecting the Baha’i and Alawites; two far more tolerant offshoots of their faith. The Alawites, currently under siege in Syria are thought to be of direct lineage to Ali, cousin and son in law of Muhammed the Prophet, peace be unto him. Though you’d never know that from the propaganda coming from the West on Iran; life is straightforward there. Tehran is the military center of this part of the movement and its spiritual center are in Qoms, Karbala, Najaf, and Jerusalem and though never officially acknowledged ever: Akko & Haifa in Israel at the Baha’i World Congress and tombs of both prophets. Despite of everything the Shi’a revival has been accused of; it is fundamentally the only military, nuclear and intelligence semi-peripheral power that has been able to check the West in the Middle East.

This faction is of course religious and prays to their God they call Allah. Unlike armed Sunni Muslims repeatedly mobilized for war through the Central Intelligence Agency, the Inter-Services-Intelligence of Pakistani and Saudi Arabian style Islam; the Shi’a for the most part do not kill non-combatants indiscriminately. The Shi’a in Iran do stage daily arrests and executions. They make a lot of very real arrests and public executions. They hold monthly conferences about eradicating Israel. Their Army of the Guardians is believed to have over 125,000 battle ready fighters. They are certainty at war with Israeli through their proxy force the Party of God; Hezbollah. However, they are at war with America in Israel, the Israeli state and thus are on collaborative terms with Jews and Zionists who are also at war with that state. Like the Africans the Muslims generally were clearly under siege as Muslim genocides began happening across the globe beginning in the 1990’s.

The Leftists make up the third most divided and disunified ideological camp. Anarchists declare outright war on all states and institutionalized forms of hierarchy. Communists and Socialists want one party states controlling the means of production on behalf of the working class. Take as a whole, though both would object to that, they are the second largest international web of forces, behind the Shi’a, and do not even like fighting in the same units or brigades. The Communists and Socialists split themselves up further through tendencies. Ideological interpretations such as Marxist-Leninism, Trotskyism or Maoism. They disagree a lot about what happened and what went wrong in the past 100 years where Socialist forces lead by USSR and PRC took over one third of the earth then lost it down to four states. No one really counts China anymore though they are led by a Communist Party. Laos is a mostly failed state. Vietnam and Cuba are holding on, but accelerating embraces of free market practice. North Korea embraces something called Juche, or Self-Reliance, but no one knows what’s really happening there. The reports all conflict and they disappear a lot of people who have gone in. Some Parties’ make revisions. The make jumps in logic to justify famines and social engineering which cost the lives of tens of millions. Some call China; State-Capitalist, which is what happened to Russia sort of. Most revolutionary Parties acknowledge China has thoroughly begun the recolonization of Africa and will soon challenge the United States of America for hegemony. Just about everyone admits the Russian Federation is return to czarism. Their parties bicker about these kinds of things endlessly in their meetings and newspapers. Each making longer apologies for varying atrocities committed by the 20th century incarnations of the original vision. The only two countries these thousands of little Socialist & Communist Parties and Splinter Parties, and Splinter-Splinter Parties are able to look to for material support are Cuba and Vietnam. Both Havana and Hanoi hold annual Congresses to try and unite them in varying ways. Both Havana and Hanoi are only a few economic steps ahead of being Chinese dependencies. The Communism of China is only a rhetoric for their new empire. Cuba trades on its medical internationalism and Vietnam on its integration with Western markets. Neither are ever very secure. The U.S. embargo on Cuba is still strong. Their ally in nominally Socialist Venezuela can barely contain its growing civil unrest. A product of bad planning and the CIA. The Anarchists are much smaller in number, but have a much harder time forming sustainable blocks. They of course largely reject chains of command and structures. The Leftists are almost impossible to access or unite except sometimes through Hanoi and Havana, their sources of funding and ideological inspiration. Thus the most important living symbolic Communists are aging Raul Castro and Nguyễn Phú Trọng as they lead the last of the functional Communist nations to survive Cold War and collaboration. Laos is falling apart and North Korea is its own thing. The younger leaders who command some following are former Chairman David Dualde of the Young Democratic Socialists and his wife Cecily McMillian. Shane O’Domhnaill is well liked through Ireland and Latin American, deputy-secretary of Communist Party USA. There are more but most are revolutionaries of armchairs. The three listed are commonly regraded the great unifiers of the non-anarchist left on the East Coast of the USA who helped stage last year’s Occupy Uprising.

The fourth camp is quietly growing out of the third camp; but it is new and is neither really Communist nor Anarchist. It is also not wholly Western in implementation.

Turkish-Kurdistan, specifically in the Kurdish Workers Party leader Abdullah Öcalan’s embrace of libertarian municipalism from his corespndace with the now deceased anarchist thinker Murray Bookchkin. Öcalan has been held in solitary confinement since 1999. Bookchin died of Congestive Heart Failure in 2006 in Burlington, Vermont. Öcalan has been imprisoned as the sole prisoner on Imrali Isalnd since 1999 despite several attempts to free him. The Democratic Confederalists are interesting as they are not truly left, but they are certainly pro-democracy, pro gender equality and are preparing to conquer most of Northern Syria.

Fifth and final are the Zionists. The tight cadre of Israeli veterans and cells seeking to drive the American government out of Israel, end the occupation of Palestine and implement of Democratic Confederalism modal throughout the Middle East. They had only just discovered it had been called that. The submarine was their submarine. The several satellites were their satellites. The arms road from Tehran to Qamishly was their doing. There numbers were not insignificant, but certainly much harder to gauge. Their leader is named Emma Solomon and most of the people following her were called once Jews before she told them about being Hebrews. Like Moses, she had been separated from her parents at birth and had to be directly reminded later by the source where her basket floated in from. Like Jesus she had devoted her early adult life to a trade; but gotten mixed up in healing, teaching and disrupting the capricious hypocrisy of the rich and powerful. Like Jesus, but earlier she was badly lynched. But being female, was badly raped before she was crucified. Then cut into parts and dumped on a highway. But she also didn’t die. And like Muhammed she had carefully built an army of orphans, slaves and the oppressed and unleashed them on the people she believed were enslaving her people with false gods and a secret police force. At some point she married Sebastian Adon. At some point she wrote, or received the New Social Gospel. At one point she founded the Z.O.B. with Adon, Avinadav DeBuitléirs and many others. At some point she raised a mighty army and united the five camps loosely to launch the Great Revolt.


“Well it seemed the road to Jerusalem and Mecca needed to make quite a few loops around the globe causing trouble first,” notes Oleg the Bear, “Or maybe, just maybe changing something was a pretext for the ascendency of a new Messiah? There is desperation setting in, I can admit that even as an atheist. It is getting so bad and things are so polarized. No one wants to admit it is the third world war going on, but it has markers to it.”


Oleg the Bear was on Maiden Square taking pictures when the eruption in Ukraine began. Now about one third has been annexed into People’s Republic’s supported by Russian Federation. He then took pictures of that.

He’d only just seen a few pictures of the devastation on Madeira where apparently waves of N.A.T.O. coalition fling Predator drones and air strikes and waves of those walking metal robots no one in the press talked about leveled the island in the middle of War Council meeting and many key people died from all 5 camps. All the people they were never allowed to meet in the chambers upstairs in the Black Mermaid were the shell shocked survivors on the so-called leadership. The Madeira base he knew was also home to many families of the top groups. Nothing was ever prohibited anymore, there were no real rules to the war. By the time they took on Oleg, Adelina, Kudzai and Yulia in Sakhalin that whole place was up in robot smoke. If they’d used real Special Forces probably less people who have gotten away. Can’t knock down Special Forces commandos with an electric magnetic pulse. Terradrones and predators go right down. He wasn’t there. He’d never seen the bodies or the rubble of the ambush. He’d never seen the important survivors. But he knew, because Emma showed them while they slept.


“Still just an atheist?” Adelina asks him.

“I used to put things in people’s drinks in the 90’s babe. Before it was cool. I didn’t see anything. It didn’t even happen to me,” he replies gruffly.


So after that most confining submarine ride which had to round the Cape Horn from ravaged Madeira, run south Pacific and then upwards toward North Korea and Sakhalin Island to reach its next pick up. Then re-absorb several thousand survivors undetected by the military intelligence of the U.S.A. in Trinidad. Which wasn’t as safe a place as Madeira people warned.


Then there was about 12 more days of sitting in that cabin the four of them. Playing cards, drinking, praying, reading whatever. Emma sometimes came to collect Adelina and take her for little walks but the other three were never let off the lower deck. Nothing ever got fun here, thought Oleg. But this contract paid crazy. You had to estimate they didn’t expect you to survive to fully pay you. Half now, later in daily instalments, Emma has offered. It all looked unstable. Maybe more than other jobs. But with this particular expedition, Oleg knew they were at least good for the money.

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