La Lingre, Act 1, Scene 5.


[Scene 5]



Thinks Ilya, a lesser Oligarch of North Eastern American sectors;

I underestimated these fucking Americans. And it is easy too because they have so little education, they have so little collective bargaining power, they’re completely deluded about their political system and they’re all mostly over weight.

But then out of the blue, they do wild cowboy shit.

I’m going to keep this man alive for a thousand years and torture him like he’s never been tortured. He clearly loves Ms. Adi B., so I’ll have to keep her alive in incredible suffering too to get at him properly, can’t just skin her on sight. Jesus I’m in a bind.

Our convoy of forty black bullet proof sports utility vehicles, jeeps and half trucks is plowing its weigh up Highway I95; anticipating that these terrorist bandits have the capability to blow up the bridge we need to take to get into the camps.

Waltham is basically on the top of a low lying mountain, there are four ways in that we can expect them to booby trap. We are not going to take any of those ways in. We’re not going to run right into a typical Chechen trick; convoy ambush. We are about twenty minutes from the camp perimeter. They’ve already killed or disabled all of the police guarding the town and camps. It’s very hard to control myself right now. I’m very emotional.

My mobilblat rings, it’s Dmitry Khulusin, probably calling to mock me.

“Faggot Piederass I told you he’s a sneaky Jew bastard,” Dmitry says.

“What do you think will happen when we get to the camps?” I ask him.

“Niggers will shoot at you, bombs will go of left and right, they’ll burn down the whole place before you get your hands on anyone, and they also always seem to dig tunnels.”

“Right, and I need him and her alive.”

“Why? Bomb the whole fucking place. Kill as many as you can! They’re mostly niggers and Arabs and Jews; nothing incredible is coming out of that Shrakasa anyway.”

“Dmitry, I need to take them alive. And I need to get my hard drives back.”

“Ilya, baby, droog. They already have copied your data to the interweb and foot shuttled it down the tunnels to old New York. Even if they can’t crack it all open yet, they will. It’s gonna be ready for anonymous decryption at every one of their terrorist bases by sun down.”

“Well, what would you do, in my shoes?”

“Kill yourself. Before the Kochs, the Bentleys, the Biggalos, and the Upper Oligarchy realize what you lost, set up over some pussy. And she doesn’t even have any tits.”

“You lost most of your best lands to this man and his friends, will you not help me?”

“I don’t have the energy to play with their Black Magic anymore.”

“Fuck off then blat!”

And I almost throw the mobilblat out the window.

She betrayed me, they used me they fucked me good. As soon as the other peers realize I’ve compromised half of the cream of the North Eastern Coast, Air Strip 1, Saxony, Normandy, the Spain Lands and frankly quite of bit else in Upper Europe and the Gulf Colonies; well they’ll cut my head off. And play with my brains.

I lived for 780 years, what I learned; humans are violent selfish monkeys that maximize pleasure and minimize pain, except for a small sniveling breed we’ve killed down to almost nothing that move and think collectively.

I wanted to fuck a chosen one up her ass. There all kinds of rumors that the Upper Oligarchs keep these witches as pets. Some of our best hunter killers are of Hebrew blood, I mean all of the white Jews are working for us now one way or another. But I thought I bought and seduced her for a reasonable price. I thought she wasn’t awake.

We all read the reports that the Muslims and the niggers are protecting the last of the chosen. We all read about how many bonobo descendants are left. We all hear that stupid fucking word Dror haTzadikk, Drop Ha Tzadikk. I mean it’s outside my jurisdiction by from what I know most of the human slavery campaign was to sell as many of these witches into brothels as we could to breed ourselves a deterrent to various incarnations of the resistance movements in the colonies.

They’re going to cut off my head. I misunderestimated the Americans.

The phone rings again. The convoy is getting close to the underground tunnels we can enter the camps from below.

It’s Dmitry again.

“I pity you. So I’ll sell you a secret.”

“Go ahead then.”

“I want 50 million Bit Coins for it.”

“If it’s that good I’ll may in Swiss Francs.”

“You can wipe out the primary rebel leadership in one shot, you can hit the submarine black freighter with Emma Solomon and Avinadav DeBuitléir when it surfaces to rendezvous with people fleeing this camp.”

“I’m not sure that will save my skin.”

“Yes, they will skin you for this. But maybe killing Solomon and DeBuitléir will earn you enough credibility to be allowed to come back to a body.”

“No one is so hated as those two heinous scum, why would you do that for me? Why not advance your own station before the high peers?”

“Because I hate Sebastian Adon. I hate him so much I’d sell my own birth mother to spit roast him. And anything I can do to hurt him I will always do to hurt him, and to kill his leaders. That could hurt him a little.”

“Why do you think the two most important rebel leaders are on a black freighter submarine coming to rescue these bandits?”

“Because unbeknownst to you and your cock was up the ass of the highest powered candidate there is next Solomon, Adelina is her immediate and direct disciple. By killing Solomon she is next in line to be their new messiah.”

“I fucked the messiah up the ass! Amazing.”

“You’re a pervert, but that’s expected. Being very rich and powerful is scientifically proven to breed perversion as you know.”

“I’m going to put their messiah on a chain and break her completely.”

“So pay me bitch. And I will have a war head fall on them the minute they land on their stupid little island they value so much; the block and New Shoreham.”

“Alright. Done. But I’m going to take them alive somehow before they reach Block Island.”

“You need them to get close so they radio their friends to come get them. Which means just bomb the camps into the ground you know they’ll sneak out some hole into a tunnel and make their way according to their protocols. Yesterday’s truck rocket battles made you look like you’ve totally lost control of your serfs. ”

“You’re one to lecture. Half your city fell Soviet.”

“Route the money. Bomb that Jew camp with drones and just wait for the informants to report strange things happening in Connecticut on the roads to New Galilee. We can mop this up by the end of the weekend, and maybe you’ll just lose your skin privileges.”

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